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Soapbox for 2018
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AA1I   Contact Moderator
SOAPBOX: 81 QSO's 33 unqiue calls
SOAPBOX: 3300 QSO Pts + 18101 km = 21401 pts
SOAPBOX: Best Dx: 732km!!
SOAPBOX: AA1I, N1DPM, K1OR at Pilgrim Bluffs
SOAPBOX: (near Provincetown on Cape Cod, MA) FN42wb
SOAPBOX: to K1RZ and W2RMA on Blue Knob, PA FN00rg
SOAPBOX: Strong signals with slow deep fades
AA2LY   Contact Moderator
CALL  Grid      CALL   Grid     Dist
AA2LY EM70HM to N2CEI  EM60TL   96 km
AA2LY EM70EC to N2CEI  EM60TL   84 km
AA2LY EL79GW to N2CEI  EM70EC   25 km

SUMMARY:  total QSO points 2 x 100 = 200
          total Distance points  96 + 84 + 25 = 205
these are calculated using the QTH locator or map square utility at K7FRY.com/grid/
AD7OI   Contact Moderator
Operated from Arizona (Area 7) in August and California (Area 6) in September.
AF1T   Contact Moderator
W1MKY and I operated with K1RZ on Block Island, RI, in August, and were glad to make some long
rain-scatter contacts. W1MKY and I were blessed with good weather on Martha's Vineyard, MA, in
September.  We really enjoy this event, even though it requires a lot of effort to operate portable.

We hope to work you all next year!


  Dale Clement, AF1T
AF4JF   Contact Moderator
Added by W9JJ 9-18-18
Call used:		AF4JF						
ARRL Section:		Midwest						
List of operators:		AF4JF						
Bands:		10GHz only						
Call area:		0						
Club:		Society of Midwest Contesters						
Total QSOs:			5					
Total callsigns worked:			1					
	QSO Points from all bands:				100		(10GHz: KO0Z)	
	Distance Points (km) from all bands:				111			
			Final Score:		211			
	Best DX:							
		10GHz	KO0Z		44 km			
“I have observed all competition rules as well as all regulations for Amateur Radio in my country.
My report is correct and								
true to the best of my knowledge. I agree to be bound by the decisions of the ARRL Awards
Date:	9/17/2018		Signed electronically				Call:	AF4JF
Name:	Herbert Ulmann							
Call:	AF4JF							
Address:	30 Newberry Dr., ST PETERS MO 63376							
Email:	af4jf@arrl.net							

Call used:		AF4JF										
List of operators:		AF4JF										
Year:		2018										
Bands:		10GHz only										
Total hrs worked:		11										
1	15-Sep	20:35		KO0Z		EM48RT	EM48SX		10GHz	20		100
	15-Sep	20:37		KO0Z	same, SSB	EM48SQ	EM48SX		10GHz	0		
2	15-Sep	21:19		KO0Z		EM48SQ	EM49UA		10GHz	40		
3	15-Sep	22:44		KO0Z		EM48SQ	EM58AS		10GHz	44		
4	16-Sep	12:47		KO0Z		EM59JI	EM59JJ		10GHz	5		
5	16-Sep	15:45		KO0Z		EM59EK	EM59EK		10GHz	2		
									TOTALS:	111		100
K0AWU   Contact Moderator
Northern Lights Radio Society member .... 

Total hours worked -- 35:05 hours

Great event that pulls together a wonderful group of avid microwave enthusiasts in our upper midwest
region each year. The interest and activity seemed to be as strong as ever, where other VHF/UHF
contests in our area have been less well supported in recent years.
K0CQ   Contact Moderator
Over 2200 miles roving two weekends.
K3SIW   Contact Moderator
Sorry for the messy log. Originally used estimate of true distance but understand grid
center-to-center with rounding up is possible so adjusted distances for that. We were blessed with
excellent weather both weekends and large groups of hard working rovers. 10 GHz propagation was
always fine but 24 GHz was erratic, peaking at sunrise/sunset, and 47 GHz contacts were LOS.
K5LLL   Contact Moderator
Conditions not as good as last year.
K6ML   Contact Moderator
Roved the hot (100-105 degrees) and smokey San Joaquin Valley in August.
Spent a day on Frazier Mtn and a day roving the (20 degrees) cooler SJV in September.  

Total score should be 65572.
K6TJ   Contact Moderator
There should be more points for 24G, since the contacts take longer, require more operator expertise
and require more sophisticated equipment.  Progressively more points for higher frequencies! 
Consider also points for longer contacts, for the same reasons.
K8ZR   Contact Moderator
Submitted by: Anthony L. Emanuele  K8ZR
              7156 Kory Court
              Painesville, OH 44077-2221
              Total claimed score: 27,009
KB8VAO   Contact Moderator
Had a terrific time!
Weather was great and conditions were phenomenal!
Highlights were working KA1OJ @ 507 km in FN2BL 10 GHz
K1RZ, AF1T @ 563 km in FN41EE 10 GHz
K9PW, KA9VDU, W9SNR, W9SZ @ 571 km in EN62BX 10 GHz
K9JK, K9PW, KA9VDU, W9SNR, W9SZ @ 579 km in EN63CN 10 GHz
K8ZR in FN02EI @ 25 km 47 GHz
KD6W   Contact Moderator
Soapbox - The smoke from the Northern California fires wreaked havoc on the first Sunday and seemed
to greatly affect microwave propagation, way more than I expected and so I gave up when I should
have gone to a mountain to get above the layer. The second weekend I was getting over the flu but
feel good enough to get out and operate Sunday.
KE7SW   Contact Moderator
worked Ray w7glf in cn86xx for a new grid from home....2ft. dish at 40ft.duel band feed and fed into
1/2 heliax ,downeast transverter 20mw..have a amp on order,trying to get my vucc from home....73,Tom
ke7sw                         cn87td to cn86xx=31.32km=100+32=score 132
KI7GVT   Contact Moderator
Operated from Arizona (Area 7) in August and California (Area 6) in September.
N0LNO   Contact Moderator
First time. Had fun.
N0UTP   Contact Moderator
First time contesting. Had fun.
N1DPM   Contact Moderator
SOAPBOX: The QSO's with K1RZ and W2RMA from FN42wb to FN00rg at 735km were not only the best of the
contest, but my personal best on 10GHz.
N1JEZ   Contact Moderator
Dew point really killed the upper bands this time around.
N2MKT   Contact Moderator
This was my very first 10 ghz contest and learned plenty. I went down to Sugar Hill FN12mj near
Watkins Glenn..and had a clear path to the west. I easily learned the whole process of trying to
make contacts at this high frequency is very difficult..Trying to copy CW when all the characters
seem merged together was my biggest challenge.. This winter I`m going to make some improvements, add
a preamp etc.. I've caught the Very very High Frequency bug..  Thanks to K2DH for his knowledge to
this newbie.. 

N6TEB   Contact Moderator
After a TR relay failure the first day we did a great job to heading home off an 8000 foot mountain
to home 50 miles away. Repair was made and no problems for the rest of the contest.
N9LB   Contact Moderator
FLEX Transceiver, DEMI 10G XVTR, 2 watts, 24" dish at 65 feet
VE3JGL   Contact Moderator
resubmitting due to errors when calculating distance
VE3KRP   Contact Moderator
Northern Lights Radio Society
VE4MA   Contact Moderator
First Weekend operating from Lake Superior, second from home on Red River Valley (North). One
Digital QSo (JT4) at 496km. Participated with Northern Lights Radio Society group from Minneapolis/
St Paul MN. I did not totalize my hours in one place, it was 20+8+7= 35 hours
Best 73 Barry VE4MA
W1MKY   Contact Moderator
The most exciting contact was with AF1T, using "Light"-LED Communication from FN41ee to FN41fd. 
Ruth, Dave Petke, K1RZ's Wife, drove Dale to a diagonally adjacent Grid in order to do this.
  10 Contacts from Block Island, RI, FN41ee, were over 500 Km.  4 contacts from FN41oi and FN41ql,
were over 600 Km. 
  I am so happy that 50 different Hams operated in the Contest.  I hope they had as much fun as we
did, and will be back next year, and will introduce others to Microwave Radio.
   Mickie Clement, W1MKY
W2RMA   Contact Moderator
Super contest!  Wonderful scenery with plenty of wildlife, great group of cooperative hams to
work/chew the fat with, weather that supported long distance Q's, best score ever, and I enjoyed a
free steak dinner that satisfied a debt!  

Revamped/improved rig was a joy.  Using a WG feed and a WG switch into a WG LNA really helps ones
hearing.  If you don't yet have a LO with a stable & known frequency, get one.  Long Q's are much
easier when you only have to manage one variable, dish direction.  

A contest hi-lite was working 734 KM to the K1OR/AA1I/N1DPM team at FN42wb Cape Cod from FN00rg Blue
Knob, central PA, along side K1RZ.  For all 5 of us, it was the longest 3cm Q ever. Nearly 40% of my
Q's were 400km+.  There is nothing like a 6:30 am Q of 593km to get you started - better than
Both tropo and rain scatter helped.  If you haven't worked RS, get with it!  Would you like to work
578km SSB at 5x7?     

The second weekend, K1RZ was a master teacher of how to work a contest.  The W3SZ/K1RZ list was
combed and scratched until the list gave up or we did, whichever happened first.  What was extremely
useful was to have two cell phones - one Verizon and one ATT technology.  I have no connection to
Consumer Cellular, but found that their flexible plan met the need.  Sometimes V worked and
sometimes ATT worked.  Some of the best mountain sites (FN00rg, FM19aw, etc.) can provide 4 bars and
not connect via cell nor txt.

What a contest....why not one in the spring as well?
W3EKT   Contact Moderator
First rain scatter QSOs. Ed, W3EKT.
W9JJ   Contact Moderator
My first time operating in this event.  Thanks to those who took the time to work me, and to those
who tried diligently. 2.5 watts and 18" dish.  73 Bart W9JJ
WA5TKU   Contact Moderator
Had a good time both weekends but my time was limited to just Saturday operation.  My 13 year old
grandson, Maddux Morrow, road along with me the last weekend helping with logging and navigation. 
Hope to inspire him to get a ticket in the future. Rig was an FT-847 with a DEMI 10 GHz transverter
and a solid state amp outputting 6 watts to a 27 dBi horn at 5 feet. Looking forward to next
Had a good time both weekends but my time was limited to just Saturday operation.  My 13 year old
grandson, Maddux Morrow, road along with me the last weekend helping with logging and navigation. 
Hope to inspire him to get a ticket in the future. Rig was an FT-847 with a DEMI 10 GHz transverter
and a solid state amp outputting 6 watts to a 27 dBi horn at 5 feet. Looking forward to next year.
WA7ZZI   Contact Moderator
SOAPBOX: Calculated points between grid pairs are:
SOAPBOX: Grid Square 1	Grid Square 2	Points (km, round up)
SOAPBOX: EL98hp	EL98pj	71
SOAPBOX: EL98hp	EM80em	302
SOAPBOX: EL98dp	EL98im	43
SOAPBOX: EL98dp	EL98pj	102
SOAPBOX: EL98bs	EL98pj	122
WB8TGY   Contact Moderator
First weekend on Lake Superior, second weekend on Lake Michigan.-----
Great contest.  First weekend on Lake Superior, and second weekend on Lake Michigan.
WQ5S   Contact Moderator
Thanks to all the rovers and home stations who were QRV and made this contest a blast. Looking
forward to next year already!
WZ1V   Contact Moderator
Operated portable at Hammonassett Beach in Madison CT, FN31RG. 
First time out with my own gear, 2W to 18 inch offset dish. 
TNX to W1JHR and WA2BTR for "showing me the ropes" and to 
N1DPM for fixing my broken feed in time for the contest !