Raw scores as calculated before log checking.

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RankCategoryCall SignQTHScore
SOU-PH-HP  EE7P EA 267,000
SOU-PH-HP  EA5GS EA 229,024
SOU-PH-HP  EA3CI EA 127,712
SOU-PH-HP  ED3X EA 77,440
SOU-PH-HP  EC1T EA 48,320
SOU-PH-HP  EA2DR EA 40,150
SOU-PH-HP  EA7EQ EA 36,708
SOU-PH-HP  EA5VR EA 25,806
SOU-PH-HP  EA7TS EA 18,800
10  SOU-PH-HP  EA2AOO EA 17,380
11  SOU-PH-HP  EA3AQ EA 6,536
12  SOU-PH-HP  EA4AW EA 2,378
13  SOU-PH-HP  EA1Z EA 1,800
14  SOU-PH-HP  EA2CCG EA 1,634

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