Raw scores as calculated before log checking.

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Show scores for U.S. Call Area 7 or Northwestern Division or All W/VE

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RankCategoryCall SignQTHScore
SOHP  K9JF WWA 625,794
SOHP  W7WA WWA 318,954
SOHP  N7LRG WWA 73,509
SOHP  AG7KO WWA 63,147
SOHP  N3EG WWA 58,212
SOHP  W7TU WWA 52,185
SOHP  KD7H WWA 36,924
SOHP  NK7L WWA 24,339
SOHP  WG7X WWA 22,110
10  SOHP  KA7RRA WWA 18,603
11  SOHP  KA6RWL WWA 16,896
12  SOHP  AI7CE WWA 10,890
13  SOHP  KT7C WWA 10,080
14  SOHP  KB7BTO WWA 8,694
15  SOHP  WA7L WWA 4,050
16  SOHP  K7II WWA 1,200
17  SOHP  KJ7ALP WWA 714

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