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Due: 2019-06-20 02:59:00Z
1306 logs received as of 2019-07-02 15:20:39
Call SignCategoryRaw ScoreSectionClubDate Received
AA0ACSingle Operator, Low Power1MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-06-20 01:47:20
AA0MZSingle Operator, Low Power0KSKansas City DX Club2019-06-20 02:14:28
AA0OSingle Operator, Low Power288WCFFlorida Contest Group2019-06-10 14:28:48
AA1FHSingle Operator, Low Power984EMALincoln Laboratory Amateur Radio Club2019-06-19 10:06:05
AA1ONSingle Operator, High Power9,360EMAYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-06-10 11:41:16
AA2DTSingle Operator, Low PowerWNYRochester (NY) DX Assn2019-06-10 12:29:06
AA2TTSingle Operator, High Power9,568NLI2019-06-10 03:20:33
AA2UKSingle Operator, High Power40,158SNJMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-06-19 19:02:38
AA3BSingle Operator, Low Power816EPAFrankford Radio Club2019-06-10 15:37:02
AA3SSingle Operator, High Power19,908MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-10 18:51:45
AA4DDSingle Operator, 3 Band1,026TNBristol (TN) ARC2019-06-10 17:43:52
AA4QSingle Operator, 3 Band144AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-06-11 06:13:38
AA4ZZLimited Multioperator159,080NCCarolina DX Association2019-06-15 21:50:59
AA5AMSingle Operator, Low Power31,000NTXNorth Texas Microwave Society2019-06-11 20:47:14
AA5AUSingle Operator, Low Power1,250LALouisiana Contest Club2019-06-10 11:33:30
AA5BSingle Operator, High Power6,510NMNew Mexico VHF Society2019-06-14 15:51:00
AA5JDSingle Operator, High Power104STXSouth Texas DX and Contest Club2019-06-09 21:02:12
AA5PR/RLimited Rover11,618NMNew Mexico VHF Society2019-06-14 04:07:27
AA6DWSingle Operator, FM Only15SBSouthern California Contest Club2019-06-09 01:02:39
AA7EASingle Operator, Low PowerORPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-06-13 05:24:56
AA7UNSingle Operator, Low Power5,244ID2019-06-10 15:57:28
AA7VSingle Operator, 3 Band5,618AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-06-11 03:05:05
AA8MASingle Operator, 3 Band1,400OH2019-06-09 22:51:44
AA8SWSingle Operator, 3 Band0OH2019-06-10 02:41:11
AB0DKSingle Operator, Low Power176MO2019-06-12 01:17:56
AB0SSingle Operator, High Power945KS2019-06-12 01:16:05
AB1WGSingle Operator, Low Power1,247VT2019-06-16 23:56:27
AB2TBSingle Operator, Low Power322NNJ2019-06-10 00:31:26
AB3CVSingle Operator, High Power6,240MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-10 02:05:09
AB4EJSingle Operator, Low Power6,901AL2019-06-10 15:28:29
AB4IQSingle Operator, Low Power6,625KYKentucky Contest Group2019-06-10 03:46:06
AB4SFSingle Operator, 3 Band3,780VA2019-06-10 14:00:19
AB5SSSingle Operator, Low Power70STXRoadrunners Microwave Group2019-06-17 14:58:36
AB8FJSingle Operator, Low Power0OH2019-06-10 01:22:43
AB9HSingle Operator, 3 Band1,701ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-14 19:58:32
AB9YCSingle Operator, Low Power49ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-10 11:01:25
AC1JSingle Operator, Low Power14,904NHGranite State ARA2019-06-21 17:25:01
AC2OCSingle Operator, Low Power306ENY2019-06-14 21:17:34
AC2RLSingle Operator, 3 Band2,808WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-10 03:29:27
AC2VESingle Operator, Low Power1,494WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-10 15:30:30
AC4GSingle Operator, Low Power15,663TNTennessee Contest Group2019-06-10 22:11:39
AC5AASingle Operator, Low Power42STXCentral Texas DX and Contest Club2019-06-09 22:31:47
AC5DSingle Operator, 3 Band80OKLawton VHF Contesting Group2019-06-13 12:29:04
AC7FF/RUnlimited Rover1,071AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-06-16 19:44:23
AC7MDSingle Operator, Portable150RIPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-06-12 23:43:38
AC7SG/RClassic Rover4,752WWAStanwood Camano Amateur Radio Club2019-06-11 00:44:19
AC8NESingle Operator, 3 Band364WV2019-06-10 12:02:42
AC8WCSingle Operator, 3 Band63MI2019-06-10 22:03:53
AC9EZSingle Operator, 3 Band2,584INFort Wayne Radio Club2019-06-11 00:42:05
AC9SSingle Operator, High Power1,595ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-12 19:57:08
AD0ZCSingle Operator, Low Power208NE2019-06-09 14:03:11
AD4IESingle Operator, Low Power532NCCarolina DX Association2019-06-10 15:31:48
AD4TJSingle Operator, 3 Band5,141VA2019-06-10 02:35:34
AD5ASingle Operator, 3 Band48,678STXRoadrunners Microwave Group2019-06-12 13:05:59
AD6AFSingle Operator, Low Power0LAX2019-06-16 01:44:51
AD6ISingle Operator, Low Power666SFNorthern California Contest Club2019-06-10 03:11:40
AD8JSingle Operator, Low Power322NCSouth East Contest Club2019-06-10 01:39:29
AE0GSingle Operator, Low Power868NE2019-06-20 02:44:31
AE1TSingle Operator, 3 Band55NHYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-06-10 20:30:20
AE4NTSingle Operator, Low Power0NFL2019-06-10 15:11:35
AE5NASingle Operator, 3 Band12WTX2019-06-10 23:18:00
AE5P/RLimited Rover18,375LA2019-06-10 21:47:38
AE8AT/RLimited Rover40OH2019-06-18 20:56:34
AE8TFSingle Operator, 3 Band1,440MI2019-06-10 03:41:17
AE9LLSingle Operator, 3 Band760IN2019-06-11 21:17:19
AF1R/RLimited Rover2,052EMANorth East Weak Signal Group2019-06-16 03:17:09
AF1TSingle Operator, Low Power144,855NHNorth East Weak Signal Group2019-06-17 17:27:27
AF4TFSingle Operator, Low Power72TN2019-06-16 23:28:04
AF5Q/RLimited Rover1,704OKDFW Contest Group2019-06-13 04:16:37
AF6GMSingle Operator, Low Power0SDG2019-06-12 20:37:17
AF6JPSingle Operator, 3 Band504SJVNorthern California Contest Club2019-06-17 02:59:46
AF6SASingle Operator, 3 Band10,920SVNorthern California Contest Club2019-06-10 04:41:57
AF7MDSingle Operator, Low Power5,012ORPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-06-11 01:03:05
AF8ASingle Operator, Low Power234WPAMad River Radio Club2019-06-10 19:26:31
AF8A/RLimited Rover234WPAMad River Radio Club2019-06-12 11:22:57
AF9JSingle Operator, 3 Band176WISociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-13 00:22:21
AG2AASingle Operator, Low Power60WNYNiagara Frontier Radiosport2019-06-10 11:18:45
AG4ISingle Operator, Low Power275GA2019-06-20 02:08:48
AG4V/RClassic Rover40,491TN2019-06-16 03:21:15
AG4WSingle Operator, 3 Band13,167ALAlabama Contest Group2019-06-10 17:31:27
AG5KESingle Operator, 3 Band220OKLawton VHF Contesting Group2019-06-13 12:26:43
AG6AGSingle Operator, 3 Band1SBVentura County Amateur Radio Society2019-06-09 05:28:08
AG6EE/RLimited Rover0NV2019-06-20 00:41:27
AG6JASingle Operator, FM Only65EB2019-06-09 06:56:19
AG6MOSingle Operator, Low Power0ORG2019-06-11 02:20:05
AI1KSingle Operator, High Power5,643AZ2019-06-12 17:08:02
AI2NSingle Operator, High Power99WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-14 18:13:59
AI4SVSingle Operator, High Power5,719MDCVienna Wireless Society2019-06-10 14:57:01
AI5ISingle Operator, Low Power22,272NMNew Mexico VHF Society2019-06-12 01:27:00
AI6DOSingle Operator, 3 Band168LAXSouthern California Contest Club2019-06-14 03:25:38
AI6JBSingle Operator, Low Power5SVSierra Foothills ARC2019-06-17 22:33:26
AI6KGSingle Operator, High Power0NC2019-06-10 03:05:41
AI6USSingle Operator, Portable1,220SVSierra Foothills ARC2019-06-11 06:33:20
AI6V/RLimited Rover2,088LAXSouthern California Contest Club2019-06-11 23:17:06
AI6ZVSingle Operator, Low Power0ORG2019-06-10 06:24:08
AI9QSingle Operator, Low Power441WWAPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-06-09 02:00:38
AI9TSingle Operator, High Power10,260ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-10 11:29:09
AJ4ASingle Operator, Low Power0KYKentucky Contest Group2019-06-10 14:58:33
AJ4FSingle Operator, Low Power2,562STXTexas DX Society2019-06-19 23:55:11
AJ4UQSingle Operator, 3 Band0SCSwamp Fox Contest Group2019-06-13 00:43:18
AJ4WSingle Operator, Low Power925ALAlabama Contest Group2019-06-12 16:26:16
AJ6CYSingle Operator, Low Power40EBNorthern California Contest Club2019-06-10 22:50:21
AJ6TSingle Operator, 3 Band13,026ALAlabama Contest Group2019-06-16 03:06:37
AJ9CSingle Operator, Low Power126INSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-09 21:54:57
AK0EMSingle Operator, 3 Band1,300MNBloomington Amateur Radio Club2019-06-11 00:09:29
AK2FSingle Operator, High Power0NNJ2019-06-10 03:34:05
AK4FLSingle Operator, 3 Band1,593OHMCARC2019-06-10 19:28:53
AK4VQSingle Operator, Low Power63VAShendoah Wireless2019-06-11 18:35:43
AL0YSingle Operator, 3 Band0NNJBergen ARA2019-06-19 02:24:08
AL1VE/RLimited Rover33,126COPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-06-18 04:28:01
CM2RSVSingle Operator, Low Power408DX2019-06-15 17:18:27
CO8ZZSingle Operator, Low Power2,478DXLas Tunas Contest Crew2019-06-10 00:28:35
EA4DESingle Operator, Low PowerDX2019-06-09 21:09:23
EA8DBMSingle Operator, High Power12,144DX2019-06-11 13:22:59
K0AIZSingle Operator, 3 Band5,220NE2019-06-10 17:15:13
K0AWUSingle Operator, High Power38,304MNNorthern Lights Radio Society2019-06-10 03:45:28
K0CQSingle Operator, 3 BandIAStory County Amateur Radio Club2019-06-17 21:05:34
K0DAS/RLimited Rover28,614IA2019-06-15 15:52:08
K0DSLSingle Operator, Low Power1WI2019-06-10 03:25:54
K0GUSingle Operator, High Power644CO2019-06-20 02:18:37
K0IPSingle Operator, Low Power1ID2019-06-13 04:19:47
K0JQASingle Operator, 3 Band3,400IA2019-06-17 22:58:04
K0JVSingle Operator, 3 Band621SD2019-06-10 03:01:34
K0NEBSingle Operator, 3 Band0NELincoln ARC2019-06-10 03:49:33
K0NRSingle Operator, 3 Band24,024COGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2019-06-10 03:35:48
K0OLBSingle Operator, Low Power29CO2019-06-09 18:57:49
K0PGSingle Operator, 3 Band2,100ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-11 19:01:56
K0SIXSingle Operator, High Power59,732MNNorthern Lights Radio Society2019-06-10 22:45:59
K0TCSingle Operator, Low Power1,500MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-06-10 20:52:58
K0TETSingle Operator, 3 Band1,960IA2019-06-10 04:20:19
K0TISingle Operator, 3 Band15,308MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-06-10 03:22:37
K0TPPSingle Operator, High Power52,984MO2019-06-10 11:17:49
K0UKSingle Operator, Low Power8,400COGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2019-06-10 02:10:45
K0VGSingle Operator, 3 Band10,611MNNorthern Lights Radio Society2019-06-10 03:15:49
K0VXMSingle Operator, High Power1,938SFLFlorida Weak Signal Society2019-06-13 12:15:10
K1ARSingle Operator, Low Power1,326NHYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-06-10 12:21:35
K1BZSingle Operator, High Power5,781MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-10 02:28:31
K1DSSingle Operator, Low Power714EPAMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-06-10 19:49:29
K1DS/RClassic Rover396EPAMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-06-10 19:56:59
K1DVLSingle Operator, Low Power1,176CT2019-06-10 14:53:16
K1GQSingle Operator, High Power5,900NH2019-06-10 23:35:04
K1GUSingle Operator, Low Power320TNTennessee Contest Group2019-06-12 00:52:54
K1GXSingle Operator, High Power33,220CT2019-06-18 11:46:13
K1HCSingle Operator, 3 Band20,970EMANorth East Weak Signal Group2019-06-10 16:55:52
K1HTVSingle Operator, High Power39,060VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-16 23:48:57
K1IGSSingle Operator, 3 Band27NH2019-06-12 20:54:57
K1JTSingle Operator, High Power0SNJMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-06-10 13:42:24
K1KASingle Operator, High Power23,744NHNorth East Weak Signal Group2019-06-10 13:54:20
K1KGSingle Operator, High Power145,440EMA2019-06-11 12:40:41
K1KISingle Operator, Low Power3,150CTYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-06-11 13:46:38
K1LMYSingle Operator, 3 Band0WMA2019-06-10 14:59:07
K1LOLSingle Operator, Low Power3,724VT2019-06-12 10:54:47
K1MTDSingle Operator, Low Power0CTHop River Radio Club2019-06-10 13:45:49
K1RCTSingle Operator, Low Power798CTYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-06-10 01:56:48
K1RZSingle Operator, High Power100,815MDCMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-06-16 03:52:44
K1SXSingle Operator, Low PowerEMACTRI Contest Group2019-06-17 13:43:01
K1TEOSingle Operator, High Power486,315CTNorth East Weak Signal Group2019-06-14 13:36:27
K1TOSingle Operator, High Power20,292WCFFlorida Contest Group2019-06-14 12:10:38
K1TRSingle Operator, High Power104,940NHYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-06-10 13:21:59
K1UUSingle Operator, High Power0CTNorth East Weak Signal Group2019-06-11 12:08:16
K1ZESingle Operator, High Power27,300CTEastern Connecticut ARA2019-06-10 20:30:55
K2AMISingle Operator, High Power14,091NNYBergen ARA2019-06-15 02:35:43
K2BARUnlimited Multioperator108,267ENYBergen ARA2019-06-17 21:12:06
K2CSSingle Operator, Low Power273WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-12 15:03:40
K2DHSingle Operator, High Power11,480WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-15 16:43:55
K2DRHSingle Operator, Low Power198,951ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-19 04:34:01
K2DV/RClassic Rover22,455WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-18 00:49:31
K2EJSingle Operator, Low Power128MDCNortheast Maryland Amateur Radio Contest Society2019-06-15 02:23:12
K2ET/RClassic Rover17,650WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-10 22:31:32
K2EYSSingle Operator, Low Power30WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-14 19:23:03
K2EYS/RLimited Rover976WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-15 10:33:03
K2EZ/RClassic Rover26,271NNJMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-06-16 04:00:45
K2GCSingle Operator, Low Power198WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-14 04:47:30
K2GMYSingle Operator, Low Power7,828EB2019-06-10 14:21:59
K2ILSingle Operator, Low Power0SFL2019-06-24 22:03:45
K2IWSingle Operator, Low PowerENY2019-06-11 03:04:22
K2KASingle Operator, High PowerEMA2019-06-10 11:31:55
K2MKSingle Operator, Low Power2,040WCF2019-06-09 23:31:03
K2MTSSingle Operator, 3 Band49ENY2019-06-12 02:01:39
K2NUDSingle Operator, FM Only1,980NNJ2019-06-11 02:35:49
K2NVSingle Operator, High Power4,896WNYNiagara Frontier Radiosport2019-06-10 13:32:20
K2OEQSingle Operator, 3 Band5,130WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-12 02:49:12
K2OSSingle Operator, High Power23,690WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-10 13:40:04
K2PALSingle Operator, Low Power66NLI2019-06-10 03:12:50
K2PHSingle Operator, Low Power77ENYBergen ARA2019-06-09 18:11:50
K2PSSingle Operator, 3 Band17,181NFLTHE VILLAGES AMATEUR RADIO CLUB2019-06-10 21:00:16
K2QMFSingle Operator, Low Power1,200NLIOrder of Boiled Owls of New York2019-06-08 20:52:20
K2QO/RClassic Rover41,642WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-11 00:40:37
K2RETSingle Operator, Low Power11,214SNJFrankford Radio Club2019-06-10 03:13:25
K2RMXSingle Operator, Low Power1,197NLI2019-06-23 15:19:13
K2SXSingle Operator, High Power1,305SC2019-06-13 22:37:48
K2TERSingle Operator, Low Power5,000WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-12 01:23:44
K2TVSingle Operator, 3 Band330NLIYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-06-12 00:29:00
K2UASingle Operator, Low Power7,426WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-12 11:33:36
K2WBSingle Operator, 3 Band4,028SNJSouth Jersey Radio Assn2019-06-11 16:03:53
K2YAZSingle Operator, High Power2,728MI2019-06-18 21:34:25
K2YWESingle Operator, Low Power3,333MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-09 19:05:39
K2ZCSingle Operator, Low Power1,350NNJBergen ARA2019-06-12 13:30:46
K2ZDSingle Operator, High Power21,112ENY2019-06-10 16:18:10
K3AJSingle Operator, High Power29,639MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-10 13:42:16
K3CCRSingle Operator, 3 Band792MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-16 01:36:38
K3CTLimited Multioperator54,398EPA2019-06-09 22:57:46
K3EOSingle Operator, Portable26MDC2019-06-11 01:29:47
K3HXSingle Operator, Low Power0WPA2019-06-10 03:14:47
K3ISHSingle Operator, High Power28,193EPA2019-06-10 11:11:03
K3IUVSingle Operator, Portable18EPAMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-06-16 17:47:31
K3JOSSingle Operator, 3 Band88EPA2019-06-09 22:20:17
K3JTSingle Operator, Low Power390WVPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-10 15:04:51
K3NFSingle Operator, Low Power220VAVienna Wireless Society2019-06-11 20:59:30
K3SFXSingle Operator, 3 Band10,220EPAMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-06-10 23:09:09
K3SSSSingle Operator, 3 Band460ENYNortheast Maryland Amateur Radio Contest Society2019-06-10 22:27:30
K3TCSingle Operator, 3 Band16,926MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-11 03:58:01
K3TEFSingle Operator, 3 Band22,410EPANortheast Maryland Amateur Radio Contest Society2019-06-10 03:14:01
K3TWSingle Operator, FM Only14NFLFlorida Contest Group2019-06-11 01:29:42
K3UASingle Operator, Low Power6,726WPANorth Coast Contesters2019-06-14 13:44:30
K3ULSingle Operator, High Power2,990EPAFrankford Radio Club2019-06-15 10:40:41
K3URTSingle Operator, 3 BandEPAFrankford Radio Club2019-06-09 23:07:46
K3WASingle Operator, Low Power54NCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-09 23:06:34
K3YDXSingle Operator, 3 Band2,109NCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-12 20:30:21
K3ZCYSingle Operator, Low Power486WPA2019-06-19 11:17:01
K3ZOSingle Operator, High Power40,482MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-10 21:06:21
K4ADBSingle Operator, Low Power2,418SC2019-06-09 23:32:10
K4AEKSingle Operator, Low Power744GA2019-06-13 00:11:39
K4ALSingle Operator, Low Power1,802TNTennessee Contest Group2019-06-17 12:48:14
K4BAISingle Operator, Low Power1,320GASouth East Contest Club2019-06-10 02:54:51
K4BSKSingle Operator, 3 Band1,666VA2019-06-12 20:58:07
K4DSingle Operator, Low Power2,242NFL2019-06-27 11:54:28
K4DETSingle Operator, 3 Band0VA2019-06-09 22:49:10
K4ELISingle Operator, Low Power1,860GASilver Comet Amateur Radio Society2019-06-11 17:49:21
K4EPS/RClassic Rover9,464WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-15 20:32:31
K4ETDSingle Operator, Low Power168MI2019-06-26 16:18:31
K4FCGSingle Operator, Low Power2,016NFLFlorida Contest Group2019-06-10 12:01:59
K4FTOSingle Operator, Low Power1,482VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-10 17:31:55
K4IUSingle Operator, Low Power0MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-06-09 21:39:30
K4IZ/RLimited Rover10,455VA2019-06-10 14:44:49
K4JDFSingle Operator, High Power2,730MDCNortheast Maryland Amateur Radio Contest Society2019-06-09 19:11:56
K4LDCSingle Operator, Low Power1,728GASilver Comet Amateur Radio Society2019-06-10 23:35:21
K4ORDSingle Operator, Low Power1,230VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-10 03:00:54
K4PZZSingle Operator, Low Power432VA2019-06-10 02:15:19
K4QESingle Operator, Low Power800NCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-10 01:52:26
K4RGNSingle Operator, High Power0NC2019-06-10 22:50:06
K4SOSingle Operator, High Power8,325VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-10 16:48:11
K4VOWSingle Operator, Low Power3,040AL2019-06-19 19:41:47
K4WISingle Operator, High Power34,650ALAlabama Contest Group2019-06-10 11:02:06
K4XLSingle Operator, Low Power504VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-10 12:08:49
K4YRKSingle Operator, Low Power3,441TNTennessee Contest Group2019-06-10 17:27:17
K4YYLSingle Operator, Low Power0SC2019-06-10 21:40:02
K4ZWSingle Operator, High Power6,954VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-09 21:14:33
K5AMSingle Operator, High Power42,840NMNew Mexico VHF Society2019-06-14 18:25:28
K5ANDSingle Operator, High Power56,017STXRoadrunners Microwave Group2019-06-11 22:36:23
K5CKSSingle Operator, Low Power7,100AR2019-06-10 13:54:33
K5CMSingle Operator, High Power58,218OK2019-06-10 05:07:13
K5CRJSingle Operator, Low Power384MS2019-06-10 04:10:33
K5IUASingle Operator, Low Power77STX2019-06-10 09:58:48
K5JAZSingle Operator, Low Power3,712LA2019-06-10 02:26:57
K5KBVSingle Operator, 3 Band6,120WTX2019-06-11 19:18:28
K5KJSingle Operator, High Power7,410NTXNorth Texas Contest Club2019-06-10 11:56:00
K5LESingle Operator, Low Power3,456OK2019-06-28 04:26:26
K5LLLSingle Operator, High Power3,780WTXRoadrunners Microwave Group2019-06-18 13:13:12
K5LRWLimited Multioperator396NM2019-06-10 16:56:54
K5MNZSingle Operator, 3 Band0NTX2019-06-10 22:05:02
K5ND/RLimited Rover10,656WTX2019-06-11 16:18:58
K5PISingle Operator, High Power6STXCentral Texas DX and Contest Club2019-06-14 20:47:29
K5QELimited Multioperator297,726STXDFW Contest Group2019-06-14 03:09:05
K5TASingle Operator, Low Power8,750NMNew Mexico VHF Society2019-06-11 18:42:17
K5TBASingle Operator, Low Power0NM2019-06-10 05:16:37
K5TEESingle Operator, 3 Band204NM2019-06-10 02:50:35
K5TRSingle Operator, High Power100,998STXRoadrunners Microwave Group2019-06-14 03:22:21
K5TRASingle Operator, Low Power17,925STXRoadrunners Microwave Group2019-06-11 03:59:01
K5UVSingle Operator, High Power238OK2019-06-10 11:57:33
K5WOSingle Operator, Low Power1,519NMNew Mexico VHF Society2019-06-19 00:39:55
K5ZDSingle Operator, Low Power5,950WMAYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-06-11 01:37:40
K6CSLSingle Operator, Low Power15SJVNorthern California Contest Club2019-06-14 09:48:52
K6EUSingle Operator, High Power4,300SCVNorthern California Contest Club2019-06-20 02:48:53
K6HSUnlimited Multioperator18,480SJVNorthern California Contest Club2019-06-12 05:25:12
K6KHBSingle Operator, Low Power980EB2019-06-10 23:24:31
K6LMN/RLimited Rover2,112CO2019-06-27 02:18:06
K6MUGSingle Operator, Low Power0LAXSouthern California Contest Club2019-06-10 22:51:28
K6NASingle Operator, Low Power612SDGSouthern California Contest Club2019-06-15 02:57:14
K6NGNSingle Operator, High Power18,200SV2019-06-12 02:54:52
K6PFASingle Operator, 3 Band1,568MDC2019-06-10 01:36:09
K6RJFSingle Operator, 3 Band330SDG2019-06-11 12:03:20
K6SRZSingle Operator, High Power384SFRedwood Empire DX Assn2019-06-10 04:14:55
K6ST/RLimited Rover3NVNorthern California Contest Club2019-06-12 05:41:34
K6TDISingle Operator, Low PowerORG2019-06-11 01:56:55
K6TQSingle Operator, 3 Band144SVNorthern California Contest Club2019-06-13 14:36:57
K6UMSingle Operator, High Power2,268ORPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-06-11 01:03:01
K6WISSingle Operator, High Power4,312SCV2019-06-16 21:43:31
K6YKSingle Operator, Low Power1,660SJVMother Lode DX/Contest Club2019-06-10 18:59:16
K7ATNSingle Operator, PortableORPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-06-16 19:45:00
K7BDB/RLimited Rover6,510ORPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-06-19 18:56:21
K7BHMSingle Operator, 3 Band3,870AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-06-25 01:20:30
K7BWHSingle Operator, 3 Band370WWAPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-06-14 13:50:42
K7CWSingle Operator, High Power32,200WWAPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-06-11 02:15:49
K7DRSingle Operator, 3 BandMI2019-06-10 03:27:15
K7HKRSingle Operator, 3 Band3,600AZ2019-06-10 16:07:33
K7HPSingle Operator, Low Power2,376AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-06-10 04:31:10
K7IIISingle Operator, 3 Band0WWAPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-06-19 17:44:35
K7IMASingle Operator, FM Only0ORPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-06-15 15:45:48
K7JQSingle Operator, 3 Band124AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-06-10 13:33:58
K7JSGSingle Operator, 3 Band2,261WWAPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-06-11 15:03:03
K7MYSingle Operator, High Power140AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-06-10 15:33:13
K7NDSingle Operator, High Power3,591WWAPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-06-10 19:52:07
K7RBSingle Operator, High Power2,960ENY2019-06-10 14:49:37
K7RMZSingle Operator, 3 Band45WWAN/A2019-06-10 16:25:02
K7SMASingle Operator, 3 Band1,170IDPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-06-10 17:22:44
K7SVSingle Operator, Low Power2,204VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-16 18:43:26
K7UAZUnlimited Multioperator0AZThe University of Arizona Amateur Radio Club2019-06-12 06:03:41
K7ULSSingle Operator, High Power27,000UT2019-06-10 04:14:07
K7UWRSingle Operator, Low Power456GA2019-06-10 01:31:57
K7VITSingle Operator, 3 Band1,750ORWillamette Valley DX Club2019-06-11 00:16:23
K7WPSingle Operator, Low Power56AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-06-10 15:45:40
K7XCLimited Multioperator13,299NVNorthern California Contest Club2019-06-11 02:22:49
K7YDLSingle Operator, High Power21,720ORPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-06-11 20:14:26
K7YOSingle Operator, High Power3,128ORPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-06-12 17:19:27
K7ZSSingle Operator, Low Power4,620ORPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-06-10 04:57:31
K8GPLimited Multioperator237,048VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-17 14:24:35
K8GQSingle Operator, Low Power140WV2019-06-10 13:19:06
K8JH/RLimited Rover16,376MIMichigan VHF-UHF Society2019-06-10 22:59:02
K8MR/RLimited Rover357WPANorth Coast Contesters2019-06-10 18:26:17
K8OISingle Operator, 3 Band1,134VA2019-06-10 12:08:45
K8OMSingle Operator, Low Power0IA2019-06-10 17:51:24
K8VGLSingle Operator, Low Power1,595INSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-13 01:47:23
K8WDASingle Operator, 3 Band1,590KY2019-06-09 19:44:07
K8ZRSingle Operator, High Power36,855OH2019-06-13 14:01:00
K8ZTSingle Operator, 3 Band595OHMad River Radio Club2019-06-10 12:33:36
K9CTSingle Operator, High Power170,586ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-11 23:36:45
K9CWSingle Operator, Low Power2,479ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-12 13:05:45
K9DRSingle Operator, 3 Band5,022WY2019-06-10 22:48:14
K9EASingle Operator, High Power12,960IN2019-06-10 19:26:22
K9ELSingle Operator, 3 Band2,628ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-10 16:27:42
K9GXSingle Operator, Low Power11,748INKentucky Contest Group2019-06-19 00:36:21
K9GYSingle Operator, 3 Band15ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-19 02:16:53
K9IRSingle Operator, Low Power1ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-10 23:09:54
K9JDMSingle Operator, 3 Band2,030IL2019-06-10 21:48:22
K9JK/RLimited Rover12,027WIBadger Contesters2019-06-14 20:02:05
K9MMSSingle Operator, Low Power1,508ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-11 02:17:55
K9MUSingle Operator, High Power32,732WIChippewa Valley VHF Contesters2019-06-11 01:00:32
K9NWSingle Operator, High Power9,943OHMad River Radio Club2019-06-15 01:50:06
K9OMSingle Operator, High Power36,120WIFlorida Contest Group2019-06-10 02:56:53
K9PGSingle Operator, Low Power9ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-10 06:01:37
K9RESingle Operator, Low Power3,520MI2019-06-17 21:21:31
K9RSSingle Operator, High Power13,317DEFrankford Radio Club2019-06-10 11:50:08
K9RUSingle Operator, Low Power0IN2019-06-10 03:19:56
K9VQASingle Operator, 3 Band150IL2019-06-14 14:54:33
K9YCSingle Operator, High Power1,888SCVNorthern California Contest Club2019-06-11 05:01:58
K9YRSingle Operator, High Power10,080ILBadger Contesters2019-06-11 02:12:53
K9ZMSingle Operator, High Power432ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-10 21:35:39
K9ZXOSingle Operator, 3 Band578IL2019-06-16 18:22:44
KA0RYTSingle Operator, High Power14,872MNNorthern Lights Radio Society2019-06-19 03:05:39
KA0UNBSingle Operator, Low Power0NE2019-06-10 14:14:19
KA1AFSingle Operator, 3 Band7,616NFLTHE VILLAGES AMATEUR RADIO CLUB2019-06-12 22:01:33
KA1VMGSingle Operator, 3 Band551CTCTRI Contest Group2019-06-13 19:38:57
KA2AEYSingle Operator, Low Power0WNY2019-06-09 20:47:31
KA2BPPSingle Operator, 3 Band6,634NLINorth East Weak Signal Group2019-06-10 12:02:57
KA2ENESingle Operator, Low Power34,465WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-10 04:01:34
KA2FIRSingle Operator, 3 Band160NNJ2019-06-23 05:34:02
KA2KQMSingle Operator, High Power283GA2019-06-12 01:52:29
KA2LIM/RUnlimited Rover37,088WNYMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-06-10 20:32:20
KA2YRA/RLimited Rover620ENYBergen ARA2019-06-10 11:03:29
KA3JAWSingle Operator, Low Power0EPA2019-06-12 07:55:32
KA3KSPSingle Operator, 3 Band20WPA2019-06-11 13:02:01
KA3MZRSingle Operator, Low Power240EPA2019-06-12 21:30:34
KA3OCSSingle Operator, 3 Band231VA2019-06-10 12:25:47
KA3PCXSingle Operator, Low Power420NC2019-06-10 13:41:47
KA3RWPSingle Operator, 3 Band1,080WPA2019-06-13 00:37:04
KA5D/RLimited Rover50,700STXRoadrunners Microwave Group2019-06-18 04:38:12
KA5EBLSingle Operator, 3 Band475NMNew Mexico VHF Society2019-06-15 13:02:58
KA5WSSSingle Operator, 3 Band4SF2019-06-10 04:21:20
KA6BIMSingle Operator, 3 Band2,475ORWillamette Valley DX Club2019-06-10 15:09:28
KA6TSingle Operator, Low Power630ORPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-06-10 19:33:26
KA9FOXSingle Operator, 3 Band0WIMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-06-10 04:08:50
KA9VVQ/RLimited Rover2,040WIBadger Contesters2019-06-11 02:28:10
KB0LF/RLimited Rover77NE2019-06-09 13:42:06
KB0ZOM/RLimited Rover4,840NE2019-06-17 17:04:52
KB1HCUSingle Operator, 3 Band672LAX2019-06-10 05:47:52
KB1HKNSingle Operator, Low Power0EMA2019-06-09 17:03:44
KB1HXOSingle Operator, 3 Band3,612WMA2019-06-17 18:54:27
KB1WSingle Operator, 3 Band4,650WMAYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-06-10 12:14:34
KB2HSHSingle Operator, Low Power56WNY2019-06-14 12:08:39
KB2TGUSingle Operator, Low Power81NNJ2019-06-10 02:35:54
KB2URISingle Operator, 3 Band325WNYNiagara Frontier Radiosport2019-06-10 09:14:02
KB3MTWSingle Operator, Low Power6,105EPAMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-06-16 19:08:58
KB4KBSSingle Operator, Low Power231GANorth Fulton ARL2019-06-09 12:51:11
KB5QRSingle Operator, Low PowerAR2019-06-10 00:56:03
KB7AKSingle Operator, 3 Band192WWAClark County Amateur Radio Club2019-06-10 05:02:05
KB7IJSingle Operator, High Power19,656NTX2019-06-10 03:11:23
KB8DGCSingle Operator, 3 Band120MI2019-06-13 02:21:59
KB8USingle Operator, High Power101,336MIMichigan VHF-UHF Society2019-06-10 16:13:28
KB8WSingle Operator, Low Power0MI2019-06-12 01:18:43
KB9RDSSingle Operator, Low Power667IN2019-06-11 00:25:40
KC0LFQSingle Operator, Low PowerNM2019-06-10 02:24:05
KC0P/RUnlimited Rover16,254MNNorthern Lights Radio Society2019-06-19 05:49:48
KC0VDYSingle Operator, Low Power180COGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2019-06-10 03:30:04
KC0VEPSingle Operator, Low Power5,046NE2019-06-10 02:17:38
KC1GWXSingle Operator, 3 Band2,294EMA2019-06-10 10:12:21
KC1SASingle Operator, Low Power627CTMeriden ARC2019-06-10 10:31:50
KC2JRQSingle Operator, 3 Band280NLI2019-06-11 22:26:06
KC2LYKSingle Operator, Low Power551NNJ2019-06-20 22:37:37
KC2PCDSingle Operator, Low Power2,970WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-11 02:33:05
KC2PDOSingle Operator, 3 Band0NNJ2019-06-13 00:39:31
KC2THQSingle Operator, Low Power5,499SNJSouth Jersey Radio Assn2019-06-12 01:05:35
KC2TVSingle Operator, Low Power0NH2019-06-12 13:16:09
KC2UESSingle Operator, FM Only1WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-12 23:46:59
KC2WUFSingle Operator, Low Power832NNJNew Providence ARC2019-06-10 04:16:55
KC3LEESingle Operator, Low Power918EPA2019-06-10 03:01:19
KC4JDSingle Operator, High Power2,964GA2019-06-10 03:10:55
KC4NXSingle Operator, High Power35,360TNTennessee Contest Group2019-06-10 03:49:46
KC4PXSingle Operator, High Power25,397SFLFlorida Weak Signal Society2019-06-11 23:10:17
KC4TEOSingle Operator, 3 Band1,170ALAlabama Contest Group2019-06-11 01:58:00
KC4WQSingle Operator, Low Power820KYKentucky Contest Group2019-06-10 02:37:00
KC5HCXSingle Operator, Low Power0STX2019-06-11 01:23:23
KC5MVZUnlimited Multioperator17,958WTX2019-06-12 00:07:50
KC5RETSingle Operator, Low Power50STX2019-06-18 03:45:09
KC5WXSingle Operator, High Power29,541NTX2019-06-18 03:05:44
KC6SEHSingle Operator, High Power4,032AZ2019-06-10 15:00:46
KC6ZWTSingle Operator, Low Power11,094SV2019-06-13 20:25:17
KC7OOY/RLimited Rover1,392OR2019-06-12 03:45:28
KC7QYSingle Operator, 3 Band2,655NMNew Mexico VHF Society2019-06-14 23:46:42
KC8QDQSingle Operator, High Power9OHSunday Creek Amateur Radio Federation2019-06-10 01:22:58
KC8YRKSingle Operator, Low Power144GA2019-06-09 18:54:29
KC9AMMSingle Operator, 3 Band72ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-14 13:42:43
KC9ELUSingle Operator, High Power870IN2019-06-10 01:16:10
KC9KLASingle Operator, Low Power338ILSix Meter Club of Chicago2019-06-15 01:29:23
KC9LFDSingle Operator, Low Power510MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-06-09 22:08:20
KD0JHWSingle Operator, Low Power1,470IA2019-06-10 10:51:11
KD0YOZSingle Operator, FM Only1MN2019-06-13 03:19:02
KD2BKD/RLimited Rover854NNJBergen ARA2019-06-13 15:33:17
KD2CTZ/RLimited Rover375WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-19 02:34:50
KD2EFRSingle Operator, Low Power2,706WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-15 13:43:02
KD2EFR/RClassic Rover1,110WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-15 22:06:30
KD2EPMSingle Operator, 3 Band1,530SNJSouth Jersey Radio Assn2019-06-11 19:40:16
KD2IZQSingle Operator, Low Power126WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-16 17:11:05
KD2KOSSingle Operator, 3 Band56WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-12 01:14:25
KD2LGXUnlimited Multioperator74,880WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-20 00:27:25
KD2TTSingle Operator, 3 Band6,136NLI2019-06-10 18:15:13
KD3HNSingle Operator, 3 Band4,608EPAHilltop Transmitting Assn2019-06-10 14:56:38
KD4RSLSingle Operator, 3 Band16VASterling Park ARC2019-06-11 19:40:27
KD4YDDSingle Operator, Low Power198GAGeorgia Contest Group2019-06-15 13:03:42
KD5IKG/RClassic Rover27,873STXRoadrunners Microwave Group2019-06-24 13:55:19
KD5JSingle Operator, Low Power11,376AR2019-06-10 03:03:48
KD5JHESingle Operator, 3 Band1,960MS2019-06-11 01:53:40
KD6RMSSingle Operator, Low Power0LAX2019-06-14 04:11:56
KD7TQO/RLimited Rover2,037EB2019-06-15 03:46:06
KD7UOSingle Operator, Low Power5,080EWAPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-06-10 21:05:54
KD7WPJSingle Operator, Portable6NV2019-06-10 16:59:34
KD8COOSingle Operator, 3 Band0OH2019-06-10 23:10:11
KD8VMMSingle Operator, Low Power121OH2019-06-09 17:51:44
KD9VVSingle Operator, Low Power999IN2019-06-12 20:31:14
KE0JMKSingle Operator, Low Power0NC2019-06-11 00:49:17
KE0MHJ/RLimited Rover24MO2019-06-10 03:12:38
KE0OGSSingle Operator, FM Only14NEBellevue (NE) ARC2019-06-18 22:33:22
KE0ORSingle Operator, 3 Band117MNNorthern Lights Radio Society2019-06-17 16:30:58
KE0PBISingle Operator, 3 Band40MNNorthern Lights Radio Society2019-06-20 02:11:39
KE1LIUnlimited Multioperator67,900CTEastern Connecticut ARA2019-06-20 01:47:32
KE2DSingle Operator, Low Power2,627SNJFrankford Radio Club2019-06-10 02:39:10
KE3GKSingle Operator, Low Power4,704MDCNortheast Maryland Amateur Radio Contest Society2019-06-09 23:48:16
KE3ZTSingle Operator, High Power1,334WPA2019-06-10 03:57:24
KE4KESingle Operator, Low Power0MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-06-21 02:59:53
KE4KYSingle Operator, Low Power1,344KYKentucky Contest Group2019-06-09 23:18:18
KE4RGYSingle Operator, Low Power63VA2019-06-15 01:17:38
KE5TCSingle Operator, High Power5,723OK2019-06-14 22:52:11
KE6GFISingle Operator, 3 Band6AZ2019-06-13 23:43:26
KE6PLASingle Operator, FM OnlyLAX2019-06-11 23:11:49
KE6QR/RLimited Rover8,004EBNorthern California Contest Club2019-06-09 22:26:53
KE7MSU/RClassic Rover7,956ORPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-06-11 23:02:49
KE7SWSingle Operator, High Power26,353WWAPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-06-12 13:19:47
KE7UQLSingle Operator, Low Power0NV2019-06-15 21:16:51
KE7ZACSingle Operator, 3 Band264WWAVancouver Contest Club2019-06-10 00:47:46
KE8FDSingle Operator, High Power82,782AL2019-06-12 23:12:15
KE9UASingle Operator, High Power0ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-09 20:26:41
KF0MSingle Operator, High Power14,863KSWichita Amateur Radio Club2019-06-13 02:41:50
KF2MR/RClassic Rover25,992WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-19 06:12:47
KF2TVSingle Operator, 3 Band8,640WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-11 14:17:12
KF3GSingle Operator, Low Power80DE2019-06-10 13:13:53
KF4EWOSingle Operator, Low Power3,480MS2019-06-10 04:42:39
KF4FCSingle Operator, 3 Band682VAShenandoah Valley Wireless2019-06-17 16:39:23
KF5BASingle Operator, Low Power37MS2019-06-10 12:11:38
KF5RUWSingle Operator, Low Power25STX2019-06-10 03:08:13
KF5YUBSingle Operator, Low Power196NTX2019-06-10 22:37:08
KF6HISingle Operator, 3 Band3,612AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-06-11 22:28:33
KF6ISingle Operator, High Power0ORGSouthern California Contest Club2019-06-12 17:40:06
KF7CQSingle Operator, High Power4,004IDPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-06-10 16:18:06
KF7KTCSingle Operator, Low Power221NVSierra Nevada ARS2019-06-10 03:09:20
KF7NNSingle Operator, High Power18,879VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-11 12:55:47
KF7OJASingle Operator, 3 Band150WWA2019-06-12 21:22:19
KF7USingle Operator, High Power2,233AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-06-10 03:18:28
KF8QLSingle Operator, Low Power0MIMichigan VHF-UHF Society2019-06-13 00:13:18
KG2ESingle Operator, 3 Band49KY2019-06-10 23:12:06
KG3VSingle Operator, Low Power1,120VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-17 00:34:53
KG4IFR/RLimited Rover434VA2019-06-15 14:19:40
KG4USNSingle Operator, Low Power297MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-10 19:54:52
KG5THGSingle Operator, Low Power0NTX2019-06-10 18:45:10
KG6CIH/RUnlimited Rover26,828NH2019-06-12 14:17:08
KG6DNYSingle Operator, Low Power182LAX2019-06-11 05:12:23
KG7CWSingle Operator, High Power6,499ID2019-06-10 04:17:23
KG7ORSingle Operator, 3 Band296SJV2019-06-18 01:37:49
KG7PSingle Operator, High Power2,024WWAPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-06-14 01:11:29
KG9DUK/RUnlimited Rover119,040OK2019-06-19 12:30:42
KG9JPSingle Operator, 3 Band2,480WIFox Cities ARC2019-06-10 12:18:24
KG9NSingle Operator, High Power2,730ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-10 14:24:37
KI0HASingle Operator, Low Power4MO2019-06-10 08:42:47
KI1RSingle Operator, 3 Band6SC2019-06-10 23:18:21
KI5EXISingle Operator, 3 Band9STX2019-06-09 23:29:34
KI5FJSingle Operator, Low Power130VAVIRGINIA BEACH ARC2019-06-15 12:04:30
KI6XSingle Operator, 3 Band1,160ORGSouthern California Contest Club2019-06-11 23:49:11
KI7LTTSingle Operator, FM Only0ORPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-06-18 23:07:06
KI9SSingle Operator, 3 Band96IN2019-06-08 23:20:38
KJ0PSingle Operator, Low Power0MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-06-10 01:20:03
KJ1K/RUnlimited Rover9,541WMANorth East Weak Signal Group2019-06-19 01:14:04
KJ2G/RLimited Rover27,222WMA2019-06-18 01:20:09
KJ4CYM/RClassic Rover11VA2019-06-15 01:06:30
KJ5RCSingle Operator, Low Power9,317MS2019-06-10 16:02:11
KJ7GIOSingle Operator, Portable0WWA2019-06-11 05:59:02
KJ7JSC/RUnlimited Rover944AZ2019-06-17 18:42:03
KK4BZSingle Operator, Portable300VAHeritage Hunt Hams2019-06-12 03:10:44
KK4MASingle Operator, 3 Band16,960SC2019-06-11 00:23:06
KK4ODQSingle Operator, Low Power480VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-16 01:04:29
KK6MC/RLimited Rover39,889NMNew Mexico VHF Society2019-06-20 03:34:00
KK6ZIZSingle Operator, 3 Band297EB2019-06-17 15:22:37
KK7ERSingle Operator, 3 Band0OR2019-06-10 04:15:51
KL7BSC/RLimited Rover80AKAlaska VHF-Up Group2019-06-15 02:33:56
KL7UWSingle Operator, Low Power55AKAlaska VHF-Up Group2019-06-19 00:04:17
KM4HISingle Operator, Low Power11,600NFLFlorida Contest Group2019-06-12 23:07:35
KM4HSDSingle Operator, 3 Band120LAXHARC2019-06-10 15:12:34
KM4IAJSingle Operator, Low PowerVA2019-06-11 20:00:18
KM4OZH/RLimited Rover1,357VA2019-06-17 18:25:02
KM4VTESingle Operator, 3 Band924GASilver Comet Amateur Radio Society2019-06-11 21:46:20
KM6HBSingle Operator, 3 Band532ORG2019-06-10 04:45:29
KM6YMSSingle Operator, 3 Band0LAX2019-06-12 18:21:57
KM8VSingle Operator, 3 Band18OHMad River Radio Club2019-06-12 01:23:33
KN4KLSingle Operator, High Power744VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-15 13:25:54
KN4SMSingle Operator, Low Power4,104VA2019-06-14 21:48:30
KN4YSingle Operator, Low Power221NFLFlorida Contest Group2019-06-17 13:19:02
KN5SSingle Operator, 3 Band0STX2019-06-10 03:11:46
KN9WSingle Operator, 3 Band30TN2019-06-13 00:50:47
KO4MASingle Operator, Low Power63WCFFlorida Weak Signal Society2019-06-12 01:55:09
KO9ASingle Operator, 3 Band95,749ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-11 04:00:50
KQ2RPSingle Operator, Portable756NNJ2019-06-15 21:52:05
KQ4LASingle Operator, Low Power475VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-10 00:33:41
KR1STSingle Operator, Low Power57,368EPAMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-06-10 18:44:04
KR2ESingle Operator, Low Power40AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-06-10 19:57:03
KR4FSingle Operator, Low Power3,822ALAlabama Contest Group2019-06-10 10:12:52
KR4NOSingle Operator, Low Power5,830SC2019-06-10 21:02:30
KS0AASingle Operator, Low Power0KS2019-06-13 00:55:09
KS4QSingle Operator, Low Power1,702VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-10 20:55:41
KS4SSingle Operator, Low Power540NCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-20 02:07:45
KS4XSingle Operator, 3 Band880TNTennessee Contest Group2019-06-10 13:25:37
KT1TKSingle Operator, Low Power0EMA2019-06-10 03:23:46
KT5TE/RLimited Rover14,910STX2019-06-11 14:10:08
KT9LSingle Operator, High Power15,743INSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-15 00:36:48
KU4XOSingle Operator, High PowerSC2019-06-11 03:44:26
KU8ESingle Operator, High Power4,140GASouth East Contest Club2019-06-13 01:30:17
KV1JUnlimited Multioperator63,294MENorth East Weak Signal Group2019-06-10 04:34:38
KV2X/RClassic Rover31,842WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-11 02:53:44
KV4ZYSingle Operator, 3 Band1,140OH2019-06-10 10:33:48
KV5TXSingle Operator, High Power3,010STXRoadrunners Microwave Group2019-06-10 02:13:24
KV5WChecklog1,170NTX2019-06-20 00:13:11
KW0ASingle Operator, 3 Band924MO2019-06-19 02:23:11
KW6SSingle Operator, High Power7,260SCVNorthern California Contest Club2019-06-11 04:59:33
KW7WPSingle Operator, Low Power110OR2019-06-19 22:28:27
KX1WSingle Operator, FM Only30NNJYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-06-11 00:57:53
KX7LSingle Operator, 3 Band2,632WWAPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-06-10 03:35:45
KY0OSingle Operator, High Power651MO2019-06-10 15:27:50
KY1KSingle Operator, 3 Band90RI2019-06-17 22:10:22
KY2TSingle Operator, 3 Band0ENYBergen ARA2019-06-17 00:11:40
KY7MSingle Operator, High Power5,400AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-06-10 04:25:03
KZ2ISingle Operator, 3 Band1,450SNJFrankford Radio Club2019-06-10 13:50:58
KZ3MWSingle Operator, Low Power1,734EPAWayne County Amateur Radio Club2019-06-10 11:06:54
N0AKCSingle Operator, High Power50,085WIChippewa Valley VHF Contesters2019-06-10 03:19:59
N0ATSingle Operator, Low Power10,934MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-06-10 12:54:08
N0AXSingle Operator, Low PowerMOSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-10 03:07:07
N0EOLimited Multioperator67,338MNNorthern Lights Radio Society2019-06-10 14:05:17
N0GSZSingle Operator, Low Power306STXRoadrunners Microwave Group2019-06-17 02:25:42
N0GTOSingle Operator, Low PowerCOGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2019-06-12 16:11:09
N0HZO/RUnlimited Rover16,038MNNorthern Lights Radio Society2019-06-19 04:22:52
N0ISSingle Operator, Low Power3,478MOSt Louis ARC2019-06-14 00:08:36
N0JKSingle Operator, Portable0KS2019-06-21 14:04:15
N0KQSingle Operator, 3 Band0COGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2019-06-13 22:24:10
N0LD/RUnlimited Rover104,720KS2019-06-19 07:07:05
N0LLSingle Operator, Low Power84,822KS2019-06-16 13:00:20
N0UKSingle Operator, 3 Band240MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-06-11 01:05:56
N0URSingle Operator, Low Power75,330MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-06-11 14:24:55
N1AAESingle Operator, Low Power39INN/A2019-06-10 00:20:21
N1AAXSingle Operator, Low Power851WMA2019-06-11 14:16:41
N1APISingle Operator, 3 Band14,274CTMeriden ARC2019-06-10 01:30:26
N1AVSingle Operator, High Power75,852AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-06-13 23:11:27
N1BCSingle Operator, 3 Band44EMA2019-06-13 15:02:56
N1CGPSingle Operator, Low Power304ME2019-06-11 14:20:39
N1EVKSingle Operator, 3 Band0NH2019-06-10 07:09:39
N1GDDSingle Operator, Low Power0NH2019-06-14 15:57:04
N1GJSingle Operator, High Power540EMANorth East Weak Signal Group2019-06-18 00:14:29
N1IASingle Operator, 3 Band1,785NC2019-06-09 22:57:17
N1IBMSingle Operator, 3 Band9,990SNJFrankford Radio Club2019-06-10 20:16:35
N1JEZSingle Operator, High Power37,080VTNorth East Weak Signal Group2019-06-14 10:17:28
N1MMSingle Operator, 3 Band4,004CTYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-06-10 11:14:37
N1MU/RLimited Rover108WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-10 12:54:35
N1PRWSingle Operator, Portable18EMA2019-06-10 15:53:28
N1RDNSingle Operator, 3 BandEMA2019-06-10 20:35:10
N1SEPSingle Operator, Low Power4,816CT2019-06-18 23:03:50
N1SFESingle Operator, FM Only0CT2019-06-11 17:24:55
N1SOHLimited Multioperator9,840EMAYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-06-13 14:49:56
N1SPXSingle Operator, Portable11,760MO2019-06-14 18:13:07
N1TYHSingle Operator, 3 Band9WMAYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-06-10 11:47:23
N1VVVSingle Operator, Low Power546ME2019-06-11 14:43:38
N1WRKSingle Operator, Low Power1,472EMA2019-06-10 02:13:36
N1XKSingle Operator, High Power8,540IA2019-06-10 16:18:44
N1XKT/RClassic Rover300EPAMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-06-11 14:16:39
N1ZNSingle Operator, 3 Band8,201CTMeriden ARC2019-06-10 21:30:46
N2ANSingle Operator, Low Power1,650EMAYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-06-15 12:23:35
N2BEGSingle Operator, Low Power25,315WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-16 13:36:33
N2BJSingle Operator, High Power20,007ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-10 13:07:40
N2CBSingle Operator, High Power15,072MIMichigan VHF-UHF Society2019-06-18 18:20:05
N2CJSingle Operator, Low Power0NNJ2019-06-10 03:19:15
N2DEQSingle Operator, Low Power1,323SNJMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-06-15 19:56:37
N2DYSingle Operator, High Power540NLILong Island Mobile ARC2019-06-10 02:48:57
N2FFSingle Operator, Low Power1,161NLIHudson Valley Contesters and DXers2019-06-10 15:00:38
N2GOPSingle Operator, 3 Band150ENY2019-06-10 01:13:24
N2LOSingle Operator, Low Power0SNJ2019-06-11 15:41:35
N2MEESingle Operator, Low Power858ENY2019-06-13 21:47:57
N2MKT/RClassic Rover54,636WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-13 01:44:04
N2NTLimited Multioperator233,810NNJMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-06-14 01:30:03
N2OASingle Operator, Low Power30,711WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-11 10:51:48
N2OOSingle Operator, High Power3,081SNJFrankford Radio Club2019-06-10 14:10:10
N2OPWSingle Operator, 3 Band814OHDelara Contest Team2019-06-10 19:26:59
N2PEQSingle Operator, 3 Band459ENYschenectady museum ara2019-06-17 00:35:08
N2QTSingle Operator, Low Power1,829VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-10 17:34:31
N2RCSingle Operator, Low Power3,157ENYFrankford Radio Club2019-06-10 02:44:35
N2RJSingle Operator, High Power2,044NNJFrankford Radio Club2019-06-10 23:25:33
N2SCJSingle Operator, Low Power7,134SNJSouth Jersey Radio Assn2019-06-10 03:17:02
N2SLOSingle Operator, High Power31,416NLINorth East Weak Signal Group2019-06-17 23:30:05
N2TWISingle Operator, Low Power48WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-12 15:02:13
N2UIOSingle Operator, Low Power1,476WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-16 13:08:03
N2VHZSingle Operator, Low Power2,880NE2019-06-17 01:39:05
N2WKSingle Operator, Low Power107,984WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-11 11:30:17
N2WMSingle Operator, High Power10,764NNJSussex County ARC2019-06-10 16:44:04
N2YBSingle Operator, High Power117,936WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-11 12:28:28
N2YOSingle Operator, Low Power66VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-10 08:16:30
N2ZVN/RLimited Rover2,200WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-12 02:14:32
N2ZZSingle Operator, High Power0SCCarolina DX Association2019-06-10 02:59:45
N3BBISingle Operator, High Power19,140EPAMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-06-19 12:18:28
N3CHXSingle Operator, Low Power495EPA2019-06-10 04:51:38
N3CMHSingle Operator, Low Power7,772WCFN/A2019-06-09 22:51:07
N3EGSingle Operator, Portable11,592WWAPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-06-15 18:14:53
N3FJPSingle Operator, High Power1,250MDCNortheast Maryland Amateur Radio Contest Society2019-06-10 14:40:12
N3HBXSingle Operator, High Power85,692MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-11 00:16:55
N3HEESingle Operator, Low Power435MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-09 23:52:06
N3JNXSingle Operator, 3 Band700EPAENDLESS MOUNTAINS AMATEUR RADIO CLUB2019-06-10 01:32:31
N3JTSingle Operator, High Power496VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-10 11:11:02
N3KCMSingle Operator, Portable1,026EPA2019-06-17 04:03:30
N3KNSingle Operator, Low Power3,240VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-10 10:49:48
N3KUNSingle Operator, 3 Band2,109MDC2019-06-12 02:40:05
N3MKSingle Operator, High Power56,550VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-11 14:53:54
N3MWQSingle Operator, 3 Band425DE2019-06-12 21:40:34
N3OCSingle Operator, High Power7,747MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-10 12:29:15
N3QESingle Operator, 3 Band1,482MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-13 02:16:53
N3RNSingle Operator, Low Power532EPAPalatka ARC2019-06-17 02:38:03
N3VOPSingle Operator, Low Power48MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-10 20:17:11
N3WDSingle Operator, Low Power22MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-09 23:56:04
N3ZASingle Operator, Low Power165EPAFrankford Radio Club2019-06-10 20:43:43
N4AUSingle Operator, Low Power1,025AL2019-06-11 10:08:25
N4BPSingle Operator, 3 Band9,230SFLFlorida Contest Group2019-06-10 11:42:18
N4CFSingle Operator, Low Power1,080VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-10 01:22:31
N4DLASingle Operator, Portable0EB2019-06-10 04:50:04
N4EEBSingle Operator, Low Power18,870NFLFlorida Contest Group2019-06-10 09:59:30
N4GLESingle Operator, 3 Band1,856ALAlabama Contest Group2019-06-19 11:29:28
N4GUSingle Operator, High Power0NCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-11 23:49:16
N4HWHSingle Operator, 3 Band496NCCarolina DX Association2019-06-16 23:54:43
N4IYSingle Operator, 3 Band1,872IN2019-06-10 16:06:41
N4JRGSingle Operator, Low Power96KYKentucky Contest Group2019-06-09 17:45:32
N4KMSingle Operator, 3 Band91NFLFlorida Contest Group2019-06-11 01:35:14
N4MMSingle Operator, High Power338VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-15 13:53:14
N4NIVSingle Operator, Low Power2,072EMA2019-06-11 12:11:42
N4NMSingle Operator, Low Power798ALAlabama Contest Group2019-06-10 05:22:15
N4OGWSingle Operator, 3 Band47,712MSAlabama Contest Group2019-06-12 13:56:27
N4OXSingle Operator, Low Power9,152NFLAlabama Contest Group2019-06-11 18:53:19
N4QVSingle Operator, 3 Band238SFLFlorida Contest Group2019-06-10 04:31:18
N4QWZSingle Operator, High Power142,728TNTennessee Contest Group2019-06-15 11:23:03
N4SVCLimited Multioperator51,435NFLFlorida Weak Signal Society2019-06-16 21:35:39
N4TLSingle Operator, Low Power0NCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-10 17:46:30
N4TZSingle Operator, 3 Band123INSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-09 22:20:44
N4WWSingle Operator, High Power22,355NFLFlorida Contest Group2019-06-12 03:24:29
N4XDSingle Operator, High Power6,930NCSmithchart ARS2019-06-10 20:45:16
N4YDUSingle Operator, Low Power600NCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-10 20:27:10
N4ZRSingle Operator, Low Power420MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-10 12:32:00
N4ZYSingle Operator, High Power13,390KY2019-06-10 21:01:22
N5AVFSingle Operator, Low Power4STX2019-06-09 23:55:15
N5BLYSingle Operator, High Power1,960MS2019-06-10 13:21:57
N5BNO/RLimited Rover4,200WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-12 12:06:47
N5DTTSingle Operator, Low Power110STXTexas DX Society2019-06-10 02:52:23
N5GITSingle Operator, 3 Band235STX2019-06-22 09:46:17
N5HHSSingle Operator, High Power25,056STX2019-06-24 21:34:59
N5ITOSingle Operator, Low Power16,275NTX2019-06-14 14:16:39
N5KWNSingle Operator, Low Power25STX2019-06-10 00:52:51
N5LULSingle Operator, 3 Band0WTXPanhandle DX & Contest Club2019-06-12 02:03:06
N5MUSingle Operator, 3 Band35STXRoadrunners Microwave Group2019-06-14 00:59:21
N5NASingle Operator, High Power3,116WTXMidland ARC2019-06-10 03:19:16
N5RPSingle Operator, High Power8,251ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-09 19:43:45
N5RZSingle Operator, High Power14,175STXCentral Texas DX and Contest Club2019-06-10 12:29:57
N5SMQSingle Operator, 3 Band726VA2019-06-10 23:35:01
N5SYVSingle Operator, High Power25,585LA2019-06-20 02:53:49
N5YJZSingle Operator, 3 Band114SCVNorthern California Contest Club2019-06-14 03:05:26
N6ARSingle Operator, High Power6,215NFLFlorida Contest Group2019-06-10 12:11:34
N6EESingle Operator, High Power0MENorthern California Contest Club2019-06-10 03:09:20
N6GP/RLimited Rover10,496SDGSouthern California Contest Club2019-06-17 17:17:50
N6HISingle Operator, 3 Band3AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-06-10 08:10:14
N6ICSingle Operator, Low Power90LAXSouthern California Contest Club2019-06-10 16:49:07
N6J/RLimited Rover22,484SVNorthern California Contest Club2019-06-11 00:42:20
N6KNSingle Operator, High Power6,090LAX2019-06-13 15:59:46
N6MISingle Operator, Low Power1,512SJVSouthern California Contest Club2019-06-18 05:12:23
N6MWSingle Operator, High Power0SB2019-06-21 01:07:42
N6NFBSingle Operator, FM Only112SJV2019-06-18 07:30:12
N6NUSingle Operator, High Power432SCVPizza Lovers 2592019-06-10 01:34:10
N6NULSingle Operator, Low Power0SCVNorthern California Contest Club2019-06-11 04:37:16
N6ORBSingle Operator, Low Power2,356EBNorthern California Contest Club2019-06-10 19:51:03
N6PMSingle Operator, 3 Band0ORGSouthern California Contest Club2019-06-10 14:29:27
N6QQSingle Operator, High Power8,892LAXSouthern California Contest Club2019-06-12 23:11:08
N6RH/RLimited Rover9,072NTXNacogdoches Amateur Radio Club2019-06-12 10:38:20
N6TEBSingle Operator, Low Power6,444LAXSouthern California Contest Club2019-06-10 17:51:56
N6UASingle Operator, Low Power0WY2019-06-11 02:28:02
N6UTC/RUnlimited Rover9,430LAXSouthern California Contest Club2019-06-10 05:08:14
N6VHSingle Operator, Low Power279SDGSouthern California Contest Club2019-06-10 02:18:22
N6VISingle Operator, High Power6,800LAXSouthern California Contest Club2019-06-14 04:40:59
N6ZDHSingle Operator, FM Only75SJVMother Lode DX/Contest Club2019-06-11 21:34:47
N6ZESingle Operator, 3 Band516SBVentura County Amateur Radio Society2019-06-11 04:09:45
N6ZFOSingle Operator, High Power3,728SFNorthern California Contest Club2019-06-16 00:29:18
N7ATSingle Operator, 3 Band3,080AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-06-10 14:53:14
N7BINLimited Multioperator0OR2019-06-10 04:24:42
N7BTSingle Operator, High Power3,690WWAOrca DX and Contest Club2019-06-10 13:43:34
N7CKJSingle Operator, Low Power576EWA2019-06-14 05:06:55
N7CWSingle Operator, High Power39,621AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-06-10 12:29:42
N7EPDSingle Operator, High Power9,282WWAPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-06-10 03:32:44
N7GP/RClassic Rover83,025AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-06-14 01:08:11
N7IRSingle Operator, 3 Band23,644AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-06-10 04:42:11
N7JISingle Operator, Low Power216OR2019-06-12 02:09:24
N7KNSingle Operator, FM Only910WWAWestern Washington DX Club2019-06-12 03:29:16
N7KSISingle Operator, High Power11,343WWAPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-06-10 04:41:56
N7MKOSingle Operator, Low Power40WWA2019-06-19 01:40:28
N7MUTSingle Operator, 3 Band350MI2019-06-18 23:08:05
N7MWVSingle Operator, Low Power2,997WWAPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-06-18 19:42:09
N7MZWSingle Operator, 3 Band3,600WYGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2019-06-10 04:28:53
N7NADSingle Operator, 3 Band35AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-06-16 22:56:31
N7NEVSingle Operator, Low Power2,378AZ2019-06-10 13:38:38
N7NMSingle Operator, High Power2,430WWA2019-06-12 02:12:56
N7QOZSingle Operator, 3 Band5,134WWAPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-06-24 12:29:16
N7RDSingle Operator, Low Power48AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-06-11 18:10:33
N7RKSingle Operator, 3 Band5,053AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-06-11 18:02:46
N7RLMSingle Operator, Low Power9EWA2019-06-10 16:35:08
N7USSingle Operator, High Power8,340ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-10 02:47:19
N7VDSingle Operator, High Power16,170AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-06-16 05:25:04
N7VSSingle Operator, Low Power10ORWillamette Valley DX Club2019-06-10 14:43:52
N8AIDSingle Operator, Low Power221VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-10 01:38:13
N8BISingle Operator, Low Power1,820OHPortage County Amateur Radio Service2019-06-13 14:59:00
N8BJQSingle Operator, High Power12,312OH2019-06-10 12:46:32
N8CGYSingle Operator, Low Power255MIMichigan VHF-UHF Society2019-06-10 12:47:29
N8CMHSingle Operator, Low Power192WV2019-06-19 10:30:47
N8CWUSingle Operator, Low Power1,827EMA2019-06-10 12:24:45
N8GAUnlimited Multioperator113,069OHFlatfoot Contesters2019-06-15 17:19:42
N8GLSSingle Operator, High Power2,340OH2019-06-10 03:38:53
N8HMSingle Operator, 3 Band210MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-11 15:08:48
N8JENSingle Operator, Low Power16OH2019-06-13 05:37:20
N8LRGSingle Operator, Low Power31,488OH2019-06-11 01:43:30
N8LWFSingle Operator, Low Power77OH2019-06-10 17:14:29
N8MPSingle Operator, High Power21,238SNJMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-06-10 04:02:42
N8OCSingle Operator, High Power23,750MI2019-06-10 02:16:54
N8PPFSingle Operator, Low Power56OHRadiohio2019-06-10 05:22:36
N8SBESingle Operator, Low Power627MIMad River Radio Club2019-06-13 21:26:24
N8TFDSingle Operator, Low Power1,000OHQueen City Emergency Net2019-06-10 03:13:10
N8URESingle Operator, 3 Band54WV2019-06-10 01:24:10
N8WNASingle Operator, Low PowerMIMichigan VHF-UHF Society2019-06-10 13:04:48
N8XASingle Operator, Portable0OH2019-06-17 23:42:34
N8XQMSingle Operator, High Power2,146OH2019-06-21 01:23:25
N9AGCSingle Operator, Portable0OH2019-06-11 18:54:09
N9BDSingle Operator, Low Power270SV2019-06-10 21:25:10
N9COSingle Operator, Low Power620ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-10 02:13:06
N9DRSingle Operator, Low Power123INSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-13 19:00:52
N9EATSingle Operator, 3 Band399IL2019-06-17 00:09:26
N9EPSingle Operator, High Power900ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-10 11:44:38
N9GHSingle Operator, 3 Band1,617WI2019-06-10 19:44:00
N9IOSingle Operator, Low Power1ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-13 10:59:01
N9ISNSingle Operator, Low Power3,015WIChippewa Valley VHF Contesters2019-06-16 11:40:48
N9KJUSingle Operator, 3 Band300IL2019-06-09 22:06:55
N9KYSingle Operator, Low Power1KYKentucky Contest Group2019-06-10 03:45:12
N9LBSingle Operator, High Power2,322WIBadger Contesters2019-06-16 22:01:59
N9LFSingle Operator, Low Power920INSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-10 01:53:46
N9LHSLimited Multioperator25,916NFLFlorida Weak Signal Society2019-06-10 12:47:32
N9LJXSingle Operator, Low Power504INSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-10 16:08:08
N9LQSingle Operator, 3 Band1,595ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-09 23:38:13
N9LYESingle Operator, Low Power8,174ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-10 03:07:34
N9NASingle Operator, Low Power21AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-06-11 18:18:57
N9OBBSingle Operator, 3 Band4,784IL2019-06-10 22:31:32
N9OFSingle Operator, Low Power221STXCentral Texas DX and Contest Club2019-06-11 16:05:47
N9TFSingle Operator, 3 Band7,552ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-10 12:06:22
N9TUQSingle Operator, 3 Band322ILSix Meter Club of Chicago2019-06-12 19:10:15
N9VMSingle Operator, FM OnlySJV2019-06-10 22:42:41
N9VPVSingle Operator, 3 Band2,200ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-10 03:11:37
N9XGSingle Operator, High PowerIN2019-06-12 14:29:48
N9YKSingle Operator, Low Power1,666IN2019-06-16 13:37:14
N9YLZSingle Operator, 3 Band6,784IL2019-06-11 03:15:43
NA2USingle Operator, High Power598AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-06-10 05:46:50
NA2XSingle Operator, 3 Band187WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-17 16:40:05
NA5JSingle Operator, Low Power25STXRio Grande Valley Amateur Radio Club2019-06-10 13:50:15
NA6MBSingle Operator, 3 Band60SDGSDDXC2019-06-13 05:48:12
NA7TBLimited Multioperator7,728AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-06-10 04:23:21
NA9RBSingle Operator, 3 Band1,900ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-10 09:51:59
NA9US/RLimited Rover6WI2019-06-13 12:25:36
NC3YSingle Operator, Low Power390MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-09 19:23:52
NC4MISingle Operator, Low Power288NC2019-06-10 02:19:56
NC5AX/RLimited Rover7,182AR2019-06-13 21:22:41
NC6KSingle Operator, High Power1,242SDGSouthern California Contest Club2019-06-15 20:56:11
ND4XSingle Operator, Low PowerKYKentucky Contest Group2019-06-09 23:30:05
ND4YSingle Operator, Low Power225KYKentucky Contest Group2019-06-10 01:02:23
ND7MSingle Operator, High Power11,919NV2019-06-21 21:54:00
ND9GSingle Operator, Low Power2,553ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-09 21:38:07
ND9ZSingle Operator, High Power4,998WIBadger Contesters2019-06-10 19:32:58
NE1BSingle Operator, High Power8,308NHYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-06-10 17:55:09
NE3I/RLimited Rover192EPAMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-06-11 17:59:18
NE3KSingle Operator, Low Power99MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-10 00:42:40
NE6ISingle Operator, 3 Band0SDGSouthern California Contest Club2019-06-10 14:22:46
NE8PSingle Operator, Low Power90NFLFlorida Contest Group2019-06-10 20:25:17
NF1OSingle Operator, High Power580NHYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-06-09 23:26:29
NF3RSingle Operator, Low Power57,057EPAFrankford Radio Club2019-06-10 10:19:29
NF8MSingle Operator, 3 Band176MIMad River Radio Club2019-06-10 02:57:14
NG2E/RClassic Rover0VA2019-06-17 19:05:36
NG3WSingle Operator, Low Power1,025WPA2019-06-10 09:50:20
NG4CSingle Operator, High Power9,750NC2019-06-10 02:45:20
NG9RSingle Operator, Low Power1,104ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-10 16:20:13
NI0GSingle Operator, High Power8,745MOMississippi Valley DX/Contest Club2019-06-10 13:56:36
NI6EUnlimited Multioperator25,641ORGSouthern California Contest Club2019-06-17 15:55:16
NI7RSingle Operator, High Power80SCSwamp Fox Contest Group2019-06-11 03:49:39
NJ2FSingle Operator, Low Power204SFLFlorida Contest Group2019-06-10 09:02:33
NJ7ASingle Operator, Low Power15,664UTPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-06-14 03:33:11
NM3GSingle Operator, Low Power0NC2019-06-17 21:07:47
NM5WBSingle Operator, Low Power24NMNew Mexico VHF Society2019-06-12 01:08:46
NN1N/RLimited Rover1,000WYSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-23 22:39:59
NN2LSingle Operator, Low Power4,600WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-10 19:50:58
NN3Q/RClassic Rover35,405EPAMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-06-15 00:24:12
NN5TSingle Operator, Low Power2,508NTXNorth Texas Contest Club2019-06-16 21:50:52
NN7AZLimited Multioperator85,696AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-06-10 19:19:37
NO0TSingle Operator, High Power17,654CO2019-06-10 17:26:22
NO3JSingle Operator, Low Power1,302EPA2019-06-10 14:28:09
NP4JVSingle Operator, Low PowerAZ2019-06-10 05:35:26
NQ7RSingle Operator, High Power14,013AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-06-10 20:47:49
NR2CSingle Operator, High Power20,100WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-13 02:49:45
NR2C/RLimited Rover4,620WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-13 03:03:12
NR4OSingle Operator, High Power800NCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-12 17:14:29
NR7TSingle Operator, High Power40,334UTArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-06-13 02:36:01
NS3LSingle Operator, High Power666EPAFrankford Radio Club2019-06-10 12:27:38
NS3XSingle Operator, Low Power2,516MDC2019-06-13 20:42:11
NS4TSingle Operator, 3 Band11,900GASouth East Contest Club2019-06-10 00:34:18
NS8OSingle Operator, Low Power726OHSunday Creek Amateur Radio Federation2019-06-09 23:21:05
NS9ISingle Operator, High Power3,680WISociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-09 23:13:14
NT2XSingle Operator, Low Power27,913WMAYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-06-14 10:12:30
NT4RTSingle Operator, High Power315SC2019-06-10 12:24:19
NT9ESingle Operator, Low Power3,150ILBadger Contesters2019-06-11 20:57:01
NT9MSingle Operator, Low Power0IN2019-06-17 23:29:18
NU2HSingle Operator, Portable0WNY2019-06-10 16:03:09
NU4NSingle Operator, Low Power2,310KYKentucky Contest Group2019-06-10 10:28:56
NU4YSingle Operator, Low Power10,080NFLNORTH FLORIDA DX ASSOCIATION2019-06-10 14:12:44
NU6TSSingle Operator, High Power1,265SDG2019-06-27 17:47:43
NV4BSingle Operator, 3 Band10,400AL2019-06-16 13:16:52
NV4CSingle Operator, High Power80GANorth Fulton ARL2019-06-10 21:25:37
NV9LLimited Multioperator100,553ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-15 18:19:57
NW5QSingle Operator, 3 Band594NTXDFW Contest Group2019-06-12 02:25:48
NX4NSingle Operator, Low Power4WCFFlorida Contest Group2019-06-10 00:22:08
NY0ASingle Operator, High PowerMNNorthern Lights Radio Society2019-06-17 02:58:29
NY2NYSingle Operator, High Power20,416NLINorth East Weak Signal Group2019-06-10 12:54:07
NY3BSingle Operator, High Power1,416EPAFrankford Radio Club2019-06-10 12:14:10
PU2UHOSingle Operator, Low Power1DXCABREUVADX2019-06-10 11:58:33
PU2USKSingle Operator, FM Only1DXCABREUVADX2019-06-10 14:42:47
PY2GTASingle Operator, Low Power4DXCABREUVADX2019-06-10 11:43:27
TG9ADQSingle Operator, Low Power0DX2019-06-10 20:42:29
VA2BNSingle Operator, 3 Band2,596QC2019-06-21 01:34:49
VA2DGSingle Operator, FM Only68QC2019-06-13 21:10:43
VA2RFSingle Operator, 3 Band0QC2019-06-17 01:42:47
VA2WASingle Operator, High Power6,032QCContest Group du Quebec2019-06-21 17:44:18
VA3CWSingle Operator, Portable0GTARochester VHF Group2019-06-10 14:53:15
VA3ELESingle Operator, High Power110,252GTARochester VHF Group2019-06-17 01:33:43
VA3HDSingle Operator, High PowerONERochester VHF Group2019-06-14 13:39:58
VA3NWSingle Operator, Low Power120ONEPeterborough Amateur Radio Club2019-06-09 21:41:46
VA3PCSingle Operator, 3 Band360ONSContest Club Ontario2019-06-10 00:47:49
VA3SKSingle Operator, Low Power9,462ONNContest Club Ontario2019-06-10 03:20:01
VA3SYSingle Operator, Low Power2,496ONE2019-06-11 01:46:53
VA3TO/RClassic Rover0GTARochester VHF Group2019-06-10 14:47:08
VA3WBASingle Operator, Portable108GTA2019-06-17 00:53:09
VA3WWSingle Operator, Low Power4ONE2019-06-10 22:48:39
VA6ANSingle Operator, Low Power17,266AB2019-06-19 21:30:40
VA6RCNSingle Operator, 3 Band208AB2019-06-10 03:17:40
VA6ZOSingle Operator, 3 Band4,081AB2019-06-28 00:07:50
VA7FCSingle Operator, High Power7,738BCPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-06-11 01:16:37
VA7GAPSingle Operator, FM Only52BC2019-06-21 02:32:26
VA7GEMSingle Operator, Low Power0BCOrca DX and Contest Club2019-06-10 03:27:01
VA7SJTSingle Operator, Low Power10BC2019-06-09 19:47:59
VA7STSingle Operator, High Power1,320BCOrca DX and Contest Club2019-06-10 03:05:20
VE2DCChecklog0QC2019-06-10 18:09:40
VE2EBKSingle Operator, Low Power2,204QCContest Group du Quebec2019-06-10 00:29:56
VE2GTSingle Operator, High Power2,835QCNorDX club2019-06-18 15:20:47
VE2HAYSingle Operator, Low Power999QCContest Group du Quebec2019-06-11 12:28:14
VE2JCWSingle Operator, Low Power3,870QCCONTEST GROUPE QUEBEC2019-06-09 23:45:59
VE2MW/RClassic Rover0ONE2019-06-10 23:53:08
VE2NCGSingle Operator, Portable102QCContest Group du Quebec2019-06-10 03:04:16
VE2NR/RClassic Rover1,909QCContest Group du Quebec2019-06-11 00:44:59
VE2NTTSingle Operator, Low Power456QCYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-06-10 03:22:34
VE2PNSingle Operator, High Power12,212QC2019-06-13 01:12:32
VE2VAB/RClassic Rover720ONEVE2CRO2019-06-17 11:50:36
VE2WFBSingle Operator, Low PowerQCVE2CRG2019-06-10 17:10:24
VE3AYRSingle Operator, Low Power861GTAContest Club Ontario2019-06-10 22:28:16
VE3CRU/RClassic Rover16,434ONSRochester VHF Group2019-06-14 17:17:46
VE3CXSingle Operator, 3 Band1,116ONNContest Club Ontario2019-06-10 02:44:36
VE3DSSingle Operator, Low Power44,640GTARochester VHF Group2019-06-12 18:55:22
VE3DZSingle Operator, 3 Band5,060ONSContest Club Ontario2019-06-20 03:36:55
VE3EGSingle Operator, Portable344GTA2019-06-10 20:04:45
VE3EJSingle Operator, High Power1,164ONSContest Club Ontario2019-06-13 11:20:54
VE3FHMSingle Operator, Low Power7,176GTARochester VHF Group2019-06-17 23:57:04
VE3IKVSingle Operator, Low Power2,914ONEContest Club Ontario2019-06-28 01:59:42
VE3JGL/RClassic Rover0ONE2019-06-19 16:18:11
VE3LCSingle Operator, Low Power8,712ONE2019-06-10 17:39:17
VE3OIL/RClassic Rover115,209ONSRochester VHF Group2019-06-19 18:33:53
VE3OTLSingle Operator, High Power0ONN2019-06-10 04:29:35
VE3QCSingle Operator, Low Power320ONE2019-06-10 03:20:19
VE3RKS/RLimited Rover8ONSRochester VHF Group2019-06-11 16:29:44
VE3RVZSingle Operator, Low Power143ONEPeterborough Amateur Radio Club2019-06-10 03:11:07
VE3RXSingle Operator, High Power21,120ONNContest Club Ontario2019-06-11 14:11:34
VE3RXH/RLimited Rover0ONE2019-06-09 22:20:26
VE3SMASingle Operator, Portable27,470GTAContest Club Ontario2019-06-17 23:59:05
VE3SSTSingle Operator, 3 Band16,910GTARochester VHF Group2019-06-10 12:08:56
VE3TFU/RClassic Rover0ONSRochester VHF Group2019-06-14 03:46:09
VE3TGSingle Operator, Low Power621ONEContest Club Ontario2019-06-12 12:19:15
VE3TMSingle Operator, 3 Band1,500ONEContest Club Ontario2019-06-10 15:44:38
VE3UETSingle Operator, Low Power0ONSRochester VHF Group2019-06-16 13:25:01
VE3VNSingle Operator, Low Power7,548ONEContest Club Ontario2019-06-10 13:36:56
VE3WCCUnlimited Multioperator174,688ONEContest Club Ontario2019-06-16 20:06:53
VE3WJ/RClassic Rover38,744GTAContest Club Ontario2019-06-18 20:05:13
VE3WYSingle Operator, Low Power6,300ONSRochester VHF Group2019-06-19 23:58:00
VE3ZVSingle Operator, High Power58,380ONSRochester VHF Group2019-06-16 03:27:27
VE4TVSingle Operator, Low Power14,790MB2019-06-16 01:43:45
VE4VTSingle Operator, High Power33,024MBRadiosport Manitoba2019-06-15 13:29:12
VE5MXSingle Operator, High Power13,680SKSaskatchewan Contest Club2019-06-10 03:05:52
VE5UFSingle Operator, High Power5,100SK2019-06-10 04:20:32
VE6IXDSingle Operator, Portable105AB2019-06-10 01:04:42
VE6KCSingle Operator, Low Power765AB2019-06-10 03:04:52
VE6MBSingle Operator, Low Power9,044AB2019-06-10 04:00:39
VE6WQSingle Operator, Low Power3,380AB2019-06-12 22:52:22
VE7AFZ/RUnlimited Rover0BCPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-06-19 21:10:07
VE7BGPSingle Operator, 3 Band40BCNanaimo Amateur Radio Association2019-06-10 15:12:12
VE7DAYSingle Operator, High Power8,296BCPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-06-13 05:16:21
VE7DXKSingle Operator, Low Power578BC2019-06-10 03:22:34
VE7HRSingle Operator, Low Power420BCPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-06-10 03:06:48
VE9AASingle Operator, High Power342MARMaritime Contest Club2019-06-10 22:39:45
VE9CBSingle Operator, Low Power49MARMaritime Contest Club2019-06-10 09:26:20
VO1HPSingle Operator, Low Power2,385NL2019-06-10 00:24:45
VP9/K6KLYSingle Operator, 3 Band7,888DXNorthern California Contest Club2019-06-14 05:42:16
W0AMT/RLimited Rover2,457NMNew Mexico VHF Society2019-06-14 02:27:03
W0FYSingle Operator, High Power32,724MOSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-17 16:56:45
W0GHZSingle Operator, High Power62,480MN2019-06-15 03:01:43
W0JMPSingle Operator, High Power0MNnonw2019-06-11 21:59:02
W0JTSingle Operator, Low Power13,520STXRoadrunners Microwave Group2019-06-11 17:29:23
W0JWSingle Operator, High Power18,868IA2019-06-10 05:53:22
W0LGQSingle Operator, High Power9,198IA2019-06-15 16:52:01
W0OHUSingle Operator, Low Power6MNNorthern Lights Radio Society2019-06-12 13:51:50
W0OTVSingle Operator, 3 Band306IA2019-06-10 23:46:42
W0RMSingle Operator, Low Power30IN2019-06-09 20:39:12
W0RTSingle Operator, High Power6,363KS2019-06-10 20:34:51
W0SEISingle Operator, Low Power1,012MNNorthern Lights Radio Society2019-06-13 20:55:10
W0UCSingle Operator, High PowerWINorthern Lights Radio Society2019-06-19 04:02:05
W0UYSingle Operator, Low Power100KS2019-06-10 10:43:39
W0VANSingle Operator, High Power925IA2019-06-10 15:05:37
W0VBLimited Multioperator8,280MNNorthern Lights Radio Society2019-06-11 15:14:02
W0ZF/RUnlimited Rover0SDNorthern Lights Radio Society2019-06-15 01:26:07
W0ZQ/RClassic Rover38,766MNNorthern Lights Radio Society2019-06-13 14:30:15
W1ADILimited Multioperator0EMAYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-06-10 16:25:31
W1BSSingle Operator, 3 Band5,472WMA2019-06-11 16:58:26
W1DQSingle Operator, Low Power12CTMeriden ARC2019-06-12 00:27:41
W1DYJSingle Operator, 3 Band11,147EMAYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-06-11 00:28:09
W1ECTSingle Operator, Low Power0NHYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-06-11 18:28:09
W1FKFSingle Operator, High Power28,336NHNorth East Weak Signal Group2019-06-10 19:18:10
W1GHZSingle Operator, High Power10,716VTNorth East Weak Signal Group2019-06-14 18:38:50
W1JASingle Operator, High Power2,479WMAHampden County Radio Association2019-06-16 19:23:30
W1MJSingle Operator, 3 Band6EMAYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-06-10 02:45:17
W1MKYSingle Operator, Low Power2,231NHNorth East Weak Signal Group2019-06-17 17:15:33
W1QKSingle Operator, 3 Band20,995CTNorth East Weak Signal Group2019-06-15 15:56:31
W1RGASingle Operator, Low PowerNH2019-06-15 14:43:56
W1RGA/RLimited RoverNH2019-06-15 14:41:02
W1TOSingle Operator, Low Power28WMAYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-06-16 14:43:35
W1TRSingle Operator, Low Power48,671CTNorth East Weak Signal Group2019-06-10 03:28:43
W1VDSingle Operator, High Power2,703CT2019-06-18 02:24:16
W1WBBSingle Operator, 3 Band195RICTRI Contest Group2019-06-18 22:27:56
W1XMUnlimited Multioperator70,448EMA2019-06-12 21:39:43
W1ZFGSingle Operator, 3 Band450CT2019-06-11 21:24:46
W2BSNSingle Operator, FM Only0WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-10 18:05:03
W2BVHSingle Operator, High Power16,500NNJMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-06-11 04:03:57
W2CCCSingle Operator, Low Power17,480WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-11 15:43:53
W2CDOSingle Operator, 3 Band15MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-11 18:07:38
W2DXESingle Operator, 3 Band2,562WNYNiagara Frontier Radiosport2019-06-10 15:40:30
W2EV/RClassic Rover42,921WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-16 19:53:09
W2FDJSingle Operator, Low Power1,562SNJSouth Jersey Radio Assn2019-06-10 06:11:43
W2FUSingle Operator, Low Power210WCFRochester VHF Group2019-06-14 19:40:13
W2IRTSingle Operator, High Power14,535NNJFrankford Radio Club2019-06-10 04:23:52
W2JCSingle Operator, 3 Band2,015NNJBergen ARA2019-06-10 21:06:25
W2JEKSingle Operator, 3 Band800NNJBergen ARA2019-06-11 19:54:12
W2JTMSingle Operator, 3 Band11,613ENY2019-06-16 00:50:05
W2KV/2Single Operator, Low Power4,092SNJMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-06-10 18:04:28
W2LBSingle Operator, Low Power578WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-12 20:36:02
W2MWHSingle Operator, Low Power171NNJ2019-06-14 15:16:03
W2ODHSingle Operator, High Power2,816AZ2019-06-15 18:55:22
W2PSKSingle Operator, 3 Band1,000NNJ2019-06-09 14:59:51
W2RMEUnlimited Multioperator19,089WNYCVARA2019-06-14 02:08:43
W2SJSingle Operator, High Power25,425SNJMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-06-19 21:12:20
W2SZUnlimited Multioperator685,192WMA2019-06-19 21:23:04
W2UADSingle Operator, High Power882WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-15 20:56:55
W2UDTSingle Operator, Low Power8,316NNJFrankford Radio Club2019-06-10 21:15:48
W2VTVSingle Operator, Low Power1,152NNJ2019-06-11 19:08:24
W2YESingle Operator, 3 Band459VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-11 19:29:57
W2YRCLimited Multioperator7,473ENY2019-06-15 19:37:42
W3AVPSingle Operator, 3 Band210EPA2019-06-14 13:14:20
W3CCXUnlimited Multioperator357,948EPAMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-06-15 02:24:25
W3DHJ/RLimited Rover6,780CO2019-06-14 19:02:20
W3EKTSingle Operator, Low Power31,488MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-13 16:58:20
W3EPSingle Operator, High Power0CTNorth East Weak Signal Group2019-06-13 13:36:18
W3FASingle Operator, 3 Band108MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-10 23:51:37
W3FAYSingle Operator, 3 Band738MDC2019-06-13 02:51:56
W3GADSingle Operator, High Power6,200EPAMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-06-18 02:17:31
W3HKKSingle Operator, High Power3,034OHMad River Radio Club2019-06-16 01:54:14
W3HMSSingle Operator, High Power1,620EPAMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-06-10 17:39:34
W3HXFSingle Operator, High Power180VAVienna Wireless Society2019-06-19 23:27:32
W3ICC/RClassic Rover16,074EPAMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-06-20 19:10:57
W3IPSingle Operator, High Power93,886VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-16 17:37:39
W3IUUSingle Operator, 3 Band663MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-11 00:15:03
W3JXSingle Operator, High Power3,458MDCNortheast Maryland Amateur Radio Contest Society2019-06-10 17:44:22
W3KMSingle Operator, Low Power117EPAMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-06-10 21:49:28
W3LLSingle Operator, High Power36,816MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-10 07:44:41
W3MBCSingle Operator, Low Power735MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-10 03:03:57
W3PAWSingle Operator, Low Power15,330WPAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-14 10:44:15
W3PPGSingle Operator, 3 Band589EPA2019-06-21 05:33:06
W3RFCUnlimited Multioperator29,735MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-10 04:09:52
W3SOLimited Multioperator139,403WPAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-10 16:09:39
W3SZSingle Operator, High Power43,310EPAMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-06-11 15:58:36
W4ADLimited Multioperator4,173VA2019-06-11 19:30:07
W4AQLSingle Operator, Low Power570GASouth East Contest Club2019-06-10 18:41:53
W4ATLSingle Operator, High Power432GA2019-06-10 09:45:49
W4BCGSingle Operator, 3 Band150TNTennessee Contest Group2019-06-10 16:10:04
W4DASSingle Operator, 3 Band63SFLFlorida Contest Group2019-06-14 01:12:23
W4EESingle Operator, Low Power4SFLFlorida Contest Group2019-06-09 21:25:06
W4GASingle Operator, Low Power4,040GA2019-06-16 21:28:15
W4GHDSingle Operator, Low Power100TNTennessee Contest Group2019-06-17 21:01:58
W4IYUnlimited Multioperator30,952WPAWoodbridge Wireless2019-06-11 23:02:33
W4JUUSingle Operator, Low Power1,128TNBradley County DX Association2019-06-09 20:36:37
W4LASSingle Operator, Low Power0WPA2019-06-10 03:28:01
W4NHUnlimited Multioperator70,810GA2019-06-14 21:52:49
W4PFSingle Operator, High Power1,829KYKentucky Contest Group2019-06-12 11:05:10
W4PGMSingle Operator, Low Power252TN2019-06-11 10:48:15
W4PKSingle Operator, High Power2,904VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-11 00:07:27
W4PNYSingle Operator, Low Power210NCCarolina DX Association2019-06-10 22:04:37
W4QKSingle Operator, High Power620GA2019-06-13 00:42:37
W4RXRSingle Operator, 3 Band1,683TN2019-06-27 22:13:27
W4TMSingle Operator, Low Power7,137GASouth East Contest Club2019-06-15 03:04:16
W4TTMSingle Operator, 3 Band858TNBristol (TN) ARC2019-06-18 18:57:24
W4UTSingle Operator, High Power2,380TNTennessee Contest Group2019-06-10 03:20:40
W4UWCSingle Operator, Low Power2,337KY2019-06-10 19:28:03
W4VICSingle Operator, Low Power500VAPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-10 02:28:59
W4WNTSingle Operator, Low Power48NCCarolina DX Association2019-06-11 01:52:00
W4WNT/RLimited Rover126NCCarolina DX Association2019-06-10 22:49:39
W4ZZKSingle Operator, Portable1,829AL2019-06-10 01:58:02
W5KISingle Operator, High Power4,500AR2019-06-12 13:37:56
W5MOChecklog0STX2019-06-10 16:54:06
W5MXSingle Operator, 3 Band3,626KYKentucky Contest Group2019-06-10 02:04:43
W5NZSingle Operator, 3 Band77AL2019-06-10 02:52:29
W5PRSingle Operator, High Power43,692STXTexas DX Society2019-06-10 19:08:22
W5ROKSingle Operator, Low Power1,350NTX2019-06-10 17:29:04
W5TDSingle Operator, 3 Band3,420OK2019-06-10 04:51:47
W5THTSingle Operator, High Power416MS2019-06-09 22:08:23
W5TTESingle Operator, Low Power50NM2019-06-09 23:06:40
W5TV/RLimited Rover6,860LANacogdoches ARC2019-06-11 13:16:37
W5VY/RClassic Rover24,300AR2019-06-16 16:49:35
W5WTXSingle Operator, High Power5,162WTXPanhandle DX and Contest Club (PDXC)2019-06-12 03:44:51
W6ABMSingle Operator, Low Power616ORWillamette Valley DX Club2019-06-10 17:06:30
W6DRSingle Operator, High Power3,420SCVPizza Lovers 2592019-06-10 07:17:20
W6GMTSingle Operator, Low Power3,220MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-06-10 10:17:59
W6IASingle Operator, FM Only660SCVNorthern California Contest Club2019-06-10 03:27:43
W6IFNSingle Operator, Low Power78SCVNorthern California Contest Club2019-06-10 07:16:25
W6ITSingle Operator, Low Power25,155ORGSouthern California Contest Club2019-06-11 13:33:53
W6LLPSingle Operator, Low Power54EWAPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-06-16 15:42:20
W6OATSingle Operator, Low Power2,523WWAPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-06-12 06:35:44
W6SXSingle Operator, 3 Band1SJVNorthern California Contest Club2019-06-09 23:59:44
W6TCPSingle Operator, High Power100SCVNorthern California Contest Club2019-06-10 04:29:10
W6YNOLimited Multioperator2,256SJV2019-06-11 01:13:51
W6ZARSingle Operator, 3 Band924SDGSouthern California Contest Club2019-06-10 03:09:07
W6ZLSingle Operator, Low Power572ORGSouthern California Contest Club2019-06-10 04:41:24
W7AITSingle Operator, FM Only799SJV2019-06-10 15:20:24
W7CXXSingle Operator, High Power8,250UTArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-06-15 10:15:49
W7D/RClassic Rover46,368NV2019-06-13 22:23:10
W7ERHSingle Operator, 3 Band0WWA2019-06-10 00:25:11
W7FISingle Operator, High Power24,225WWAPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-06-10 14:39:21
W7GLFSingle Operator, Low Power3,275EWAPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-06-17 06:25:12
W7ISGSingle Operator, 3 Band649AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-06-18 04:00:26
W7MEMSingle Operator, High Power9,605IDPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-06-15 13:57:43
W7MTLSingle Operator, 3 Band0ORPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-06-11 23:47:57
W7ONSingle Operator, 3 Band140AZClassic Operators Contest Club2019-06-18 01:22:41
W7PSKSingle Operator, Low Power0WWA2019-06-10 05:08:52
W7QQSingle Operator, High Power24,025NMNew Mexico VHF Society2019-06-13 23:52:24
W7TYNSingle Operator, Low Power320ORPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-06-11 21:17:05
W7TZLimited Multioperator2,275ORPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-06-12 02:47:50
W7UPSingle Operator, 3 Band8,120NE2019-06-11 13:29:21
W7UTSingle Operator, Low Power12,464SD2019-06-10 10:21:12
W7VXSSingle Operator, Low Power592WWAWestern Washington DX Club2019-06-10 03:19:37
W7YAQSingle Operator, High Power2,688ORWillamette Valley DX Club2019-06-10 23:30:25
W7ZQSingle Operator, High Power0WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-14 02:49:46
W7ZRSingle Operator, 3 Band20AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-06-10 19:52:34
W8AEFSingle Operator, Low Power3,440AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-06-10 03:55:31
W8AKSSingle Operator, Low Power713WV2019-06-10 15:26:46
W8DPKSingle Operator, Low Power480OH2019-06-11 02:40:21
W8EHSingle Operator, 3 Band0OH2019-06-10 01:57:14
W8GOCSingle Operator, Low Power336OH2019-06-12 13:13:15
W8JHSingle Operator, High Power18,135OH2019-06-15 18:29:30
W8KENSingle Operator, High Power6,656OHNorth Coast Contesters2019-06-10 01:36:01
W8KHPSingle Operator, Low Power3,440KY2019-06-14 17:12:06
W8KJSingle Operator, Portable697OHButler County ARA2019-06-18 22:00:53
W8KNOSingle Operator, Low Power64OHPortage County Amateur Radio Service2019-06-09 20:33:40
W8LYJSingle Operator, High Power3,157MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-11 00:17:26
W8MRLSingle Operator, 3 Band4,700OHButler County ARA2019-06-09 17:50:48
W8PENSingle Operator, Low Power989OHRadiohio2019-06-14 23:55:41
W8TGBSingle Operator, Low Power8MI2019-06-10 22:15:56
W8TOMSingle Operator, 3 Band798MI2019-06-10 16:14:33
W9AVSingle Operator, 3 Band13,005WISociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-10 03:16:55
W9EBKSingle Operator, Low Power35IL2019-06-18 02:55:14
W9EWZSingle Operator, High Power31,740WISociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-10 02:35:30
W9FFSingle Operator, High Power342ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-12 13:38:37
W9FFASingle Operator, High Power4,545INSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-10 11:03:23
W9FZ/RLimited Rover2,074WIBadger Contesters2019-06-11 02:24:39
W9GASingle Operator, Low Power53,157WIBadger Contesters2019-06-19 21:29:08
W9IHWSingle Operator, 3 Band0WI2019-06-17 10:19:06
W9IIXSingle Operator, High Power3,485ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-15 14:03:35
W9ILYSingle Operator, 3 Band4,095ILMetro DX Club2019-06-10 19:50:21
W9IZSingle Operator, 3 Band130INSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-11 14:13:17
W9JRFSingle Operator, Low Power600AZ2019-06-17 23:13:40
W9JSPSingle Operator, 3 Band368WIBadger Contesters2019-06-09 04:36:26
W9KXISingle Operator, High Power7,198WNYMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-06-10 20:26:49
W9MAFSingle Operator, Low Power2,257MO2019-06-12 23:43:35
W9MRHSingle Operator, Low Power1,908IN2019-06-10 12:00:31
W9NEDSingle Operator, Low Power5,778INSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-09 22:20:47
W9NXMSingle Operator, Low Power1,593ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-09 22:46:21
W9RESingle Operator, Low Power1,525INSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-10 02:44:11
W9RMSingle Operator, High Power96,530COGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2019-06-11 12:28:28
W9RVGLimited Multioperator54,880IL2019-06-15 02:11:51
W9SESingle Operator, Low Power4,224ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-10 17:15:45
W9VQSingle Operator, Low Power0ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-17 16:37:40
W9VWLimited Multioperator0IN2019-06-14 18:59:38
W9WOSingle Operator, High Power0INDillmans Amatuer Radio Experimenters2019-06-15 18:16:57
W9XAUnlimited Multioperator121,476ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-17 03:04:13
W9XTSingle Operator, Low Power703WISociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-14 01:55:25
W9YOY/RLimited Rover5,096OH2019-06-10 23:57:42
W9ZBSingle Operator, 3 Band4,704IN2019-06-10 10:48:37
WA0CNS/RLimited Rover924MO2019-06-17 15:44:43
WA0KDSSingle Operator, High Power1,980AZCADXA2019-06-15 03:08:30
WA0KXOSingle Operator, FM OnlyCO2019-06-15 23:30:53
WA0LIFSingle Operator, Low Power5,000MNMinnesota Wireless Assn2019-06-10 12:01:46
WA1LBKSingle Operator, Low Power3,549EMAWA1LBK2019-06-12 00:49:54
WA1TSingle Operator, High Power62,230NHNorth East Weak Signal Group2019-06-18 12:42:13
WA1ZSingle Operator, High Power7,700NHYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-06-10 22:28:54
WA2BTRSingle Operator, Low Power2,709EPA2019-06-14 22:50:06
WA2CLPSingle Operator, Low Power360NNJBergen ARA2019-06-20 02:12:59
WA2CLXSingle Operator, 3 Band5,445WNY2019-06-18 00:06:58
WA2ONGSingle Operator, High Power1,953VA2019-06-10 02:51:29
WA2PNISingle Operator, Low Power36NNJBergen ARA2019-06-13 18:48:08
WA2QAUSingle Operator, Low Power616WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-11 03:42:10
WA2TMCSingle Operator, Portable26,244WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-17 16:27:37
WA2VNVSingle Operator, Low Power9,858NLINorth East Weak Signal Group2019-06-10 17:07:16
WA2ZNCSingle Operator, High Power1,890WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-21 14:27:03
WA3AANSingle Operator, Low Power264EPAFrankford Radio Club2019-06-10 12:00:17
WA3AFSSingle Operator, High Power667ENYHudson Valley Contesters and DXers2019-06-10 01:23:32
WA3EHDSingle Operator, High Power4,080EPAMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-06-10 21:58:12
WA3EKLLimited Multioperator30,846MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-10 04:14:01
WA3EOQSingle Operator, Low Power36,828MDC2019-06-13 16:19:24
WA3FETSingle Operator, Low Power4,558WPANorth Coast Contesters2019-06-12 03:08:01
WA3KFTSingle Operator, 3 Band693EPAMobile Sixers Radio Club2019-06-18 00:51:05
WA3MJZSingle Operator, 3 Band189MDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-17 00:48:48
WA3PTV/RClassic Rover12,006WPA2019-06-14 22:20:19
WA3RGQSingle Operator, High Power4,680WCFFlorida Weak Signal Society2019-06-16 21:45:51
WA4FHYSingle Operator, 3 Band408TN2019-06-25 14:41:51
WA4GPMSingle Operator, 3 Band17,670NFLFlorida Weak Signal Society2019-06-10 16:29:49
WA4JASingle Operator, FM Only1TNTennessee Contest Group2019-06-12 18:51:49
WA4LDUSingle Operator, 3 Band560SC2019-06-13 21:04:04
WA4NIVSingle Operator, Low Power667TNCleveland ARC2019-06-10 18:25:15
WA4NSCSingle Operator, 3 Band15GA2019-06-11 01:35:15
WA4UFSingle Operator, 3 Band64NFL2019-06-10 04:00:21
WA4YWMSingle Operator, Low Power308EPAWarminster ARC2019-06-16 19:56:00
WA5AZQ/RLimited Rover60STX2019-06-17 21:56:04
WA5CAMSingle Operator, Low Power98MS2019-06-12 18:10:13
WA5FRFSingle Operator, Low Power84STX2019-06-21 20:06:38
WA5KBHSingle Operator, Low Power2,090LA2019-06-26 19:44:20
WA5KYYSingle Operator, Low Power120NTX2019-06-21 21:06:45
WA5LFDSingle Operator, High Power4,263NTXNorth Texas Contest Club2019-06-11 03:56:34
WA5WFESingle Operator, Low Power64WTXPanhandle DX and Contest Club2019-06-18 18:10:10
WA6AXXSingle Operator, Low Power0SCV2019-06-15 04:16:10
WA6AZPSingle Operator, Low Power448SCV2019-06-11 17:29:43
WA6BJHSingle Operator, Portable192NM2019-06-10 01:45:04
WA6HNASingle Operator, 3 BandSJV2019-06-10 21:09:42
WA6POZSingle Operator, High Power9NFLFlorida Contest Group2019-06-10 04:54:37
WA7NWLSingle Operator, Low Power1,568AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-06-09 20:59:58
WA7PTMSingle Operator, Low Power92WWA2019-06-10 04:05:49
WA7PVESingle Operator, 3 Band3,640WWA2019-06-17 21:45:19
WA7XXSingle Operator, High Power0AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-06-12 04:56:53
WA7YAZSingle Operator, Low Power3,871UT2019-06-10 03:55:46
WA8TWMSingle Operator, Low Power3,366OH2019-06-10 15:30:37
WA8YLZSingle Operator, Low Power244MI2019-06-15 12:27:52
WA9LEYSingle Operator, Low Power2,080ILMetro DX Club2019-06-10 15:43:46
WA9ONYSingle Operator, Low Power744WWAPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-06-10 03:21:39
WA9TKKSingle Operator, Portable4AZ2019-06-12 17:13:51
WA9TTSingle Operator, Low Power4,998WIBadger Contesters2019-06-10 12:22:53
WA9TTCSingle Operator, Low Power0VA2019-06-19 22:36:35
WB0AODSingle Operator, Low Power680NFL2019-06-10 10:37:15
WB0HHMSingle Operator, Low Power5,320SDNorthern Lights Radio Society2019-06-10 10:38:51
WB0IWGSingle Operator, Low Power11,466ND2019-06-10 03:19:14
WB0SIOSingle Operator, 3 BandMN2019-06-10 11:31:08
WB0ULXSingle Operator, 3 Band8,820SD2019-06-10 12:38:01
WB1GQRSingle Operator, Low Power160,632VTRadio Amateurs of Northern Vermont2019-06-19 06:39:44
WB2AMUSingle Operator, Portable1,785NLI2019-06-12 00:25:53
WB2BYPSingle Operator, High Power6,622WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-14 00:58:18
WB2CUTSingle Operator, Low Power1,710NNJ2019-06-13 23:21:48
WB2EODSingle Operator, Low Power5,499SNJSouth Jersey Radio Assn2019-06-12 01:01:52
WB2FKOSingle Operator, High Power33,840NMNew Mexico VHF Society2019-06-11 15:56:10
WB2HJQSingle Operator, Low Power0EPA2019-06-10 09:27:49
WB2HJVSingle Operator, 3 Band1,952WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-11 00:37:08
WB2JAYSingle Operator, Low Power43,264NLI2019-06-10 17:03:32
WB2NVRSingle Operator, Low Power210ENYRZS Amateur Radio Club2019-06-09 18:06:21
WB2PJHSingle Operator, Low Power9,408NNJFrankford Radio Club2019-06-10 00:04:11
WB2RVXSingle Operator, High Power2,080SNJMt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-06-18 02:03:18
WB2VVVSingle Operator, Low Power10,200RICTRI Contest Group2019-06-10 16:36:08
WB2WPMSingle Operator, High Power2,747WNYNiagara Frontier Radiosport2019-06-10 03:15:56
WB3JKQSingle Operator, 3 Band722TNTennessee Contest Group2019-06-18 02:14:55
WB4MMSingle Operator, 3 Band320NFLFlorida Weak Signal Society2019-06-13 22:09:07
WB4WXELimited Multioperator18,815AL2019-06-26 15:11:20
WB4YDYSingle Operator, 3 Band144TN2019-06-09 11:31:01
WB5JJJSingle Operator, Low Power0AR2019-06-10 03:12:26
WB5RMGSingle Operator, FM Only8MS2019-06-19 22:22:33
WB6CZGSingle Operator, Low Power42SVNorthern California Contest Club2019-06-10 18:19:07
WB6HUM/RLimited Rover1,314EBMother Lode DX/Contest Club2019-06-09 20:27:13
WB6RABSingle Operator, Low Power2,378SFL2019-06-19 16:18:48
WB6ZZYSingle Operator, 3 Band0SV2019-06-10 20:22:33
WB7FJGSingle Operator, 3 Band1,140WWAPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-06-10 16:21:36
WB8AHTSingle Operator, Low Power0MI2019-06-10 15:09:59
WB8RFBSingle Operator, Low Power60ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-08 21:42:15
WB8WKQSingle Operator, Low Power1,872MIMad River Radio Club2019-06-10 03:00:42
WB8WUASingle Operator, Low Power238OH2019-06-20 00:13:11
WB9AYWSingle Operator, Low Power3IL2019-06-14 19:19:10
WB9DARSingle Operator, High Power30IL2019-06-14 18:22:08
WB9HFKSingle Operator, 3 Band1,827ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-10 14:05:01
WB9QAF/RLimited Rover2,052NE2019-06-10 04:04:32
WB9TFHSingle Operator, 3 Band13,616WIBadger Contesters2019-06-11 00:37:44
WC7SSingle Operator, Low Power210WYGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2019-06-10 16:37:48
WD0BQMSingle Operator, High Power322NE2019-06-20 00:56:14
WD0TSingle Operator, High Power98,556SD2019-06-10 23:01:58
WD2ESingle Operator, High Power5,457SFL2019-06-11 01:45:27
WD4EGFSingle Operator, High Power0AL2019-06-10 03:31:27
WD5HJFSingle Operator, 3 Band4,620AR2019-06-11 14:20:49
WD6DXSingle Operator, Low Power1SCV2019-06-12 03:21:03
WD9DDSingle Operator, 3 Band0SCVWest Valley ARA2019-06-16 21:10:19
WD9HBF/RLimited Rover3,149MISociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-18 19:51:53
WE1PUnlimited Multioperator22,176ENY2019-06-12 11:12:35
WE5PSingle Operator, 3 Band819KYKentucky Contest Group2019-06-10 00:08:58
WE7LSingle Operator, High Power600CO2019-06-12 17:20:40
WE7X/RLimited Rover429WWAPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-06-18 16:03:54
WE9VSingle Operator, High Power3,010WISociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-10 13:40:37
WF7TSingle Operator, Low Power3,655TNTennessee Contest Group2019-06-10 05:16:25
WI9WISingle Operator, High Power40,002WIBadger Contesters2019-06-11 00:26:12
WJ0FSingle Operator, Low Power5,544AZ2019-06-10 17:35:06
WJ1BSingle Operator, Low Power574CTYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-06-10 10:59:59
WJ9BSingle Operator, High Power100IDPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-06-10 14:35:55
WK9USingle Operator, High Power12,792WI2019-06-10 03:05:30
WM5RSingle Operator, Low Power1,040STXCentral Texas DX and Contest Club2019-06-10 19:28:47
WM6YSingle Operator, 3 Band0SDG2019-06-10 02:46:24
WN8YSingle Operator, 3 Band169TNTennessee Contest Group2019-06-10 23:39:35
WO1SSingle Operator, 3 Band70AZ2019-06-13 17:33:48
WO2CChecklog1,856WPA2019-07-02 15:20:39
WO4OSingle Operator, High Power6,897NFLFlorida Contest Group2019-06-10 14:35:14
WO7TSingle Operator, Low Power840AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-06-10 03:40:14
WQ0PUnlimited Multioperator146,560KS2019-06-11 00:09:51
WQ3USingle Operator, Low Power1OR2019-06-10 15:23:20
WQ4MLimited Multioperator2,275TN2019-06-10 16:34:57
WQ5LSingle Operator, Low Power7,986MS2019-06-11 00:37:37
WQ5SSingle Operator, Low Power11,400NTXNorth Texas Microwave Society2019-06-16 00:27:07
WQ9TSingle Operator, Low Power0IL2019-06-10 23:05:20
WR0HSingle Operator, Low PowerMO2019-06-09 21:20:55
WS5NSingle Operator, Low Power4,914NMCibola County ARC2019-06-14 07:04:07
WS9VSingle Operator, High Power25,004ILSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-12 01:17:00
WT0DXSingle Operator, High Power5,856COGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2019-06-10 20:25:57
WT4RSingle Operator, 3 Band0TN2019-06-10 13:27:23
WU1ITUSingle Operator, High Power12,699NNYYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-06-16 22:47:41
WU6KSingle Operator, 3 Band0SCV2019-06-10 21:14:05
WU6WSingle Operator, Low Power24NVNorthern California Contest Club2019-06-12 02:40:19
WU9BSingle Operator, High Power315AZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-06-10 13:47:51
WV2CSingle Operator, 3 Band248NLI2019-06-15 12:29:50
WV4PSingle Operator, Low Power12,168TNTennessee Contest Group2019-06-10 17:57:49
WV7SSingle Operator, 3 Band308WWAPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-06-18 17:20:53
WX3PSingle Operator, Portable2,318WNYRochester VHF Group2019-06-10 21:29:11
WX8CSingle Operator, High Power1,247MI2019-06-10 14:16:47
WX8VSingle Operator, Low Power150KY2019-06-11 00:56:19
WY7KYSingle Operator, 3 Band1,617WY2019-06-10 04:41:14
WZ0WSingle Operator, Low Power77MOSociety of Midwest Contesters2019-06-15 22:16:07
WZ1VSingle Operator, High Power122,661CTNorth East Weak Signal Group2019-06-17 02:50:36
WZ8TSingle Operator, Low Power12,320WWAWillamette Valley DX Club2019-06-10 19:04:33
XE1HSingle Operator, Low Power48DXClub de Radio Experimentadores de Occidente2019-06-10 03:30:07
XE2CQSingle Operator, High Power22,923DXXE-DXers*2019-06-14 01:45:31
XE2JSSingle Operator, Low Power4,144DXXE-DXers*2019-06-15 15:30:39
XE2OKSingle Operator, Low Power682DX2019-06-10 03:41:31
XE2XSingle Operator, High Power9,792DX2019-06-10 22:49:20