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AA8TA   Contact Moderator
Checking out remodeled club station with a new to us inverted-L
for 160 meters.  I think I worked everybody who lives in MDC.
Maybe a couple of stations west of the Mississippi River.  One DX
in the Bahamas.
break pile-ups or I was finding dupes.
AB5ZA/7   Contact Moderator
non-resonant 80M dipole, loaded as long wire off tuner, 100W
Input, DN35rw, 5430 MSL, and antenna at 39 Ft. AGL.
AC4G   Contact Moderator
Much QRN from storms passing by both nights and mornings.  Ran
approximately 85 to 90 watts with most DX stations QSO'd being in
the Carribean.  Low power is tough category to work DX on 160m.
AC7A   Contact Moderator
Very heavy electrical storm QRN on Friday night. Two R0 Asiatic Russia stations made it into the log
early Saturday morning. One had about the strongest signal I've ever heard on 160, from that part of
the world. They were my most distant contacts. Band conditions were much better on Saturday night
because the high level QRN was gone. About a 5 minute opeing to Japan on Sunday morning yielded
several JA contacts. Equipment used for the contest was an Elecraft K2/100 to a 45' top-loaded
vertical, and a homemade K9AY array for receive. Not fancy, but it does the job.
AC8AP   Contact Moderator
I was not able to operate for the whole time, but did get in a bit at the beginning and a few hours
Sunday morning.
AE3J   Contact Moderator
Operated from Port Penn with a 60 foot top loadded vertical . Rig IC-703 with 250Hz filter. Power
supply 210 AH Battery with wind/solar.
AE6JV   Contact Moderator
A busy week with parade support and FT8 contest mode testing
meant limited chair time.
AF5Q   Contact Moderator
Better conditions this year
DJ5AN   Contact Moderator
Always nice to work state side on 160m, some were realy strong but did not cpy me
It would be nice if rx antenne would also lsn outside NA
Maybe the dx stations should get more points and give more points away ?
DL2FQ   Contact Moderator
Unfortynately only 1 QSO. Heard some more US and Canada stations
but no luck. Will try again in CQ WW 160m.
DL5CL   Contact Moderator
IC 7300, ant W3EDP
G0AZH   Contact Moderator
fun :-)
G4AFJ   Contact Moderator
Good condx
Pity DX to DX contacts are not allowed in this contest
G4IUF   Contact Moderator
Great conditions Saturday AM, lousy Sunday AM
GW4BVJ   Contact Moderator
Conditions were fascinating, but a struggle with 100W.
Thanks to everyone who pulled me in.
GW4W   Contact Moderator
I need to get a better antenna!
HA8WY   Contact Moderator
TRX: Kenwood TS-590SG 100W
TX ant.: 22m high vertical
RX ant.: inv.V EWE
JA1BVY   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JA9FHB   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JE1SPY   Contact Moderator
I QRV on a single OP low power. This yerar the condition was
better than the last year.
I QSOed with only 25stations 1680 points in this yaer,
I QSOed with only 25stations 768 points in 2017,
I QSOed with 42stations 986 points in 2016,
I QSOed with only 10stations 126 points in 2015,
I QSOed with only 11stations 110 points in 2014,
But I QSOed with only 16stations only 330 points in 2013.
But I QSOed with only 47 stations only 2580 points in 2012.
First day, When the sun set time in JA.
I could QSO with only 6,0 call arias stations.
We JA could hear many middle earea stations,
But We coule not hear west coast the U.S.A. stations.
Every year, It is very difficuld to get answer from the
U.S.A. station in the first day.
But We could get to answer very easy in this year.
It was the special condition in this year.
I used my MV (Micro Vertical antenna) 12mHigh on my blcony +
Elecraft K2 tranceiver.
My MV antenna was only 3.6m length and it was up only 12m
high from my balcony of my small condminium.
I was surprised that I could QSO many U.S.A. stations with
my MV antenna!
It is the best to pick up a very weak singal in noise for K2.
JF2WXS   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JG1LFR   Contact Moderator
I tried QRP. Thanks for patiently listening to my very weak signal
JH2GZY   Contact Moderator
Thanks nice QSO.
JK1TCV   Contact Moderator
I used power less than 5W.
JQ1COB   Contact Moderator
Bad condetion .
JQ1EPD/1   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JR2PMT   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
JS1NDM   Contact Moderator
I enjoyed the contest.
K0JJR   Contact Moderator
Points:  225 Secs  x  2  =  450
3 DX    x  5  =   15
Mults:  Secs  55
DX     3
Score:  465  x  58  =  26970
K1GQ   Contact Moderator
SkookumLogger K3S KPA1500 OB40-2 2XA-3B-12L wires
K1VR   Contact Moderator
Tkanks goes to Fred K1VR for hosting me at his station in Lincoln,
nice at both nights with QRN on the second night.
sloping full size dipoles. One part is slope, the another one
is horizontal 3-5m over the ground. Directions: NE (for Europe), W and S.
They worked very well
K1ZE   Contact Moderator
Anyone know what a DX window is?
K2NPN   Contact Moderator
Thank you ...Good contest...Fun!
K3CCR   Contact Moderator
K3CCR is the club station at the Collington continuing-care
retirement community at FM 18OW in MD, just east of DC. N3UM and
W3GB did Multi-Op One TX in the 2018 ARRL 160. At start, condx
and activity were good. N3UM ran for 228 Qs in just under 3 hr,
77/hr. Then after a 12 min. break he ran for 108 more Qs in 1.8
hr. for a total of 334 by 03Z. The first EU, an OM, called him
at 2258Z followed by 8 more EU mults plus VP9 and 51 sects. W3GB
then clicked spots 0300-0823Z. He got 31/hr for his first 2 hrs.
Rate then slowed but he got 13 sect mults in the far west plus 3
more countries and took us to 457 Qs and 77 mults at QRT. Sat.
PM N3UM ran slow and steady for 77 Qs 20-22Z but just 1 mult,
C6. After a supper break he got 18 more Qs in 1/2 hr. and 3 more
EU mults plus PJ2. W3GB then got 40 Qs in 2.2 hr. plus ZF and
NTX mults to take us to 592 Qs and 85 mults at 03Z. N3UM came
back 0308-0650Z and got our last 108 Qs, 59 of them in 3 short
runs and 49 clicking spots. Condx were great to EU; 17 EU Qs, 9
of them mults, for 28 ctys. Also MB, SK, EWA, ND, WTX, and SCV
for 72 sects. Missed NNY (!), AK, NV, ND, NL, NT, PAC, and 4 W6
sects. To our great relief, the solar forecast of Kp = 5 to 8
was way high. In the 19.4 hrs. we operated, Kp was 1 or 2 for 8
hrs. each, and 0 or 3 for ~1.7 hrs. each. This is our best score
claim in ARRL 160. We claimed 610 Qs, 93 mults, and a 122.4 K
score in 2017, and 713 Qs, 83 mults, and 121.9 K in 2016.
K3TW   Contact Moderator
"Severe thunderstorm QRN limited my operating time in this 160m contest."
K5LH   Contact Moderator
K5RX   Contact Moderator
First night it was hard to believe I worked some EU through the
static crashes - some from visible lightning.
K5SBR   Contact Moderator
Great fun in spite of heavy QRN.
K5XU   Contact Moderator
Thanks to all who dug my weak signal out of the noise.
K6DAJ   Contact Moderator
Thanks to Ken, N6RO, for hosting us at his fantastic station.
K3, Alpha, Four square and SAL-30 for diversity receive.
Some SO2V when it got slower late first night and much of second night.
25 DXCC, 33 JAs. Missed NT and PR.
K6DAJ first day, W9KKN second day. Started at 0020Z--traffic getting to N6RO.
Good rates for first 7 hours of contest. Saturday morning rain storm (no lightning though.)
DX condx ok, but not as good as previous weekend (CQ WW). Best EU path was first few hours of
We were spotted in Finland via long path at our sunrise, but no EU LP Qs.
K7QBO   Contact Moderator
Good conditions both nights. Many stations heard and worked. Directionsl snake on ground receive
antennas proved very useful. Varactor tuned receive loop proved very quiet with deep noise nulls.
Thanks to all stations worked.
K8PK   Contact Moderator
First licensed in 2016
K9FO   Contact Moderator
Lost 4 hours due to storms passing thru. propagation was weak to
the west, but had
and CQ tests. 73, Will,  K9FO
K9GY   Contact Moderator
Fun domestic contest! Work messed up Fri otherwise I would have had another night to play.
KB2URI   Contact Moderator
What fun; 50Q's in a Contest on a band for which the most
inefficient antennas ever were used! Thanks to everyone with the
patience to work this "very weak signal". Hope to get a real
antenna up for next year!
KB8TYJ   Contact Moderator
Great contest, except for much thunderstorm QRN Saturday evening.
KE5LQ   Contact Moderator
KG9Z   Contact Moderator
Had fun. GAP working very well.  New ACOM amp was great!
KI7DG   Contact Moderator
TOUGH CALL FOOTBALL ..CONTEST ..YA went for the contest
KJ9C   Contact Moderator
Was it summer? Static crashes made DX tough.
KN1H   Contact Moderator
QRP 5W to end-fed wire
KO0Z   Contact Moderator
Did some work on the base of my inverted L before the storm arrived.  A central Illinois tornado
outbreak cut into contest operating time.
KQ9J   Contact Moderator
I'd do better if I could stay awake at night!
KS7T   Contact Moderator
A snow storm up hr made copy rough and guys were disappearing
in the QSB after sending just one letter of their call then gone
sorry for that fustration on both ends but guess all in all
didn't do too bad considering 43' high wire homebrew whatsit ant.
KX6A   Contact Moderator
Sending in for benefit of cross check etc.
LZ2JE   Contact Moderator
Looking for my last US, I saw WJ9B-ID, K7XC,NG7M,K5VWW,W7RN-NV,
W7UT-SD,....But Not luck due to bad condx and several
thunderstorms in West US. Just happy to work David, WD5COV and
here is my confirmation for our QSO like CheckLog. Thank you,
MM2N   Contact Moderator
Had to RX on TX antenna. Just moved into new QTH that day. XYL not happy :-)
N0IS   Contact Moderator
Conditions were very bad to say the least.  Static crashes were
running S-9 and then some for most of Friday night and Saturday
morning while the storms moved through.  Again on Saturday
evening the storms moved in once again and the static was
unbelievable.  Went on for most of the night. MANY EU stations
called that we were not able to copy that should have been an
easy contact.  Thanks to all that tried.
N0MH   Contact Moderator
Very high static levels
SD a joy to use
N1NN   Contact Moderator
N2FF   Contact Moderator
It sure would be nice to have a 160M antenna. I was
using my 40 meter sloping dipole with a K3.
Sorry for straining some ears.  Thanks to the many
ops who listened hard and copied me and make
it fun.  I hope to be abck next year with an inverted vee
and perhaps HP.
N2KW   Contact Moderator
Thanks to Dave, K1TTT, for the use of his fine station, and to
Ed, NT2X for providing relief!
N3RA   Contact Moderator
Fun time.
N4BP   Contact Moderator
2018 ARRL 160M Contest
N4KS   Contact Moderator
Surprised how well my station did using a 54 feet end fed wire. The static crashes eventually chased
me away. Thanks for pulling out my weak signal! 73, Ken
N4PN   Contact Moderator
N5XJ   Contact Moderator
I need better receive antennas!....Many I just could not hear through
the static level here.
N6BT   Contact Moderator
Arizona Outlaws Contest Club
N6TV   Contact Moderator
Used shunt-fed 89' tower for TX, VE3DO loop and 2 magnetic loops for
RX. Main amplifier faulted after 10 minutes of S&P, so switched to
550W backup.
N8BI   Contact Moderator
Very limited operation with interruptions. Hopefully a warmup for CQ 160.
N9RV   Contact Moderator
Great conditions.
N9TF   Contact Moderator
Always one of my favorite contests.
This year weather in the Midwest U.S.
was a menace to conditions, especially
for the small stations, like mine!
By contest start, I still had a block
of ice and snow at the feed point load
of my shortened half sloper at the top
of my 35' tower, from last weeks snow
and ice storm. This caused
all sorts of SWR issues, so bad I had
to use my manual MFJ 949E tuner to help
control the sporadic SWR changes. The
K3S tuner was no help. One hand on the
keyboard, the other on the antenna-
matching knob of the tuner to adjust if
needed.(it did many times!) Then there
was all the QRN from the current storm
system winding its way through the
Midwest again this weekend! Only having
one compromise antenna for TX and RX, it
was tough going. Had to shut down for a
little over an hour Saturday night during
prime time, to let a thunderstorm pass.
Good news, with all the rain we had Saturday
the log jam of ice at my feed point was
now gone, and SWR back to normal! QRN was
heavy both nights, making it rough to copy
weak signals under S9! Still lots of fun!
73 Gene, N9TF. Rig K3S 100 watts to a
W8AMZ shortened half sloper at 35' apex
sloping down to 2' above ground.
N9VPV   Contact Moderator
No 160 antenna
ND0C   Contact Moderator
Tough sledding with 5 watts to a tuned 80m inv. vee at 38 ft!  Thanks for the good ears!
NF7R   Contact Moderator
I cud only participate partially this year, but a great time, as usual!
NG1I   Contact Moderator
Loaded up my 40-80M wire and managed to get out a bit
NI0K   Contact Moderator
Only operated Saturday night and Sunday morning. The static
crashes were bad Saturday evening and my amp died just before the
contest, so had to limp along at 100W. Sure missed the amp. Had
fun anyway!
NN2L   Contact Moderator
IC756Pro, AL80B, Vertical Tee with elevated radials
NO9E   Contact Moderator
Local low-level static followed by thunderstorms. Very few
stations from the West, and no KL7 or KH6. Quite a few EU
stations calling (away from static and thunderstorms) ment that
the proagation was at least OK.
OK1CZ   Contact Moderator
Only QRV for about 2.5 hours. Good condx allowed me to make more QSOs
than I would excpect with the low OCF antenna, only 10m high.
OL0A   Contact Moderator
Just one QSO with VY2ZM who could hear my QRP from the low OCF antenna.
OU2V   Contact Moderator
strong sigs friday evening, less on saturday.
RC7B   Contact Moderator
S57C   Contact Moderator
FT2000, A77D, LQ160M@4-8MAGL
SP2WGB   Contact Moderator
100W LW 27m
SP3GTS   Contact Moderator
IC-765+HM AMP 500W
TM6M   Contact Moderator
Lots of qsb made it difficult! Missed some stations ! Sorry for the
ones i didn't heard! Was a good game as ever See you in 2019 ; tks for
qsos  73s, Oli
UA1CUR   Contact Moderator
VE1ZA   Contact Moderator
Only manageed friday night :-(
VE3PN   Contact Moderator
Noisy at start
VE3SS   Contact Moderator
Got on radio the second night just to
practice some cw but ended up staying
on for a while. It was fun. Thanks to all who
worked me.
VE3VHB   Contact Moderator
Disappointing DX participation.  No new DXCC entities.
VE7BGP   Contact Moderator
I had a lot of fun in the few hours I had to contest late eve and
early Sunday am. I worked a few with my '54 Blue Racer Bug and
FT-897D rig. 73 Gerry
VE7KW   Contact Moderator
Started out trying to operate SOLP remote and as I worked out
issues ended up SOHPA but decided to give it up. Sorry for the
confusion and hickups!
VE9AA/M   Contact Moderator
FOUR X 15MIN burst from the car just testing a new and improved antenna.
It's a modified Scorpion SA-680S.  Still have some troubles with the electric
foldover mount, but the antenna itself is fantastic!

I heard some EU (ON/OK/OM) and ZF9CW (589) and as far west as AZ, but no Q's
with these guys. (granted, I wasn't on vy long, maybe condx got better later)

Super easy to work most W1/2'...3's tougher.  W4's was stretching it, however
old faithful N4RM got me quite quickly.  A couple 8's (Na8V best ears by far)
and really had to work to get N0NI and his crew to hear me, but they had
patience and we made it).
Not bad for a 5' tall antenna that had to be retuned every few kcs, mounted on a
small car !

I know I was weak, but even some guys who I figured out most of my callsign on
the first 'over' got me as VE9AAX or VE8AA/mm or VE9AAXX or other variations.
NOBODY was expecting to hear "/M" on the band this weekend !

2009 Mini Cooper, FT-857D, N3ZN paddles. 100w,  Paper/pen logging
VK2GR   Contact Moderator
Antenna: 160m Inverted Vee at 15m
Extremely bad QRN on the last evening in eastern Australia.
VP2MSK   Contact Moderator
The best way to enjoy this Top Band contest is gather a group of
?geezers? and head for a Caribbean Isle!  The perfect location,
lifestyle and combination of two types of Beverages!  Lee Barrett
? VP2MLB/K7NM Had a great time working with three others on this
contest from VP2M what a group! Rich VP2MSK/NS7K
VP9I   Contact Moderator
Overcame several gremlin. Missed many stations in the noise.
W0BH   Contact Moderator
143 * 57 in 1:15
W0YJT   Contact Moderator
Well a bigger antenna would help qrp is very fustrating but can be fun 73 john
W1AST   Contact Moderator
My first time on 160m and only got to spend 2 hours on the contest. But what fun!
W1DYJ   Contact Moderator
Bad head cold, no operating after 11 pm
W1QK   Contact Moderator
Thank you for sponsoring the contest.
W2DPT   Contact Moderator
Tried Low Power after 20 years QRP!
W2EG   Contact Moderator
Disappointing showing this year. Same power, rig and low dipole,
but fewer Q's, fewer mults, and roughly half the score. Perhaps
just goes to show how well I did last year with this poor (for
160) antenna! (And it is not likely to get better since I'll be
moving to antenna restricted QTH.) It was a pleasure though to
work three good mults just before my sunrise: NM, BC, and AZ. Did
enjoy the contest and thank all for the Q's                  73,
RIch, W2EG
W2GPS   Contact Moderator
Elecraft K3, P3, KPA1500

160 meter Inverted-L antenna
Hi-Z 3-element steerable vertical Rx array
W3HKK   Contact Moderator
IC7610 to ACOM1000 amp.
W4GHV   Contact Moderator
W4KAZ   Contact Moderator
Anticipated an opportunity for a full time all out effort but
once again it was not to be.  Got in a few hours Friday but
not at all Saturday.  Propagation seemed fairly close in for
the limited time I was on early Friday evening, working
mostly the east coast with few stations to the west heard here.
Did not feel like I had trouble being heard by almost anyone I
could also hear.  Only DX was carribean region.
radio: Kenwood TS-590S
xmit antenna: 150 foot inverted L(first 60 vertical) with FCP
rx antennas: K9AY loops and 20m dipole.
As always, thanks for the patience with the fills, although I
needed a lot fewer than normal.
W7AMR   Contact Moderator
This is the very first time I worked on 160 meter band.
W7DRA   Contact Moderator
with 210 volts and 40 ma on the plate at a 60% efficiency there was about 5
watts at the base of the antenna. the receiver was an HQ100 with a BC453 Q5er
and a loop antenna on top of the radio.  i could hear more than i could work
got all that could hear me
W7IV   Contact Moderator
Part-time effort remoting from KL7.  No sidetone or hand key made
for some interesting fills, and I am still learning N1MM.  No EU,
but my receiving antenna is still in the box, so that may be my
fault, not theirs.
W8KA/6   Contact Moderator
Operated Portable in NE corner of Santa Barbara county with solo
errected 109 vertical using 4 elevated radials. QTH was private
ranch off Balanger canyon road. Murphy came with bad WX wind and
rain. Got antenna up and tuned 5 hours before contest started.
Temp in tent was typically in low 40's at night and early morning
W8KNO   Contact Moderator
With a 160m dipole only up 17 feet and 100 watts, thanks to everyone
who worked me; especially NP2J, KP2M and 4M1K for the extra time
it took to complete the exchange!
W9BGJ   Contact Moderator
W9FI   Contact Moderator
New 160m low dipole.
W9KHH   Contact Moderator
Random wire antenna, no radials, increasing neighborhood noise.  Miss the
pre-digital-QRM-free days with vertical and 32 radials.  Still fun thanks to all
who could hear weak signal.  Hope to be here for the next 160 test in 2019.
W9RE   Contact Moderator
Great European opening to start the test.
WA2ALY   Contact Moderator
ten tec orion 2, 238C, inverted 'L'.
WA4NFY   Contact Moderator
Trying out a loop antenna; IC-7300 at 90 watts
WA6URY   Contact Moderator
Operated remote from Tokyo, Japan
WA8REI   Contact Moderator
limited time,4 hrs. mosley pro 67b antenna,lots of 'liminum at 48 feet, atr-30 and ft-2000
internal tuners together gave 1:1 match. fun. worked about 75% of all stns called. 73, ken
95 qsos.  t u all fer the qs and points!
WB3JKQ   Contact Moderator
WB8WUA   Contact Moderator
I finally got a better (longer) dipole antenna, and have it strung as a nearly
180 deg counter-pose direction for a change - as I am forced to work with
limited yard land space ; along with being blessed finding a quality massive MFJ
T antenna tuner.  So, for the first time, I finally accomplished plenty of
successful fun qso's on the 160 - considering that I had since made only two
successful contacts on it prior to this contest event. I did get Canada also -
'GTA'. I also made numerous 'VA' contacts.
WB9TFH   Contact Moderator
My first time in 160m contest, on part time. Made my 80m centerfed Zepp
into a Marconi antenna, twisting the ladder line together at the tuner.
Got low swr, tuned up great.
Previously it wouldn't tune up as an 80m. Worked both coasts and the south.
Even heard an OM station. Fun time on 160m. My cw skills need improvement.
WE9R   Contact Moderator
Played around on QRP in this contest from the Black Hole.  Worked
Virgin Island on one call using QRP on 160 is very cool
WR4I   Contact Moderator
Finally have a 160 ant that works!
XE2B   Contact Moderator
Despite the limited operating time, lots of fun.