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Soapbox for 2020
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9A/W2HUV   Contact Moderator
9A/Croatia is a www.RemoteHamRadio.com station that members may
operate remotely.  Rig consists of a FLEX-6300 driving an
OM2000A+ 1500W amp.  160m antenna is a 31.5m vertical with a top
hat and 6 radials elevated 6m.  A beverage pointed at NA did a
great job of reducing RX noise. However, most NA stations
couldn't hear me or had difficulty copying me due to QRM from
costal EU stations (Croatia is too far inland). Similarly, I
couldn't copy most NA stations.  In other words, the contest was
a bust for me!  Propagation was A:2 on Friday night and A:5 on
Saturday night.  All I heard Saturday night was a few stations
that I had already worked.  I only made 23 QSOs during 4.73 hours
of listening.
AC4G   Contact Moderator
First evening was mainly search and pounce, but issues with
amplifier faulting out again in this contest surfaced.  The
second evening was able to run and pull quite a few QSO's but
nothing to Europe when my amp began faulting out.  Tried
troubleshooting to no avail.  made several QSOs with 20 watts and
100 watts.  Only a few Caribbean and Europe.   The mornng of the
last day (Sunday) tried again using my amplifier, but immediately
began seeing amplifier issues.  So like the evening before, began
running 100 watts to make a last attempt at making a run, but not
many were hearing me. Looks like I am troubleshooting mode again.
These contests seem to test our equipment to find unknown
issues.  Thanks all the QSOs and wish I coud have heard some of
the weak stations, but maybe next time.  73 AC4G
AC7A   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed my last ARRL160 contest from where I had operated all but one since 1987. I have now moved
to a new QTH a few miles further east of the original one and I am temporarily off the air until we
get fully moved into our new home, and I have time to erect antennas. The lot at the new QTH is 3.3
acres, compared to 0.82 acres at the previous QTH, so I hope to be able to get more effective 160
antennas in place here.

'73, Thomas - AC7A
AC9EZ   Contact Moderator
Wow! Conditions on 160m were awesome, with wall to wall signals Friday and Saturday night. I heard
stations all the way up to 1.870 on Saturday night. The only real negative for me was the sometimes
deep qsb taking stations from strong s9 signals down to maybe s3 or s4. Rig used was my Yaesu
FT-450d, my Kent twin paddles, and my new 160m antenna - a K2AV inverted L over a folded
counterpoise. The vertical part of the L is only a maximum of 20 feet high, with the highest point
about 30 feet above ground. The FCP is only 6- 8 feet up. I had a lot of fun and I'm already
thinking of ways to improve my signal. 73 de Jim ac9ez
AD0K   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Poor showing from AD0K. At the last minute, the center connector on my 160m dipole failed and broke.
Not able to get it back up. Still, by loading my beam with a rotating 40m dipole on it, I managed to
get a few QSOs out of it. 

Not a good score, but with a limited antenna, low power due to bad SWR, and limited time (family
stuff), I was happy to see that I could even get out.

My 160m dipole came down and could not get it back up in time. Still, my first two QSOs were fellow
CTDXCC members N3BB (whose antenna is so
close to mine we are probably in phase with each other) and K5NA.
Heard no DX other than Canada and Mexico. Worked AB (thanks VE6BBP) but could not raise XE.
AF4T   Contact Moderator
Didn't expect to do as well as I did, with my double-compromise
sorta-1/4-wave 160M/60M trap inverted L antenna.  Stopped at
5.25 hrs with 238 Q, 69 sec, 4 countries, score 33,528, and
submitted my log.  Started playing FT Roundup, but that hit
massive technical difficulties. So I ended up back over here.
So "Dear ARRL, I have just a few corrections to my log ..."
AJ8B   Contact Moderator
First 160M contest for me and I had a blast. Counting down the days until next year!
DL1HBT   Contact Moderator
Need to rethink my antenna concept! Was disturbed by christmas lights
around my home (QRM) and thus only heard VY2ZM and K1A from NA. good
luck to all of you, stay stafe and cu in 2021, Tom. rig: FTDX 101D
w/80 watts plus Inv-L
EA1DAV   Contact Moderator
Very poor conditions and very hard to work USA/VE this weekend from Europe.
EA6SX   Contact Moderator
Really hard. Intermitent conditions and no way to work anybody on
Sunday after 2:30z, even on my SR. Although this I always enjoy
that difficult. Many thanks 73's Mike EA6SX
EA7X   Contact Moderator
After erecting the 30 meters vertical and a hard work on the Beverages antennas, under a freezing
cold and rain, on Thursday night conditions seemed to be
fair-to-middling. Friday night it was not too bad during the first hours after dusk but it spoiled
later without a reasonable peak at dawn. Saturday it was much worse.
I spent hours doing S&P with the bandmap help. The QSB was so heavy that most of the times you had
to wait for a decent peak to call and pray for the corresponsal to be idle  without any NA callers.
As this is US "domestic contest" it's tough to be heard and keep the running frequency unless you
are a rare avis or the propagation is great.
The DX-Window removal from the rules this year IMHO is a big mistake. If the ARRL 160m contest
committee wants participation from abroad it should consider to replace it back.

Glad to hear and work W0AIH, Paul's fave band. Very nice from his friends to keep the station
Only worked two stations from the left coast, in ORG and EB.

Sorry for those who were not logged, lost in the signal dip or my clumsiness, and thanks everyone
for their patience on copying a weak far away signal.
Many thanks again to my hosts Ral EC7WR and Bego for their hospitality and letting me playing with
the radios.
EI5KG   Contact Moderator
very bad conditions or need a better rx antenna
could not hear anything much
G4FAL   Contact Moderator
Not great conditions - best was on Friday night
HA4XH   Contact Moderator
Rig: YAESU FT2000 HENRY 3K Premier PA
TX:Ant_Delta  loops(NW-SE)(SW-NE) full size,verticaly polarized
RX:Ant K9AY, 3x200 feet BOG's, (310 deg. 60 deg.125deg.)
Only S&P waspossible. Beyond VY2ZM,also WD5COV and W0SD had solid siganal
here for long but no QSO with them despite a long effort.
Thanks for all QSO's! Stay safe! Vy 73's es DX!
Charlie (HA4XH)
JA1SVP   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA9FHB   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JE1SPY   Contact Moderator
This ARRL 160m was the first 160m single band contest since
the 160m band was expanded in Japan. Previously it was 1810-1825KHz,
but this year it has expanded to 1800-1875KHz. However, in Japan,
the usage classification according to the mode is strictly
determined by the law with strict penal provisions, and CW can be
issued for the entire band, but it is customarily only for 1840 KHz
or less.
Even during the contest, domestic lag chews by SSB were held in
S9 ++ above 1845KHz. However, compared to the past, CW is large
enough and I enjoyed running with CQ anytime and anywhere.
However, the condition was very bad and unfortunate.
I QRV on a single OP low power. This yerar the condition was
very poor than the last year.
I QSOed with 31stations 986 points in 2020,
I QSOed with 71stations 2832 points in 2019,
I QSOed with only 25stations 1680 points in 2018,
I QSOed with only 25stations 768 points in 2017,
I QSOed with 42stations 986 points in 2016,
I QSOed with only 10stations 126 points in 2015,
I QSOed with only 11stations 110 points in 2014,
I QSOed with only 16stations only 330 points in 2013.
I QSOed with only 47 stations only 2580 points in 2012.
First day, When the sun set time in JA,
We JA could hear many middle earea the U.S.A. stations,
Every year, It is very difficuld to get answer from the
U.S.A. station in the first day.
But We could get to answer very easy in this year.
It was the special condition in this year.
I used my MV (Micro Vertical antenna) 12mHigh on my blcony +
Elecraft K2 tranceiver.
My MV antenna was only 3.6m length and it was up only 12m
high from my balcony of my small condminium.
I was surprised that I could QSO many U.S.A. stations with
my MV antenna!
It is the best to pick up a very weak singal in noise for K2.
JH4ADV   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JH6TNH   Contact Moderator
Onry 1 QSO!.
JH7UJU   Contact Moderator
FT817ND, 5watts. EH
JH9CEN   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JP1GUW   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed contest
K0DD   Contact Moderator
Still relearning the code after a 2010 Stroke, had fun, but was very 
stressful when I tried CQing, spent most S&P. Band was very quiet.
K0EIA   Contact Moderator
First time log submittal
K0VH   Contact Moderator
1st time in this 'test. Two CW tests in a row fm a non CW guy, hmmm.
K1BZ   Contact Moderator
K Line to 160L  /DL
K2EKM   Contact Moderator
First time on 160. Ran QRP - was a challenge, but enjoyed working the top band.
K2LS   Contact Moderator
WOW   Best conditions in years!
K2MIJ   Contact Moderator
It It was fun with just 5 watts and a wire @ 30 feet! See ya next year!
K3AJ   Contact Moderator
This was a remote multiop operation. K3AJ was in the shack, WT3K and ND3D operated the station
K3CCR   Contact Moderator
K3CCR is the club station at the Collington continuing-care
retirement community at FM 18OW in MD, just east of DC. N3UM and
W3GB operated Multi-Single HP in the 2020 ARRL 160 M. Condx were
good; Kp of~1, S-3 QRN, and lots of sigs. We beat our 2019 score
claim by 18.4 K, 59 more Qs, and 6 mults. But, our 2020 claim
is 2.3% less than we got in 2018; 74 fewer Qs then, but more
for 5 points, and 8 more cty mults. This year, EU and SA signals
were rarer and weaker. As has worked well before for us on CW,
N3UM ran for bulk Qs and W3GB clicked spots for mults; he got
56% of our mults in 33% of our Qs. At start 22-2324Z W3GB got 68
Qs and 34 mults, >1/3 of our final total. N3UM ran 2336-0124Z
for 159 Qs, 88/hr. W3GB got 47 Qs and 10 mults by 03Z. N3UM did
the 03-0630Z late shift, ran for 148 Qs, then 28 Qs and 11 mults
clicking, 6 in CA and WA. W3GB came 1020-1224Z and got 4 rare
mults, taking us to 500 Qs and 81 mults to end the 1st night. To
start the 2nd night N3UM ran for 100 Qs 2029-2231Z and just 1
mult, but it was rare NNY. We then did 2 more ~2-hr shifts and
got to 725 Qs and 88 mults by 0225Z. W3GB did the 2nd late shift
after 0244Z. He got 25 Qs and ND by 06Z; his notes say “QSB-
Noise- Weak sigs- tough going”. He pushed on anyway till 0847Z
for 24 more Qs and ID, SCV, BC, NE, and PR for 94 total mults.
Besides hard and rare sections AK, NT, and PAC, we missed only
NV and 4 in CA. Not bad for 160 M. EUs were 14 of our 21 country
mults, but all were worked just once, except for 2 EAs.
K4PQC   Contact Moderator
Fairly good weather.  Operated from home with an Elecraft KX3 and 160 meter loop.
K5LH   Contact Moderator
K5M   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
K5M was a Field Day style TXpedition by K5AF and AB0S to put West Texas on the air.  Rent a
farmhouse for a few days, put up a 45' tall inverted L, and a pair of bi-directional BOGs, then have
some fun.  Note, in our case, BOG stands for Beverage on Grass.  The up to 2' tall prairie grass
kept the beverage at least a foot above the ground.
K5XU   Contact Moderator
Thanks to all who dug my signal out of their noise.
K5ZD   Contact Moderator
Fantastic activity made for great rates. DX conditions
not so good for me.
K6EI   Contact Moderator
This was my fifteenth year running QRP in the ARRL 160 contest.  The previous four years I did this
contest from my cabin in EWA, but COVID travel restrictions kept me local this year — so instead
operated from home (Sunnyvale) using my K3S and an inverted L suspended from the palm tree in my
backyard.  A/K indexes ranged from 2/0 on Friday to 5/2 on Sunday. The local noise floor was a
challenge (especially Sunday morning), with the background noise level at my QTH ranging from -90 to
-85dbm.  Switching to my two pennant receive antennas didn't help.  Maybe next year I'll hopefully
operate portable from a quieter location.

QSOs = 172  
Sections = 39  
Countries = 1  
Estimated Total Score = 14,000
K6NR   Contact Moderator
Conditions were ok, but the majority of the stations I
worked were just above the noise level on my receive
antenna.  Not as good as last year when I managed to
work 22 countries including 10 EU.  This year, just a total
of 7 countries.  Glad I can still hear stations above
my ever present local QRN, apologies to any I could not
pull through.  73,  Dana
K6RM   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
K3 at 40W to 15 ft. diameter mag loop in attic (center at about 25 ft above ground). Worked most of
what I could hear over 2hrs.  Nasty QRN here. Not sure about the C6AGU who sent RST but no "S/P/C". 
N1MM wouldn't take "DX" so I just left it blank and N1MM said it was a 5-pointer. Thanks for the Qs.
K7LFY   Contact Moderator
K7NJ   Contact Moderator
Unfortunately could not participate in the first half of the contest. So time on was only 12:25
K7QBO   Contact Moderator
Thanks for all stations worked. Cheers!
K8ZAA   Contact Moderator
Great participation and good conditions. Thanks to all!
K9KJ   Contact Moderator
Got a chance to try out my new inverted - L antenna during the contest - half of it is indoors - the
vertical portion of the radiator runs through the center of my house.  My RBOG by KD9SV for receive
K9KMD   Contact Moderator
Hope I win!
K9WWT   Contact Moderator
Beat last years score.
KA4CDN   Contact Moderator
Vienna Wireless Society
KB0V   Contact Moderator
First ever 160 contest, this is fun!
KB1CKT   Contact Moderator
Fun! TenTec Omni C at 50W to a basic inverted L with 2 elevated
radials and a lot of coax loss.
KB1OIQ   Contact Moderator
Put your comments here.
Use multiple lines if needed.
KB4CG   Contact Moderator
Enjoyed my first 160m contest, and learned a lot about my newly-installed inverted L.  Works great
east of the Mississippi -- west of the Mississippi not so much!  :-)
KB8TYJ   Contact Moderator
This was one of my best contest efforts in recent years.  160 meters was also in very good shape
which made operating the event a real pleasure.
KC8ZKI   Contact Moderator
My first 160 CW contest.   I will work both nights next time.  I really enjoyed trying to copy all
the fast fists out there.   Long live CW!   73' John
KD2KW   Contact Moderator
Really surprise what an end fed 1/4 wave inverted V antenna can do.
KD3TB   Contact Moderator
This was my first major effort in a 160M CW contest. I was very pleased with the results, especially
with a very limited 160M inverted L antenna up only less than 30 feet.
KE0TT   Contact Moderator
K3/10 running 5 watts to a 45' vertical T-top antenna.  Sigs seemed weaker than usual this year,
with deep QSB on most signals.  As always, thanks for your extra efforts copying my QRP signals. BIG
SIGS here in MN:  WD0T, W0SD, NO3M, K9CT, not counting the locals.   C U next time, 73, Dan ke0tt
KE3K   Contact Moderator
This was my first contest using a 160 meter horizontal loop antenna I've been working on most of the
fall. The results definitely made the blood, sweat and sore muscles worth it! I was able to obtain
79 of the 84 multipliers, make an additional 160 contacts, and increase my overall score by 35,000
points over last year's for a similar participation period.
KE5LQ   Contact Moderator
KG4USN   Contact Moderator
Kenwood 590sg
Ameritron Al80B
Inverted L at 70 feet
500 foot Beverage
I used 500 watts
I worked as far west as NV
DX was very hard, my scrolling up the band method only yielded a few very weak DX, and only if I
heard someone else woking them.
Most NA stations were easily heard and worked in a few calls.
KG9Z   Contact Moderator
No EU but band low noise.
KJ9C   Contact Moderator
not much DX this time... can sunspots be returning?
KK0U   Contact Moderator
Lots of fun on top band, as always.
KM4CH   Contact Moderator
last minute set up, first in Indiana as KM4CH/9. Friday Night at 12 watts on my KX3 ( that little
rig will tune anything!) running on temporary wires outside an air B & B. Then, makeshift 160 dipole
back home in KY Saturday Night running 5 watts.  Thanks to everyone for taking the time to pull me
out of the noise. The IN vs KY section change didn't help the confusion.

Didn't turn in the Friday night log as it was different state different power?
KO4DN   Contact Moderator
Haven't been on 160 for years. Thew up a 160m invetered-L and had a great time.
KO4GBD   Contact Moderator
I had a wonderful time operating in this fun contest. Was wonderful to see 160 meters come alive
with so much activity.
KS7T   Contact Moderator
I can't recall a year in this contest when there wasn't at least
a solid hour of an East Coast opening with many sigs coming
into SW MT. but this year that didn't happen at all. What did
what did happen was a stray here and there and loads of QSB
KW0J   Contact Moderator
I really enjoyed the ARRL 160 meter CW contest this year. From my location in 
eastern Iowa I heard tremendous participation. I hadn't experienced this level 
of band crowding for a long time. That is a good thing to see a high level of cw
mode use. It gave me excellent practice in copying cw in my head, contesting
experience and digging weak ones out of QRM and QSB. Great fun!

KW8N   Contact Moderator
Limited time to operate, but always fun.
MM2N   Contact Moderator
Really poor conditions this side of the pond. Not many big signals at
N0JK   Contact Moderator
I am a frontline Healthcare worker (ER doc) and have been extra busy
due to the
Covid Pandemic this fall. So only have only 6 Meters up, no HF. Have
used the
rain gutters in the past to get on 160, so thought would attach a
to the
gutter and try it to hand out a couple of contacts with my old
K7BG, I found rain gutters not very effective. Noisy on receive and a
transmitted signal. Before going into work Friday I attached a 50
wire to
the top of the rain gutter and ran it over to a tree to hopefully
improve it.
Kind of like a poor inverted L. After getting home Friday evening, I
checked the
antenna. Lots of strong signals and the SWR was 1.2 - 1 without a
tuner at 1.830
MHz. First station I called - K5NA - came right back. Then W0UO,
Was going to go to bed, but stayed up, kept tuning and making
contacts. Some DX
including XE2X, Stan, ZF5T and a loud patient C6AGU made it in the
log! I found
most people heard me the first or second call - or not at all. The
display on the TS-850 went out for a while. Worked K7RAT, and the
radio display
came back on ! West Coast seemed difficult, only California worked
Heard WP3 and KP2. The rain gutter/wire antenna worked far better
anticipated. Instead of a couple of contacts, made over 150 !
N0SMX   Contact Moderator
Used my IC-7600 @ 13 watts to a 72ft EndFed Sloper antenna a tree. Im surprised it worked at all.
Thanks for the 29 contacts, and 15 mults. I'll put more time in next time.
N0UK   Contact Moderator
This was my first time entering this contest.  Living in a fifth-floor apa
makes it more than challenging to create an effective antenna.
For this contest, I used a 53 end-fed wire suspended out from
our balcony with a fibre-glass fishing rod.
N1NN   Contact Moderator
N2KW   Contact Moderator
Thanks to Dave, K1TTT, for the use of his fine station!
N2VW   Contact Moderator
Not much of a contribution but I am quite happy with getting on for a few hours in a fun contest.

N2XY   Contact Moderator
N4BP   Contact Moderator
2020 ARRL 160M Contest
N4NTO   Contact Moderator
Enjoyed a nice, small effort!
CDX OK, but not great. Not a huge score,
but great fun! Not bad for loading
my 80M dipole on 160!
N4PSE   Contact Moderator
N5CQ   Contact Moderator
N5ESE   Contact Moderator
First time in the 160M Contest.  Operating with a hastily raised
full-length NVIS dipole.  QRP on top-band is challenging, to say the
least, but rewarding.  Hats off to the very fine ops at the far end
who dig into the noise to prove what real "by ear" radio operators can
do.  Y'all are TOPS!  (...and so is the band HIHI)  73, Monty N5ESE
N5PJ   Contact Moderator
N6IET   Contact Moderator
I used my homebrew stealth rooftop loaded bent inverted-vee dipole (toroid inductor-loaded 80m
halfwave dipole) for this contest, which worked quite well. Apex is 90 feet above ground. Because I
live on the top floor of a 6-story rental apartment building, the antenna cannot be permanent; it
requires 20 minutes to erect and 20 minutes to take down and remove. The antenna also covers (one at
a time, depending on jumpers, clip-on extensions or coils) 20, 60, and 80 meters, and the other pair
of wires at right angles covers 40 and 15 meters. I never need to use a tuner close to the resonant
frequencies on each band. My ATU allowed me to easily tune from 1810 thru 1840 kHz. See my QRZ.com
bio for photos and descriptions of my rigs and antennas.
N6KIN   Contact Moderator
Used a small transmitting loop antenna, model MLA-T, installed in my garage loft.
N6TV   Contact Moderator
Used shunt-fed 89' tower for TX, VE3DO loop, magnetic loops for RX,
and two Elecraft K4Ds.
N7DH   Contact Moderator
N8MR   Contact Moderator
I was only able to reliably receive stations within 500 miles of my QTH, all others being down near
the noise floor and subject to QSB. It was fun, but I had to cut my time short compared to previous
years. A few months ago, I performed the noise blanker mod on my 23-year-old Yaesu FT920. The 2020
ARRL 160 Meter Contest proved to me that the mod worked, but I am now at the design limit of the
transceiver. The presence of many strong adjacent signals is severely overloading the AGC. So after
23 years of service, I’m in the process of retiring the 920 and acquiring a new, much better
N8VWY   Contact Moderator
N9OK   Contact Moderator
Conditions on Friday night were particularly good. This was a lot
of fun.
N9TF   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
What a blast! I love this contest!! One never knows what to expect day to day,
month to month, year to year. It really is the magic band :) I worked on a new
antenna for this 160 season to give me a chance at more of a general fooprint in
NA and also to give me a better chance to finish off DXCC on 160, which will be
a significant mile stone for this small lot, antenna handicaped, low power station!
I set out a serious attempt in this years contest to beat last years personal best
of more than 533 Qs, 76 sec, and a score of 82,156. Minimum target was 100K score,
and a silent (in the back of my mind) target of 1k Qs. I wasn't sure what my low
power and low antenna would restrict me in layers of stations I would be able to
work, towards those goals. And, was not sure what kind of prop to expect as well as
activity. Well as far as prop goes from my vantage point, the band wasn't long, and
signals 1,000 miles and closer were strong throughout the contest, and there was
plenty of activity. A bit disappointed the band did not go long for EU SR and JA and
PAC SS, so it was NAQP/SS style of operating to capture as many 2 pointers a possible!
I was able to surpass last years score in all three categories Q/M/S early morning at
the end of the first shift. (Sunrise Saturday morning) I was pumped going into the
Saturady night second shift. My optimism turned negative as I struggled to get
any runs going with any momentum, and S&Ping wasn't finding a lot of new calls to
work. Propagation seemed to have shortened up a bit from the first night until
around midnight local time, when the few stations on from the west coast popped in.
From about 05:00 to 07:00UTC I mostly chased spots to work new ones as my run attempts
were coming up dry, or very unproductive. At 06:56 UTC I worked my #81 section and decided
to QRT for a nap so I could get up as fresh as possible before sunrise to have a shot at
any possible JA or PAC. Unfortunately, prop was too short, and no JAs or PAC were spotted
and all the CQers I was hearing were stations I had already worked. I was able to put
together a very short, and all together I was able to put another 44 Qs in the log (2 dups!)
during the last 110 minutes I operated the contest. At 24/hr, the pace was so slow, I nodded
off in the chair for about 30 minutes. When I awoke, I decided the contest was done for me!
I was successful in setting a new high bar to break of 767 Qs (before log checking), as
well as mults worked and score. It was very satisfying to cross the 100K score level for the
first time. It did soften the blow of not making 1k Qs. But like us Chicago Cubs fans say,
Wait til next year!!
I replaced my shortened (67') loaded half sloper with a 1/4 wave inverted L that has a vertical
height of 30' to the knee, then goes ~65' East horizontal to a Maple tree in the NE corner
of the back yard at about 25' above ground. It then turns South for the remaining 35' to
a 15' tall mast in the SE corner of the back yard. I call it my Short Inverted L with a
Twist. There are pictures of it on my QRZ dot com page. Since putting it up in October,
I have added 13 more countries to my DXCC total of 92, including JA, VK, JW, and Asiatic
Russia for a few ATNOs for 160! I know it is mostly a cloud warmer, but I am pumped and
optimistic that I will be able to work and confirm 8 more this season to finish off 160DXCC.
This is a full court press to finish DXCC this 160 season as we will be relocating to TN
later in 2021 as I and my XYL retire end of this year. I would like to have 160DXCC from
this location as it has been my home for 31 years. I'd like to start clean from TN!
Thanks for sponsoring a fun contest. I have operated this contest continuously since 1996
with anything conductive that will radiate RF! I hope to be settled in somewhere next
year so I can keep a clean operating record going! 73 Gene, N9TF
Rig, K3S 100 watts. Uploaded photos of Inverted L with twist.
NC6K   Contact Moderator
I got started three hours late for a variety of reasons.
Conditions seemed better than they turned out to be. Very
quiet here and I was able to run for long periods while
working some very weak stations. At times, I had to wonder
if I was actually hearing some of them or was my tired
brain just making up callsigns out of the noise (kidding, I

The problem was that I wasn't
hearing anyone outside of North America. I only worked a
few Caribbean stations, but didn't even pick up KH6. There
were zero JAs, VKs, ZLs, etc., so I shut down at 1 AM local
both nights. When all was said and done, I had well less
than half of last year's score, so I guess I can safely say
this year's effort was apropos for 2020.

 73 and thanks for the Qs!

Eric NC6K
ND0C   Contact Moderator
Challenging with QRP and a very compromised antenna, but good activity.
ND9M   Contact Moderator
Very pleased with how my new - but only 15 feet up - dipole fared. No doubt the clouds enjoyed the
extra warmth.
NF7R   Contact Moderator
propagation a little disappointing
NI0K   Contact Moderator
My first 160 contest and I had a great time. Not much DX but lots
of NA to work.
NM2O   Contact Moderator
It was fun to give out the NNY multiplier. I had some good runs both nights. 
But, the section is indeed pretty rare. I missed NNY!
NO2D   Contact Moderator
Started QRP & decided to stick with it.  Rough going with just a simple
wire antenna at 30 feet.  A nice contest.  Thanks. Pete, NO2D.
NO9E   Contact Moderator
First 160m contest with new station: 30m high loaded tower with 36 radials,
7 beverages, Flex 6600 + Expert 1.3k-fa amplifier.
OK conditions first night, QRN second night. CA not as loud as usual.
No KH6. AH2 from NC. But 2 JA with good sigs called the second morning.
Flex 6600 received pretty well with diversity reception and APF. But efforts
to use one slice in 6600 for CW Skimmer turned disastrous, with lots of
false spots and the TX frequency losing focus.
NP2J   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Lots of Fun!! Using phased pair of Inverted L's, no RX antennas
NY0V   Contact Moderator
With the A and K index both at zero, the band was really quiet this year!
Sad to not hear any PAC at our sunrise.
NY1V   Contact Moderator
I have been inactive since 1993. Now nearing retirement looking to get back active in the hobby.
First contest in nearly 30 years!  Rusty for sure but a lot of fun. 73’s Rick NY1V
NZ0T   Contact Moderator
Elecraft K3 100 watts and 43' vertical with remote tuner.  Used my IC-7300 for a few Q's to see how
it would do but went back to the K3 quickly LOL.  Not much DX worked maybe the increased solar
activity was a factor plus I really wasn't looking for DX.  Thanks to all for another fun ARRL 160
OL0A   Contact Moderator
CONDX were poor with high level of QRN. In most cases it was a stuggle to reach the stations with
low power. The only exception was VY2ZM. Most QSOs made during the W/VE sunset time till about 1 AM
GMT. Both nights signals were very weak at EU sunrise times. 
RIG  Kenwood TS480 at 150W output
ANT  shunt fed vertical 30m high (90ft)
PA3C   Contact Moderator
Worst conditions in years! Zone 4 difficult, zone 3 non-existant except N7DD heard but no qso.
With the sun getting more active the best years for 160M could be over for a number years :-(

de PA3C
RY6Y   Contact Moderator
There are no propagation at all.
SP6IHE   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
(no comments)
V31MA   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
(no comments)
VA3RKM   Contact Moderator
K3, 1/4-wave wire.
VA3SB   Contact Moderator
Due to a number of socially distanced family commitments, I was
unable to participate as long as I would have liked. Enjoyed all
the QSO's. I love this band! See you all in the next one.
VA3TMV   Contact Moderator
licensed 2019
VA6RCN   Contact Moderator
160M dipole out in the field. Apex at 20 feet, low points about 9 feet. Some good ears out there!
VA7GI   Contact Moderator
Operated remote on Lasqueti Island, solar power: 500W and full size half-wave double bazooka antenna
(low SWR across entire 160M band). Solar powered Internet struggle in Dec low sun in British
Columbia, Canada. Band open to east coast, Caribbean and Japan. Had fun.
VE3DQN   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Even QRP stations with modest antennas can have fun in 160m contests. Not high scores, no DX, but
plenty of stations eager to QSO.
VE3FAS   Contact Moderator
Thank you for a great contest!
VE3GFN   Contact Moderator
Great condx on 160M! This was a casual kind of contest this year (at least, it began that way!), but
I ended up approaching totals earned in prior years.

I used an Icom 7610 on Friday night, and my K3 (which is much happier with my Butternut vertical) on
Saturday.  The Butternut vertical, ground mounted, put in its usual performance, letting me be heard
over most of NA.

100W and a vertical ... as "Little Pistol" as it gets!  73 Mike VE3GFN
VE3KTB   Contact Moderator
My first ever contest on 160m!
VE3PN   Contact Moderator
Tried a SDR rx as RX3 latency a bit confusing
VE3VHB   Contact Moderator
Started with 100W, too frustrating so on went the amp.
Only on less than 4 hours, looking for sections.
VE3ZY   Contact Moderator
Usually part of VE2OJ crew but COVID 19 cancelled that
Finished antenna Thursday before test.
It worked better than I expected.
Tnx to VA3RKM who thought to look for locals during day
unfortunately I misread rules so QSO was an hour late.
VE5CPU   Contact Moderator
Fairly good conditions.  DX4a antenna for 160 (sloper) at 50'
VE5KS   Contact Moderator
1st 160m contest
VE6ZC   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed my first attempt at the ARRL 160m CW.  Band conditions were fair, with lots of QRN. My
short dipole required lots of tuner adjustments, but otherwise I was pleased with its performance. 
I am already looking forward to 2021!
VE7BGP   Contact Moderator
I had a lot of fun operating a single bamd Contest for a change.
Rigs used IC-765Pro, Vintage FT-101Z a lot of fun to use ahd
IC-751A. Ant Loop Skywire tuned with Vintage FC-902 matches the
101Z. 73 Gerry
VE7KW   Contact Moderator
I was forced to QRP when the antenna wouldn't tune (failed trap).
I was able to repair it Saturday. It was an interesting
comparison of a hunk of wire and a resonant antenna :) Operating
QRP was a new experience for me. Thanks for digging me out!
(5W) 160/80/60 trap dipole at 60 ft.
VE9VIC   Contact Moderator
75 watts with 80m dipole
VK3IO   Contact Moderator
Some strong west coast signals, but most could
not hear me and other USA were weak, so I gave
up calling. Consequently only two qso's. Of
course, please don't send me any certicates
or trophies for being top VK entrant, with only
two qso's in this contest. 73's from Ron.
W0BH   Contact Moderator
348 * 68 SECTIONS + 2 DX = 49140 in 2:47
W0OR   Contact Moderator
Good conditions.   My first time with more than 1000 contacts in a 160 meter test.
W0ZW   Contact Moderator
Generally good conditions and lots of signals on the band although almost all NA.  So what a
surprise to work HL5 Saturday morning!  Didn't expect that.  Not bad for a humble inverted-L in the
high desert of New Mexico.
W1AJT   Contact Moderator
K3 / 160m "L"
W1AST   Contact Moderator
Wish I had more time to operate!
W1CTN   Contact Moderator
Deep QSB, heavy QRN and lots of QRM...what's not to love, you're operating on 160!
W1HIS   Contact Moderator
Antenna: Sloping wire doublet 70 ft long and 30 ft above ground,
fed by OWL from a balanced tuner.
W1QK   Contact Moderator
Thanik you for sponsoring the contest. Thanks for the contacts.
73 - Dan, W1QK
W2IRT   Contact Moderator
Easily my favourite contest of the year. Everything performed flawlessly (although for some reason
my amp likes to trip out at around 1830, but nowhere else...odd).

As much as I love CW, I really don't run very well, but this contest is an exception, and I managed
to hold a good run of 111/hr for about 90 minutes, and a few others in the 80s. Conditions weren’t
great due to QRN from a departing nor’easter, but I had some weird occurrences on Saturday night.
During a run I was having a great deal of difficulty with even some 8s and 9s, but I had a couple of
OH stations, a Russian and a Ukranian call and they were clear. 

Another thing I noticed is that my K9AY loop was great for stations about 1000-1500 miles. I rarely
work stateside normally and it doesn’t do much for DX, but for shorthaul it made a very
significant difference—easily a difference of a couple of S-units. I was favouring NW and SW, and
I had guys from New England calling who were a whisper. When I heard the 1 in the call and flipped
to NE they were loud. I wish it worked that well for trans-Atlantic!

Anyway, I had fun and that's all that matters.
W3HKK   Contact Moderator
Station:  IC7610-ACOM1000 amp-N1MM+ Logger- Best ever ARR 160 contest! especially for  domestic
contacts which started off
W3TB   Contact Moderator
W3TB in Franklin, TN
W4GHV   Contact Moderator
IC-7610 & EFHW
W4JVN   Contact Moderator
My new 160M INV L with FCP performed extremely well.
W4SO   Contact Moderator
Europe was a disappointment to us in SFL but we did what we could.  3 days before the contest we
installed a double bazooka 160m antenna and as it turned out this was a very good move. Something
was wrong with the feed or the vertical antenna and after a few transmission it failed to function
correctly.  For the first time in a long time last minute alterations paid off. The received ant was
a WF-300 Waller Flag with preamp, and a FTdx5000 with a 160m mu tuner.  Made things very noiseless.
W5BM   Contact Moderator
Great fun on 160. Thanks to all that worked me. 73, Dan
W5JMW   Contact Moderator
It was fun.good condx
W6GL   Contact Moderator
2 watts into a 40m dipole. Thanks to the very skilled operators at
other end who took the time to pull me through.
W6OFM   Contact Moderator
Low dipole, high hopes, always fun!
W6SIY   Contact Moderator
I used 100 watts to a compromise antenna on a small town lot.
Antenna is an 80 meter wire inverted L, 36 feet tall with
a base loading coil for 160 meters.
Ground plane is 10 radials over desert soil, only 1 over 50 ft long.
W7AMR   Contact Moderator
Operated QTH at W7USA.
W7DRA   Contact Moderator
same old same old HQ100/bc453, ARC5 VFO/keyed 6AG7-807/pair of 805s at 250 w input
W7GLF   Contact Moderator
A lot of fun.  I just threw up about 200 feet of #26 wire running horizontally about 60 feet high
and added a couple of ground radials about 90 feet long several feet above ground.

It was a struggle at times - now I need to get a real antenna up.
W7LUD   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed my first 160m contest.  I found the code speed a bit fast at first. Most people were
sending around 30+WPM.  I don't use a decoder--I do it by ear.  However, after listening for a
little while, I was able be more comfortable with the speed by knowing/expecting the format. I hope
to get some QSLs as this helped me towards CW Worked-All-States. I was somewhat surprised to make
across country QSOs on 160m. I had a lot of fun!  W7LUD/Nella
W7O   Contact Moderator
"W7O celebrated the 70th Birthday for K3TW."
W7QDM   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
(no comments)
W7XZ   Contact Moderator
Operation abruptly curtailed about 0645Z Sunday by power outage.
W8CAR   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Great activity! Had lots of fun ànd comes seemed pretty good hr in Ohio.
W8KNO   Contact Moderator
Low Power (100W) + Low E-W Dipole (17 ft) = Low Score + Lots of Fun!
W8LVN   Contact Moderator
First all-out effort on my part for this contest.
Conditions were very good, with low noise. Activity was
great, sometimes having trouble finding a spot to grab
to run. And who would expect to run with just a dipole and
no RX antenna! Rates weren't record-breaking, but quite
satisfying nonetheless. Many SMC in the log--Thanks!
W8RZ   Contact Moderator
My first 160m contact. Ever. ATNO. Very marginal rig set-up.
W8YV   Contact Moderator
Lots of fun; gud band condx
W9NXM   Contact Moderator
130' INV-VEE; K-3/100; P-3; N1MM+
WA1FCN   Contact Moderator
Wow this one really tired me out big time!
WA2ALY   Contact Moderator
ic-7000 inverted l
WA6URY   Contact Moderator
Operated remote from Tokyo, Japan
WA8Y   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Mark, N5OT sent me a care package; DXpedition Model II, receive Ant Switch with Dual Pre-amp, 2 DXE
BFS-1 transformers, and various adapters. The package arrived Thursday night. I spent Friday,
setting up a Beverage Over Ground antenna, pointing North. I got everything wired into the shack by
5:18pm. I used the Maestro with 2 panafalls open. Slice A on top panafall and Slice B on the the
lower one. Slice A had Tx/Rx on my Double-L and Slice B RX was on the BOG antenna. I put Slice A in
both ears and Slice B (experimental BOG) in the Right ear. I used Slice B to S&P a few times early
Sunday when Running was slow. I could not get N1MM+ to log Slice B frequency so I edited the QSO
while Running. Eventually I spotted a new stations, left my Slice A CQ frequency to work him. More
than once I last my Run Frequency ("if you're on your feet you lose your seat").

On Saturday I made Beverage On-the Ground, running East-West, pointing West. We had Static crashes,
and while my Flex 6600 does and amazing job blocking them, I saw no static crashes on the B
on-the-Ground (I only had one F-Connector to RCA plug adapter and so use the new BOG antenna on
Sat/Sunday. The 20dB Pre-amp wasn't enough to make signals equal to my Double L but I added 8dB with
the Flex preamp. I still needed 20-30 dB to equal the signal strength of my Double L.
Anyway, it was a lot of fun building, analyzing and testing my first 160m RX antennas. I will be
returning the care package to Mark soon, with much gratitude.

Here's my score from N1MM+
 Band   QSOs    Pts   Sec  Pt/Q
   1.8    1070    2155   87   2.0
 Total    1070    2155   87   2.0
Score: 187,485
This was my 2nd ARRL 160m Contest and it won't be my last. I was a very fun contest and I saw my
highest rate to date in any contest (over 200/hour over a short period of time).
WB0SMZ   Contact Moderator
Band conditions good,  SD logging software was FB
WB3JKQ   Contact Moderator
WB8JAY   Contact Moderator
Thanks to all the stations who dug me out of their noise from my very compromised 160m antenna.
WB8WUA   Contact Moderator
I had fun. Was not quite as successful as I hoped, but I was glad to
get some good DX contacts such as : NFL, IA, GTA, NH, and MN. Was glad
and GRATEFUL to have this good opportunity to use the (otherwise
quiet) CW 160 Meter band.
WB9TFH   Contact Moderator
Donna & I shared the radio with op times so we could both get on.
I operated Friday evening and Saturday afternoon to early evening then
Donna operated and I went on after 10:30 until 2am.
of been on a team  if I known this was going to happen, maybe
next year. This is the 3rd time in this contest.  East & south prop
good, west not so good, made some Q's out west, not many.
I want to thank the cw ops for being patience with me to complete
an XE QSO, I heard him well in  the noise he was having trouble
but we confirmed it.
Ant; 80m multiband inverted at 50 feet with ladder line twisted at the
end as a single wire to a tuner,  "T" ant or 2 inverted "L's" with
same feed point? Tunes across the whole band.Tunes across
the whole band.
GO SMC and thanks for your QSO's everyone.
WE2DX   Contact Moderator
This was a first for me to do the 160 contest.  This was especially challenging as I was only using
a wire antenna that was laying on some shrubs just a few feet off of the ground.  Although I didn't
make many contacts, I was pleased with what I got.  I am very thankful to the ops that were patient
with me when I knew that my signal was just barely getting there and they had to work extra hard to
get me in their logs.
WG3J   Contact Moderator
great fun
WO7T   Contact Moderator
My first endeavor in a 160M contest, with 100W output, and a
reduced sized sloper that went up on the tower earlier in the
day.  I appreciate those with the good ears and 160M antenna farm
that could pull me out.