Raw scores as calculated before log checking.

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Show scores for U.S. Call Area 1 or New England Division or All W/VE

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RankCategoryCall SignQTHScore
SOUHP  K1KI CT 2,588,370
SOUHP  K1ZZ CT 757,440
SOUHP  KA1ZD CT 572,793
SOUHP  K2RB CT 530,556
SOUHP  N8RA CT 514,020
SOUHP  W1RM CT 507,471
SOUHP  W1ARY CT 400,770
SOUHP  W1UK CT 324,135
SOUHP  W3SM CT 320,142
10  SOUHP  KE1DX CT 260,760
11  SOUHP  W1NG CT 248,787
12  SOUHP  WZ1V CT 216,030
13  SOUHP  W1JGM CT 174,300
14  SOUHP  W2JU CT 47,793
15  SOUHP  K1MTD CT 10,452
16  SOUHP  K1DVL CT 4,653
17  SOUHP  WV1M CT 4,500

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