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Due: 2019-10-22 23:59:59Z
127 logs received as of 2019-10-23 16:57:23
Call SignCategoryRaw ScoreSectionDate Received
AA1I10 GHz Only17,404WMA2019-10-17 18:58:34
AA5AM10 GHz and Up4,018NTX2019-09-24 15:22:05
AA9IL10 GHz and Up12,423IL2019-10-21 02:17:48
AC7FF10 GHz Only262AZ2019-09-24 17:01:07
AD6A10 GHz Only12,745SJV2019-10-19 04:14:37
AD7OI10 GHz Only24,491LAX2019-10-16 03:01:20
AE0EE10 GHz Only16,284MN2019-09-18 15:51:44
AF1R10 GHz Only5,922NH2019-09-26 05:38:14
AF1T10 GHz Only58,704NH2019-10-08 01:29:22
AF4JF10 GHz Only934MO2019-10-03 15:35:11
K0AWU10 GHz Only19,383MN2019-09-23 03:33:22
K0HAC10 GHz Only43,111MN2019-09-25 02:03:46
K0MHC10 GHz Only36,530SD2019-10-21 21:40:09
K0VXM10 GHz Only2,778SFL2019-09-26 16:13:21
K1CA10 GHz Only17,822ME2019-10-15 18:38:19
K1CT10 GHz Only8,301SDG2019-10-22 19:35:41
K1GX10 GHz Only16,265CT2019-09-26 11:36:37
K1IIG10 GHz Only11,720CT2019-09-24 19:57:43
K1JEB10 GHz Only2,278EMA2019-10-22 13:21:43
K1OR10 GHz and Up24,535ME2019-10-20 23:34:53
K1RZ10 GHz Only49,115MDC2019-10-20 03:19:47
K1TR10 GHz Only5,275NH2019-09-22 22:48:15
K2DH10 GHz and Up44,220WNY2019-10-07 22:54:39
K2EZ10 GHz Only5,399EPA2019-10-10 05:00:43
K2UA10 GHz and Up33,528WNY2019-09-27 16:36:39
K2YAZ10 GHz and Up12,748MI2019-10-05 16:30:10
K4QF10 GHz Only1,178AR2019-09-30 22:03:04
K5KAT10 GHz Only385STX2019-09-26 01:10:20
K5LLL10 GHz Only1,872STX2019-09-26 01:08:23
K5TRA10 GHz Only1,329STX2019-10-14 18:52:23
K6HLH10 GHz Only6,555LAX2019-10-16 16:28:50
K6JEY10 GHz and Up505LAX2019-10-21 13:09:12
K6MG10 GHz and Up64,408SCV2019-10-22 21:15:50
K6ML10 GHz and Up62,457SJV2019-09-25 03:56:53
K6TJ10 GHz and Up18,547SCV2019-10-22 03:04:16
K6WCI10 GHz Only14,488LAX2019-09-25 19:02:32
K7AMB10 GHz Only262AZ2019-09-24 00:24:57
K7CVU10 GHz Only382OR2019-10-22 13:30:14
K9JK10 GHz and Up27,935MI2019-10-04 01:47:54
K9PW10 GHz and Up36,412WI2019-09-28 02:49:16
K9RKH10 GHz Only530SCV2019-10-16 15:05:41
KA1NKD10 GHz and Up24,908NH2019-09-27 16:57:44
KA1UAG10 GHz Only12,132NH2019-10-22 22:55:44
KA1ZD10 GHz Only13,025EMA2019-09-24 01:37:08
KA2LIM10 GHz Only60,745WNY2019-09-23 16:51:10
KA9VVQ10 GHz Only69,288MN2019-10-10 01:33:10
KB1VC10 GHz Only19,137RI2019-10-20 21:06:05
KB8U10 GHz Only23,766MI2019-09-27 16:04:01
KB8VAO10 GHz and Up12,787OH2019-09-26 22:29:52
KB9FKO10 GHz Only3,321SDG2019-10-02 02:34:07
KD9GGZ10 GHz Only603MI2019-10-22 19:47:07
KI5WL10 GHz Only1,558NTX2019-10-14 23:03:44
KI6LQV10 GHz and Up1,160LAX2019-10-21 13:01:43
KI7GVT10 GHz Only23,300AZ2019-10-16 02:58:32
KO0Z10 GHz Only1,524IL2019-09-24 22:30:15
N0EDV10 GHz Only8,485MN2019-10-17 11:05:07
N0LNO10 GHz Only22,794IA2019-10-23 02:41:44
N0QJM10 GHz Only46,748SD2019-10-03 00:21:48
N0UK10 GHz Only44,352MN2019-09-24 01:15:20
N0UTP10 GHz Only18,444IA2019-10-23 02:43:28
N1AV10 GHz Only262AZ2019-09-24 14:33:41
N1DPM10 GHz Only18,527WMA2019-10-14 00:54:38
N1JEZ10 GHz Only25,380NH2019-09-25 21:50:52
N2MG10 GHz Only16,814WNY2019-10-01 19:55:38
N2MKT10 GHz Only1,661WNY2019-10-02 23:30:10
N3OC10 GHz Only6,153MDC2019-09-29 20:49:23
N3RG10 GHz Only14,412SNJ2019-09-26 09:49:11
N4HB10 GHz Only4,286VA2019-10-22 13:49:12
N5BF10 GHz Only53,990LAX2019-09-27 23:29:34
N6KLD10 GHz Only31,002EB2019-09-30 03:49:10
N6NU10 GHz and Up46,293SCV2019-09-24 18:04:53
N6RAC10 GHz Only2,759EB2019-10-01 21:34:21
N6RMJ10 GHz Only38,920AZ2019-09-29 01:49:31
N6TEB10 GHz and Up40,720SJV2019-09-27 22:37:59
N6VI10 GHz Only40,712SB2019-09-28 13:26:32
N7DA10 GHz Only3,768SDG2019-10-02 02:38:03
N7GP10 GHz Only786AZ2019-09-26 21:51:48
N9JIM10 GHz and Up61,532SCV2019-09-25 02:48:01
N9LB10 GHz Only5,689WI2019-10-05 18:26:17
N9ZL10 GHz Only9,472VA2019-10-16 02:56:56
NI6E10 GHz Only2,588ORG2019-10-10 03:20:07
VA3CDD10 GHz Only7,853ONE2019-10-20 16:41:58
VA3ELE10 GHz and Up40,121GTA2019-09-25 03:33:32
VA3TO10 GHz and Up36,607GTA2019-10-23 16:57:23
VE2GT10 GHz Only4,616QC2019-10-09 21:14:07
VE2JWH10 GHz Only4,979QC2019-10-17 01:32:47
VE2UG10 GHz and Up15,240QC2019-09-23 14:19:54
VE3EG10 GHz Only14,407GTA2019-09-24 02:05:17
VE3JGL10 GHz Only8,586ONE2019-10-16 16:12:05
VE3KH10 GHz Only21,396ONS2019-09-25 13:27:40
VE3MSC10 GHz Only6,339ONE2019-10-14 15:45:46
VE3SMA10 GHz and Up29,023GTA2019-10-18 18:27:32
VE7HR10 GHz Only189BC2019-09-26 23:07:59
W0GHZ10 GHz Only17,951MN2019-09-23 04:17:24
W0ZQ10 GHz Only69,876SD2019-09-27 17:13:09
W1FKF10 GHz and Up24,908NH2019-09-27 16:51:16
W1GHZ10 GHz and Up36,065RI2019-09-26 03:13:04
W1MKY10 GHz Only57,395NH2019-10-13 03:57:04
W1RGA10 GHz Only954NH2019-10-11 12:16:11
W2FU10 GHz Only10,116WNY2019-09-24 14:01:26
W2RMA10 GHz Only28,362EPA2019-10-19 11:39:36
W3EKT10 GHz Only3,610MDC2019-09-25 22:17:26
W3IP10 GHz Only2,387VA2019-10-20 17:13:22
W3SZ10 GHz Only16,774EPA2019-09-27 03:36:53
W5LUA10 GHz and Up12,426NTX2019-10-14 16:00:28
W5VY10 GHz Only2,600AR2019-09-23 05:26:52
W6DL10 GHz Only21,699ORG2019-10-21 17:06:19
W6IEE10 GHz Only2,073LAX2019-10-18 17:26:17
W6QIW10 GHz and Up73,354SJV2019-10-10 22:16:01
W7GLF10 GHz Only472WWA2019-09-25 23:45:49
W7QQ10 GHz Only943NM2019-09-23 22:49:16
W7XU10 GHz Only46,748SD2019-10-03 00:15:23
W9FZ10 GHz Only69,047MN2019-10-02 20:42:04
W9SZ10 GHz and Up17,293WI2019-10-14 14:07:35
WA0CNS10 GHz Only723MO2019-10-21 13:26:06
WA2TMC10 GHz Only4,258WNY2019-09-24 20:02:26
WA5TKU10 GHz Only2,302NTX2019-10-18 21:10:18
WA6MEM10 GHz Only3,051LAX2019-10-16 01:10:04
WA8VPD10 GHz and Up11,131MI2019-10-10 22:12:59
WB0LJC10 GHz Only64,320MN2019-10-04 22:58:58
WB5PJB10 GHz Only715CO2019-10-07 03:40:09
WB6TFC10 GHz Only9,107SDG2019-10-22 05:48:10
WB8TGY10 GHz and Up13,437MI2019-09-28 00:54:40
WQ5S10 GHz Only5,034NTX2019-09-23 16:21:52
WW8M10 GHz Only7,290MI2019-10-02 23:45:54
WY6K10 GHz Only1,065NTX2019-09-23 19:13:44
WZ1V10 GHz Only9,255CT2019-09-23 17:52:16