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Soapbox for 2021
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9H1TX   Contact Moderator
Was qrv on 2m firs leg from the 20th Nov from MR till end on 21st 00.00 utc.
Had fun even with times of polarity issues.
Later at the 2nd leg I was prepared for a full cotest but unfortunatley after 5hours qrv with very
few stations heard and work I had a PA  failure so  i had to qrt.
Degradation was more bad on the 2nd leg conditions where very poor at least this side and the time i
was qrv.
If its possible to find another  date for a better conditions its better.

73 David 9H1TX
AK4WQ   Contact Moderator
I was deaf, got a defective preamp for the November test, then got a new preamp, which had worse
problems it was clicking for ever, so for the December test I switched back to the first preamp.
CE3VRT   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
I started slow, conditions at first seems not very good, but finally managed to do 25 QSO on the
first night. Second night did 10 more QSO. The second leg was much more relaxed because i contacted
the majority of posible stations on the first leg. Finally i squezeed 13 more QSO on the two nights
of the second leg. Im very happy, because this is only my second ARRL EME Contest, on 2020 i did 25
QSO (19 valid) and this year i made 50 QSO, so i doubled my QSO on one year.
DJ3JJ   Contact Moderator
This year i could only participate in November
and in the european window but liked to give
some points to friends on 23cm CW.

Sorry that SP6JLW and OK1KKD could not pick my call
out of the noise. Its time for +3 dB on tx ;o)

73 Andreas DJ3JJ
DL1SUZ   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
First time QRV with my new 3,2m mesh dish. Parts provided by OK1DFC. TNX Zdenek.
First time qrv on 13cm. I made there 10 qso. Unfortunately it is not possible to submit logs for 2
different bands. So I decided to submit only the 23cm-log. Highlights for me on 23cm were KL6M in CW
and HS0ZOP in Q65. Alex was running only 50wtts into a 3m dish.
Many thanks to all and hope to meet you in next year again.
vy 73 de Uwe
DL8JJ   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
No good conditions here, but lot of fun.
Antenna portable from my garden.
Rig: Flex6500 & XV144 & OM Power 1002 PA
Best Regards.
Emil de DL8JJ
EA7KI   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Hello everyone, my name is David, EA7KI, the first thing to thank Alejandro CE3VRT for the help in
the LOG, also Paul N1SFE for his help and explanation on the design of LOG to send it since he had
many doubts and fellow EA7KP for being patient with me.
It is the first time that I do the EME contest, since I have only been in the EME world for a very
short time. Due to the impossibility of assembling a station at home, I went to work to assemble a
portable station that was easy for only one person to assemble, disassemble and transport, because
in 45 minutes I can already be TX with the station assembled.
The experience has been magnificent, every contact I made with my so modest station was such a joy
that the heartbeat went up to the moon. Thanks to all the colleagues who had patience to contact
such a basic station.

The station is composed of:

1 antenna of 16 elements LFA adapted to get more performance for me (donated by EA7BPO)
1 HA8ET preamp
2 relay cx 600
1 rotor g-250 yaesu azimut
1 actuator amazon 40 euros for lifting
1 arduino sequencer designed and programmed by me
1 icom 9700
1 amplified 1.3kw ITB
30 meter aircell 10 cable
100 meters of 8x0.22 + T cable
1 lifting support for air conditioning machines.

With this portable station I was able to contact 13 stations,
As soon as I had the MOON in sight I began to call and my surprise was when I received the first
callsign, answering I was so nervous that I jumped for joy, the hours passed and little by little
and with great patience more arrived, until the elevation of 65º arrived. .
 After 3 hours, I can't do any counting since the moon was at 70º + - and my mast configuration
only allows me 60º of elevation because the reflector hit me with the floor, it just started to go
down and I went to 62º the elevation resumed the RX with stations, I began to call them but I did
not RX, 20 minutes called but no answer, I went to look for other stations and the QSOs arrived
but the moon was almost out of my reach.
It has been an experience that I am sure I will repeat again and I am thinking of carrying out
expeditions for EME to take out new locations and thus contribute a little to this beautiful world
like radio.

David R.
F6KRK   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator

In our radio club, EME has always proved to be a fascinating experience for new operators. By
working an EME QSO you can really tell that you have done someting special in your radiomateur
It's also great to always work new stations each time with our modest setup!
Please keep using CW mode like it is on 23cm.

Best 73s 
F6KRK setup : 
3m dish, RA3AQ feed
200W @feed
G4CCH   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
(no comments)
G8RWG   Contact Moderator
HG5BMU   Contact Moderator
HS0ZIL   Contact Moderator
It was a very nice contest and it was the first time that i took part since my move to Thailand in
2014 and my EME activities from Thailand since 2008!
As DL2LAH i took part in this famous contest 1st time already in 1985 :-) with only 3 QSO`s in CW,
IK2DDR   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Many thanks to ARRL for organize a such good contest. It was my 1st time on 1296 MHZ, where i'm
active only since may. Usually i have been active on 144. At least a good number of qsos, altough my
pwr is not too much (300 W). Lot of fun to make so many qsos on cw (my favourite) and on Q65.
Honored to work lot of you guys. Good luck and see you again off the Moon.
My setup:3.7 m dish+OM6AA feed  IC275E+SG LAB TRV + SG LAB P.A.25 W driver +VHF DESIGN 300 W SSPA
and DUAL STAGE PREAMP. Software:LINRAD for CW and WSJTX for DIGI. Tracking:SPID BIG RAS HR and
IQ2DB   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Hi all! We started IQ2DB 23cm EME operations mid October 2021 just on time to fine tune the rig
before the contest. We operated on site and also from remote and we are very happy for this result.
Setup is FlexRadio 6400+Kuhne transverter MKU13G4, 500W PA, G4DDK LNA @0,28dB NF and 3 meter mesh
dish. More info on our website: www.alessandrovoltaemecomo.com 
Will be more active during 2022, now working at setup improvements!
Thanks all for qso and activity!
A. Volta EME Team
K2QM   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
This was a first attempt at a ARRL EME contest entry using the 18m dish at the InfoAge museum :
https://infoage.org/ .   We had hoped to be QRV for the 2nd weekend as well, but unfortunately
encountered a problem with the dish's azimuth positioning.
K7/VE4MA   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
I had only been back in Arizona (after 20 months) for 10 days prior to the contest but managed to
get the station operating OK. I was hampered by computer problems
including a failed video card ( so only one monitor) and a flaky keyboard which created mouse
problems. My TX power was down a bit to~250W to a 1.5m offset dish.   I heard many stations that I
did not QSO..I need more power!
KB2SA   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
This was my 1st contest since starting EME in March and was very fun and exciting! It was a bit
tedious since I was operating my 1.9m San Diego dish with a small laptop from a Santa Barbara hotel
room 200 miles away. The XYL and I had a prior commitment and it worked out just fine. (-;

With the moon only visible from approximately 03:00 to 09:00 for each of the 2 days, I was able to
manage 41 unique digital 23cm QSOs with many new initials.

Looking forward to the December finale!

Final submission submitted today on 12/19/21. 72 unique digital contacts.
LX/PE1ITR   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
We went to luxembourg during the contest weekend to try out the station for an upcoming dxpedition.
At the campground we were at, the noise level was very high for good moonbouce. Had a lot of fun and
learned a lot.
NT6V   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Used a 2.4m W2HRO dish hand-aimed. IC9700 + W6PQL amp at 350W digi and 600W CW. The dish arrived a
week before the contest and the last bits and pieces were put together last minute to get ready for
the contest. QRV from the front lawn of a residential neighborhood in the Berkeley Hills. Friday
evening came with rain which is rare here which required some makeshift rain protection of the
equipment. Since I was operating out of the garage with door rolled up as I had to frequently get
out and point at the moon I had a good number of interested visitors from the neighborhood who
walked their dogs at night. I was glad to work a few EUs also in CW despite having moon only
starting at 30° elevation over the surrounding buildings. First ever CW and EME QSO for me was with
DG5CST. I did not hear as well as I was heard it seems. There are always things to improve. Still
happy for my first EME QSOs. 73, Michael NT6V
OK1DFC   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
This year 2021, just before the ARRL EME contest, I finished a new 8m diameter offset dish.
Unfortunately I didn't have time to make the proper feedhorn so I used only a substitute solution in
the first round. In the second round I was not QRV at all. I hope that for next year the antenna
will be ready for other bands as well. Due to the delay in the antenna construction until the fall
months, I still have a few details to finish however the weather this time of year does not allow me
to continue on the outdoor work.
OK1DIX   Contact Moderator
The propagation was under average. Good participation from
the US this time. Due to problems with the PA I participated  
only for very limited time. The scoring should be changed in
favor of CW QSOs to encourage activity on CW.
PA5Y   Contact Moderator
Hello, a very enjoyable contest. Spoiled by S56P cheating by using the logger asking questions about
QSOs with people he could obviously not copy. I suggest that you warn him about this behavior. I
mentioned it once. I can provide evidence if you wish. A typcial example would be a small
inexperienced station saying that he copied S59P. S59P's response would be to send a report and 73
and to say tnx QSO on the logger. Invariably the other station would say not complete. However he
was definitely not copying many of the stations that he said he was. For the stations not cheating
this is unfair.
Conrad PA5Y
SM4GGC   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
(no comments)
TA2NC   Contact Moderator
At first part of the contest; after a failed sequencer which fried my LNA, I had to leave this
contest earlier than I expected. But it was quite good results for me for high degradation  and a
moon passing 20-30 degrees above the max elevation of my antennas.

On the second part of the contest; Could not join to contest on second day due to heavy snow that
piled up on my antennas that causing a very high SWR.
UA1OEJ   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
(no comments)
UA9CCL   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Ant. 11 el H / no LNA
Transverter + IC-756PROIII
PA GU74B - 300w out
VE1KG   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
only work 6 stations then my low voltage power supply died.I apologize to the stations who were
calling at the time.
serge ve1kg
VE3WY   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
My first eme contest and now have a personal benchmark for future contests.

The 4 x 7-element homebrew Yagis worked well; better on moon rise than on moon set due to some hills
in the northwest.

I was limited to about 10 degrees above the horizon for the array as no elevation with this

I had fun in  this contest, be it limited times.
W3SZ   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Great 10 GHz contest as always!
There were some amazing signals from the Europeans.
Thanks to everyone who participated.
W6YX   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
One of the joys of a University station like W6YX is to share ham radio with quick learners who may
have lifelong interest to support their careers and as a pastime.  Even though the last 2 weekends
of the contest occur just before Thanksgiving- and then again just before the Christmas break, most
of our operators were seeing EME for the first time: only Gary K6MG and Jim N9JIM had EME contacts
already in their logbook. One student, Samyak KN6MYI, made his first ever CW contact:  It was on
1296 EME!  Also we worked HS0ZOP, Thailand’s first EME contact, with 70W and a 3m dish.

The W6YX stations have been in progress for some decades and many students and community hams have
contributed to their existence. Gary K6MG has been the main architect, hands-on-builder and
benefactor for the three EME stations activated in this contest. Thanks also the Dave Leeson N6NL,
the Faculty Advisor and Trustee in the EE department. 

The 10GHz station benefits from a new feedhorn fabricated by Gary K6MG and installed with Jim N9JIM.
The 2m station's amplifier got a good scrubbing from Pete K6TJ. The 2m RX was perhaps our weak spot,
as we lost echos in the last night of the contest for reasons yet unknown. But we have plans for
going all the way to adaptive polarization with a home-brew dual SDR and a backup Afedri dual SDR.
W7GJ   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
(no comments)
W8TN   Contact Moderator
In the process of installing new antennas so only managed one QSO. Look for me next year.
YB2MDU   Contact Moderator
I have used Q65-60A mode in this contest.