Raw scores as calculated before log checking.

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Show scores for South America or All DX

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RankCategoryCall SignQTHScore
SOULP-10  PX5M PY 200,187
SOULP-10  PU5FJR PY 179,046
SOULP-10  PY2HT PY 168,681
SOULP-10  PU2UAF PY 48,195
SOULP-10  PY5ZW PY 45,129
SOULP-10  PU2TNT PY 35,673
SOULP-10  PY2XYZ PY 32,379
SOULP-10  PY2FRQ PY 25,929
SOULP-10  PY2XL PY 12,204
10  SOULP-10  PU2MZI PY 7,221
11  SOULP-10  PU2OGQ PY 324
12  SOULP-10  PU8MGB PY 297
13  SOULP-10  PY2EBD PY 240
14  SOULP-10  PY1ZB PY 192
15  SOULP-10  PY3TR PY 75

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