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Soapbox for 2020
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AA4MD   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Second time in this contest 
Thx to Rick K1DS for Carrillo help
CW 16 Dig 44 32 multipliers
All QSOs uploaded to LOTW and QRZ
CUL!!    Jim  AA4MD
DJ3AK   Contact Moderator
Many thanks for all the fine QSOs. This is my first ARRL-EME-Contest entry.
Worked several initials and had a lot of fun. See you again via EME :-)
DJ3JJ   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
The 2020 ARRL 23cm CW EME contest was very difficult this time. 380tsd and 405tsd km Moon distance
and a lot of Libration plus QSB made it very difficult for me with my 2.5m dish and 250W. Got lots
of QRZs even from > 6m dish stations.

I hope to be qrv next year with +3dB TX power.

tnx to all participating stations

Andreas DJ3JJ
DL/HB9HBK   Contact Moderator
My first contest, EME is lots of fun. Sadly I didn't have time for more QSOs.
F2CT   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Personnally I enjoy this contest on 13 and 23cm "CW only".
During november party activity was great from W , VE and EU .
Keep this contest rules with separate CW/SSB and digimodes.
73 from Bask country !
F6KRK   Contact Moderator
Hi all

Short participation on our side and only on CW. There is always a good activity on 23cm and we get
response from our CQ even with our modest station.
Unfortunatley not to much activity from US, we heard WA9FWD and K2UYH on CW but don't succeed to
contact them.

Setup : 3m dish, 200W @ feed
Hope to copy you soon.

Best 73s  
F6KRK team
G4CCH   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
G8TTI   Contact Moderator
I have a very small station with just one yagi and 400 Watts but it's all homebrew  so to have 10
QSOs in the course of a weekend is a great thrill. I must thank the other stations for their efforts
in listening for me. Looking forward to the next one.
IK2DDR   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Many thanks to ARRL for organizing a so good contest.Unfortunately,on second leg i have participated
just for a about a couple of hours with a very limited setup. I have had some issue on my array and
so i have operated with just 1x19LLY and 1KW instead the usual 4x19LLY.
AT least great fun to be able to add 6 stations over the others worked on first leg.It's really
unbelievable how many stations you could hear with just one antenna on 144 mhz.
Usually my setup (used only on 1st leg) is the follow:
See you next year.
P.S. i'm setting my new 23 cm eme station.
73' Francesco IK2DDR
IK2MMB   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
ARRL-EME 2020  3.5M(11.5FT) HM DISH;  400W JT - 1KW CW TH327 HM PA; some dupe qso. Few gotaways.
Good activity, activity switching to JT also on this band. See you next year. Thanks to all hams and
to ARRL too.  Best 73s
JJ1NNJ   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
I improved the receiving system, improved the heat dissipation of HPA, and confirmed the automatic
tracking in advance. My own echo became good audible. I was able to QSO only 8 stations, but I
enjoyed it. I had Wi-Fi problem only at low elevation on 2400. 2304 and 2320 were no problem.
K0PRT   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
This was our first time operating EME and participating in the ARRL EME contest.  It was a good
experience for all of us.  We operated during just the first Moon pass of the contest. We used CW
and SSB. We heard European stations well and about half our contacts were to Europe.  We were
surprised we had few contacts later to the west, to the North American west coast and across the
Pacific Ocean.  Our contacts to Asia were two stations in Japan.  We enjoyed participating, and will
join in future EME contests.  For K0PRT, Gary (WA2JQZ).
KA1W   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Great fun participating in the 2020 EME Contest.
KJ9I   Contact Moderator
Available operating time was 10 minutes, but I hope 50MHz will show 'on the map.'
LZ2US   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
I missed first leg of the ARRL EME contest because of rotator repair and autotracking implemented.
Relatively good activity from Europe but not too many stations from USA and Canada.Two hours before
the end of the contest  LX1DB made really big pileup on 23 cm band SSB,his signal was really loud,
he managed to attract most of the stations on the band.It was very nise to see a cloud of signals on
the waterfall screen.
N0TB   Contact Moderator
My first EME contest here. Tne second weekend of the contest was not a good choice for optimal EME
N1QG   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Running 2x19 element yagis with home brew LNA behind 13m LMR600, 500W in shack. Also copied W7MEM,
W2HRO, AE6EQ, W5LUA, 7M2PDT and ZL3AAD in contest.  Enjoyed my first EME contest.
N5BF   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
The goal was 100 QSOs and the result was 87.  Activity in November limited by lunar apogee and
contest ended minutes before third pass moonrise in California.  Many stations on bands other than
23 cm with more activity.  Best QSO:  RD4D, horizon to horizon.
OH3DP   Contact Moderator
1st time ever in EME-Contest, thanks for QSO Bernd DL7APV. I hrd You very well.

My QRP-setup: IC-9700, WSJT-X v2.2.2
432 MHz 75W, 18-ele 4wl-yagi at 6m agl with elevation but not LNA, abt 75m coax, 60m 7/8" and 15m
Ecoflex 15+.  

73 & CUL de Hannu, OH3DP
OK1DFC   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Nice activity in the contest from NA. Worked new DXCC CE3VRT and 18 new JT initials. I hope to have
ready new 8m offset dish for 2021. Merry Christams and stay safe. Zdenek OK1DFC
OK2AQ   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Beautiful weather, even though condensed water flowed from everything early in the morning. For me,
the Moon was very high, so I was forced to skip the middle part of both lunar passes. Participation
was not bad, but none from Japan, South America, Africa and Oceania. From the USA participated so
many stations as from OK. I made a total of 19 valid QSOs, of which 2 QSOs CW, the others QRA64D.
The only new initial was the VE6TA from Edmonton, but it was worth it - the signals were on both
sides on the edge.
PA0PLY   Contact Moderator
Oct & Nov 2020 EME contest.
I was active on 23cm this year, with my new SSPA - 450W in 3m dish with septumfeed.
Due to more power it was much easier to get attention on the cw guys.
Although we had approx 2dB more loss in Nov. it was fully compensated by the appearance of a lot
"big" guns. Activity from US based stations was good during the first moonpass.
After the contest disussions started on how to value the various contacts like: digimode, cw, ssb.
Seeing the various efforts for each mode this should also reflect in the points awarded for each
PA5Y   Contact Moderator
There are a number of missing states in fact 3 in total. In future if the robot does not know the
states it should indicate the calls that it does not know so the operator knows what is going on.

I enjoyed the contest very much and I am very pleased with my score considering only 4 x 12 ele XPOL
antennas. I always TX RHCP and I concentrated on multipliers and it seems to have paid off this

Next year I hope to do my first multiband entry.

Actual score is

0 265 35 3 51 = 2358500


Conrad PA5Y
PE1LWT   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
I really enjoyed the contest , could not be on all time , but it was good to test my system after a
long time of absence
 3m dish  150W/13cm 180W 23cm RA3AQ septum
rx K3 with home brew transverter
LNA VHF design  0,25dB nf
Jurgen PE1LWT
R3PA   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
I was glad to take part in ARRL EME contest. Next year I will try to work for
1296 mgz.
Thank you to the organizers for the contest.
R9WL   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
antenna 2 - 8x8jxx2
yaesu 817
amp GS-36B 500 W
RX1AS   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
(no comments)
TA2NC   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Missed the first part of the contest due to a failed PA.
UR7IMM   Contact Moderator
My first EME contest and my FIRST EME QSO!!!
Using 23el antenna without elevation, no LNA, 50W at feed.
Many TNX for Bernd DL7APV! Nice QSO!!!
73! Alex UR7IMM
W6TCP   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Managed to finally get my EME station together after 37 years! Had a great time and I am thankful to
the many friends that helped with this effort, NA6O, K6EWN, KG6NUB to name a few. Lots up upgrades
planned for the future and lots to learn!
W8TN   Contact Moderator
Aborted effort this year due to elevation rotor failure.
WA6PY   Contact Moderator
My contest entry using Cabrillo format was totally corrupted.
WB9UWA   Contact Moderator
I am disappointed to see some of the big stations gone or moved up in frequency. I wonder if W5UN is
still around? I see some calls listed on upper bands that I recognize from the old CW days. I don't
understand that some people would rather not operate than use digital. The only thing I really miss
is measuring my own echos. I use Map65 exclusively. I built K9CT's EME array for him, but I did not 
see him on. I enjoyed my days of CW (and SSB too) but as a practical matter my focus is JT65b. I get
a kick out of the quick contacts . My motivation is not for winning contests or getting awards. I
enjoy the technical challenge of building a station and operating.
While using 4 x UWA12 low sidelobe yagis with 18dbd total array gain and 1.5Kw using MC2K, one of my
biggest challenges today is beating Urban noise.
YO6XK   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
I have to mount and disassemble the antenna system every time I want to work with the moon ... In
October it was ok .. good weather, and sun but in November -10 degrees Celsius and fog.
It was a beautiful contest in which to my surprise I heard much more than I hoped .... but not too
many heard me. Only 250w and 2 * 10 element is a little ... It would be good if we could send our
log direct from WSJT file ... as in the simple and direct European FT8 competition you have an
example here. https: //www.ft8activity.eu/index.php/en/upload-log