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Soapbox for 2022
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AA4Q   Contact Moderator
part of AZ SOTA Summit Swarm on W7A/AW-040
33.9814, -111.798
AA6XA   Contact Moderator
Another fun year on top of SOTA peak Loma Alta,
W6/NC-350. This time I went up again for a few
hours on Sunday afternoon as well. I'm glad I
did, I got a few good mults. KN6REU also came
up with me on Sunday, and she made about a
dozen contacts. I was disapponted I couldn't
find anyone on 900MHz or 10GHz. By the time you
read this, there will be a video summary on the
ham_bitious YouTube page, and one on my blog at
longgreentunnel.blogspot.com. Looking forward
to the next one!
AC1JR/R   Contact Moderator
It was far too cold to do a "real" rove, so instead I did a
POTA/WWFF activation.
AF1T   Contact Moderator
The Grid count was really poor due to cold weather, power line noise, and a frozen rotator.  Special
thanks to AF1R/R, KG6CIH/R, W2SZ, W1FKF, W1RGA, and K1KG for providing many contacts up through 10
GHz.  I did not make any Digital contacts.
AG6JA   Contact Moderator
Schedule conflict Jan 15-17
AJ6T   Contact Moderator
I was active in this contest to look for new grids toward 222 MHz VUCC, and I was able to snag two
new ones.  With just 10 watts and 10 elements on 1.25m I expected all my QSOs would be on FT8, but I
did manage one CW contact with K9MRI (321 miles) and one Q65 contact with KU8Y (346 miles).  When
activity on 222 MHz got low I made a few 6m FT8 QSOs for fun, and I was pleased to find some E-skip
to Mexico.
AK4U   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Bitter cold, low visibility, and high wind at High Knob VA made this January contest a real
challenge. Managed to get on 2 bands for a total of 2 contacts on 2 FM from same grid square. Never
seen bands so dead during a contest. Looking forward to June!
K1AFC   Contact Moderator
Contains 3 dupes not counted in claimed score
K1DAT   Contact Moderator
I expected to work the contest on Sunday but computer video card went bad and had to solve the
K2AMI   Contact Moderator
Need seperate contest for Digital, FT-8, FT4
K2ET/R   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
This may have been the first contest I’ve participated in where, short of two patch cables,
everything worked right from moment one. Overall activity seemed about on par to others, at least
during the daylight hours. I spent a little more time than initially planned operating the FT modes,
but working down in VA, MD, and out to Western MI, and Eastern ME to pick up those extra grids on 2m
made it well worth the time. Called it early both days - Saturday for the Bills Game, and Sunday due
to weather, but still looking like a close to PR score!
K2JB   Contact Moderator
There was a great six-meter opening into Oklahoma and Texas on Saturday which helped us a lot.
K3MD   Contact Moderator
Everything worked.  Everyone seems to have made a successful transition to FT8.  Some problems with
TVI on 2M.  Conditions on 1296 were not good.  Activity on ON4KST was there, it was however
exceptionally difficult to make QSO;s on 1296.  Apparently some are having problems with their
IC-9700's not being stable enough for FT8 on 432 and above... no such problems with the FT-736R.
K3SK   Contact Moderator
Had a little fun although running only vertical FM
antennas for 2, 222 & 432 MHz makes it tough.
I did work 9 states on 2 meters using the
wrong polarization.
K4KEW   Contact Moderator
Great condx on six for the contest.  Spent hours working into New England and Texas.
K4TG   Contact Moderator
Band was dead, had a few sporadic openings on Saturday, Sunday none
K4YRK   Contact Moderator
Six meter eskip opening Saturday afternoon added to contest.
K5EI   Contact Moderator
My 6m PAR-30 is damaged, so I relied on a 2m Big Wheel and 2M432. From NTX, which is largely a
VHF/UHF island.
K5LLL   Contact Moderator
Thanks to the rovers who added to the activity. Conditions poor due to frontal passage.
K5ND   Contact Moderator
See my full write up and photos at
K5OMC   Contact Moderator
Maybe a 6 Meter digial contest could be held and a seperate one for SSB/CW because digital is so
K5ZD   Contact Moderator
Not much activity except on FT.  Too bad.
K6CLS   Contact Moderator
portable, 4 radios, 3 modes, 7 antennas
K6RE   Contact Moderator
Good turnout!  Fun to work the usual crowd plus some newly made friends!  73, Rich
K6VHF/R   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
This is Alex K6VHF. As always I am pleased to participate in this great contest. January VHF for
K6VHF is a special event. 
I was working on all 11 bands from 50MHz and up to 10GHz. 73 de K6VeryHighFrequency/Rover
K7CNT   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
I had a great time up at Windy Point Campground @ 6000' elv. Thanks to all.
K7SMA   Contact Moderator
Very slow - Thank God for FM Simplex
K7YO   Contact Moderator
This was a fun contest.
K9WKJ   Contact Moderator
very tough going bands just would not behave
so many bad/wide signals covering up stations on FT8
KA0PQW   Contact Moderator
Very slow contest. at least a little six meter opening.
KA2YRA/R   Contact Moderator
Combined operating from as many POTA sites as possible. Thanks and 73.
KA3TTT   Contact Moderator
I had fun in my first ARRL VHF contest. I enjoyed my first CW QSOs on
2 meters. My favorite contact started on SSB but he couldn't make out
my call, so I switched to CW and he picked me right out. CW and QRP
work well.
KA7RRA/R   Contact Moderator
I had a lot of fun in this contest. I got a slow start. I also thought there was going to be a lot
of snow in the areas that I go to but up on Green Mountain there was no snow at 1700 feet.  

I did find some nice little hills that worked great for the grid I was in out of Granite Falls 
KB5WBH   Contact Moderator
A lot of activity on 6m with Mexico booming in great. Even with a low score it was a lot of fun as
always. 73 Michael KB5WBH
KB7IOG   Contact Moderator
Great to see all the participation.
KB7QAG   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Hiving in community called: The Rosemount place, NO antennas on the roof but Having ham shack in
closet but do have dualband in the attic.
Cence 2008 made contact less thin 20 before moving from gig harbor Myself, Mom and Dad, I had 2
antennas on the roof 2 yegies 2m and 70cm
KB7SDM   Contact Moderator
This was my second vhf contest, I had some technical setbacks this
time around , but had fun anyway.
KC0GND/R   Contact Moderator
RoverLog is terrific!
KC0P/R   Contact Moderator
Signals got very weak to impossible on
Sunday afternoon and so missed what would
normally be some easy multipliers at 150 miles.
KC1NNR   Contact Moderator
First contest ever.   Goal:  Don't finish last.
KC1OCA   Contact Moderator
Tried 70cm FT8, no joy.
KC2NRU   Contact Moderator
KC2UES   Contact Moderator
Used indoor antennas - Arrow J-Pole for FM on 2m and 70cm, and
home-brew dipole for FT8 on 6m. Too cold to run a wire in from an
outside antenna (I need to drill a hole into the house this spring).
Left FM radio running and caught contacts as the called CQ. Had to
relearn the FT8 software (WSJT) and used SignaLink with K3 for 6m;
mobile iCom 2m/70cm for FM. I also need to find a good logging
program; I entered all the contacts by hand.
KC4GCK   Contact Moderator
Despite a fairly rare snow event, managed to nearly match last year's score.  Had a couple of
problems with the latest version of N1MM's Logger+ in that I needed to fiddle with the settings for
the connection to my rig.  Also, while DUPEs were correctly scored, there used to be an indication
that the contact was a dupe.  Maybe it's buried in the documentation somewhere.  Since I had so few
contacts, I finally settled for keeping the log sorted in alphabetical order by callsign, and then
sending out a message to that effect when a station I had previously worked called me.  Sometimes it
took a while to get the message across.
KD2VNV   Contact Moderator
RoverLog is terrific!
KD4IZ   Contact Moderator
Took an hour or so to contest while troubleshooting 6, 2, and 70cm Yagis. Also had logger issues so
it was barely "modest" effort. Long distance propagation did not happen while I was on.
KD5IKG/R   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Was a fun contest, best January score yet, my low power transverters for microwaves were all working
great due to help from K5TRA and K0MHC,  had fun with fellow rover’s KA5D, KB5PRZ, K2EZ and W5TN, 
missing were the Oklahoma Rover crew and K5ND. Car side Contest catering by KB5PRZ in the vanagon
kept us focused on contacts and socially distanced from everyone!

Thanks for the home stations that make these contest fun!  Was suffering S5 noise levels on Saturday
and could not copy the same stations the other rivers were working,  after requiring and clip on
toroidal on Saturday night.  We were down to S-1/2, culprits were a 12v usb charging port that was
added and no impact on HF. Just wiped the VHF bands out, that was a station improvement that got
thrown away after the contest!

Thanks for the contacts. This may be my last rover outing before a transfer to Europe
KD6EFQ/R   Contact Moderator
KD6EFQ/R was schedule constrained to operate a few hours on each day.
As a portable station in a vehicle, I was able to activate two
San Diego County grids from moderate elevation locations.
A light rain arrived in San Diego at the start of the contest Saturday
eliminating local VHF ducting conditions along coastal SoCA.
VHF seemed to have LOS propagation from peaks.  Many SOTA ops heard on 144 FM.
KD6EFQ/R used a IC-7200 with a portable loop and laptop for
WSJT-X on FT8 digital mode on 50.315 MHz without any successful DX QSOs.
No stations were heard on 50 MHz except FT8; not one 50 PH station received.
CW stations heard on 432.100 but no QSO completed except on FM.
KD9VV   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Great contest during the winter doldrums here in the midwest
KE5SUI   Contact Moderator
This is my first contest. I built a 6m full wave Delta loop out of wire and hung it from my bedroom
ceiling. Unfortunately the bands were not in my favor and the snow on the roof did not help, but 15
unique grid squares and 26 total contacts isn't bad for what I have to work with. I'm not sure if I
should have entered the 3 band category or not. I only worked 6m.
KE8JCD   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Have lots of fun participating in the VHF events.
KF2T   Contact Moderator
KF5RRW   Contact Moderator
I forgot to submit my logs on time. If nothing else its useful
information for you.
I am submitting 2 logs for this contest, one for Single Operator
Portable and one for Rover Station KF5RRW/R. This is the Single
Operator logs. I am unsure if I should submit for 3-band or not, as I
only operated on 2 bands 144 & 432.

This 10W portable station was set up on top of the Sandia mountain in
the Cibola National Forrest, a 10,000FT mountain top. A flooded 12V
battery and a 20w solar panel with charge controller was used for
power. The radios used was a 40 year old IC-211 all mode 2 meter radio
and an TYT MD-380 handheld for 432. The antenna was a simple 2 meter
dipole 5ft off the gound, it was tuned for the SSB portion of the
band. I setup on a park bench at the tramcar house. The tram is about
3 miles south of the radio broadcast and ham radio towers which can be
accessed by a road. The tram was used to avoid interference from the
large amount of RF. There was too much equipment to hike very far with
all the equipment in a backpack so the tram ticket purchase was worth
it. Weather could not have been better, the temperature was 2 degrees
C with very little wind and sunny.
KF5RRW/R   Contact Moderator
I forgot to submit my logs on time. If nothing else its useful
information for you. I am submitting 2 logs for this contest, one for
Single Operator Portable and one for Rover Station KF5RRW/R. This is
the logs for KF5RRW/R

I used my Honda Civic and a Tram mobile antenna. Drove south to DM64
to get contacts into Albuquerque. Attempted to get into Socorro but I
did not want to drive 50 miles for one contact, and it was getting
late. I resumed the next day from DM65 half way up the east side of
the Sandia Mountains in the Cibola National Forrest. Surprisingly was
able to reach into Albuquerque with the 7 element beam and get a
couple passing mobile stations on the national calling frequencies. My
friend Gary gave me my only 432 band contacts for the rover station.
KF8QL/R   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
It was a chilly setup in Michigan with a morning temperature of 5 degrees F, but I eventually got
the 4 band rover set up, and all the equipment worked fine.  Activity was fairly low in Western
Michigan, but it always is in January.  We enjoyed some winter E propagation around 3 o'clock local
on Saturday, which helped the multipliers.  I spent time calling CQ on CW but few takers, but moved
a few to CW out of necessity as we moved up the bands.
KG5EIU   Contact Moderator
Nice 6M open on Sat
KG7PD   Contact Moderator
My first ever VHF contest participation. I enjoyed it!
KJ7OGF   Contact Moderator
This was my first contest and I enjoyed the day on the summit working
the VHF content with SOTA summit to summit activations.  Phoenix has a
solid community of mobile operators. Looking forward to learning more.

KK4BZ   Contact Moderator
Equipment: Icom IC-746 connected to 5-element 6m yagi and
4-element 2m cubic quad beams; Yaesu FT-5100 connected to
11-element 70cm cubic beam; TYT TH-9800 connected to Diamond X50A
Vertical antenna; Kenwood TK-981 connected to 9-element 33cm
yagi. Winter storm IZZY made operating difficult. Very little
Es seen.
KK7BFY   Contact Moderator
First time contesting! Nothing more than an FM HT and a DIY antenna
that worked surprisingly well. I'm a bit of a contrarian, as well as
space-limited, so I'm very excited to have not one but TWO categories
I can compete in. Surprised at the number of hams monitoring 146.52,
and some were just as surprised to hear me on the other end.
Big thanks to some of the 'big guns' who came over to FM and got on
log for some multipliers, and to everyone that answered my CQ. See
in June!
KM4KMU   Contact Moderator
First time setting up a VERY limited multi-op.  Zero effort put into
FM.  The goal was to have fun, introduce a friend KN4BLG (KN4) to
VHF/UHF contesting and make the best out of what promised to be rough
conditions.  KN4 has had his Technicians for several  years but was
inactive, being bored with repeaters.  I motivated him to get his
General a few months ago.  He fell in love with his IC-7300 and FT8 on
HF with a home brew antenna.  He passed Extra a couple days ago.  This
was going to be a whole new experience for both of us.  I had him
watch N5XO's contest video just in case it got busy so he would know
what could, but probably wouldn't happen.

100W on 50, 144, 222 & 432 working SSB, FM & FT8
A 12' boom beam for each band on my Jeep fold over mast.
KN4 set up his IC-7300 in a small trailer next to the Jeep with the 6m
feed line switchable between his  6m only IC-7300 and my FT-991A which
covered all four bands using a DEMI XVRTR for 222. We were located in
urban Va Beach at 30' ASL.  The rotor controller stayed in the Jeep so
when KN4 wanted a bearing change he would call me on an HT to move it.
I spent a lot of time in the trailer so I got very wet and very
cold running back and forth to move that rotor.

Claimed score:  4017
Band   QSO's  Multi's
50        60       20
144       29       13
222        3        3
432        4        3
Not exactly rock star territory.

The goal was to have fun and introduce KN4 to VHF/UHF contesting.
KN4 really put the hammer down on 6m FT8.  After a few hours he had
multiple screens open with contact maps, signal reports and spotting
networks.  He monitored our signal reports and had me move the beam
around looking for possible openings, staying where it was strong and
moving when it faded.  When the signal reports came in strong he would
let me know and I would jump off 2m FT8 and try SSB on the 3 higher
bands, occasionally having him give me the 6m antenna but that gained
us nothing, conditions were bad.   When he saw other stations in the
local area get good reports on other bearings he would have me point
the beam in that direction to work new stations and grids on FT8, I
would tag along, first trying 2m SSB then FT8 in the Jeep.  Every time
he got a new contact outside the local grids he was excited.

There were several  "difficult" western stations KN4 kept seeing but
were just out of reach:  W5LO EM03, W5TRL EM10, AB5CC EM14 & K0TPP
EM48.  By working the propagation and with persistence (but not target
fixation) he finally got all of them.  K0TPP was special.  KN4 chased
K0TPP all day Saturday but time and time again as soon as he tried to
work K0TPP the propagation would falter, sometimes mid exchange, that
doesn't happen much on 20m and he would try again or move on.   We set
up MSK-144 for  Saturday night.   Despite A LOT of MSK activity our
100W only managed to fully complete one contact, N4SVC in EM80.  After
4 hours sleep we got back to work.  KN4 on MSK-144 and FT8 and me on
2m FT8 & SSB.   A little after 5 am I heard KN4 yelling  over the HT "

Yes, he finally got K0TPP and he did it on MSK-144.  He has been
telling the story of how he bounced a signal off of ionized meteor
trails to family and friends ever since.  They are as amazed to hear
that such a thing is possible as he was thrilled to do it.  Digital
modes on VHF/UHF are a heck of a lot of fun.

A few KN4 quotes are appropriate:
"This is a lot more effort than 20m, I love the chase".
"It's a lot of fun and a challenge to dig them out".
"Its like a scavenger hunt, every opening and every contact is
"This is harder and more fun than I thought".
"The XYL says I can go to the mountain in June"

Our score sucked, out location sucked, the propagation sucked, the
weather sucked, my station even sucked, its a lousy example of a
limited multi-op set up.  WE HAD A GREAT TIME.

VHF/UHF contests are a tremendous amount of fun.   This contest was no
exception to that.  We exceeded all expectations and pegged out the
fun meter.  Its not the QSO rate that matters, you can get that any
day on 20m or 40m.  Its not the multiplier count or even the score
that matters (done far better on FM Only).  The fun is in the
challenge.  The fun is in finding and being rewarded by working the
openings.  The fun is in having your persistence and effort pay off in
digging out a weak and difficult station.  The fun is in changing
modes when needed (FM, FT8 or MSK).  Above all, the fun is in
overcoming the obstacles put in front of you, be they weather,
propagation or technical mishaps.  The fun puts a big smile on your
face and leaves you wanting to do it again.

Still smiling Monday night and I can't wait to do it again.
KM5RG   Contact Moderator
6m was pretty good on Saturday, very little on Sunday.
KM8AM   Contact Moderator
That was interesting....1st FT8 6 mtr operation....Don't think
I'll do that again, especially with a small yagi.  But if it gets
any new Hams interested in contesting or operating in general,
it's a good thing.
KN4SYO/R   Contact Moderator
first time working as a rover. a lot more productive and a lot of fun.
KO4ECD   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Weather forecast for the mountain tops I like to operate from was expecting up to 24" of snow with
freezing rain, so I decide to set up a 3 band station on my back deck thats in a HOA. I used a
Coment GP-9 vertical for 2m and 70cm FM, a 8 element Yagi for 70cm SSB/DG and a 6m and 2m M2 halo
loops for SSB/DG. very pleased with the results considering antennas used and my QTH is only 20'
ASL. Looking forward to June.

KO4HMB   Contact Moderator
Operating portable, FT991a, 2m 6el yagi from N4HER, and 6m Halo -
10-50w, from Blue Ridge Parkway, POTA park K-3378 for the Support
Your Parks weekend!
KO6BT   Contact Moderator
Enjoyed the contest even though only a limited number of contacts.
Introduced my wife to contesting and she said she had fun too.
KO9A   Contact Moderator
Great conditions on Saturday!
KS1G   Contact Moderator
1st time entering, 100% FT8, using my HF wire for 6M and satellite antennas at 10ft AGL for 2M &
70cm.  Best DX was EL89 (KM4HI) on 6M and FN13 (K2TER) on 2M, Inspired to have better antennas
(backyard portable?) and be ready for CW & SSB  for June.
KV2X   Contact Moderator
This contest was a leaarning experience for me. Using FT8 for first time
Learing how to operate my new IC-970
KV4ZY   Contact Moderator
Casual operating just for fun.
KW4XK/R   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
First time operating as a rover. Had a blast running 5 watts with an assortment of homebrew antennas
for 6m, 2m, and 70cm. SSB and FM seemed to be dominant in SoCal - just a few FT8 contacts and no
luck at all with CW. Can’t wait for June!
KX7L   Contact Moderator
Too many things going on this weekend, but I did manage to get
some time in for the contest.  I only heard a few brief
"flashlight openings" into the Bay Area, but couldn't manage any
QSO's that way.  Still great fun working the locals.  Always a
treat to work the W7MEM "Super Station" over the mountains.
Thanks for all the Q's!
N0IS   Contact Moderator
Good conditions on Sat but no CW or SSB activity.  NOT good.

Bob, N0IS
N0JK   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
There was an amazing and unexpected sporadic-E opening on 50 MHz in the 2022 ARRL January VHF
Contest Saturday afternoon and evening January 15.

From northeast Kansas (EM28) sporadic-E first appeared around 3 pm
(2100 UTC) to Florida. I was QRP portable outdoors from a hilltop west of Lawrence, KS with a strong
north wind and 15 degree F temperature. Had to fight the wind to keep the yagi up.

I first worked stations in Florida, then then opening spread to Georgia and
the Carolinas. Around 2300 UTC stations in Kentucky, Mississippi were
logged. Some Es to Minnesota and Michigan. Even some foreign DX with
XE2X (EL06) in the log. I had a PSK flag from ZF1EJ. The opening continued to
about 7 pm (0100 UTC) Jan. 16. I was running 10 watts on 6M FT8 with a classic 
MFJ-9406 and a 2 el yagi. The MFJ-9406 radio did a credible job once it equilibrated with the chilly
temperature. It can drift in frequency and sometimes doesn't get decodes.

Next morning one 6M sporadic-E contact to XE2YWH (DL92). Worked K5QE
(EM31) on 50 MHz meteor scatter Sunday evening, took almost 30 minutes !
Thanks -- Marshall and crew persistent.

A pleasant surprise with the Es. There was aurora the evening before in North America. Aurora can
sometimes spark Es the next day and may have played a role.

A last note. After operating outdoors Sunday evening I felt ill with a sore throat and cough. I
tested + Monday. Please get your vaccinations. I am glad I did.
N0LD/R   Contact Moderator
We stopped operating by 2311 UTC on 15 Jan 2022 due to one operator feeling unwell.
N1SFE/R   Contact Moderator
First time submitting using hte new One Grid Rover category.  Operated from 3 different locations
within FN31.  Only operated a couple of hours on Sunday afternoon/evening.
N1VVV   Contact Moderator
Had very little time to operate. Results were ft8 contacts on two
bands Never heard anything on 432
N2LVI   Contact Moderator
Using a home-brew program to generate Cabrillo file - please advise if errors found
N2WK   Contact Moderator
Another FT8 contest. When will it end? Hardly any CW/SSB on 6 and 2m. Thanks to the rovers. Bless
you guys. Had 39 Q's with KF2MR/R. Good SHOW JARRED. Thanks Ev W2EV/R for 25 Q's and Kent K2ET/R
with 24 Q's in my log. Thanks for the multi band fix stations in the area W2FU, K2TER, K2DH, NR2C,
N2OA, K2UA, KA2ENE ,KD2LGX, N2JMH and any other fix stations I may have missed here.

Thank you to our Canadian Friends VE3DS, VE3MIS and VE3ZV for running the bands with me. Only did 15
hours and 25 min this time due an array of problems and other unavoidable sources. All the rovers
complained about the cold so there was no 5 and 10G setup this time around. It should be warm in
June however and those bands will be gladly welcomed.
N2YU   Contact Moderator
N3EXA   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
(no comments)
N3JNX   Contact Moderator
Seems like everybody has left SSB and CW for FT-8.
N4DXY   Contact Moderator
Every little Propagation to EM64
N4NIV   Contact Moderator
Kenwood TR751A 25 watts, IC-47A 25 watts, indoor antennas
N5BGZ   Contact Moderator
N5BNO/R   Contact Moderator
RoverLog is terrific!
N5QYC   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Entered the contest with a new vhf/uhf setup using transverters and a ICOM IC-718.
Antennas were a stack of four individual yagi's for 6 meters, 2 meters, 222, and 432, on a single
From reports I received, my setup worked well and my score showed it.
Even though we had a major snowstorm during the contest, a real good excuse to stay in and play
radio, everything, but propagation, worked as I had hoped.
With this first, in a long time, contest under my belt for 2022, I hope for better results in future
vhf/uhf contests.  73,  Joe  N5QYC
N6JSO   Contact Moderator
Sending this one as a checklog since I forgot to set my call to /R
N6JSO/R   Contact Moderator
4-grid Rover including 3 POTA parks!
N6RH/R   Contact Moderator
RoverLog is terrific!
N6ZE/R   Contact Moderator
1. I made use of the new ROVER rule permitting a minimum of 1 grid
activated. I
operated from 4 locations within DM04
2. I utilized PHONE only; I heard very few FT-8 (data) stations in the
few times
I monitored FT frequencies.
3. Most QSOs made with FT857 (6m/2m/70cm), Kenwood mobile (125cm),
handhelds for
33cm & 23cm, WA6EJO H/B for 2.3&5.7GHz. Antenna = whips only for
4. 22 QSOs in DM12, including 2m & 125cm handhelds+whip antennae.
5. I operated primarily from DM04qb in Santa Monica Mts & DM04ne
Hill in Thousand Oaks, CA
6. Nice to see lots of local activity for this contest.
7. Weather nice! No Snow! NWS forecast 40 mph winds died down early on
morning & light showers noted a couple of times.
N7DA/R   Contact Moderator
You know it's SoCal when you work a station on an HT who is sitting outside in January watching a
water polo game!
N7EPD   Contact Moderator
Very little rover activity.  When will single ops have a limited
category (6m through 70cm) like rovers and multiops enjoy
N7VD   Contact Moderator
Thanks to all the rovers for their efforts.
N7WLC   Contact Moderator
A couple of big accomplishments this year:  Tripled the
number of QSOs on 33cm.  Saw a brief 6m FT8 opening on
Saturday.  A fun time was had by all.
N8KH   Contact Moderator
I made only FT8 contacts, because no other mode is possible.
This is because other hams won't use any other mode.  FT8 has
ruined VHF/UHF/Microwave contesting.
N8MP   Contact Moderator
Not a great score but still great fun.
N9BNN   Contact Moderator
My first Contest!
NE3R   Contact Moderator
Just left the radio on while I was going about my weekend, would
come back to calls I heard.
NT1D   Contact Moderator
DG on 50 MHz improved activity; DG on 144 MHz reduced phone activity
NT5TM   Contact Moderator
Member of Dallas Amateur Radio Club, W5FC
NU2H   Contact Moderator
Could only operate for 1 hour so set up backyard portable.  Horrible S7+ noise prevented SSB/CW/FM
contacts only made 2 FT8.  As they say though, always submit a log!
NW2M   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Some close-in grid squares were elusive- like DE and HI for Worked All States (WAS).  I may have to

Is it legal to put FT8 tones on a FM carrier for FM-Only contest credit ??!!??
NY0V   Contact Moderator
Decided to go with FT8 as conditions did not seem too favorable for Ph. Most paths were to the east
coast and south to TX.
VA3AMX   Contact Moderator
Two is better than zero :-) - I tried SSB/CW but with a vertical
antenna I was
I gave up and moved to NAQP CW
Perhaps I will install a small yagi for 2M/70CM and a
6M - that's all I could have here. 73 ERIC VA3AMX
VA3FGL   Contact Moderator
First time activating on a contest. Indoor at home QTH with a
handheld, rubber duck antenna and 6W power.
VA3RSA   Contact Moderator
Difficult propagation conditions for this contest.
I used FT8 at 50 watts to a 6m horizontal dipole up 25 ft.
Rig was an ICOM IC-7300.
VA6RCN   Contact Moderator
I think everyone was working digital!
VE2HAY   Contact Moderator
Analog only: SSB-FM
VE3IPS   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
It was -31 degrees C with wind chill on the hilltop. After 45 minutes I started to lose the feeling
in my finger tips so it was time to pack up and go. I decide to hang in there another 15 minutes to
try to work another grid. Thanks to VE3DM I struggled to take apart the antennas and get back down. 
SG Labs 23cm transverter 2 watts, Icom 705 IF and 5 watts on 2m using an Arrow Backpacker antenna. I
was glad I had a pencil for the log as my pen had froze. I was happy adding another 1296 contact to
my list and working the locals on 2m.
VE3MIX   Contact Moderator
First actual log submission for this contest.
VE3OIL/R   Contact Moderator
BAND           QSOs              MULTS

50             55                17
144            89                21
222            27                7
432            27                7
902            11                4
1.2G           13                4
2.3G           8                 2
3.4G           4                 1
5.7G           0                 0
10G            1                 1
24G            1                 1
123G           1                 1
LIGHT          1                 1
VE3RKS/R   Contact Moderator
This was a very low key effort this year.   I only got 3 contacts
while also geocaching in the city of Toronto.  I did not hear much
activity, it seems there were signals on the FT8 frequencies (which I
do not have in the rover)
VE3SMA   Contact Moderator
My transmitted mode is shown for cross-mode contacts
Log includes 2 duplicate QSOs not counted toward claimed score
Equipment -
50 MHz Yaesu FTDX-10 60-100 W, attic dipole
144 MHz Elecraft K2+xvtr+amp 100W, 5 el Yagi @ 25'.FT290RII 25 W, indoor GP on FM.
222 MHz Elecraft K2+xvtr 20W, 7 el.indoor Yagi
432 MHz Elecraft K2+xvtr 10W, 10 el. Indoor Yagi.FT-818 6W, indoor GP on FM.
903 MHz Elecraft K2+rx conv., homebrew tx, 5W, 7 el indoor Yagi
1296 MHz FT-290R+xvtr+amp 6W, 10 el indoor Yagi
2304 MHz: FT-290R+xvtr 1W, 9 el indoor Yagi
10 GHz: K2 + 2m xvtr + DB6NT xvtr/amp 2 W, indoor 2 ft. dish
VE3WY   Contact Moderator
2m & 6m only for this contest.
  With the cold wx forecast, I pre-set the 6m beam to the SW and glad I did.  Rotator was froze in
that direction til noon on Sunday.  Amazing who I worked on MSK144 even with the antenna pointing in
the wrong direction.
   I think this was my best 2m ever with just over 100 contacts.
   Great to hear rover stations out there braving the elements.

  Hope to have 222MHz and 432MHz up and running for June this this year.
VE3ZY   Contact Moderator
Only heard / workred locals this time.
Also working NAQP CW at the same time.
Hoping for better in June
VE4MA/K7   Contact Moderator
This contest was quite different than 2 years ago. There was much
more emphasis on 2.3, 5, & 10 GHz and less on 2m QSOs. One highlight was a pileup on 2.3 GHz ! The 7
Rovers here are amazing operators and very well equipped. Unfortunately liaison with some of them
was not good, so we missed many
opportunities for QSOs.  I had only one digital QSO and used JT65 on
1296, as I was having trouble getting decodes with the heavy aircraft
scatter in the path. The signals were relatively strong ( good enough
for CW) and perhaps we should have tried FT8 as it would have speeded
up the QSO. I will be better prepared with 3.4, and better systems
for 5 & 10 G.
VE7BGP   Contact Moderator
I only had a short time to operate this contest.
VO1IV   Contact Moderator
Local simplex QSO'S are rare here in GN37. I was lucky to work the few stations that I have in the
log. Equipment was an Icom 7200, and the antenna was an antron 99 through a tuner. Not very
efficient, but it is all I have up at the moment that is relatively close to 6 meters. For 2 meters,
I used a Kenwood TM271A, running to a vertical dipole at 30 feet. QTH is at 600 feet above sea
level, with the majority of the surrounding area being at 160 feet above sea level. Hopefully I will
do a better job in the June VHF contest. 

73 de Aaron, VO1IV
W0GHZ   Contact Moderator
No digital
W0KI   Contact Moderator
SOTA Activation of Berrian Mountain (W0C/FR-060)
W1TR   Contact Moderator
FT8 draining all the contacts away from SSB CW...
Need contest rules change, Work once per Band per Mode, not just Once per Band.
Modes: CW, Phone, Digital.
W1YU   Contact Moderator
Tyler N2RTS operating as W1YU with permission from license
trustee. I think the following QSOs were done before the contest started:
QSO:   144 FM 2022-01-15 1511 W1YU              FN31   N2TRX             FN30 
QSO:   144 FM 2022-01-15 1602 W1YU              FN31   KD2MRW            FN20 
QSO:   144 FM 2022-01-15 1602 W1YU              FN31   KB1YWT            FN31 
QSO:   144 FM 2022-01-15 1627 W1YU              FN31   WB1ELG            FN31 
QSO:   144 FM 2022-01-15 1642 W1YU              FN31   WB1FWG            FN31 
QSO:   144 FM 2022-01-15 1825 W1YU              FN31   KS3TUX            FN31 

Please let me know if these do count and I will include them.
W2CCC   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Added thought, we have wanted to rename the club for this January Contest
W2NTN   Contact Moderator
This operation was with the IC705 at 5 watts.  It was fun and a very good learning experience.  My
thanks to all those who worked to pull my peanut signal out of
the noise.
W2ODH   Contact Moderator
very slow
W2TTT   Contact Moderator
First contest in new Florida QTH.  Love the diverse propagation
here in EM80.  Completed VUCC (officially) on 6m because of the
contest.  Also got to shake out some of the demons of fully
automated FT8 operations, but there is more to learn.  Some guys
were using different FT8 message sequences which was confusing.
We need to settle on what is "Hoyle" and communicate it better.
Lots of fun and I sure that we'll do better next time.
W3HMS   Contact Moderator
Bet ever points
W3JG   Contact Moderator
As many have commented, and as this weekend demonstrated so clearly, the digital mode FT-8 activity
has nearly wiped out voice contact during the VHF contests. It's a real shame -- beside the human
contact aspect, it makes it so difficult to find people with whom one can climb the frequency bands
into the UHF and beyond areas. Contacts at 220 MHz and up have virtually vanished, unless you
pre-arrange with friends or club members.

Idea & suggestion: Let's reserve the FIRST THREE HOURS on Saturday, and the LAST THREE HOURS on
Sunday, for non-computer contact only. For those six hours, only SSB/AM/FM voice and CW allowed.
Digital voice (C4FM etc) allowed, as long as it's carrying human voice communications. Hope you'll
consider my suggestion.
W3SWL   Contact Moderator
This was my first VHF contest. I didn't operate very long but had fun when I did. Thanks W3SO and
W3XOX for their efforts!
W5MO   Contact Moderator
Check Log Submission
W8RU   Contact Moderator
My time on was unfortunately limited. Thanks for the QSOs & 73! -Ron (W8RU).
W8TN   Contact Moderator
I had to quit early because my antenna iced up and SWR went too high.
W9JN   Contact Moderator
6m data only
W9XA   Contact Moderator
Enjoyed the activity level, and the 6M openings.   The antennas were frozen pointing to the East
from EN51uu.   It was especially nice to see more activity on the phone segments. 

 See you in June !
WA2VJL   Contact Moderator
Just a short opening here in STX, but loud signals. Hoping for HI /KL but no luck!
WA4UF   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Another contest, another bout of antenna work, another propagation desert

My homebrew wooden tower disassembled itself in a storm last Thanksgiving, and I just now got 'round
to putting it back together temporarily. I'll have to redo it this spring to get some more height,
but at least the VHF station is back on the air.  Alas, the propagation pixies were to busy
sprinkling their dust elsewhere to bother with EL89. :)
WA5KTU   Contact Moderator
Only was able to operate a limited time but had fun.  Wash hoping to
work some new FFMA grids but no such luck.
WA5RR   Contact Moderator
Great 6m E's on Saturday made this my best effort in many years. Added new grids on 6 and 2m to VUCC
as well! Thanks to all the rovers and fixed stations!
WA5TKU   Contact Moderator
Only was able to operate a limited time but had fun.  Wash hoping to
work some new FFMA grids but no such luck.
WA7JTM   Contact Moderator
Operated QRP Portable from SOTA Summit W7A/MN-119.
Hiked up in the dark with the backpack, mast, and antenna bundle (YAGIS ON ALL SIX BANDS).
Got on the air about 8 AM. WX cold in the morning, but warm by noon.
Activity was lower than last year...not sure why, but I suspect Digital Modes had a hand in it.
WA8ZID   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
6 meters was open to the gulf coast until just after the start then almost nothing for the rest of
the weekend. Did get one new grid at the start.
WB2AMU   Contact Moderator
The ARRL January VHF event is always s a challenge for QRP portable
operators like me that are located in the Northeast US with regards to
both weather conditions and band conditions.  For the 2022 event, band
conditions were generally poor, especially on Six Meters, for me
during my portable operation in FN30.
I soon found out that four of the usual FN30 stations were not around
for this contest, so I did my best to provide the FN30 grid square to
others. Thank you, Dave, N2SLO, for providing FN30 to me on the lower
four bands! I operated on CW and SSB for Six Meters, Two Meters and
432 MHz
Weather conditions were so cold on Saturday at 20 degrees F, and my
222 FM HT did not function at all at this temperature, so this band
was not available to me that day.  I did make three 222 FM QSOs on
I had two nice moments during the contest - an enhanced opening to
FN01 on Two Meters on Sunday morning and a narrow Sporadic-E opening
with Florida on Six Meters with a QSO with WA4GPM in EM70, shortly
after noontime.
WB8WUA   Contact Moderator
The VHF bands did not open - So, I gladly had fun talking (phone mode)
to some local guys on the two meter band on Sunday afternoon.
WD5BJT   Contact Moderator
WG1V   Contact Moderator
Was prepared to work a lot of CW and SSB, but it turned out FT8 was my mos
t productive mode. Was also surprised I never heard anyone on FM Simplex. F
irst time I had antennas up for 6M, 2M and 70cm, so I had a lot of fun play
ing the 3 bands.
WJ7L   Contact Moderator
10 GHz never gets old!
WM5L   Contact Moderator
WT4R   Contact Moderator
Icom IC-7100 and a wire rectangular loop for 6m hanging at about 20 feet.
WX4DAT   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Worst time to have contest in my area. Worked through a winter storm. I am a budget type Ham. Low
power station and low budget shack. Using verticals antennas and two OCF dipoles. Made only three
long range contacts being on 6m. After that just all local and had to get creative. Made 26 contacts
total and that frustrates me, it being my first VHF CONTEST. Kinda embarrassing but worked hard to
get everyone. More calling than taking calls. 

But I damn sure had fun.
WZ1V   Contact Moderator
note - left dupes in log