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Soapbox for 2019
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I enjoyed the long haul contacts with K3TUF, W2RMA/R,W2SJ, K1RZ, and especially W3SZ and N3RG on
both 5 and 10 GHz.  I hastily completed a 2304 MHz Transverter for W1RGA/R in time for him to work
me from Mt. Equinox, VT (108 KM).  He was S9 plus with using a small PC Board Antenna.
Activity was low in North Alabama, but I had fun trying for distance on 432 MHz. My best contact on
that band was AG4V/R at 564 km. I could not
scare up more than a single QSO on 223.5 FM. The mast-mount 70 cm preamp helped a lot. I tried to
make 70 cm FT8 contacts with stations in Florida,
but signals were nil.  I'll get my 222 SSB transverter working by the next contest.  On 432 I used
an FT857D with a 100 watt TE amplifier and 21-element M2 Yagi at 25 feet.
RoverLog is terrific!
K1RZ   [photo/doc]  
(no comments)
WB7PEK and K3RW operated fixed multiop category, no team category, at
WB7PEK QTH in Kalama/Kelso WA area CN86ob. Operated 1.25m and 70cm FM
and SSB due to equipment issues on other bands.  Beams fixed south for entire operating period.
Longest DX was to Bend, OR.  Heard some 446 area
early in contest but all but gone by early afternoon.  Due to very light activity compared to other
VHF contests, only operated 3 hours. Observed possible tropo on 222 at some points.  Ambient
temperature at QTH hovered around upper 80s. Only operated FM and SSB on 1.25m and 70cm.  Heard CW
activity on 432 once; did not operate digital for this contest.
Comments for K6LMN/R for 2019 222MHz & up: Very quiet  contest here in So. California.  Over one
hour went by at opening before I got my first contact from DM03tw even though we have some 17
million inhabitants here.  Comments on the air were like: "Contest?  What contest?" and I explained.
 I was so hungry for contacts that I resorted to FM simplex frequencies.  Some did not understand
roving and can I give you another point?  The 6 character report stymied many FMers also. Lucky OPs
got to work K6MYC up north on Sunday morning but I did not since I was shutting down to go home due
lack of interest.  Also 1296.1 was dead and I did not work anybody but did hear N6ZE/R on the band
Sunday morning.
You need more publicity for this contest!!
TNX & 73s de Roger K6LMN/R in DM03 & DM04
Enjoyed great condx on 222 Mhz. 
432 was a let down. Even 1296 performed poorer than usual.
Overall, total Q's and DISTANCE was up!
Going the Distance Team
Hard to operate in hot sun.
KC4PX   [photo/doc]  
Highlight of 222 contest was decoding K5DOG and N0LWF on MSK 222Mhz but could not complete QSO due
to my low Power. Next year will go QRO. Many thanks to the activity from K4SME/R and N2CEI/R which
made the contest exciting.
Activity seemed to be down this year.
Fun to get out roving again.  30 watts and a 24 ele beam at 15 feet.
Thanks to all who heard my weak signal!
Nice short contest !
Longest contact on 222 MHz was 399.1 miles. Longest contact on 432 MHz was 422.5 miles.
contest region 11 (MI-OH-VE3-NNY-WNY-WPA)
Thanks to KF2MR/R, W2EV/R and VE2CRU/R for the much needed points. They gave me 47 out of 91 QSO's
in this contest. This is by far a high power event judging by my endless unanswered CQ's on 222/432.
Even called on 902 just for old time's sake. The QSB was very heavy on all bands almost 90% of the
time. A station would be up and then 10 seconds later gone, disappeared. A later try sometimes would
net a Q.Hardly any local action in the Rochester area. Worked a few VE's and a few East coast
stations but conditions did not favor a WNY LP Station. I enjoyed operating but did get bored at
times. Losing my 2G station at the start hurt a little. I tried 902/1296 with many stations that
worked me on the lower two, but no QSO's.I missed some of the members of my team altogether. Whats
up with that? Maybe try something different next year. Thank you ALL for the 91 contacts
N2YTF   [photo/doc]  
Great fun from SOTA summit W2/GC-055 at 734 feet up, tested new setup but very quiet bands.  On
1.2Ghz I ran 25 watts with a Down East Transverter with a 4 foot boom 1.2ghz yagi and only managed 2
contacts on 1.2, but it was nice that I worked K1GX on 1.2ghz qualifying me for my 100KM microwave
award from SOTA.  I mounted the mast to a 3 foot tree using wide diameter velcro, something I wanted
to try out that seems like a winner.  Heard nothing on 2.4ghz and 1.2 was suspiciously quiet.  I am
curious to see others reports.  432 was also surprisingly quiet.
wasn't going to submit a log unless I made 10 contacts. Made it!
First time in the ARRL 222 distance contest.  Contacts were hard to come by due to low partisipation
in my area of the country.  But, with grit, determination, and stamina was able to bag a few. Now
I'm looking forward to the September VHF contest.  Hope to work you on the higher bands from 6 mtrs
to 1296 (No 902).  73, Joe  N5QYC
I made 1 223 qso from near DM04ne home QTH, which is surrounded by
higher hills & mountains, on Saturday night. On Sunday, from approx.
2400 ft in the Santa Monica Mts (DM04qb), we made 29 qsos on 135, 70,
33, & 23 cm bands using a combo of SSB & FM. Best DX was K6MYC
(DM07)(LOUD!) on 135 cm; least DX was 1 km. WA6OSX (CM98) was heard
135 cm on both CW & SSB (up to S-6); K6LDQ(DM04TU), located on
Catalina Island, was worked on 223&446. We had QSOs with Grids: DM03,
04, 07, 12, & 13. We actually made 33 QSO, but 4 QSOs were deleted
from log due to increased distance for a second contact. 2 SOTA
hikers, KN6DFX & KN6DGS, who passed their Technician license tests
just a week ago, came by while hiking to the top of Saddle Peak: I
lent them ALINCO handhelds for 135, 33, 23 cm: they worked me and
some others in LAX area for their first ever ham radio QSOs! We also
had lots of other visitors who asked about ham radio &
'slightly-see-em' bugs were bad & temperature rose to 90F, occasional
motorcycle exhaust was 100dB above noise level!!, BUT as usual,
Woodie, WA6WDY, & I had lots of fun in the mountains. Woodie did a
great job as chief logistics man and PR/PIO for visitors.
Since distance scoring is not fair I spent most of my time in the
NAQP CW and chasing CY9C.  Just checked in to work friends on UHF.
A gorgeous Sunday morning on a hilltop, with batteries (on 432).  The bands tend to fold in the
afternoons (and return in the cooler evenings) but does anyone else think it would be a Good Idea to
start this contest earlier on Saturday, so we had two mornings to work with?  This contest is but
once a year and those new grids are really, really precious.  Just a thought.  Nice to hear some
familiar calls once again.
Microwave propagation was interesting, either there or not,  and the number of rain cells created
some interesting rain scatter paths. Participation seemed to be about the same as last year but
could stand a lot more particpants
My participation was limited to 10 & 24 GHz just to give out some
points on the uWave bands.
This contest ended with a better score than expected, while half of last year's score.  Thanks
Andrea K2EZ/R for letting me score higher, but your qso rate per hour much better than mine.  Due to
excessive heat preceeding the contest I did not fully equip the Rovermobile.  More lower down.

On Saturday, running at FN04na, I did well and gave VE3DS his first qso for the grid on 3456. 2304
nothing heard.  Moved to FN03nx, got half the qso's and no 3456 qso with VE3DS.  Found a blown fuse
in 3456 amp power supply and no spares found, loss of more X10 mults.  No qso's on 2304 either
Elevations 1100 fasl in 04 and 950 in 03.

Sunday a trip to EN93wv elevation 1750 fasl and had a good run, then to EN94wf same elevation for 6
qso's.  Missing both days was any dx qso's in any direction, prop poor.  Rover qso's with KF2MR/R
and W2EV/R thanks for going out.

Highest antenna was at 9 feet.  Setup and lack of .......

222 - 100W FM Horiz to 6 elmt cheap yagi at 8 feet off vehicle on a stand.
Was not able to install usual 16 elmt K1FO top performer.  222 transverter was installed and cabled
but failed to install a ProII or ProIII for ssb and bandscope gain.
432 was 75W from 910H to 22 elmt K1FO at 7'
902 was modified Kenwood FM 20W to 33 elmt looper, had 903 tvtr but used 
    817 as IF on 3456, no IF switch installed.
1296 was 8W barefoot from 910H to 55 looper.
2304 was h/b rig (not by me) barefoot 1W to pair of 45 loopers horiz stacked
3456 was tvtr /amp combo 20W to 45 looper.

The rotator failed so steering wheel used to line up, crude.

I do not use assistance of ON4KST for qso's nor internet or other rovers in close proximity. 
Independence works fine for me.  Some rovers say this contest is not good for rovers.  In truth, it
is excellent for properly 
equipped rovers, as we are to work as many contesters as possible and not just do grid corner
manipulation.  This corrects the flaw in vhf contests.

I maintain that a high gain antenna at low elevation will always beat a low gain antenna up high.
Off my soapbox now.

Thanks to the ARRL and support team for providing this well planned revision to the old UHF contest,
their support staff, and to all who participated and made it a fun event.

See you in September.


Bill   VE3CRU/R
TEAM: Really Weak Signal Group
Fun contest.  Three 'stop and plop' grids using a rented van and 3 tripods is ugly.  Setup burns
time and almost walked 10,000 steps - good exercise and bad for points.   

Added a diplexer to the 3456 mixer stage which significantly raised RX sensitivity allowing
400/300km Qs - tnx K1TEO, N3RG.  Longest Qs were with AF1T at 644km. 

Next year goals:  reduce # of tripods and add 5760.  More importantly -- increase operator
organization.  Too many points were left on the floor.
Hi Bart,

Same ole, same ole here around the Denver Area come 'contest' time. 222 being no different. Hard to
get any of the 139,000 hams in Colorado to get off their asses and buy or build a transverter. Tough
to get'em off 2 M FM and do a bit of exploring. No interest, no imagination, if it doesn't exist on
their Japanese 'rice box' then the band just doesn't exist in their minds. To bad!

73, Dave - W6OAL...
So much work for so few contacts.
Wish I had more time to devote to this. Thanks for the QSOs and 73!
All via HT's with rubber ducks.
222 xverter inop
Extremely low participation.
I had fun to QSO to N2YB in FN12dt, past the far side of Buffalo, NY
(from my Ohio QTH).  That contact was certainly a good 432 MHz long distance
for my 11 element yagi antenna up onto a tripod stand during
night-time.  My Grid : EN91oe. TNX for the nice contest.