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Due: 2022-08-21 17:59:59Z
118 logs received as of 2022-08-22 01:15:09
Call SignCategorySectionClubDate Received
AA4DDSingle Operator, FixedTNBristol (TN) ARC2022-08-08 00:03:39
AA5AMSingle Operator, FixedNTXNorth Texas Microwave Society2022-08-10 14:19:40
AC1JSingle Operator, FixedNHNorth East Weak Signal Group2022-08-09 22:57:14
AF1TSingle Operator, FixedNHNorth East Weak Signal Group2022-08-10 18:27:06
AF4JF/RUnlimited RoverMO2022-08-22 01:15:09
AF7GLSingle Operator, FixedWWAPacific Northwest VHF Society2022-08-08 23:47:37
AG4VMultioperator, FixedTN2022-08-08 17:45:20
AJ6TSingle Operator, FixedTNTennessee Contest Group2022-08-13 16:52:24
K0AWUSingle Operator, FixedMNNorthern Lights Radio Society2022-08-07 18:09:38
K0BAK/RUnlimited RoverEPAMt Airy VHF Radio Club2022-08-08 14:06:37
K0PGSingle Operator, FixedILSociety of Midwest Contesters2022-08-07 21:31:58
K0TPPSingle Operator, FixedMO2022-08-07 15:43:43
K1KGSingle Operator, FixedEMA2022-08-07 20:16:40
K1TEOSingle Operator, FixedCTMt Airy VHF Radio Club2022-08-08 12:39:20
K2DRHSingle Operator, FixedILSociety of Midwest Contesters2022-08-18 16:36:58
K2GMYSingle Operator, FixedEBBenicia Amateur Radio Club2022-08-12 18:44:30
K2UASingle Operator, FixedWNYRochester VHF Group2022-08-09 19:19:52
K2YAZSingle Operator, FixedMI2022-08-13 19:12:35
K4XXXSingle Operator, FixedKY2022-08-08 04:09:18
K4YRKSingle Operator, FixedTNTennessee Contest Group2022-08-14 11:44:54
K5CV/RUnlimited RoverWTXno club, of lubbock tx.2022-08-11 01:16:09
K6LMNSingle Operator, FixedLAX2022-08-15 12:58:07
K6MISingle Operator, FixedSJVNorthern California Contest Club2022-08-13 20:51:20
K7CNTSingle Operator, FixedAZ2022-08-15 03:19:48
K7IUSingle Operator, FixedWWAPacific Northwest VHF Society2022-08-07 18:15:18
K9MUSingle Operator, FixedWIChippewa Valley VHF Contesters2022-08-08 15:40:34
K9PW/RUnlimited RoverILSociety of Midwest Contesters2022-08-07 21:12:55
K9TMS/RUnlimited RoverILStoned Monkey VHF ARC2022-08-07 21:05:40
K9YRSingle Operator, FixedILStoned Monkey VHF ARC2022-08-07 20:37:07
KA0PQWSingle Operator, FixedMNNorthern Lights Radio Society2022-08-10 02:35:57
KA2ENESingle Operator, FixedWNYRochester VHF Group2022-08-07 20:33:02
KA3FQSSingle Operator, FixedEPAMt Airy VHF Radio Club2022-08-08 15:42:05
KB5NHMSingle Operator, FixedMDC2022-08-07 19:56:42
KB6ASingle Operator, FixedORG2022-08-08 02:52:16
KC0P/RUnlimited RoverMNNorthern Lights Radio Society2022-08-13 20:03:03
KC4JDSingle Operator, FixedGAFourlanders Contest Team2022-08-08 02:56:36
KC5MVZMultioperator, FixedWTXno club, of lubbock tx.2022-08-07 18:59:15
KC6ZWTSingle Operator, FixedSV2022-08-10 17:17:10
KE7SWSingle Operator, FixedWWAPacific Northwest VHF Society2022-08-14 17:42:56
KE7UQLSingle Operator, FixedNV2022-08-09 17:17:16
KG7PSingle Operator, FixedWWAPacific Northwest VHF Society2022-08-09 22:40:37
KJ1K/RUnlimited RoverWMANorth East Weak Signal Group2022-08-08 15:34:33
KN6HQQSingle Operator, FixedSJV2022-08-14 23:43:56
KO4ECD/RUnlimited RoverVA2022-08-12 00:41:32
KO9ASingle Operator, FixedILSociety of Midwest Contesters2022-08-14 17:22:37
KV1JSingle Operator, FixedMENorth East Weak Signal Group2022-08-07 18:39:58
KY4GSingle Operator, FixedAL2022-08-08 02:45:39
N0AKCSingle Operator, FixedWIChippewa Valley VHF Contesters2022-08-09 14:48:04
N0HJZSingle Operator, FixedMNNorthern Lights Radio Society2022-08-07 21:36:47
N0HZO/RUnlimited RoverMNNorthern Lights Radio Society2022-08-14 00:31:53
N0ISSingle Operator, FixedMOSt Louis ARC2022-08-07 15:23:49
N0UKSingle Operator, FixedMNNorthern Lights Radio Society2022-08-07 18:09:19
N1DPMSingle Operator, FixedWMANorth East Weak Signal Group2022-08-19 02:45:00
N1JEZSingle Operator, FixedVTNorth East Weak Signal Group2022-08-12 11:10:42
N1PRWSingle Operator, FixedEMA2022-08-08 03:26:07
N1SFESingle Operator, FixedCTHQ DOODS RECREATIONAL DEPLOYMENT TEAM2022-08-08 02:00:42
N1SVSingle Operator, FixedEMANorth East Weak Signal Group2022-08-14 14:14:05
N2BEGSingle Operator, FixedWNYRochester VHF Group2022-08-08 09:54:34
N2JMHSingle Operator, FixedWNYRochester VHF Group2022-08-12 20:20:51
N2SLNMultioperator, FixedWNY2022-08-13 17:03:24
N2WKSingle Operator, FixedWNYRochester VHF Group2022-08-10 11:00:10
N3NGEMultioperator, FixedEPAMt Airy VHF Radio Club2022-08-08 00:45:48
N4BRFSingle Operator, FixedSFLBoca Raton ARA2022-08-08 18:38:42
N4DLASingle Operator, FixedEB2022-08-07 22:15:00
N4LAZSingle Operator, FixedNC2022-08-07 17:51:43
N4SVSingle Operator, FixedINNorthwest Indiana DX Club2022-08-08 16:10:49
N4SVCMultioperator, FixedNFLSARC2022-08-09 21:45:16
N6UTC/RUnlimited RoverLAXSouthern California Contest Club2022-08-07 22:50:26
N6ZE/RUnlimited RoverSBVentura County Amateur Radio Society2022-08-09 16:19:24
N7QOZSingle Operator, FixedWWAPacific Northwest VHF Society2022-08-13 19:58:22
N8RASingle Operator, FixedCTYankee Clipper Contest Club2022-08-07 21:29:39
NV4B/RUnlimited RoverAL2022-08-08 04:16:03
NY2NYSingle Operator, FixedNLINorth East Weak Signal Group2022-08-08 00:17:14
VA3IKESingle Operator, FixedONSOntario VHF Association2022-08-09 10:45:52
VA7OTCSingle Operator, FixedBCPacific Northwest VHF Society2022-08-08 01:59:20
VA7SCSingle Operator, FixedBCWestern Canada Weak Signal Assoc2022-08-17 05:16:15
VE3EGSingle Operator, FixedGTAOntario VHF Association2022-08-07 22:36:06
VE3IQZSingle Operator, FixedONEPeterborough Amateur Radio Club2022-08-12 14:56:40
VE3MISMultioperator, FixedGTAMississauga Amateur Radio Club2022-08-07 21:05:51
VE3RQXSingle Operator, FixedONE2022-08-09 01:00:39
VE3RVZSingle Operator, FixedONEPeterborough Amateur Radio Club2022-08-09 05:09:26
VE3SSTSingle Operator, FixedONEOntario VHF Association2022-08-10 17:26:51
VE7AFZSingle Operator, FixedBCWestern Canada Weak Signal Assoc2022-08-16 21:38:56
W0GHZSingle Operator, FixedMNNorthern Lights Radio Society2022-08-07 19:19:46
W0LGQSingle Operator, FixedIA2022-08-07 19:21:20
W0ZQSingle Operator, FixedMNNorthern Lights Radio Society2022-08-07 18:13:30
W1FKFSingle Operator, FixedNHNorth East Weak Signal Group2022-08-09 00:53:32
W1FMMultioperator, FixedEMAYankee Clipper Contest Club2022-08-08 03:46:35
W1MKYSingle Operator, FixedNHNorth East Weak Signal Group2022-08-12 05:56:46
W1RGA/RUnlimited RoverVT2022-08-13 23:02:48
W2BVHSingle Operator, FixedNNJMt Airy VHF Radio Club2022-08-09 02:09:46
W2SJSingle Operator, FixedSNJMt Airy VHF Radio Club2022-08-07 22:13:12
W3FAYSingle Operator, FixedMDC2022-08-07 18:07:17
W3HMSSingle Operator, FixedEPAMt Airy VHF Radio Club2022-08-07 19:59:19
W4TMSingle Operator, FixedGA2022-08-07 19:32:07
W4ZSTSingle Operator, FixedGAFourlanders Contest Team2022-08-14 20:16:12
W5VY/RUnlimited RoverARArkansas DX Assn2022-08-18 17:19:42
W6BXQSingle Operator, FixedSFLDavie/Cooper City Amateur Radio Club2022-08-10 16:30:02
W6TVSingle Operator, FixedSJV2022-08-15 20:11:54
W8PATSingle Operator, FixedOH2022-08-08 12:01:31
W8RUSingle Operator, FixedMIMad River Radio Club2022-08-08 02:25:05
W9KXISingle Operator, FixedWNYMt Airy VHF Radio Club2022-08-08 18:40:55
W9WOSingle Operator, FixedINDillmans Amatuer Radio Experimenters2022-08-07 19:23:15
WA1TSingle Operator, FixedNHNorth East Weak Signal Group2022-08-08 00:40:04
WA2CLPSingle Operator, FixedNNJBergen ARA2022-08-08 01:53:59
WA3AFSSingle Operator, FixedENYHudson Valley Contesters and DXers2022-08-07 22:13:48
WA4GPMSingle Operator, FixedNFLFlorida Weak Signal Society2022-08-09 10:25:24
WA5LFDSingle Operator, FixedNTXDFW Contest Group2022-08-08 04:44:50
WA6EJOSingle Operator, FixedSBPacific Northwest VHF Society2022-08-07 18:15:29
WA9TT/RUnlimited RoverWIBadger Contesters2022-08-08 15:17:25
WB2SIHSingle Operator, FixedENY2022-08-09 19:57:54
WB2VVVSingle Operator, FixedRICTRI Contest Group2022-08-07 02:45:03
WB4MMSingle Operator, FixedNFLFlorida Contest Group2022-08-09 20:52:56
WB6HYDSingle Operator, FixedSJV2022-08-14 23:34:28
WD9EXDMultioperator, FixedIL2022-08-15 00:51:42
WQ0PSingle Operator, FixedKS2022-08-11 11:36:30
WW2YMultioperator, FixedNNYMt Airy VHF Radio Club2022-08-10 17:28:08
WZ1VSingle Operator, FixedCTNorth East Weak Signal Group2022-08-08 20:18:39