Raw scores as calculated before log checking.

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Show scores for U.S. Call Area 3 or Atlantic Division or All W/VE

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RankCategoryCall SignQTHScore
SOU-CW-HP  AA3B EPA 3,485,361
SOU-CW-HP  K3WW EPA 2,357,614
SOU-CW-HP  NY3A EPA 2,112,819
SOU-CW-HP  N3RS EPA 1,467,072
SOU-CW-HP  K3PP EPA 489,335
SOU-CW-HP  WY3A EPA 355,214
SOU-CW-HP  N3RD EPA 132,480
SOU-CW-HP  KX2S EPA 113,844
SOU-CW-HP  KU2C EPA 86,940
10  SOU-CW-HP  NY3B EPA 57,117
11  SOU-CW-HP  K3SW EPA 16,112
12  SOU-CW-HP  K3OO EPA 15,794
13  SOU-CW-HP  KA3D EPA 4,059

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