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Due: 2020-11-07 23:59:59Z
35 logs received as of 2020-11-08 01:16:33
Call SignCategorySectionDate Received
AA4UTSchool Club - College/UniversityTN2020-11-06 02:16:34
K2EJSingle Operator, All Mode, All BandMD2020-10-26 01:13:44
K4ELISingle Operator, All Mode, All BandGA2020-10-31 17:18:11
K4KDJSchool Club - College/UniversityVA2020-10-25 21:08:18
K4SHWSingle Operator, All Mode, All BandGA2020-10-26 11:00:29
K4WTLSchool Club - Senior HighFL2020-10-23 18:28:40
K5LSUSchool Club - College/UniversityLA2020-11-08 01:16:33
K7UAZSchool Club - College/UniversityAZ2020-10-24 00:06:48
K8LPSSchool Club - Middle/Intermed/JR HighOH2020-10-24 12:53:33
KF5CRFSchool Club - Senior HighOK2020-10-28 17:10:09
KN4BBDSchool Club - Senior HighAL2020-11-06 14:26:19
KY4DHSchool Club - Senior HighKY2020-11-04 02:29:50
N1SOHNon-School ClubMA2020-11-07 15:29:19
N4SMSSchool Club - Middle/Intermed/JR HighSC2020-10-27 18:45:52
N5MKYSingle Operator, All Mode, All BandMI2020-10-23 21:52:16
NA1KWNon-School ClubMO2020-11-05 01:35:08
NS1ASingle Operator, All Mode, All BandMA2020-10-26 15:08:29
ON7DQSingle Operator, All Mode, All BandDX2020-10-25 14:24:25
VE3BFUSingle Operator, All Mode, All BandON2020-10-23 22:11:06
VE4DLSingle Operator, All Mode, All BandMB2020-10-24 21:42:28
W1HLOSchool Club - Senior HighCT2020-10-27 15:06:25
W1YKSchool Club - College/UniversityMA2020-10-27 20:45:07
W2ASCSingle Operator, All Mode, All BandNY2020-10-24 02:40:00
W2CXNSchool Club - Senior HighNY2020-11-03 03:38:25
W2KGYSchool Club - College/UniversityNY2020-11-05 00:23:37
W4GBHSchool Club - Senior HighMA2020-10-22 21:13:07
W4LMSSchool Club - Middle/Intermed/JR HighGA2020-11-04 23:43:38
W4YPWSingle Operator, All Mode, All BandOH2020-10-26 14:37:11
W5KSNon-School ClubOK2020-10-29 04:11:42
W7PVSingle Operator, All Mode, All BandAZ2020-10-25 18:26:41
W8EDUSchool Club - College/UniversityOH2020-10-26 17:48:55
W8LTSchool Club - College/UniversityOH2020-10-27 20:54:48
W9GRSSchool Club - Middle/Intermed/JR HighIL2020-10-27 04:07:48
W9YBSchool Club - College/UniversityIN2020-10-24 00:09:55
WB2KWCSingle Operator, All Mode, All BandNY2020-10-23 19:49:19