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4U73B   Contact Moderator
Remote operation from 4U1GSC shack.
4X1VF   Contact Moderator
nice to meet you guys again
5P8X   Contact Moderator
My first ARRL CW contest
7K1JFM   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
7L4FCN   Contact Moderator
I enjoied this contest. TNX !
IC-7000M, 50W, 12mH Mobile Whip
7N4GIB   Contact Moderator
I pleasant the contest.
9A3TU   Contact Moderator
Bad condx, multiband vertical&100W were prescriptive equipment. Thank you all for your patience, 73,
9A3XV   Contact Moderator
Hi guys!

First of all I would like to thank 9A7A guys to give me opportunity to work from this fantastic
contest superstation. Special thank to Sam 9A3OS who was my liaison officer to other guys, to Vinko
9A3TR for preparing the station and N1MM software prior the contest, Darko 9A5X, Eugen 9A7V and all
of them for nice hospitality and taking care about me all the time during the contest. Guys I hope I
have fulfilled your expectations representing the station on the band right way.

Start on 40 was in big pileup but relatively slow regarding my ability to adapt quickly to new
environment and sound of the station. Sorry guys to wait for my response sometimes. The 3 el. 40
yagi is doing great job, so after my adaptation the rate grows up quickly. After a while I switch to
80 and 160 to try full size vertical and inv L antennas. The 300m NW beverage at 9A7A is grate - big
signals like on yagi but with very reduced noise - grate job guys. I enjoy switching between 80 and
160 till the morning and finished first night at 40.   

After the morning beauty sleep I started on 20 clicking bandmap spots and trying to develop run.
Unfortunately miss 15 opening around 1200z. So missed lots of 15 mults first day. After that 20 was
gret till local evening - 24m long yagi doing well. Second night low bands were in good shape but
with weaker signals than first night. I was very tired and may be I fell asleep sometimes on the
chair in the morning. Sorry if you call me without reply.

After the Sunday morning break I started more concentrated and take care about 15. So I made missed
mults and some runs on 15 too - 6 over 6 stack work great. Sunday afternoon 20 was good but with
slower runs. I finished contest on 40, 80 and 160 with some good openings and one new mult on 160.

All in all I enjoyed great time working from this fantastic station and in company with great 9A7A

Congrats to competitors, 9A5Y and others - it was nice to follow livescores standings. Respect to
E7DX guys for their special E7/9A5K activity.

Best 73
Sale, 9A3XV
9G2HO   Contact Moderator
9V1XX   Contact Moderator
FT-897 100W
AA8TA   Contact Moderator
40 meters not very good Friday and Saturday, better on Sunday.
15 meters decent on Saturday, not so on Sunday.  20 meters was
not as good on Sunday as Saturday.
Thanks for the Qs.
AA9WP   Contact Moderator
Well that was very much fun as I was not really planning to operate in the contest.  But when CR3DX
returned my call I was drawn in. :)  Nice to add to my DXCC totals in LOTW.  Only 60 watts with 16
foot high OCF dipole and vertical antenna. 
AB5XM   Contact Moderator
AB5ZA/7   Contact Moderator
Elecraft K1's, old Swan 350 w/weak finals, and a ts-130...all
wire antennas 25-35 Ft. up, 5430 MSL, DN35rw.
AB9M   Contact Moderator
Just a 160 DXer looking for some new band countries and I did work four new ones... hope they
confirm via LoTW. Thanks for the Q's
AC4G   Contact Moderator
Great top band conditions Friday and Saturday evenings, but not
so good Sunday morning.  Last minute effort Sunday afternoon to
Europe resulted in a few more multipliers on 160m.  Thanks all
the QSOs.
AD0WE   Contact Moderator
AD0YM   Contact Moderator
Started out as an effort to support some of my traveling friends.  Wanted to pick up a few others to
be fair.  Bands actually were decent so next thing you know I am making contacts in unexpected
places.  Of course each and everyone was a new to my personal list.  May have worked harder than I
planned, but it was great fun!
AE5X   Contact Moderator
Fantastic conditions on 40 and 80 meters - really enjoyed it!
AE6JV   Contact Moderator
A radio club banquet, teaching a ham cram, and family time meant almost no
A radio club banquet,
AE8TF   Contact Moderator
Thanks for putting on this very interesting contest.  Hopefully
this will finally push me over DXCC!
AH2R   Contact Moderator
The Condx on 15m was much worse than 2018 and expected.
AJ6GI   Contact Moderator
Submitted to allow other stations to confirm their contacts
CB3R   Contact Moderator
my participation in the contest was not planned. The previous day was that I knew the date of the
competition. I arrived at the house 1 hour after starting the contest to start downloading the
latest version of n1mm and prepare everything. On this occasion, I worked with two callsigns and in
two categories.
It's been a long time since I made so many contacts in the 15-meter band. definitely the propagation
was on my side. I still do not understand how I got so many contacts.
My modest station (th3mk4 at 14 meters high and radio yaesu ft920) work without problems.
For the first time I made a very improvised session of Facebook Live showing my friends the
enjoy the competition and the way of operation
until next time
CE3DNP   Contact Moderator
Muy buen contest, los 20 metros estuvieron poco ruidosos. 
Una alegría trabajar estos concursos.
CO2CW   Contact Moderator
YAESU FT-857D 5W, MA5B and G5RV...
CO6RD   Contact Moderator
Una vez más disfrute de este súper evento el ARRL Inter. DX Contest, CW, agradezco a  todas las
estaciones  con las que compartí, felicito  al directivo de este evento hasta pronto co6rd Op.rey.
CT1DBS   Contact Moderator
Nice contest for a QRP station outside NA! 73 to all
CT1DRB   Contact Moderator
Very good contest and had a lot of fun.
CT1JGA   Contact Moderator
Over 90 QSO'S in my first hour on 160m. Great.
CT7AGZ   Contact Moderator
I didn't participate for the full period, but nonetheless a very enjoyable contest.  20m was my most
productive band, not bad considering that I had to lower my mast on the Sunday due to high winds! 
My 100 Watts + Hexbeam seemed to work well.
CT9ABR   Contact Moderator
Elecraft K3 - 100 Watt
10 mtr vertical feeded through Diamond BB7V Balun and
mounted on hotel balcony 22 mtr ASL in Porto Moniz
DB8AH   Contact Moderator
TNX for Contest Call 73 awdh Heinz DB8AH
DF1XC   Contact Moderator
Glad to work several stations from the westcoast. 73s de Doc
DF3OL   Contact Moderator
Elecraft K3, 80w & vertical
DF5RF   Contact Moderator
Thanks for all the good ears, running 5watts on a dipole / mini-beam.
DF8AA   Contact Moderator
DJ1AA   Contact Moderator
IC-7800, ACOM2000A, 750W, Dipol for 80m
17 Ele. Yagi Optibeam OB17-4 10m,15m,20m,40m
DJ3GE   Contact Moderator
TS130v > TL120 (100 W) > 2 Element.Mini-Yagi MFB23
11m high
DJ5AN   Contact Moderator
Nice to work al these state side stations.
Wished they were there as multies last week at PI4A in our PACC contest
The Call, areas in USA and VE are multies in PACC
We had a nice set up at PI4A with 2 mobile cranes were we put a 4 ele for 40m and a 2 ele for 80m
PSE look on QRZ.COM at PA1TT
HPE cu you next year in PACC
DJ6OI   Contact Moderator
Just for fun on the AIR  160 was a challenge
DJ6TK   Contact Moderator
Only a short test for me
DJ6ZM   Contact Moderator
Contestclub: bavarian contest club
please use this club, thanks
DJ8UL   Contact Moderator
my focus was on the lower bands this time (40,80,160m) with very limited time during the 48 h
contest time (almost no 20m QSOs).
due to family obligations I could only operate during eve/night hours,however I used the opportunity
to test my 40m- DELTA Loop (horz pol) compared to the Bobtail curtain (used in the past) ... the
result was very clear : this time  85 QSOs on 40m ,before 2x QSOs on 40m (propagation could only
slighty change the factor)....as expected (but never quantified in my location)....

80 and 160m was in a good shape as well ....
in a summary:I had a nice time in the arrl cw dx contest again althoug time constraints ....

73,DJ8UL (AF5RR)
DK0AE   Contact Moderator
IC-7800, ACOM2000A, 750W, Dipol for 80m
17 Ele. Yagi Optibeam OB17-4 10m,15m,20m,40m
DK0MN   Contact Moderator
A few QSOs using our club call; Hans, DK3YD
DK4LX   Contact Moderator
conds reciprocal to good fun
DK7HA   Contact Moderator
IC-703, K3/10, 5 watt; spiderbeam + 40m add-on, lambda/4 vertical
for 40 and 80 m, inv L for 160 m
Thanks to the organizers for the contest and all who digged my qrp
signal out of the noise. This was for me a first one, no idea what
I should expect. There were stns coming back on first call, which
I could hardly copy and others which were really strong but never
recognized my sigs and cq-ed in my face. Unfortunately, 10 m was
absent and 160 m very noisy without any hopes to copy any US/VE stn.
Also 80 m was noisier than I would have wished. Nevertheless, a
valuable new experience even when it went sometimes very slowly.
DL0GEO   Contact Moderator
Fun !! Fun !! Fun !! CU AGN de DL2YAK
DL2DWP   Contact Moderator
yaesu ft-817nd, 5watt, magnetic loop indoor, g4zlp-interface
DL3DW   Contact Moderator
nice to see what with 200W is workable at the 2nd radio...
DL5CL   Contact Moderator
IC7300, 26mtr endfed @15mtr
DL6GCE   Contact Moderator
Thanks for all contacts!
TS-590S with HyEndFed
vertical out of the roof
through kitchen window.
DL6HCC   Contact Moderator
Great contest, good condx on 80m, see you next year !
DL6NWA   Contact Moderator
FT-991A + SteppIR (20-10m) + LW (160-30m)
DL7CX   Contact Moderator
I like this contest very much. Good activity and it is a own tradtion
to take part here... this year 160m again and the condx were good
enough.  Much better on the 2nd day and I worked my 48 state for WAS
160m with ND. 73 Olaf dl7cx p.s. antenna is a 27m high INV L with 4
elevated radial in 3m height, 240 m bev into northwest.
DL8UKW   Contact Moderator
dear all,
I'm so sorry, I had one double qso with N5DX; the first was at 22.37 UTC and the double at 23:03
I couldnt dlete this qso; I know it is not countable. In the final result it is without points.
Shall I delete it? maybe no
It will be a pleasure to get informations about handling of double qso.
DL9FBF   Contact Moderator
was active only on 15,20 and 40 meters.  Condx where quite good.  Missing folks from DC, NE, SC, SD
and WV.  Was a lot of fun.

vy73 Kurt, DL9FBF
DM5EM   Contact Moderator
Made a lot of fun but i hoped for a single QSO to WY or ND. Had a single NV QSO but later i saw this
one is based in another state but surelly gave NV... i hope for at least this 3 states for WAS.
Dealing with the bad condx in middle EU is not easy, only a short opening on 15 for 1h.
DO9ST   Contact Moderator
Just4Fun on my Wire Antenna :-)
DR9W   Contact Moderator
Surprise Endfed 13m and 50 Watts great OPs
EA1AER   Contact Moderator
FT817 and multiband dipole
EA1AOQ   Contact Moderator
For me only condx on 20 and 40m. Always fun but no luck on getting ND, SD and NE for my was award...
maybe next time! tnx for all the patience to work my 100 watts.
EA1CGK   Contact Moderator
100 W
EA2CIA   Contact Moderator
Very nice way to operate CW.
I love USA contest.

Many thanks
EA4BAS   Contact Moderator
Kenwood TS2000
ENd Fed HSW8010
EA5FIV   Contact Moderator
My first participation in this contest. I enjoy it very much. Thanks for the qso when i stay in run.
Vy 73
EA5XA   Contact Moderator
Thank you for another year for this fabulous contest. Good operators and strong signals in low
We heard in the next edition.
73, EA5XA
ED2A   Contact Moderator
This time only SA40M LOW. Good propagation, but the crowded band and fast QSB made some QSOs
extremely difficult. 73 and thanks to all who participate!
Mikel, EA2CW
ED3Y   Contact Moderator
E-MAIL: ea3egb@arrl.net
RTX: ANT. 9 ELEMENTS (10-15-20) - DELTA LOOP (40-80)
RTX: ICOM 7000    100W
EF1A   Contact Moderator
This year try monoband 40 meters but 500+ qso's in other bands for fun.
See everybody next year.
EF4R   Contact Moderator
What a great time!!! 
Even been a little pistol (Cushcraft R8/Icom IC-7300) !
Thanks to all who called.

EI5DI   Contact Moderator
SD WinKey K3
EI7M   Contact Moderator
The ARRL DX contests are always enjoyable; this was no exception.
Great LF conditions, with the newly-repaired NW beverage proving
invaluable. 15m was open for a good while on both days, better on
Sunday with some great WC signals before the band closed. One of the
highlights of the weekend was a QSO with NR4M on 10m - they were in
here for some considerable time (in/out for at least 30 minutes) and
at a decent strength, but absolutely nothing else from NA; very like
"spotlight propagation" that we sometimes get on 6m. Anyway, the last
two storm seasons here have resulted in an awful lot of expense and
effort to keep the station running, so it was great to be on - thanks
to all for the QSOs!
EU1AI   Contact Moderator
Tks for Contest
EU4U   Contact Moderator
EU6DX   Contact Moderator
Used FT990  100w + LW 42m
EW1TO   Contact Moderator
TS430S 100Watts ANT GP
EW7BA   Contact Moderator
Antena SAY3-9
EW8DX   Contact Moderator
F3WT   Contact Moderator
double-grounded-loop on 160M
contest logging/driving sw is ED5DI
F4FLO   Contact Moderator
Just for fun, for QRP fun !
Tnx Big Guns, you've helped a young french OM to discover QRP style contest.

Rig : SunSDR 2 Pro + dipoles + 5W
F4GFT   Contact Moderator
Unexpectedly 15m opened up on sunday! Much better propagation than last year.
F4GOU   Contact Moderator
Rig Yaesu FT 817/5w/Ant ZS6BKW
F5GGL   Contact Moderator
ic7700 pwr 100w Ant (OM) G5RV , Bazooka, Linverted
F5JU   Contact Moderator
F5MUX   Contact Moderator
Happy to take a part on this magic event, during the ARRL CW party. A
lot of fun during this 19 hours. Due to limited space and a lot of
neighbors, QRV only 80 m to 15 m with a modest setup (DB18 & inverted
V on 80 m) This vintage TS-850 & Alpha 89 make the job since more than
25 years ago. See you in the pileup, during the SSB party!
F5NBX   Contact Moderator
F6IRA   Contact Moderator
Lot of fun even poor propagation cndx
F8NUH   Contact Moderator
Thanks for a nice contest - Rig:TS570D - PWR:70W - ANT:GPA 50 -
FY5KE   Contact Moderator
Full remote operation with one op in French Guina and two ops in
G0AZH   Contact Moderator
G0LHZ   Contact Moderator
G3KMQ   Contact Moderator
G3L   Contact Moderator
Great contest with same condx's, even 15M saw a bit of
activity, 20M plus 80/40 were the main activity was ,
did not here anything of KL or KH6, during the day time
the EU KW boys were very loooud, but managed qrp OK,
missed a few States, even the local VT hi - cu next yr
G3NKS   Contact Moderator
IC-7600, G5RV at 15ft, trapped verticle for 20/15m.
Very limited time available.
G3PHO   Contact Moderator
Not a serious entry. Just came on for short periods. in between
domestic commitments. 160m came good on Sunday after 2200z. Great to
have a decent opening on 15m during Sunday afternoon here in the UK.
Nothing heard on 10m.
G3PLE   Contact Moderator
difficult conditions QRN
G3RTU   Contact Moderator
Antenna's either poor or faulty, did my best.
G3SNT   Contact Moderator
Icom 7400 and Ground Plane antenna, First ARRL International DX CW contest submission in 55 years as
a 100% CW Op! Enjoyed much FB operating with plenty of patience shown when conditions were adverse.
G3VYI   Contact Moderator
Good condx on 20m on Sunday, zero on 15m.Thanks
for great  contest! 73 Mike
G3XUD   Contact Moderator
Just a stroll to work the big signals before Sunday lunch. I will try to get up
earlier next year and work more on 40m. I am very much a manual CW op and loved
the days when genuine reports were given, and maybe even a little chat, but
computers rule the world now.
G3ZGC   Contact Moderator
I was busy with a radio course hence only did
80m prior to the course. Plamas TV QRM in the
evening so I cannot operate then.
G3ZRJ   Contact Moderator
G4BUO   Contact Moderator
Doublet up 25ft and HF6V so I was surprised to be able to run on 20,
and 40m at the end where I had a 163-hour for the final hour. Great fun!
G4DDX   Contact Moderator
Unable to do more. Family commitments.
Submit as checklog.
G4IUF   Contact Moderator
Fair prop
G4NBS   Contact Moderator
Limited time but lots of activity spoiled by lots of Key Clicks from some Eu stations! K3 to 22m
long doublet at 8m
G4U   Contact Moderator
Little pistol, Inverted-L with ONE radial, small RX loop
G5W   Contact Moderator
For once the propagation was just right. Great conditions on 20 and 80
160 and 40 pretty good too. 10 was the disappointment (but predicted)
A great contest with good activity and plenty to keep you awake!
G6XX   Contact Moderator
That was a good workout. I used a bit of SO2R but mostly to check the
state of other bands before changing. Of the nightime bands, 40m was a
bit disappointing until the last two hours. 80m and 160 were both
great. And the daytime bands I heard nothing on 10m but 15m was open
on both afternoons here plus 20m was very good although lost
propagation early on Sunday.
G8AFN   Contact Moderator
trying the new sotabeams contest console very pleased
SD worked flawlessly
G8XTJ   Contact Moderator
First attempt.  Just giving away  points searching and
pouncing. Best heard CA, AZ, MT, OR
SD log worked well.

CLUB  Drowned Rats Radio Group
GM0EUL   Contact Moderator
Good fun.  Mainly testing my new QCX running about 2 watts on 20m to a home made hexbeam.  Thanks to
everyone who heard my signal.
GM3X   Contact Moderator
Quite a few multi Toned/Carrier stations from central EU creating wide signals; SN8B;HG6N;YT3X the
GM5A   Contact Moderator
Excellent low band conditions. 1500 more QSO's than 2018 with virtually same antennas. Nothing heard
all weekend on 10m but we looked often enough. Many many ESP contacts on 15m. ARRL DX CW is one of
our favourite contests and we'll be looking forward to next year.
Antenna's VDA on waters edge for 10,15,20, phased verticals for 40m,
titanex vertical for 80, inverted L for 160m.
GS8VL   Contact Moderator
Conditions on 40 seemed better than usual, though HF was mediocre except for useful openings on 15,
especially on Sunday. I live in the city so I could only hear the strongest signals on 80. Apologies
to those who called, but I didn't hear.
GU4CHY   Contact Moderator
Only managed 5 hours due to a bout of Montezuma's
HA2MN   Contact Moderator
I had not much time to take part in the contest. The propagation was
good so I could operate nowadays rarely heard states this time. Many
thanks for QSOs and hope to meet you next time, Rig TS-530SP 100W
ant end-fed wire 21 mtrs long above flat roof.
HA6NL   Contact Moderator
ICOM 756pro 100w
3el yagi GP-s dipoles
HA8WY   Contact Moderator
trx: TS-590SG
pwr: 100W
tx ant: 22m vertical
rx ant: EWE
HA9RP   Contact Moderator
E-MAIL: ha9rp2011@gmail.com
HB9AMO   Contact Moderator
About the same number of QSO than last year but with more multipliers. Good conditions on 80 meters.
Station TS990 + amplifier with wire antenna only.
HB9ARF   Contact Moderator
Elecraft K3 + amplifier KPA500
Antennas - Dipole for 3.5 MHz / Inverted L for 1.8 MHz
Force 12 C-4s ( 2 elements on 14/21/28 MHz shortened Dipole on 7 MHz )
HB9IRF   Contact Moderator
Single Op, Single Band 40m, PWR 100 W in GP HF2V antenna
HC1DW   Contact Moderator
Greetings from South America,  Another of my Ecuador contest operations is now in the books.  I
threw in the towel an hour early, as 20 meters died pretty quickly around 2300Z here, which is the
same as EST and I just wasn't up to fighting the noise on 40, which is almost always about S7.  My
original goal was to shoot for a million points, but missed that, probably due to horrible
conditions the first night and likewise Sunday a.m.  Saturday conditions were excellent on 15 meters
during daylight, and when the Europeans were through and people quit pointing their beams at Europe,
I had some good runs of 120-130 an hour.  I ran 100 watts from my K3 into to a Mosley TA32 Junior on
20 and 15 and into a Butternut HF2V for 40 and 80.  The beam is mounted on a 30 foot bamboo pole, so
it's not all that high, but the house sits at 8,000 feet in a valley between two 17,000 foot
mountains.  The valley points right at the US, so I never have to rotate it for the ARRL DX contest.
 Thanks to all MWAers who broke the pile ups.  I worked several MN stations on two or three bands
and WA0MHJ and N0IJ on all four bands.  Tomorrow I will take down the antennas and pack up.  I'll
should be back in Minnesota Wednesday evening.  Thanks to all for your contacts and your dit dit
HL4CFN   Contact Moderator
I participated in this contest for the first time.

I wish you good luck.
I1NVU   Contact Moderator
73 de Claudio
I2BPP   Contact Moderator
TRX ELAD FDM DUO 5W antenna wire Calculated tap 39 m long 10 high
I2RBR   Contact Moderator
A lot of stations! Equipment: Drake TR7A and inverted V ,pwr abt 80W.
500 Hz filter and PBT are not sufficient! 73 to all
I3LGP   Contact Moderator
IC746+all bands antenna=2m antenna mast plus AH-4 automatic tuner
I5CDF   Contact Moderator
IK2AIT   Contact Moderator
Very few qsos because I was not near my station. 73 Gio ik2ait
IQ2CU   Contact Moderator
IQ2XZ   Contact Moderator
very difficult because qrm
there is always fun
IR1G   Contact Moderator
Best condition ever on low bands.
See you next one
Filippo IZ1LBG
IR4X   Contact Moderator
IMMEDIATELY PROVIDED TO FIX THE PROBLEM. Good cndx on 160 and 40. A good surprise on 15 meteres with
some West states but of course the western EU stations did a better job. Thanks for calling us. 
IR4X team
IR4Y   Contact Moderator
Thanks for the great fun!
IR9K   Contact Moderator
very funny contest
IT9CKA   Contact Moderator
Contest veramente bello, molta presenza stazioni USA e Canada,
propagazione buona, solo 100watt Antenna GP e IC-736.
IU1JCZ   Contact Moderator
IV3BCA   Contact Moderator
my name is Paolo
My call sign Is IV3BCA
Bad Propgation tu all band.
QSO only on 20 meters....
TNX fer the contest
Running Icom 746 Pro 80 Watt
Beam Fritzle FD4 (40 meters)
3BAnde Mosley 3 elements 20/15/10
Mail ib3bca@iv3bca.it
73 and TNX ter Contest.
IV3IPS   Contact Moderator
W3DZZ dipole homemade at 12 meters (40ft), FT-1000MP MARK-V, N1MM
IZ1GAR   Contact Moderator
tks om
IZ2FME   Contact Moderator
lot's of fun 73 de IZ2FME N2FME MM0FME MIKI
IZ2QXG   Contact Moderator
JA0BJY   Contact Moderator
CNDX was so so. I enjoyed contest.
JA1AVI/1   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA1BFN   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA1BVY   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA1CHY   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA1CRJ   Contact Moderator
It was short time participation.
But I enjoyed so much. Thank you for many QSO.
JA1FFB   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA1JNM   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
Condx is not so good.
JA1KZP   Contact Moderator
71 yrs Old
JA1QIF   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA1TBA   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA1UHJ   Contact Moderator
Condx was not good but I have enjoyed the contest.
JA2CJE   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA2HYD   Contact Moderator
Tnx FB Contest !!
JA2KKA   Contact Moderator
ICOM IC7100 100W
12AVQ Triband Vertical, Inv Vee
JA2KVB   Contact Moderator
ANT:Inverted Vee
JA3AVO   Contact Moderator
JA3GZE/1   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA3HBF   Contact Moderator
IC-7600 + JRL-2000F(500W)
CD-78jr (dipole for 80m)
JA3JM   Contact Moderator
RIG:IC-706 50W   ANT:Vertical
JA3KKE   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA3QOS   Contact Moderator
I could participate in this contest for a short time.
JA3VOV   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA4ENY   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA4MLR   Contact Moderator
This is Check LOG to avoid partner station uncount.
I enjoyed the contest. TU!
JA4VNE   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA5CBU   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA6ELV   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA6FCL   Contact Moderator
JA7BEW   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA7KED   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA7LLL   Contact Moderator
Fun to have QSOs. Thank you.
JA7QVI   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA7SUR   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA9EJG   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA9LJS   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest
JA9LNZ   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JE1GZB   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JE1SPY   Contact Moderator
I entry on a single-op 160m lowpower.
I QRV on a single OP low power. This yerar the condition was
very poor as an last year.
I QSOed 4 stations in 2014.
I QSOed 12 stations in 2015.
I QSOed 9 stasions in 2016.
I QSOed 5 stasions in 2017.
I QSOed 38 stasions in 2018.
I QSOed 15 stasions in 2019.
It is very difficult to QSO with U.S.A. stations using low
power RIG.
I strong desier to low power categoly in sigle band!!
When the sunrise time at the westcoast in the U.S.A. , I could
not heare the singal of U.S.A station in top band.
I used my MV (Micro Vertical antenna) 12mHigh on my blcony +
Elecraft K2  tranceiver.
My MV antenna was only 3.6m length and it was up only 12m
high from my balcony of my small condminium.
I was surprised that I could QSO many U.S.A. stations with
my MV antenna!
JE3ECD   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JE3TAT   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JE6TUP   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JE8FYE   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JE8KGH   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JF1GZZ   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JF1LMB   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JF1OPO   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JF1VNR   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JF2FIU   Contact Moderator
Thank you all stations!
I enjoyed this contest.
JF2UPM   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JG0EXP   Contact Moderator
Long Wire & AH-3(tuner)
JG1LFR   Contact Moderator
Great ears !!  Thanks for patiently listening to my weak signal.
JG1LHB   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JG1OGM   Contact Moderator
I had a very good time.It was
my first time.
JG2RFJ   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JG3CQJ   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contes.
JG3EHD   Contact Moderator
My sig's 599! really?  Rcvr;HQ140X-A, Xmtr;Homemade 6146 40W output, ANT;InvisibleWhip 35mH
JG3SVP   Contact Moderator
JG4WTY/1   Contact Moderator
RIG is IC-7300M (3.5M-28M)
ANT is GP and DP.
JH0ILL   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH0KHR   Contact Moderator
Poor condx on both high/low band. While I was working on 20m, the antenna SWR rised. I found the
coil bobbin of the trap in my duoband yagi melt down!
JH0OXS   Contact Moderator
3.1. Single Operator (use of spotting networks is NOT PERMITTED): CW only CW only
JH0ROS/1   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH1KQF   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH1KYA   Contact Moderator
I vy enjoyed the contest.
JH1LEM   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH1TJH   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH1VIX   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH1WOY   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH2KKW   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH4FUF   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
thanks for many stations
propagation of High-Bands was no-good!!
JH6QIL   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH7IXX   Contact Moderator
JH8GEU   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH9AUB   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JI1ALP   Contact Moderator
JI1LMO   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
I participated for the first time in this contest
I participated for the first time in this contest
JI1NZA   Contact Moderator
This is 1st entry of int'l contest by CW for me.
JI1RSF   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JI7JIH   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JJ0SFV   Contact Moderator
5W with mobile whip
Thank you for picking up my weak signal.
JJ0UJW/1   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JJ2YDV   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JJ3TBB   Contact Moderator
RIG is TS-850S and ANT is GP
Power output is 50 watts or less
JJ5GSY   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JK1HIY   Contact Moderator
JK1LSE   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JK1LUY   Contact Moderator
200W    INV
JK1TCV   Contact Moderator
I used power less than 5W
JK1WSH   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JK2EIJ/0   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JK7DWD   Contact Moderator
Every QSO is appreciated. I enjoyed to operate running 5 watts QRP and homebrew antenna. CUAGN 73
JK7UST   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JK8NIP   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JL1JJD   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed it very much.
Thanks a lot for your effort.
JL1QDO   Contact Moderator
Rig: FT-2000(100W) Ant: Vertical
JL3DQX   Contact Moderator
My first taking part in.
JM7GTK   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JN3TSY   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JO1WIZ   Contact Moderator
IC-7300M (50 Watts)
Loaded DP
JO4JFH   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JP1SRG   Contact Moderator
Propagation was poor !
JP3MFV   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JQ1CIV   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JQ1COB   Contact Moderator
Bad condetion .
JQ1EPD   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR0BQD   Contact Moderator
JR0DZH   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR0GXA   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR1AQI   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR1LEV   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR1MEG/1   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR2ALA   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR2AWS   Contact Moderator
JR2BCF   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR2FJC   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR2PAU   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR2PMT   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR3GPP   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR3NZC   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR3RIU   Contact Moderator
I have no time for entry this year.
JR4CTF   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR4DAH   Contact Moderator
I used QRP(5W)RIG
JR8NOD   Contact Moderator
I try to submit this log 1st time
JS1NDM   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JS1WWR   Contact Moderator
K0GEO   Contact Moderator
ARRL DX CW '19 was pure joy, between
incredible operators around the world
with excellent ears, and first contest with a
new Icom 7610.  Thanks all for the great
fun, see you next year and 73!
K0JJR   Contact Moderator
QSOs   Points   Mults
160m     2        6       2
80m     58      174      37
40m     99      297      50
20m    238      714      75
15m     43      129      25
10m      0        0       0
440     1320  X  189  =  249480
K1GQ   Contact Moderator
SkookumLogger K3S KPA1500 OB40-2 2XA-3B-12L wires

Worked a few friends and explored changes to my 160m antenna.

Noted some extremely wide signals. The winner was WO4O (several bands), followed by N4WW (20m) and
LU8DQ (15m).
K1VR   Contact Moderator
My favorite contest. Yet year-in, year-out, I seem to contract a dread disease for this particular
weekend (a bad cold this time). Butt in chair time: ~25.5 hours. Arrrrgh!
K2GMY   Contact Moderator
With so many stations calling CQ with their autokeyer faster than TTY at 50 or more WPM, I'm really
having a hard time distinguishing between ... or .... (S or H), and between .... or ..... (H or 5).

I believe they are costing themselves a lot of invalid contacts and a significant loss of points due
to penalties because the stations they work enter the wrong callsign in their logs.
I frequently don't call a station and move on when I am not sure of their callsign.
Dick - K2GMY
K2JF   Contact Moderator
great way to spend a Sunday!!!
K2RR   Contact Moderator
K3AU   Contact Moderator
I had limited time, but still had lots of fun in my favorite DX contest. A few LP contacts and some
unexpected low band surprises made it all the more fun. I S&P'd the whole time.
K3CCR   Contact Moderator
K3CCR is the club station at the Collington continuing-care
retirement community at FM 18OW in MD, just east of DC. N3UM and
W3GB did Multi-2 in the 2019 ARRL DX CW. Feedline to our 40m.
beam is shorted atop the tower. The 40m. dipole a few feet over
the shack roof loaded fine, but any power > 500 W. glitched one
logging computer. At 00Z start N3UM tried to run on 40 but got
only 15 Qs in 0.5 hr, so he clicked spots and did better, 111 Qs
on 40m. and 21 Qs on 160m before QRT at 0331Z to sleep. W3GB
clicked mults on 20m. 00-01Z then stayed for the late shift till
0638Z, getting 128 Qs on 80m. and 65 more Qs on 40 and 160m. for
353 Qs and 189 mults at QRT. N3UM came in at 12Z to find our new
log computer useless; dead power supply. He ran 92 EUs on 20m.
at 78/hr 1230-1341Z, until W3GB came and took over 20m. while
N3UM did a quick re-connect and bootup of our recently retired
old Win XP box. Then N3UM got 84 Qs and over 40 mults on 15m. by
22Z, surprising with SFI only 72. W3GB did better on 20m, 209 Qs
and lots of mults by 22Z. W3GB then did 40m. while N3UM took a
break and then stayed for late shift. He got just 67 Qs due to
high QRN and weak low-band signals 04-0620Z. Just 24 hr. earlier
W3GB saw better conditions and got 96 Qs 04-0640Z. Daytime Sun.
was (no surprise) slow; our best 1-hr. totals were 41 and 44 Qs.
But, we had fun chasing rare and/or distant mults on 15 and 20m.
like 9G, HB0, JA, KH2, PY0F, V5, VK, ZL, and then RI1ANL on 2
bands at a Russian Antarctic base. We got 15% fewer Qs than we
did in 2018 but claimed only 8% fewer points because we got 8%
more multipliers. With the computer failure and our fallback
40m. setup ~10 dB down in Tx, we were pleased with the results.
K3HW   Contact Moderator
Conditions were all over the place!  Like someone was turning off
the switch at times.  Open one moment and closed the next.  80/40
were excellent on Friday, not much on Saturday.  Better Sunday.
Fun time!
K4KAY   Contact Moderator
working Japan on 160 meters was the highlight of this contest
K4OSO   Contact Moderator
100W using an EDZ and Inverted L.
K4WY   Contact Moderator
My 50th year of participation.  160 meters on Friday night made the difference. This year was almost
all low band ops.  20 produced a number of QSOs on Sunday around mid day and 15 had its moments.  10
meters was flat for the entire weekend.  So it was the wire antennas for the low bands that saved
the day!
K4YJ   Contact Moderator
K5GM   Contact Moderator
Amp quit halfway through!  Found 100W worked well.
K5LH   Contact Moderator
K5ME   Contact Moderator
K5XU   Contact Moderator
Best DX signals I ever heard on 80 meters.
K5ZD   Contact Moderator
Best low band conditions ever!  The price was no signals on 10m.
K6AAM   Contact Moderator
Please my log is check log
K6CSL   Contact Moderator
Better conditions than last year here. Lots of fun.
K6DAJ   Contact Moderator
Part time home station effort.
Also was remoted into the NA6O@N6RO M/M.
Fun contest. Good participation.
Good Friday 40m opening at sunset here
K6ICS   Contact Moderator
Missed not having 10 meters.
K6NR   Contact Moderator
Fun contest.  Not much on 10, 15 was a little better but
hardly great.  20 was fantastic most of the weekend.  I
heard/worked many strong Eu stations on 80.  40 had its
moments but I have bad QRN there.  160 was 160, not as
many JA as I have worked in the past.

Thanks for the QSOs; gave my new KPA1500 a work out.

Dana, K6NR

4L@60' on 20, 5L @45' on 15, 40meter 4 square
Top loaded 80m vertical, Inverted L on 160; both over
70 radials.
K6QCB   Contact Moderator
This was my first CW contest
K6TD   Contact Moderator
remotely - K6MTU
K7ACZ   Contact Moderator
K7CU   Contact Moderator
I just operated here and there on 20 meters. I had some problems
with my computer interface. Nevertheless, it was good to get in
the contest for a little while after having been in Eastern
K7QBO   Contact Moderator
Thank you to all stations worked. Having three receive antennas helped on 80
meter band. I wish I could have operated more time during the contest. K7QBO
K7XC   Contact Moderator
Not a full effort this year. 20M Sunday AM was open well to EU.
NV being a mult in demand allowing me to run rate for a bit over
an hour which was a real kick in the butt, reminding me of being
A35WZ in 1986 as the reciever would go intio white noise at
times. Thanks to the guys who persevered to end up in the log.
IC-746, AL80B 750W, 3ele 20M @ 13M, 40/80M Inv Vee, 160M Inv L
K7ZD   Contact Moderator
Was getting a bit "rusty" on CW. So many FB ops.. had a ball! (tho I'll be hearng CW in my head for
awhile GRIN! 73 Gary K7ZD
K8GL   Contact Moderator
A fun weekend! I managed to stay in the char for 42 hours.  No rig problems this year.  The only
issue was a strange RFI on the beverage antenna the first night on 160.  On the second night it was
K8YU   Contact Moderator
QTH in this contest was Lebanon, Ohio, USA.
K9GB   Contact Moderator
K9GS   Contact Moderator
Sure would be great if SB Assisted, high and low power were categories

Thanks for the QSOs

73, K9GS
K9GY   Contact Moderator
Had fun! Glad the K index was zero for most of the contest.
K9KM   Contact Moderator
19.04 ARDXCW
KA0REN   Contact Moderator
Hearing is not very good. Probably many missed calls.  BUT I had much FUN !
NOW that log has been submitted, I have spent nearly as much time entering paper log into cabrillo
format and getting log submitted as I did working contest . IS THERE A SIMPLER WAY ?
KA4CDN   Contact Moderator
Vienna Wireless Socity (VWS)
KB8TYJ   Contact Moderator
Glad to see 15 meters open!
KB9DKR   Contact Moderator
What a great way to spend a cold and rainy weekend in Tennessee. Thanks to the ARRL for sponsoring
the contest and thanks to all of the DX for taking our calls. We really enjoyed the global amateur
radio camaradrie. 73 Carl KB9DKR
KC1ERO   Contact Moderator
First Contest
KC1SA   Contact Moderator
the IC-7610 made this contest must easier than in past years for me.
KC4DUA   Contact Moderator
first contest log submitted for score !
KC4LZN   Contact Moderator
Not a barn burner for a score but exhilarating to operate, just the same. Worked over 20 new ones
for the DXCC, most notably, AH2R in Guam all the way from Florida! Had a blast for the time I had to
devote. 73
KC7YE   Contact Moderator
Nothing spectaular but for conditions being what they were, I'm happy. Rig IC-718 Cobb Web @ 20 ft
or 6BTV on ground.
KC9UL   Contact Moderator
Great Fun  Band Conditions were not as bad as Solar Flux would indicate.
KD0EE   Contact Moderator
The propagation advantage of the east coast during this part of the solar cycle is amazing. So is
the bullying of east coast stations who use this advantage by simply ignoring who the dx is calling.
I know it's a dogfight, but really? CT seems to be the worst.
KD3RF   Contact Moderator
Great contest with excellent conditions on 20 & 40 meters.  Short opening on 15;
some barely audible stations on 10.
KD3TB   Contact Moderator
Lots of fun on a cold winter weekend. 20 and 40 turned out to be
the money bands. Good activity on both 80 and 160. No openings on
KD8TNF   Contact Moderator
KE0TT   Contact Moderator
K3/10 driving a Ten Tec 405 amp to 50 watts.  Ant is a pair of 45' x 45' inv ells parallel 75'
apart, fed with equal ladder lines and a tuner.  Enjoyed a decent run of 80M DX this year, thanks
for the fun.  C U next time, 73, Dan  ke0tt,  MN
KE0YI   Contact Moderator
Didn’t spend much time in this contest, but enjoyed it!
KE3K   Contact Moderator
First time operating this contest in years. LOVED IT!
KE5LQ   Contact Moderator
KF3G   Contact Moderator
Portable QTH - FM29jw

102 QSOs * 3 Points / Contact = 306 Points.
306 Pointes * 38 Counties = 11628 Points.

Thank you for the ARRL International Contest, CW.
KF4QFJ   Contact Moderator
Exciting contest weekend with 2019 ARRL International CW DX!
Thanks to organizers and operators!  -Good DXing & 73 de KF4QFJ, Jerome
KG5YOV   Contact Moderator
This was my first ARRL DX CW contest.  I had a great time and will be back next year!
KG9Z   Contact Moderator
A lot of Stations just constant CQn and not listening.
KJ9C   Contact Moderator
KM1R   Contact Moderator
160m  single operator single band
KN1H   Contact Moderator
5 watts to HexBeam 20M single band
KN4Y   Contact Moderator
I had the great idea to do a single band on 10-meters. That was a bad idea, after a day I had
nothing, finally I accepted reality and started  S&P'ing on the other bands to the end of the
KQ2M   Contact Moderator
GREAT conditions helped to partially overcome the damage and loss
of my 40 - 160 antennas to a massive icestorm 3 weeks before the
contest.  Wonderful to hear and work so many friends.  Thanks for
all the qso's and mults and special thanks to all the DXpedition
stations.  73  Bob KQ2M
KS7T   Contact Moderator
There sure is a difference between how well JA hears USA and
other countries in Asia and YB land especially BY and YB
many of them getting answers but keep cqing. Happens often
not just in this contest but many others, too. Even s9 guys hr!
KT0K   Contact Moderator
At the bottom of the sunspot cycle, I didn't have high hopes for the contest this year, but the
bands were in great shape, especially on Sunday. Operating from Nebraska, a fairly popular
multiplier, I had the pleasure (and displeasure!) of being on the receiving end of major
"cluster-created" pileups...always an interesting phenomenon. Call CQ multiple times without answer,
then finally have a single QSO and on the very next CQ, instant, and completely unruly, pileup zero
beat on my frequency. Twenty minutes later, no calls. Rates from 0 to 120/hr in an instant. Things
would be so much nicer to have just one call per CQ for the duration of the contest! (Dream on!) But
I won't complain! Thanks to all who patiently waited (and didn't call incessantly!)  100W, IC-7610,
Optibeam OB16-3 at 70 ft, Butternut 40/80 Vertical, N1MM Logger.  73, Greg KT0K
KU2C   Contact Moderator
Great Contest! Fantastic 160 and 80 condx. Nothing broke and all the smoke stayed in the boxes! 

K3/P3, Acom2000a, Skyhawk at 70' and 2el 40 at 83', vertical dipole on 160m and inverted V for 80m

Thanks for all the QSOs!!
KU2M   Contact Moderator
Came down with flu on Friday & main antennas broke. Not my year, hihi!
KV8Q   Contact Moderator
Fifteen never did open up to EU here.  That made 20 much more
crowded with folks way up the band.  Lots of QSB both days.  40
had lots of QRN all night.  But, it was a ton of fun even with
the measly setup here in the condo.  That mag loop keeps amazing
me.  Hope to see you all once again next year.
in attic above garage
KZ5J   Contact Moderator
Amazing what you can work on 80 with a low inverted vee.  Had a blast as single op and look forward
to next years contest.  73, Pat - KZ5J
LA3RK   Contact Moderator
Nice contest, but on 80m some stations would benefit to listen more and call less and also use
narrow filters.
Noted a number of stateside stations calling cq, but not able to hear callers despite good
conditions and solid signals. Think these stations would benefit from narrowing the rx bandwidth and
also do some more listening before calling cq again. This is particularly important on 80 m where
noise and weak signals are the rule.
73 de Olaf - LA3RK
LA7IM   Contact Moderator
No Comments - Located far north in Norway -
LU7DID   Contact Moderator
First time running as SOSB20, nice CONDX but somewhat short from
down here. Planned the participation using the WSPR profile of
beacons for the past two week between US-Argentina, vy good
match. Looking forward for next year already, it was very fun
despite the lower part of the solar cycle.
LY2BMX   Contact Moderator
Thanks for patience. I use always only LOW POWER (up to 100 watts) or less. My antennas is 2 crossed
dipoles/InVee up 30m + delta loop west direction.
LY4ZZ   Contact Moderator
I use always only LOW POWER (≤100W) or less. My antenna is simple sloper, direction to North.
LZ2RS   Contact Moderator
That is my favorite contest.But this year I was ill-just can not sit on the
chair,because of strong pain in my leg - the nerve of my spine-back is damaged
already 4 months.And most the time I was working upright on the station...!
But even that my health problem,I was feeling myself happy!
Thanks very much for the W/VE reports to my QRP signal-good operators!
73! Rumi  LZ2RS
RIG:  K3   5 Watts
ANT: inv Vee Dipoles  and 4 el 3 band Yagi / A4S / at 32m
M0HOM   Contact Moderator
Beat my score from last year, onwards and upwards, 73
M0SDV   Contact Moderator
One of my favorite contests offer some good rates on the first day but slowed down on day 2. Many
thanks to G0DWV and  his wife Tina for being my host this this event and offering amazing
M3I   Contact Moderator
Heard W3LPL 10m sunday late afternoon 6pm, but he had deaf ears!
horrid signals from EU....NOT GOOD.
DC,WY,UT,NT missed entities.
One of my favourite contests......Ken G0ORH - M3i
M7X   Contact Moderator
FTDX5000 + Hexbeam at 50ft. Op Darren G0TSM
MM3AWD   Contact Moderator
! day effort
Working on Sunday.
Bands in nice shape and glad to beat last years full effort score.
MW6M   Contact Moderator
Was quite difficult with 100W and modest antennas
against the KW Stations, but still enjoyed getting a
reasonable number of QSO's.
N0JK   Contact Moderator
Only a short time to operate Saturday afternoon.
N0UY   Contact Moderator
Another contest that I couldn't give as much time to as I wanted.  Only operated about 9 casual
hours due to family commitments and a bad cold I got the day before the test.  Thanks for the qs.
N1NN   Contact Moderator
N1XF   Contact Moderator
This is was my first "real contest".  I am finishing the CWAcademy Level 2 course to get my speed up
and man am I glad I did that for this contest.  I intended to spend a few hours and see if I could
get 40 or 50 contacts.  This was the perfect weekend as my wife and my oldest went away for the
weekend to visit our youngest daughter.  I had the house to myself.  
I finished with just under 400 contacts.  I switched over to running about midway, a few hours into
that, I threw out my notepad and relied entirely on my logging program (Skookum).  I know I could
have done a million things better but I had a blast.
Thanks for putting this on and lighting up the bands this weekend.

N2BZD   Contact Moderator
Just testing propagation
N2FF   Contact Moderator
Conditions were much better than expected. I spent my entire time packet
pouncing as I do not run in CW contests. It was amazing fun to work DX stations
with 100 watts on 80 and 40. I went to 40 meters at 4 PM local to work EU
stations on both days. I never bothered to check 10 meters as I did not want to
waste time there. It was amazing fun to try to change the band map to all red.
I came close a few times.

Thanks to all the DX stations in Europe with good ears who answered my calls and
made it all such fun.

I never had so many stations call me by name before, Usually it's 2 or 3 for the
entire contest, but this time it ws more than 10.  My head was so big I had trouble
taking off the head phones.  Actually, I suspect that more stations were running
QRZ in the background during the contest this year.  But it was gratifying
to believe that I had finally become a contest celebrity.

Heard or saw spots for many Owls - K2RB, KA2D, K2QMF, KS2G, N2GA (worked the African
that I never got)and K2QMF.
N2SR   Contact Moderator
When are you people going to separate SO1R from SO2R entries?    When are you people going to allow
multi-ops to split their score between various operators for different clubs?   Welcome to the 21st
century!   Maybe you should take off your stuffed shirts and actually see what other contest
sponsors are doing.
N3BB   Contact Moderator
Only part time. Conditions seemed good on all but 15/10.
N3TG   Contact Moderator
My best contest effort in a while. I have been experiencing reduce vision effectiveness over the
past two years, consequently I missed the deadline to have my log accepted. Too bad, our club can
always use my CW effort for club scores. Still, had a lot of fun runnng low power with minimal
support. I do need to get my station more automated to reduce stress with vision issues. Must try
Field Day next!
N4BP   Contact Moderator
N4PN   Contact Moderator
N4TZ   Contact Moderator
best ever 160 meter low power results
N4ZR   Contact Moderator
The last time W1LWH and I operated together was during one weekend of the 1959
ARRL DX Contest, so for the 60th anniversary we decided on a reprise.  Our
average age then was 17 - you can do the math.

N4ZR is the better of the two stations, but still pretty modest except for the
big amp.  That's what you do when you know the antennas are likely to remain
modest.  The situation was also complicated by line noise to our West that ran
S8-S9 on all bands where we couldn't point the beam away.  That meant that we
had real difficulty running, so probably 90 percent of our Qs were S&P.  I'm
telling myself that when we get that cleaned up - and the power company*is*  on
the case - our low-band results should improve dramatically.  Even on 20 and 15,
we were only able to work the big guns from JA, and that was it for Asia.

160 was a real surprise.  W1LWH improvised an L network to let us feed the 40M
full-wave sloper on 160.  Even without a receiving antenna, he managed 31
countries on that band, an amazing total. Now if I can get the inverted L up and
finish the K9AY loop receiving antenna, we should be in good shape.
N6HI   Contact Moderator
Ran QRP, 5 Watts to a 20 foot End Fed Wire, tossed
into a tree out my window. I missed this one last year,
so it was great to be back! Somehow worked WAY more
EU than South America! 14 QSOs with Europe, more
than I really expected with current solar conditions.
THANKS to all for your patience, and providing contest fun!
N6IC   Contact Moderator
Lots of good activity
N6TV   Contact Moderator
Just some quick testing first night.  Spent most of the weekend doing
my taxes instead of operating!
N7WY   Contact Moderator
N8DE   Contact Moderator
N9OK   Contact Moderator
1st CW contest with my Hytower. Works very well on 80M and even
on 160M. Fun!
N9TF   Contact Moderator
Lots of fun! Really nice openings on 40 to EU that even this
compromised station could partake in! Except for 10m, the
bands were in good shape. 73 Gene, N9TF
Rig K3S 100 watts to 2 element triband at 37', short 40/80
dipole at 35' sloping, W8AMZ short 1/2 sloper at 35' apex.
NA9J   Contact Moderator
ND0C   Contact Moderator
Part time operation this time - missed most of the Sunday morning opening to EU.
NJ1T   Contact Moderator
Good CW Weekend
NN3W   Contact Moderator
Fun Mode Weekend! With four 200' towers and Dreamland-stacks of aluminum for the high-bands, for
ARRL CW 2019 it was clearly the wide-open 40-80-160M bands that captured our imaginations this
weekend. What a thrill ride! 73 KL2A
NN7CW   Contact Moderator
Unsurprisingly, condx were not awfully great. 15 seems to be the new
10, HI! Got bored and decided to cut this operation in half. 23:09 on
air, 51 minutes break time in between. Tks fer the QSOs!
NP2J   Contact Moderator
Best QSO was VY1AAA who called me, Thanks!!

We had HORRIBLE QRN here first night, steady S7-S9 with constant crashes S9+20DB. Had trouble
getting calls right the first time, even had to go K3? to K3LR, Hi!

Much better noise level second night but activity was sparse.
Ended up with a slightly higher score than last year despite the QRN.

Thanks to everyone who called!


Rig: K3S & AL82 to pair phased Inverted L's spaced 1/4 wave
NX6T   Contact Moderator
Ron WQ6X cobbled a team together at last minute
as N6KI spent most of weekend at Yuma Hamfest
(Hey, stop putting nice hamfests on contest weekends !)
Our remote OPs faced lots of challenges with the typical
crappy internet speeds we suffer with in the USA....
some good runs into EU from Left Coast at times.
Both stations not manned most of time but still more
fun than running MS category for times when 2 bands
were open and we had a couple of OPs either BIC or remote
You can read more about this event at the WQ6X Contest BLOG
NZ1D   Contact Moderator
A few dozen Q's is not exactly big-gun performance but not bad for my "MacGyver" vertical consisting
of some scrap PVC pipe and a few feet of No. 22 wire scrounged from a discarded string of Xmas
lights.  You never know what might work until you try it.  You will make contacts and have fun in
the process.  As Thoreau wrote, "Some men fish their entire lives without realizing it's not fish
they're after."
OA4SS   Contact Moderator
Pwr was always 150 but I sent KW by mistake between 0001 and 0310
16 feb.  I made the necessary changes in the cabrillo file.
OE1VMC   Contact Moderator
Just having some 45 minutes of CW fun on 40m close to the end of the contest.

ANT Wideband Folded Dipole @ 8m AGL

73 de Chris
OE2S   Contact Moderator
just a few QSOs between antenna works
OE5OHO   Contact Moderator
Handing out points on Sunday is fun. Condx fair but 20m closed early.
OE6MMD   Contact Moderator
Sent Exchange 4TT or 400 ! --> for 400W

Please consider in the log check. Cabrillo Format allows only one sent exchange :(..

Contest was great fun, also when having limited time!

OG3A   Contact Moderator
TNX nice condx on 20 m

Hr IC-7300 + 5el tribanderbeam in 30 m on top of a small hill
73 de Pasi OH3WS/OG3A
OH1F   Contact Moderator
Part time operation; Thanks for QSOs!
OH2BJ   Contact Moderator
God bless America!
OH2KI   Contact Moderator
Good contest, gave me platform to test my RX loops. My TX PWR level was not enough compared to those
alligators with excessive pwr, clicks, harmonics. Argh.
OH2KW   Contact Moderator
Only few hours but nice pile-ups!
OH3RB   Contact Moderator
My first semi-serious attempt to do 80m single with my modest one GP station. Very pleased with the
result, got everything I heard and AA7A on one morning in broad daylight really made my day ! CU
next year!
OH3XZ   Contact Moderator
Check log, testing the RX loop
OH5ZA   Contact Moderator
Participation time very limited due to visitors... Cheers/73,
OH6QU   Contact Moderator
The propagation on 15M was much better towards NA than I expected.
The East Coast was coming in with rather strong signals on late
Sunday afternoon roughly about one hour before the sunset here.

However the highlight of the contest was once again the night time
15M propagation over the North Pole to the West Coast. This time
around the local midnight on Saturday/Sunday night I managed to
log K7JR, K7RL, W6YX, N5CR, VA7ST, NA6O, W7RN and N6ZFO. Thank you
very much for pulling me out of noise. It was much easier after
your antennas were pointing towards EU instead of Japan :) I heard
dozens of other West Coast stations but they were doing only S&P
and never called CQ :(
OH7KBF   Contact Moderator
OK1CZ   Contact Moderator
OK1DOL   Contact Moderator
FT1000MP-MarkV, PA ACOM, 1kW
Ant 10el LogPer, 2x3 el. stack
OK1HFP   Contact Moderator
Kenwood TS570   PA HM   3000W   Zeppelin   2x36m    RX  K9AY
OK1LL   Contact Moderator
FT897D 100W, ANT 3EL YAGI 11m UP.
OK1OA   Contact Moderator
Sorry for no condition on 10M. I used: FT991A + AL811H (600W out) just with GP for 14 and 21MHz and
inverted L 10+41m for 1,8 to 7 MHz
OK1VK   Contact Moderator
MY RIG : FT-2000D
PWR : 500W  (ACOM 1010)

Invert L : 160m (up 10m) (39m wire + 138m radials)
Invert V : 80m + 60m + 40m (up 14m)
3.el.TRIBANDER - ZY-33 - 14/21/28MHz (up 15m)
OK2BJK   Contact Moderator
Rig:FT-897D Pwr:<100Watts, Ant:LW34m/8mUP, My AGE=86Years SRI GB OMs.
OK2MBP   Contact Moderator
Rig{s} IC-756PROIII-100W, Antena[s] 3el. YAGI, Windom FD5
OK2PBG   Contact Moderator
ARRL International DX Contest CW  2019-02-16  00:00 UTC - 2019-02-17 23:59 UTC
OK2QX   Contact Moderator
Rig K3, 100W out, 3 el tribander
OL5Y   Contact Moderator
It was awesome contest as always, supported with very good CONDX (respecting current sunspot cycle
phase). I was surprised what I can do with LP and multiband antennas. I made 28 of my US friends on
5 bands and 85 on 4 bands... 
It was very interesting to compare all my antennas headed to the same direction. I was playing with
instant switching of all beams I have got (3-el ECO, 2/4-el Quad Cubex and 3-4-4-6 el. yagi by
Antenna Depot). I already know that Cubex does not work well on 20/15/10 but I was little surprised
that on 40m 2-el. quad was always weaker than 3-el. yagi at the same height (25m / 82 ft.). It
confirms that I definitely have to rebuild the Cubex to other dimensions (I like StatusQuad design -
http://www.statusquad.it/eng/). BTW the AD-3446 works VERY well and mechanically is also very well
Thank you all for calling me or answering my call! 
RIG: SunSDR MB1 + IC756, microHAM MK2R+, Station masters, Stack master, switches... 
160: Inv. V for 40/80/160m @ 19m (63 ft.)
80: Inv. V for 40/80/160m @ 19m, Delta loop (apex up, corner feed)
40: 2-el Quad @ 25m, 3-el Yagi (AD-3446) @ 25m (82 ft.)
20/15/10: 3-el tribander ECO @ 20m (66 ft.), 3el tribander ECO @ 12m, 4-el Quad @ 25m, 4-el Yagi
(AD-3446) @ 25 m (82 ft.)
OM3CDN   Contact Moderator
FT-277ZD, max  output 100 watts, Dipole inverted V.
OM5NA   Contact Moderator
Yaesu FT-950, 100W, G5RV
ON3ND   Contact Moderator
Not really the best propagation but we have to do with...
ON6AT   Contact Moderator
Yaesu FT-950 100w - Ant R8 Vert.
ON6NL   Contact Moderator
One of the nicest contest of my life.
The new IC7610, great CW ops and relax
entry as at 15C (60F) temperature a walk
with my grand children had priority.
OZ1DTF   Contact Moderator
I had fun with 100W and 13m end-fed wire.
OZ1THC   Contact Moderator
Antenna Indoor Diamond BB 6W  
Sorry but could only hear Europe
OZ3SM   Contact Moderator
Rig: Elecraft K3 / P3, SSPA: 600 W
Ant: 80 m Vertical Loop and HexBeam
P40L   Contact Moderator
with corrections from notes
PA0JLS   Contact Moderator
What a big difference on this side of the world working the arrl cw
contest with my low pwr and wires. S&P was the solution to get
some points. Enjoyed the few hours I was on the air. See you next
time. pa0jls (ex pj4ls)
PA0ZAV   Contact Moderator
Very nice to work qrp in the QRO violence
PA1B   Contact Moderator
I had great fun in 23 QSO's with 4 watt and 2 watt
In 12 QSO's I could use 2 watt and in 11 QSO I used 4 W
The exchange 599 002 or 599 004 can lead to some confusion (hi)
It is great to get the reaction 2W FB
Thank you for this fine contest
PA2CHM   Contact Moderator
used SD for post contestlogging
PA2REH   Contact Moderator
Wkd with just an inverted V dipole (center height 30ft above ground), with two 9 ft legs and 100W
max CW output. Condx on 15m were moderate for few hours. Most of the time the band was closed in the
NA direction (anyway for me). Nevertheless wkd some stations. Most stns I copied could detect my
small signal. Just a few I called many times but no reply. Thank you all fr fb qso73 Eric - pa2reh.
PA2TA   Contact Moderator
Bad CDX, low power and only a vertical antenna, thanks to all
operators for your patience!
PA3DRL   Contact Moderator
300 watt from solid state home made power amplifier
PA3DTR   Contact Moderator
Sorry, something came between me and the contest. Better in 2020
PA3DZM   Contact Moderator
Had little time to operate as to work, but enjoyed every free moment I could spare to the fullest.
PA5MW   Contact Moderator
Initially I was going to support our clubstation, but health issues during the last  two weeks kept
me from doing that.
So I decided to work on collecting some states on 40m where I just recently installed an Inverted-L.
Note any higher than 5m is not allowed by local regulations and   neighbors only just accept it. To
give it a push I decided to fire up an old amplifier  and make 400W. Well that does make a
difference as reverse beacon showed during  several A/B testing on abt 25 skimmers a difference of 8
dB on average.  Saturday did  offer several states on 40m as well as also 20m.
On Sunday even 15m offered an opening of abt one hour. In total this weekend was about 
experimenting and setting things up in the shack, which worked FB.
10/15/20:  2el Yagi FB-23 @ 12m AGL
40:        Inverted -L
PA: 400W
PD1B   Contact Moderator
CATEGORY-POWER: 150W or less
OPERATORS: only one
NAME: Bert
ADDRESS: Gagelstraat 17
ADDRESS-CITY: Hollandscheveld
EMAIL: pd1b@live.nl
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.7532.0
QSO: 14010 CW 2019-02-16 1657 PD1B          599 25     W4KZ          599 PE       
QSO: 14011 CW 2019-02-16 1700 PD1B          599 25     K1IR          599 MA       
QSO: 14000 CW 2019-02-16 1710 PD1B          599 25     K1IR          599 MA       
QSO: 14014 CW 2019-02-16 1727 PD1B          599 25     W3LPL         599 MD       
QSO: 14018 CW 2019-02-16 1735 PD1B          599 25     WO4C          599 AL       
QSO: 14022 CW 2019-02-16 1739 PD1B          599 25     VE3YAA        599 ON       
QSO: 14027 CW 2019-02-16 1747 PD1B          599 25     NO6T          599 CA       
QSO: 14037 CW 2019-02-16 1754 PD1B          599 25     K1RX          599 NH       
QSO: 14044 CW 2019-02-16 1802 PD1B          599 25     VA2WA         599 QC       
QSO: 14050 CW 2019-02-16 1806 PD1B          599 25     K8CX          599 OH       
QSO: 14052 CW 2019-02-16 1807 PD1B          599 25     VE2BWL        599 QC       
QSO: 14056 CW 2019-02-16 1809 PD1B          599 25     CJ3A          599 ON       
QSO: 14001 CW 2019-02-16 1813 PD1B          599 25     N2NT          599 NJ       
QSO: 14002 CW 2019-02-16 1818 PD1B          599 25     K6XT          599 CO       
QSO: 14004 CW 2019-02-16 1820 PD1B          599 25     K5TR          599 TX       
QSO: 14008 CW 2019-02-16 1823 PD1B          599 25     AA9A          599 WI       
QSO: 14011 CW 2019-02-16 1828 PD1B          599 25     W2RE          599 ME       
QSO: 14013 CW 2019-02-16 1830 PD1B          599 25     N1UR          599 VT       
QSO: 14015 CW 2019-02-16 1834 PD1B          599 25     N2RC          599 NY       
QSO: 14018 CW 2019-02-16 1840 PD1B          599 25     K3PA          599 KS       
QSO: 14021 CW 2019-02-16 1848 PD1B          599 25     W3IUU         599 MD       
QSO: 14030 CW 2019-02-16 1903 PD1B          599 25     KU2M          599 NJ       
QSO: 14038 CW 2019-02-16 1912 PD1B          599 25     KU2C          599 PA       
QSO: 14024 CW 2019-02-17 1204 PD1B          599 25     K1ESE         599 ME       
QSO: 14030 CW 2019-02-17 1215 PD1B          599 25     N1MM          599 CT       
QSO: 14039 CW 2019-02-17 1222 PD1B          599 25     VE3NNT        599 ON       
QSO: 14041 CW 2019-02-17 1227 PD1B          599 25     K1KP          599 MA       
QSO: 14043 CW 2019-02-17 1231 PD1B          599 25     W3LL          599 MD       
QSO: 14003 CW 2019-02-17 1707 PD1B          599 25     K3LR          599 PA       
QSO: 14004 CW 2019-02-17 1708 PD1B          599 25     K1LZ          599 MA       
QSO: 14005 CW 2019-02-17 1710 PD1B          599 25     W2FU          599 NY       
QSO: 14006 CW 2019-02-17 1711 PD1B          599 25     W9RE          599 IN       
QSO: 14007 CW 2019-02-17 1713 PD1B          599 25     KI2G          599 RI       
QSO: 14008 CW 2019-02-17 1714 PD1B          599 25     NR4M          599 VA       
QSO: 14009 CW 2019-02-17 1715 PD1B          599 25     KD2RD         599 NY       
QSO: 14012 CW 2019-02-17 1723 PD1B          599 25     KU2M          599 NJ       
QSO: 14012 CW 2019-02-17 1728 PD1B          599 25     W1VE          599 VT       
QSO: 14013 CW 2019-02-17 1729 PD1B          599 25     K1RM          599 CT       
QSO: 14024 CW 2019-02-17 1737 PD1B          599 25     W8MJ          599 MI       
QSO: 14025 CW 2019-02-17 1741 PD1B          599 25     K2VV          599 MO       
QSO: 14025 CW 2019-02-17 1742 PD1B          599 25     KG5HVO        599 AL       
QSO: 14029 CW 2019-02-17 1749 PD1B          599 25     N0NI          599 IA       
QSO: 14034 CW 2019-02-17 1753 PD1B          599 25     K1DG          599 NH       
QSO: 14069 CW 2019-02-17 1809 PD1B          599 25     K9CT          599 IL       
QSO: 14113 CW 2019-02-17 1811 PD1B          599 25     WB9Z          599 IL       
QSO: 14114 CW 2019-02-17 1811 PD1B          599 25     N0AT          599 MN       
QSO: 14124 CW 2019-02-17 1813 PD1B          599 25     AA0AW         599 MN       
QSO: 14001 CW 2019-02-17 1818 PD1B          599 25     N8EA          599 MI       
QSO: 14005 CW 2019-02-17 1826 PD1B          599 25     WK2G          599 PA       
QSO: 14008 CW 2019-02-17 1827 PD1B          599 25     AA3B          599 PA       
QSO: 14015 CW 2019-02-17 1830 PD1B          599 25     NA8V          599 MI       
QSO: 14021 CW 2019-02-17 1839 PD1B          599 25     VE2FK         599 QC       
PE1FJN   Contact Moderator
SUNsdr2 QRP 5W into Hyendfed 40m 20m 10m at just 5m above the ground
Impressed by receiving capabilities of some stations, TNX for copying my QRP signal. 

Till The Next Time
PE2K   Contact Moderator
All QSO's made with 5 watt and a dipole antenna. QSL is via bureau. 73, PE2K
PE4A   Contact Moderator
FT-991A with 2 x 20m wire and home made tuner
PF5X   Contact Moderator
2 hours of S&P. Had fun working the "usual suspects". Thanks and
see you next year.
PG2AA   Contact Moderator
FT897D 100W Dipole. Enjoyable weekend!
PG2W   Contact Moderator
PH0AS   Contact Moderator
Nice to give some points to our K and VE radio friends.
PR2E   Contact Moderator
PT8CW   Contact Moderator
Very Good Contest!
PU4YJS   Contact Moderator
Excelente o Contest, é a primeira vez que participo do ARRL CW Contest no mês de feveiro; já
participei de outros, mas nunca no início do ano, até participei do CQ 160m, que foi o primeiro,
mas foi muito bom.
PW5N   Contact Moderator
operator PP5BK
PY2EX   Contact Moderator
Less than 4 hours on the air and only active on 10, 15 and 20
meter bands. It?s always nice meenting old fellows on the air. 73
and I hope to be on the air during the ssb weekend.
PY2XV   Contact Moderator
For the first time I decided to play CW on the ARRL DX. Very surprised with the conditions of
propagation and especially with my evolution in the modality. 73 from PY2XV
R0JF   Contact Moderator
FLEX-3000, Windom. Tnx nice Contest!
R0LL   Contact Moderator
R1CAA   Contact Moderator
Just before the contest, the wind turned the antenna on 90 degrees. Thanks to everyone who heard me.
Aleks R1CAA
R3LC   Contact Moderator
e-mail: r3lc@mail.ru
R3PIQ   Contact Moderator
GL! 73!
R3ZZ   Contact Moderator
TX/RX/ANT - K3, PA-1KW, 5ele yagi fixed NA+4sqr+delta
R4ACY   Contact Moderator
R4BZ   Contact Moderator
R4WT   Contact Moderator
Tnx for nice contest! 73!
RA0LQ/MM   Contact Moderator
Persian Gulf, Grid: LL75, IC-7000, 50W, Ant: Dipole
RA3XCZ   Contact Moderator
IC756PROIII, Delta Loop 160
RA7M   Contact Moderator
RC7B   Contact Moderator
RK2M   Contact Moderator
I have simple ant: InvV for LF and GP for HF. Sorry, 10M and 15M bands was closed. On the 20M band
good propagation was only a few hours -from 11:00 UTC till 14:30 UTC. Anyway, I was very glad to
participate in ARRL-CW contest. Many thanks to all, who made QSO with me.  Val RK2M
RL4F   Contact Moderator
RL5A   Contact Moderator
I use Expert Electronics MB1 jn first time. Fantastic radio with full automatic PA OM-2000A+.
RM4F   Contact Moderator
TNX 73!
RN2FQ   Contact Moderator
RN4CA   Contact Moderator
IC-760PRO PA-300WT AD-335
RT0O   Contact Moderator
RT1L   Contact Moderator
TRX DDC SDR ZS-1, Power Amp.Tokyo HL-45B (50 Watts), Ant 2-el quad "RQ-25" up 12m on ground
RT5C   Contact Moderator
RU3VV   Contact Moderator
IC756PRO3 100w  XL222 35m up
RU4LM   Contact Moderator
TS-590s 100wt, Spider 5 band
RV1CC   Contact Moderator
Thanks a lot for the Contest and activity
RV7C   Contact Moderator
RW2F   Contact Moderator
there were a lot of technical problems during the contest
RW3AI   Contact Moderator
Icom 706 pwr 100 watts
RW3RN   Contact Moderator
RX7K   Contact Moderator
Good Luck! 73!
S50R   Contact Moderator
Regarding that I have no plan for the Contest, 
I worked only on Sunday for 6 hours and 700 QSOs 
was the result. I was sorry I did not participate
full contest ! Next year !
S51J   Contact Moderator
I've got opportunity, to use S50E contest location for Saturday
by day, so logical choice was 20m band, with 5el beam and
FT-2000D and 1,5kW linear amplifier. Maybe I began a little too
late, because when I start, signals from USA were already there.
This was my first ARRL DX CW contest, with HP and relative good
working conditions. From time to time, rates were high, and I
ended with cca 370 QSO in the log. Signals slowly vanished, so it
would be torture, without need! Weather was nice, temperatures
too high for this time of season. Hope to be there next year.
SG3O   Contact Moderator
Always fun to participate in the Contest!
SM5CCE   Contact Moderator
SM5CSS   Contact Moderator
Elecraft K3 100W to KT34XA and Dipoles
I forgot to start the CAT control during the first 31 QSOs!
SM6TKG   Contact Moderator
very nice contest. First time a sent in logs and participated for real not only a couple of QSO's
Very goog contest to start with due to the simple exchange messages.
And no one should complain about sunspots, you could work NA from SM land more or less the entire 24
hours :)
SN100L   Contact Moderator
IC-735 pwr 75W out, ant W3DZZ 25n up, m-band vertical 40-10m
SO4M   Contact Moderator
Thanks to Mirek SP4MPG who let me operate from his station.
It was SO2R style operation.
Thanks to all friends from the USA and Canada for QSOs
SP3BES   Contact Moderator
FT757GXII ant balcony GP
SP3GTS   Contact Moderator
SP8CGU   Contact Moderator
TRX Icom IC-735 100W ant. dipole
SP9BNM   Contact Moderator
SW:fil2cbr conventer
SP9KJU   Contact Moderator
ic730 50W, ant DELTA LOOP 42m
Congrats very nice contest for my 50w
T48K   Contact Moderator
73 de CO8ZZ Raul, OH2TA Pekka, SM0DRD Gran and SM5SIC Gran.
TA2BS   Contact Moderator
TA3AER   Contact Moderator
IC-7600, 7 EL 3 BAND (20,15,10) HOME MADE YAGI
TA4RC   Contact Moderator
TM6M   Contact Moderator
Condtions were fair! Closed to EU record but missed some qsos Tks for
qsos See you again Oli
TO8T   Contact Moderator
A bucket-list event in many ways. First trip to a Caribbean island, first time operating a pileup
from the other end, first time operating a 48-hour contest, and many more.

Ever since I was a teenage ham, I dreamed of operating in a DXpedition. Combining that dream with my
interest in contesting lead me look for a DX location to operate the ARRL DX CW contest, somewhere
close to the USA. My first choice of YS fell through which lead me to search the Internet for rental
shacks. I was very fortunate to hook up with Laurent, FM5BH, who has a Top 10 producing station in
Martinique. Laurent has a fantastic station in his home; it's not a hotel or AirBnB, but part of his
home. He doesn't rent to casual tourists, only hams! I received advice from Laurent and a number of
his other guests from the past. Thanks for all the advice!

Leading up to the contest, I operated casually, entered into two CWT mini-tests, while familiarizing
myself with the station. Every time I got on the air there were huge pile-ups. I worked mainly
simplex pileups to train for the contest. I also worked a few split-frequency pileups, especially
when working EU. 

While not operating, I enjoyed a few visits to the beach and went snorkeling  where I saw lots of
beautiful fish and sea turtles. Laurent guided me to some great local restaurants as well. The day
of the contest I headed out to see Mont Pelee, the island volcano. On the way back, in the last mile
before returning to the shack, my car was hit from behind in a roundabout. I spent two hours dealing
with the other driver and the rental car company filling out forms and replacing the car. That was
some un-needed stress, but I tried to remain calm and brush it off - I was not going to let it spoil
my weekend. I came back and tried to take a nap before the start of the contest but I was too

I won't elaborate on band conditions or specific events in the contest, but I will say that this
station is incredible. I was loud on every band and had no problem holding a run frequency.
Fortunately, the pileups weren't bad at all but I had a very good rate. The only time it got
somewhat difficult is when I was spotted, then the pileup suddenly grew! The station is fully SO2R
capable but this operator is not. Instead, I used the second radio to monitor band conditions, which
lead me to the 3 (!) Q's on 10m! It also facilitated quick band changes, as I could prepare radio 2
while operating radio 1. It was like I was given the keys to a Fereri but used to driving a Chevy! 

I operated 37.5 out of 48 hours, sleeping 2-3 hours each night and taking a number of 20-30 minute
naps when I felt it necessary. My goal was to make at least 4,000 Q's, something I've never done
before. A few more Q's and I could have had a score over 4M. 

Thank you Laurent for the use of your station and thanks everyone for all the Q's. It was the trip
of a lifetime. 

73, Tom
FM/K8BKM, aka TO8T
UA0DBX   Contact Moderator
UA0KBG   Contact Moderator
UA0ZAM   Contact Moderator
UA1CUR   Contact Moderator
UA2FBQ   Contact Moderator
My rig FT-450 100 Watts, my antenna dipole, 73!
UA3QGT   Contact Moderator
UA5C   Contact Moderator
UA6CC   Contact Moderator
TNX 73
UA6HFI   Contact Moderator
FB TEST! TNX! 73!!!
UN6LN   Contact Moderator
UR0HQ   Contact Moderator
UR4LIN   Contact Moderator
UR4RWW   Contact Moderator
80m - dipole, 40,20m - delta, 15m - BEAM, 3 el. 73's, Good Luck!
UR5WCQ   Contact Moderator
FT1000mp  . .
UR7EC   Contact Moderator
UR7HCX   Contact Moderator
TNX 73!
UR8GX   Contact Moderator
TRCVR: IC 746, PWR: 70W, ANT: GP 20, 40, 80, 160M, Dipole 160M
US7IGN/P   Contact Moderator
Icom 706mk2g and wires http://www.us7ign.com/?p=1380
UT0EM   Contact Moderator
UT3NF   Contact Moderator
UT4LW   Contact Moderator
SDR trcvr SunSDR2-PRO, KXPA100.
160,80,40 - dipole Up18m, fider 70m.
20,15,10 - Spider Up 10m, fider 30m.
UT5UQV   Contact Moderator
Equipment: IC-756PRO, a home made tuner;
Antenna: a home made wire V-beam, arms 42m, up 52m, cable 75 Ohm, balun 1:9
UT5UT   Contact Moderator
For a long time, the ARRL Contest remains my favorite competition. This year I decided to work on
the Top band. The band condition was not the best, but I was pleased with the result. Thanks to
everyone who called me.
UT7NI   Contact Moderator
UT7NY   Contact Moderator
TNX for good contest!
UX2LX   Contact Moderator
Rig FTDX 1200, Ant 2-el Quad, Pwr 100 w
UY5BT   Contact Moderator
e-mail: uy5bt@ukr.net
UY7LM   Contact Moderator
TNX 73!
UZ1WW   Contact Moderator
V31DJ   Contact Moderator
15m single band entry at the bottom of the cycle. Hmmmm. built a
wire yagi fixed on USA that worked pretty well. the view out the
window was great! KX3 and SPE1.3k amp make a nifty travel package.
V31HE   Contact Moderator
my greates contest event and result I've ever made
VA3RKM   Contact Moderator
K3, verticals.
VA7GI   Contact Moderator
Remote operation 500W solar powered.
VA7UNX   Contact Moderator
What an amazingly fun contest!  I only got my license last spring, started
learning CW last summer, and began to know what I was doing last fall.  To have
made all these contacts (including New Zealand - WOW!) with only 5 Watts and a
homebrew magloop is *AMAZING*.  My 10 year-old son and I worked Jamaica
together, so I said I'd enter us in the multi-op category. :-)  Thanks so much
for a fun contest!
VE1JS   Contact Moderator
Not a serious effort
SD works well as usual
VE2EZD   Contact Moderator
80m dipole, 40m delta loop on 40m 20m and 15m
VE3HG   Contact Moderator
Back in my home QTH after a year in an apartment while we built the house. Now the rebuilding of
VE3HG contest station begins with a new FlexRadio 6600 which BTW was out of the box and on the air
within 15 minutes with most of that time spent getting my home network up and running. Spent last
week in -5 degree C throwing up a Par End-Fed 20/40 wire and a RadioWavz 40-10 Windom. Both were at
about 25' and both work very very well considering I'm rebuilding my 50' tower with a TA-33 with
40-meter extensions and I'll be using that setup by mid summer hopefully. The Flex 6600 is an
amazing piece of gear. I've run Flex 1500 and 3000 for a long time but nothing prepared me for the
ability of the 6600 to S&P across a very active 40-meter band and listen to one signal at a time
even those which were very weak and were surrounded by kilowatts on either side and there never
being a signal I couldn't hear clearly if it was detectable above the noise. I know some of the
other top-of-the-line rigs have this capacity but this is the first time I've experienced. The
overall feel is the 6600 is very much like my 3000 but on steroids. I can understand some don't like
the new technology but I'm thrilled and will be working on the station for the next few months.
VE3KTB   Contact Moderator
My development as a CW contester continues.  Had limited time as
I tried to fit
before one disappears from the
the SSB version from VY0!
VE3PN   Contact Moderator
VE3ZY   Contact Moderator
Good condx considering recent times
Very happy to work so many countries this time
First time with updated SD LOG seemed to work better
than older versions for some reason
VE7BGP   Contact Moderator
I had a lot of fun operating this years DX Contest with my
venerable old IC-751A tricked out with a narrow FL-53A  second
filter. 73 Gerry
VE9VIC   Contact Moderator
fun, a lot of good ops and receiver.
VK2BJ   Contact Moderator
Conditions really poor in VK2 except for 40m
Always nice to work so many US stations but where were
all the VE's ?
VK2GR   Contact Moderator
Low Band conditions were extremely good with very low noise levels.
However 15m was very poor, open mainly to the Pacific.
Radio: TS-990S. Antennas; 40m 4SQ array, 80m Dipole, 20/15m 4 el Yagi.
VK4TT   Contact Moderator
Used "SD" by EI5DI worked very FB
VK6IT   Contact Moderator
Conditions on 40M down here were good through about an 8 hour window on both nights for me.Plenty of
big signals but most satisfaction was from digging out those calling down in the noise. With an
invee and 150 watts it was great fun. After 50 years CW is still my go to mode.
VK7GN   Contact Moderator
LP openings on both 20 and 40 - not there outside ontest!
W0BH   Contact Moderator
11 * 9 IN :13
W0FK   Contact Moderator
First time I've actually submitted a log for contest activity. N1MM+ made working the contest a
smooth operation.
W0MN   Contact Moderator
20Mtr was reasonable and 80 not too bad for my low to the ground (16ft) antenna but 40 mtrs was
awful. I heard a lot of Europe but they did not hear me.
W1AST   Contact Moderator
My wife interupted me every 15 minutes it seems. Putting the headphones on seemed to attract her to
talk to me while wearing them. It was so annoying!
W1CVE   Contact Moderator
using 100W to a trap vertical and homemeade G5RV. Had a good time
W1DYJ   Contact Moderator
Best Low Band results ever
W1NN   Contact Moderator
Remote from Japan.  Used dipoles and a K3.
W1QK   Contact Moderator
Thank you for sponsoring the contest.
W2AAB   Contact Moderator
W2DLT   Contact Moderator
W2EG   Contact Moderator
Enjoyable contest. I improved considerably on last year's showing
(same 480W and dipole). I was impressed with conditions Saturday
morning (local time) -- nice and quiet with good copy on DX sigs.
Usually JA is difficult path for me on 40M. No trouble this time
-- first call several JA's. Best of the morning was BG (China) on
first call around my sunrise. Also nice to work a couple VK's LP
~ an hour before my sunset on Sunday. Thanks all for the Q's.
73, Rich, W2EG
W2MV   Contact Moderator
Conditions on 15 meters were unexpectedly good, especially to northern Europe between about 12-14Z!
W2NTN   Contact Moderator
We enjoyed operating the DX contest periodically between ARISS
SSTV image downloads.  Thanks to all who participated in both
W2XK   Contact Moderator
Rookie - First Licensed: March 1, 2016
W3AKD   Contact Moderator
Great contest, my best score ever. 73 Bill w3akd
W3HKK   Contact Moderator
The all-wire antenna station at  W3HKK included an IC7610-TenTec Centurion amp at 800w out, plus
SAL-30  and  305' Beverage rx antennas, plus N1MM+ software. Age of op=77 yrs.

Operating style was a concession to  the mounting years:  ie casual  S&P,  focusing on 160m ( 52'
1/4 wave INV-L), then 40 and 20m (  2 el phased vertical arrays), with a little help from 80m ( qtr
wave INV-L)  and 15m ( the 20m PA works great there too.)  

CNDX: 160m  was fair at best into EU.  80m seemed good but I always tend to minimize time there in
favor of 40/20.  40m was again my main band, closely followed by 20m.  Cndx to Asia were only
marginal this year, however.  And  prop to EU  became watery post 11pm here in Ohio. 15M was a
shadow of its former self, and 10m did not produce a single contact.

Still, being able to  move from band to band kept things interesting enough to produce  just under
22 hrs of operating time, which didnt seem too fatiguing.  
Using N1MM+'s  spots  for new calls and new multipliers facilitated things on Day 2, rather than
tuning in one direction.

For the bottom of the sunspot cycle, this was a very successful contest and  great fun.
W3SA   Contact Moderator
Would be great if CQ station acknowledged with TU + Callsign
instead of dit dit. DX spots are great for locating DX outside of
contest but in contest they create poor operating practices.
W3TT   Contact Moderator
tiny station almost no antenna
W3WHK   Contact Moderator
FT-840 100w. G5RV up 11m 
Not too bad for first "competive effort", with 100w and a wire,no filters for RX, and no automated
W4CB   Contact Moderator
Got a very late start and was only able to put in 12 hours, but it was still a bunch of fun!  (W2RU,
op @ W4CB)

K3S, Acom2000A
SkookumLogger for the Mac
160:  100' tower and DXE Beverages
80:  Dipoles at 50'
40:  CC 40-2CD at 102' + dipole at 40
20/15/10:  CC A-4 at 106', A-3 at 47'
W4KAZ   Contact Moderator
The clock says 14 hours on, but it seemed like a lot less.  First time I have used
spots in quite a while, and it helped keep my interest in it.  Got on "for a few minutes"
Saturday, and decided to stick.   Enjoyed operating the low bands.  Discovered a
new problem exists in antenna switch, so a few minutes spent fending off Murphy.
Heard more EU stations on 160m than ever before from this QTH.
And even worked a few surprises on both 160m and 80m.  Most fun I have had
operating in a long time.
W4ZGR   Contact Moderator
K3  3Watts
W4ZYT   Contact Moderator
Conditions on 160-15 surprisingly lively, but never heard any DX on 10.
W5FMH   Contact Moderator
About 20 minutes before the contest, we decided to operate this contest! I did
not even know it was on.  Eric asked me if I was operating the contest? 
 What contest I said? I did not hesitate ... we got it all configured. Started
late and got bugs out of the remote logging with N1MM connected to Remote Hams
VSP at KJ0D's QTH.
Using an internet link to remotely control W5FMH South Texas Remote DX Club
station had the usual problems with delay kind of made it challenging...
anticipating the correct instant to transmit, occasional dropouts but not that
bad. I have become more accustomed to operating remote than being in front of
the rig.
N1MM says we were operating for 17 hours but it was more like 10... we were

Thanks to everyone that worked us!  73,  Eric KJ0D & Pat KJ5Y
W6AZ   Contact Moderator
The most ham radio fun I've had in years!!
W6MOB   Contact Moderator
You don't need to score this as I know there are mistakes. You can just use it for checking other
logs if helpful.

W6SFI   Contact Moderator
A hex beam that can't rotate is a bummer.
W6UE   Contact Moderator
I threw up an inverted vee for 80 to try working some DX.Horrible
noise and poor resonance. Only worked one of the two XEs heard.
W8WA   Contact Moderator
Fun enjoyable contest.  Bad line noise to Asia.
W8WTS   Contact Moderator
I operated most of my hours from the great station of K8AZ, but I got on for a short time from home
to work a few stations on top band.
W9ET   Contact Moderator
10 Watts And a vertical But had to make some Q's for DRIFTLESS ZONE CONTESTERS
W9RE   Contact Moderator
Missed my sleep times beacause of too much activity!!
W9WR   Contact Moderator
Thanks to all with good ears and patience to copy my 5 watts!
Great fun!
W9YK   Contact Moderator
great to hear the clanging of CW tones from around the world!
WA1FCN   Contact Moderator
Glad I entered all bands this year !
WA2ALY   Contact Moderator
ICOM 7000, TEN TEC 238C, KT-34 @ 50 FEET, INVERTED L, 120
WA5ZKO   Contact Moderator
nice opening to europe in last 2 hours of contest
WA6KHK   Contact Moderator
What has happened to our beloved 10 meters?  I heard literally nothing on 10 and I checked several
times!  Had a lot of fun though and that's all I care about at my age (72).  hihi.
WA6URY   Contact Moderator
Operated remote from Tokyo, Japan
WA7CC   Contact Moderator
Saturday morning had some of the best 20 meter propagation that I've seen in a long time.
WA8KAN   Contact Moderator
Thanks to AA8UL, my wife, for encouragement and bringing me chow. Thanks to K2XT and KD8IK for
encouragement and technical support.
WB0POH   Contact Moderator
Very rough time on 40m.  Really glad 15m opened up on Sunday.
WB2NFL   Contact Moderator
Don't forget to check those "dead" bands! You may not make many contacts, but almost every one will
be a new multiplier.
WB7QMR   Contact Moderator
Flex6300, Outbacker Ant, CW-Skimmer
WB8AKW   Contact Moderator
Band conditions were better than expected!
WB9VGO   Contact Moderator
Limited to my 4BTV vertical because of downed antennas but still had enough avtivity to make me
WC5D   Contact Moderator
With a cobweb antenna 40-10M,in the attic & 50W, S&P you can work the world. Full 100W next year!
WE9V   Contact Moderator
Well, that was pretty fun.  Personal best score and personal
best QSO total (by only 30 Qs).  160 was amazing both nights.
My 160M line beats my normal 80M line.  My 80M line is like
my typical 40M line.  (And my 40M line like my normal 20.)

15M was tough from here.  Much better on Saturday, but very
short openings both days.  10M...yuck.  No 6 banders, but 60
5 banders.

Chad WE9V
WM8Z   Contact Moderator
I'm not very competitive but I did have fun - in fact it was a blast!  Tnx to all for the QSO's
WN7S   Contact Moderator
using wire in HOA... Shoe Clerk category... Still had a great time
 with the EU Guys! thanks for your patience... 73  dick wn7s...
WO2X   Contact Moderator
Not much of a CW op but had some fun and made some Q's.
WO9B   Contact Moderator
All sorts of fun this year.  Choose to run at 50 watts.  Very
much a challenge with my dipole at 30'  Added a 40 m vertical
Saturday afternoon, and that really helped with the DX.  Hanging
it up and what the heck, but the JA's came roaring in on 20 m
just at the end.
WP4JBG   Contact Moderator
Single Op, 40m High Power,single transmitter
WQ6X   Contact Moderator
Being one of the NX6T [remote] operators
left me little time as WQ6X.
Sunday morning after inspecting
the termination resistors on the
WQ6X Lazy 8JK sloper I spent the 11:00 - 12:30
running the FT-1000mp the antenna with disappointing results.
Switching to the CHA-350 vertical provided enough low-angle
radiation to work central & South America as well as the
South Pacific. Look for a writeup on BOTH WQ6X and WQ6X@NX6T
events in the WQ6X Contest BLOG:
WR4I   Contact Moderator
QRS for us Old Timers please!
WV4P   Contact Moderator
Just learning CW, did not start out to make any / many Q's... got the bug and started. But had not
logged the proper exchange for the first bit so entered as Check Log. Can't wait till next year !
WW2R   Contact Moderator
Filling in a few hours after before my Birthday party
XE1AY   Contact Moderator
Becuase I don´t have interface I made by hand the contest and it´s not very easy. hi hi
XE2B   Contact Moderator
Conditions were better than expected except 15M and 10; even though,
i managed to get the 2nd Best score ever.
YB0ANN   Contact Moderator
FT-817ND 5W,  Dipole
YD3KNJ   Contact Moderator
My first ARRL DX CW Contest. I love to participate in QRP
contest, so I took all band for QRP participation, although in my
class I am limited to 80, 40, 15 and 10m band, and the only
possible band to work with in Indonesia right now is 40m band. At
first I thought I want to participate in single band single op,
but then I changed my mind to submit the log to all band single
op so that I can participate in QRP sub category. So I run QRP
just for fun and making as many US contacts as possible.
video can be watched on youtube channel BUSHCRAFT HAM RADIO
YL3FW   Contact Moderator
TRX - SunSDR, Pwr - 5 Wt, Ant Inv.V (10m up)
Tnx & 73!
YO2MJZ   Contact Moderator
YO4RST   Contact Moderator
73 & thanks for fun !
YO4SI   Contact Moderator
RIG: KENWOOD TS-450SAT 100 W; ANT: FD4 & LW 41m
YO5AJR   Contact Moderator
The ARRL CW DX contest is not easy for the European radio amateurs, but here all the contesters have
to do the best. THE propagation in 160m was not very bad. I didn't work with a relative new FT950
transceiver. I really like. There was no antenna - anymore and I used for RX/TX the inverter L
antenna only. That's why not many US States managed to win. Congratulations to the organizers. 73
YO5AJR Miki.
YP5A   Contact Moderator
FT-950 + PA 500 W
Ant. A3S
YS1/AA4NC   Contact Moderator
Rig : K3 @ 99 watts

         Antennas : 160 - Inverted L 35' up / 90' horizontal, 80/40 - inverted vees @ 45', 20 - 6 el
@ 50', 15 - TH3 @ 50'

          Soapbox : Good to see PVRC out in force for this one.

	Thanks to YS1MAE, YS1MS and Club de Radioaficianados de El Salvador (CRAS) for making this happen.

	These folks are some of the nicest I have ever met in my ham travels. El Salvador is a beautiful
country, yet off 
	the beaten path for most tourists. It is politically stable now, unlike the situation in
neighboring Nicaragua. 
	I'll probably never return there unless things drastically change. 

	Mucho fun in the sun playing radio. SO1R operation 
	running wide open, so I missed a few mults that should have been pretty easy. 
	Despite my contributions to a local shaman, 10 meters never opened at all. Everything worked
perfectly except for the operator. 
	I had planned to sleep 3 hours per night, but overslept by 3 hours on Sunday. My station is very
	All my equipment fits in one suitcase (with wire antennas and clothes for a month) and a carry on
Pelican case for the K3. 
	The antennas were provided by YS1YS. Thanks for all the Qs. I leave here for Belize in a few days.

	See you as V31NC in ARRL DX SSB from the beach at Placencia!
YU1YV   Contact Moderator
I was operating from the village. No noise, no QRM but no power on my side....Thanks to all. 
YW6CQ   Contact Moderator
nice contest excelent propagation both days on 20 15 and 40 mts
many thanks to the persistent ops that made it through some huge pileups.
that some ops are skilled enough to call a little up or down from my
frequency (just not pile up skilled operator) so I could hear them
hope see again on a ssb part 73 YW6CQ OP  YV6BXN mel
ZL/G3WZD   Contact Moderator
Condx seemed quite good from here with lots of activity (hearing much of th
Condx seemed quite go
ZL2AIM   Contact Moderator
Checklog\Ian\Documents\Ham\HRD logbook archives\ZL2AIM ARRL Inter DX contest 2019
ZL2RX   Contact Moderator
ZM4G   Contact Moderator
LF condx good, MF OK and HF poor.  Still, I enjoyed making 650 QSOs and picked up a new state on 80m
towards WAS, so it was worth it!
My friends ZM1A, ZM4T and I had a little competition this weekend.  Jacky and Holger beat me by a
big margin but we'll be interested to comparee RBN data to see how
our stations compared, beaming the same way with similar power.  I was mostly S&P though, not CQing
as much, so I expect they'll also win the "Number of spots" challenge too!
Stn is a K3 with Alpha kW amp, loop on 80 + 40, 2 ele tribander and 5 ele mono on 15m.
ZR2A   Contact Moderator
All but one QSO with 100W. 15m was marginal, 20m was great on Sunday evening.
Amazed by OPs who heard my low power, low dipole signal on 80m.
ZS2NF   Contact Moderator
Well this was a contest to remember! First off I had just been diagnosed
with cancer the week before and was scheduled to start chemo and radiation
treatment on the Wednesday before the test when the radiation machine
broke down and gave me the weekend as a respite! I then connected my
computer to the rig and just could not get the keying function to operate.
I was about to call it a day and give up on the test when I remembered
that I did still have a straight key available and decided to use it for the
test using the N1MM logger only as a logging aid. So ended up making a few
less contacts but still had a lot of fun.  The lack of sunspots sure made it
hard on the high bands with nothing at all on 10m and only a few 15m contacts.
Made up for it on 40 and 80 though.  Used an inverted L on 80m, a pair of
phased MOXON antennas on 40m, a 4 el yagi on 20m, a 3 el yagi on 15m and a
5 el yagi on 10m (not that it helped!). Rig was an ICOM736 with 100 watts
barefoot. Thanks for all the fun and hope to make it to next year's test!