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Due: 2019-09-26 02:59:59Z
696 logs received as of 2019-10-01 20:26:33
Call SignCategoryRaw ScoreSectionClubDate Received
4M6RSingle Operator, Low Power1DX2019-09-21 21:29:05
AA1FHSingle Operator, Low Power175EMALincoln Laboratory Amateur Radio Club2019-09-29 23:26:35
AA2TTSingle Operator, High Power11,900NLI2019-09-21 15:52:19
AA3SSingle Operator, High Power990MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-09-22 01:57:45
AA4DDSingle Operator, Low Power2,208TNBristol (TN) ARC2019-09-22 23:16:41
AA4QSingle Operator, Portable1,900AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-09-23 04:32:06
AA4ZZLimited Multioperator115,884NCCarolina DX Association2019-09-23 04:41:43
AA5AMSingle Operator, High Power540NTXNorth Texas Microwave Society2019-09-22 01:38:52
AA5PR/RLimited Rover2,166NMNew Mexico VHF Society2019-09-20 03:27:28
AA7EASingle Operator, Low Power1,464ORPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-09-24 04:20:33
AA7VSingle Operator, 3 Band496AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-09-18 02:16:39
AA8SWSingle Operator, 3 Band40OH2019-09-21 15:18:56
AB0YM/RLimited Rover2,257COGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2019-09-23 14:49:30
AB2YISingle Operator, Low Power48WNYRochester VHF Group2019-09-21 01:58:57
AB4EJSingle Operator, High Power806AL2019-09-21 00:25:56
AC0RASingle Operator, 3 Band47,260IA2019-09-20 19:48:12
AC1JSingle Operator, Low Power8,602NHGranite State ARA2019-10-01 20:26:33
AC2RLSingle Operator, 3 Band990WNYRochester VHF Group2019-09-18 02:51:34
AC2VESingle Operator, Low Power1,088WNYRochester VHF Group2019-09-22 22:10:53
AC4WCSingle Operator, 3 Band270WV2019-09-26 12:48:31
AC7FF/RClassic Rover5,152AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-09-23 14:32:38
AC7MXSingle Operator, 3 Band21WWAWestern Washington DX Club2019-09-23 00:41:12
AC7SGSingle Operator, Low Power935WWAStanwood Camano Amateur Radio Club2019-09-23 03:35:37
AD4TJSingle Operator, High Power820VA2019-09-22 23:40:32
AD6AFSingle Operator, Low Power468LAX2019-09-22 22:01:24
AD6ISingle Operator, 3 Band114SFNorthern California Contest Club2019-09-20 21:52:19
AE5P/RLimited Rover17,391STX2019-09-23 14:43:26
AE5VBSingle Operator, High Power1,666LA2019-09-21 21:08:12
AE8AT/RLimited Rover120OH2019-09-23 04:06:37
AF1R/RLimited Rover3,660EMANorth East Weak Signal Group2019-09-23 00:49:41
AF1TSingle Operator, Low Power85,598NHNorth East Weak Signal Group2019-09-19 05:56:33
AF4JF/RClassic Rover676MOSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-09-24 19:07:57
AF6SASingle Operator, Low Power2,016SVNorthern California Contest Club2019-09-21 17:58:18
AF7MDSingle Operator, Low Power5,312ORPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-09-21 15:30:48
AG4VUnlimited Multioperator14,960TN2019-09-21 20:56:41
AG6AGSingle Operator, Low Power4SBVentura County Amateur Radio Society2019-09-21 15:27:41
AG6JASingle Operator, 3 Band168EB2019-09-20 17:07:31
AG7QHSingle Operator, Low Power162ORPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-09-23 04:33:45
AI2NSingle Operator, High Power275WNYRochester VHF Group2019-09-20 21:43:07
AI6VSingle Operator, 3 Band84LAXSouthern California Contest Club2019-09-22 22:49:09
AJ4WSingle Operator, Low Power204ALAlabama Contest Group2019-09-22 22:37:51
AJ6TSingle Operator, Low Power4,888ALAlabama Contest Group2019-09-22 20:23:37
AK4FLSingle Operator, Low Power276OH2019-09-22 01:55:05
AL1VESingle Operator, Low Power200WWAPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-09-19 04:59:25
K0AWUSingle Operator, High Power10,292MNNorthern Lights Radio Society2019-09-21 15:05:21
K0BBC/RClassic Rover10,209MNNorthern Lights Radio Society2019-09-24 21:31:13
K0CQSingle Operator, 3 Band810IA2019-09-24 21:29:48
K0FJSingle Operator, Low Power88KSTrojan ARC2019-09-20 17:45:54
K0GUSingle Operator, High Power4,536CO2019-09-21 15:29:17
K0JPSingle Operator, Low Power9MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-09-22 22:19:07
K0JQASingle Operator, 3 Band1,344IA2019-09-22 22:35:58
K0NRSingle Operator, Portable1,302COGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2019-09-21 04:51:42
K0SIXSingle Operator, High Power2,952MNNorthern Lights Radio Society2019-09-24 01:39:16
K0TPPSingle Operator, High Power14,443MO2019-09-21 21:03:11
K0VGSingle Operator, 3 Band2,100MNNorthern Lights Radio Society2019-09-21 17:31:41
K1GXSingle Operator, High Power45,689CT2019-09-29 12:34:28
K1HCSingle Operator, Low Power384MENorth East Weak Signal Group2019-09-19 00:05:33
K1HTVSingle Operator, High Power7,344VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-09-18 01:50:25
K1IEBSingle Operator, Low Power1,785AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-09-25 06:35:23
K1JTSingle Operator, High Power9,024SNJMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-09-22 01:06:13
K1KGSingle Operator, High Power50,576EMA2019-09-22 21:09:01
K1KISingle Operator, Low Power200CTYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-09-17 13:23:07
K1LMYSingle Operator, 3 Band204WMA2019-09-19 01:40:35
K1MTDSingle Operator, Low Power15CTHop River Radio Club2019-09-22 21:22:07
K1ORSingle Operator, High Power8,990NHNorth East Weak Signal Group2019-09-19 00:18:11
K1RZSingle Operator, High Power159,552MDCMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-09-26 02:58:32
K1SIG/RUnlimited Rover17,524NH2019-09-24 02:49:17
K1TEOSingle Operator, High Power297,635CTNorth East Weak Signal Group2019-09-29 23:30:44
K1TRSingle Operator, High Power45,816NHYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-09-21 04:55:56
K1WTKSingle Operator, Low Power468WCF2019-09-21 00:39:21
K1ZESingle Operator, High Power3,201CTEastern Connecticut ARA2019-09-19 01:18:43
K2AMISingle Operator, High Power7,176NNJBergen ARA2019-09-17 17:38:32
K2DHSingle Operator, High Power8,601WNYRochester VHF Group2019-09-19 00:04:33
K2DSWSingle Operator, Low Power651IA2019-09-22 22:32:01
K2ET/RClassic Rover25,959WNYRochester VHF Group2019-09-23 14:28:28
K2GMYSingle Operator, Low Power5,239EB2019-09-22 01:18:39
K2ILSingle Operator, Low Power432SFL2019-09-25 10:33:10
K2JB/RLimited Rover2,884NC2019-09-23 14:30:01
K2KASingle Operator, High Power2,100EMA2019-09-29 23:32:21
K2MKSingle Operator, Low Power99WCF2019-09-22 01:53:36
K2NVSingle Operator, 3 Band247WNYNiagara Frontier Radiosport2019-09-22 15:51:46
K2OEQSingle Operator, 3 Band2,016WNYRochester VHF Group2019-09-22 21:23:26
K2OSSingle Operator, Low Power75WNYRochester VHF Group2019-09-24 14:16:05
K2RMXSingle Operator, Low Power3,024NLI2019-09-18 22:21:44
K2TER/RClassic Rover59,325WNYRochester VHF Group2019-09-22 23:33:45
K2UASingle Operator, High Power1,896WNYRochester VHF Group2019-09-22 21:13:11
K2ZDLimited Multioperator1,562ENY2019-09-22 16:37:05
K3AEUnlimited Multioperator3,510EPASouthern PA Comm Grp2019-09-20 17:51:15
K3AJSingle Operator, High Power4,455MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-09-21 21:20:38
K3HXSingle Operator, Low Power112WPA2019-09-21 23:58:48
K3ISHSingle Operator, High Power10,126EPA2019-09-22 22:45:47
K3MDSingle Operator, High Power10,075EPAMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-09-21 00:42:55
K3PPSingle Operator, 3 Band1,452EPAFrankford Radio Club2019-09-23 04:11:49
K3SFXSingle Operator, 3 Band1,273EPAMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-09-23 22:17:06
K3SXSingle Operator, Low Power6,528MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-09-19 01:20:30
K3TEFSingle Operator, 3 Band4,070EPANortheast Maryland Amateur Radio Contest Society2019-09-19 07:51:11
K3TUFSingle Operator, High Power13,804EPAMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-09-21 15:53:52
K3ULSingle Operator, High Power528EPAFrankford Radio Club2019-09-20 10:40:07
K3WHCSingle Operator, High Power8,550EPAKVHFC2019-09-26 00:21:01
K3WYCSingle Operator, High Power12AZ2019-09-19 00:05:34
K3YDXSingle Operator, 3 Band72NCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-09-17 14:49:30
K3ZOSingle Operator, High Power6,644MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-09-21 21:13:08
K4BAISingle Operator, 3 Band1GASouth East Contest Club2019-09-21 23:45:09
K4BCSingle Operator, Low Power70VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-09-22 17:39:17
K4BNCSingle Operator, Low Power550NNJ2019-09-22 15:43:15
K4BSKSingle Operator, Low Power1NC2019-09-22 21:19:12
K4EASingle Operator, 3 Band936GASouth East Contest Club2019-09-22 23:25:33
K4FJWSingle Operator, Low Power2,960VABristol (TN) ARC2019-09-21 15:22:08
K4FTOSingle Operator, Low Power572VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-09-22 22:42:48
K4HQKSingle Operator, Low Power636VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-09-22 16:04:35
K4LDCSingle Operator, Low Power15GASilver Comet Amateur Radio Society2019-09-22 16:09:35
K4MYSingle Operator, Low Power1,938GA2019-09-21 23:53:18
K4NRTSingle Operator, FM Only30TNBristol (TN) ARC2019-09-17 16:13:18
K4SOSingle Operator, Low Power192VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-09-19 00:37:56
K4XLSingle Operator, Low Power25VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-09-18 00:10:07
K4XRSingle Operator, High Power11,220AL2019-09-22 11:54:00
K5EKSingle Operator, High Power792NCCarolina DX Association2019-09-20 21:38:39
K5LLLSingle Operator, High Power9,620STXRoadrunners Microwave Group2019-09-20 23:15:18
K5LRWLimited Multioperator675NM2019-09-17 18:29:04
K5OLVSingle Operator, 3 Band611GA2019-09-18 00:22:19
K5QELimited Multioperator68,448STXDFW Contest Group2019-09-18 02:38:26
K5TASingle Operator, Low Power364NMNew Mexico VHF Society2019-09-17 21:46:28
K5TRSingle Operator, High Power1,173STXRoadrunners Microwave Group2019-09-29 23:34:16
K5VIPSingle Operator, High Power2,432VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-09-22 22:50:36
K5WOSingle Operator, Low Power143NMNew Mexico VHF Society2019-09-20 18:31:22
K5ZDSingle Operator, Low Power96WMAYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-09-30 00:29:41
K5ZGSingle Operator, Low Power120CO2019-09-18 02:56:48
K6KHBSingle Operator, Low Power720EB2019-09-17 23:25:45
K6LMN/RLimited Rover2,496LAX2019-09-27 06:09:20
K6MI/RUnlimited Rover84,969SJV2019-09-21 18:44:47
K6PFASingle Operator, 3 Band132MDC2019-09-18 00:42:07
K6RDWSingle Operator, Portable15EB2019-09-21 20:59:43
K6UMSingle Operator, High Power1,060ORPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-09-21 15:50:42
K7ATNSingle Operator, Portable1,870ORPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-09-20 01:41:59
K7BDBSingle Operator, 3 Band2,852ORPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-09-21 20:29:31
K7CWSingle Operator, High Power2,905WWAPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-09-21 17:49:27
K7HPSingle Operator, Low Power85AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-09-21 15:42:18
K7IMASingle Operator, FM Only8ORPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-09-18 00:43:39
K7IUSingle Operator, Low Power2,619WWAPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-09-23 03:36:29
K7IWSingle Operator, Portable196OR2019-09-25 16:05:36
K7JSGSingle Operator, FM Only432WWAPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-09-21 14:11:18
K7MDL/RLimited Rover1,134WWAPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-09-22 21:20:42
K7NDSingle Operator, High Power1,672WWAPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-09-24 15:55:46
K7RBSingle Operator, 3 Band364SJVDFW Contest Group2019-09-21 04:54:00
K7SMASingle Operator, 3 Band120IDPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-09-22 01:49:37
K7ULSSingle Operator, High Power3,960UT2019-09-21 15:40:51
K7VHFUnlimited Multioperator3,276WWAPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-09-23 04:02:44
K7VITSingle Operator, 3 Band4ORWillamette Valley DX Club2019-09-17 21:35:27
K7WPSingle Operator, Low Power153AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-09-22 01:09:20
K7XCSingle Operator, 3 Band612NVMother Lode DX/Contest Club2019-09-23 04:35:19
K7YDLSingle Operator, High Power15,768ORPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-09-21 15:34:19
K7YOSingle Operator, High Power1,458ORPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-09-29 22:28:24
K8MMSingle Operator, High Power4,620MIThumb Area Contesters2019-09-21 15:36:05
K8MRSingle Operator, Low Power510OHMad River Radio Club2019-09-23 03:46:34
K8SDSingle Operator, Low Power2,400WI2019-09-26 10:45:24
K8VGLSingle Operator, Low Power60INSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-09-23 00:16:22
K8ZRSingle Operator, High Power17,302OH2019-09-25 21:09:09
K8ZTSingle Operator, 3 Band544OHMad River Radio Club2019-09-21 17:40:31
K9EASingle Operator, High Power6,741IN2019-09-21 04:36:02
K9FASingle Operator, Portable70WY2019-09-22 21:58:04
K9JK/RLimited Rover1,120ILBadger Contesters2019-09-20 02:41:56
K9MUSingle Operator, Low Power38,406WIChippewa Valley VHF Contesters2019-09-29 22:30:34
K9NWSingle Operator, High Power112OHMad River Radio Club2019-09-23 01:17:17
K9OMSingle Operator, High Power2,600WIFlorida Contest Group2019-09-23 04:29:58
K9PGSingle Operator, Low Power16ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-09-21 17:59:53
KA0CROSingle Operator, Low Power363MN2019-09-20 18:48:36
KA0JGHSingle Operator, High Power432NE2019-09-24 21:22:45
KA1VMGSingle Operator, 3 Band612CTCTRI Contest Group2019-09-22 23:42:23
KA2BPPSingle Operator, 3 Band5,289NLINorth East Weak Signal Group2019-09-22 23:44:04
KA2CGBSingle Operator, FM Only42WNYRochester VHF Group2019-09-25 02:13:17
KA2ENESingle Operator, Low Power16,120WNYRochester VHF Group2019-09-21 20:53:26
KA2KQMSingle Operator, Low Power2,070GA2019-09-24 01:19:35
KA2LIM/RUnlimited Rover32,851WNYMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-09-23 14:38:10
KA2YRA/RLimited Rover848ENYBergen ARA2019-09-21 15:49:15
KA3ESingle Operator, Low Power198EPAWayne County Amateur Radio Club2019-09-21 22:13:55
KA3PTFSingle Operator, High Power264EPAWayne County Amateur Radio Club2019-09-23 03:45:04
KA3RWPSingle Operator, 3 Band1,032WPA2019-09-22 23:03:08
KA5D/RLimited Rover3,534WTXRoadrunners Microwave Group2019-09-23 14:23:42
KA6BIMSingle Operator, 3 Band555ORNorthern California Contest Club2019-09-21 15:56:12
KA9FOXSingle Operator, 3 Band234WIBadger Contesters2019-09-23 03:58:54
KA9VVQ/RClassic Rover30,940MNNorthern Lights Radio Society2019-09-23 14:54:24
KB0KQISingle Operator, 3 Band90CO2019-09-23 03:41:40
KB0MRKSingle Operator, Low Power136MN2019-09-20 21:36:01
KB0YHT/RClassic Rover3,456OK2019-09-24 17:48:50
KB0ZOM/RLimited Rover1,584NE2019-09-25 13:06:29
KB1HXOSingle Operator, 3 Band350WMA2019-09-23 04:44:23
KB2ESingle Operator, Low Power189WNYRochester VHF Group2019-09-17 15:32:16
KB2HSHSingle Operator, 3 Band170WNY2019-09-22 23:05:14
KB3MTWSingle Operator, Low Power1,098EPAMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-09-22 20:40:51
KB4BKVSingle Operator, Low Power2,065WPA2019-09-22 21:15:09
KB5VKPSingle Operator, Low Power30STX2019-09-21 01:23:39
KB7AKSingle Operator, 3 Band64WWAClark County Amateur Radio Club2019-09-22 23:19:57
KB7MESingle Operator, High Power64ORPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-09-17 14:15:55
KB8USingle Operator, High Power6,468MIMichigan VHF-UHF Society2019-09-21 15:32:31
KB8WSingle Operator, Low Power42MI2019-09-22 01:43:51
KC0P/RClassic Rover4,844MNNorthern Lights Radio Society2019-09-23 12:40:01
KC0SKM/RUnlimited Rover23,460IASociety of Midwest Contesters2019-09-24 01:35:10
KC0UDOSingle Operator, Low Power864WI2019-09-28 23:00:04
KC1GWXSingle Operator, 3 Band348EMA2019-09-18 22:15:33
KC2JRQSingle Operator, 3 Band105NLI2019-09-20 00:45:25
KC2PCDSingle Operator, Low Power2,520WNYRochester VHF Group2019-09-23 04:09:08
KC2THQSingle Operator, Low Power612SNJSouth Jersey Radio Assn2019-09-25 01:15:55
KC2UESSingle Operator, Low Power36WNYRochester VHF Group2019-09-23 03:34:36
KC3NPKSingle Operator, 3 Band3,280WPA2019-09-23 04:43:06
KC3YSSingle Operator, Low Power135MDC2019-09-21 00:23:11
KC4PXSingle Operator, High Power3,300SFLFlorida Weak Signal Society2019-09-18 14:27:37
KC5MVZUnlimited Multioperator189WTX2019-09-20 13:49:05
KC5WXSingle Operator, High Power5,170NTX2019-09-22 22:17:50
KC6ZWTSingle Operator, Low Power5,800SV2019-09-18 17:18:17
KC7OOY/RLimited Rover2,997ORPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-09-23 14:41:53
KC7QYSingle Operator, 3 Band224NMNew Mexico VHF Society2019-09-18 21:06:32
KC7VSingle Operator, 3 Band133AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-09-21 04:31:49
KD2BKD/RLimited Rover990NNJBergen ARA2019-09-22 01:42:20
KD2CTZ/RClassic Rover1,275WNYRochester VHF Group2019-09-23 01:57:00
KD2EPMSingle Operator, 3 Band80SNJSouth Jersey Radio Assn2019-09-20 02:31:00
KD2IZQSingle Operator, Low Power24WNYRochester VHF Group2019-09-20 01:40:57
KD2KOSSingle Operator, 3 Band96WNYRochester VHF Group2019-09-22 22:43:45
KD2LGXUnlimited Multioperator52,658WNYRochester VHF Group2019-09-25 03:02:31
KD2PGESingle Operator, Low Power144ENY2019-09-19 15:39:57
KD2QARSingle Operator, Low Power6WNYRochester VHF Group2019-09-22 15:49:48
KD2RMDSingle Operator, Low Power8NLI2019-09-24 22:30:24
KD2TTSingle Operator, High Power3,640NLI2019-09-22 01:07:56
KD7WPJSingle Operator, Portable45SF2019-09-21 20:58:16
KD9MQVSingle Operator, Portable56ILDupage ARC2019-10-01 17:37:49
KE0JMKSingle Operator, Low Power136NC2019-09-21 14:05:55
KE1LIUnlimited Multioperator18,157CTEastern Connecticut ARA2019-09-29 22:51:44
KE7MSU/RClassic Rover5,874ORPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-09-26 00:00:58
KE7SWSingle Operator, High Power13,572WWAPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-09-18 14:39:14
KE7UQLSingle Operator, Low Power608NV2019-09-22 21:10:27
KE8FDSingle Operator, High Power20,855AL2019-09-21 15:15:25
KE8KUYSingle Operator, Low Power608MI2019-09-17 19:07:42
KF0MSingle Operator, High Power9,344KSWichita Amateur Radio Club2019-09-23 03:48:21
KF2MR/RClassic Rover127,806WNYRochester VHF Group2019-09-23 01:47:52
KF2TVSingle Operator, Low Power3,500WNYRochester VHF Group2019-09-22 21:16:35
KF4TPW/RClassic Rover154WCFFlorida Weak Signal Society2019-09-22 01:59:35
KF6ISingle Operator, High Power260ORGSouthern California Contest Club2019-09-21 15:37:58
KF7ESingle Operator, Low Power24AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-09-22 20:18:29
KF7NNSingle Operator, High Power7,540VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-09-21 15:31:31
KF7RSingle Operator, Low Power55AZ2019-09-22 22:07:36
KF8QLSingle Operator, Low Power2,720MIMichigan VHF-UHF Society2019-09-21 03:15:21
KG2HSingle Operator, 3 Band1,728ENY2019-09-22 22:15:19
KG5GJTSingle Operator, Low Power30LAN/A2019-09-21 14:01:15
KG5THGSingle Operator, 3 Band832NTX2019-09-21 00:41:02
KG5UNKSingle Operator, FM Only6STX2019-09-21 20:01:06
KG7PSingle Operator, High Power2,880WWAPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-09-17 23:26:18
KG9ZSingle Operator, High Power663OHSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-09-22 23:14:32
KI5FIQ/RLimited Rover14,100NTX2019-09-23 04:25:12
KI5YGSingle Operator, 3 Band375STXCentral Texas DX and Contest Club2019-09-25 16:54:41
KI7WXPSingle Operator, 3 Band45NV2019-09-23 04:28:25
KJ0PSingle Operator, Low Power1MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-09-23 19:55:01
KJ1K/RUnlimited Rover3,038WMANorth East Weak Signal Group2019-09-24 21:31:57
KJ2G/RLimited Rover16,215WMA2019-09-23 02:31:10
KJ4ZYBSingle Operator, Low Power594VA2019-09-22 22:15:12
KJ5RCSingle Operator, Low Power336MS2019-09-23 03:53:45
KJ6KKSingle Operator, 3 Band416SJV2019-09-21 17:54:19
KJ7JC/RClassic Rover15,510AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-09-25 02:45:15
KK4BZSingle Operator, Low Power644VAHeritage Hunt Hams2019-09-23 04:17:19
KK4MASingle Operator, 3 Band1,500SC2019-09-18 23:57:04
KK6MC/RLimited Rover2,176NMNew Mexico VHF Society2019-09-24 22:55:40
KK6RUMSingle Operator, High Power663STXRoadrunners Microwave Group2019-09-23 23:47:11
KK6ZIZSingle Operator, 3 Band338EB2019-09-26 15:40:37
KK7COSingle Operator, Low Power48AZClassic Operators Contest Club2019-09-19 18:40:12
KL7BSC/RLimited Rover152AKAlaska VHF-Up Group2019-09-29 17:53:17
KM2BSingle Operator, FM Only4WNYRochester VHF Group2019-09-26 15:42:59
KM4HISingle Operator, Low Power4NFLFlorida Contest Group2019-09-22 16:45:36
KM4IAJChecklog2VA2019-09-17 17:33:49
KM4OZH/RLimited Rover1,472VA2019-09-20 13:57:52
KM4QCH/RLimited Rover54VA2019-09-22 17:43:39
KM4VTESingle Operator, Low Power70GASilver Comet Amateur Radio Society2019-09-23 03:33:12
KM6PHBSingle Operator, FM Only2,436EBNorthern California Contest Club2019-09-20 17:01:34
KM6WCCSingle Operator, Portable15SCV2019-09-18 20:02:11
KN4BBDSingle Operator, Low Power1ALPinson Valley High School ARC2019-09-26 04:35:46
KN4KLSingle Operator, High Power480VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-09-21 23:48:41
KN4SMSingle Operator, Low Power126VA2019-09-23 14:25:16
KO9ASingle Operator, 3 Band19,923ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-09-23 04:21:28
KP4AJSingle Operator, Low Power260PR2019-09-21 04:39:53
KQ2RPSingle Operator, Portable28NNJ2019-09-26 00:58:55
KR0VER/RUnlimited Rover12,079COGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2019-09-23 14:40:23
KR1STSingle Operator, Low Power20,160EPAMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-09-18 02:27:59
KT1RSingle Operator, Low Power484WV2019-09-22 22:55:03
KT5TE/RClassic Rover16,170STX2019-09-20 21:57:35
KT7ESingle Operator, Low Power6,000ORPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-09-21 17:35:22
KU4XOSingle Operator, High Power2,680SC2019-09-18 20:31:04
KV1JSingle Operator, 3 Band60MENorth East Weak Signal Group2019-09-22 01:12:32
KV4ZYSingle Operator, 3 Band1,377OH2019-09-21 04:43:24
KW6SSingle Operator, High Power4,687SCVNorthern California Contest Club2019-09-21 17:42:24
KX7LSingle Operator, Low Power372WWAPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-09-18 00:34:06
KY7MSingle Operator, High Power1,344AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-09-21 21:01:33
KZ3MWSingle Operator, 3 Band1,456EPAWayne County Amateur Radio Club2019-09-21 21:24:29
N0AKCSingle Operator, High Power3,914WIChippewa Valley VHF Contesters2019-09-29 22:33:24
N0ATSingle Operator, 3 Band408MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-09-23 04:45:44
N0BSR/RClassic Rover10,890CORoverLog Amateur Radio Club2019-09-21 01:53:06
N0CYT/RLimited Rover16WWAPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-09-24 19:10:39
N0HZO/RClassic Rover1,862MNNorthern Lights Radio Society2019-09-20 16:07:03
N0JKSingle Operator, Portable208KS2019-09-23 22:43:49
N0LD/RUnlimited Rover28,674OK2019-09-25 20:12:08
N0LLSingle Operator, Low Power5,673KS2019-09-22 22:28:46
N0LNO/RClassic Rover44,946IASociety of Midwest Contesters2019-09-23 02:03:44
N0PSOSingle Operator, 3 Band20CO2019-09-25 20:06:37
N0SPN/RLimited Rover1,134MNRochester Amatuer Radio Club2019-09-20 15:28:28
N0SUWSingle Operator, Portable204MNNorthern Lights Radio Society2019-09-21 21:00:12
N0TBSingle Operator, High Power1,161MN2019-09-17 13:56:11
N0UKSingle Operator, Low Power290MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-09-21 15:13:53
N0URSingle Operator, 3 Band1,650MNNorthern Lights Radio Society2019-09-25 14:02:30
N1ABYSingle Operator, Low Power162CTWaterbury ARC2019-09-20 16:29:38
N1ADXSingle Operator, Low Power50WMA2019-09-17 14:12:04
N1AVSingle Operator, High Power49,878AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-09-22 14:53:21
N1BCSingle Operator, 3 Band160EMA2019-09-17 21:02:14
N1BUGSingle Operator, High Power7,074ME2019-09-23 04:50:11
N1GDDSingle Operator, Low Power180NH2019-09-18 12:54:42
N1GJSingle Operator, High Power8,316EMANorth East Weak Signal Group2019-09-30 00:11:29
N1IASingle Operator, 3 Band345NC2019-09-21 23:43:40
N1IBMSingle Operator, Low Power7,392SNJFrankford Radio Club2019-09-22 21:26:18
N1JDSingle Operator, High Power612ME2019-09-20 17:54:00
N1JEZSingle Operator, High Power36,290VTNorth East Weak Signal Group2019-09-17 21:06:29
N1JHJSingle Operator, Low Power1,452NHContoocook Valley Radio Club2019-09-22 21:07:27
N1NQDSingle Operator, Low Power1,512WNY2019-09-19 23:22:52
N1PRWSingle Operator, 3 Band403EMA2019-09-22 16:47:23
N1RDNSingle Operator, 3 Band252EMA2019-09-22 15:56:13
N1SFESingle Operator, FM Only32CT2019-09-22 23:48:32
N1ZNSingle Operator, 3 Band140CTMeriden ARC2019-09-22 20:46:58
N2BEGSingle Operator, Low Power9,143WNYRochester VHF Group2019-09-21 21:11:30
N2BJSingle Operator, High Power5,750ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-09-21 21:27:29
N2CBSingle Operator, High Power1,872MIMichigan VHF-UHF Society2019-09-22 22:09:24
N2DEQSingle Operator, Low Power2,296SNJMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-09-19 16:41:29
N2DYSingle Operator, High Power1,364NLILong Island Mobile ARC2019-09-23 04:00:50
N2JJSingle Operator, 3 Band1,612ENYHudson Valley Contesters and DXers2019-09-26 19:24:24
N2JQRLimited Multioperator8,528WNYRochester VHF Group2019-09-25 23:35:39
N2LOSingle Operator, Low Power320SNJAetherWireless2019-09-22 01:10:59
N2MEESingle Operator, 3 Band117ENY2019-09-17 20:29:10
N2NTLimited Multioperator138,348NNJMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-09-29 22:35:36
N2OASingle Operator, Low Power23,100WNYRochester VHF Group2019-09-22 16:21:13
N2PEQSingle Operator, 3 Band720ENYschenectady museum ara2019-09-21 14:12:58
N2QTSingle Operator, Low Power612VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-09-22 01:40:15
N2RCSingle Operator, Low Power1,508ENYFrankford Radio Club2019-09-21 04:33:53
N2RDSingle Operator, Low Power3,040WNYRochester VHF Group2019-09-18 00:10:18
N2SFSSingle Operator, 3 Band228ENY2019-09-23 04:26:53
N2SLN/RUnlimited Rover37,582WNY2019-09-22 00:15:54
N2UIOSingle Operator, Low Power816WNYRochester VHF Group2019-09-24 00:22:46
N2WKSingle Operator, Low Power52,865WNYRochester VHF Group2019-09-18 15:09:45
N2YBSingle Operator, High Power107,604WNYRochester VHF Group2019-09-21 13:52:46
N2YTFSingle Operator, Portable750ENY2019-09-26 01:36:48
N3BBISingle Operator, Low Power9,063EPAMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-09-22 22:04:39
N3CHXSingle Operator, Low Power132EPA2019-09-22 22:14:01
N3CKISingle Operator, Low Power110NC2019-09-22 21:56:12
N3DUESingle Operator, High Power611MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-09-22 23:10:18
N3GQFSingle Operator, Low Power3,600EPA2019-09-22 23:45:32
N3JNXSingle Operator, 3 Band324EPAENDLESS MOUNTAINS AMATEUR RADIO CLUB2019-09-21 00:35:20
N3JTSingle Operator, High Power80VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-09-20 17:16:28
N3MWQSingle Operator, 3 Band234DE2019-09-22 16:52:23
N3NGESingle Operator, High Power779EPA2019-09-29 22:37:10
N3XFSingle Operator, High Power2,916WPAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-09-20 17:13:54
N3XKBSingle Operator, Low Power8NMNew Mexico VHF Society2019-09-21 23:55:02
N3XZSingle Operator, 3 Band266EPA2019-09-21 04:45:43
N3ZASingle Operator, Low Power112EPAFrankford Radio Club2019-09-22 16:42:58
N4CFSingle Operator, High Power9VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-09-20 18:01:58
N4DLASingle Operator, Low Power1,100EB2019-09-21 17:52:51
N4GLE/RUnlimited Rover630ALAlabama Contest Group2019-09-25 23:44:51
N4HBLimited Multioperator25,025VA2019-09-22 15:46:28
N4MMSingle Operator, High Power1,122VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-09-27 02:36:41
N4NIVSingle Operator, Low Power644EMA2019-09-17 22:39:26
N4QSSingle Operator, High Power858KYKentucky Contest Group2019-09-22 22:02:52
N4QWZSingle Operator, High Power34,846TNTennessee Contest Group2019-09-24 00:13:56
N4TZSingle Operator, 3 Band48INSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-09-19 15:21:39
N5BNO/RLimited Rover9,688WNYRochester VHF Group2019-09-23 14:47:50
N5ITOSingle Operator, Low Power3,795NTX2019-09-22 20:28:24
N5KSSingle Operator, 3 Band182WTX2019-09-21 23:42:05
N5QYCSingle Operator, Low Power851AR2019-09-22 15:54:56
N5RZSingle Operator, High Power950STXCentral Texas DX and Contest Club2019-09-22 23:28:17
N5SMQSingle Operator, Low Power260VA2019-09-20 17:10:43
N5SYVSingle Operator, High Power5,518LA2019-09-19 03:01:42
N6BHXSingle Operator, 3 Band24EB2019-09-21 14:09:32
N6GP/RLimited Rover7,832ORGSouthern California Contest Club2019-09-23 14:34:46
N6KOGSingle Operator, High Power2,214SJV2019-09-23 03:52:16
N6KWSingle Operator, 3 Band258WWAPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-09-22 16:50:27
N6MDVSingle Operator, Low Power1,950LAXHughes ARC2019-09-18 02:50:08
N6NB/RClassic Rover162,480SJVSouthern California Contest Club2019-09-21 09:45:10
N6ORBSingle Operator, Low Power2,576EBNorthern California Contest Club2019-09-22 03:17:14
N6QQSingle Operator, High Power4,560LAXSouthern California Contest Club2019-09-22 22:57:10
N6RH/RClassic Rover16,020NTXNacogdoches Amateur Radio Club2019-09-23 14:26:29
N6SKMSingle Operator, Low Power184EB2019-09-21 15:45:53
N6TEB/RClassic Rover18,432LAXDowney ARC2019-09-26 13:04:07
N6UTCSingle Operator, Low Power3,220LAXSouthern California Contest Club2019-09-21 17:56:08
N6ZESingle Operator, Low Power5,800WWAPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-09-23 04:19:39
N7AKCSingle Operator, FM Only60AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-09-21 14:07:38
N7DBSingle Operator, Low Power420OR2019-09-22 23:46:52
N7EPDSingle Operator, High Power11,144WWAPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-09-23 03:39:48
N7FWSingle Operator, Portable6WWAPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-09-24 04:17:39
N7GP/RClassic Rover84,724AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-09-25 03:17:00
N7IRSingle Operator, 3 Band11,340AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-09-21 15:47:18
N7KSISingle Operator, Low Power6,751WWAPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-09-21 15:24:08
N7MZWSingle Operator, 3 Band6WYGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2019-09-18 18:58:29
N7NADSingle Operator, 3 Band36AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-09-23 17:15:44
N7NEVSingle Operator, Low Power429AZ2019-09-22 15:59:04
N7OW/RLimited Rover5,616AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-09-24 02:12:07
N7QOZSingle Operator, 3 Band3,105WWAPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-09-27 20:53:46
N7RKSingle Operator, 3 Band2,675AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-09-22 16:24:09
N7TESingle Operator, Low Power612OR2019-09-22 23:18:38
N7VDSingle Operator, Low Power14,256AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-09-18 05:07:23
N8CGYSingle Operator, Low Power1,215MIMichigan VHF-UHF Society2019-09-21 17:29:51
N8DZRSingle Operator, Low Power1,887MI2019-09-21 04:30:04
N8GAUnlimited Multioperator66,400OHFlatfoot Contesters2019-09-22 23:38:45
N8GLSSingle Operator, High Power980OH2019-09-21 20:54:52
N8LRGSingle Operator, Low Power20,758OH2019-09-22 16:33:51
N8NBASingle Operator, High Power576OK2019-09-23 03:50:25
N8RASingle Operator, Low Power22,200CTYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-09-22 21:24:49
N8URESingle Operator, 3 Band45OH2019-09-19 15:13:21
N8XASingle Operator, Low Power693OH2019-09-26 03:19:36
N9DRSingle Operator, Low Power130INSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-09-19 04:14:09
N9GH/RLimited Rover1,440IL2019-09-22 01:48:21
N9ISNSingle Operator, Low Power3,569WIChippewa Valley VHF Contesters2019-09-22 16:16:31
N9LYESingle Operator, Low Power1,860IL2019-09-21 15:15:16
N9NDPSingle Operator, Low Power80WIBadger Contesters2019-10-01 17:40:33
N9OBBSingle Operator, 3 Band72IL2019-09-18 02:31:14
N9UHFUnlimited Multioperator680ILStoned Monkey VHF ARC2019-09-25 13:42:14
N9VMSingle Operator, FM Only198SJV2019-09-18 14:35:53
NA1KWSingle Operator, Portable154MO2019-09-25 04:37:04
NA2NYSingle Operator, 3 Band3,290ENY2019-09-22 00:01:22
NA2XSingle Operator, Low Power1,037WNYRochester VHF Group2019-09-17 17:39:19
NA5RCSingle Operator, Low Power25STX2019-09-21 21:25:45
NA6LSingle Operator, High Power5,320SDGSouthern California Contest Club2019-09-21 17:43:56
NA8WSingle Operator, Low Power665OH2019-09-22 16:18:08
NC4RYSingle Operator, Low Power880NC2019-09-23 03:57:22
NC6KSingle Operator, High Power782SDGSouthern California Contest Club2019-09-21 17:48:00
ND7MSingle Operator, High Power6,344NV2019-09-27 19:08:58
ND9ZSingle Operator, Low Power1,551WIBadger Contesters2019-09-17 23:04:52
NE1BSingle Operator, High Power1,780NHYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-09-21 17:33:29
NE1CLimited Multioperator6,468WMAYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-09-20 02:33:20
NE3ISingle Operator, 3 Band8EPAMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-09-22 22:26:08
NE5BOLimited Multioperator7,040AR2019-09-24 01:47:16
NE6ISingle Operator, 3 Band45SDGSouthern California Contest Club2019-09-21 17:51:14
NF2RS/RLimited Rover60,048WNYRochester VHF Group2019-09-23 14:21:42
NF3RSingle Operator, Low Power760EPAFrankford Radio Club2019-09-21 21:17:34
NG3WSingle Operator, High Power442WPA2019-09-18 23:07:21
NG4CSingle Operator, High Power2,738NC2019-09-21 15:10:41
NI6G/RClassic Rover69,624SJV2019-09-21 18:32:59
NJ1QSingle Operator, Low Power42CT2019-09-20 21:36:25
NN2LSingle Operator, High Power208WNYRochester VHF Group2019-09-22 16:41:33
NR2CSingle Operator, Low Power680WNYRochester VHF Group2019-09-22 15:11:29
NR2C/RClassic Rover7,728WNYRochester VHF Group2019-09-23 01:19:09
NS3XSingle Operator, Low Power152MDC2019-09-20 23:13:01
NV4BSingle Operator, Portable1,620MS2019-09-17 14:53:07
NY0ASingle Operator, Low Power120MNNorthern Lights Radio Society2019-09-22 01:46:42
NY2NYSingle Operator, High Power6,500NLINorth East Weak Signal Group2019-09-22 01:15:39
NY7N/RClassic Rover2,376AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-09-21 14:16:33
NZ1ISingle Operator, Low Power1,334CTNorth East Weak Signal Group2019-09-23 04:47:03
VA2DGSingle Operator, FM Only180QC2019-09-18 01:50:52
VA3ELESingle Operator, High Power71,853GTARochester VHF Group2019-09-19 01:11:19
VA3HDSingle Operator, High Power962GTARochester VHF Group2019-09-25 02:04:01
VA3MWSingle Operator, Low Power240GTAContest Club Ontario2019-09-21 15:16:57
VA3PCSingle Operator, 3 Band36ONSContest Club Ontario2019-09-22 16:07:58
VA3SKSingle Operator, Low Power63ONNContest Club Ontario2019-09-21 21:19:02
VA3TICSingle Operator, Low Power144ONE2019-09-21 00:28:46
VA3TOSingle Operator, Portable64GTARochester VHF Group2019-09-18 15:21:54
VA3WWSingle Operator, Low Power104ONE2019-09-21 00:30:42
VA3ZCSingle Operator, 3 Band375GTA2019-09-17 17:59:53
VA6ZOSingle Operator, 3 Band336AB2019-09-24 00:07:44
VA7STSingle Operator, High Power81BCOrca DX and Contest Club2019-09-23 04:10:29
VE1SKYSingle Operator, Low Power1,485MAR2019-09-23 03:31:24
VE2GTSingle Operator, High Power54QCNorDX club2019-09-23 16:39:08
VE2HAYSingle Operator, Low Power420QCContest Group du Quebec2019-09-23 03:43:27
VE2NCGSingle Operator, Low Power66QCContest Group du Quebec2019-09-22 21:05:50
VE2OTASingle Operator, Low Power126QC2019-09-22 16:01:54
VE2YUCSingle Operator, Low Power30QCVE2CBS2019-09-17 22:24:47
VE2ZAZSingle Operator, Low Power1,050QC2019-09-19 16:16:29
VE3CRU/RClassic Rover7,980ONSRochester VHF Group2019-09-29 17:55:52
VE3DSSingle Operator, Low Power54,516GTARochester VHF Group2019-09-18 01:34:33
VE3IKVSingle Operator, Low Power25ONEContest Club Ontario2019-10-01 17:56:28
VE3OIL/RClassic Rover75,480ONSRochester VHF Group2019-09-29 17:57:59
VE3SMA/RLimited Rover45,428ONSContest Club Ontario2019-09-29 18:00:28
VE3SSTSingle Operator, 3 Band3,399GTARochester VHF Group2019-09-23 04:39:54
VE3UETSingle Operator, Low Power119GTARochester VHF Group2019-09-18 23:25:00
VE3WYSingle Operator, 3 Band6,396ONSRochester VHF Group2019-09-23 04:48:44
VE3ZVSingle Operator, High Power17,696ONERochester VHF Group2019-09-29 22:39:51
VE4VTSingle Operator, Low Power580MBRadiosport Manitoba2019-09-18 16:07:31
VE5MXSingle Operator, Low Power150SKSaskatchewan Contest Club2019-09-17 21:47:31
VE6AOSingle Operator, Low Power120ABCalgary ARA2019-09-22 01:51:00
VE6DACSingle Operator, Low Power260AB2019-09-18 15:41:13
VE6SMSingle Operator, Low Power4AB2019-09-18 03:12:06
VE7AFZSingle Operator, High Power48BCPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-09-21 15:45:58
VE7DAYSingle Operator, High Power2,516BCPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-09-29 22:41:45
W0AMT/RLimited Rover99NMNew Mexico VHF Society2019-09-20 19:05:05
W0ETTSingle Operator, High Power1,188COGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2019-09-20 00:07:14
W0GHZSingle Operator, High Power37,758MN2019-09-18 02:34:17
W0MAFSingle Operator, 3 Band594MOKansas City Contest Club2019-09-20 18:00:53
W0OHUSingle Operator, Low Power25MNNorthern Lights Radio Society2019-09-22 15:53:32
W0OTVSingle Operator, 3 Band2IA2019-09-23 03:55:13
W0REWSingle Operator, Low Power54MN2019-09-21 04:37:52
W0RTSingle Operator, High Power578KS2019-09-22 22:36:37
W0UCSingle Operator, High Power39,672WINorthern Lights Radio Society2019-09-29 22:43:50
W0VBSingle Operator, High Power90MNNorthern Lights Radio Society2019-09-25 16:05:40
W0ZF/RClassic Rover19,154MNNorthern Lights Radio Society2019-09-23 14:56:01
W0ZQSingle Operator, Low Power7,830MNNorthern Lights Radio Society2019-09-18 16:21:13
W0ZQ/RClassic Rover600MNNorthern Lights Radio Society2019-09-23 14:19:43
W1CEKSingle Operator, Low Power6ME2019-09-17 21:05:04
W1DYJSingle Operator, Low Power210MENorth East Weak Signal Group2019-09-22 16:06:09
W1FKFSingle Operator, High Power22,015NHNorth East Weak Signal Group2019-09-17 16:51:51
W1FMLimited Multioperator1,863EMAYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-09-20 02:27:13
W1GHZSingle Operator, High Power18,480VTNorth East Weak Signal Group2019-09-24 21:17:59
W1QKLimited Multioperator10,149CTNorth East Weak Signal Group2019-09-19 19:57:49
W1RGASingle Operator, Low Power147NH2019-09-21 20:37:30
W1RGA/RLimited Rover6,475NH2019-09-21 20:31:08
W1TRSingle Operator, Low Power13,014CTNorth East Weak Signal Group2019-09-21 21:04:57
W1UED/RLimited Rover216CT2019-09-22 23:30:07
W1VDSingle Operator, High Power8,866CTNorth East Weak Signal Group2019-09-25 12:41:09
W1XMUnlimited Multioperator9,231EMA2019-09-22 23:54:15
W1XXSingle Operator, Low Power3,604RICTRI Contest Group2019-09-17 18:32:36
W1ZFGSingle Operator, Low Power40CT2019-09-22 23:31:16
W2CCCSingle Operator, Low Power6,762WNYRochester VHF Group2019-09-22 22:12:19
W2DPTSingle Operator, 3 Band1,485NNJ2019-09-21 09:10:08
W2EAUnlimited Multioperator123,685EPAMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-09-25 01:46:10
W2EV/RClassic Rover21,941WNYRochester VHF Group2019-09-23 14:36:27
W2FDJSingle Operator, Low Power884SNJSouth Jersey Radio Assn2019-09-21 17:38:48
W2JAZSingle Operator, Low Power1,007SNJSouth Jersey Radio Assn2019-09-18 17:28:46
W2JEKSingle Operator, 3 Band102NNJBergen ARA2019-09-18 20:24:22
W2JPGSingle Operator, 3 Band160EPAWayne County Amateur Radio Club2019-09-22 21:59:35
W2KVSingle Operator, Low Power2,294SNJMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-09-21 23:57:21
W2LBSingle Operator, Low Power208WNYRochester VHF Group2019-09-17 20:56:55
W2LVLimited Multioperator69,817NNJSussex County ARC2019-09-19 15:26:43
W2MWHSingle Operator, Low Power15NNJ2019-09-20 17:06:49
W2NTNSingle Operator, Portable680NNJ2019-09-20 17:57:26
W2ODHSingle Operator, Low Power3,600AZ2019-09-21 19:27:55
W2SKYSingle Operator, Low Power96WNYRochester VHF Group2019-09-21 18:28:23
W2SZUnlimited Multioperator300,616WMA2019-09-25 19:30:17
W2UADSingle Operator, Low Power196WNYRochester VHF Group2019-09-29 12:05:30
W2UDTSingle Operator, Low Power3,224NNJFrankford Radio Club2019-09-21 00:37:18
W2VTVSingle Operator, Low Power140NNJ2019-09-22 16:44:12
W2YESingle Operator, 3 Band14VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-09-18 14:34:50
W3CJKSingle Operator, High Power3,045RINorth East Weak Signal Group2019-09-28 19:41:43
W3DHJ/RLimited Rover2,025CO2019-09-20 18:45:47
W3DKTSingle Operator, Low Power4DE2019-09-20 17:59:55
W3EKTSingle Operator, Low Power6,520MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-09-23 22:06:10
W3FAYSingle Operator, 3 Band1,155MDC2019-09-22 23:21:40
W3GADSingle Operator, High Power14,336EPAMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-09-18 00:41:04
W3HMSSingle Operator, High Power330EPAMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-09-17 18:59:44
W3ICC/RClassic Rover29,376EPAMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-09-25 00:05:09
W3IPSingle Operator, High Power68,382VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-09-18 02:28:22
W3KWHSingle Operator, 3 Band540WPA2019-09-25 13:16:44
W3LLSingle Operator, High Power833MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-09-22 16:15:05
W3MFLimited Multioperator1,197EPAFrankford Radio Club2019-09-22 01:04:31
W3MWSingle Operator, 3 Band2,336EPA2019-09-21 01:57:36
W3PAWSingle Operator, Low Power9,352WPAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-09-23 11:03:23
W3RFCUnlimited Multioperator8,300MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-09-21 17:27:55
W3SOLimited Multioperator60,000WPAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-09-22 23:08:40
W3SWSingle Operator, Low Power462WNY2019-09-22 23:36:28
W4ATLSingle Operator, High Power153GA2019-09-21 21:06:35
W4BCGSingle Operator, 3 Band70TNTennessee Contest Group2019-09-22 16:22:41
W4GHVSingle Operator, Low Power90NCCarolina DX Association2019-09-22 22:30:10
W4GOSingle Operator, Low Power2,356VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-09-22 23:00:46
W4HLRSingle Operator, High Power1,550TN2019-09-28 16:59:22
W4INKSingle Operator, 3 Band150WCFFlorida Contest Group2019-09-21 17:37:03
W4IYLimited Multioperator51,667VAWoodbridge Wireless2019-09-18 00:22:18
W4LJS/RLimited Rover540SC2019-09-23 14:51:06
W4NHUnlimited Multioperator18,966GA2019-09-18 14:32:59
W4OZKSingle Operator, Low Power12ALAlabama Contest Group2019-09-22 19:01:39
W4RAASingle Operator, Low Power1,298NFLFlorida Weak Signal Society2019-09-21 04:41:43
W4RXRSingle Operator, Portable6,549TN2019-09-28 16:36:35
W4TTMSingle Operator, 3 Band54TNBristol (TN) ARC2019-09-18 21:57:20
W4VICSingle Operator, High Power1,080VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-09-22 16:35:29
W4WNTSingle Operator, Low Power20NCCarolina DX Association2019-09-21 14:14:37
W5ADDSingle Operator, High Power1,323LA2019-09-21 21:14:30
W5EKGSingle Operator, 3 Band184OK2019-09-21 15:25:33
W5KISingle Operator, High Power616ARArkansas DX Assn2019-09-22 23:23:55
W5PRSingle Operator, High Power5,768STXTexas DX Society2019-09-20 21:50:09
W5TDSingle Operator, 3 Band64OK2019-09-18 20:06:56
W5TRLSingle Operator, 3 Band2,911STX2019-09-18 15:04:39
W5VY/RClassic Rover10,208ARArkansas DX Assn2019-09-23 14:45:01
W6AMT/RClassic Rover18,432ORGSouthern California Contest Club2019-09-24 02:19:25
W6EKUnlimited Multioperator2,961SVSierra Foothills ARC2019-09-22 22:17:21
W6IASingle Operator, High Power55SCVNorthern California Contest Club2019-09-21 04:57:43
W6ITSingle Operator, Low Power3,267ORGSouthern California Contest Club2019-09-18 03:17:21
W6KKOSingle Operator, Portable420SJVClovis Amateur Radio Pioneers2019-09-17 18:58:41
W6MZSingle Operator, Low Power12SDG2019-09-22 23:06:43
W6TVSingle Operator, Low Power38,527SJV2019-09-21 18:31:39
W6ZLSingle Operator, Low Power84ORGSouthern California Contest Club2019-09-22 22:51:59
W7AITSingle Operator, FM Only728SJV2019-09-22 16:51:59
W7DKLimited Multioperator80WWA2019-09-19 19:10:39
W7EWSingle Operator, High Power703OR2019-09-22 01:10:39
W7FISingle Operator, High Power2,310WWAPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-09-22 01:14:08
W7GLFSingle Operator, High Power6,552WWAPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-09-25 23:04:30
W7JWSingle Operator, High Power6,527MI2019-09-22 01:17:10
W7JYISingle Operator, Low Power4EWA2019-09-22 23:49:53
W7OJTSingle Operator, High Power6,076AZ2019-09-19 23:05:21
W7QQSingle Operator, High Power1,600NMNew Mexico VHF Society2019-09-23 22:32:51
W7RVSingle Operator, Low Power1,040AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-09-17 16:05:00
W7TZSingle Operator, High Power720ORPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-09-23 04:04:46
W8KHPSingle Operator, Low Power420KY2019-09-17 19:40:53
W8MRLSingle Operator, 3 Band714OHButler County ARA2019-09-23 14:52:07
W8PENSingle Operator, High Power80OHRadiohio2019-09-22 01:56:24
W8TOMSingle Operator, 3 Band418MI2019-09-17 21:52:00
W9AVSingle Operator, 3 Band990WISociety of Midwest Contesters2019-09-21 15:12:20
W9FFSingle Operator, High Power10,164ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-09-22 16:49:00
W9FZ/RClassic Rover30,940MNNorthern Lights Radio Society2019-09-23 14:52:47
W9GASingle Operator, Low Power11,856WIBadger Contesters2019-09-23 15:38:49
W9HQSingle Operator, Low Power4,100WIBadger Contesters2019-09-24 19:30:07
W9JGVSingle Operator, High Power720IL2019-09-20 01:48:56
W9JRFSingle Operator, Low Power484AZ2019-09-18 23:45:52
W9KXISingle Operator, High Power8,680WNYMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-09-22 22:33:32
W9NXMSingle Operator, Low Power108ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-09-20 00:41:04
W9RMSingle Operator, High Power12,825COGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2019-09-22 22:35:16
W9RVGLimited Multioperator23,800IL2019-09-21 00:22:10
W9VASingle Operator, 3 Band322ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-09-19 03:35:19
W9VWLimited Multioperator24,921IN2019-09-20 14:48:38
W9ZBSingle Operator, 3 Band1,372IN2019-09-21 15:03:18
WA0CNS/RClassic Rover960MO2019-09-25 01:16:43
WA0KXOSingle Operator, FM Only95CO2019-09-23 02:56:43
WA1LBKSingle Operator, Low Power1,775EMA2019-09-20 17:58:36
WA1NSingle Operator, Low Power6NHGranite State ARA2019-09-21 15:20:28
WA1PMASingle Operator, Low Power30NFLMid Florida Group2019-09-18 19:47:34
WA1TSingle Operator, High Power29,410NHYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-09-29 22:45:32
WA2CHVSingle Operator, 3 Band216WNYRochester VHF Group2019-09-21 23:46:42
WA2FZWSingle Operator, Low Power495NNJ2019-09-17 14:48:54
WA2HOYSingle Operator, FM Only10WNYRochester VHF Group2019-09-22 21:41:02
WA2TMCSingle Operator, Low Power300WNYRochester VHF Group2019-09-23 23:33:02
WA2TMC/RLimited Rover1,080WNYRochester VHF Group2019-09-24 01:20:54
WA2WTFSingle Operator, Low Power42SNJSouth Jersey Radio Assn2019-09-25 04:03:03
WA2ZNCSingle Operator, High Power245WNYRochester VHF Group2019-09-26 04:15:25
WA3AANSingle Operator, Low Power91EPAFrankford Radio Club2019-09-22 01:45:16
WA3AFSLimited Multioperator2,133ENYHudson Valley Contesters and DXers2019-09-23 04:37:29
WA3DRCSingle Operator, High Power14,490EPAMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-09-23 23:46:24
WA3EKLLimited Multioperator8,379MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-09-17 18:47:33
WA3EOQSingle Operator, Low Power23,933MDC2019-09-22 22:39:15
WA3PTVSingle Operator, Low Power4,292WPA2019-09-21 22:40:06
WA3SRUSingle Operator, Low Power408EPAMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-09-22 16:03:17
WA4DYDSingle Operator, Low Power48GASouth East Contest Club2019-09-22 21:27:39
WA4LDUSingle Operator, 3 Band1,581SC2019-09-22 00:46:26
WA4YWMSingle Operator, Low Power30EPAWarminster ARC2019-09-26 23:32:46
WA5CAMSingle Operator, High Power638MS2019-09-17 20:38:34
WA5LFDSingle Operator, Low Power98STXNorth Texas Microwave Society2019-09-17 20:36:15
WA5RR/RLimited Rover66NTXDFW Contest Group2019-09-20 17:24:38
WA7XXSingle Operator, High Power19,406AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-09-25 01:39:14
WA8TWMSingle Operator, 3 Band338OH2019-09-18 17:24:42
WA8YLZSingle Operator, Low Power18MI2019-09-24 22:13:43
WA8ZBTSingle Operator, Low Power104NTXDFW Contest Group2019-09-22 15:07:44
WA9DUSingle Operator, Low Power2,108IN2019-09-21 21:09:44
WA9MSingle Operator, Low Power312IN2019-09-17 14:20:06
WA9STISingle Operator, Portable792LAX2019-09-21 00:33:11
WB0HHMSingle Operator, Low Power11,400SDNorthern Lights Radio Society2019-09-22 16:19:37
WB0IWGSingle Operator, Low Power64ND2019-09-21 15:07:05
WB0LJCSingle Operator, Portable2,240MNNorthern Lights Radio Society2019-09-25 08:04:50
WB0NRVSingle Operator, Low Power5,508KS2019-09-19 04:45:44
WB0ULXSingle Operator, 3 Band1,392SD2019-09-23 04:15:30
WB1GQRSingle Operator, Low Power75,970VTRadio Amateurs of Northern Vermont2019-09-29 22:47:43
WB2AMUSingle Operator, Portable1,078NLI2019-09-22 22:53:21
WB2BYPSingle Operator, High Power4,080WNYRochester VHF Group2019-09-18 03:24:03
WB2CUTSingle Operator, Low Power1,748NNJ2019-09-18 03:23:04
WB2EODSingle Operator, Low Power612SNJSouth Jersey Radio Assn2019-09-25 01:22:30
WB2HJQSingle Operator, 3 Band252EPAWayne County Amateur Radio Club2019-09-21 23:51:55
WB2JAYSingle Operator, Low Power8,878NLI2019-09-20 18:42:00
WB2KLDSingle Operator, Low Power80NNYHudson Valley Contesters and DXers2019-09-20 21:47:57
WB2VUOSingle Operator, 3 Band350WNY2019-09-22 21:11:49
WB2VVVSingle Operator, Low Power8,350RICTRI Contest Group2019-09-21 04:47:40
WB2WPMSingle Operator, Low Power345WNYNiagara Frontier Radiosport2019-09-20 21:33:50
WB3IGRSingle Operator, Low Power2,730EPAMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-09-22 15:57:42
WB4MMSingle Operator, 3 Band50NFLFlorida Contest Group2019-09-19 16:35:54
WB4OMGSingle Operator, High Power2,604WCFFlorida Weak Signal Society2019-09-21 23:40:20
WB4WXELimited Multioperator2,100AL2019-09-28 20:54:45
WB5IDY/RLimited Rover6,720NTXNacogdoches Amateur Radio Club2019-09-24 04:32:35
WB5LJOSingle Operator, 3 Band35WTX2019-09-22 21:17:49
WB5TUFSingle Operator, Low Power374STXTexas DX Society2019-09-26 11:39:20
WB6BETSingle Operator, Low Power555EBMother Lode DX/Contest Club2019-09-21 17:45:26
WB6HYD/RClassic Rover69,552SJV2019-09-21 18:33:25
WB6MLISingle Operator, Low Power299LAX2019-09-23 04:13:33
WB7CJOSingle Operator, Low Power720WY2019-09-21 15:08:46
WB7PEKLimited Multioperator264WWAPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-09-17 19:08:00
WB8BZKSingle Operator, 3 Band672ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-09-21 13:57:58
WB8JAYSingle Operator, Low Power99OH2019-09-17 20:03:40
WB8WUASingle Operator, Low Power40OH2019-09-26 00:32:53
WB9AYWSingle Operator, Low Power24IL2019-09-18 10:55:15
WB9TFHSingle Operator, 3 Band2,100WIBadger Contesters2019-09-18 01:06:35
WB9WOZSingle Operator, FM Only2,196ILDupage ARC2019-09-19 02:00:29
WE1PUnlimited Multioperator36,309ENY2019-09-18 23:32:31
WE7LSingle Operator, High Power882CO2019-09-21 13:38:42
WF3WSingle Operator, 3 Band4EPAMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-09-20 21:40:58
WF4RSingle Operator, Low Power312VA2019-09-21 01:32:47
WK9USingle Operator, Portable1,008WI2019-09-21 04:49:55
WN8YSingle Operator, Low Power1TNTennessee Contest Group2019-09-22 22:44:20
WO1SSingle Operator, High Power56AZ2019-09-23 23:58:49
WS3CSingle Operator, Low Power7,968EPA2019-09-17 22:06:36
WS5NSingle Operator, Low Power80NMCibola County ARC2019-09-21 15:39:23
WT0DXSingle Operator, High Power120COGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2019-09-22 22:40:51
WU1ITUSingle Operator, High Power4,690NNYYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-09-22 20:29:44
WU6WSingle Operator, Low Power18NVNorthern California Contest Club2019-09-23 03:38:01
WU9BSingle Operator, Low Power286AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-09-22 16:39:55
WV2CSingle Operator, 3 Band352NLI2019-09-29 22:49:09
WW1MSingle Operator, Low Power154MENorth East Weak Signal Group2019-09-25 00:49:31
WW1VTUnlimited Multioperator968VTRutland Area Radio Experimenters2019-09-21 16:27:09
WW7LWUnlimited Multioperator900WWAMount Rainier Amateur Radio Club2019-09-23 16:43:10
WX2SSingle Operator, Low Power1NNJFrankford Radio Club2019-09-20 21:54:55
WZ1VSingle Operator, High Power75,240CTNorth East Weak Signal Group2019-09-29 22:50:51
WZ8TSingle Operator, Low Power12,642WWAWillamette Valley DX Club2019-09-22 01:52:23
XE2CQChecklog860DXXE-DXers* LOCOS GANG2019-09-28 01:01:49
XE2KSLSingle Operator, Low Power4DXGrupo DX Division del Norte2019-09-17 17:39:20
XE2NLimited Multioperator1DXGrupo DX Division del norte2019-09-22 16:13:20
XE2PEASingle Operator, Low Power2DXGrupo DX Division del Norte2019-09-22 16:38:32
XE2TTSingle Operator, Low Power42DX2019-09-22 22:27:24