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Soapbox for 2018
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AF1R   Contact Moderator
I only had limited time for the contest over the weekend made just one contact
AJ6T   Contact Moderator
Very low activity here in north Alabama, but I had fun trying to make QSOs.  Local 223.5 FM QSOs
helped the score a bit, but the main contribution was a 177 km QSO on 432.1 CW with KX4R in Georgia.
 Ten watts and a 6 element Yagi on 70 cm made for tough slogging.  I'll be back next year with
better antennas and more bands.  I hope this contest has reached critical mass and continues to grow
in the future.
K4RSV   Contact Moderator
Sorry for delay. Just got back home. We had two deaths in the family. Did my
entry in a rush at last minute before departure. grp
K4YRK   Contact Moderator
Low activity for this contest in East TN.
K6LMN/R   Contact Moderator
There were only a handful of the same contesters on here in Southern California.  e.g. no DM12,
DM14, or DM05 i.e. it was dead!
K9GY   Contact Moderator
Wish there was no conflict with NAQP CW
K9YR   Contact Moderator
222 is a great band, struggled on 432 and above.  Conditions were not that good.  Worked many local
KC0P/R   Contact Moderator
Need more time.
KC4PX   Contact Moderator
Best DX was working N3RG via Meteor Scatter MSK in FM29KI. It was my first MSK COntact on 222Mhz
KC6ZWT   Contact Moderator
Participation seemed down and condx were poor.
KD7UO   Contact Moderator
operation from ridge in cn97 2800ft
KJ7OG   Contact Moderator
We had a good turnout from mostly the Tucson area, but few found in Phoenix and
points north.  Got-aways on 1296: Doug W7IXA and Jay N1RWY.  My station was too
weak:  1.2Watts, 35 Element Yagi on a tripod in driveway, with no preamp. Next
time I will have more power and a taller mast!
N0HZO/R   Contact Moderator
Nice short contest.
N0URW   Contact Moderator
Saturday was terrible. Very few contacts. Sunday was much better.
N2SLN   Contact Moderator
contest region 11 (MI-OH-VE3-NNY-WNY-WPA)
N4DLA   Contact Moderator
Special shout out to N6JET/R who ran 222 MHz to 2304 MHz.  EPIC !  Also, I
worked an area that I previously did not have a "path" to.  Shout out K6WIS !
N4QWZ   Contact Moderator
bad propagation low activity
N6NB/R   Contact Moderator
Thanks to N1BKB, N6HC, W6IT and W6TAI for making my 8-grid rove a success.
They operated four fixed stations in Orange County that covered every band through
10 GHz with enough power to pull this off.
N6ZE/R   Contact Moderator
N6ZE/R roved from 3 locations, all within grid DM04. On Sunday morning, we
operated 3.3 hours from DM04qb at ~2300 ft in the Santa Monica Mts. Sunday
sports car drivers and motorcycle riders provided lots of deafening noise as
made jack rabbit starts and screeched tires on sharp curves of the mountain
roads: much of the road QRM was heard by stations we worked! Weather was clear,
slightly hazy,& hot, with no wind. There was no enhanced propagation and
activity levels were not particularly high considering that I had heavily
advertised the event among local radio clubs, 2 ARRL Sections, and others. We
heard a couple of stations near Santa Ana make a few QSOs to the East, but we
never heard anyone working to the SFO Bay Area, or even San Diego! We worked
only Grids DM03, DM04,& DM13. Perhaps most VHF stalwarts were working 6
meter FT8 DX instead of participating in this event. I do know that some of the
Southern stations could hear the Hawaiian 2 meter/70 cm beacons though. Of
everyone we worked knew their 6 digit grid locator, even if they had no idea
that there was a contest. We almost shut down .5 hours before the end of the
contest, BUT we ended up making 20% of our QSOs in the last half hour! Brian,
KM6MIN, who had operated with me during the Spring '18 Two Meter SPRINT
accompanied me again today. He performed operating, logging, and got more
experience in this facet of the ham radio hobby. Brian has been licensed for
less than a year. Equipment: FT736, ALINCO GJ-G29 & yagis & verticals
for each band. Thanks to W9JJ & all for their work on this contest.
N9HF   Contact Moderator
second op is N9LHS
VE2UG   Contact Moderator
First test since tower work. New antennas on 222, 432, 1296 and new coax really
paid off! Good conditions Sunday morning. Rene ve2ug.
VE3DS   Contact Moderator
Had some fun this weekend in the 222 and Up. Conditions were rather poor
on Saturday, but Sunday morning helped. Glad to hear everyone on.Thanks to KF2MR/R for sweeps up to
2304 and VE3CRU/R for multiple bands and new grids from both Jarred and Bill. Also to VE3ZV for
sweeps as well. Our Lake Ontario Group played very well, we will have to expand next year!
Look for all next year.
W1GHZ   Contact Moderator
Average QSO distance 297 km
W1TR   Contact Moderator
First time in this contest.  Next time will have 222 and 903
transverters working.
W8RU   Contact Moderator
Conditions seemed flat both days. Always
fun to play in this contest and make QSOs
at UHF and microwaves. Thanks for the QSOs
and 73, Ron (W8RU).
W9SZ   Contact Moderator