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Due: 2019-11-11 02:59:59Z
1293 logs received as of 2019-11-14 21:14:27
Call SignCategoryRaw ScoreSectionClubDate Received
4U1WBSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power14,410MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 16:53:08
AA0AWSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power61,560MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-04 03:49:49
AA0FOSingle Operator, Low Power102,720KSKansas City Contest Club2019-11-05 00:01:19
AA1JMSingle Operator, Low Power47,278CT2019-11-04 22:18:40
AA1KSingle Operator, High Power8,858DEFrankford Radio Club2019-11-03 23:59:48
AA2VGSingle Operator, QRP154NLI2019-11-05 22:00:13
AA3BSingle Operator, High Power210,156EPAFrankford Radio Club2019-11-04 02:39:47
AA3SSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power102,920MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 14:21:50
AA4DDSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power20,224TNBristol (TN) ARC2019-11-04 03:29:43
AA4NCSingle Operator, Low Power46,800NCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 17:04:11
AA4NPSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power63,342SFLFlorida Contest Group2019-11-04 03:03:59
AA4QSingle Operator, Low Power19,800AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-11-04 01:28:35
AA5WSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power84STX2019-11-03 22:17:25
AA5ZTSingle Operator, Low Power3,100OK2019-11-04 05:47:48
AA6DXSingle Operator, High Power6,080SFNorthern California Contest Club2019-11-05 23:25:09
AA6PWSingle Operator, High Power141,764ORGSouthern California Contest Club2019-11-05 00:06:13
AA6WSingle Operator, Low Power15,276SCVMother Lode DX/Contest Club2019-11-07 04:09:32
AA6XASingle Operator, Low Power16,422SCV2019-11-04 03:17:01
AA8BVSingle Operator, Low Power56OH2019-11-07 19:06:56
AA8OYSingle Operator, Low Power38,592OHNorth Coast Contesters2019-11-04 19:43:34
AA8PSingle Operator, Low Power8,080OH2019-11-04 14:20:53
AA8RSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power25,160WCFFlorida Contest Group2019-11-04 13:35:03
AA8SWSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power2,808OH2019-11-04 01:38:39
AA8TAChecklog12,198OH2019-11-04 01:39:43
AA9SNSingle Operator, Low Power1,536INAd Hoc Amatuer Radio Society2019-11-05 14:20:24
AA9WJSingle Operator, Low Power40,176IN2019-11-05 00:52:50
AB1JSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power13,536EMAYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-04 13:59:40
AB2ESingle Operator Unlimited, High Power81,506SNJFrankford Radio Club2019-11-04 00:35:20
AB2ZYSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power41,002NNY2019-11-04 03:04:58
AB3CXSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power161,518WNYFrankford Radio Club2019-11-04 00:57:08
AB3SXSingle Operator, Low Power8,480MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-03 22:54:28
AB5XMSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power70STX2019-11-03 00:01:13
AB5ZASingle Operator, Low Power30,328MTBig Sky Contesters2019-11-10 19:29:01
AB7RWSingle Operator, Low Power11,466WWA2019-11-03 23:46:59
AB8DFSingle Operator, QRP1,320MIMichigan QRP Club2019-11-06 16:51:09
AB8OUSingle Operator, Low Power468OHMad River Radio Club2019-11-04 02:04:25
AB9MSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power360ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-04 18:15:58
AB9YCSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power13,448ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-03 22:19:36
AC0ESingle Operator, High Power47,158KSWesternKansasARC-WKARC2019-11-03 19:20:40
AC0WSingle Operator, Low Power75,330MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-04 20:39:54
AC2IKChecklog1,628WNY2019-11-07 10:31:54
AC2RLSingle Operator, Low Power2,760WNYRochester (NY) DX Assn2019-11-05 22:47:20
AC3BUSingle Operator, Low Power17,472MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-05 01:27:15
AC4CASingle Operator Unlimited, High Power50,132STXCentral Texas DX and Contest Club2019-11-05 17:09:02
AC5OSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power35,224LA2019-11-04 03:19:26
AC6ZMSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power14,208TNTennessee Contest Group2019-11-04 02:47:15
AC7AFSingle Operator, Low Power32,868WY2019-11-04 03:06:23
AC8ESingle Operator, High Power63,384OHMad River Radio Club2019-11-04 14:15:30
AC8YSingle Operator, High Power110,058VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-05 00:26:50
AD0HSingle Operator, High Power16,188IAStory County Amateur Radio Club2019-11-05 00:00:50
AD0LISingle Operator, Low Power16,758COGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2019-11-04 12:59:24
AD0RWSingle Operator, Low Power78,392IA2019-11-04 18:55:17
AD4EBSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power101,758TNTennessee Contest Group2019-11-04 04:03:34
AD4OSSingle Operator, Low Power11,270IASociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-08 03:56:45
AD8JSingle Operator, QRP49,434NCSouth East Contest Club2019-11-04 03:17:48
AE0EEMultioperator, Single Transmitter, Low Power94,786SDMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-04 02:34:48
AE1PSingle Operator, Low Power22,218NHYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-04 11:37:13
AE2TSingle Operator, QRP7,812WNY2019-11-04 04:40:35
AE4YSingle Operator, Low Power34,000NCSouth East Contest Club2019-11-03 22:05:57
AE5GTSingle Operator, Low Power7,020STX2019-11-08 04:48:43
AE5PSingle Operator, Low Power15,312NTX2019-11-04 03:27:04
AE7EESingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power29,480WWA2019-11-06 00:10:46
AE8TFSingle Operator, Low Power28,560MI2019-11-04 05:07:03
AF6SASingle Operator, High Power32,264SVMother Lode DX/Contest Club2019-11-05 02:42:29
AF7NXSingle Operator, Low Power24,800OR2019-11-04 07:16:27
AF8ASingle Operator, Low Power60,828OHMad River Radio Club2019-11-04 01:49:23
AF9JSingle Operator, QRP3,762WISociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-06 01:15:50
AG5QXSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power1,080STX2019-11-05 05:16:48
AG6JASingle Operator, Low Power330EB2019-11-07 18:50:41
AG7CCSingle Operator, Low Power336EWA2019-11-04 02:16:24
AH6KOSingle Operator, Low Power7,650PAC2019-11-04 05:16:11
AI1TTSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power62,726RICTRI Contest Group2019-11-04 23:29:16
AI3KSSingle Operator, Low Power10,584EPA2019-11-04 15:09:42
AI4WWSingle Operator, High Power18,468SFL2019-11-04 14:33:24
AI6IESingle Operator, Low Power3,472LAX2019-11-04 00:51:41
AI6VSingle Operator, Low Power41,616LAXSouthern California Contest Club2019-11-04 02:47:34
AI9KSingle Operator, QRP13,420IL2019-11-04 00:27:08
AJ1DMSingle Operator, Low Power672RICTRI Contest Group2019-11-08 16:45:20
AJ1IMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High Power137,614VT2019-11-08 19:13:06
AJ4FSingle Operator, Low Power12,720STXTexas DX Society2019-11-04 11:18:17
AJ6JGSingle Operator, Low Power3,136LAX2019-11-04 03:09:19
AJ6VSingle Operator, High Power135,124SCVNorthern California Contest Club2019-11-04 05:07:17
AJ9CSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power93,644INSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-04 12:03:02
AL7LOSingle Operator, High Power53,820AK2019-11-04 02:23:14
K0ADSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power121,844MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-05 01:05:23
K0AESingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power10,500COGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2019-11-04 16:55:55
K0AUSingle Operator, High Power82,560SCV2019-11-05 03:17:29
K0CDSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power9,000WI2019-11-03 17:46:02
K0DEQSingle Operator, High Power127,156MOMISSISSIPPI VALLEY DX/CONTEST CLUB2019-11-04 20:11:11
K0EASingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power86,756MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-06 13:12:27
K0EJSingle Operator, High Power200,362TNTennessee Contest Group2019-11-04 16:37:22
K0EUSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power214,804COGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2019-11-05 14:54:45
K0FJSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power25,500KSTrojan ARC2019-11-04 01:07:42
K0FXSingle Operator, QRP60,000COGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2019-11-06 15:12:29
K0HBSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power85,158MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-04 02:21:45
K0HCSchool Club169,652KS2019-11-09 16:51:49
K0HDSingle Operator, Low Power8,190MN2019-11-05 16:47:51
K0JJRSingle Operator, High Power12,324MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-05 01:07:06
K0JPSingle Operator, Low Power21,632MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-04 03:03:06
K0KRSingle Operator, Low Power58,934CO2019-11-05 20:20:56
K0LDSingle Operator, Low Power38,016MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-05 02:13:31
K0LUZSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power92,628NFLFlorida Contest Group2019-11-10 14:36:25
K0MPHSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power98,564MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-04 02:00:30
K0PIRSingle Operator, Low Power1,872SDGreat Places Contest Club2019-11-04 10:30:22
K0PJSingle Operator, High Power24,120WISociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-06 23:02:11
K0RCSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power37,556MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-05 01:34:41
K0RFMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High Power226,424COGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2019-11-07 15:23:22
K0SNSingle Operator, High Power104,800MTBig Sky Contesters2019-11-07 14:09:05
K0SPUSingle Operator, Low Power5,412ND2019-11-03 20:43:42
K0SRLSingle Operator, High Power13,400IA2019-11-05 02:53:33
K0TCSingle Operator, High Power47,880MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-04 03:22:30
K0TGSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power52,326MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-04 03:16:53
K0TISingle Operator, Low Power65,360MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-04 03:30:46
K0TQSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power56,320IN2019-11-04 03:08:02
K0UKSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power29,104COGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2019-11-04 03:07:47
K0VBUSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power119,520KSKansas City Contest Club2019-11-04 07:34:14
K0VGSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power13,530MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-04 03:23:58
K0VXUSingle Operator, High Power135,622KSKansas City Contest Club2019-11-04 16:09:10
K0WAMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High Power208,662KS2019-11-04 03:10:20
K0WRYSingle Operator, Low Power3,400KS2019-11-08 16:58:35
K0XQSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power1,632MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-04 03:08:12
K0YASingle Operator, Low Power22,308STX2019-11-04 16:24:28
K0ZRSingle Operator, High Power5,832VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-03 05:37:41
K0ZXSingle Operator, High Power40COGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2019-11-09 16:33:36
K1ARSingle Operator, High Power156,372NHYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-04 02:31:51
K1ARRSingle Operator, Low Power390VT2019-11-04 13:02:30
K1BZSingle Operator, High Power4,104MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 00:54:18
K1CTRSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power18,900NFLK4VRC2019-11-04 06:15:09
K1DJSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power75,032EMAYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-04 01:08:53
K1ECUSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power30,340CTCTRI Contest Group2019-11-04 11:12:52
K1GGSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power33,366VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 19:14:22
K1GUSingle Operator, Low Power34,336TNTennessee Contest Group2019-11-04 14:11:43
K1HTSingle Operator, Low Power52,416EMAYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-10 19:11:26
K1JBSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power106,074MEYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-04 16:57:40
K1LEESingle Operator, Low Power2,800CTSouthern Berkshire ARC2019-11-04 02:20:23
K1LHOSingle Operator, Low Power7,476CTMeriden ARC2019-11-06 18:48:39
K1LKRSingle Operator, Low Power14,364WWA2019-11-04 19:53:19
K1LTSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power144,752OHMad River Radio Club2019-11-08 04:32:25
K1MCSingle Operator, Low Power37,630EMA2019-11-06 02:05:15
K1MDSingle Operator, Low Power64,000RIProvidence Radio Assn2019-11-09 01:44:56
K1MMMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High Power192,394NFLFlorida Contest Group2019-11-06 00:51:37
K1NTRSingle Operator, Low Power33,660EMA2019-11-06 12:02:16
K1NUSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power34,860EMAYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-04 02:19:38
K1NYSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power8,256NLIYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-04 03:08:58
K1OASingle Operator Unlimited, High Power13,944EMAYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-08 15:53:23
K1PADSingle Operator, Low Power47,088RICTRI Contest Group2019-11-05 01:59:59
K1QASingle Operator, Low Power80,400KS2019-11-05 01:27:47
K1RMSingle Operator, High Power80,000CTYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-04 12:24:48
K1ROSingle Operator, Low Power6,800NHYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-06 12:30:42
K1RQMultioperator, Single Transmitter, Low Power21,000ENYYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-04 03:31:51
K1RVSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power36,450EMAYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-07 02:38:05
K1RXSingle Operator, High Power158,032NHYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-04 00:04:10
K1SECSingle Operator, Low Power39,336EMA2019-11-04 21:12:19
K1SMSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power23,560EMA2019-11-05 19:41:05
K1SXSingle Operator, Low Power18,240EMACTRI Contest Group2019-11-09 02:10:12
K1THSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power26,368EMAYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-04 03:07:29
K1TNSingle Operator, Low Power45,892WCF2019-11-04 10:40:02
K1TRSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power139,938NHYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-04 13:14:50
K1VUTSingle Operator, Low Power78,156EMAYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-04 03:05:23
K1WRSingle Operator, High Power416ME2019-11-04 23:09:46
K1XMSingle Operator, Low Power136,784EMAYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-04 21:49:08
K2ALSingle Operator, Low Power25,344NNJNew Providence ARC2019-11-04 03:28:48
K2AVSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power150,230NCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 03:10:49
K2DFCSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power78,186NNJSussex County ARC2019-11-04 14:02:35
K2GMYSingle Operator, QRP9,016EB2019-11-05 17:20:10
K2IWSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power14,616ENY2019-11-04 22:42:00
K2IYSingle Operator, Low Power14,964NLI2019-11-09 21:09:48
K2JFSingle Operator, Low Power714NLI2019-11-03 22:42:16
K2KWSingle Operator, Low Power27,520VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-03 22:40:29
K2LNSSingle Operator, Low Power68,552EPAMurgas ARC2019-11-07 17:35:33
K2MKSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power47,740WCF2019-11-04 00:22:43
K2NNYMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High Power143,424NNYRochester (NY) DX Assn2019-11-05 20:11:13
K2NVSingle Operator, QRP3,400WNYNiagara Frontier Radiosport2019-11-04 13:20:53
K2PISingle Operator, Low Power28,968VA2019-11-09 01:50:00
K2POSingle Operator, Low Power149,068ORWillamette Valley DX Club2019-11-05 15:35:20
K2PSSingle Operator, Low Power3,432NFLTHE VILLAGES AMATEUR RADIO CLUB2019-11-04 16:25:26
K2QBSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power53,878WNYNiagara Frontier Radiosport2019-11-04 14:19:18
K2QMFSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power43,740NLIOrder of Boiled Owls of New York2019-11-04 17:35:38
K2QOSingle Operator, QRP37,848WNYNiagara Frontier Radiosport2019-11-04 02:02:46
K2RPSingle Operator, High Power27,200SDGSouthern California Contest Club2019-11-05 02:36:38
K2SESingle Operator Unlimited, High Power83,520SNJFrankford Radio Club2019-11-06 13:37:59
K2SXSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power75,198SC2019-11-04 16:22:48
K2TVSingle Operator, Low Power1,760NLIGreat South Bay ARC2019-11-04 16:13:38
K2TWSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power105,576NNJFrankford Radio Club2019-11-04 14:41:08
K2UASingle Operator, Low Power13,974WNYRochester (NY) DX Assn2019-11-04 12:17:35
K2UFSingle Operator, High Power91,632ENY2019-11-04 15:46:18
K2WKSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power121,512VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 03:04:58
K2XASingle Operator, High Power66,600ENYHudson Valley Contesters and DXers2019-11-04 01:42:49
K2XRSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power60,258EPAFrankford Radio Club2019-11-04 20:06:11
K2YGSingle Operator, QRP29,680NNJNew Providence ARC2019-11-04 03:29:36
K2YRSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power540ENY2019-11-04 03:35:34
K2ZRSingle Operator, Low Power85,320WNYNiagara Frontier Radiosport2019-11-03 22:37:58
K3AJSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power137,116MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 12:19:30
K3AUSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power67,894MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-08 21:13:15
K3CCRMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High Power82,336MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-06 03:05:11
K3DCWSingle Operator, High Power50MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-03 12:34:20
K3FHSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power15,400WPA2019-11-06 03:00:12
K3HWSingle Operator, Low Power21,580EPAFrankford Radio Club2019-11-04 01:01:01
K3IESingle Operator, Low Power67,392TNTennessee Contest Group2019-11-04 02:55:50
K3IUSingle Operator, High Power38,760RICTRI Contest Group2019-11-04 12:17:41
K3KUSingle Operator, Low Power106,738MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-06 17:39:21
K3LTSingle Operator, Low Power828DE2019-11-04 02:57:43
K3LUSingle Operator, High Power12,508MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 03:02:48
K3MAWSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power4,472MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 17:05:33
K3MDSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power150,064EPAFrankford Radio Club2019-11-04 03:09:20
K3MMSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power192,892MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 03:11:55
K3MRSingle Operator, Low Power1,702SNJ2019-11-05 14:29:09
K3NDMSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power25,074MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-03 22:01:30
K3OOSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power10,800EPAFrankford Radio Club2019-11-04 00:34:21
K3PASingle Operator Unlimited, High Power13,572KSKansas City Contest Club2019-11-04 15:44:07
K3PPSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power31,706EPAFrankford Radio Club2019-11-04 03:29:58
K3PRCSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power70,240MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-03 05:36:35
K3RASingle Operator Unlimited, High Power54,516MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-09 21:49:11
K3RLSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power800EPAFrankford Radio Club2019-11-07 20:33:25
K3SSSSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power850NNYFrankford Radio Club2019-11-04 20:34:52
K3STXSingle Operator, High Power14,280MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-06 02:10:55
K3SVSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power24,450WCFFlorida Contest Group2019-11-04 00:50:42
K3TCSingle Operator, High Power99,056MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-08 20:04:27
K3TDSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power11,514NCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-03 16:41:03
K3TMSingle Operator, High Power85,280MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-07 01:55:51
K3TWSingle Operator, QRP64,480NFLFlorida Contest Group2019-11-07 13:20:13
K3UASingle Operator, Low Power113,710WPANorth Coast Contesters2019-11-04 18:30:23
K3WASingle Operator Unlimited, High Power101,094NCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 01:08:10
K3WISingle Operator Unlimited, High Power90,528DEPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 11:42:17
K3WJVSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power161,684EPAFrankford Radio Club2019-11-05 06:40:36
K3WTSingle Operator, High Power65,758MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-05 16:02:05
K3WUSingle Operator, Low Power88,232EPAFrankford Radio Club2019-11-10 21:24:27
K3WWSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power167,162EPAFrankford Radio Club2019-11-04 04:00:54
K3YDXSingle Operator, Low Power35,880NCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-05 16:57:51
K3YEOSingle Operator, Low Power312VA2019-11-04 16:15:34
K3YMISingle Operator, Low Power24MDC2019-11-04 23:43:52
K3YNYSingle Operator, Low Power918MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 05:21:57
K3ZGASingle Operator, Low Power20,708NFLTHE VILLAGES AMATEUR RADIO CLUB2019-11-04 01:58:06
K3ZOSingle Operator, High Power149,898MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-05 01:51:31
K3ZVSingle Operator, Low Power3,604NFL2019-11-03 19:23:19
K4AMCSingle Operator, High Power95,788TNTennessee Contest Group2019-11-04 15:36:03
K4BAISingle Operator, High Power113,378GASouth East Contest Club2019-11-04 03:47:23
K4BSKSingle Operator, Low Power3,828NC2019-11-04 20:30:58
K4EESSingle Operator, Low Power1,944AL2019-11-03 05:32:53
K4EJSingle Operator, Low Power53,196WCFFlorida Contest Group2019-11-04 14:16:06
K4EUSingle Operator, Low Power8,466WCFFlorida Contest Group2019-11-04 01:05:06
K4FJWSingle Operator, Low Power42,480VABristol (TN) ARC2019-11-04 03:07:55
K4FNSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power78,850KYKentucky Contest Group2019-11-04 16:05:37
K4FTSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power56,108KYKentucky Contest Group2019-11-04 01:08:38
K4FTOSingle Operator, Low Power38,364VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-05 01:15:55
K4FUSingle Operator, Low Power15,846NFLFlorida Contest Group2019-11-04 02:08:39
K4GMSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power53,950VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 03:16:25
K4GMHSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power111,294VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 04:08:09
K4HQKSingle Operator, High Power48,792VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 21:26:23
K4IUSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power74,036MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-04 02:06:32
K4MISingle Operator, High Power66,682VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 21:54:26
K4MXSingle Operator, Low Power160VA2019-11-06 06:56:56
K4NMRSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power47,400WCFFlorida Contest Group2019-11-05 00:58:17
K4OAQSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power100,264TNDeep Dixie Contest Club2019-11-07 17:45:38
K4ORDSingle Operator, Low Power84,132VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 03:20:26
K4OVSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power83,830NCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-06 01:58:42
K4PVSingle Operator, High Power84,688NFLAlabama Contest Group2019-11-07 10:48:39
K4QETSingle Operator, Low Power704VA2019-11-09 11:09:04
K4QPLSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power125,994NCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-05 03:59:42
K4QSSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power116,200VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 16:44:53
K4ROSingle Operator, Low Power124,500TNTennessee Contest Group2019-11-04 19:51:46
K4RUMSingle Operator, High Power37,668NLI2019-11-04 01:36:41
K4TZSingle Operator, Low Power23,424KYTennessee Contest Group2019-11-06 15:37:46
K4WISingle Operator Unlimited, High Power26,560ALAlabama Contest Group2019-11-04 12:38:10
K4WWSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power45,360KYKentucky Contest Group2019-11-03 15:51:02
K4XLSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power103,252VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 03:12:52
K4XUSingle Operator, Low Power143,756ORWillamette Valley DX Club2019-11-05 00:28:15
K4ZGBSingle Operator, Low Power36,000ALAlabama Contest Group2019-11-06 22:36:38
K4ZWSingle Operator, High Power167,826VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 00:49:03
K5CISingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power58,720NTXDFW Contest Group2019-11-09 22:26:03
K5CMMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High Power202,520OK2019-11-04 04:33:47
K5GNSingle Operator, High Power35,768STXTexas DX Society2019-11-10 10:01:42
K5GQSingle Operator, Low Power18,724STXTexas DX Society2019-11-07 23:22:19
K5HDUSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power12,700STX2019-11-04 13:57:37
K5ICWSingle Operator, Low Power576STX2019-11-03 17:40:31
K5KGSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power173,138WCFFlorida Contest Group2019-11-04 20:28:32
K5KJSingle Operator, High Power95,448NTXNorth Texas Contest Club2019-11-04 04:06:59
K5KUSingle Operator, Low Power163,178LAdeep dixie contest club2019-11-06 19:25:59
K5MESingle Operator, Low Power50,856STXDFW Contest Group2019-11-09 17:58:17
K5NASingle Operator Unlimited, High Power37,018STXCentral Texas DX and Contest Club2019-11-04 16:06:12
K5NZSingle Operator, QRP22,880STXCentral Texas DX and Contest Club2019-11-04 22:25:30
K5OYSingle Operator, Low Power36,260ARNoise Blankers Radio Group2019-11-10 20:03:14
K5QRSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power25,432NTXDFW Contest Group2019-11-04 03:25:12
K5RTSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power91,466NTXDFW Contest Group2019-11-07 02:13:30
K5RXSingle Operator, High Power133,988NTXNorth Texas Contest Club2019-11-04 21:46:32
K5TASingle Operator, High Power56,392NMNew Mexico Big River Contesters2019-11-07 18:20:08
K5TRSingle Operator, High Power201,524STXCentral Texas DX and Contest Club2019-11-05 00:30:58
K5TUSingle Operator, High Power81,920STXTexas DX Society2019-11-04 18:56:35
K5UVSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power67,640OK2019-11-04 01:57:27
K5VIPSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power43,740VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 03:24:09
K5XUSingle Operator, Low Power46,412MS2019-11-05 00:36:55
K5ZDSingle Operator, High Power191,398WMAYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-04 16:27:16
K6CSLSingle Operator, Low Power3,348SJVNorthern California Contest Club2019-11-04 04:14:54
K6CTASingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power792SFRedwood Empire DX Assn2019-11-04 22:54:02
K6DFSingle Operator, Low Power9,632SF2019-11-03 20:32:01
K6EUSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power11,880SCVNorthern California Contest Club2019-11-10 16:44:23
K6GPBSingle Operator, QRP2,668SVSierra Foothills ARC2019-11-04 03:35:43
K6ICSSingle Operator, Low Power72LAX2019-11-04 06:56:02
K6JFSingle Operator, Low Power21,960SJV2019-11-05 01:17:15
K6JSSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power98,400SFRedwood Empire DX Assn2019-11-06 14:40:50
K6KQVSingle Operator, Low Power10,176SCVNorthern California Contest Club2019-11-03 21:19:09
K6KRSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power64,906WWAWestern Washington DX Club2019-11-04 11:21:46
K6LASingle Operator, High Power195,548LAXSouthern California Contest Club2019-11-04 19:37:39
K6LLSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power195,714AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-11-07 18:45:57
K6LRNSingle Operator, High Power38,016SVMother Lode DX/Contest Club2019-11-05 18:21:47
K6MIMultioperator, Single Transmitter, Low Power98,400SJVNorthern California Contest Club2019-11-04 05:24:18
K6MMSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power42,186SCVPizza Lovers 2592019-11-10 04:43:54
K6MMMSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power87,814SCVPizza Lovers 2592019-11-10 17:51:49
K6NRSingle Operator, High Power116,316ORGSouthern California Contest Club2019-11-04 16:58:13
K6NVSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power32,412SVMother Lode DX/Contest Club2019-11-08 05:19:06
K6OKSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power67,064SVMother Lode DX/Contest Club2019-11-04 16:51:13
K6PBSingle Operator, Low Power14,040ORG2019-11-04 00:56:26
K6PGHSingle Operator, Low Power4,810ORGOrange County ARC2019-11-04 00:15:51
K6RCSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power33,892SVNorthern California Contest Club2019-11-09 18:57:45
K6RIMSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power60,424SFRedwood Empire DX Assn2019-11-04 02:55:29
K6RMSingle Operator, Low Power3,100NCCarolina DX Association2019-11-04 17:57:22
K6SRZSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power150,064SFRedwood Empire DX Assn2019-11-08 18:03:24
K6STSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power952NVNorthern California Contest Club2019-11-04 04:59:57
K6TDSingle Operator, High Power5,848SCV2019-11-10 21:53:10
K6TETSingle Operator, High Power992SCV2019-11-04 03:14:16
K6UMSingle Operator, High Power13,680ORWillamette Valley DX Club2019-11-04 04:42:19
K6WSCSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power91,300AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-11-04 03:06:21
K6XMSingle Operator, QRP17,136SCVNorthern California Contest Club2019-11-04 05:54:41
K6XXSingle Operator, High Power17,820SCVNorthern California Contest Club2019-11-06 03:30:47
K6ZHSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power85,490SDGSouthern California Contest Club2019-11-05 17:56:47
K7AZTSingle Operator, Low Power27,060AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-11-04 19:26:49
K7BTWSingle Operator, High Power29,536WWAWestern Washington DX Club2019-11-08 19:26:45
K7CSSingle Operator, Low Power31,220ILSterling Park ARC2019-11-03 23:42:27
K7DRSingle Operator, Low Power9,792MI2019-11-04 07:20:39
K7GSSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power52,326EWASpokane DX Association2019-11-04 02:54:25
K7GTSingle Operator, High Power10,272OR2019-11-05 16:48:44
K7HPSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power56,416AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-11-04 05:20:22
K7INGSingle Operator, Low Power5,408AZ2019-11-05 14:31:06
K7JQSingle Operator, High Power80,106AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-11-04 12:14:28
K7MKSingle Operator, Low Power1,728ID2019-11-04 02:28:45
K7MMSingle Operator, QRP44,676EWAID DX Association2019-11-04 03:06:48
K7MSOSingle Operator, Low Power9,270MTHellgate Amateur Radio Club2019-11-09 01:36:45
K7OMSingle Operator, High Power14,500SCSwamp Fox Contest Group2019-11-05 02:37:00
K7PJTSingle Operator, Low Power60,160OR2019-11-05 05:32:48
K7QASingle Operator Unlimited, High Power144,088MTBig Sky Contesters2019-11-07 14:26:08
K7RIMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High Power139,440WWAWestern Washington DX Club2019-11-04 16:39:45
K7RLSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power198,204WWAWestern Washington DX Club2019-11-04 02:23:11
K7SSSingle Operator, Low Power44,660WWAWestern Washington DX Club2019-11-04 05:23:59
K7SVSingle Operator, Low Power150,396VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-05 22:08:25
K7TDSingle Operator, Low Power20,740COGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2019-11-04 20:58:38
K7ULSSingle Operator, Low Power6,800UT2019-11-04 03:04:47
K7UTSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power100,928UTGreat Salt Lake Contest Club2019-11-04 03:33:44
K7VITSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power1,152ORWillamette Valley DX Club2019-11-04 22:55:48
K7WASingle Operator, Low Power31,080WWAWestern Washington DX Club2019-11-04 16:33:39
K7WPSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power17,920AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-11-05 15:59:09
K7XCMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High Power104,082NVMother Lode DX/Contest Club2019-11-04 05:00:51
K8AGSingle Operator, QRP19,440MI2019-11-04 13:26:09
K8AJSSingle Operator, Low Power68,800OHMad River Radio Club2019-11-05 21:59:26
K8ANMSingle Operator, QRP18AZ2019-11-03 18:24:33
K8BKMSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power123,172MIMad River Radio Club2019-11-04 15:05:18
K8BLSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power125,164OHNorth Coast Contesters2019-11-07 13:30:32
K8BZSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power70,716MIBay Area DXers2019-11-04 00:16:03
K8CISingle Operator, Low Power10,200OH2019-11-04 03:40:40
K8GTSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power58,764MIMad River Radio Club2019-11-04 04:11:01
K8JEHSingle Operator, Low Power3,190MI2019-11-04 13:11:56
K8JQSingle Operator, High Power41,600WV2019-11-04 04:21:17
K8JTSingle Operator, Low Power1,364MI2019-11-06 02:29:12
K8LFSingle Operator, High Power17,028VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-05 00:54:48
K8LSSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power94,288STXCentral Texas DX and Contest Club2019-11-10 23:46:58
K8MMSingle Operator, QRP26,000MIThumb Area Contesters2019-11-09 03:23:51
K8MPSingle Operator, Low Power78,000OHDelara Contest Team2019-11-05 14:37:54
K8MRSingle Operator, High Power64,200OHMad River Radio Club2019-11-04 14:14:23
K8RGISingle Operator, Low Power36,992OHCuyahoga Amateur Radio Society2019-11-06 21:39:40
K8RJWSingle Operator, Low Power17,400OH2019-11-04 21:45:17
K8ROSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power22,078MIL'Anse Creuse ARC2019-11-03 23:46:32
K8RYUSingle Operator, Low Power55,594OHMad River Radio Club2019-11-04 17:27:32
K8SBSingle Operator, Low Power59,860MIMOTOR CITY RADIO CLUB2019-11-04 01:49:31
K8TRSingle Operator, High Power1,564EB2019-11-05 06:37:41
K8TSSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power15,410MI2019-11-04 02:36:42
K8TWSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power49,280OH2019-11-09 14:55:13
K8ZRSingle Operator, QRP8,400OH2019-11-04 15:19:41
K8ZTSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power5,900OHMad River Radio Club2019-11-04 03:11:47
K9BGLSingle Operator, High Power29,480ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-05 19:13:59
K9CJSingle Operator, Low Power6,786ILMetro DX Club2019-11-08 22:03:41
K9GYSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power51,060ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-04 03:04:44
K9HMXSingle Operator, QRP8IN2019-11-07 02:09:39
K9IGSingle Operator, Low Power63,492INSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-04 11:05:48
K9IUSchool Club70,550INSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-04 00:25:40
K9JMSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power65,600SVMother Lode DX/Contest Club2019-11-04 00:19:44
K9KMSingle Operator, Low Power79,474ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-07 21:09:37
K9LASingle Operator, Low Power2,756IN2019-11-04 15:34:11
K9MMSSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power49,800ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-05 04:36:08
K9NOSingle Operator, Low Power13,886ILMt Frank Contesters2019-11-04 22:09:33
K9NRSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power159,028ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-07 00:52:32
K9OMSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power49,200WIFlorida Contest Group2019-11-05 03:01:31
K9OZSingle Operator, High Power24,522ARArkansas DX Assn2019-11-04 14:59:45
K9PGSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power13,778ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-04 03:04:02
K9PMVSingle Operator, Low Power2,262ILMetro DX Club2019-11-08 14:49:14
K9UIYSingle Operator, Low Power123,492ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-09 23:08:21
K9UQNSingle Operator, High Power53,250TN2019-11-04 12:56:31
K9WASingle Operator, Low Power82,240ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-04 17:51:59
K9WWTSingle Operator, Low Power42,966IN2019-11-07 01:11:15
K9WXSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power113,212INSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-04 11:15:34
K9ZOSingle Operator, High Power166,664ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-08 02:00:50
KA0PSingle Operator, Low Power180MO2019-11-04 16:38:06
KA2FHNSingle Operator, Low Power2,700WNY2019-11-04 02:31:22
KA2WIKSingle Operator, Low Power5,472WNY2019-11-04 03:07:34
KA3DSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power15,180EPAFrankford Radio Club2019-11-04 02:05:39
KA3EHLSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power17,442NFLOrange Park ARC2019-11-05 00:44:36
KA3MTTSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power38,868KY2019-11-06 17:53:51
KA3QLFSingle Operator, Low Power8,526LA2019-11-07 02:48:26
KA4GFYSingle Operator, High Power14,190VAAlexandria Radio Club2019-11-07 03:02:32
KA4RRUSingle Operator, Low Power300VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 03:53:02
KA6BIMSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power126,658ORWillamette Valley DX Club2019-11-05 23:08:26
KA6U/VY2Single Operator Unlimited, High Power120,848MAR2019-11-07 00:41:51
KA8GSingle Operator, High Power18,522OH2019-11-05 21:54:00
KA8HDESingle Operator, Low Power7,950MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-03 03:00:11
KA9BHDSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power43,160ILDupage ARC2019-11-06 01:23:48
KA9VVQMultioperator, Single Transmitter, Low Power62,986WIBadger Contesters2019-11-04 03:00:38
KB0EOSingle Operator, High Power19,040MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-04 01:26:23
KB0LFSingle Operator, QRP468NE2019-11-04 02:34:37
KB0RSingle Operator, Low Power23,600MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-04 15:24:57
KB1WSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power93,956WMAYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-04 13:41:11
KB2HSHSingle Operator, QRP1,610WNY2019-11-04 22:02:51
KB2URISingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power26,240WNYNiagara Frontier Radiosport2019-11-04 13:25:10
KB3AAYSingle Operator, Low Power64,116MDC2019-11-04 18:51:29
KB3ZSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power5,460EPAFrankford Radio Club2019-11-05 00:55:36
KB4GYTSingle Operator, Low Power51,792SC2019-11-04 00:31:59
KB4LASingle Operator, Low Power608AL2019-11-04 03:07:05
KB7AKSingle Operator, Low Power3,120WWAClark County Amateur Radio Club2019-11-06 05:32:08
KB7AZSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power15,616AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-11-04 02:18:03
KB7ISPSingle Operator, Low Power96ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-04 01:24:36
KB7NSingle Operator, High Power4,836WWARadio Club of Redmond2019-11-04 01:40:14
KB8GAESingle Operator, Low Power30,600OH2019-11-04 16:50:36
KB8PGWSingle Operator, Low Power31,688MI2019-11-03 21:41:21
KB8TLSingle Operator, Low Power9,898MI2019-11-04 12:24:43
KB9SSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power19,468WIMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-04 16:43:54
KC0RETSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power4,758MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-04 15:12:46
KC0VSingle Operator, Low Power46,150CO2019-11-04 03:06:18
KC1DVTSingle Operator, QRP264ME2019-11-04 13:40:33
KC1EROSingle Operator, Low Power19,320CT2019-11-03 23:12:00
KC1SASingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power19,840CTMeriden ARC2019-11-04 11:39:50
KC2WUFSingle Operator, Low Power1,850NNJNew Providence ARC2019-11-04 03:34:10
KC4DSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power46,644VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 12:09:53
KC4WQSingle Operator, Low Power18,592KYKentucky Contest Group2019-11-03 23:59:54
KC5DCTSingle Operator, Low Power420NTX2019-11-04 02:51:35
KC7YESingle Operator, Low Power900WWASnohomish County Hams Club2019-11-04 00:45:16
KC8JSingle Operator, Low Power20,178OH2019-11-04 20:46:19
KC8OBHMultioperator, Single Transmitter, Low Power2,494INSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-05 18:47:16
KC9EESingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power15,476ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-04 18:11:42
KC9KSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power6,600ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-04 11:36:35
KD0WUQSingle Operator, Low Power2,160ND2019-11-04 03:54:50
KD2EPMSingle Operator, Low Power3,744SNJSouth Jersey Radio Assn2019-11-06 02:53:47
KD2KEHSingle Operator, Low Power286WNY2019-11-07 02:55:54
KD2RDSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power162,182NLIYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-08 03:13:43
KD3TBSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power15,812EPAFrankford Radio Club2019-11-03 23:18:58
KD8FSSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power22,960MI2019-11-04 02:16:12
KD9MSSingle Operator, Low Power8,640ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-04 03:05:55
KD9QSSingle Operator, Low Power44,092MDC2019-11-06 02:02:28
KE0KDXSingle Operator, High Power3,920NDPHHRA2019-11-04 01:05:32
KE0TTSingle Operator, QRP13,624MN2019-11-05 00:47:50
KE0ZSingle Operator, QRP42,884SDGreat Places Contest Club2019-11-04 14:16:21
KE2DSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power74,292SNJFrankford Radio Club2019-11-04 03:42:14
KE2SXSingle Operator, Low Power28,274NC2019-11-04 12:31:45
KE3GKSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power17,168MDCNortheast Maryland Amateur Radio Contest Society2019-11-04 20:17:12
KE3KSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power29,394MI2019-11-06 01:08:43
KE3KDSingle Operator, QRP1,102WPA2019-11-06 01:54:04
KE3XSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power83,000MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 01:14:25
KE4KYSingle Operator, Low Power60,300KYKentucky Contest Group2019-11-04 00:58:51
KE4SSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power2,550VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-09 16:37:23
KE5LQSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power15,800STX2019-11-05 06:55:34
KE6GLASingle Operator, Low Power45,600SVMother Lode DX/Contest Club2019-11-04 05:47:00
KE6KSingle Operator, Low Power35,000AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-11-05 22:09:11
KF3GSingle Operator, Low Power704EPA2019-11-04 04:55:14
KF6ISingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power31,800ORGSouthern California Contest Club2019-11-04 20:01:44
KF6NCXSingle Operator, Low Power1,320SVNorthern California Contest Club2019-11-10 02:59:46
KF8MZSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power3,536OH2019-11-05 00:22:28
KG3VSingle Operator, Low Power74,196VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 23:32:47
KG4CUYSingle Operator, Low Power11,616ALAlabama Contest Group2019-11-04 12:50:49
KG4ZXNSingle Operator, Low Power15,604KYKentucky Contest Group2019-11-03 21:18:59
KG5HVOSingle Operator, Low Power36,432ALAlabama Contest Group2019-11-07 03:31:59
KG5RXGSingle Operator, QRP560STX2019-11-05 04:15:56
KG5YOVSingle Operator, Low Power144MDC2019-11-09 21:08:54
KG6OSingle Operator, Low Power144WWAWestern Washington DX Club2019-11-04 01:57:09
KG7CWSingle Operator, High Power112,668ID2019-11-04 04:08:03
KG9NSingle Operator, High Power27,468ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-04 18:06:29
KG9XSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power89,474ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-05 01:37:27
KH6TUSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power154,878PACMother Lode DX/Contest Club2019-11-05 00:16:33
KH7XSingle Operator, High Power171,380AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-11-08 16:17:14
KI0FSingle Operator, Low Power31,280MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-04 15:06:51
KI1USingle Operator, Low Power5,412CTYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-04 02:29:18
KI4MZCSingle Operator, QRP874GASouth East Contest Club2019-11-04 17:41:31
KI4SPSingle Operator, Low Power576ALW4UNA ARC2019-11-05 19:08:25
KI5EESingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power10,400LA2019-11-04 13:35:33
KI5OSingle Operator, High Power3,816NTX2019-11-05 04:34:03
KI6QDHSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power2WY2019-11-03 20:54:16
KI6RRNSingle Operator, Low Power136,120SDGSouthern California Contest Club2019-11-04 20:01:34
KI7NSingle Operator, Low Power1,000OR2019-11-04 04:18:39
KI7YSingle Operator, High Power30,228ORWillamette Valley DX Club2019-11-05 03:36:41
KI9ASingle Operator Unlimited, High Power68,226ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-04 02:06:42
KJ4AOMSingle Operator, Low Power15,360KY2019-11-08 18:50:27
KJ4IWZSingle Operator, Low Power11,880TNTennessee Contest Group2019-11-08 01:16:19
KJ4MSingle Operator, QRP34,776AL2019-11-08 19:39:00
KJ9CSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power80,580INSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-04 15:45:13
KK4RSingle Operator, Low Power61,600VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 03:18:21
KK4VASingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power44,388VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 15:32:04
KK5OVMultioperator, Single Transmitter, Low Power10,736NM2019-11-04 02:22:14
KK5XXSingle Operator, High Power1,440NTXDenton County Amateur Radio Association2019-11-08 22:14:02
KK7ASingle Operator, QRP9,400ID2019-11-03 23:10:30
KK9VSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power100,098INSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-07 00:31:59
KKM4JTESingle Operator, Low Power560NFL2019-11-03 16:27:00
KL2SSingle Operator, Low Power1,518AKn/a2019-11-04 04:43:09
KL7AASingle Operator, High Power11,024AKAnchorage Amateur Radio Club2019-11-09 21:16:47
KM0DXSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power8,256MOMississippi Valley DX/Contest Club2019-11-04 04:33:09
KM0OSingle Operator, High Power45,152MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-05 21:46:10
KM1WSingle Operator, High Power79,496EMAYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-11 13:17:06
KM4FOSingle Operator, Low Power38,982KYKentucky Contest Group2019-11-04 03:08:40
KM4HISingle Operator, Low Power29,072NFLFlorida Contest Group2019-11-05 01:34:05
KM4JASingle Operator Unlimited, High Power10,368ALAlabama Contest Group2019-11-04 16:35:30
KM6ISingle Operator Unlimited, High Power13,056SCVNorthern California Contest Club2019-11-06 15:21:58
KM6VEKSingle Operator, Low Power616LAX2019-11-04 03:11:29
KM6ZSingle Operator, Low Power76,950LAXSouthern California Contest Club2019-11-09 01:53:07
KN0VSingle Operator, Low Power7,708MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-04 13:08:00
KN1HSingle Operator, QRP23,400NH2019-11-04 01:09:10
KN3ASingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power8,600EPAFrankford Radio Club2019-11-04 02:23:02
KN4EWISingle Operator, Low Power2,088NC2019-11-04 05:29:10
KN4JNSingle Operator, Low Power720SFL2019-11-04 15:16:37
KN4YSingle Operator, Low Power10,890NFLFLORIDA CONTEST GROUP2019-11-07 14:17:54
KN7TSingle Operator, Low Power34,320WWABoeing Employees Amateur Radio Operators North Society (BEARONS)2019-11-04 06:46:44
KO4OLSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power44,800KYKentucky Contest Group2019-11-04 11:01:20
KO7SSSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power48,240AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-11-03 17:24:03
KO8ZSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power24,462MI2019-11-04 03:01:27
KP2/WW3SSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power41,168VINorth Coast Contesters2019-11-07 01:29:58
KP4/KM1PSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power32PRYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-09 17:36:15
KP4/WQ2NSingle Operator, Low Power57,912PRFrankford Radio Club2019-11-06 04:06:10
KQ4YSingle Operator, Low Power2,436NFLFlorida Contest Group2019-11-03 23:14:27
KQ7TJSingle Operator, Low Power2,072NV2019-11-04 03:17:19
KR0USingle Operator, QRP2,852CO2019-11-09 19:00:56
KR2AASingle Operator, High Power105,948NLI2019-11-04 16:28:15
KR2QSingle Operator, QRP49,280NNJ2019-11-04 00:49:17
KS4SSingle Operator, High Power9,996NCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-11 02:14:26
KS4XSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power16,650TNTennessee Contest Group2019-11-04 12:56:57
KS7TSingle Operator, High Power70,840MTBig Sky Contesters2019-11-07 21:53:54
KT0ASingle Operator Unlimited, High Power157,700SDGreat Places Contest Club2019-11-04 15:20:03
KT0RSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power34,188MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-04 19:51:33
KT3YSingle Operator, High Power50,978VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-09 02:00:29
KT4XNSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power676GAAtanta Radio Club2019-11-04 00:55:06
KU1NSingle Operator, QRP19,920WMA2019-11-10 00:40:47
KU2CSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power9,270EPAFrankford Radio Club2019-11-07 18:41:05
KU7KSingle Operator, Low Power20,252OR2019-11-04 17:15:51
KU7YSingle Operator, Low Power9,064IDID DX Association2019-11-04 01:01:03
KU8ESingle Operator, High Power152,222GASouth East Contest Club2019-11-04 17:15:34
KV0ISingle Operator, High Power119,884NE2019-11-04 16:10:47
KV2XSingle Operator, Low Power1,550WNYRochester (NY) DX Assn2019-11-05 20:08:54
KV3TSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power16,650IL2019-11-04 00:59:59
KV8QSingle Operator, Low Power83,312OHDELARA Contest Team2019-11-04 20:34:39
KW2ASingle Operator, QRP2,240MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 18:16:41
KW4CWSingle Operator, High Power66,600VA2019-11-04 23:53:54
KX1ESingle Operator, Low Power75,774ME2019-11-04 18:04:10
KX6ASingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power19,278ORGSouthern California Contest Club2019-11-04 03:11:52
KX7LSingle Operator, Low Power19,608WWAWestern Washington DX Club2019-11-05 02:10:19
KX9DXSingle Operator, High Power8,400IL2019-11-07 18:14:05
KY0QSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power54,510ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-04 03:26:49
KY4FSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power108,896ALAlabama Contest Group2019-11-04 11:55:31
KY4GSingle Operator, Low Power1,320AL2019-11-04 01:22:55
KY7MMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High Power190,402AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-11-04 16:00:47
KZ1OSingle Operator, Low Power10,848NFLPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 03:04:04
KZ2ISingle Operator Unlimited, High Power40,338SNJFrankford Radio Club2019-11-03 23:22:33
N0ACSingle Operator, Low Power116,200IAIowa DX and Contest Club2019-11-06 20:05:37
N0ATMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High Power184,758MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-04 13:53:36
N0BUISingle Operator, High Power59,200MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-04 00:55:33
N0HJZSingle Operator, Low Power5,772MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-03 21:43:17
N0IJSingle Operator, Low Power1,408WIMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-07 02:28:10
N0JKSingle Operator, Low Power2KS2019-11-03 21:04:26
N0KOESingle Operator, Low Power2,666NC2019-11-03 21:46:36
N0NISingle Operator, QRP128,318IAIowa DX and Contest Club2019-11-08 00:00:43
N0OCTSingle Operator, QRP14,300MOSt. Louis QRP Society2019-11-04 02:36:07
N0SNNSingle Operator, Low Power112,996SDGreat Places Contest Club2019-11-04 03:11:09
N0SSMSingle Operator, QRP37,122MO2019-11-04 16:42:50
N0TASingle Operator Unlimited, High Power88,232COGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2019-11-04 18:16:25
N0UDSingle Operator, Low Power98ND2019-11-04 15:13:45
N0UKSingle Operator, Low Power1,152MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-04 04:30:37
N0URSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power54,600MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-04 14:43:51
N0UYSingle Operator, Low Power36,720MN2019-11-04 17:50:37
N0XRSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power50,630IAIowa DX and Contest Club2019-11-04 03:18:48
N0YYSingle Operator, Low Power19,722VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-05 01:02:21
N1CGPSingle Operator, Low Power2,050ME2019-11-04 18:02:06
N1DCSingle Operator, Low Power68,224EMAYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-04 21:50:32
N1DIDSingle Operator, Low Power40,500CTYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-04 13:17:38
N1DMSingle Operator, Low Power11,772EMAProvidence Radio Assn2019-11-07 22:23:26
N1IMWSingle Operator, Low Power9,072NHGranite State ARA2019-11-04 00:27:47
N1LISingle Operator, Low Power38,252MEYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-05 17:57:25
N1LNSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power132,800NCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 11:27:57
N1QDSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power121,180EMAYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-04 02:46:51
N1RMSingle Operator, Low Power61,950VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 00:28:35
N1RRSingle Operator, High Power198EMAYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-11 23:35:16
N1TOSingle Operator, High Power133,824SFLFlorida Contest Group2019-11-04 15:46:59
N1WRSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power85,760VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 14:46:05
N1XJMSingle Operator, Low Power2,550ENYSouthern Berkshire ARC2019-11-08 20:18:50
N1XKSingle Operator, High Power20,128IA2019-11-04 03:06:02
N1YLSingle Operator, Low Power506WMA2019-11-10 00:43:53
N2ANSingle Operator, Low Power42,884EMAYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-04 16:16:19
N2BJSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power71,380ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-04 02:25:15
N2CJSingle Operator, Low Power5,658NNJ2019-11-04 03:24:58
N2CUSingle Operator, Low Power39,760WNYNiagara Frontier Radiosport2019-11-04 23:00:57
N2EMSingle Operator, Low Power84,480WPA2019-11-05 12:05:39
N2EYSingle Operator, Low Power62,320EPA2019-11-04 03:13:48
N2GASingle Operator, Low Power52,852NLIOrder of Boiled Owls of New York2019-11-04 16:44:01
N2GCSingle Operator, High Power47,888NLIYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-08 18:17:52
N2ICSingle Operator, Low Power211,816NM2019-11-04 15:11:06
N2JJSingle Operator, Low Power9,130ENYHudson Valley Contesters and DXers2019-11-06 18:42:49
N2JNRSingle Operator, Low Power14,628LAX2019-11-04 03:04:30
N2KWSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power80,842WMAYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-04 00:18:29
N2MASingle Operator, Low Power3,468WPASkyview Radio Society2019-11-04 03:03:18
N2MMSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power140,768SNJFrankford Radio Club2019-11-04 23:29:40
N2NISingle Operator Unlimited, High Power75,364ENYYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-04 00:15:45
N2NTSingle Operator, High Power198,370NNJFrankford Radio Club2019-11-06 02:20:34
N2OOSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power50,050SNJFrankford Radio Club2019-11-04 03:07:37
N2QTSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power40,670VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 00:53:32
N2RCSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power66,400ENYFrankford Radio Club2019-11-04 01:47:15
N2SQWSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power52,160ENYHudson Valley Contesters and DXers2019-11-04 03:01:52
N2UUSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power58,032SNJFrankford Radio Club2019-11-05 17:13:58
N2ZNSingle Operator, High Power11,904WNYNorth Coast Contesters2019-11-06 00:46:58
N3ACSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power66,566VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 02:31:22
N3BBSingle Operator, High Power56,160STXCentral Texas DX and Contest Club2019-11-04 15:23:22
N3CKISingle Operator, Low Power54,000NC2019-11-04 15:39:38
N3CWSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power117,528VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 13:32:42
N3DPBMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High Power53,286MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 05:27:09
N3ERSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power83,332EMA2019-11-06 03:55:58
N3FJPSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power31,540MDCNortheast Maryland Amateur Radio Contest Society2019-11-04 20:57:15
N3GESingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power988EPA2019-11-04 21:01:49
N3HCNSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power66,584EPANortheast Maryland Amateur Radio Contest Society2019-11-04 03:03:34
N3HEESingle Operator Unlimited, High Power138,776MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 12:39:39
N3HUSingle Operator, High Power25,074MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 14:05:09
N3KNSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power49,200VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 19:13:01
N3MASingle Operator, Low Power12,720EPA2019-11-06 20:14:48
N3MKSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power92,130VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 14:18:01
N3MMSingle Operator, Low Power3,328VA2019-11-04 12:13:49
N3NDSingle Operator, High Power81,686NCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 14:41:42
N3NRSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power12,320EPAFrankford Radio Club2019-11-05 02:41:32
N3NZSingle Operator, Low Power560EPA2019-11-04 14:12:21
N3OCSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power8,424MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-05 19:35:24
N3QESingle Operator Unlimited, High Power134,958MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 12:31:45
N3RCSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power52,326SFRedwood Empire DX Assn2019-11-04 16:40:12
N3RDSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power9,360EPAFrankford Radio Club2019-11-06 14:27:39
N3RMSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power23,240EPAFrankford Radio Club2019-11-05 13:35:08
N3SDSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power29,646WPANorth Coast Contesters2019-11-08 20:11:20
N3URSingle Operator, QRP23,184MDCNortheast Maryland Amateur Radio Contest Society2019-11-08 00:59:48
N3XFSingle Operator, High Power150,388WPAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 00:39:48
N3XLSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power35,624MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 03:08:29
N3ZZSingle Operator, Low Power60,648SCVNorthern California Contest Club2019-11-04 20:51:02
N4AFSingle Operator, High Power177,122NCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-05 00:57:33
N4ARYSingle Operator, Low Power25,610GA2019-11-04 03:15:20
N4BPSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power195,382SFLFlorida Contest Group2019-11-04 03:34:16
N4CFSingle Operator, High Power54,316VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 02:16:07
N4CWSingle Operator, High Power100,430NCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 02:14:43
N4DJSingle Operator, High Power37,650VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 19:06:05
N4DWSingle Operator, Low Power44,676OK2019-11-04 04:29:17
N4FRMultioperator, Single Transmitter, Low Power66,898TNTennessee Contest Group2019-11-04 23:51:11
N4GGSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power157,036GASouth East Contest Club2019-11-05 23:08:43
N4GUSingle Operator, Low Power30,530NCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-05 00:59:07
N4HBSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power59,096VA2019-11-04 15:53:06
N4IQSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power136,950SCSwamp Fox Contest Group2019-11-04 14:00:03
N4KHSingle Operator, High Power119,852ALAlabama Contest Group2019-11-04 00:51:30
N4KSSingle Operator, High Power125,662NFLFlorida Contest Group2019-11-04 09:33:44
N4LSJSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power60OH2019-11-05 03:34:05
N4OISingle Operator, High Power6,600NC2019-11-03 15:47:42
N4OOSingle Operator, Low Power136,120GAGeorgia Contest Group2019-11-05 01:40:08
N4OXSingle Operator, High Power165,336NFLAlabama Contest Group2019-11-04 23:18:34
N4PDSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power70,192VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 04:39:11
N4PNSingle Operator, Low Power128,982GAGeorgia Contest Group2019-11-04 02:44:16
N4QSSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power172,308KYKentucky Contest Group2019-11-04 20:18:42
N4RASingle Operator, Low Power56,536WVPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-05 20:05:10
N4TBSingle Operator, Low Power83,664WCF2019-11-04 10:17:53
N4TLSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power2,550NCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 01:00:37
N4UASingle Operator, Low Power82,944VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 02:14:23
N4UWSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power66,400TNTennessee Contest Group2019-11-04 01:57:00
N4WWSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power24,764NFLFlorida Contest Group2019-11-06 21:16:05
N4XFFSingle Operator, Low Power8,372KY2019-11-04 16:39:49
N4YDUSingle Operator, High Power106,240NCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 00:48:40
N4YHCSingle Operator, Low Power5,680KY2019-11-04 01:07:01
N4ZRSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power103,086MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 13:03:47
N4ZZSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power177,288TNTennessee Contest Group2019-11-04 20:34:58
N5AWSingle Operator, High Power20,060STXCentral Texas DX and Contest Club2019-11-06 02:43:12
N5CHASingle Operator, Low Power36,352NTX2019-11-04 14:44:11
N5DOSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power127,654STXCentral Texas DX and Contest Club2019-11-04 22:04:24
N5EESingle Operator, QRP88,000AR2019-11-06 01:30:30
N5KAESingle Operator, Low Power3,060STX2019-11-04 16:55:29
N5KBSingle Operator, Low Power180IASociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-03 20:45:36
N5KOSingle Operator, High Power112SCVNorthern California Contest Club2019-11-04 00:52:15
N5NASingle Operator Unlimited, High Power140,220WTXMidland ARC2019-11-04 02:32:12
N5OTSingle Operator, High Power12,720OK2019-11-05 11:47:49
N5RPSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power31,872ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-04 14:37:53
N5RZSingle Operator, High Power181,106STXCentral Texas DX and Contest Club2019-11-04 14:19:54
N5UMSingle Operator, High Power86,880OK2019-11-04 02:37:13
N5VUSingle Operator, High Power31,500LALouisiana Contest Club2019-11-05 02:39:39
N5XESingle Operator, Low Power61,620OKDFW Contest Group2019-11-04 03:05:18
N5XJSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power4,320STXCentral Texas DX and Contest Club2019-11-04 00:34:53
N5XUSchool Club24,776STXCentral Texas DX and Contest Club2019-11-06 22:10:43
N5ZOSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power196,212SDGSouthern California Contest Club2019-11-10 20:08:07
N6AJSSingle Operator, Low Power21,350SCVNorthern California Contest Club2019-11-06 01:21:21
N6ANSingle Operator, QRP36,208LAXSouthern California Contest Club2019-11-06 05:01:57
N6ARSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power87,150NFLFlorida Contest Group2019-11-09 16:58:24
N6BHXSingle Operator, Low Power260EB2019-11-04 03:10:42
N6DWSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power51,840VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 01:05:40
N6GEOSingle Operator, Low Power15,620SJVMother Lode DX/Contest Club2019-11-05 05:12:33
N6HCNSingle Operator, QRP60ORG2019-11-04 02:58:24
N6HISingle Operator, QRP1,216AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-11-05 04:14:38
N6ICSingle Operator, High Power7,344LAXSouthern California Contest Club2019-11-04 15:20:40
N6JSSingle Operator, High Power7,052EBNorthern California Contest Club2019-11-04 21:50:14
N6JVSingle Operator, High Power142,096SVMother Lode DX/Contest Club2019-11-06 15:38:35
N6MASingle Operator, QRP10,580TNNorthern Arizona DX Assn2019-11-05 20:44:48
N6MWSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power13,776SB2019-11-04 04:35:44
N6MZSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power13,778WWAWestern Washington DX Club2019-11-03 18:16:38
N6NRSingle Operator, High Power54,194EWARadio Club of Redmond2019-11-04 05:56:01
N6PNSingle Operator, High Power157,768SCVNorthern California Contest Club2019-11-07 18:25:29
N6RKSingle Operator, High Power142,262SVMother Lode DX/Contest Club2019-11-04 04:16:10
N6ROMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High Power188,908EBMother Lode DX/Contest Club2019-11-04 05:01:12
N6TVNSingle Operator, QRP18,582SFNorthern California Contest Club2019-11-05 15:36:03
N6USSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power86,428SVMother Lode DX/Contest Club2019-11-05 18:42:42
N6YEUSingle Operator, Low Power43,992SFRedwood Empire DX Assn2019-11-05 01:43:58
N6ZFOSingle Operator, High Power133,988SFMother Lode DX/Contest Club2019-11-04 01:19:08
N7DASingle Operator, Low Power24,522SDGSouthern California Contest Club2019-11-04 13:00:17
N7IRSingle Operator, QRP85,822AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-11-04 03:19:17
N7IVSingle Operator, Low Power138,580ND2019-11-04 00:30:29
N7JISingle Operator, QRP29,510OR2019-11-05 02:56:12
N7LUSingle Operator, QRP378SDGSouthern California Contest Club2019-11-04 03:41:06
N7MQSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power22,436WY2019-11-04 03:30:01
N7NMSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power139,440WWA2019-11-04 03:20:29
N7RCSSingle Operator, QRP32,412SFL2019-11-03 22:00:52
N7RVDSingle Operator, High Power70,356WWAWestern Washington DX Club2019-11-05 16:41:25
N7SUSingle Operator, High Power8,832AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-11-04 04:13:53
N7USSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power123,836ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-04 03:09:09
N7WASingle Operator, Low Power109,674WWAWestern Washington DX Club2019-11-06 02:46:33
N7WYSingle Operator, Low Power74,682MOSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-04 00:37:58
N7XCZSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power26,426NV2019-11-04 02:47:46
N7ZZSingle Operator, Low Power16,560WI2019-11-04 03:24:37
N8AASingle Operator, Low Power74,700OH2019-11-05 02:08:25
N8AIDSingle Operator, Low Power50VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-05 02:37:49
N8BJQSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power35,856OHDeep Dixie DX Club2019-11-03 19:46:16
N8CWUSingle Operator, High Power55,278OH2019-11-08 15:35:24
N8FTBSingle Operator, Low Power338OHDelaware Amateur Radio Association2019-11-05 23:04:12
N8FYLSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power63,840MIMad River Radio Club2019-11-04 03:44:51
N8GASSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power32,660MIMad River Radio Club2019-11-05 14:57:20
N8GUSingle Operator, Low Power13,750AZ2019-11-04 06:05:30
N8IISingle Operator, Low Power74,892WVPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-06 21:02:28
N8IWSingle Operator, QRP7,200OH2019-11-04 01:40:10
N8JLMSingle Operator, Low Power4,662OHSilvercreek Amateur Radio Association2019-11-04 18:20:47
N8KVSingle Operator, Low Power6,048MICHERRYLAND ARC2019-11-07 23:57:28
N8LRSingle Operator, Low Power65,912MI2019-11-04 02:27:53
N8MESingle Operator, QRP11,564OH2019-11-04 14:29:25
N8NASingle Operator, Low Power51,800DEFrankford Radio Club2019-11-04 04:12:37
N8NXSingle Operator, Low Power180MIMad River Radio Club2019-11-08 23:56:23
N8TCPSingle Operator, Low Power12,240OH2019-11-05 13:19:36
N8TRSingle Operator, High Power67,336OHMad River Radio Club2019-11-04 14:17:25
N8URESingle Operator, QRP1,200OH2019-11-04 15:18:59
N8VVSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power81,672OHMad River Radio Club2019-11-04 10:02:44
N8XESingle Operator Unlimited, High Power65,736OHMad River Radio Club2019-11-04 14:12:18
N8YXRSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power1,470MIMad River Radio Club2019-11-04 02:07:29
N9ADGSingle Operator, Low Power41,180WWAWestern Washington DX Club2019-11-04 04:59:49
N9BTSingle Operator, Low Power7,392IL2019-11-04 03:20:49
N9CKSingle Operator, Low Power51,282WISociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-04 03:18:20
N9COSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power153,550ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-04 11:40:15
N9GUNSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power21,168ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-04 03:49:31
N9HDESingle Operator, Low Power35,000IA2019-11-04 02:19:11
N9IOSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power26,130ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-04 04:13:18
N9JFSingle Operator, Low Power76,160ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-04 03:36:43
N9KRSingle Operator, High Power27,520IN2019-11-04 15:14:18
N9LFSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power2,368INSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-08 23:50:49
N9LJXSingle Operator, Low Power4,828INSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-04 12:20:19
N9LQSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power89,474ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-04 03:02:47
N9LYESingle Operator, Low Power4,736IL2019-11-04 22:08:53
N9MTMultioperator, Single Transmitter, Low Power22,464IN2019-11-07 21:11:14
N9NASingle Operator Unlimited, High Power31,920AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-11-04 19:46:08
N9NESingle Operator Unlimited, High Power58,100WI2019-11-04 02:50:03
N9OKSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power160ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-03 23:14:59
N9RVSingle Operator, High Power219,286MTBig Sky Contesters2019-11-05 03:15:48
N9SESingle Operator, QRP81,972INSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-04 15:07:38
N9TKSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power66,732ILMetro DX Club2019-11-05 01:14:27
N9UASingle Operator, Low Power63,200WINortheast Wisconsin DX Assn2019-11-04 23:45:48
N9UDOSingle Operator, Low Power13,500WIDriftless Zone Contesters2019-11-04 23:33:40
N9VJSingle Operator, Low Power1,536WIW9RH2019-11-10 21:12:07
N9XXSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power28,220WISociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-05 02:07:49
NA0NSingle Operator, Low Power150,396MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-04 03:00:55
NA4JSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power92,628NCForsyth Amateur Radio Club2019-11-04 03:06:44
NA5JSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power4,692STXRio Grande Valley Amateur Radio Club2019-11-04 12:56:26
NA6OSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power20,410EBMother Lode DX/Contest Club2019-11-07 00:35:56
NA8VSingle Operator, High Power165,668MIMad River Radio Club2019-11-09 00:42:43
NB1USingle Operator Unlimited, High Power4,356RIYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-11 00:08:13
NB3ISingle Operator Unlimited, High Power84,992EPAFrankford Radio Club2019-11-10 19:57:02
NC3GSingle Operator, Low Power5,904NC2019-11-09 15:37:23
NC3YSingle Operator, High Power116,320MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 03:36:18
NC5GSingle Operator, Low Power2,310NTX2019-11-04 03:53:37
NC6QSingle Operator, Low Power8,774LAXSouthern California Contest Club2019-11-06 01:18:17
ND3NSingle Operator, Low Power8,742OH2019-11-07 23:14:07
ND4YSingle Operator, High Power51,626KYKentucky Contest Group2019-11-07 10:31:22
ND8LSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power49,302OHNorth Coast Contesters2019-11-04 01:43:55
ND9GSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power119,520ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-04 00:51:46
ND9MSingle Operator, Low Power29,900NFL2019-11-04 18:49:54
ND9ZSingle Operator, Low Power17,632WIBadger Contesters2019-11-05 16:17:05
NE0USingle Operator, High Power157,302MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-05 14:57:41
NE3ISingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power2,080EPAFrankford Radio Club2019-11-06 19:11:06
NE4EISingle Operator, High Power82,476GA2019-11-08 17:48:29
NE6ISingle Operator, Low Power10,824SDGSouthern California Contest Club2019-11-04 02:34:33
NE9USingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power144,420WIMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-04 22:38:23
NF1OSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power154NHGranite State ARA2019-11-05 20:27:14
NF3RSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power30,618EPAFrankford Radio Club2019-11-04 03:28:19
NF8MSingle Operator, Low Power18,240MIMad River Radio Club2019-11-04 03:11:55
NG5ESingle Operator Unlimited, High Power94,464NTXDFW Contest Group2019-11-04 15:00:04
NG6XSingle Operator, Low Power13,688SF2019-11-04 15:25:03
NG7ASingle Operator, Low Power15,012IAEastern Iowa DX Association2019-11-10 18:10:52
NG7MSingle Operator, High Power4,320UT2019-11-06 20:35:38
NI0CSingle Operator, QRP13,338MOMississippi Valley DX/Contest Club2019-11-04 03:15:26
NI6WSingle Operator, High Power39,274LAXSouthern California Contest Club2019-11-08 03:49:22
NI7RSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power53,120SCSwamp Fox Contest Group2019-11-05 02:41:00
NJ3KSingle Operator, Low Power49,140WPANorth Coast Contesters2019-11-04 02:22:26
NJ8JSingle Operator, Low Power8,000GASouth East Contest Club2019-11-04 16:37:33
NK6ASingle Operator Unlimited, High Power25,200LAXSouthern California Contest Club2019-11-06 16:54:33
NK8QSingle Operator, QRP64,944WPAFrankford Radio Club2019-11-04 04:00:37
NL7SSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power13,750AK2019-11-04 02:58:52
NL7VSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power10,600AK2019-11-04 17:16:46
NM2OSingle Operator, Low Power90,428NNYYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-08 17:04:24
NM5MSingle Operator, Low Power29,172NTXDFW Contest Group2019-11-05 14:30:36
NN1AASingle Operator, QRP87,804EMAYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-07 00:42:55
NN2LSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power30,212WNY2019-11-04 14:33:18
NN2NNSingle Operator, Low Power11,500WNYNiagara Frontier Radiosport2019-11-05 02:09:24
NN3QSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power80,028EPAFrankford Radio Club2019-11-08 16:02:33
NN3RPSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power61,776MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-05 02:17:17
NN3WSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power40,016VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 17:29:07
NN4RBSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power448VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 13:56:59
NN5TSingle Operator, Low Power54,208NTXNorth Texas Contest Club2019-11-04 04:16:25
NN6DXSingle Operator, Low Power32,400SB2019-11-04 03:27:09
NN7ASingle Operator, Low Power55,278CO2019-11-04 04:43:18
NO5WSingle Operator, Low Power14,758LAJefferson Amateur Radio Club2019-11-04 01:15:17
NP2XMultioperator, Single Transmitter, Low Power159,360VI2019-11-04 02:10:31
NQ4KSingle Operator, Low Power308VASterling Park ARC2019-11-05 15:08:06
NR0TSingle Operator, Low Power11,070MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-04 04:36:25
NR4MSingle Operator, High Power21,600VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 14:28:51
NR5MSingle Operator, High Power215,634STXDFW Contest Group2019-11-07 13:57:06
NR7TSingle Operator, High Power117,774UTArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-11-05 02:59:19
NS0RSingle Operator, High Power160,688KSSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-04 03:32:07
NS2NSingle Operator, Low Power63,080WNYNiagara Frontier Radiosport2019-11-03 23:51:26
NS2XSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power42,400TNTennessee Contest Group2019-11-04 03:00:06
NS4XSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power48,160TNTennessee Contest Group2019-11-04 00:35:36
NS8OSingle Operator, High Power5,694OHSunday Creek Amateur Radio Federation2019-11-04 17:43:50
NS9ISingle Operator Unlimited, High Power9,010WISociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-04 17:29:26
NT5TTSingle Operator, Low Power364NTX2019-11-03 00:49:17
NT8VMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High Power67,230MI2019-11-03 21:07:06
NU0QSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power90,968IAIowa DX and Contest Club2019-11-04 21:11:28
NU0WSingle Operator, High Power15,004MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-04 12:53:00
NU4NSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power10,200KYKentucky Contest Group2019-11-04 11:46:53
NU7JSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power12,540WWAWestern Washington DX Club2019-11-04 07:04:31
NW0MSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power114,706MOKansas City Contest Club2019-11-04 17:30:51
NW2KSingle Operator, Low Power14,260WNYNorth Coast Contesters2019-11-04 00:49:29
NW3YSingle Operator, High Power61,600DEFrankford Radio Club2019-11-04 20:50:51
NX1PSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power54,282OR2019-11-04 15:56:53
NX4NSingle Operator, High Power205,176WCFFlorida Contest Group2019-11-04 14:16:17
NX6TMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High Power185,256SDGSouthern California Contest Club2019-11-05 10:06:52
NY3ASingle Operator Unlimited, High Power171,644MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-03 23:54:08
NY3BSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power66,400EPAFrankford Radio Club2019-11-06 12:11:28
NZ4NSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power13,770NCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 03:14:31
NZ6TSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power51,012VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 03:17:59
VA1MMSingle Operator, High Power56,406MARMaritime Contest Club2019-11-04 21:34:37
VA2URSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power15,012QCYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-09 16:39:23
VA3AMXSingle Operator, QRP5,400ONEContest Club Ontario2019-11-04 00:05:18
VA3ECSingle Operator, Low Power39,900GTAContest Club Ontario2019-11-04 00:24:04
VA3FNSingle Operator, Low Power3,072ONS2019-11-04 16:04:39
VA3PMSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power4,284GTA2019-11-04 00:55:21
VA3TTBSingle Operator, Low Power6,560GTA2019-11-04 17:38:07
VA6RCNSingle Operator, Low Power58,934AB2019-11-05 13:40:32
VA7ADISingle Operator, Low Power10,716BC2019-11-09 19:28:00
VA7DZMultioperator, Single Transmitter, Low Power80,480BC2019-11-04 00:34:29
VA7EUSingle Operator, Low Power12,508BCOrca DX and Contest Club2019-11-04 03:55:53
VA7MMSingle Operator, High Power41,300BCOrca DX and Contest Club2019-11-04 04:31:28
VA7QCESingle Operator, Low Power6,020BCOrca DX and Contest Club2019-11-04 03:47:46
VA7STSingle Operator, High Power50,400BCOrca DX and Contest Club2019-11-04 02:58:29
VE1OPSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power102,422MARMaritime Contest Club2019-11-03 23:31:03
VE1RSMSingle Operator, Low Power33,456MAR2019-11-04 17:00:03
VE2AXOSingle Operator, Low Power18,840QCContest Group du Quebec2019-11-06 01:42:53
VE2EZDSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power50,240QCContest Group du Quebec2019-11-06 00:38:05
VE2FKSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power78,084QCContest Group du Quebec2019-11-04 15:32:45
VE2GTSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power2QCNorDX Club2019-11-06 03:24:52
VE2NCGSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power22,308QCContest Group du Quebec2019-11-04 16:04:20
VE2QVSingle Operator, Low Power13,664QCContest Group du Quebec2019-11-04 22:00:18
VE3AYRSingle Operator, Low Power43,650GTAContest Club Ontario2019-11-04 14:23:06
VE3BRSingle Operator, Low Power90,692GTAContest Club Ontario2019-11-04 03:28:04
VE3CXSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power161,020ONNContest Club Ontario2019-11-04 01:47:10
VE3DQNSingle Operator, QRP1,472ONEContest Club Ontario2019-11-08 02:58:52
VE3DZSingle Operator, High Power27,068ONSContest Club Ontario2019-11-09 22:12:14
VE3EJSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power54,270ONSContest Club Ontario2019-11-04 11:47:06
VE3EYSingle Operator, Low Power29,510GTAContest Club Ontario2019-11-04 09:19:30
VE3FHSingle Operator, Low Power23,436ONSContest Club Ontario2019-11-04 22:21:14
VE3FPSingle Operator, Low Power22,940ONS2019-11-04 19:04:46
VE3FZSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power16,302ONEPERC2019-11-05 15:42:34
VE3GFNSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power83,476GTAContest Club Ontario2019-11-04 15:13:45
VE3HEUSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power21,358GTA2019-11-07 21:37:03
VE3HGSingle Operator, Low Power16,218GTAContest Club Ontario2019-11-03 23:59:16
VE3IKVSingle Operator, Low Power31,500ONEContest Club Ontario2019-11-07 13:15:03
VE3KPSingle Operator, High Power38,480ONEContest Club Ontario2019-11-05 03:28:38
VE3KTBSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power16,530ONSContest Club Ontario2019-11-05 03:14:43
VE3KZSingle Operator, Low Power56,000GTAContest Club Ontario2019-11-06 16:24:46
VE3MASingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power40,158GTAContest Club Ontario2019-11-05 22:15:20
VE3MGYSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power90,560ONSContest Club Ontario2019-11-04 10:32:53
VE3MVMSingle Operator, Low Power2,352ONSContest Club Ontario2019-11-04 13:09:54
VE3NNTSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power170,316ONEContest Club Ontario2019-11-04 18:23:44
VE3OILSingle Operator, Low Power680ONSContest Club Ontario2019-11-11 20:31:40
VE3PJSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power35,190ONEContest Club Ontario2019-11-04 13:11:01
VE3PQSingle Operator, Low Power3,100ONSContest Club Ontario2019-11-04 20:28:40
VE3RZSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power141,100GTAContest Club Ontario2019-11-04 01:28:04
VE3SMASingle Operator, Low Power75,192GTAContest Club Ontario2019-11-04 12:28:35
VE3SSTSingle Operator, Low Power6,384GTAContest Club Ontario2019-11-04 00:12:39
VE3TGSingle Operator, Low Power64,148ONEContest Club Ontario2019-11-07 15:57:47
VE3TMSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power51,350ONEContest Club Ontario2019-11-04 17:12:09
VE3TWSingle Operator, High Power36,680GTAContest Club Ontario2019-11-04 01:28:42
VE3VNSingle Operator, QRP100,860ONEContest Club Ontario2019-11-05 01:03:39
VE3WRLSingle Operator, Low Power41,808ONEContest Club Ontario2019-11-04 00:53:25
VE3YTSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power132,966ONSContest Club Ontario2019-11-04 15:32:41
VE3ZISingle Operator, High Power62,712ONNContest Club Ontario2019-11-04 15:43:47
VE4DLSingle Operator, Low Power84MB2019-11-05 20:06:10
VE4GVSingle Operator, High Power29,436MBRadiosport Manitoba2019-11-08 05:37:23
VE4VTSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power95,616MBRadiosport Manitoba2019-11-06 02:30:44
VE5GCSingle Operator, Low Power11,468SK2019-11-04 15:40:48
VE5MXSingle Operator, High Power76,302SKSaskatchewan Contest Club2019-11-04 03:10:01
VE5SFSingle Operator, Low Power133,132SKSaskatchewan Contest Club2019-11-05 02:34:21
VE5VGSingle Operator, Low Power14,000SK2019-11-04 05:05:37
VE6BBPSingle Operator, Low Power102,060AB2019-11-04 03:10:39
VE6EXSingle Operator, QRP69,576ABAlberta Clippers2019-11-05 19:14:45
VE6VSSingle Operator, QRP15,276AB2019-11-05 17:42:10
VE7BGPSingle Operator, Low Power4,864BCNanaimo Amateur Radio Association2019-11-04 16:18:01
VE7IOSingle Operator, High Power9,540BCOrca DX and Contest Club2019-11-04 17:39:28
VE7JKZSingle Operator, Low Power8,888BCOrca DX and Contest Club2019-11-04 20:19:03
VE7KAJSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power20,720BCOrca DX and Contest Club2019-11-04 02:35:41
VE7NISingle Operator, QRP24,208BC2019-11-04 16:39:00
VE7YUSingle Operator, Low Power69,440BC2019-11-06 17:13:28
VE9AASingle Operator Unlimited, High Power13,778MARMaritime Contest Club2019-11-03 17:23:22
VE9CBSingle Operator, Low Power9,600MARMaritime Contest Club2019-11-04 01:11:06
VE9OASingle Operator, High Power21,350MARMaritime Contest Club2019-11-05 15:24:55
VO1HPSingle Operator, High Power55,772NL2019-11-05 22:28:24
VY1AAASingle Operator, High Power159,028NT2019-11-05 18:53:21
VY1KXSingle Operator, Low Power2,860NTOrca DX and Contest Club2019-11-04 02:50:39
W0ADSingle Operator, Low Power18MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-06 23:29:38
W0AGSingle Operator, Low Power4,464TNTennessee Contest Group2019-11-05 21:38:54
W0BMSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power11,130MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-05 01:12:44
W0CCJSingle Operator, Low Power50KS2019-11-04 03:55:59
W0CPSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power30,552COGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2019-11-04 01:39:29
W0EASingle Operator, QRP12,480NTXDFW Contest Group2019-11-04 00:36:37
W0EWDSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power132,840IAIowa DX and Contest Club2019-11-10 03:47:06
W0MNSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power5,382MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-04 11:48:05
W0ORSingle Operator, Low Power73,150MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-08 15:39:25
W0PFSingle Operator, Low Power9,078MO2019-11-04 03:55:52
W0PISingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power78,000MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-04 12:47:43
W0PVSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power47,360WCF2019-11-04 03:19:52
W0TMSingle Operator, High Power116,640COGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2019-11-06 00:09:34
W0UOSingle Operator, Low Power144,254NTXDFW Contest Group2019-11-04 15:39:19
W0UYSingle Operator, High Power38,064KS2019-11-04 17:06:46
W0YJTSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power28,542KS2019-11-04 14:14:49
W0ZASingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power129,314COGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2019-11-08 03:15:13
W0ZFSingle Operator, Low Power7,650MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-04 02:28:45
W0ZQSingle Operator, High Power81,280MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-04 15:33:11
W1AJTSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power83,000NCContest Club Ontario2019-11-06 11:44:34
W1ANSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power38,212CTCTRI Contest Group2019-11-06 14:47:10
W1ARYSingle Operator, Low Power25,600CT2019-11-04 15:31:26
W1BPSingle Operator, Low Power32EMA2019-11-04 13:26:17
W1EBISingle Operator, High Power46,728EMAYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-11 15:33:56
W1ECHSingle Operator, Low Power65,772VTGreen Mountain Wireless2019-11-04 19:57:41
W1FASingle Operator Unlimited, High Power34,030EMA2019-11-03 23:17:36
W1FMMultioperator, Single Transmitter, Low Power87,040EMAYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-09 00:44:14
W1IESingle Operator Unlimited, High Power35,856VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 12:53:10
W1KMSingle Operator, Low Power35,700EMAYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-05 21:48:33
W1NGSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power50,298CTYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-04 14:35:57
W1NNSingle Operator, Low Power151,724OHMad River Radio Club2019-11-06 12:19:01
W1NSKSingle Operator, Low Power36,992CTYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-14 16:03:47
W1OHMSingle Operator, Low Power2,112NHYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-04 04:54:06
W1OOMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High Power25,200MEYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-04 11:33:33
W1PYSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power17,284WMAYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-10 17:45:07
W1QKSingle Operator, Low Power109,726CTYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-07 18:53:25
W1RHSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power88,724SVMother Lode DX/Contest Club2019-11-09 02:27:58
W1SJSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power169,486VTRadio Amateurs of Northern Vermont2019-11-10 05:06:52
W1SRDSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power166,000SVMother Lode DX/Contest Club2019-11-04 03:59:53
W1SRGSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power24,300EMAYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-04 00:21:01
W1TOSingle Operator, Low Power28,860WMAYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-07 20:53:21
W1TRSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power50,298CTYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-04 03:28:26
W1UESingle Operator, High Power70,650EMAYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-11 13:20:36
W1UJSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power35,420WMAYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-04 03:06:59
W1XXSingle Operator, Low Power73,304RICTRI Contest Group2019-11-07 21:20:24
W1ZFGSingle Operator, Low Power1,820CT2019-11-06 00:01:53
W2AABSingle Operator, Low Power41,888NNJFrankford Radio Club2019-11-04 22:01:06
W2CDOSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power112,382MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 00:57:59
W2DXESingle Operator, Low Power31,464WNYNiagara Frontier Radiosport2019-11-07 19:19:12
W2EBSingle Operator, QRP9,936WNY2019-11-03 17:32:26
W2ECKSingle Operator, Low Power17,930GASouth East Contest Club2019-11-04 21:10:53
W2EGSingle Operator, QRP10,192ENYHudson Valley Contesters and DXers2019-11-03 15:29:54
W2FDJSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power41,492SNJSouth Jersey Radio Assn2019-11-04 03:20:47
W2GDSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power100,098EPAFrankford Radio Club2019-11-04 03:08:22
W2GDJSingle Operator, Low Power9,048NC2019-11-07 18:09:16
W2GFVSingle Operator, Low Power8,200NNJ2019-11-04 03:36:51
W2GPSSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power25,584MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 12:43:40
W2IDSingle Operator, Low Power21,204NNJFrankford Radio Club2019-11-04 03:26:42
W2JEKSingle Operator, QRP1,680NNJBergen ARA2019-11-08 19:32:20
W2LCQSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power29,304NLIFrankford Radio Club2019-11-04 21:50:45
W2LESingle Operator, High Power18,900NNJFrankford Radio Club2019-11-05 22:24:24
W2OIBSingle Operator, High Power26,560NNJFrankford Radio Club2019-11-05 04:20:30
W2PASingle Operator Unlimited, High Power84,992ENY2019-11-05 22:10:25
W2PLSingle Operator, Low Power54,000TN2019-11-07 10:45:27
W2QLSingle Operator, Low Power10,800ENY2019-11-04 13:08:08
W2RQSingle Operator, High Power191,896NNJSussex County ARC2019-11-04 03:22:36
W2TBSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power1,400WNYNiagara Frontier Radiosport2019-11-04 22:37:42
W2VJNSingle Operator, High Power100,430ORWillamette Valley DX Club2019-11-07 03:26:17
W2VQSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power78,020NNJFrankford Radio Club2019-11-08 16:12:56
W2VSSingle Operator, Low Power2,000SFL2019-11-05 00:36:52
W2XSSingle Operator, High Power53,120NLI2019-11-04 02:16:07
W2XYZSingle Operator, High Power26,712WCFFlorida Contest Group2019-11-04 02:34:49
W2YCSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power87,814SNJFrankford Radio Club2019-11-04 02:23:45
W3DQTSingle Operator, Low Power3,648MDC2019-11-04 14:38:28
W3EKSingle Operator, QRP18DEPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-03 19:39:28
W3FASingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power2,744MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-07 00:03:53
W3FAYSingle Operator, Low Power17,640MDC2019-11-04 03:12:16
W3FVSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power55,610EPAFrankford Radio Club2019-11-04 01:34:24
W3GWSingle Operator, QRP450LA2019-11-08 01:13:33
W3HDHSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power7,920ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-04 18:34:53
W3IDTSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power11,730MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 02:02:22
W3IPSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power47,642VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-08 16:13:00
W3IUUSingle Operator, Low Power18,260MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-06 02:33:51
W3JBSSingle Operator, QRP5,256EPA2019-11-08 19:23:43
W3LLMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High Power132,966MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 02:40:00
W3NRJSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power20,306MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 14:20:29
W3NXMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High Power204,678DEFrankford Radio Club2019-11-06 14:04:37
W3OUSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power19,272MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 12:59:49
W3PNMSingle Operator, Low Power54,720WPAFrankford Radio Club2019-11-08 02:15:18
W3QTChecklog704EPA2019-11-03 22:09:46
W3RGASingle Operator Unlimited, High Power49,856EPAFrankford Radio Club2019-11-04 02:46:37
W3SFGSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power23,562MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 03:53:16
W3TASSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power12,198DEPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 12:45:33
W3TBSingle Operator, High Power4,284TNTennessee Contest Group2019-11-04 03:18:10
W3TTTSingle Operator, Low Power72MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 03:04:58
W3ULSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power15,250MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 02:18:31
W3WCSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power36,852WPAAllegheny Valley Radio Association2019-11-04 14:16:26
W3WHKSingle Operator, Low Power38,412EPAFrankford Radio Club2019-11-04 03:21:14
W3YRSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power42,486MDCNortheast Maryland Amateur Radio Contest Society2019-11-05 13:25:17
W3YYSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power56,440VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-06 06:23:21
W4AAASingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power160,522NC2019-11-09 18:50:35
W4AQLSchool Club144,254GASouth East Contest Club2019-11-04 03:22:44
W4ATLSingle Operator, High Power5,280GA2019-11-04 09:59:59
W4AUSingle Operator, High Power11,000VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-05 00:56:07
W4CBSingle Operator, High Power104,140VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-10 20:46:05
W4CUSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power41,500WCFFlorida Contest Group2019-11-03 22:52:53
W4IPCSingle Operator, High Power416VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-07 01:15:20
W4IVFSingle Operator, Low Power62,496VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-05 05:56:15
W4JAMSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power37,018VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-03 23:33:03
W4KFCSingle Operator, Low Power81,528VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 02:43:17
W4MLBMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High Power45,582SFLFlorida Contest Group2019-11-06 00:30:03
W4MYSingle Operator, Low Power54,150NCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-05 00:05:00
W4NFSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power136,784VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-07 23:50:14
W4NJKSingle Operator, Low Power10,246SCVPort Lavaca Amateur Radio Club2019-11-04 03:04:30
W4NZSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power88,478TNTennessee Contest Group2019-11-04 21:50:07
W4PKSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power28,000VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-06 22:14:43
W4PMSingle Operator, Low Power43,960VACentral Virginia Contest Club2019-11-04 13:38:51
W4QOSingle Operator, QRP2,240GANorth Fulton ARL2019-11-07 02:59:04
W4RMSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power38,512VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-07 23:11:12
W4RNSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power10,890VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-03 01:50:52
W4RVUSingle Operator, Low Power34,272NFL2019-11-05 14:58:26
W4TGMultioperator, Single Transmitter, Low Power89,910VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-06 02:52:21
W4TMSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power79,182GASouth East Contest Club2019-11-04 02:01:12
W4TTMSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power10,400TNBristol (TN) ARC2019-11-08 18:02:35
W4UALSchool Club35,524AL2019-11-04 14:40:49
W4UEFSingle Operator, Low Power13,176NCBrightleaf2019-11-04 03:37:32
W4UTSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power28,220TNTennessee Contest Group2019-11-04 20:41:20
W4VGSingle Operator, Low Power7,110VA2019-11-04 03:07:27
W4VICSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power47,310VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 20:24:53
W4WWQSingle Operator, Low Power8,460VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 16:07:14
W4ZYTMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High Power37,018NCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 14:15:02
W5DETSingle Operator, Low Power26,000NMSierra Blanca ARC2019-11-07 18:30:38
W5GNSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power63,744NTXDFW Contest Group2019-11-04 14:20:40
W5NESingle Operator Unlimited, High Power133,132NTX2019-11-04 16:36:12
W5RYASingle Operator, Low Power106,406NTXNorth Texas Contest Club2019-11-05 22:51:30
W5TDSingle Operator, Low Power26,412OK2019-11-04 03:01:30
W5TMSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power132,192OKDEEP DIXIE CONTEST CLUB-TEAM MAGNOLIA2019-11-04 02:01:48
W5XDSingle Operator, High Power6,020STXCentral Texas DX and Contest Club2019-11-04 17:44:31
W5YDSingle Operator, High Power206,338MSAlabama Contest Group2019-11-05 22:47:32
W5YOSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power105,138ARRazorback Contest Club2019-11-03 23:12:29
W5YZSingle Operator, Low Power30,192NMNew Mexico High Desert Amateur Radio Club2019-11-04 01:52:39
W5ZNSingle Operator, High Power200,196AR2019-11-05 17:14:21
W6AXMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High Power142,926SBSouthern California Contest Club2019-11-07 17:56:05
W6AYCSingle Operator, Low Power147,574SBSouthern California Contest Club2019-11-04 03:00:15
W6DRMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High Power135,124SCVPizza Lovers 2592019-11-04 20:55:22
W6EUSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power20,618SVNorthern California Contest Club2019-11-04 17:10:41
W6FBSingle Operator, Low Power37,940SCVNorthern California Contest Club2019-11-04 02:07:04
W6GLSingle Operator, QRP900SB2019-11-11 00:41:50
W6GMTSingle Operator, Low Power18,290MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-04 02:39:26
W6JBRSingle Operator, High Power10,914SDGSouthern California Contest Club2019-11-04 03:47:45
W6JTISingle Operator, QRP74,358SFNorthern California Contest Club2019-11-04 21:42:17
W6KCSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power58,930LAXSouthern California Contest Club2019-11-04 18:16:08
W6MZSingle Operator, QRP1,470SDG2019-11-07 08:52:11
W6OATSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power63,200WWAWestern Washington DX Club2019-11-04 03:50:05
W6RCSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power34,456SVMother Lode DX/Contest Club2019-11-05 03:13:06
W6RGGSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power63,200EBNorthern California Contest Club2019-11-07 06:06:16
W6RKCSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power32,016SVMother Lode DX/Contest Club2019-11-07 07:48:31
W6RWSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power138,942AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-11-04 03:43:55
W6SFGSingle Operator, Low Power3,710VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-05 21:56:45
W6SXSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power95,284SJVNorthern California Contest Club2019-11-04 04:35:27
W6TKSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power109,726SBSouthern California Contest Club2019-11-04 00:40:35
W6UBSingle Operator, Low Power9,720TNTennessee Contest Group2019-11-04 02:45:52
W6WUSingle Operator, Low Power2,700MDC2019-11-04 20:46:45
W6XUSingle Operator, High Power66,768SFRedwood Empire DX Assn2019-11-04 03:13:44
W6YXSingle Operator, QRP79,790SCVNorthern California Contest Club2019-11-05 05:18:53
W6ZLSingle Operator, Low Power78,400ORGSouthern California Contest Club2019-11-04 02:09:32
W7CXXSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power91,134UTCollins Aerospace Radio Club2019-11-05 17:00:35
W7EESingle Operator, High Power77,216MTBig Sky Contesters2019-11-04 15:47:41
W7GBSingle Operator, Low Power32,160EWA2019-11-05 06:38:45
W7GFSingle Operator, Low Power19,760OR2019-11-04 02:14:57
W7GKFSingle Operator, High Power36,294WWARadio Club of Redmond2019-11-05 23:18:01
W7GTFSingle Operator, High Power22,646EWA2019-11-05 17:28:28
W7IGCSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power9,280MDCNortheast Maryland Amateur Radio Contest Society2019-11-05 11:35:59
W7IYSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power68,392VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 03:04:31
W7LKGSingle Operator, High Power43,736WWA2019-11-04 21:16:55
W7OMSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power63,840WWAWestern Washington DX Club2019-11-10 14:34:00
W7ONSingle Operator, High Power5,330AZClassic Operators Contest Club2019-11-10 23:50:06
W7PUSingle Operator, High Power114,872WWAWestern Washington DX Club2019-11-07 15:25:58
W7QDMSingle Operator, QRP56,248ID2019-11-04 16:56:07
W7RATSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power92,296OR2019-11-03 23:32:12
W7RMSingle Operator, High Power210,488ORWillamette Valley DX Club2019-11-04 14:41:40
W7RNSingle Operator, High Power220,780NVMother Lode DX/Contest Club2019-11-05 05:57:07
W7UTSingle Operator, Low Power115,024SDGreat Places Contest Club2019-11-04 02:22:25
W7VJSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power31,626WWA2019-11-05 03:05:09
W7WHYSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power24,388OR2019-11-05 01:47:33
W7YAQSingle Operator, QRP64,800ORWillamette Valley DX Club2019-11-04 04:32:09
W7ZRSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power74,700AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-11-03 22:28:08
W7ZRCSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power104,414ID2019-11-04 14:20:15
W8AJFSingle Operator, Low Power9,890OHWest Park Radiops2019-11-06 14:48:24
W8AKSSingle Operator, High Power988WV2019-11-06 23:26:39
W8BISingle Operator Unlimited, High Power38,250OHDayton ARA2019-11-03 15:26:10
W8CARSingle Operator, Low Power124,740OHMad River Radio Club2019-11-04 18:53:36
W8DWSingle Operator, Low Power10,290MISaginaw Valley Amature Radio Assc2019-11-04 13:38:23
W8FJSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power99,434EPAFrankford Radio Club2019-11-05 03:13:44
W8FNSingle Operator, Low Power114,858NTXDFW Contest Group2019-11-04 17:25:52
W8LVNSingle Operator, High Power60,522ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-10 23:19:32
W8MAASingle Operator, Low Power630MICentral Mich ARC2019-11-06 01:23:05
W8METSingle Operator, Low Power56,304OHWest Park Radiops2019-11-04 15:43:48
W8MJSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power126,160MIMad River Radio Club2019-11-04 02:20:12
W8MSCSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power3,876MI2019-11-04 12:12:55
W8OVSingle Operator, Low Power26,650NTXDFW Contest Group2019-11-04 02:10:44
W8PISingle Operator Unlimited, High Power13,490MI2019-11-04 15:37:59
W8PNSingle Operator, Low Power21,358OHWest Park Radiops2019-11-04 22:06:40
W8SHSchool Club7,650MIMich State Univ ARC2019-11-05 00:06:51
W8SUNSingle Operator, Low Power3,600VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-08 02:29:45
W8TKMultioperator, Single Transmitter, Low Power154,878AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-11-04 02:26:02
W8UESingle Operator, Low Power51,750MIMad River Radio Club2019-11-05 18:22:18
W8WTSSingle Operator, Low Power144,088OHMad River Radio Club2019-11-05 02:12:21
W9BGJSingle Operator, Low Power3,700IN2019-11-04 03:05:43
W9BGXSingle Operator, Low Power2,340IL2019-11-04 01:14:19
W9CFSingle Operator, Low Power11,700AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-11-05 04:23:30
W9DKBSingle Operator, Low Power18,972WIW9DKB2019-11-04 18:42:04
W9ETMultioperator, Single Transmitter, Low Power9,000WIDriftless Zone Contesters2019-11-03 22:48:01
W9FFASingle Operator Unlimited, High Power4,070INSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-04 11:20:29
W9ILYSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power38,678ILMetro DX Club2019-11-04 16:14:11
W9JFKSingle Operator, QRP9,120WIHidden Valleys Amateur Radio Club2019-11-11 00:14:23
W9JWCSchool Club54,116ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-04 03:32:33
W9KHHSingle Operator, Low Power12,312WI2019-11-04 16:42:59
W9LUSingle Operator, Low Power29,106INSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-05 15:08:30
W9NXMSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power27,200ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-04 15:28:41
W9OASingle Operator, Low Power19,404ILMetro DX Club2019-11-14 21:14:27
W9PASingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power31,600INSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-04 03:16:31
W9QLSingle Operator, QRP242ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-05 22:25:28
W9RESingle Operator, High Power209,326INSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-05 22:47:55
W9SESingle Operator, Low Power5,184ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-04 01:00:57
W9VQSingle Operator, Low Power8,910ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-04 16:11:35
W9XSSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power96,596ILDupage ARC2019-11-05 17:43:28
W9XTSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power5,676WISociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-08 23:10:00
W9XWSingle Operator, Low Power2,288IL2019-11-05 15:00:13
W9YSSingle Operator, Low Power2,700ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-07 13:12:22
W9ZVSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power53,784ILDupage ARC2019-11-05 22:13:07
WA0BJRSingle Operator, Low Power57,904MO2019-11-07 05:14:55
WA0LIFSingle Operator, Low Power5,740MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-04 12:37:59
WA0LJMSingle Operator, Low Power31,624MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-04 02:36:56
WA0WOVSingle Operator, Low Power12,168MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-04 06:06:38
WA1FMMSingle Operator, Low Power11,808CO2019-11-07 04:57:34
WA1OTZSingle Operator, Low Power2,500CTSouthern Berkshire ARC2019-11-06 00:56:43
WA1UJUSingle Operator, Low Power81,180MI2019-11-06 21:15:04
WA2ALYSingle Operator, Low Power11,220NNJBergen ARA2019-11-03 20:08:19
WA2CPSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power4,440NLIFrankford Radio Club2019-11-03 22:42:04
WA2FZBSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power19,920SNJFrankford Radio Club2019-11-04 03:42:12
WA2JLWSingle Operator, High Power14,364NCna2019-11-04 16:06:28
WA2JQKMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High Power51,824ENYHudson Valley Contesters and DXers2019-11-04 15:14:17
WA2JQZSingle Operator, Low Power360CO2019-11-04 01:32:48
WA2MAVSingle Operator, Low Power25,460NLI2019-11-05 11:28:57
WA2MCRSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power3,564ENYHudson Valley Contesters and DXers2019-11-04 14:02:27
WA2NYYSingle Operator, QRP8,190ENYQSY Society2019-11-04 03:11:49
WA2VYASingle Operator, Low Power82,164STXCentral Texas DX and Contest Club2019-11-04 14:47:22
WA3AANSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power64,800EPAFrankford Radio Club2019-11-04 03:12:32
WA3AERSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power50,856MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 01:39:40
WA3EKLMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High Power98,936MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 05:24:15
WA3EOQSingle Operator, Low Power49,434MDC2019-11-06 16:10:01
WA3GMSingle Operator, QRP1,344SFLFrankford Radio Club2019-11-04 01:45:14
WA3LXDSingle Operator, Low Power1,102NFL[Type the full name of your club if your club takes part in Club Competition or leave2019-11-04 18:26:57
WA4EULSingle Operator, Low Power30,150VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 16:49:59
WA4IPUSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power11,872NFLFlorida Contest Group2019-11-04 03:33:55
WA5LXSSingle Operator, High Power11,628NTXDFW Contest Group2019-11-04 03:08:00
WA5SOGSingle Operator, Low Power40,108ARFort Smith ARC2019-11-04 17:43:27
WA6KHKSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power93,316ORGSouthern California Contest Club2019-11-04 03:23:40
WA6OSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power172,972SCVPizza Lovers 2592019-11-08 05:12:26
WA6URYSingle Operator, High Power25,460LAXSouthern California Contest Club2019-11-04 07:40:10
WA7RFSingle Operator, Low Power1,610EWA2019-11-06 20:04:34
WA7SHPSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power9,282ORWillamette Valley DX Club2019-11-04 03:26:51
WA7YAZSingle Operator, Low Power28,014UT2019-11-04 03:33:58
WA8FRDSingle Operator, Low Power1,280MIMotor City Radio Club2019-11-05 20:35:20
WA8KANSingle Operator, High Power68,888WV2019-11-04 20:52:34
WA8OJRSingle Operator, Low Power63,360SCSouth East Contest Club2019-11-04 15:19:00
WA8YSingle Operator, High Power27,216MIBay Area DXers2019-11-06 18:37:46
WA8ZBTSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power67,680NTXDFW Contest Group2019-11-11 02:00:12
WA9AQNSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power29,260IL2019-11-09 20:44:15
WA9LEYSingle Operator, Low Power26,344ILMetro DX Club2019-11-04 20:05:13
WB0BSingle Operator, Low Power20,832IASociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-11 19:32:26
WB0NSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power53,300MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-04 02:24:32
WB0RURSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power25,752ARNoise Blankers Radio Group2019-11-07 12:02:23
WB0SNDSingle Operator, High Power134,294MOMississippi Valley DX/Contest Club2019-11-07 01:35:55
WB0TEVChecklog280NTXDFW Contest Group2019-11-07 16:16:55
WB2KWCSingle Operator, Low Power576NLILong Island Mobile ARC2019-11-04 12:06:54
WB2NFLSingle Operator, Low Power25,600NLI2019-11-06 23:40:23
WB2RPWSingle Operator, Low Power38,148OH2019-11-05 01:30:49
WB2VVVSingle Operator, Low Power2,480RICTRI Contest Group2019-11-04 04:49:40
WB2WPMSingle Operator, Low Power912WNYNorth East Weak Signal Group2019-11-06 22:34:14
WB3AVDSingle Operator, Low Power13,568WPA2019-11-08 01:22:56
WB4FDTSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power137,924MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-07 04:15:29
WB4HRLSingle Operator, High Power26,390SCSwamp Fox Contest Group2019-11-04 13:33:54
WB4OMMSingle Operator, QRP420NFLFlorida Contest Group2019-11-03 21:05:50
WB4SPBSingle Operator, QRP4,176WWA2019-11-04 01:48:47
WB4UIHSingle Operator, Low Power7,290SFL2019-11-04 04:36:13
WB5KSingle Operator, Low Power646NTXDFW Contest Group2019-11-04 02:46:16
WB6AAJSingle Operator, Low Power4,830SCV2019-11-04 04:31:47
WB6MLISingle Operator, Low Power1,140LAX2019-11-04 05:02:31
WB7QMRSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power12,768AZ2019-11-04 02:21:07
WB8BZKSingle Operator, Low Power10,000ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-04 03:14:42
WB8IIISingle Operator, Low Power36,000WV2019-11-04 16:54:35
WB8JUISingle Operator, Low Power76,000OHNot Quite Workable Contest Club2019-11-08 02:14:28
WB9AYWSingle Operator, QRP5,304IL2019-11-04 13:28:23
WB9HFKSingle Operator, Low Power53,960ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-04 03:12:17
WB9QAFSingle Operator, Low Power11,232NE2019-11-04 01:20:31
WC5DSingle Operator, Low Power30,240NTXDFW Contest Group2019-11-04 13:28:29
WC6HSingle Operator, High Power191,730SJVMother Lode DX/Contest Club2019-11-04 04:56:11
WC7QSingle Operator, High Power90,396WWAWestern Washington DX Club2019-11-04 22:34:01
WC7SSingle Operator, QRP28,800WYGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2019-11-07 17:39:42
WD0GTYMultioperator, Single Transmitter, Low Power41,118OK2019-11-06 02:15:57
WD1HSingle Operator, Low Power208EMA2019-11-03 21:25:15
WD4CFNSingle Operator, QRP756TN2019-11-09 21:07:48
WD5KSingle Operator, Low Power64,160NTXNorth Texas Contest Club2019-11-09 01:26:44
WD6TSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power19,964EBMother Lode DX/Contest Club2019-11-04 18:05:38
WD8DSBSingle Operator, Low Power33,280INSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-04 01:30:18
WD8SSingle Operator, Low Power27,380MIMad River Radio Club2019-11-04 22:25:50
WD9CIRSingle Operator, Low Power77,262ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-04 03:11:36
WD9IGYSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power1,296WI2019-11-05 19:05:21
WE5PSingle Operator, Low Power51,636KYKentucky Contest Group2019-11-04 03:22:32
WE6ZSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power9,020SVNorthern California Contest Club2019-11-04 04:55:31
WE9VSingle Operator, High Power26,796WISociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-04 00:38:02
WF4WSingle Operator, High Power69,700GASouth East Contest Club2019-11-05 15:37:32
WF7TSingle Operator, Low Power51,282TNTennessee Contest Group2019-11-04 05:27:12
WG5FSingle Operator, QRP3,536OK2019-11-08 01:36:40
WG9LSingle Operator, Low Power1,628ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-06 23:32:19
WI0WASingle Operator, Low Power27,900IAIowa DX and Contest Club2019-11-06 20:06:19
WI9WISingle Operator, High Power130,896WIMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-11-04 03:43:58
WJ1BSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power10,500CTYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-04 12:05:57
WJ9BSingle Operator, Low Power150,852IDPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 18:55:36
WK3ASingle Operator, Low Power29,200MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-04 14:42:58
WN4AFPSingle Operator, Low Power40,650SCSwamp Fox Contest Group2019-11-04 03:17:01
WN6KSingle Operator, Low Power99,382SDGSouthern California Contest Club2019-11-04 03:17:45
WN7YSingle Operator, Low Power9,416MTBig Sky Contesters2019-11-05 05:25:54
WO4OSingle Operator, High Power167,494NFLFlorida Contest Group2019-11-05 12:51:16
WO9BSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power60,092WIWest Allis RAC2019-11-04 16:50:31
WO9SSingle Operator, QRP1,920ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-04 17:12:27
WQ5LSingle Operator, Low Power88,452MS2019-11-05 01:19:03
WQ6XSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power22,184EBMother Lode DX/Contest Club2019-11-05 06:34:58
WQ9TSingle Operator, Low Power16,226IL2019-11-04 11:04:05
WR2GSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power11,124NNJFrankford Radio Club2019-11-04 00:16:03
WR3RSingle Operator, QRP53,720MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-05 21:09:13
WR3ZSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power165,170MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-05 14:24:22
WR4ISingle Operator, Low Power36,260VA2019-11-04 03:05:36
WS2ESingle Operator, QRP42,340EPASussex County ARC2019-11-09 10:24:02
WS6XSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power93,644VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-11-09 11:39:50
WS7VSingle Operator, Low Power62,524EWA2019-11-05 00:53:14
WT2PSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power171,478ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-04 19:46:09
WT8PSingle Operator, Low Power7,632WWAWestern Washington DX Club2019-11-03 23:57:20
WT9QSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power13,400WIDriftless Zone Contesters2019-11-04 03:21:31
WT9USingle Operator Unlimited, High Power97,442INSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-04 03:05:26
WU6XSingle Operator, Low Power9,500SVSierra Foothills ARC2019-11-04 06:40:02
WU9BSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power19,764AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-11-04 13:22:15
WV1MSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power22,946CTYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-04 02:48:51
WV4PSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power33,200TNTennessee Contest Group2019-11-03 23:55:22
WW1MESingle Operator, Low Power44,092MEYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-11-05 13:58:27
WW2YSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power43,200NNJFrankford Radio Club2019-11-06 21:34:09
WW4XXSingle Operator, Low Power125,952GASouth East Contest Club2019-11-11 02:21:18
WW5MSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power52,622TNTennessee Contest Group2019-11-03 21:36:31
WX0BSingle Operator, High Power211,650NTXDFW Contest Group2019-11-05 05:27:04
WX5SSingle Operator Unlimited, High Power69,012SCVMother Lode DX/Contest Club2019-11-04 04:27:19
WX6VSingle Operator, High Power19,656SVMother Lode DX/Contest Club2019-11-08 08:47:16
WX8CSingle Operator, High Power30,956MI2019-11-04 21:40:46
WY3ASingle Operator, Low Power26,532EPAFrankford Radio Club2019-11-04 23:17:57
WY7SSSingle Operator, High Power46,434WY2019-11-06 01:05:52
WZ0WSingle Operator, Low Power17,934MOSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-11-05 01:10:43
WZ8TSingle Operator Unlimited, Low Power7,568WWAWillamette Valley DX Club2019-11-05 18:59:35