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Soapbox for 2022
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AA2A   Contact Moderator
Thanks to Dave, K1TTT, for the use of his fine station!  100w + 5 El @ 180'(!)

The European opening on Sunday afternoon was a real treat.  I particularly enjoyed working DL1VDL,
because it seems like yesterday when Hardy and I shared coffee in his kitchen!
AA5KD   Contact Moderator
6 meters was on fire the entire weekend. I forgot that there is no QRP category for this contest but
will not forget next year. I still made 160 FT8 QSO's, 3 2m and 1 70cm. Had a good time.
AA9JS   Contact Moderator
Wonderful contest!  I wish I could have operated more on more bands and more time.  With young kids,
it gets hard.  Next year, I hope to either be portable or add a couple of extra bands.
AA9RK   Contact Moderator
After operating rover with my son on Saturday, when 6 meter conditions were putrid, I operated very
casually on Sunday.  Night and day difference in band conditions.  I managed nearly 40 contacts in
just a couple hours on the air.
AA9RK/R   Contact Moderator
Max (KD9NZB, age 10) and I (AA9RK) operated a Limited Rover for the second consecutive year.  We
were out from the start of the contest for about 6 hours on Saturday.  We picked better sites this
year, but suffered from abysmal band conditions on 6 meters.  Almost everyone we worked was local. 
We didn't work a single station on 222, but it wasn't for lack of trying.

On the bright side, we got some great results on 2 meters and 70 cm, from local hams following us
from grid to grid on FM but also from ops farther away working us on FT8 or SSB.  We had better
solutions this year for power and for setup and teardown at each operating location.  We already
have some great ideas for improvements for next year.
AC4G   Contact Moderator
Glad to see lots of activity since over the past several years
there did not seem to be any good propagation like this year.
Wow, this was a great contest.
AD4ES   Contact Moderator
Best score ever for AD4ES June VHF. Modes worked: AM, SSB, CW, FT4, FT8, and Q65. This was our first
effort using 1296MHz. Best QSO on 1296MHz was 150 miles with 2 watts at the 22 element antenna and
no preamp for receive. 2m best DX was EL98 to EN15. We had our slow times and had problems reaching
EU even though they were coming in loud and clear.  Most of all we all had fun enjoying the pace of
this contest.
AF4JF/R   Contact Moderator
SDR Pluto used fpor some of the QSOs.
AF7GL   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
I screwed up this contest for sure , but expected more Qs.
Probably just hit a dead time frame. Looking forward to next time.
AI3Z   Contact Moderator
Best contest ever for me. We need this for FD as well !
AI5A   Contact Moderator
Operated remotely from OH. Station was located in EM10cf at my home QTH in Austin, TX.

Operated off and on throughout the contest, purely 6m, while dealing with some other real-life
AI6US   Contact Moderator
Analog Only
AJ4W   Contact Moderator
Great band conditions!
AJ6T   Contact Moderator
My station is the middle of a major reconfiguration, and only 6m was operational for this contest. 
I was hoping to snag a couple of new European countries on FT8, but propagation in Tennessee did not
favor going deep into Europe.  Switching from the 3-element Yagi to an OCFD often made a huge
improvement in readability.  I was pretty successful running stations on SSB, and that was a lot of
fun.  I have a lot of work to do to locate all the sources of RFI at my QTH.
Rig: K3s, KPA1500, 3-element Yagi or OCFD
AK2AK   Contact Moderator
Hoping I did this right. This is my first contest submission. Lots of fun!
K0JJ   Contact Moderator
K0KEX   Contact Moderator
Operating time reduced due to numerous Severe storms over the weekend.
K0OG   Contact Moderator
Ran 2W, FT817nd, battery, 6m vertical, WSJT-X.  Fun, nice 6m band condx!
K0PHP   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
The band conditions couldn't have been better in Missouri! Six was open until it wasn't, and then I
slept. Two meters had openings going to Chicago and Milwaukee, but the big opening was Sunday
afternoon when I spotted CO2ESP in Cuba. Didn't get the contact completed, but Miami and
Jacksonville in Florida did confirm the contacts. 1100 miles is amazing for this part of Missouri. 

This gives me a good opportunity to do the final tweaks for Field Day and chase the bugs out of the
logging system.
K0PK   Contact Moderator
Just got on for a little fun using a 160m Inverted-L. Seemed to work fairly well until the Es went
K0ZX   Contact Moderator
Once again disappointing seeing the effect of FT8 and FT4 domination of 6 meters = the void of both
cw and ssb activity as compared to the pre-WSJT years. On the bright side though... with new
contests now appearing focused only on FT8 and FT4, and other digital modes, now would be a great
time for changeover of allowed modes for this contest from All Modes and Analog to Analog only,
recognizing this new change in landscape. Spin off a separate digital only event which doesn't
overlap the timing of this contest. Something like this now seems like one reasonable way to balance
out the monopolizing effects of FT... at least for a couple of days.
K1DS   Contact Moderator
Glad to see and hear 6m SSB active on Sunday
K1MTD   Contact Moderator
Band conditions were challenging. But it's always fun!
K1PDY   Contact Moderator
This file generated by home brew
logging program written by K1PDY

K2KA   Contact Moderator
Sunday 6 Meters lived up to it's name "The Magic Band". AS, EU, NA all in worked HL3GOB thanks #117
on 6.
K2MN   Contact Moderator
Used indoor fan dipole and 75 Watts
K2MTS   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
(no comments)
K2ZR   Contact Moderator
After 60 years of being a "ham" I operated in my 1st ARRL VHF Contest. 
With my new IC-7610 I had 6 Meters.
Rig: IC-7610 @ 95W
ANT: Traffie Hex-Beam ( worked FB )
Log: N1MM+

Thanks for the Qs
Dick, K2ZR
Grid: FN03
K3FR   Contact Moderator
Great contest, 6 meters very strong.  Never did get my second radio to play properly with WSJT-X and
N1MM in SO2R mode.  See you in September.
K3GD   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
What an amazing weekend.  It started out a bit slow and troublesome as I had just changed my call
the day before from N3KCM to K3GD.  As the day progressed and a deluge of rain hit, 6 meters finally
opened up.  I have never seen 6 meters wide open into EU like this weekend.  My FT8 screen was all
EU stations at one point.  Peanut power and a moxon beam could only net a few, but it was well worth
it.  I took pictures of the screen just because I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  The final
hours didn't disappoint with a band opening on 2 meters from upstate PA to TX and OK.  My personal
best for sure!
K3IUV   Contact Moderator
HOA restrictions.  No outdoor antennas.  Bummer!
K3TW   Contact Moderator
"It's great to have excellent activity again on 50 MHz. CW."
K3WWT   Contact Moderator
Operation was portable from Avalon, NJ.
K4AEK   Contact Moderator
Really great to hear all the SSB signals again. I was afraid everyone had gone to digital except me,
K4PZZ   Contact Moderator
Had a good time at my new QTH, nothing permanent setup yet and
only had a halo antenna hastily put up about 25 feet but still
managed several good contacts.
K4SSO   Contact Moderator
I've returned back to ham radio after twenty years, and this was my
first contest since long ago.  I had a blast!!!  Lotsa things to
improve upon, but it was an amazing contest, with lots of propagation
K5AM   Contact Moderator
Very poor conditions, needed CW for most of the contacts.
K5EIS   Contact Moderator
Decent propagation this year!
K5LLL   Contact Moderator
My computer was only used for logging, not communications.
It's a lot more fun talking to people versus staring at a computer screen.
I was surprised at the number of stations on 6M, even without mid-west and the west coast.
Most surprising was being called (and worked) by 9A4K (Croatia) on 6M SSB.
K5LY   Contact Moderator
K5ND/R   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Blog post with photos at
K5OF   Contact Moderator
On Sunday highlight was being called by a station in CN04 at 1751z and a run later on from stations
in CN85, CN84, CN87, and DN56 from 2326z to 2350z, Got a nice call from a VO1 in GN27 at 2359z. 100
watts to 3el M2 at 55 feet. No assistance, 73! Ed K5OF FM14rs
K5OMC   Contact Moderator
I worked 1 CW station and didn't hear a SSB so FT8 was the mode of choice and band conditions were
weak most of the time
K5TRP   Contact Moderator
thanks for all the contacts, lots of fun, hope to work on 144mhz next year.
K5TS   Contact Moderator
Fun contest.  Nice to see 6 open for a change.  Every operator was kind and understanding.  Great
Job everyone!
K5VR   Contact Moderator
First time to enter the VHF contest in 50+ years of brr we I got a ham. Working ES with just an HF
antenna was fun and challenging at the same time. Hope to have a “real” 6M antenna by next
K5XU   Contact Moderator
Managed one more good run from a tired Yagi and coax.
K5ZD   Contact Moderator
Nice to see so much activity on CW/SSB. It was
easier for me to make QSOs there than it was on the
digital modes!
K6HS   Contact Moderator
K7ALO   Contact Moderator
Pacific Northwest VHF Society
K7HP   Contact Moderator
the 8 digital qsos in 4 grids are for log checking  only
K7IU   Contact Moderator
WOW, Sunday afternoon opening was EPIC.  Finally nailed Es with
the contest weekend and had a BLAST!
K7LSX/R   Contact Moderator
After being a driver only for several VHF contests, I moved into an operators chair with the OM. I
am hooked.
K7SYS   Contact Moderator
Sunday was amzing!
K7YO   Contact Moderator
k7YO operating from fixed CN85.
K8GP   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
K1RA & N2NAR 50 MHz ops, K3MM 144 MHz op, W4XP 222 MHz op and W8ZN 432 MHz op @W8ZN FM09te QTH. We
had interesting propagation across the bands throughout the weekend. We had a handful of station
issues just before and during the contest including a broken 432 rotator connector on the roof,
failing 222 & 432 MHz transverters and blown MOSFET switch in the 144 MHz SSPA, but eventually
managed to keep everyone operating. 50 MHz was the big band including DX FT8 QSOs with Eastern and
Western Europe, Central America, Carribean, Asia and all parts of the US.  Best 50 MHz DX to the
east was UW8SM KN28 (5000mi) and west JE6AZU PM51 (7250mi). We were spotted and copied BA4SI PM01
(7450mi) and R6KA KN75 (5300mi) on FT8 but no 2-ways. 144 MHz best DX was W5AFY EM04 (1200mi) on FT8
eSkip along with 5 other EM1x grids on FT8 eSkip too.  222 MHz best DX was K9MRI EN70 (365mi) and
432 MHz best DX was WA9DU EM69 (465mi).  It was nice to work SSB and CW on 50 MHz running several
small pileups throughout the weekend.  We hope the analog only category continues to keep
participation up on that mode.  Also it was great to finally see people using FT4 on Sunday
afternoon on 50 MHz.  We had a few 3 QSOs per minute on that mode vs. 1 QSO every 1-2 minutes on
FT8. Of course neither of those modes could beat both S&P and CQ/running stations on 50 MHz at times
reaching 4-5 per minute.  No EME this contest, but hopefully in future operations.  Also we're
looking to get a few permanent towers built and get the K8GP rover back out on the road where it
belongs vs. being just an antenna support on site.  See attached pix of the station (photos K1RA)
and more at https://photos.app.goo.gl/KVKbpb4izH6jGAg18
K8IJ   Contact Moderator
More radio, less yardwork! Vy 73 to all, Charlie
K8LF   Contact Moderator
I only worked 6 meters.  Only got on the last few hourse of the
contest.   Discovered that all the activity was on FT4.  Worked
enough contacts for PVRC credit
K8RYU   Contact Moderator
OP Note:  Some times in this log may be
K9QJ   Contact Moderator
First Japans on 6m!!!
K9WKJ   Contact Moderator
had a great time, the good 2M opening really iced the cake
what can be done with halo antennas is amazing
KA0CRO   Contact Moderator
Fun to work the Family station with
my Dad.
KA0OUV   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Had a great time.  Category was 3-Band, low-power, Analog.  (In actuality, it was just 6M,
low-power, CW/SSB.)  I proudly run a "Peanut whistle" on 6M, with an M2 HO Loop and my 100W

When the band opened up in earnest Sunday, I had plenty of stations to work, and several surprising
reports of "great signal" when scavenging SSB contacts with Search & Pounce.  

Didn't get any rover stations in the log this year.  Hopefully next year with improvement to the
antenna system and a few more openings that will change.
KA0PQW   Contact Moderator
A great June contest. Tahnks for having it. 73 Matt ka0pqw
KA2BPP   Contact Moderator
Did not beat my score from last year but did get 5 new DXCC countries on 6 mtrs.
KA4NDY   Contact Moderator
Part time between chores.
KA7RRA/R   Contact Moderator
I started the contest from Dryden Washington, I was at the Dryden Ham-Fest It is a town east of

I should have planned the 1st day better I only made 1 contact in the area. 

I went south on 97 to 90 and west back to Seattle  I made a bunch of contacts when I got to the
North Bend area, and on Sunday went to Green Mountain, and CN-87 and CN88

I had fun and was able to get a 60 second 6 meter opening and made a contact on 6  I was going to
make a 2nd contact, but by the time I stopped and pulled over the station was gone  looking forward
to the next contest
KB0V   Contact Moderator
Remote op while on vaca, 20 minutes while XYL wasn't looking! :)
KB1VUN   Contact Moderator
FT8, 80-100W, 40m dipole (with tuner) @10m high.
KB4BKV   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
It was a great contest from my new QTH on the side of a mountain near Frederick, MD with clear shots
from N to E to SSW.  It was full-on 6 meters for most of the contest with many quick openings
lasting only a minute or two.  Having used a 5-element 6m beam in past contests, the 6m loop did a
much better job than I expected.
KB5MY   Contact Moderator
Newly retired and finally back on the air after a long work-related hiatus. Fun contest with good
propagation!  I ran 50 MHz/FT8 only with a FLEX-6700 barefoot into an InnovAntennas 50 MHz 5-el/4.4m
LFA at 15 feet AGL - and even managed to snag a JL8! Not bad for a densely populated suburban QTH!
I'm very much looking forward to future contests and DX-ing!
KB8W   Contact Moderator
Good conditions for the contest with Es.
KC0LQL   Contact Moderator
KC0P/R   Contact Moderator
Very fun when all six bands worked
at all five grids activated. Had to
drive the Rover Mobile 481 miles for
this route. Had to fill the truck
gas tank twice. Ouch !
KC6NKK   Contact Moderator
KC6ZWT   Contact Moderator
Murphy visited me, my Ic 706 would not turn on, that was used for 6M and also
an IF for my xverters. So no 6M ssb for me, but I was able to have 6M FM. 
A few other non working things but I used what I had. Thanks for all the Q's
guys (and Gals).
KC8KSK   Contact Moderator
Operated from Stack Rock overlook on Blue Ridge Parkway near
Grandfather Mountain, NC.
KD4IZ   Contact Moderator
casual search and pounce operation
KD5IKG/R   Contact Moderator
It was a great contest, had a wonderful SSB 3 rover pileup at one of the high points with a
fantastic band openning.  Had to cut the day short due to a health issue otherwise the score would
have been way higher!!!  Thanks for working the STX rovers!
KD7HU   Contact Moderator
I ordered a stressed Moxon for the contest and it did not arrive on time, so I threw up a dipole at
10 feet for 6m.  that was good enough for 46 mults on FT-8 with 50W.  Propagation was very good from
my QTH.  Open to the SW in the AM and evening on Saturday.  Open to the east on Sunday.  Somewhat
less than   4 hours put it.  Chased off by a T-storm Sunday evening.  I wish there were more CW ops
on 6m.  Propagaton was good enough,  but I only heard one and he QRT'd before I could get him. 
Could not get anyone to bite on SSB though I could hear activity.
Had fun!  Next year I will have my directional antenna!
KD7WPJ   Contact Moderator
Operated from Keller Peak (DM14le) at altitude 7882 ft- also SOTA
KD9SZX   Contact Moderator
This is my first contest. Used home brew folded ladder line dipole for
KE0DLQ   Contact Moderator
Fun to do radio with my Grandpa!
KE0TT   Contact Moderator
K3/10 running 5 watts to wire antennas up 40 to 45'. 6M always fun, because I never know when or
where the next Q will come from. Thanks for the fun!  73, Dan  ke0tt
KE1R   Contact Moderator
Challenging on 6m to bounce back and forth from 50.313 MHz to 50.323 MHz. Many                      
                                                                       amateurs on 6m were not in
contest and only wanted to exchange signal reports.  Towards the end just about when I was going to
pull the plug, I worked Hawaii, Republic of Korea, and two stations in Japan for new ones on the
band. Always nice to catch Iceland and 2 stations in Isle of Man, including MD0CCE. TOM KE1R
KF0IDT   Contact Moderator
Hello from KF0IDT,

My name is Dustin and a new HAM, by new passed my Gen. end of March.  As there have been a few
contest and QSO party's since then this was my first contest that I prepared for.  As a new HAM have
have been trail and error on what to use and what not to use, there is good info but also just as
much as false or bad info out there.  So with all the I found a logger that seem to be good and the
last few days before the contest started my son and I built a homebrew Beam type antenna for 6M. 
The beam is 45ft on top of a tower.  All I can say is WOW what a fun contest and so glad my son was
part of it.. The next few weeks has him excited as field day and youth days are coming up..  I
really just wanted to share that it was my first contest and how my son help build the antenna that
made over 400 contacts this weekend AMAZING and such fun..  73s from KF0IDT Northern Colorado DN80
KF3G   Contact Moderator
Operated from FM29jw

CW Contacts: 15
Unique Grids: 20

27 CW QSOs x 20 Unique Grids = 540 CW QSO Points

Thank you for the 2022 ARRL June VHF Contest.
KF7NN   Contact Moderator
only ran a few hours until storms shut it down. was a miserable wet weekend.
KF7NP   Contact Moderator
Operate portable from SOTA summit W6/SC-366 Dictionaty Hill near San Diego CA.
KF8N   Contact Moderator
Made first 6 meter contact just hours before contest after 52 years of operating. Astonished by the
number of transatlantic and DX stations heard in digital mode.  Upgrading my 50 MHz antennas as we
KF8QL/R   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Six Meters just wouldn't quit!  This was my best outing as a limited rover. I tried out a new
fiberglass mast setup this time.
KG5EIU   Contact Moderator
Super fun when 6M opened WIDE!!!
KG7NV   Contact Moderator
Well, it all started FB on Saturday morning for a couple of hours.  But except for an hour or so on
Sunday morning, condx here in Central NV were spotty at best.  We were SO envious of the folks east
of the MS River working each other, and EU!  And we got drips-and-drabs out here.  But we had some
great DX openings (JA and EU) before the contest, so overall I can't complain (well I can, but I
KG9OV/R   Contact Moderator
My last rover outing was the 2021 Sept VHF and over the winter I had acquired a fair amount of new
gear that needed to be integrated into the rover setup.  New bandpass filters for 6 thru 432, new
(to me) amplifiers for 6 thru 432, and some other miscellaneous bits.  Since I apparently didn’t
think that was difficult enough to get going, I went and bought a completely new to me dedicated
rover vehicle about three weeks before the contest.  So, with the contest rapidly approaching, I set
out to turn this new to me GMC cargo van into a fully functional Limited Rover setup.  Luckily
enough, I have some good friends that are always willing to help out…  Long story short, after
multiple full days on the weekends and several evenings, we managed to pull off what I thought might
have just been impossible.  On Thursday evening prior to the contest, I was finally able to actually
fire up the radio and, again with the help of some friends, smoke test it all.  Get drive levels set
for the amplifiers, make sure the rotor turns, there is audio on SSB without any strange noises,
etc.  Everything checked out… we had done it!

After work on Friday I set out for southern Michigan where I planned to start out the contest at the
EN61-EN62-EN71-EN72 corner.  So far so good, around midnight local I tucked myself into the local
Walmart parking lot with other wayward travelers to get a few ZZZs.  Bright and early Saturday it
was time to go actually put an eye on the spots I found via Google maps satellite view to make sure
they were really workable.  I’ve never been to this grid corner before, so not only was this a
brand new rover setup, I was in a brand new to me area.  Everything looked good and I got settled in
and setup at my first stop in EN72.

Finally, it’s time to play radio.  Saturday got off to a slow start for me.  No real band
conditions to speak of, but slowly but surely making some Qs.  The new rover setup seemed to be
working well and I was starting to get comfortable in the new operating position.  After moving on
to EN62, 6m started to open a bit with some activity from the east coast.  Though there were several
loud signals on the band from the east, trying to get any kind of run going was not successful.  As
it turned out, that would be the theme of the weekend for me.  After moving again to EN71, it was
much of the same conditions, with some additional activity from the southwest this time.  While some
band conditions were better than none on 6m, the constant QSB was exhausting.  The NIL rates from
FT8 Qs will surely be interesting I think.

I finally shut it down around midnight local and again tucked myself into the local Walmart for a
few hours sleep before my long drive to the next grid corner.  After a little sleep, it was back on
the road early Sunday headed towards EN50-EN51-EN60-EN61.  Again, this was a new area / grid corner
for me, but the spots I had picked out on Google maps worked out well here too.  While the bands did
seem to be in better shape for me on Sunday, it was a lot more of the same.  Many very loud signals
on the band, but again I failed to get any kind of phone run going.  It really just wasn’t my
contest I suppose.  After spending most of the day making my way around that grid corner, it was
finally time to head closer to home.

On the way home I had planned to stop in EM59 and finally a mile or so from home in EM58.  Though I
had gotten on the road headed towards home a little later than I had hoped, I still had every
intention of doing just that.  So, at my last fuel stop in EM59, I looked around the parking lot for
a place to quickly setup.  After putting a splash of gas in the van, I quickly got setup and put on
the headset.  The bands were full.  Best conditions I had seen all weekend.  After running the bands
with a couple locals I made a quick S&P run of the loud stations on 6m phone before getting back on
the road.  Thirty minutes later, I was quickly getting setup again in EM58 only to be greeted with
2m Es.  What a way to end the contest.  The last hour and a half or so I think was the most exciting
part of the whole weekend.  A rush to get some quick Qs from two additional grids and trying to soak
up as much as I could of the great conditions.

All in all, it was an enjoyable weekend.  900 miles and 64 gallons of fuel later, I had made it back
home.  I don’t really want to even think about what that drive cost, but I’ve always wanted to
do the rover thing, have finally gotten around to doing it, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to
let high gas prices take the fun away.

Thanks everyone for the Qs and see y’all in CQWW next month.  Also, thanks again to Jeff K9KLD and
Ron K9YY for all the help (re) building the rover.

Flex 6600 / Q5 Signal 5BVUX
50  - 200w - Par Moxon @ 18’
144 - 200w - Directive Systems  6el Rover Yagi @ 12’
222 - 100w - Directive Systems 10el Rover Yagi @ 10’
432 - 100w - Directive Systems 15el Rover Yagi @ 8’
KI7PMQ   Contact Moderator
Good time but man those signals fade in and out on 6 meters fast when it is open sometimes!  Made it
challenging, my first time entering this contest.

73 & all the best,
Bennie Owsley
KK4BZ   Contact Moderator
Operating from in a valley near Orkney Springs, VA. Radio was
Icom IC-746, antennas were 6 meter stressed moxon and 2 meter
cubic quad on a pvc mast 4 feet above a horse trailer.
KK6P   Contact Moderator
Teamviewered into my station via my cellphone over Cruise Ship
internet just to show the flag...
KL7H   Contact Moderator
Glad to be able to participate this year, though very unexpected.  We
were on the way to the Friedrichshafen Hamfest in Germany when we
told of a family injury (broken bones playing football) back home, so
we returned to Alaska to provide medical support.
KL7UW/R   Contact Moderator
Operated from hilltop 400-foot ASL that is a commercial comm site.
Three antennas mounted in bed of my pickup: 7-elem 144, 13-elem 432,
and 25-elem 1296.  Ran all with my IC-9700 on FM.
KM5RG   Contact Moderator
Started off Saturday kind of slow. Sunday was pretty wild with my first-ever 6m QSOs into Europe.
KM6SJO/R   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Did all my QSOs from CM97, but two locations
QSOs #1-10 Jun11&12 = worked portable from garage at QTH (CM97dw), 20W on 144;
35W on 432
Equipment used Yaesu FT-8900R & copper J-pole.
QSOs #11-26 Jun12 = worked portable from a hilltop (CM97cu), 1100' elev., 5W on
an HT both 144 and 432; Equipm't used Day 2 = Anytone D878UV+ and DIY
2m Yagi (F4HWK plans) & and rubber duck antenna on HT for 432
I didn't use /R during QSOs as I wasn't roving in vehicle; pls email me if prob
KN6FKQ   Contact Moderator
Great turn out!
Lots of stations on the air; lots of activity, lots of enthusiasm.
Happy for the 220 contacts as well on the BF-R3 handheld.
My goal was 120 points, which was well surpassed; the mults helped
greatly there (especially from rovers on high points).
KO4JKV   Contact Moderator
I tried to make a QSO with AF1T earlier, but couldn't copy his grid.
When I tried to contact him again, he said that we already made
contact and wouldn't let me explain that I never was able to copy him
and was trying again. He did not understand me and went on to call cq.
KP3W   Contact Moderator
While everyone was having a ball up North, I waited all weekend for 6m to open in the Caribbean. The
machines (FT8) enjoyed some contacts with EU. For me it only happened for 15 minutes on Sunday
around 2300utc.  Made 4 QSOs on CW. Thats the way 6m is, gotta love her.
73 - KP3W
KS7T   Contact Moderator
Well, I guess for 50w. and a TH3sr. 3 el. tribander that is
made for 10 to 20 mtrs. up 50ft. I did OK. East coast seen
here on 6 FT8 Sun. for 4 hrs. but only wrkd a few-noted
fast QSB on mni sigs which probably accounted for not
getting some RR73s. Following day after the contest 1s
- 4s piled on me, most RR73s OK & got 1st 6m JA-figures!
KT8O   Contact Moderator
This is the most fun I have had in a 
vhf contest - working DX with a dipole!
KV4ZY   Contact Moderator
Casual operating just for fun.
KX7L   Contact Moderator
Once in a while, the stars line up and we get a good opening
during a contest here in the PNW.  We had a good long opening
down to AZ on Sat, then during the last few hours of the contest
it was just non-stop multi-hop! I even managed a few CW QSOs on 6
My best score in the June
contest since 2016. Thanks for all the QSOs.
M0HOM   Contact Moderator
Only on Sunday, decoded many NA stns on FT8, at
very audible signal levels where a CW QSO would may have
been quicker, worked all I heard on CW.
100W + 3ele yagi. 73 GL to all.
N0DL   Contact Moderator
I jumped into this contest with only a few minutes left before the
end.  Use my log as a checklog for the three QSOs I made.
N0HAX   Contact Moderator
Great 6m Openings
N0HZO/R   Contact Moderator
Very fun when all six bands worked
at all five grids activated. Fun to
see little tracks left in a gravel
road in the woods at EN36la by a
very little newborn deer fawn.
N0IS   Contact Moderator
Very good conditions for the weekend.  Many CW and SSB stations.  Good to hear.  FT8 is great, but
not for the June test.

Bob, N0IS
N0JK   Contact Moderator
Tropo on 2M mid-day Sunday. I was able to work up to 400 miles with
just a whip antenna. Then Europe in on 6. Later Sporadic-E on 2
to VE2, VE4 and W4 !
N0LNO   Contact Moderator
I was ready for the contest a few days beforehand. So, I thought. Murphy arrived 15 minutes before
contest start. The computer and the software crashed. I learned that the tube amplifier warm up time
is nothing compared to a computer restart and software compatibility resolution. But, that all
worked three hours before the contest. I was finally on the air 30 minutes after contest start.

Most contacts are FT8 and FT4. On one hand I miss talking to people. On the other hand, I am not
hoarse on the day after.

Although a lower score than I get when roving, I  am pleased with the results considering the S3 to
S5 urban noise floor that I have.
N1FTP   Contact Moderator
Nice band openings after 2300z utc both days.
N1SFE   Contact Moderator
I was only able to operate Saturday due to family obligations on Sunday.  Went up to the hilltop for
the start of the contest (SSB only) and didn't hear much activity.  I guess I missed all the good
conditions on Sunday, or everyone was staring at their computer screens watching FT8.
N2IDK/R   Contact Moderator
This is my first VHF contest.
N3AWS   Contact Moderator
A big THANK YOU to all of the rovers in these days of historically high gasoline prices.  Six meters
was in great shape on Sunday.  Lots of fine and courteous operators on the Magic Band.  Had to
battle the typical heat, humidity, and mosquitoes of Mississippi as well as the three Q’s—QRM,
QRN, and QSB!

N3RN   Contact Moderator
N3UP   Contact Moderator
Only had a 6M Vertical antenna....
N3YY   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Hope everyone had fun over the weekend. Just came back to the hobby after 20 years away. Thank you
all for the contacts and great time !  73 ... N3YY  FN22
N4BP   Contact Moderator
2022 ARRL VHF QSO Party
N4DTF   Contact Moderator
Great 6 meter activity both days, and a surprising number of 2
meter contacts especially on Sunday evening.  I added a number of
needed grids and had a lot of fun.  Voice on 6 in particular is a
great community of folks, and I look forward to renewing those
acquaintences each season.  73 and thanks for all the contacts!
Trent N4DTF
N4KJU   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
(no comments)
N5BNO/R   Contact Moderator
RoverLog is terrific!
N5GIT   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
I suppose the big news is Europe coming I during the contest.  Even my station received quite a few
countries and one heard me.  No contacts were made, however.  rig icom 7300 at 100 Watts into a
horizontal skeleton Slot antenna.
N5TU   Contact Moderator
No dupes included
N6AN   Contact Moderator
Operation Saturday from Cerro Noreste peak, SOTA W6/SC-001. A K3 with
battery power and a 6 meter square loop on a 10' pvc pipe. 2
meter contacts were made with an Icom IC2AT (1982 vintage) and Ed
Fong roll up J-pole.
Sunday I operated from my apartment with the same antenna
N6JSO/R   Contact Moderator
Operated Jeep Mobile, offroad in the Tillamook State Forest the first day and from various places
along I-5 the second day. This also included two POTA activations (K-5461 and K-0496).
N6KN   Contact Moderator
Pipeline on 6 into SC and NC!   Really
N6MI   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
N6MI operated the June VHF 2022 contest on Frazier Peak in Ventura County, California from his
television news van (n6mi.com). Six meters was open for most of the contest from DM04ms.
N6VOH   Contact Moderator
Had fun with this contest.
N6ZE   Contact Moderator
N6ZE/7 operated outdoors for the entire contest in the great PNW from
his deck overlooking the Puget Sound and the Cascade Mountains. There
were no rain showers until the last hour of the contest!

There was a good bit of VE7 activity from CN88 & CN89, but did not
even hear Portland, OR (CN85) until the past 15 minutes of the event.

It was nice to work W7MEM (DN17) located on the East side of the

N6ZE elected to be a Low Power Analogue Entry, which turned out to be
quite favorable. There was an extremely high noise level part of the
time, but managed a 2X Es QSO with N4SVC (EM80) in Florida.

Rig: FT-991, 3 element 6 meter "Hilltopper Yagi"; 7 element
Cushcraft 2 meter yagi; and an 11 element  M>2 70 cm yagi.

Getting to operate from the home PNWVHFS territory  was great.
N7DA/R   Contact Moderator
Casual coastal SoCal operation with new op AG6WO.
N7T   Contact Moderator
Grid DN78wo Brush Lake State Park MT
N7VAZ   Contact Moderator
My first VHF contest, and my first contacts on 6 meters ever! This was
a lot of fun, in part due to the kindness of the Arizona SideWinders
on Two in welcoming me to VHF SSB in the couple weeks before the
contest. Seeing the band open up, and close just as suddenly, gave me
a clear appreciation for the Magic Band! Used an Icom IC-7100, using a
71' End Fed Random Wire at about 20 feet AGL to an 9:1 unun with a 21'
counterpoise for 6 meters (a basic HF multibander), and an Elk
portable log periodic on a 20 foot pole with Armstrong rotation for 2m
and 70cm. All contacts were made with SSB, and the radio was trying to
provide 100 watts on 6m, 50 watts on 2m, and 30 watts on 70cm. Thanks
to all the operators who dug me out, and also to some of those really
far 6m stations who couldn't hear me but impressed me nonetheless with
the reach of the Magic Band. I'm looking forward to improving my
station and my contesting chops, but this was a fun way to start!
N7VD   Contact Moderator
A huge thanks to all the rovers for their efforts.
N7VS   Contact Moderator
It was nice to see some propagation into Colorado for a change. Hope we have similar propagation on
6 meters for Field Day. Rig here is an ICOM IC 7610 running about 90 watts into a Radio Works 80 -
10 meter "Carolina Windom". Hope 
to be back for the next one with a better antenna. Thank you for the contacts. 


Steve N7VS
N7WY   Contact Moderator
K3S, 77 w into 165 inch vertical over Breedlove mobile mount
N8GA   Contact Moderator
The band openings on 6 and 2 werethe best in years, and there was serious SSB action again even
though 6 was open to Europe on Sunday via FT8. Couldn't work them all because FT8 is sooo slow!
N9TF   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
I operated field day style as no permanent VHF antennas up yet. Put up my
3 element beam on a 5' tripod ground mounted, with four 4' sections of Army
surplus aluminum tent poles (green!), behind the backyard shed. The beam was
only 17' above ground at its perch. No rotor, so made a lot of trips from the
house to the shed 125' away to turn the antenna, a LOT! Very nice to see lots
of analog activity, especially CW. That made this contest a lot of fun. I enjoy
operating any mode in a contest. I'm a contester, I want to maximize my Q count and
mults. I am a CW op at heart, so it was really great to see all the CW signals on the
6M band. It was a piece of Heaven Sunday afternoon and evening with all the CW
signals fighting for a small slot to call CQ! Not sure how much the new rules
change impacted the analog activity. I've always been of the opinion, in order
to move DIGI and analog out into different sand boxes to play, would be to modify
the point structure...(ie) 1 more point per band for phone, and 2 more points per band CW.
Example for 6m, 1 point digi, 2 points SSB, 3 points CW. Or modify the rules so
a station can be worked on multiple modes per band, a point for each mode.
Most contesters are going to take advantage of the option for more points, right
IMHO, the current rule modification by adding an analog only category, adds a bit
of unintentional animosity , or wall, between digi ops and analog ops. You catch a
lot more bees when you sweeten the pot rather than add a wall. Now it's like saying,
OK, you analog guys go play in your sandbox and the digi guys go play in yours. I
don't see the incentive for the digi guys to move around as well as the analog guys
unless there is a carrot, "more points" to incentivize someone to try something different.
Like I said in the beginning of this soapbox, I'm a contester, I want to maximize my
Q and multiplier count and the only way to do that is use all modes available.
Lots of fun this weekend, and 6m cooperated nicely! 73 Gene, N9TF EM66IJ
85 watts to 3 elements at 17'
NC4MI   Contact Moderator
Another great ARRL contest. Thanks Bill
NC6K   Contact Moderator
Another frustrating VHF contest weekend here in
propagation-denied Southern CA. We had a decent opening for
a few hours at the start of the contest and then the band
went dead around 2200Z for the rest of the day. I got up
early here and by 1500Z, dozens of EU stations were pouring
in! I thought I'd died and gone to heaven - I even had to
move to 50.323 for FT8 contacts. There weren't any EU on CW
that I could hear, but still managed 13 new grids in EU and
1 DXCC (YO) to get to 76. I wasn't able to pick up any of
the 24 FFMA grids I still need. The EU opening lasted about an hour,
followed by a mediocre single hop opening to the Midwestern
US that evaporated around 2100Z. The band remained dead the
rest of the day. So, I figure I had about six or seven
hours of propagation in total. All in all, it wasn't the
worst VHF contest weekend given the horrors of the past few
years, but other than the EU opening, nothing I'll
reminisce about later.
Thanks for the Qs and CU
next time!
73 de NC6K
ND0C   Contact Moderator
Due to other conflicts I operated less than 1 hour - SSB only.
NI0P   Contact Moderator
It was a fun contest. As always station improvement need to be made. Made my farthest 2m contact
with KK4MA FT8 at 1106 miles, with a 9700 and a 10ft base whip at 15 ft. Thanks to KB0ZOM for giving
me the heads up on 2m and just telling me to try it.
NN5SD   Contact Moderator
Missed way too many points and mults because stations didn't confirm after I sent report. Crappy
NU6S   Contact Moderator
Was very nice to hear the 6 Meter phone band filled with W4s here in CM87!
NX0R   Contact Moderator
My first VHF contest.  Ran 100w into an 80m dipole with AT-200 LDG tuner, and TS-480  Didn't operate
the whole time.  Lots of fun!
NY1V   Contact Moderator
Where are all the Voice/CW stations on VHF?  I monitored the 2 and 70 CM calling Freq and did not
hear a peep in Central Indiana. On a similar note, I monitored the FT8 freqs for 2M and 70CM and in
a similar fashion did not hear any activity. Tried a few CQ's on both modes but had no responses. It
will be interesting to see the results for the new analog only category.  Rick
NY2NY   Contact Moderator
VA3FN   Contact Moderator
Well after all it was a good contest struggled with a delta loop for 50mhz that had so much noise
and it was about 18 feet high only .Made my first Europe contact.
Not heard anything on 144mhz or 432.See you in the next contest,VA3FN!!!!
VA6AN   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Had fun  great opening on sunday.
VE1KAO   Contact Moderator
All Contacts were made using 20W USB at 6m on a 30m sloper
VE2HAY   Contact Moderator
Analog only
VE2OTA   Contact Moderator
June 2022
VE3LFS   Contact Moderator
VE3MIS   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
(no comments)
VE3NRT   Contact Moderator
I might have tried some FM on 2m and 70cm except high winds knocked over a tree destroying my
vertical along with its support, as well as some other things that got in the way. 6m was great all
VE3OIL/R   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
BAND           QSOs              MULTS

50             141               71
144            70                24
222            33                12
432            33                11
902            18                9
1.2G           17                9
2.3G           9                 7
3.4G           8                 7
5.7G           6                 5
10G            11                8
24G            7                 7
123G           7                 7
LIGHT          6                 6
VE3RKS/R   Contact Moderator
This was low key effort done while out geocaching as well.   6 m
opened up on Saturday and Sunday a bit so I got a number of QSOs in.
VE7BGP   Contact Moderator
The V/Uhf contest was a lot of fun this year. I managed to get
digital set-up on 6 and managed a few band opening contacts. Rigs
used a new FTdx-10and FT897D on 2
VG3RSA   Contact Moderator
Operating time was cut short due to lightning storms.
VG7OTC/R   Contact Moderator
First time I activated 3 grids! A big thing, for me -- one year into VHF+ contesting/roving. A bit
difficult to do given the somewhat constraining geography of Southern Vancouver Island.
VX2GT   Contact Moderator
FT-857 and 6 el. Yagi
VY2HF   Contact Moderator
Six meters was alive for much of the contest, with Tropo, Es, Double-Hop, and even F2 propagation.
My first serious contest in quite some time, and my first using FT8 along with a few CW and Phone
W0BH   Contact Moderator
176 * 78 = 13728 in 1:30
W0FY   Contact Moderator
Very good conditions -best in years.
W0OGH   Contact Moderator
ER on Saturday, no contest.  Sunday short opening in the AM enuff for 74 Q's.  Poor bands out here
in the Southwest.  Maybe next year.
W0PN   Contact Moderator
Only got to run for a short time, but what a BLAST! Got 2 new bands on
the air 1 hour before the start, 222 and 432.
Lots of fun and even worked into Mexico on 144. Made it all worth the
W0WLA/R   Contact Moderator
First ever VHF contest, 
FT-891 100W on 6m with horizontal loop
IC-705 on 2m/70cm 10W with home made dual band yagi
W1IG   Contact Moderator
Nice Opening on 6 on SSB and CW!
W1QK   Contact Moderator
Thank you for the contacts. Highlight was working JA stations on
6M FT8. Thanks for the 6M CW contacts. Thank you for sponsoring
the contest. 73, Dan-W1QK & Peter-KA1SYG.
W2AAB   Contact Moderator
First entry in this contest in many years. Despite antenna problems, I
thought I'd only give out points at first, but got hooked, and
operated part time, analog only, 6 meters only. The band produced
several openings, South, West, and into Europe, yielding 2 new DX
entities on that band. It was refreshing to hear and work so much CW
and SSB on the band for a change!
W2RME   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Very Good 6 Meter Opening during the contest.  We worked the Netherlands and France.  Great weather
for most of the contest.
W2VTV   Contact Moderator
after submitting my log, the entry showed ALL BANDS, I worked only 6 meters
W3HMS   Contact Moderator
W3MAM   Contact Moderator
First licensed July 2019
W4DSR   Contact Moderator
The analog category was a good idea, but compared to FT8 there
was almost no activity. I don't know if it was the bands or
general frustration, but by Sunday all the activity seemed to dry
W4IL   Contact Moderator
W4IU/R   Contact Moderator
It was good to get back on the air as a rover and had lots of fun
doing it.  We activated 8 grids across VA, WV, PA, DE and MD, while
working 56 grids on a combination of 50, 144, 222, and 432 MHz, low
power.  While it was fun, we could not help but wonder "where are
the FM and PH contacts"  Better than 75% of our contacts were on
FT8.  We heard some FT8 on 144, but weren't set up for that
mode/band combination.  Having reviewed previous results, we
anticipated hearing lots of chatter along the I-95 corridor between
NYC and Alexandria.  Instead, it was sparse and south of Baltimore
our activity was on 6m FT8.

Our antennas did a good job as long as we didn't mangle them. They
consisted of sqloops and a magnetic loop on 6m.  We had yagi antennas
with us, but did not erect them due to moving along or making repairs
to the sqloops due to antenna obstacles.

The most fun was had when we implemented know-how, skill, and
determination on antenna repair efforts after encounters with
structures or trees.  In Reading, PA we were focused on navigation
through dimly lit streets that diverted our attention from low tree
branches.  That momentarily laps was catastrophic!  The pushup mast
mounted to the hitch was knocked clean off the vehicle and dragged 30
yards down the road.  Invoking the school of MacGyver ingenuity, the
next morning we took the mangled pieced to the nearest hardware store
and reconstructed the mast, mast mount, and 6m antenna.  The 144 and
432 sqloops were beyond field repair. However, we used our back-up
vertical antennas on mag mounts to kept us on the air.

Roger's (KD6EFQ) navigation skills got us onto outstanding
sparsely-used, secondary highways.  Not only was the roving less
stressful but the scenery was awesome and we actually got to see
America up close, instead of taking a distant, hurried glance along
heavily trafficked interstates.

Next contest, we will have FT8 capability on multiple radios!

W4IY   Contact Moderator
W4NH   Contact Moderator
Fourlanders Contest Team
W4POT   Contact Moderator
Lightning in area Saturday afternoon and evening, no chance to
operate.  Put antenna up Sunday and worked until storms in the
area 5:30pm  Had to take antenna down and go QRT.
W4TM   Contact Moderator
Fourlanders Contest Team
W4YN/R   Contact Moderator
Wish there was an analog only Rover!
W6GLS   Contact Moderator
Operated with Dave, W6MTR, from Santiago Peak, at the center of the
Los Angeles Basin and San Diego metropolis. We arrived to a hot,
dusty, buggy site, installed 11 antennas including horizontal loops,
yagis, and mobile whips. Operated with portable power from solar
panels and a backup generator. We were happy with both line-of-sight
and E-skip conditions. --Gary, W6GLS
W6HFJ   Contact Moderator
Checklog -  If there is a discrepancy, give the benefit of the doubt
to the other operator.  My log keeping is by hand, not electronic.
W6PAP   Contact Moderator
Used two different HTs with antennas mounted on HTs.  Ran 4 watts all
QSOs.  Mostly indoors.  It was a lot of fun.
W7GJ   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
A number of stations were not logged because I never received final RRR :-( I wish people would not
send one RR73 and assume that was received during crowded and erratic band cndx...MUCH preferred to
use RRR and 73. My operating time was limited due to time required to tend the slash burning
W7MEM   Contact Moderator
More SSB
W7QH   Contact Moderator
Brought Grandkid Parker (6 years old) along, he enjoyed learning to
send his name in morse code.
W7TR   Contact Moderator
Fun expedition to Mt Rose, but we were in a bowl so difficult to
get RF out well.
W8LR/R   Contact Moderator
and EM89 gridline
W8RU   Contact Moderator
That was fun! 6m kept on going and going. Really great to hear so many
signals on CW and SSB. It seems that the new entry category worked.
I had issues with the 902/1296 gear that took a few hours to rectify.
The last-minute Es on 144 was a real treat!
Thanks to all for the QSOs and 73, Ron (W8RU).
W9GA   Contact Moderator
limited operator time, held to 100 w and 5 elements
W9JN   Contact Moderator
Did not use digital this year......good old days again!
W9RE   Contact Moderator
Analog category did help this year.
W9YOY/R   Contact Moderator
Roved in 6 grids in Illinois.  Had capabilities to operate on the 4 lower bands, but no activity on
222 MHz or 432 Mhz, probably due to 6M being so active.  Worked 90 grids on 6m (all ft8) and 18
grids on 2m (all ft8).  Tried the SSB portion of the bands, but found nobody there.  Made 220 QSOs. 
Had a great time!!!
WA1FCN   Contact Moderator
My 4 el 6 mtr beam has 5 to1 swr and usless. So
I just kept switching between various HF antennas!
I am not sure but I think my category is all mde.
I used CW and FT8.
73  BoB WA1FCN
WA1KPD   Contact Moderator
Nice EU opening and than later on West Coast
WA1LBK   Contact Moderator
Wildest I've seen 6M.in years!
WA2FZW   Contact Moderator
What fantastic conditions here! 6 meters was open at various times coast to coast and to Europe,
South America and Japan. There were even a couple of brief sporadic E openings on 2 meters which
netted me a 1,500 mile contact!

My only complaint was a lack of activity on 432 (maybe it was there and I just wasn't seeing it). I
rushed to get a 432 beam up with 4 hours to spare before the contest and only managed to work one
other station.

But all in all, this is how contests should be!

John Price
WA2VAM/R   Contact Moderator
First Rover experience. First VHF contest in 32 years.
WA2VNV   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Interesting observation that in same June contests,
(Claimed Scores)
2022, Score 49,815/298/135, Points/Q's/Grids, 
2008, Score 49,864/292/119  (no FT8 back then)
2009, Score 49,374/297/117

I had almost the exact same scores and my station setup is essentially the same.
Operating times basically the same. Even with the total number of QSO's/Grids is
very much the same, the upper band contacts suffered from less QSO's/Grids with a
corresponding increase in QSO's & Grids on 6 meters due to FT8 & 6
meters open almost the entire time to somewhere. I also had similar totals in 
2010, 47,232/269/123 with 6 meters also open at times and the past years also
being near/at the sunspot peak 10-12 years ago. 

This contest for me had a much slower Q rate due to FT8 slow timing and 
SSB/CW Q's would be faster when the 6 meter band is open. It was hard to find 
the usual stations to run up the bands, even at the usual ending last hours rush. 
When all is said & done it will be interesting how the Analog only entry stations 
scores came out for this contest. 

I did also switch to 2 meter FT8 once every half hour or so to look for new 
activity & openings. I also checked 6 meter FT4 but saw no activity.
The Higher bands (222 & up) I saw had no FT8 activity. While running on 6 meters 
I would tune around SSB on 2 meters looking for contacts. Most of the time 
2 meters & up was very quiet except for the ocassional auto voice CQ callers.

Another problem with WSJT built in logging is that it has no dupe checking and
resulted in a small number of 6 & 2 meter Dupes (~20+) when I imported the 
contacts into my W3KM logger program. This results in not knowing which
contact to delete as you don't know which contact the other station is
eliminating or not. So I left them in with zero points.

I also had an interesting 6 meter FT8 completed handshake contact with unknown 
GB8QLB station (checked on QRZ.com, not in China) in Grid KG15 (North of 
New Guinea in South Pacific water area), I deleted the contact.
I would have had a LOL or Hi Hi if the suffix of the call was QLF as a bogus
contact. This was not a WSJT computer glitch. 
Thanks to all the rovers out there to work. 73's CU next contest.
WA3EOQ   Contact Moderator
Great to hear ssb/cw stations again
WA4AAK   Contact Moderator
Ran 10W, KX3, 130' CF Zepp and 2-el 6m Moxon antenna. Delighted to
have such good band conditions for my first ARRL VHF Contest on 6
WA4FHY   Contact Moderator
Best 50 mHz conditions I've every heard in a contest!
WA4JA   Contact Moderator
Indoor Dipole, 80w.
WA4LDU   Contact Moderator
I really like the new sub-category of analog only as it encouraged
more people to use SSB which was very nice. It added more character to
the contest rather than just staring at a digital screen on a
WA5RR   Contact Moderator
Great conditions this year!
WA5TKU   Contact Moderator
Started contest to search for FFMA grids I needed. Eneded up contest with nice 2M opening.  Good way
to end the contest!
WA5ZKO   Contact Moderator
good opening on 6 Sunday morning
WA7PDC   Contact Moderator
June 2022 best 6mtr propagation I've ever experienced!
WB2AMU   Contact Moderator
It was a bit strange contest for me - most of the Es was in the
evening.  I did hear Europe mid-Sunday morning but my QRP signal was
not enough.   Thank you for creating the new category breakdown for
this event.  I am QRP portable - Analog Mode only.
WB2PJH   Contact Moderator
I had a great time in the VHF contest. There was not much activity on 144 and 432 but I had some
great CW runs on 6 meters and worked many new countries including Italy, England (twice), Austria,
and Mexico.  Definitely my best score ever in this contest
WB2VVQ/R   Contact Moderator
RoverLog is terrific!

RoverLog is terrific!
WB2VVV   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
June 2022 was a fun ARRL VHF contest indeed! It was great to say HI to so many friends, with
everyone enjoying excellent E and F Layer Skip on 6 meters. I was thrilled to see conditions good
enough to work a hundred grid squares on 6 meters - with a little rooftop beam and 200W. The biggest
surprise was when I turned my little 6m beam around towards the nearby North Atlantic, and was able
to work several EU stations across the pond "analog-only"!!!

This was a particularly interesting VHF contest as it is the first that I have seen to specifically
allow stations that are interested in competing strictly by using their human ears, voices, and
fists to work other stations "analog-only", preserving our traditional analog modes of communication
while competing in a class with other traditional analog mode operators. Meanwhile the folks that
like digital modes can continue to enjoy and expand these semi-automatic computerized communication
tools, while competing in a class with other like minded contesters. Hopefully this will all
generate more and more activity on the VHF/UHF bands by providing a place for everyone's favorites
modes! Best 73, and Stay Well, Chris WB2VVV FN41
WB4EHG   Contact Moderator
Little propagation to SoFl Saturday but Sunday was very good
WB5BKL   Contact Moderator
K3/10 @ 5W to a 6m Omni-Angle.  CW only.  Had fun.
WB6JJJ   Contact Moderator
This was my second time entering this contest...
Lots of local stations from CN85 this year.
I was hoping for a good opening to the East or most any DX area, the best was Brazil but no joy for
a QSO.
I did get one duplicate near the end of the contest - 4 minutes apart.
See you again next year.
Bill, WB6JJJ
Sherwood, Oregon
WB8WUA   Contact Moderator
Had fun - The skip conditions were good during the evening hours on 6
meters ; The 2 meter band was quite bad. I was quite successful this
time here.
WB9TFH   Contact Moderator
This was fun. My 2nd highest score.
Operated Analog only, no digital.
I missed the first 5 hours on Saturday and operated
until 10:30pm cst when the band  went out.
Was up 7am cst Sunday for 1.5 hrs, bands dead here.
Was back on 12pm cst. 6m open and making Q's to end of
contest. No DX. No local 2M or 432 activity to speak of,
very disappointed on those bands. We use to have a lot of 2m
and 432 activity, the bands were dead, where is eveyone
Picked up new grids, EN08 ND, and EM01 and  finally worked
KY for WAS. I need AK and HI  for 6m WAS.
Thanks for  all the Q's. See you in July CQ vhf.
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great contest lots of activity on 6m ft8
WF4R   Contact Moderator
SUPER QSB CONDX, GREAT CONTEST THOUGH. Total time OTA was about 8 hours.
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Had fun roving, great weather, decent conditions, even worked a guy in Oklahoima...pretty cool for 2
elements on 6m. I wish I'd had more time. I live close to the corner of 4 grids. I dragged Tage,
K1SEI, along to observe and help wrangle wires, I may have got him hooked on VHF roving.
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This was better for me than, my first vhf contest, last year score 286 points. Enjoyed this so much
so made over 14k points. Had troubles with log in beginning I lost a few entries that couldn't get
back. Big fingered it I guess, lol. But, kept on making contacts and got to a point I didn't want to

Only had a few confusing moments. When I was on hunt, they were multiple stations on frequencies and
not sure who was the actual one I was making contact with. Other than that was a great experience
and most of the stations competing were very professional and gracious about about making room on
the 6m band.
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