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RankCategoryCall SignQTHScore
SO-PH-HP  DF2F DL 552,510
SO-PH-HP  DL5AWE DL 78,880
SO-PH-HP  DG1YBN DL 73,710
SO-PH-HP  DG1IU DL 53,352
SO-PH-HP  DH6BH DL 36,358
SO-PH-HP  DA0C DL 32,736
SO-PH-HP  DL8LSK DL 30,870
SO-PH-HP  DL7PIA DL 25,020
SO-PH-HP  DJ9UN DL 21,414
10  SO-PH-HP  DL5PIA DL 15,366
11  SO-PH-HP  DL2JST DL 11,765
12  SO-PH-HP  DL5HN DL 7,740
13  SO-PH-HP  DR6R DL 3,280
14  SO-PH-HP  DM1FM DL 3,124

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