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AA8SW   Contact Moderator
AB5ZA   Contact Moderator
approx 70-400W input, and a inverted vee @32 Ft. AGL/MSL
5430/DN35 grid square.
AC4G   Contact Moderator
Good DX openings on quiet band.  Most DX worked in this contest
in years.  Thanks all QSOs!
AC9EZ   Contact Moderator
I had a lot of fun in this year's ARRL 160 meter contest. My antenna was an inverted L running most
of the length of the back yard with 15-20 radials, each under 22 feet long. I only got to operate
for about 2 hours on Saturday night, but even so, conditions were so good that I was able to run a
frequency for an hour! The band was packed, with signals stretching from the bottom of the band all
the way to almost 1.900. I look forward to next year's event. 73 and thanks for the qsos everyone!
Jim ac9ez
AE3J   Contact Moderator
I operated portable from unincorporatedNew Castle County Delaware at the PA state line. For a
transmitting antenna 65 FT verticalT supported by trees. I use six 100 X 4 foot sections of welded
plastic coatedwire fence for the ground plane. My receivingantenna a DX Engineering PRO-1 Magnetic
Loop. My radio Icom IC-703 Plus with 250 Hz IF filter. For power I use two 205 AH Deep Cycle Marine
Battery's. All set up in a 10 X 10 foot camo ezup shelter in the woods.
AE5X   Contact Moderator
F6300,KPA500, vertical
AK1MD   Contact Moderator
9/5/2018 EXTRA 0027511567
C6AGU   Contact Moderator
C6AGU was operating DXpedition style from Eleuthera Island using newly developed equipment for
environmentally sensitive locations. Antenna was a 9 dBi array standing in salt-water.
CT7/G4BJM   Contact Moderator
DJ5AN   Contact Moderator
Very nice contest again
DL5CL   Contact Moderator
IC 7300, ant: W3EDP
EA7KW   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
After two days working on the antennas, it was all ready on Friday morning to discover in the
evening an horrid noise on all Beverages. To try a workaround, another 200m Beverage was laid in the
wood across sharp thorn bushes, ending five minutes before the contest started. Totally shattered
made the first QSO 10 minutes after the kick off. Glad the new one was a bit quieter so I decided to
do mostly S&P.
The next morning we found the noise came from a bad coax connection on the Beverages selection box.
Unfortunately the following night was not as good as the first one.
As always it was hard to break US/US pileups as well as finding a clear spot inside the
Intercontinental segment which many US stns do not respect; Excerpt from the rules: "6.1. The
segment 1.830 to 1.835 should be used for intercontinental QSOs only"
TX antenna: 30m high inverted L. Beverages: 200m and 240 m long. Radio: Icom 7610 + OM Power amp.
Nice dogfight in the cqcontest.net online scoreboard with my friends Oli, TM6M (F1AKK) and Drago,
Thanks to all for calling and for their patience on repeats.
Many thanks to my nice hosts Bego#a and Raul for their exquisite hospitality.
EU1WW   Contact Moderator
73 GL!
F5PHW   Contact Moderator
Had fun with 700-800W + INV L (15m vert and 30m horizontal) + BOG to
G3ZRJ   Contact Moderator
G4AMT   Contact Moderator
Generally good conditions on both nights - great to work the west
coast and KL7SB.
GW3YDX   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Friday night and Saturday quite good. Lots of activity and stations easy to work. Conditions had
gone poor on Sunday morning. The high point of the contest was working KL7SB at 16:08 local time on
Saturday. The path was open for no more than 5 minutes and the op at KL7 has great ears !
HA4XH   Contact Moderator
Rig: YAESU FT2000 HENRY 3K Premier PA Ant_ Delta
loops(NW-SE)(SW-NE) full size,verticaly polarized + K9AY
Preselector from HA5IW improved significantly my RX quality and
it solved the usage of my TX antennas with SDRPLAY RSP2. Nice
job  thanks again Simon!The highlight was working KL7SB at
16:40 UTC on Saturday. NI6W was also a new state for me on 160m.
Thanks for QSO's! Vy73's es DX! Charlie HA4XH
HB7X   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
We used this contest as an opportunity to test the new RX system (BevFlex 4x)
It performed very well, but unfortunately the TX antenna wasn't ready so we just used a 20m high inv
V dipole for TX; yes we had a hard time getting heard.
Hope we'll be ready in time next year. Marco HB9CAT
HK6J   Contact Moderator
Hello, My Address is: Cra 28 #71-06 apt 301 edif Sausalito.
Tnx HK6J
JA2HYD   Contact Moderator
Tnx FB Contest !!
JA3YBK   Contact Moderator
We enjoyed ARRL 160m as usual.
JE1CKA   Contact Moderator
I've never experienced such nice band conditions on 160m so far. I could hear
West coast at 3pm in local time but I could not work them. Then condition
was improved around 4pm(=07UTC) and the RUN was started. The condition had
been kept so good on Sunday. The only one bad thing was the Sloper SWR went
high suddenly at 1410utc. Anyway I really enjoyed 160m contest.
JE1DXC   Contact Moderator
JE1SPY   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
I QRV on a single OP low power. This yerar the condition was
better than the last year.
I QSOed with 71stations 2832 points in 2019,
I QSOed with only 25stations 1680 points in 2018,
I QSOed with only 25stations 768 points in 2017,
I QSOed with 42stations 986 points in 2016,
I QSOed with only 10stations 126 points in 2015,
I QSOed with only 11stations 110 points in 2014,
I QSOed with only 16stations only 330 points in 2013.
I QSOed with only 47 stations only 2580 points in 2012.
First day, When the sun set time in JA,
We JA could hear many middle earea the U.S.A. stations,
Every year, It is very difficuld to get answer from the
U.S.A. station in the first day.
But We could get to answer very easy in this year.
It was the special condition in this year.
I used my MV (Micro Vertical antenna) 12mHigh on my blcony +
Elecraft K2 tranceiver.
My MV antenna was only 3.6m length and it was up only 12m
high from my balcony of my small condminium.
I was surprised that I could QSO many U.S.A. stations with
my MV antenna!
It is the best to pick up a very weak singal in noise for K2.
JF2FIU   Contact Moderator
Thank you all stations!
JH2GZY   Contact Moderator
Thanks nice QSO.
JH6TNH   Contact Moderator
I tried the contest.
JH7UJU   Contact Moderator
FT817ND, 5watts. EH
JI4WHS   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JQ1CIV   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JQ1EPD/1   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR2ALA   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR2PMT   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
K0JJR   Contact Moderator
330 QSOs

(325*2 + 5*5) * (65 + 5) = 47250     (325 ARRL secs; 5 DX)
K0UK   Contact Moderator
This was a fun contest. The noise here was the lowest I have ever heard it. Set up two receiving
antennas and the old slopping wire was a quiet. Worked loads of COlorado station. First was
Some dx, No EU heard. Fun for the time spent. God Bless
K0UU   Contact Moderator
100w into an R7 vertical (10m thru 40m) from an IC735 that tolerates a 10:1 VSWR ...
K0XP   Contact Moderator
Who wudda thunk it: I burned up my antler tuner using just 100W!
Many folks didn't seem to be listening for weak signals between
their CQs, especially those from rarer sections and DX. I
nominate C6AGU for "Best Ears" award. I heard almost every
section and those I didn't work, I never found CQing (other than
common ones like GA, SFL, and a couple others). A real surprise
was finding JT1CO CQing before he was spotted; but I could not
get through to him this time. My 49-foot tree wire gave a decent
account of itself, however.
K1QO   Contact Moderator
First time in a big contest at this new QTH in northern NH...it
was strange not hearing my neighbor, (and super Elmer) N1IX as I
did in Newton. Luckily the deer didn't take out my two elevated
radials for this contest :) Many thanks to N0UR for the
suggestion to make this Inverted L even better!!!   The one thing
I"m extremely grateful for is the friendship and camaradiere of
radio, it would never be possible for me to stay in this hobby
without help and there are so many people over the years who I am
blessed to have as friends in this hobby!!!    Band seemed good
early Saturday into Saturday am but by following night the noise
level climbed. This is my first big contest in a few years, I've
had caretaker duties during my dad's final years....all of us
should be lucky enough to make it to 100!!!  Hope I can stay
healthy enough to keep ahead of the deer and those radials!!!
73/88 de K1QO Ann
K1ZE   Contact Moderator
K2MIJ   Contact Moderator
A whole lotta QRP fun!!! See ya next year!
K2PI   Contact Moderator
Conditions were pretty good.  Surprised to work as many people as I did when CQing. QRP is quite
possible on 160M, but competing with the big guns makes every call tough.
K2RR   Contact Moderator
K2YAZ   Contact Moderator
First time on 160,  Lot of fun..Used  40 meter dipole with  feed line connected as vertical with
couple of radials
K3CCR   Contact Moderator
K3CCR is the club station at the Collington continuing-care
retirement community at FM 18OW in MD, just east of DC. N3UM and
W3GB did Multi-Op Single in 2019 ARRL 160. At start 2200-0126Z,
N3UM ran at 72/hr. for 249 Qs, 43 easy sect mults, and EA. We
took turns 0130-03Z and got 59 more Qs, 7 sects incl. far AZ,
AB, and SD, and 3 ctys. W3GB did late shift 03-07Z for 69 Qs,
5 ctys, and 6 sects; LA, rare NE, and far OK, ID, MT, and SDG.
N3UM ran 2015-2200Z for 84 Qs; no sect mults, but S5 at 2140Z.
He got 4 more EUs via gray line 2205-2212 clicking spots; SM,
F, OM, and CT. From 2213-0159Z W3GB got 71 Qs, 3 cty mults, and
NNY in a pileup at 2230Z. On late shift 0215-0638Z, N3UM ran for
125 of 179 Qs, but only 3 cty mults, DL, D4, and GW; few late
loud EUs this year. But, there were sect mults; PR plus far-west
EB, OR, ORG, ND, WWA, and SV. We claimed 15 more Qs than in 2018
but 5 fewer sects and 7 fewer ctys, with ops, gear, and hrs.
about the same, low QRN, and Kp = 0 or 1. The mults just weren’t
there this year; 160m. propagation can be like that. We missed
WTX, NV, WY, EWA, AK, PAC, 5 CA sects. and 5 VE sects.
K3SSS   Contact Moderator
100W and dipole
K3TW   Contact Moderator
"Band conditions were better on Saturday evening."
K4ZRJ   Contact Moderator
Exceptionall good conditions on 160 for this years contest!
K5RX   Contact Moderator
On account of horrible line noise except to the northwest, I
planned only a token appearance.  At the last minute, I realized
spotting assistance would shorten my time identifying stations
through the noise.  So, unlimited class it was.  Conditions were
good, so I was able to hear more stations than I expected and put
in 12 hours.  I apologize to those calling me whom I could not
dig out of the noise, especially the Europeans.  I did work a
few, though.  If you got through from Europe, you have a good
signal.  Even with half my transmit array inoperative, giving me
4.5 dB less gain to the northeast, I was transmitting much better
than I was receiving!
K5SBR   Contact Moderator
The band was jammed with signals. Terrific!
K5ZD   Contact Moderator
Only worked Sat evening. Europeans were very
weak, but they kept calling in - helping the mults and the score.
K6AM   Contact Moderator
NOTE: I operated our group's remote station about 60 miles north of here for
the very first time from my home here in central San Diego (SDG). Out of habit,
I sent everyone SDG as my section. However, after some reflection, I now realize that
the actual transmitter is a few miles over the section boundary in the ORG section.
After consulting with the ARRL, I was advised to "Leave the section “as sent” in the
log lines- that way no one gets penalized for a busted exchange. Enter the correct
section in the header so the results show you in the correct location." I apologize
for the confusion.
K6NR   Contact Moderator
Great conditions, I worked more DX than in any previous
ARRL 160 that I can recall.  Fun to be calling CQ and have
DL2LDE call me just as strong as the east coast.  Worked the
countries below.  Didn't seem to be an end to new
stations to work, but I ran out of steam and missed the second
morning worth of JA contacts.  I worked 34 on Saturday morning.
Worked all sections except for Nebraska, NL, SK and NT.

Thanks for the QSOs


C6    CM    D4    DL    EA    F     GW    HA    HI
JA    LU    OH    PJ2   S5    TI    UA    UA9   UR
XE    YL    YV    ZF
K7QBO   Contact Moderator
Good conditions both nights. Four snake, and two loop receive antennas really played well. Thanks to
all who participated. K7QBO
K7XC   Contact Moderator
QRV Friday Night thru Saturday AM only. Conditions were variable
from just OK to pretty good. Running low power you find those who
can hear and those that cant. As things improved I was able to
run rate a few times which was extremely fun. Was able to work a
few DX stations during the night, XE, C6, ZF, KL7, JA, KH6, & VE.
Thanks to all who put me in their log. C U in the ARRL 10M
Contest Next.
K8RR   Contact Moderator
One might think that a small town Ohio backyard with an S-6 RF noise level would be a deal breaker
for the 2019 ARRL 160. But, signals were clear on an Active Receive Vertical and a nice big
maple-supported Inverted-L wire base fed over 60 straight ground radial wires, all squeezed in, each
only about 25 feet in length. RF Gain reduction, attenuation and phasing techniques with a Ten Tec
Orion II and a DX Engineering NCC-2 helped snag about 920 Qs. Full legal limit really works on Top
Band. Sure, there were a few stations I couldn't pull out of the noise, but it sure was fun getting
nearly all of the sections; 78 out of 83 plus 16 DX mults! Not too shabby if my copy was all good. I
was surprised to hear AK calling me! I hoped for, but didn’t hear, NT (Yukon/NW Territories) and
PAC (Hawaii), and somehow I missed SJV, SK and WTX (?). All in all, it was a satisfying 24 hour
contesting effort. Thanks everyone! 73, Rod K8RR
K9CPO   Contact Moderator
First time contesting at 160 meters! Had a great time.
K9WWT   Contact Moderator
First big Q number since cancer!  I'm back!
KB0YH   Contact Moderator
Just made a few contacts to test a revised shunt feed on my tower.
KB4QZH   Contact Moderator
Fun contest had a really good time.
I love 160 and wish I had more room for rx antennas.
I was a little hard hearing to the west but I'll be ready next year.

KB8NUF   Contact Moderator
I sure wish you would set sending speed limits. I have no idea why folks feel the need to send at 35
wpm and above. This is why we don't have more participation in these cw contests.
KB8TL   Contact Moderator
My first ever 160 meter contest and first week of operating on 160. I just got an antenna up, an
inverted 1/4 wave L (70' up, 65' out), it seemed to work well but I need to build a quieter receive
antenna. It was fun, except for the S5 white noise!
KC2WUF   Contact Moderator
100W entire contest
KD1XH   Contact Moderator
First time in this contest. New to 160m and antenna not much, but had a good time!
KD2KW   Contact Moderator
S&P working when available time then from local gray line until
2211 CST local time, with breaks to catchup on chores.
Appreciate those who copied my signal and gave me opportunity to
practice CW contesting.
KD8W   Contact Moderator
First time on 160m inv_L
KE0TT   Contact Moderator
K3/10 at 5 watts.  Ant was a 45' tall vertical with a 50' T-top.  Spent about 3.5 hours, rate for
160M QRP was good this year, noise was down and the band seemed to cooperate.  Thanks for your copy
of my QRP.   Merry Christmas, and C U next time.  73,  Dan  ke0tt
KE5LQ   Contact Moderator
KF0XV   Contact Moderator
Thanks to all who copied my 5 watt signal. New 160 inverted L put up
160 this winter. Only got to operate a short time both days. Loads of
fun and see you on the 10 meter contest.
KG8CW   Contact Moderator
Friday night sounded like the night to operate. After a long day at work, it was not to be.  As it
was Saturday was ok till 06:00 and things went south in northern Michigan. I am still learning the
new 101MP and it works great.  Lots of new tricks and qrm is thing of the past.
KJ4UC   Contact Moderator
Great contest. I'll be back next year!
KM1R   Contact Moderator
rig:  DX-100B & 51J4 ant: "T" flat-top; 60ft vert and 140ft horiz. (just like 60 years ago!)

was going "great guns"...when 4 grandkids showed up for the weekend. They won.
KM4CH   Contact Moderator
Fun contest!
Been several years since I entered this one. 
Surprised to be able to make a few Saturday night contacts on my 80/40/20 fan dipole!
KN4Y   Contact Moderator
Operated mobile from a motel parking lot in
Broward County FL.
KO8Z   Contact Moderator
I operated this contest using a DX Eng. 43ft vertical and was pleased with ithe performance.
KQ2N   Contact Moderator
The ARRL 160 meter-CW contest is an enjoyable contest to work.  Everybody going along at a
comfortable 25 to 30 wpm so less chance of missed calls or sections. de KQ2N
KR2Q   Contact Moderator
KS7T   Contact Moderator
If it wasn't for a xmas party at work and dozing off a few
times and the 10 over 9 noise level to deal with might have
done better but still didn't think cndx matched the 90s.
KX9RT   Contact Moderator
This was my first 160M CW contest and had a great time.  I
recently installed my first 160 antenna of an inverted L with
about 50ft on the vertical.  A handful of sections missed
including WTX, SFL, and WY.  Only heard a few DX countries, but I
think the antenna explains that.  I had a great time!

KPA500 @ 150W
Inverted L, 50ft vert, ~80 horz, ~24, 20-40ft radials.
LZ6E   Contact Moderator
N0IS   Contact Moderator
All of us were very very disappointed in the number of DUPES.  How can people not pay attention to
the contest logger when it shows DUPE prior to you calling.  We had stations work us and within 10
minutes back and call us again.  It really takes away from a good contest.

Bob, N0IS
N0JK   Contact Moderator
Got on for a few minutes before going into work Sunday morning.
Antenna a random wire thrown over a tree. Best DX worked WA0MHJ MN and
N8OO LA. Heard JA and KH6LC.
N0MH   Contact Moderator
Band never stretched out to the west; SD worked great!
SD even handled gracefully unexpected Windows/update
and reboot!
N0NB   Contact Moderator
Band conditions both nights were about the most quiet I have ever observed at this location.  Even
though I only have a relatively low doublet for 80/160m, working a bit of DX is always nice. 
Operating time was cut short as a bum hip made sitting for long periods impossible and Saturday
evening was even worse.  Fortunately, a few hours of sleep enabled me to put in some good time on
Sunday morning.  I heard JA and UA9 for the first time ever on 160m this year.

Participation seemed high again this year.  Great to see such popularity for Top Band.
N0OCT   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Took a 1/2 day of vacation to get everything in order, but the kid's dog had
other plans.  Once back from the animal hospital, I was able to get the radials
hooked up, matching network tweaked and on the air before dark.  Thanks to all
the great ops that dug my signal out of the noise.  Conditions were great!
N1JP   Contact Moderator
Antenna is an Inverted L.
N1NN   Contact Moderator
N1SP   Contact Moderator
Band in good shape- just using a comprimising coil loaded dipole.
N3RN   Contact Moderator
A piece of wire, tree and a lot of fun. No expectations of a high score. Just make contacts.
N4BP   Contact Moderator
2019 ARRL 160 Contest
N4JRG   Contact Moderator
Need to improve my 160 meter antenna, 6 & 7 land were non-existant for me
N6BT   Contact Moderator
Arizona Outlaws Contest Club
N6HI   Contact Moderator
Just a little QRP fun, put about 4 hours into this,
running 5W to a 20 foot end-fed wire. Noise and fun.
Thanks for the QSOs. 73, John N6HI.
N8BB   Contact Moderator
This is the one contest I look forward to. So many great hams doing this very well and having fun. I
worked a very leisure effort, few hours both mornings and had fun. Thanks. N8BB  K3 5 watts
N8VWY   Contact Moderator
IC-756 Pro and end-fed wire up a tree worked against ground rods. FB TU ALL VY 73.
N9SE   Contact Moderator
I always enjoy this contest. This year, antenna work fell behind
schedule. Consequently, my plans to shunt feed my tower and
install rx antennas were waylaid, so I used the old trusty
inverted L. I am still waiting for the first shipment of Elecraft
K4s to hit the street, so I used the (old trusty) Omni VI+ at 5
watts. Not having a band scope feels like using stone knives and
bearskins nowadays! A decent smattering of DX was worked, but the
west coast proved difficult as usual with 5 watts on top band
from this QTH. I hung in there most of Friday night and finished
with just over 400 Qs around 5AM (I missed local sunrise both
days). At the end of the first round I was sure I had set my goal
of 700 Qs too high, but Saturday night was more productive than I
expected. Eventually, my rate dwindled to single digits and I had
worked everyone I could find who could hear me, so I finally
threw in the towel around 2:30AM Sunday monring.
N9TF   Contact Moderator
That was fun!! One of my most favorite contests of the year.
If the scoring gods are in my favor, this may be a personal best.
Opted to go unassited to focus on alternating runnig and S&P
when appropriate. Didn't want distractions from chasing spots
I might not even hear! Band was better Friday night as I was
able to hear HI calling and west coast was strong. Not so
Saturday night. I was still able to put 5 DX and 72 sections
into my log from my city lot and short antenna! Always a blast!
Rig, K3S 100 watts to a W8AMZ (the original) shortened half
sloper at 35' apex sloping down to 2' above ground. TX and RX
from same antenna. 73 Gene, N9TF
NC6K   Contact Moderator
Conditions were as good as I can ever remember on 160
Meters. Noise levels were very low, and Friday night was
great for propagation in all directions. Things weren't
nearly as good Saturday night/Sunday morning, but I still
picked up 250 QSOs the second shift, which isn't bad. I
won't be competitive with other areas due to a dearth of
5-point QSOs. I don't know where most of Asia was, but they
were not on the band as far as I could tell. There was a
sprinkling of JAs, UAs and a JT that could not hear me
despite hundreds of calls. Central and South America were
almost MIA, and I never heard V6K, who was supposed to be
on for the contest.

My excuse for not
having a higher score this year was using a backup radio.
The Icom IC-7610 is quite a nice radio, but not quite up to
my Flex 6700 (temporarily QRT due to some mystical ailment)
in terms of selectivity and sensitivity. That said, it's
quite a nice radio for one-third the price of the Flex. On
the upside, my half-sloper (essentially a 67' piece of wire
fed against my tower) is a huge improvement over any
antenna I've ever used on the band. This year's score is
more than double my best previous effort.

Wait 'til next year!

73 de
ND0C   Contact Moderator
Just a few hours - 5 watts to a low 80m dipole.
NF7R   Contact Moderator
best propagation in years
NN7CW   Contact Moderator
First participation with Rx capabilities (K9AY loop) that match the Tx
antenna (Inverted L, hanging off a 60ft tree). I am not very
experienced when it comes to 160m contesting, so I went in Assisted,
with some basic goals (complete 160 WAS, see what DX I can hear and
work and observe the propagation as it progresses) to not miss
anything. I was positively surprised how well the K9AY loop works. I
already got a rough idea during CQWW, but since there was no higher
band for faster points and more multipliers, I enjoyed the opportunity
to make a bunch of DX contacts without being in a hurry and
occasionally listen to some of my neighbor stations. I made more
contacts than I expected and completed my WAS (if all missing ones use
LOTW). The only missing sections are SK and NT. Thanks everyone and
till next time! 73, Wolf
NO2D   Contact Moderator
80 & 40 M doublets at 30' wired together to MFJ tuner.
NO9E   Contact Moderator
Not bad EU conditions but no so good west: KL7 was weak and no JA worked. 

This was my first 160m contest from a new QTH specifically for ham radio and with new equipment:
Flex 6600 + Expert 1.3k-fa.
Two bidirectional 600ft beverages made nearly all signals crystal clear. However, a 160m vertical up
to a 100ft tree and back with 2 radials was just OK. 4 radials the second night made it better.
Flex6600 has potential but there is long learning curve, e.g., to put most used operations as
OH1MAR   Contact Moderator
Inverted-L 160 m
Icom IC-756pro2
OK1KTI   Contact Moderator
OK2EQ   Contact Moderator
First evening better condx.
OK7GU   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
(no comments)
OR3A   Contact Moderator
I was only QRV during our sunrise.
OZ1AAR   Contact Moderator
Absolutly impossible to get any NA statiopns in log sunday morning even they were S3-5
OZ3SM   Contact Moderator
Rig: Elecraft K3/P3, SSPA: 600 W
Ant: Vertical 80m Loop
PC3T   Contact Moderator
I started to like top band when I move to Europe, and I made a lot of efforts to have this band
available here. I had a great Saturday even waking up at 03:30 in the morning to make some Qs. I was
expecting to make at least 50 QSOs after Saturday ended with 34. I woke up at 1:00 UTC and nothing.
First QSO came at 03:10 UTC and only 11 more, really bad to be heard.I was just running Inverted L
with outdoor ATU and radio power nothing else as usual. Thanks for those that really spent time
trying to hear me and were patient asking me to repeat. :)
See you on ARRL 10,
PJ2T   Contact Moderator
Network problems to remote station severely limited score.
RG5A   Contact Moderator
TNX 73
RK0UN   Contact Moderator
RL4F   Contact Moderator
SP4AWE   Contact Moderator
SP5CJY   Contact Moderator
IC7300 100W
TX Ant T vertical 19m + 30 radials
RX Ant Beverages
SP9FMP   Contact Moderator
TS-590SG 100W tx/rx ant InvL 33'
TM6M   Contact Moderator
Bigs problems with rx antenna 1st night , better second night , but
worst propagation! (1..15q/h) Tks for qsois i'll be back! pity i
wasn't in duct again with West Coast , KH6/KL7 maybe next year ... 73s
UA0ACG   Contact Moderator
I heard over 20 US stations and 5 canadian stations, but my power was low..., Hi. Antenna to
transmit vertical 18m to receive BOG.

All 73, de Vlad UA0ACG
UT5UT   Contact Moderator
The second night was extremely bad...
V31MA   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
(no comments)
V6K   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
VA3RKM   Contact Moderator
K3, 1/4-wave wire at 15'.
VA6RCN   Contact Moderator
160m dipole 12 feet up
VE3ADQ   Contact Moderator
Big snowstorm broke my vertical, but I managed to fix it for the contest!
VE3EUR   Contact Moderator
First ever 160m contest. What a blast! Used an old Drake TR-5 and Drake MN-7 tuner into an
inverted-L antenna. Not the best set up but conditions were terrific so contacts were fairly easy.
I'll be back.
VE3KQN   Contact Moderator
160m went quite well Friday night to Saturday morning but fell apart
Saturday Night to Sunday morning. It's amazing how things changed in
12 hours or so.
VE3PN   Contact Moderator
have to rig a footswitch to swap rx ant fwd/rev
VE4XT   Contact Moderator
How cool is this? Didn't think I had a flippin' chance, but got the IC756PRO III to load into my
80/40 vertical and gave it a shot. Thirty-one QSOs, 15 mults, a ZF9 and C6A to boot! Imagine if I
actually had a resonant antenna!
VE5SF   Contact Moderator
Put up new flag receiving antenna half way through the contest.  Works great.  Worked JA and UA9. 
Third and fourth DX countries outside NA in 29 years!  73.
VE6CCM   Contact Moderator
First try at 160m contest, thanks to VE6CB for help with the inverted L and matching inductor,
worked great.
VE6WQ   Contact Moderator
Operating from VE6JY
VE7BGP   Contact Moderator
I had a lot of fun in this contest I worked my first DX on 160
with my IC-756Pro I recently obtained antenna used Loop Skywire
tuned with FC-902 tuner 73 Gerry
VE7CA   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
I decided to fire up my old boat anchors for the ARRL 160 Contest this year.  A HQ120, Drake R-4C
and Viking Ranger.  Output power 50 Watts into an top loaded T vertical with elevated radials.  Best
DX ZF9CW, RT0F and JA5DQH and JA3YBK with only a few hours of activity. It takes longer to make a
QSO while manually operating the N1MM logging program.  Sometimes a station had faded away by the
time I got ready to reply.  Always good to hear so many familiar call signs.  73. Markus VE7CA
W0MB   Contact Moderator
NTS:Kenwood ts590@5 watts, #22 insulated silver strand inverted L with the
vertical height of 45 feet, N1MM+. The 160/80 wouldn't tune right so put up a
inverted L out of #22 stranded wire and was still tuning it at the start of the
contest. With the tuner it played fair the first day and band conditions were
poor and I had to repeat myself quite often. I tuned the L the second day a
little closer and it may have played a little better or it was that the band was
a little better for me. Not as many repeats the second day. It was still a lot
of fun as I use it for cw practice. I never called cq once as it was all search
and pounce. I fell asleep at the wheel a few times.
W0ODS   Contact Moderator
That was FUN!  The band was in fine shape the whole
contest, with some fast and deep QSB on Night Two.
This was the first time ever that I was able to operate
both nights, AND my station was operating with its full
complement of 7 (seasonal) beverages.  The score
showed it.  It isn't difficult to keep your B-I-C for 6 or 7
hours straight when the run rate is hovering at the
100/hr mark.

I took Friday afternoon off to finish installing beverages
and to complete an overhaul of the amplifier. Of
course, that took longer than expected and I went
QRV at just about midnight.  By late afternoon Saturday
all the beverages were operational and the amp
ran hard the rest of the contest.

The highlight of the contest was turning the rig on early
Sunday morning to hear RT0F on the frequency with
no pile-up to break for an easy mult.
W0YJT   Contact Moderator
just  a wire off the tower abt 50 watts worked C6AGU just need more antenna and power 73 John
W1/WP3C   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
Thanks to Steve (W9SN) for allowing me to operate the contest from his station in ME by remote.

I lost the first 2 hours of the contest since I was still at work and on Saturday my mother came by
surprise to visit me and I had to spend some time. Besides that I enjoyed every second of the
contest. That's what it is for, to enjoy!
W1IS   Contact Moderator
The new multi band 160M OCF designed by KC1DSQ and me worked much better than expected at 350 Watts
even holding a perch for nearly an hour.
W1NN   Contact Moderator
Remote from Tokyo.
W2DPT   Contact Moderator
Rig:Ic-7300 Ant:Dipole @ 45' also "T" Vert 45' Horz 100'& chicken wire radials
W2EG   Contact Moderator
In-shack tuner loaded up my 135' end-fed (@55 feet up, with a 35'
vertical portion) surprisingly well. Line noise was ridiculous
(~S7), mandating use of NB (with artifacts) to bring it down to
S3-4. Only 4 five-point QSOs (and no EU) -- no surprise with the
very mediocre antenna, but had a nice run on Saturday night
(though virtually all east of the Mississippi). Best distance DX
for me was AB and UT. Thanks all for the Qs!          73, Rich,
W2RQ   Contact Moderator
Had cataract surgery two days prior to this contest so was unable to
drive to the W2GD multi operation and unable to see computer screen,
so this was all pen and paper, with handwriting a bit suspect due to
"impaired" vision.
W3FA   Contact Moderator
Thanks for the Qs.
Some of us never got the notice to move to "EPA". There were lots of them.
W3GW   Contact Moderator
I like entering the ARRL 160 Meter Contest in the QRP category. I
operate at a leisurely pace while trying to try to work stations on
both Coasts, the Midwest, and the Carribean stations. I heard
KH6/KU1CW but he was weak and I bet I was even weaker at 5 watts!
W4GHV   Contact Moderator
IC-7610 G5RV
W4IPC   Contact Moderator
i enjoyed this contest, it was my 
first real contest operating CW in 
and i enjoyed it alot although i did 
not get a huge score. 73 to all and
hope to work you in the next one.

Radio: FT1000MP
W4QO   Contact Moderator
Great fun!  Second night was great for QRP ops.
W5THT   Contact Moderator
Sorry that I accidentally answered a CW call in the FT8 frequency range
W5WZ   Contact Moderator
My first somewhat serious effort in a 160 meter contest, to do more than hunt needed states or DX
only.  I actually settle in and called CQ a large part of the time.  I really enjoyed it.
W6II   Contact Moderator
W6OFM   Contact Moderator
Murphy arrived the day of the contest and had a most enjoyable visit...
W7CD   Contact Moderator
1st attempt at Top Band, but could only muster ~3 hours because of conflicting contests.  Single
transmitter, single receiver, single Marconi Top T antenna with 2 raised verticals.
W7DRA   Contact Moderator
gret first nigh for hearing stations, some old some old HQ100/BC453
and arc5 VFO with a keyed 6AG7/807 MOPA. gave a good effort
W7GKF   Contact Moderator
Great conditions, lots of activity!
W7RH   Contact Moderator
TS-480 battery powered remote using endfire and broadside endfire
W8YV   Contact Moderator
Always a fun contest and lots of good ops.
W9KHH   Contact Moderator
Neighborhood noise was gone for the weekend.  All-band dipole loaded
as random wire.  Sure do miss the 38 foot vertical. Thanks all who
heard.  Hope to be back next year.
W9MRH   Contact Moderator
Early Sunday morning there wasn't many stations I could hear that I hadn't worked so I decided to
find a quiet frequency at the bottom of the band and try my hand as a "run" station. I'd never tried
before. I dialed my keyer down to around 17WPM and started calling CQ. Almost immediately I started
receiving calls. I was very nervous and I thank everyone for being patient with my shaky CW. My
goals for the contest were to work the Lower 48 and make at least 200 contacts. I had achieved 200
by the time I decided to operate in "run" mode. In run mode I logged another 50 almost before I knew
it. I picked up a few states toward my goal of the Lower 48 but fell short by a few. I never heard
NE or WY. 73 all and see you next year - w9mrh
W9TN   Contact Moderator
Got on for a few hours. Antenna is 80m inverted L with added base loading.
Not much west coast or DX but still had fun. Will be looking at what to do for
a receive antenna. Worked many SMCers.
WA1FCN   Contact Moderator
Good morning from Alabama
Not my best score but maybe second best.  Well once again operator error I wanted a little nap
Saturday night. Of course I did not set clock !
So instead I slept 4 1/2 hours !!Guess I'll not be in top ten once again.
At least I did not have to contend with much QRN and I did get WAS !
I got to count them bust gosh there was a lot of Alabama stations on
Thank you for all the Q's Alabama
DX a bit tough down here using low power in the Heart of Dixie    Antenna an inverted V and 3
beverages that did not get much use.
WA2ALY   Contact Moderator
ic-7000, ten tec 238c, inverted L
WA3V   Contact Moderator
This is my first contest using 160 m.  I built the K6MM vertical 3 months ago and joined the fun on
160 m.  It was a great feeling just to be able to participate in this classic contest.
WA6URY   Contact Moderator
Operated remote from Tokyo, Japan
WA8Y   Contact Moderator
Wow! That was fun.  Kind of like a SS and FD.
WB3JKQ   Contact Moderator
WB6BET   Contact Moderator
Ran using a dummy load antenna
WB7WHG   Contact Moderator
Had a great time in the contest! My new 40M Dipole/160 Marconi antenna got a good workout.
WB8WUA   Contact Moderator
Had much fun & the band air wave condition were perfect - no noise. I
contacted TN, WI, MN,  LA, ME, NH, MO and QC, and several others.
Thanks for the contest.
WB9TFH   Contact Moderator
Bought a  K1EL WKmini, first time using it
and it helped me spend some time in this contest,
It was a fun contest with a very short exchange.
This will help for NAQP CW. Thanks for the Q's.
WD0BGZ   Contact Moderator
Tried to work only one contact from each section without assistance and it ended up being more
difficult than i thought but it was fun
WD5BJT   Contact Moderator
WD6T   [photo/doc]   Contact Moderator
"Is there someone there?  Or is it just the rustling of a filter in the wind?" Amazingly, after much
meditation and proving that my soul was worthy (and lots of CQ'ing), a phantom European station
would emerge from the Great Beyond long enough to give me his call sign. 

These openings came in "spotlight" fashion with a few EUs from a particular region over a few
minutes, than nothing for hours.  The most surprising, and welcome after the hours of CQ'ing, was
when I was called by multiple EU Russians at about 1350z, via short path.  On the other hand, I had
no luck CQ'ing via long path at our sunrise.

Did the first night in person at N6RO, the second night remotely. Rain on the second night hurt my
score, but I did the best I could with what Mother Nature handed me.

Most exciting DX was when JT1CO called me.
WG3J   Contact Moderator
was a great contest  band condx were not the best but activity was good  i operated just 17 hours of
the contest  worked everything i heard  and some good dx as well  eric wg3j
WG8Y   Contact Moderator
Hi all, Spent limited time gving out Q's to the Ops that were
hard at it. Used a makeshift inverted L hooked to the base of my
Hustler 6BVT over 40+ odd radials from my small lot. 73 from N.C.
Mark WG8Y
WP3X   Contact Moderator
K3S, KPA500, Sloping Inv L top at 40 feet. No Rx antennas. Yet.
First serious 160M contest effort since N4UK from SC in the early 2000s.
Also first time using N1MM logging SW for a CW contest so had to figure out some quirks. Worked lots
of EU on the second night and had a total of 51 five pointers. 32 countries and 73 sections.  Missed
AK,WY,ND for WAS and also missed the following sections and provinces- SF,SJV,EWA,BC,MB,NT,SK.
Lessons learned- Need Beverage to copy weaker EU signals. Need more output power to have better CQ
runs. 500 watts isn't enough. Learn how to sleep in the daytime. Two hours of sleep between day one
and day two isn't enough.
Clemson will KILL OSU!Again!
WQ4RP   Contact Moderator
The WQ4RP 160M operators this year included AB4PP, W4MPS, N4HAY, WA4NID, and AA4XX.  

As our call sign suggests, we always run QRP during all contests, even though we are reclassified
into the Low Power category for the ARRL 160 Contest.  That's OK, because we are in it purely for
the fun factor.

The WQ4RP station is 100% solar/battery powered, with a Flex 6300 @5W and a vertically polarized
loop with an extensive elevated counterpoise. The station can be operated remotely over the
internet.  One of our ops (W4MPS) was running the station remotely during his shift, while the rest
of us operated the station locally.

Conditions were good this year, as it was easy to work several VE6's from NC.  We usually work KH6,
but try as we might, we did not work KH6LC or KH6/KU1CW this year, although that was not for lack of
trying.  We did make it into the West Coast with our 5 watts, thanks to the great ears out there. 
We heard a number of EU stations, but the propagation wasn't with us this year.

We'll be looking for you during the Stew Perry and CQWW160 this Winter.

Thank you, ARRL, for sponsoring the ARRL 160 Contest!

73, Paul AA4XX  
Trustee for WQ4RP
WQ6X   Contact Moderator
This was another WQ6X portable operation from W7AYT's QTH in Concord.
In between K3/0 remoting-in to NX6T, I found a couple of hours to run
the FT-1000mp into the recently-devised WQ6X Lazy 8JK Inverted Vee.
Since converting to a Lazy Inverted Vee configuration (from it's
former Lazy 8JK Sloper design), I've not had the opportunity to
test-run the antenna under real contest conditions.

As an 8JK sloper, I could barely work N6RO (5 mi. away).
As an Inverted Vee, the entire northwest (and CO) was workable
with reasonable signal levels; AND, there was NO floating RF in
the shack like I usually experience on 160 using other 8JK
Read more about this gig at: http://WQ6X.Blogspot.com
YV4ABR   Contact Moderator
I try to work actually qrp, but my antenna is not the apropited for that, so i end up making a
couple of contacts with 500watts. I hope Next year ill have a better antenna . So anyway, i sent the
log to avoid harm those PR coleagues logs.