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Soapbox for 2019
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AA4MD   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Still a newbie and second contest
Thanks to all for your patience.
Had a lot of fun.
Thanks to Mike KB4ABE for technical assistance
CX2SC   Contact Moderator
An explanation for K0TPP does not verify and why does it compute 42 QSO of 49?
Thank you
Ric Cx2SC
DF2ZC   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
It was a nice competition again but twisted polarisations for long hours made it hard for me running
hpol only. Also I wish I had had the time to participate more hours. Like in 2018 I wondered again
why some "easy" DXCCs such as 9A, ES, LA, IS or OM did not show up here.
DJ3JJ   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Big fun in the ARRL 1.2 GHz CW section during november part 2.
Had nice own cw echos with my 2.5m dish and 250 W.

best 73s Andreas DJ3JJ
F5KUG   Contact Moderator
Thanks to All  Hope to cuagn  cw next year off the moon or sooner !
F6ETI   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
This second leg of the ARRL EME was under a flood of rain Friday night ...
Participated on 1296 MHz in Morse telegraphy, random.
Contacted G4CCH and DL0SHF on Friday night between the moonrise and the start of the contest.
Then: IK1FJI, FR5DN, PA3FXB, SK0UX (# 77), LZ2US, WA6PY (# 78), SM4IVE, DJ8FR, K6MG (# 79), K2UYH,
Stopped at 0100 UTC because there was unfortunately no activity and two long nights are very
stressful ...
In total for both parties: 33 QSO and 18 multis (not counting US states).
Unfortunately I lost almost an hour and a half after the moonrise on Saturday night due to preamp
failure for an indeterminate reason when it was in good condition at sunrise. Potential VK stations
may have been lost! Fortunately there is a spare LNA ...
The new rules require a cabrillo format for the report, but do not suggest the program specifically
adapted to this contest ...
Working conditions: Moon Box, IC-202 (yesssss), TVTR SGlab, 300 W, 3m dish, NF 0.3dB.
HG5BMU   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Nice contest! 
TNX for ALL!
HI8DL   Contact Moderator
Really happy to make my first EME QSO , more coming soon. David HI8DL
I2FAK   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
(no comments)
LR5F   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Contest EME
Really surprised, Despite the 5.2 drgd points many new stations in my wtf ..!
Grupo LR5F 
Nueva estacion EME
OK1DFC   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
This year I was QRV only with small offset dish 2,4m diameter and run only 500W RF. I was really
surprised by RX performance of so small antenna comparing with my 15 year experience with 10m dish
operation. Simply I was able copy week stations on CW and worked much smaller stations as I was this
year. Very happy I was with my first regular participation in 10 GHz. Thanks for everybody for QSO
and looking forward to be QRV next year with new large antenna.
OK2AB   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Hello all,
above all a big thank you to the organizers of this international contest. It was the first EME
international contest for me and an opportunity to make new connections, test and compare my
equipment. Since June of this year I put EME equipment on 2m with 2 x 8 Y LFA horizontally. 200W
power was really low so now 1KW - Geminy 2 1.2K and FT-991 TRX. The conditions were good with
minimal interference. I look forward to contacting you via moon
OK2AQ   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
My equipment: 1.2 m offset dish, SSPA 42 W, LNA .8 dB N.F.
PA0PLY   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
For me the first time running an EME contest on 13cm. Due to stations swopping to other bands, the
activity was not like on 23cm, but really enjoyed the big signals on this band.

For the second leg, I was on 23cm. Very, very crowded both in the digital as well as the cw section.
Unfortunately not so much activity from asian area.
Although I was proposed to have a medium size system with 250W into a 3m dish, I frequently had to
que and tailend after the big brothers, of which there were a lot.
PA5MS   Contact Moderator
Was only QRV for some hours in total. Only on the early morning during the USA window to work as
many as possible USA stations. Still looking for Connecticut as my last WAS but despite there was no
activity from there. Called CQ for an hour which gave me the most contacts. It was fun working old
friends and add some new stions to the log and even an new DXCC, TI2CDA was a nice suppise ;-)
thanks for the activity and the fun. See you all next time and hope to welcome newcommers.
PE1ITR   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest a lot. Only participated at 2m in the last weekend with 2x9 elements yagies.
No internet used. Only search and pounce with MAP65. A lot of man-made noise, but in certain
directions this noise was low and it went pretty well.

73 Rob PE1ITR
RA4SD   Contact Moderator
First time worked with good EME power in november leg. Thats was big difference between of small
150wt in october! Many stations answered after 1st call! But here is big city noise - this is our
main problem. 4*9 el, no elevation, QRO, LNA RW3AZ.
Thanks for all! 
73 Alex RA4SD
RD3FD   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
(no comments)
RK9JR   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Greetings from the North of Western Siberia! As always a great event for EME enthusiasts. Pleased
QSO LU1C,CX2SC. Excellent activity of USA stations new inits for me! Thanks all and see you in the
ARRL EME 2020!
RU3GX   Contact Moderator
I ask to check, three provinces of Canada are loaded in the report: VE6XH-alberta(AB),
VE3MIS-ontario( ON), VE1KG-NS. In total got only two provinces. de ru3gx.
RX1AS   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
(no comments)
SP9VFD   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
It was my first ever ARRL EME Contest. This year I built new eme array 8 x 23el yagi (8wl) for
432MHz.  One day before contest my first homebrew 400W 70cm SSPA was ready to ran. I taked decision
to be active in the contest only on CW without internet assist. Time from saturday to sunday was
amazing regardless that I was active only few hour. It was first ever I was able to hear own CW echo
from the moon. Before the contest i wasn't sure that it will possible depending to my low power -
400W from the shack and probably about bit more then 300w at the 8 port splitter near antennas.

In first leg managed to make QSO with:  I2FHW, DL7APV, SM2CEW, SM6FHZ, G3LTF, UT5DL. I heard some
others stations else whos answered for my CQ but signal was very weak. I think conditions in 432mhz
was variable. I was active only few hours. It was very variabling and some minutes with strong
signal and some time nothing heard. During 2nd leg ARRL EME contest I worked with:  DK5OZ, OZ4MM,
OK1CA, G3LTF, I2FHW, PI9CAM, DL9KR, SP6JLW.  All QSO CW only in random style. I'd like thanks to all
operator for QSO's.

According to plans I recently worked in my shack on bigger amplifier project with GS35B cavity. Two
days before 2nd leg ARRL EME Contest I was ready take attempt to get more power on 432Mhz. With 50w
drive directly from TS-2000X was able to achieve 1100w stable output without thermal detuning
problems. Unfortunately after one day heavy duty test input circuit of GS35B tube blew smoke and
flame. The reason was simply... high voltage RX type capacitors in input circuits tube cavity isnt
suitable even for 50w driving power. I was disappointed because hoped to have more power in nearest
contest. Regardless to not finishing bigger amplifier I was active in the 2 leg ARRL EME contest
with homemade 400W ldmos pa (about 300W at 8 port splitter near antennas). 

In the next year 2020 i plan to build 6m dish. The 3,5 meter height steel tower with az/el mount and
1 cubic meter concrete foundation is ready in my garden.

73 de RAF SP9VFD
TI2CDA   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
It was a great 1st EME contest experience and more to learn for up coming years, worked a single
Yagi station and that is a must with my small set up.
Great fun and lack of sleep hihi
73 de TI2CDA
WA2FGK   Contact Moderator
I was happy to get our small station back on the air. Should have spent more time on CW, but I
really enjoy using JT65C. The last month of the contest, I was prepared to operate 50 mhz with a new
system. It seems that 6 meter EME stations are more interested in DXpeditions than activating the
band. Thanks for all the Q's and Merry Christmas
Herb K2LNS
Stn mgr for WA2FGK
WK9P   Contact Moderator
My first QRV on 1296 EME. Was a great opportunity to make QSO’s
Excellent event
73, Tim
YO2NAA   Contact Moderator
My first EME contest. 
70cm only, using 23EL DK7ZB 6m boom, manual orientation, 30W in antenna.
TNX all for QSO.
73 Ady YO2NAA