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Due: 2019-01-31 03:59:00Z
918 logs received as of 2019-02-10 06:16:35
Call SignCategorySectionClaimed ScoreClubDate Received
4U1WBSingle Operator, Low PowerMDC18Potomac Valley Radio Club2019-01-22 18:25:04
AA0KSingle Operator, Low PowerCO02019-01-22 04:34:39
AA2TTSingle Operator, High PowerNLI4,7252019-01-22 03:28:35
AA2UKSingle Operator, High PowerSNJ9,570Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-23 14:28:19
AA3BSingle Operator, Low PowerEPA20Frankford Radio Club2019-01-21 15:37:45
AA3GNSingle Operator, Low PowerEPA1,353Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-29 19:18:43
AA3JHSingle Operator, 3 BandEPA1,209Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-25 17:32:18
AA3SSingle Operator, 3 BandMDC168Potomac Valley Radio Club2019-01-21 04:05:57
AA4DDSingle Operator, Low PowerTN882Bristol (TN) ARC2019-01-21 23:32:00
AA4QSingle Operator, PortableAZ196Arizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-01-21 18:09:20
AA4RPSingle Operator, Low PowerGA722019-01-21 04:34:37
AA4VVSingle Operator, High PowerNC02019-01-21 16:14:26
AA5AMSingle Operator, Low PowerNTX3,034North Texas Microwave Society2019-01-21 17:42:17
AA5AUSingle Operator, Low PowerLA357Louisiana Contest Club2019-01-21 02:39:13
AA5PR/RLimited RoverNM437New Mexico VHF Society2019-01-27 04:48:16
AA6XASingle Operator, PortableSF2,3102019-01-21 00:40:41
AA7EASingle Operator, Low PowerOR2019-01-23 03:57:07
AA7VSingle Operator, 3 BandAZ176Arizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-01-25 03:09:44
AA8MASingle Operator, 3 BandOH352019-01-20 23:17:16
AA8SWSingle Operator, Low PowerOH02019-01-21 01:44:04
AA9IL/RClassic RoverIL0Stoned Monkey VHF ARC2019-01-30 04:16:58
AB0CDSingle Operator, PortableCO2Cold Brook Contest Club2019-01-27 06:10:09
AB0MVSingle Operator, FM OnlyCO32019-01-31 00:16:32
AB0YM/RLimited RoverCO90Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2019-01-25 23:19:57
AB2HGSingle Operator, 3 BandWNY2942019-01-21 21:04:43
AB4CR/RClassic RoverMDC162019-01-31 00:12:52
AB4EJSingle Operator, High PowerAL2402019-01-21 16:12:24
AB4SFSingle Operator, High PowerVA6,2482019-01-21 17:00:23
AC0RA/RUnlimited RoverIA40,0022019-01-27 17:46:54
AC1JSingle Operator, Low PowerNH5,375Granite State ARA2019-02-10 06:16:35
AC2VESingle Operator, 3 BandWNY1,547Rochester VHF Group2019-01-22 06:16:46
AC4GSingle Operator, Low PowerTN1602019-01-21 00:08:54
AC6WISingle Operator, 3 BandVA85Potomac Valley Radio Club2019-01-26 15:37:09
AC7FF/RClassic RoverAZ2,6102019-01-31 00:42:56
AC9BJSingle Operator, Low PowerWI112Badger Contesters2019-01-21 04:04:17
AD4TJSingle Operator, FM OnlyVA4022019-01-21 03:14:33
AD5ASingle Operator, 3 BandSTX18,984Roadrunners Microwave Group2019-01-21 06:13:32
AE0EESingle Operator, Low PowerMN72Northern Lights Radio Society2019-01-21 20:40:43
AE0QSingle Operator, FM OnlyCO32019-01-31 00:18:04
AE5PSingle Operator, Low PowerNTX02019-01-23 15:37:20
AE6GESingle Operator, 3 BandSJV1,809Clovis Amateur Radio Pioneers2019-01-24 21:53:52
AE7ELSingle Operator, PortableWWA196SAN JUAN COUNTY AMATEUR RADIO SOCIETY2019-01-25 22:41:18
AF1R/RLimited RoverEMA122019-01-21 05:53:19
AF1TSingle Operator, Low PowerNH61,200North East Weak Signal Group2019-01-26 22:13:32
AF5CC/RUnlimited RoverOK3842019-01-25 03:46:02
AF7MDSingle Operator, 3 BandOR1,463Pacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-22 16:46:56
AF8CSingle Operator, 3 BandOH44West Park Radiops2019-01-25 22:06:44
AG4V/RClassic RoverTN13,3382019-01-21 06:30:38
AG5DBSingle Operator, Low PowerOK02019-01-29 05:56:13
AG6AGSingle Operator, FM OnlySB18Ventura County Amateur Radio Society2019-01-21 03:28:38
AG6JASingle Operator, Low PowerEB982019-01-20 06:19:52
AG7HVSingle Operator, PortableWWA02019-01-26 23:50:47
AG7QHSingle Operator, 3 BandOR36Pacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-31 09:05:47
AI1KSingle Operator, High PowerAZ1,5122019-01-27 21:40:40
AI2NSingle Operator, High PowerWNY0Rochester (NY) DX Assn2019-01-21 05:29:31
AI5ISingle Operator, High PowerNM3,835New Mexico VHF Society2019-01-21 23:36:47
AI6DOSingle Operator, 3 BandLAX12Southern California Contest Club2019-01-21 05:01:31
AI6KGSingle Operator, Low PowerPAC02019-01-22 00:57:09
AI9QSingle Operator, FM OnlyWWA27Pacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-21 01:02:05
AI9TSingle Operator, Low PowerIL364Society of Midwest Contesters2019-01-21 02:44:42
AJ3DISingle Operator, 3 BandEPA02019-01-20 23:35:29
AJ4FSingle Operator, Low PowerSTX234Texas DX Society2019-01-22 02:14:17
AJ4WSingle Operator, 3 BandAL540Alabama Contest Group2019-01-22 02:14:39
AJ6TSingle Operator, 3 BandAL1,562Alabama Contest Group2019-01-26 00:59:17
AK0EMSingle Operator, 3 BandMN224Bloomington Amateur Radio Club2019-01-21 04:00:14
AK9YSingle Operator, PortableIL15Six Meter Club of Chicago2019-01-23 22:07:11
K0AWUSingle Operator, High PowerMN3,600Northern Lights Radio Society2019-01-21 04:02:18
K0BAK/RClassic RoverEPA5,035Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-20 21:22:21
K0BBCSingle Operator, High PowerMENorthern Lights Radio Society2019-01-21 05:25:40
K0CQSingle Operator, 3 BandIAStory County Amateur Radio Club2019-01-24 22:42:27
K0JJSingle Operator, High PowerOR4,995Pacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-21 19:24:08
K0JJWSingle Operator, PortableCO722019-01-21 04:12:59
K0JQASingle Operator, 3 BandIA2942019-02-05 17:21:53
K0LBSingle Operator, Low PowerVA60Woodbridge Amateur Radio Club2019-01-21 17:19:50
K0NEBSingle Operator, Low PowerNE1952019-02-01 02:02:29
K0NRSingle Operator, PortableCO759Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2019-01-21 05:06:24
K0PGSingle Operator, Low PowerIN120Badger Contesters2019-01-30 23:31:55
K0SIXSingle Operator, High PowerMN13,651Northern Lights Radio Society2019-01-21 14:05:22
K0TPPSingle Operator, High PowerMO5,8762019-01-21 19:20:31
K0VGSingle Operator, 3 BandMN132Northern Lights Radio Society2019-01-21 04:06:12
K0VXMSingle Operator, High PowerSFL6,789Florida Weak Signal Society2019-01-26 13:23:11
K0YQSingle Operator, Low PowerCO22019-01-22 17:31:52
K1BAB/RLimited RoverCT126Eastern Connecticut ARA2019-01-26 15:32:15
K1DGSingle Operator, High PowerNH0Yankee Clipper Contest Club2019-01-21 16:22:29
K1DSSingle Operator, Low PowerSFL4Florida Weak Signal Society2019-01-21 20:22:56
K1EPSingle Operator, Low PowerEMA11Yankee Clipper Contest Club2019-01-27 22:41:20
K1GBHSingle Operator, Low PowerME62019-01-24 20:34:42
K1GGSingle Operator, Low PowerVA108Potomac Valley Radio Club2019-01-22 13:02:08
K1GUSingle Operator, Low PowerTN15Tennessee Contest Group2019-01-23 14:47:36
K1GXSingle Operator, High PowerCT3,6122019-01-28 12:18:47
K1HCSingle Operator, Low PowerEMA2,184North East Weak Signal Group2019-01-21 15:11:10
K1HTVSingle Operator, High PowerVA0Potomac Valley Radio Club2019-01-21 19:23:11
K1IGSSingle Operator, 3 BandNH120Contoocook Valley Radio Club2019-01-31 14:13:37
K1JTSingle Operator, High PowerSNJ13,068Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-21 14:35:13
K1NPTSingle Operator, 3 BandRI282019-01-20 19:11:25
K1PYSingle Operator, FM OnlyWNY26Rochester VHF Group2019-01-22 00:44:27
K1QM/RLimited RoverCT175Eastern Connecticut ARA2019-01-25 23:26:43
K1RZSingle Operator, High PowerMDC124,540Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-25 04:48:57
K1SWSingle Operator, Low PowerCT90MCCRT2019-01-24 21:46:13
K1SXSingle Operator, Low PowerEMA348CTRI Contest Group2019-01-28 18:21:22
K1TEOSingle Operator, High PowerCT44,541North East Weak Signal Group2019-01-29 13:30:03
K1TOSingle Operator, High PowerWCF22,944Florida Contest Group2019-01-26 00:25:29
K1TRSingle Operator, High PowerNH19,085Yankee Clipper Contest Club2019-01-21 18:00:09
K1URSingle Operator, High PowerEMA7022019-01-21 21:20:38
K1UU/RLimited RoverEMA944North East Weak Signal Group2019-01-21 19:09:58
K1ZESingle Operator, High PowerCT1,914Eastern Connecticut ARA2019-01-20 23:44:25
K1ZKSingle Operator, 3 BandVT3,4922019-01-21 03:30:49
K2BARLimited MultioperatorNNJ8,658Bergen ARA2019-01-24 19:18:53
K2DBKSingle Operator, Low PowerNNJ2,0372019-01-21 14:07:10
K2DRHSingle Operator, Low PowerIL86,730Society of Midwest Contesters2019-01-28 05:36:35
K2ET/RClassic RoverWNY24,840Rochester VHF Group2019-01-22 02:08:41
K2EZ/RClassic RoverNNJ22,050Sussex County ARC2019-01-27 04:17:49
K2GMYSingle Operator, Low PowerEB5,4252019-01-21 08:12:16
K2JBLimited MultioperatorNC02019-01-21 02:47:30
K2KASingle Operator, High PowerEMA2019-01-29 20:54:55
K2LDT/RUnlimited RoverWNY69,745Rochester VHF Group2019-01-29 03:07:43
K2LNSSingle Operator, High PowerEPA2,016Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-21 20:12:38
K2MENSingle Operator, Low PowerSNJ130Gloucester Co ARC2019-01-24 17:08:06
K2MKSingle Operator, Low PowerWCF1,4042019-01-20 22:18:49
K2MTHSingle Operator, Low PowerWNY0Rochester VHF Group2019-01-24 01:07:34
K2NUDSingle Operator, Low PowerNNJ5722019-01-21 13:25:22
K2OIDSingle Operator, 3 BandWNY0XRX AMATEUR RADIO CLUB2019-01-27 17:11:21
K2OSSingle Operator, Low PowerWNY248Rochester VHF Group2019-01-25 18:03:34
K2PALSingle Operator, Low PowerNLI662019-01-21 19:31:06
K2QQSingle Operator, High PowerWNY3,0022019-01-26 00:55:02
K2RETSingle Operator, High PowerSNJ12Frankford Radio Club2019-01-21 15:21:22
K2RMXSingle Operator, Low PowerENY2,4152019-02-03 04:43:17
K2SDSSingle Operator, Low PowerSNJ4272019-01-22 01:49:09
K2SISingle Operator, FM OnlyWNY1,800Rochester VHF Group2019-01-22 02:02:52
K2TER/RClassic RoverWNY71,940Rochester VHF Group2019-01-24 12:18:07
K2TVSingle Operator, Low PowerNLI198Great South Bay ARC2019-01-26 15:19:56
K2TXBSingle Operator, High PowerSNJ17,020Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-22 13:16:29
K2UASingle Operator, 3 BandWNY5,6802019-01-21 02:04:45
K2WBSingle Operator, 3 BandSNJ1,190Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-21 22:30:37
K2ZXSingle Operator, High PowerWNY495Rochester VHF Group2019-01-28 22:52:09
K3AJSingle Operator, Low PowerMDC1,121Potomac Valley Radio Club2019-01-21 14:00:27
K3BFSSingle Operator, Low PowerEPA70Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-26 20:29:07
K3BPPSingle Operator, 3 BandMDC600Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-22 18:44:59
K3CNHSingle Operator, Low PowerDE5882019-01-24 22:22:37
K3DFLSingle Operator, Low PowerEPA772019-01-21 05:10:59
K3DMASingle Operator, PortableEPA24Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-24 05:03:43
K3EGESingle Operator, Low PowerEPA52Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-24 02:09:47
K3GNCSingle Operator, High PowerEPA14,079Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-27 18:36:38
K3ISHSingle Operator, High PowerEPA1,3522019-01-21 20:48:47
K3IUVSingle Operator, Low PowerEPA2,394Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-22 17:08:40
K3JJZSingle Operator, High PowerEPA7,944Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-22 15:32:36
K3JRZSingle Operator, 3 BandDE72019-01-23 02:52:27
K3JTSingle Operator, Low PowerWV260Potomac Valley Radio Club2019-01-21 17:20:46
K3MDSingle Operator, High PowerEPA6,110Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-30 12:54:53
K3PPSingle Operator, 3 BandEPA304Frankford Radio Club2019-01-29 22:37:58
K3RW/RLimited RoverWWA168Pacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-25 23:26:21
K3SFXSingle Operator, 3 BandEPA7,008Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-23 21:50:03
K3TEFSingle Operator, 3 BandEPA4,752Northeast Maryland Amateur Radio Contest Society2019-01-21 20:21:19
K3TNSingle Operator, 3 BandMDC114Potomac Valley Radio Club2019-01-21 01:04:08
K3TUFSingle Operator, High PowerEPA10,461Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-21 03:40:05
K3TWSingle Operator, FM OnlyNFL36Florida Contest Group2019-01-28 16:26:28
K3VEQSingle Operator, 3 BandEPA632Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-25 21:14:54
K3WWSingle Operator, High PowerEPA1,183Frankford Radio Club2019-01-21 13:35:39
K3YDXSingle Operator, PortableMDC65Potomac Valley Radio Club2019-01-23 00:56:22
K3ZASingle Operator, Low PowerEPA884Frankford Radio Club2019-01-23 17:13:45
K3ZCYSingle Operator, Low PowerWPA1602019-01-31 21:39:18
K3ZOSingle Operator, High PowerMDC3,277Potomac Valley Radio Club2019-01-21 05:43:53
K4DETSingle Operator, Low PowerVA02019-01-22 01:43:52
K4FJWSingle Operator, Low PowerVA2,144Bristol (TN) ARC2019-01-21 04:14:11
K4NRTSingle Operator, FM OnlyTN24Bristol (TN) ARC2019-01-21 23:51:02
K4PPKSingle Operator, Low PowerWCF2,6982019-01-21 01:45:52
K4QDSingle Operator, Low PowerSFL55Florida Contest Group2019-01-27 17:22:51
K4SME/RClassic RoverNFL14,550Florida Weak Signal Society2019-01-23 01:16:21
K4YRKSingle Operator, Low PowerTN3902019-01-21 16:00:42
K4YYLSingle Operator, Low PowerSC02019-01-21 17:27:26
K5CKSSingle Operator, Low PowerAR02019-01-21 15:49:22
K5CRJSingle Operator, Low PowerMS162019-01-21 15:05:32
K5EKSingle Operator, Low PowerNC130Carolina DX Association2019-01-21 01:49:59
K5GZRSingle Operator, High PowerSTX4Roadrunners Microwave Group2019-01-21 15:48:14
K5JAZSingle Operator, High PowerLA2019-01-21 21:23:32
K5LASingle Operator, High PowerWTX4,1822019-01-27 19:41:30
K5LLLSingle Operator, High PowerSTX28,119Roadrunners Microwave Group2019-01-24 01:32:33
K5ND/RLimited RoverNTX9,300DFW Contest Group2019-01-21 15:48:25
K5NZSingle Operator, Low PowerSTX1,953Central Texas DX and Contest Club2019-01-21 00:47:29
K5QELimited MultioperatorSTX86,240DFW Contest Group2019-01-29 02:57:50
K5TASingle Operator, 3 BandNM120New Mexico VHF Society2019-01-21 17:41:49
K5TRASingle Operator, Low PowerSTX10,857Roadrunners Microwave Group2019-01-21 19:12:20
K5VHSingle Operator, High PowerSTX14,8982019-02-05 16:40:53
K5VIPSingle Operator, High PowerVA3,276Potomac Valley Radio Club2019-01-21 04:19:21
K5WO/RClassic RoverNM16New Mexico VHF Society2019-01-25 22:01:33
K5ZDSingle Operator, Low PowerWMA68Yankee Clipper Contest Club2019-01-24 19:16:41
K6ERFSingle Operator, Low PowerEB6902019-01-21 06:07:50
K6EUSingle Operator, High PowerSCV1,350Northern California Contest Club2019-01-30 16:42:42
K6FWSingle Operator, Low PowerORG2019-01-21 19:11:17
K6KHBSingle Operator, Low PowerEB4082019-01-21 23:25:36
K6KLYSingle Operator, High PowerSCV1,830Northern California Contest Club2019-01-31 15:30:27
K6KQVSingle Operator, FM OnlySCV480Northern California Contest Club2019-01-20 23:24:21
K6LMN/RLimited RoverLAX2,2892019-01-31 23:41:12
K6MISingle Operator, Low PowerSJV6,020Northern California Contest Club2019-01-22 06:09:24
K6POSingle Operator, 3 BandSDG280Southern California Contest Club2019-01-21 04:09:19
K6RJFSingle Operator, 3 BandSDG362019-01-21 12:23:20
K6TDISingle Operator, Low PowerORG2019-01-22 01:58:28
K6UMSingle Operator, High PowerOR860Pacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-21 03:57:23
K6WISSingle Operator, High PowerSCV2,6042019-01-29 17:18:49
K6XXSingle Operator, Low PowerSCV12Northern California Contest Club2019-01-24 20:44:34
K6YKSingle Operator, Low PowerSJV403Mother Lode DX/Contest Club2019-01-21 00:53:38
K7AJG/RLimited RoverWWA450Radio Club of Redmond2019-01-22 05:08:39
K7AMBSingle Operator, High PowerAZ6602019-01-23 01:06:49
K7ATN/RUnlimited RoverORPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-28 01:37:37
K7BDB/RLimited RoverOR9,639Pacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-31 17:12:44
K7BWH/RLimited RoverWWA5,436Pacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-26 21:06:12
K7CNTSingle Operator, Low PowerAZ02019-01-21 22:52:47
K7CWSingle Operator, High PowerWWA7,840Pacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-21 04:38:44
K7HKRSingle Operator, Low PowerAK5982019-01-23 06:18:31
K7HPSingle Operator, Low PowerAZ658Arizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-01-21 03:58:11
K7IIISingle Operator, 3 BandWWA192Pacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-30 22:17:52
K7IMASingle Operator, FM OnlyOR0Pacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-28 04:08:52
K7JFDSingle Operator, PortableAZ248Arizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-01-22 20:43:34
K7JKMSingle Operator, Low PowerOR02019-01-20 06:56:16
K7JQSingle Operator, 3 BandAZ30Arizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-01-21 11:50:11
K7JSG/RLimited RoverWWA3,950Pacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-28 21:37:09
K7KQASingle Operator, High PowerEWA0Pacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-30 03:55:50
K7MCWSingle Operator, 3 BandOR4802019-01-27 03:25:45
K7NDSingle Operator, High PowerWWA8,836Pacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-21 22:18:33
K7PDWSingle Operator, Low PowerUT2162019-01-21 23:38:57
K7RJBSingle Operator, 3 BandOR200Pacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-22 04:15:44
K7SMASingle Operator, Low PowerID14Pacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-30 17:11:11
K7TABSingle Operator, PortableAZ2,1082019-01-24 00:59:53
K7TEJSingle Operator, PortableAZ3692019-01-29 23:41:19
K7ULSSingle Operator, High PowerUT1,2242019-01-21 03:50:34
K7XCSingle Operator, 3 BandNV66Northern California Contest Club2019-01-21 22:02:49
K8ROSingle Operator, High PowerMI406L'Anse Creuse ARC2019-01-22 04:53:27
K8SDSingle Operator, 3 BandWI1,6432019-01-23 20:08:57
K8YSE/7Single Operator, Low PowerAZ5502019-01-27 20:36:50
K8ZRSingle Operator, High PowerOH6,9622019-01-28 19:59:58
K8ZTSingle Operator, 3 BandOH70Mad River Radio Club2019-01-21 07:12:54
K9CTSingle Operator, High PowerIL7,552Society of Midwest Contesters2019-01-20 17:51:00
K9CWSingle Operator, Low PowerIL513Society of Midwest Contesters2019-01-21 18:22:43
K9DRSingle Operator, Low PowerAZ18Arizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-01-22 19:59:00
K9FASingle Operator, 3 BandSTX18,768Central Texas DX and Contest Club2019-01-23 02:14:45
K9JK/RLimited RoverIL1,264Six Meter Club of Chicago2019-01-31 02:52:40
K9KQXSingle Operator, Low PowerIL2019-01-20 05:49:02
K9LAESingle Operator, FM OnlyIL24Six Meter Club of Chicago2019-01-22 19:34:45
K9MUSingle Operator, Low PowerWI19,800Chippewa Valley VHF Contesters2019-01-22 03:52:05
K9NWSingle Operator, High PowerOH48Mad River Radio Club2019-01-21 04:24:00
K9PGSingle Operator, Low PowerIL16Society of Midwest Contesters2019-01-27 22:41:50
K9PMSingle Operator, Low PowerAZ02019-01-22 19:21:38
K9PWSingle Operator, PortableEPA2019-01-28 03:43:50
K9PYSingle Operator, Low PowerIL276Metro DX Club2019-01-21 23:25:30
K9TMS/RClassic RoverIL2,060Stoned Monkey VHF ARC2019-01-30 03:58:43
K9YRSingle Operator, High PowerIL4,080Badger Contesters2019-01-21 04:49:07
KA0CROSingle Operator, Low PowerMN686Northern Lights Radio Society2019-01-30 23:16:19
KA0RYTSingle Operator, High PowerMN2,160Northern Lights Radio Society2019-01-28 21:32:11
KA1AFSingle Operator, 3 BandNFL3,515THE VILLAGES AMATEUR RADIO CLUB2019-01-22 02:10:50
KA1EKRSingle Operator, Low PowerEMA2,1172019-01-26 22:03:44
KA1GYBSingle Operator, Low PowerCT42019-01-21 12:47:36
KA1SUUnlimited MultioperatorNHNorth East Weak Signal Group2019-01-22 14:45:25
KA1VMGSingle Operator, Low PowerCT408CTRI Contest Group2019-01-23 16:23:57
KA2ENESingle Operator, Low PowerWNY10,062Rochester VHF Group2019-01-21 07:13:11
KA2FIRSingle Operator, Low PowerNNJ1202019-02-04 02:33:35
KA2LIMSingle Operator, High PowerWNY4,134Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-21 05:28:05
KA2LIM/RClassic RoverWNY2,835Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-21 05:17:45
KA2YRA/RLimited RoverNNJ248Fairlawn Amateur Radio Club2019-01-21 01:56:01
KA3FQSSingle Operator, Low PowerEPA17,696Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-27 19:46:13
KA3WXVSingle Operator, Low PowerEPA3,344Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-25 20:52:17
KA5D/RLimited RoverSTX18,5222019-01-21 04:55:05
KA6BIMSingle Operator, 3 BandOR846Willamette Valley DX Club2019-01-23 01:37:32
KA7CVJSingle Operator, 3 BandAZ468Arizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-01-21 20:58:02
KA8CNISingle Operator, 3 BandOH2,625Medina 2 Meter Group2019-01-21 23:18:39
KA9FOXSingle Operator, 3 BandWI117Minnesota Wireless Assn2019-01-21 16:43:30
KA9VDUSingle Operator, 3 BandWI2019-02-01 04:46:49
KB0MRKSingle Operator, Low PowerMN24Northern Lights Radio Society2019-01-30 18:58:20
KB1JDXSingle Operator, Low PowerCT2,190Eastern Connecticut ARA2019-01-21 04:06:26
KB1JEYSingle Operator, Low PowerEPA5,112Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-25 18:33:16
KB1YSKSingle Operator, FM OnlyNH99Contoocook Valley Radio Club2019-01-24 23:31:09
KB2AYUSingle Operator, PortableEPA15Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-27 00:32:12
KB2ESingle Operator, High PowerWNY40Rochester VHF Group2019-01-21 01:26:31
KB2URISingle Operator, Low PowerWNY24Niagara Frontier Radiosport2019-01-21 17:51:31
KB2YSISingle Operator, PortableWNY02019-01-21 22:02:08
KB3EHWSingle Operator, 3 BandMI234Michigan VHF-UHF Society2019-01-21 20:21:22
KB3MTWSingle Operator, Low PowerEPA5,264Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-21 21:31:01
KB3NRLSingle Operator, 3 BandEPA52019-01-21 14:24:10
KB3SIGSingle Operator, PortableEPA8Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-26 12:25:10
KB3TCSingle Operator, Low PowerEPA9002019-01-21 20:24:06
KB7CWVSingle Operator, PortableAZ3802019-01-24 02:52:52
KB7IJSingle Operator, High PowerNTX1,7842019-01-20 18:42:44
KB7JJGSingle Operator, FM OnlyAZ62019-01-21 20:53:13
KB7MESingle Operator, High PowerWWA4,864Pacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-24 17:45:58
KB7NSingle Operator, High PowerWWA85Radio Club of Redmond2019-01-21 03:38:49
KB8DGCSingle Operator, 3 BandMI02019-01-26 00:14:22
KB8USingle Operator, High PowerMI7,215Michigan VHF-UHF Society2019-01-21 04:36:02
KB8VAOSingle Operator, High PowerOH0North Coast Contesters2019-01-21 23:20:13
KB8ZRSingle Operator, Low PowerOH1712019-01-20 17:24:55
KB9NKMSingle Operator, Low PowerIN132019-01-21 15:55:10
KC0P/RClassic RoverMN6,771Northern Lights Radio Society2019-01-29 03:40:26
KC0ZRWSingle Operator, Low PowerKS28Wichita Amateur Radio Club2019-01-20 15:18:20
KC1GWXSingle Operator, 3 BandEMA02019-01-21 16:07:34
KC1HRGSingle Operator, FM OnlyCT2MCCRT2019-01-26 15:10:56
KC1IISSingle Operator, Low PowerCT192Eastern Connecticut ARA2019-01-27 17:50:23
KC1TLCLimited MultioperatorCT1MCCRT2019-01-26 15:14:43
KC2GSingle Operator, Low PowerNNJ2019-01-23 14:22:08
KC2JRQSingle Operator, 3 BandNLI442019-01-23 00:08:34
KC2PCDSingle Operator, Low PowerWNY1,209Rochester VHF Group2019-01-26 22:50:29
KC2THQSingle Operator, 3 BandSNJ1,584South Jersey Radio Assn2019-01-24 23:46:23
KC2TNSingle Operator, High PowerSNJ17,289Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-22 00:27:33
KC2UESSingle Operator, FM OnlyWNY44Rochester VHF Group2019-01-21 19:41:26
KC2WUFSingle Operator, 3 BandNNJ392New Providence ARC2019-01-21 04:15:35
KC3BVLSingle Operator, High PowerEPA235Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-26 01:15:15
KC3EFSingle Operator, Low PowerNFL02019-01-20 19:05:23
KC3JNWSingle Operator, Low PowerEPA02019-01-23 20:56:24
KC4JDSingle Operator, High PowerGA4652019-01-21 23:07:47
KC4KKSingle Operator, Low PowerIN2,0162019-01-22 04:25:15
KC4PXSingle Operator, High PowerSFL23,232Florida Weak Signal Society2019-01-22 18:47:38
KC5EFMSingle Operator, Low PowerNM0New Mexico VHF Society2019-01-22 08:11:24
KC5RETSingle Operator, 3 BandSTX162019-02-01 02:15:39
KC5WXSingle Operator, Low PowerNTX13,5342019-01-22 04:16:07
KC6SEHSingle Operator, High PowerAZ2,3362019-01-22 02:50:40
KC6ZWTSingle Operator, Low PowerSV4,5442019-01-24 22:12:33
KC7DDWSingle Operator, Low PowerOR68Pacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-26 05:34:47
KC7QYSingle Operator, 3 BandNM25New Mexico VHF Society2019-01-21 20:33:57
KC7VSingle Operator, 3 BandAZ1,027Arizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-01-21 03:29:52
KC8VWMSingle Operator, Low PowerOK190N/A2019-01-21 03:27:27
KC9FVWSingle Operator, 3 BandWI24Chippewa Valley VHF Contesters2019-01-21 04:11:52
KC9KLASingle Operator, Low PowerIL266Six Meter Club of Chicago2019-01-31 03:45:10
KC9PCPSingle Operator, 3 BandIL1,0222019-01-26 03:30:42
KD2BKD/RLimited RoverNNJ1,106Bergen ARA2019-01-21 15:40:27
KD2EIBSingle Operator, Low PowerSNJ14Gloucester Co ARC2019-01-24 02:21:47
KD2IZQSingle Operator, 3 BandWNY36Rochester VHF Group2019-01-29 01:23:50
KD2LGXSingle Operator, High PowerWNY16,226Rochester VHF Group2019-01-23 02:26:56
KD2NNMSingle Operator, 3 BandEPA5442019-01-25 17:36:54
KD5IKG/RUnlimited RoverSTX21,216Roadrunners Microwave Group2019-01-27 02:18:35
KD7RUSSingle Operator, Low PowerWWA180Vancouver Contest Club2019-01-21 00:54:46
KD7TSSingle Operator, Low PowerWWA235Pacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-28 03:14:07
KD7UOSingle Operator, High PowerWWA13,800Pacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-22 03:17:59
KD7WPJSingle Operator, PortableSCV8712019-01-22 03:28:26
KD9FHNSingle Operator, Low PowerIL1Sangon Valley Radio Club2019-01-23 15:37:17
KE0JMKSingle Operator, Low PowerOH02019-01-21 15:32:28
KE0MHJSingle Operator, 3 BandMO2382019-01-22 02:53:49
KE1LIUnlimited MultioperatorCT14,904Eastern Connecticut ARA2019-01-23 20:12:10
KE2DSingle Operator, High PowerSNJ168South Jersey Radio Assn2019-01-25 14:33:17
KE3DSingle Operator, Low PowerSTX360Central Texas DX and Contest Club2019-01-21 20:59:36
KE4KESingle Operator, Low PowerMN0Minnesota Wireless Assn2019-01-22 15:54:32
KE6PY/RClassic RoverSDG242019-01-21 19:01:22
KE6QRSingle Operator, 3 BandEB352Northern California Contest Club2019-01-21 04:04:06
KE7MSU/RClassic RoverOR24,180Pacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-31 01:28:09
KE7SWSingle Operator, High PowerWWA20,328Pacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-22 17:34:39
KE7ZACSingle Operator, 3 BandWWA235Clark County Amateur Radio Club2019-01-21 01:33:02
KE8FDSingle Operator, High PowerAL13,9622019-01-22 00:45:41
KF0MSingle Operator, High PowerKS7,1502019-01-22 00:57:03
KF1KISingle Operator, FM OnlyWMA52019-01-31 01:48:44
KF2MR/RClassic RoverWNY153,180Rochester VHF Group2019-01-24 22:30:32
KF2TVSingle Operator, Low PowerWNY880Rochester VHF Group2019-01-24 22:16:14
KF4EWOSingle Operator, Low PowerMS252019-01-22 04:32:12
KF4FCSingle Operator, 3 BandVA0Shenandoah Valley Wireless2019-01-22 14:11:11
KF4OLOSingle Operator, Low PowerGA482019-01-21 06:32:52
KF6ISingle Operator, High PowerORG0Southern California Contest Club2019-01-23 14:37:15
KF7NPSingle Operator, PortableAZ02019-01-25 17:38:59
KF7OJASingle Operator, 3 BandWWA195CLARK COUNTY AMATEUR RADIO CLUB2019-01-24 18:32:44
KF8QLSingle Operator, 3 BandSFL02019-01-21 02:01:11
KF9USSingle Operator, Low PowerWI122019-01-23 23:16:09
KG2HSingle Operator, Low PowerENY735Saratoga County ARA2019-01-21 21:49:31
KG4USNSingle Operator, Low PowerMDC0Potomac Valley Radio Club2019-01-21 02:01:41
KG5FHUSingle Operator, PortableNM36New Mexico VHF Society2019-01-30 21:07:25
KG5GCCSingle Operator, 3 BandMS02019-01-21 22:49:00
KG5MDSingle Operator, 3 BandAR1,3642019-02-05 14:03:01
KG5THGSingle Operator, Low PowerNTX02019-01-21 14:18:18
KG6CIH/RUnlimited RoverNH3,3252019-01-23 17:06:34
KG6IYNSingle Operator, FM OnlySDG1,606Southern California Contest Club2019-01-31 03:55:51
KG7PSingle Operator, High PowerWWA2,300Pacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-23 04:43:07
KG9DUK/RUnlimited RoverOK57,981WB5OKC2019-01-30 16:39:39
KG9RSingle Operator, FM OnlyIL21Dupage ARC2019-01-21 04:31:22
KI4UXSingle Operator, Low PowerAL15Alabama Contest Group2019-01-21 07:00:36
KI5FJSingle Operator, 3 BandVA21Virginia Beach ARC2019-01-31 02:45:14
KI6YAASingle Operator, Low PowerSDG02019-01-26 03:49:01
KI7LTTSingle Operator, FM OnlyOR160Pacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-30 04:07:37
KI7WKZSingle Operator, Low PowerOR82019-01-21 04:38:09
KJ1K/RClassic RoverWMANorth East Weak Signal Group2019-01-25 00:58:19
KJ2G/RLimited RoverRI3,6302019-01-25 03:30:03
KJ5RCSingle Operator, 3 BandMS2722019-01-22 02:48:14
KJ6KKSingle Operator, 3 BandSJV02019-01-28 00:46:01
KJ9CSingle Operator, Low PowerIN0Society of Midwest Contesters2019-01-21 16:59:38
KK4BZSingle Operator, 3 BandVA945Ole Virginia Hams ARC Inc2019-01-22 03:08:49
KK4MASingle Operator, 3 BandSC3,4862019-01-22 01:08:22
KK4VASingle Operator, Low PowerVA60Potomac Valley Radio Club2019-01-21 21:45:49
KK6MC/RClassic RoverAZ19,632New Mexico VHF Society2019-01-28 20:28:11
KK6MRISingle Operator, 3 BandEB02019-01-21 05:43:28
KK6YBSingle Operator, Low PowerSDG7482019-01-22 02:35:29
KK6ZLESingle Operator, FM OnlySJV2019-01-21 19:23:40
KL1TSingle Operator, 3 BandRI02019-01-21 03:39:50
KL7AIRSingle Operator, Low PowerAK1,236Elmendorf ARS2019-01-21 04:10:39
KL7UWSingle Operator, High PowerAK170Alaska VHF-Up Group2019-01-24 20:37:30
KM4HISingle Operator, Low PowerNFL4,116Florida Contest Group2019-01-21 17:13:30
KM4IAJChecklogVA2019-01-30 23:39:09
KM4KMUSingle Operator, FM OnlyVA1,854Vienna Wireless Society2019-01-20 20:24:05
KM4OZH/RLimited RoverVA550fauquier amateur radio association2019-01-24 12:33:56
KM6WCOSingle Operator, Low PowerORG02019-01-28 07:46:39
KM7NSingle Operator, Low PowerAZ0Arizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-01-21 06:19:20
KN4KCSSingle Operator, PortableWWA18N/A2019-01-21 08:14:30
KN4Y/RLimited RoverNFL1Florida Contest Group2019-01-22 19:29:28
KN5SSingle Operator, Low PowerSTX02019-01-20 04:53:49
KN8KAZSingle Operator, Low PowerSTX2862019-01-23 00:32:24
KO0ZSingle Operator, Low PowerIL792Society of Midwest Contesters2019-01-21 04:35:36
KO9ASingle Operator, 3 BandIL20,160Society of Midwest Contesters2019-01-21 23:25:42
KP4AJSingle Operator, Low PowerPR02019-01-22 04:01:53
KQ2RPSingle Operator, PortableNNJ62019-01-26 01:00:08
KQ4LASingle Operator, Low PowerVA207Potomac Valley Radio Club2019-01-21 03:42:15
KR1STSingle Operator, 3 BandEPA5,985Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-21 19:34:51
KR4NOSingle Operator, Low PowerSC1,2252019-01-21 13:35:25
KS4YXSingle Operator, Low PowerSC432Swamp Fox Contest Group2019-01-21 14:57:01
KS6MSingle Operator, 3 BandEB02019-01-21 04:17:18
KT9LSingle Operator, High PowerIN2,888Society of Midwest Contesters2019-01-21 02:08:43
KU4PYSingle Operator, Low PowerAL62019-01-21 17:45:03
KV2XSingle Operator, Low PowerWNY18Rochester VHF Group2019-01-21 03:47:40
KV4ZYSingle Operator, 3 BandOH3152019-01-21 12:08:46
KV5WSingle Operator, Low PowerNTX6162019-01-23 23:21:09
KW6SSingle Operator, High PowerSCV1,170Northern California Contest Club2019-01-29 04:41:04
KX4KUSingle Operator, Low PowerVA182019-01-20 02:51:00
KX7LSingle Operator, 3 BandWWA2,024Pacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-21 05:38:07
KX8DSingle Operator, High PowerMI1,9602019-01-22 18:00:41
KY4GSingle Operator, Low PowerAL02019-01-22 02:29:00
KZ2ISingle Operator, Low PowerSNJ1,275Frankford Radio Club2019-01-21 15:15:21
N0AKCSingle Operator, High PowerWI11,562Chippewa Valley VHF Contesters2019-01-23 03:08:26
N0ANSingle Operator, High PowerIA1,4042019-01-20 19:57:30
N0ATSingle Operator, 3 BandMN234Minnesota Wireless Assn2019-01-21 14:27:26
N0AXSingle Operator, Low PowerMO0Society of Midwest Contesters2019-01-21 04:42:19
N0GOSSingle Operator, Low PowerCO02019-01-21 12:27:55
N0HDRSingle Operator, FM OnlyMN2102019-01-21 14:46:18
N0HZO/RClassic RoverMN6,475Northern Lights Radio Society2019-01-30 03:24:37
N0JKSingle Operator, PortableKS02019-01-23 16:02:05
N0KQSingle Operator, Low PowerCO14Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2019-01-21 00:28:11
N0LD/RUnlimited RoverOK60,663WB5OKC2019-01-30 10:07:01
N0LLSingle Operator, Low PowerKS13,1722019-01-22 03:45:25
N0SMXSingle Operator, Low PowerNFL28THE VILLAGES AMATEUR RADIO CLUB2019-01-21 14:52:41
N0SUWSingle Operator, 3 BandMN45Northern Lights Radio Society2019-01-30 03:20:14
N1APISingle Operator, Low PowerCT600Meriden ARC2019-01-21 04:49:55
N1CJSSingle Operator, Low PowerME1432019-01-20 22:52:47
N1DCHSingle Operator, 3 BandEMA8552019-01-21 14:00:46
N1GJSingle Operator, High PowerEMA1,260North East Weak Signal Group2019-01-29 01:16:49
N1IASingle Operator, Low PowerNC3752019-01-20 23:14:36
N1IBMSingle Operator, Low PowerSNJ1,701Frankford Radio Club2019-01-21 14:19:16
N1JDSingle Operator, High PowerME8642019-01-22 18:02:25
N1JHJSingle Operator, Low PowerNH1,440Contoocook Valley Radio Club2019-01-23 20:32:53
N1OFZSingle Operator, Low PowerCT2,4602019-01-30 03:45:38
N1RWYSingle Operator, High PowerAZ40,216Arizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-01-25 03:16:47
N1SOHLimited MultioperatorEMA611Yankee Clipper Contest Club2019-01-22 15:49:41
N1SVSingle Operator, Low PowerEMA5,456Yankee Clipper Contest Club2019-01-21 16:48:34
N1WRKSingle Operator, Low PowerEMA422019-01-21 03:40:26
N1XKTSingle Operator, Low PowerEPA2,106Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-21 16:40:41
N2BEGSingle Operator, Low PowerWNY5,376Rochester VHF Group2019-01-22 01:01:23
N2BJSingle Operator, High PowerIL6,125Society of Midwest Contesters2019-01-21 19:04:15
N2CBSingle Operator, High PowerMI611Michigan VHF-UHF Society2019-01-23 00:54:50
N2CEI/RClassic RoverWCF8,058Florida Weak Signal Society2019-01-23 00:45:53
N2CGSingle Operator, Low PowerEPA96Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-30 02:32:25
N2CJSingle Operator, 3 BandNNJ02019-01-21 18:44:36
N2DEQSingle Operator, Low PowerSNJ4,840Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-22 02:50:41
N2DYSingle Operator, High PowerNLI1,005Long Island Mobile ARC2019-01-21 04:07:57
N2GXJSingle Operator, 3 BandSNJ840Gloucester Co ARC2019-01-21 03:43:22
N2HJDSingle Operator, FM OnlyWNY4,212Rochester VHF Group2019-01-24 17:25:53
N2HXSingle Operator, 3 BandVT312Yankee Clipper Contest Club2019-01-21 23:11:04
N2JQRLimited MultioperatorWNY3,850Rochester VHF Group2019-01-24 15:47:50
N2LOSingle Operator, 3 BandSNJ02019-01-21 22:31:21
N2MKT/RClassic RoverWNY9,856Rochester VHF Group2019-01-24 14:58:55
N2NTLimited MultioperatorNNJ118,542Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-21 21:33:19
N2OASingle Operator, Low PowerWNY12,051Rochester VHF Group2019-01-22 17:42:20
N2PEQSingle Operator, 3 BandENY561schenectady museum ara2019-01-22 01:53:37
N2SCJSingle Operator, 3 BandSNJ990South Jersey Radio Assn2019-01-21 04:50:47
N2SLN/PSingle Operator, High PowerWNY1802019-01-27 00:52:15
N2SLOSingle Operator, High PowerNLI8,052North East Weak Signal Group2019-01-27 21:27:23
N2USSingle Operator, Low PowerEPA762019-01-21 19:40:18
N2WMSingle Operator, High PowerNNJ546Sussex County ARC2019-01-21 13:29:36
N2YBSingle Operator, High PowerWNY12,087Rochester VHF Group2019-01-29 22:27:24
N2ZNSingle Operator, FM OnlyWNY252Rochester VHF Group2019-01-23 02:43:16
N2ZVN/RLimited RoverWNY784Rochester VHF Group2019-01-27 20:35:00
N3ALNSingle Operator, 3 BandMDC2,080Potomac Valley Radio Club2019-01-21 10:08:49
N3BBISingle Operator, Low PowerEPA9,541Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-22 15:27:01
N3CHXSingle Operator, 3 BandEPA1742019-01-21 00:19:12
N3DPBLimited MultioperatorMDC5,616Potomac Valley Radio Club2019-01-21 01:47:28
N3DUESingle Operator, Low PowerMDC360Potomac Valley Radio Club2019-01-21 00:54:13
N3EMFSingle Operator, High PowerWPA122019-01-27 23:13:44
N3FDSingle Operator, Low PowerEPA1,3592019-01-28 23:48:14
N3FTISingle Operator, High PowerEPA10,962Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-22 15:47:37
N3GWZSingle Operator, Low PowerMDC3442019-02-01 10:55:25
N3HWHSingle Operator, Low PowerEPA165Pottstown Area ARC2019-01-22 00:39:36
N3ITTSingle Operator, High PowerEPA4,810Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-22 05:19:11
N3KNSingle Operator, Low PowerVA160Potomac Valley Radio Club2019-01-21 18:14:57
N3MKSingle Operator, High PowerVA4,620Potomac Valley Radio Club2019-01-21 02:58:24
N3MWQSingle Operator, 3 BandDE1,5202019-01-21 23:53:06
N3NGEUnlimited MultioperatorEPA220,704Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-27 23:38:59
N3OCSingle Operator, High PowerMDC4,600Potomac Valley Radio Club2019-01-21 13:13:46
N3QESingle Operator, 3 BandMDC20Potomac Valley Radio Club2019-01-29 03:03:41
N3RGSingle Operator, Low PowerSNJ75,440Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-26 21:53:55
N3RNSingle Operator, Low PowerNFL1,6242019-01-21 14:24:01
N4AUSingle Operator, Low PowerAL422019-01-20 21:53:29
N4DLASingle Operator, Low PowerEB02019-01-21 20:50:26
N4DWSingle Operator, 3 BandTN1Bristol (TN) ARC2019-01-23 14:59:50
N4FYSingle Operator, Low PowerNFL02019-01-21 14:21:41
N4JQQSingle Operator, High PowerTN6,0762019-01-22 18:10:36
N4MMSingle Operator, High PowerVA48Potomac Valley Radio Club2019-01-31 00:49:13
N4NIVSingle Operator, Low PowerEMA1082019-01-21 18:23:24
N4PBCSingle Operator, Low PowerSFL150Florida Weak Signal Society2019-01-21 22:05:14
N4PDSingle Operator, 3 BandVA72Potomac Valley Radio Club2019-01-22 16:56:20
N4QVSingle Operator, 3 BandSFL5,616Florida Contest Group2019-01-22 03:54:13
N4QWZSingle Operator, High PowerTN45,406Tennessee Contest Group2019-01-23 03:34:21
N4QX/RLimited RoverVA2Potomac Valley Radio Club2019-01-20 22:00:04
N4TLSingle Operator, Low PowerNC0Potomac Valley Radio Club2019-01-21 14:40:04
N4TWXSingle Operator, High PowerNFL6,795Florida Weak Signal Society2019-01-28 13:08:43
N4TZSingle Operator, 3 BandIN403Society of Midwest Contesters2019-01-21 16:13:56
N4WWSingle Operator, High PowerNFL220Florida Contest Group2019-01-25 14:00:48
N5BCASingle Operator, Low PowerNTX02019-01-25 08:39:52
N5BNO/RLimited RoverWNY5,166Rochester VHF Group2019-01-23 00:03:38
N5ITOSingle Operator, Low PowerNTX6,2222019-01-21 16:33:04
N5LULSingle Operator, 3 BandWTX9Panhandle DX and Contest Club2019-01-30 21:58:58
N5RZSingle Operator, High PowerSTX23,460Central Texas DX and Contest Club2019-01-21 22:54:35
N5SJSingle Operator, 3 BandNM120New Mexico VHF Society2019-01-21 04:29:18
N5SYVSingle Operator, High PowerLA4,0812019-01-25 02:54:03
N5UWYSingle Operator, 3 BandOK22019-01-21 03:48:52
N5XTRSingle Operator, 3 BandOK2282019-01-21 02:45:34
N6CUXSingle Operator, FM OnlySDG12019-01-31 01:36:48
N6EESingle Operator, High PowerGA216Northern California Contest Club2019-01-20 19:32:12
N6GP/RLimited RoverLAX7,056Southern California Contest Club2019-01-24 01:44:07
N6JET/RUnlimited RoverSCV11,08850 MHZ & UP2019-01-21 18:59:20
N6KOGSingle Operator, High PowerSJV8642019-01-21 14:35:15
N6KWSingle Operator, 3 BandWWA896Pacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-21 19:05:35
N6LBSingle Operator, Low PowerWWA455Pacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-22 23:10:32
N6ORBSingle Operator, Low PowerEB954Northern California Contest Club2019-01-21 18:22:11
N6QQSingle Operator, Low PowerLAX1,269Southern California Contest Club2019-01-21 23:31:33
N6RHSingle Operator, Low PowerNTX1502019-01-21 23:04:05
N6UTCSingle Operator, Low PowerLAX2,9822019-01-21 05:49:12
N6VHSingle Operator, Low PowerSDG247Southern California Contest Club2019-01-20 03:33:34
N6VHF/RLimited RoverORG918Southern California Contest Club2019-02-02 23:35:00
N6ZE/RClassic RoverSB5,970Ventura County Amateur Radio Society2019-01-31 19:41:14
N7AZSingle Operator, Low PowerAZ420Arizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-01-24 22:27:27
N7EPDSingle Operator, High PowerWWA15,861Pacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-21 04:03:29
N7FWSingle Operator, Low PowerWWA24Pacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-29 04:04:17
N7GP/RClassic RoverAZ43,945Arizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-01-25 15:17:45
N7HHSSingle Operator, High PowerWY22019-01-21 03:30:36
N7IRSingle Operator, 3 BandAZ6,665Arizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-01-21 03:59:35
N7KNSingle Operator, FM OnlyWWA02019-01-21 07:13:20
N7KSISingle Operator, Low PowerWWA3,302Pacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-30 06:48:13
N7LPSingle Operator, PortableAZ3122019-01-24 02:25:29
N7NEVSingle Operator, Low PowerAZ9522019-01-24 23:07:02
N7QOZSingle Operator, 3 BandWWA3,700Pacific Northwest VHF Society2019-02-01 18:56:05
N7RKSingle Operator, 3 BandAZ3,588Arizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-01-23 16:59:21
N7TXTSingle Operator, Low PowerAZ2,7122019-01-25 01:42:52
N7VDSingle Operator, Low PowerAZArizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-01-26 21:05:25
N7WLCSingle Operator, Low PowerSB50Ventura County Amateur Radio Society2019-01-23 00:46:24
N8HMGSingle Operator, Low PowerOH02019-01-21 15:39:12
N8MPSingle Operator, High PowerSNJ9,984Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-21 04:29:22
N8RASingle Operator, Low PowerCT17,457Yankee Clipper Contest Club2019-01-21 21:22:39
N8URESingle Operator, 3 BandWV42019-01-21 00:58:00
N8XQMSingle Operator, High PowerOH2,9972019-01-21 19:37:28
N9EATSingle Operator, 3 BandIL2862019-02-03 14:07:27
N9GH/RLimited RoverIL8332019-01-24 19:32:57
N9HFLimited MultioperatorNFL17,711Florida Weak Signal Society2019-01-21 19:30:32
N9LBSingle Operator, Low PowerWI4,692Badger Contesters2019-01-27 02:18:12
N9OBB/7Single Operator, 3 BandAZ362019-01-25 05:16:12
N9TFSingle Operator, Low PowerIL629Society of Midwest Contesters2019-01-22 13:20:03
N9TUQSingle Operator, 3 BandIL195Six Meter Club of Chicago2019-01-22 16:02:22
N9VMSingle Operator, FM OnlySJV2019-01-21 04:24:22
N9VPVSingle Operator, Low PowerIL40Society of Midwest Contesters2019-01-21 03:03:53
N9XKHLimited MultioperatorIL3,2402019-01-22 14:05:08
N9YKSingle Operator, Low PowerIN352019-01-22 01:52:11
NA2NYSingle Operator, Low PowerENY3,5262019-01-21 05:14:16
NA2XSingle Operator, FM OnlyWNY3Rochester VHF Group2019-01-25 23:14:51
NC4RYSingle Operator, Low PowerNC02019-01-23 17:48:48
NC5AX/RLimited RoverAR8162019-01-29 17:26:20
NC6KSingle Operator, High PowerSDG1,612Southern California Contest Club2019-01-21 06:26:43
ND4VSingle Operator, High PowerGA912South East Contest Club2019-01-21 04:39:21
ND9GSingle Operator, 3 BandIL91Society of Midwest Contesters2019-01-21 00:20:55
NE1BSingle Operator, High PowerNH3,960Yankee Clipper Contest Club2019-01-23 05:34:48
NE1CLimited MultioperatorWMA1,512Yankee Clipper Contest Club2019-01-23 01:06:08
NE3ISingle Operator, Low PowerEPA768Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-21 23:33:31
NE3RSingle Operator, 3 BandMDC1682019-01-20 23:38:32
NE6ISingle Operator, Low PowerSDG140Southern California Contest Club2019-01-21 04:14:43
NF3RSingle Operator, Low PowerEPA10,148Frankford Radio Club2019-01-21 03:54:12
NG3WSingle Operator, High PowerWPA3482019-01-21 01:14:21
NG4CSingle Operator, High PowerNC3,9552019-01-21 03:10:52
NH6TSingle Operator, Low PowerAL1282019-01-21 02:37:10
NH6YSingle Operator, High PowerPAC2019-01-21 18:54:02
NI6GSingle Operator, Low PowerSJV0Northern California Contest Club2019-01-30 04:18:21
NJ4YSingle Operator, 3 BandWCF1,134Florida Weak Signal Society2019-01-20 14:41:46
NJ7ASingle Operator, Low PowerUT1,404Pacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-25 03:12:58
NJ9RSingle Operator, Low PowerIL91Society of Midwest Contesters2019-01-25 03:13:25
NK1XSingle Operator, 3 BandCT22019-01-22 12:35:56
NM5WBSingle Operator, Low PowerNM6New Mexico VHF Society2019-01-21 17:40:31
NM5ZSingle Operator, Low PowerMS130599 DX Association2019-01-21 00:25:24
NN2LSingle Operator, 3 BandWNY294Rochester VHF Group2019-01-21 03:34:50
NN3Q/RClassic RoverEPA2,686Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-28 02:36:11
NN5TSingle Operator, 3 BandNTX858North Texas Contest Club2019-01-21 08:48:05
NN7CWSingle Operator, High PowerNFL35Florida Contest Group2019-01-21 00:45:49
NO0TSingle Operator, High PowerCO480Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2019-01-26 18:40:51
NQ7RSingle Operator, High PowerAZ4,752Arizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-01-21 04:10:18
NR2CSingle Operator, FM OnlyWNY1,316Rochester VHF Group2019-01-21 22:49:52
NR2C/RLimited RoverWNY3,800Rochester VHF Group2019-01-22 00:59:49
NS2NSingle Operator, Low PowerWNY180Niagara Frontier Radiosport2019-01-21 04:14:39
NS3TSingle Operator, 3 BandMDC528Potomac Valley Radio Club2019-01-21 15:55:19
NS4TSingle Operator, 3 BandGA561South East Contest Club2019-01-21 23:02:29
NT0VSingle Operator, High PowerND3,4722019-01-30 00:57:39
NT9ESingle Operator, Low PowerIL544Society of Midwest Contesters2019-01-21 00:29:48
NW2KSingle Operator, Low PowerWNY68Rochester VHF Group2019-01-20 23:06:31
NY1ZSingle Operator, Low PowerNH402019-01-31 01:40:14
NY2NYUnlimited MultioperatorNLI4,464North East Weak Signal Group2019-01-21 02:03:08
NY3BSingle Operator, Low PowerEPA570Frankford Radio Club2019-01-21 04:10:02
TG9ADQSingle Operator, Low PowerDX02019-01-21 17:05:10
VA2BNSingle Operator, 3 BandQC7562019-01-21 15:43:51
VA2DGSingle Operator, FM OnlyQC1682019-01-22 03:16:15
VA2FWSingle Operator, Low PowerQC4202019-01-21 04:12:24
VA3ELESingle Operator, High PowerGTA47,628Rochester VHF Group2019-01-26 21:12:01
VA3HDSingle Operator, High PowerONE7,134Rochester VHF Group2019-01-26 21:56:04
VA3SYSingle Operator, Low PowerONE12019-01-21 22:03:30
VA3TOSingle Operator, Low PowerONS378Rochester VHF Group2019-01-25 15:51:09
VA3TO/RClassic RoverONS272Rochester VHF Group2019-01-25 15:29:28
VA3ZVSingle Operator, Low PowerONS3,654Contest Club Ontario2019-01-21 14:04:57
VA6PRCSingle Operator, FM OnlyAB1122019-01-26 00:35:45
VA7KBMSingle Operator, 3 BandBC02019-01-22 19:58:13
VA7MCESingle Operator, Low PowerBC242019-01-22 03:27:57
VA7MMUnlimited MultioperatorBC02019-01-23 05:01:39
VA7STSingle Operator, High PowerBC0Orca DX and Contest Club2019-01-21 07:47:39
VE1SKYSingle Operator, Low PowerMAR02019-01-26 15:19:08
VE1ZASingle Operator, 3 BandMAR772019-01-22 00:48:33
VE2EBKSingle Operator, High PowerQC12Contest Group du Quebec2019-01-21 19:54:24
VE2FXLSingle Operator, High PowerQC4Contest group du Quebec2019-01-21 02:12:43
VE2GTSingle Operator, High PowerQC126NorDX club2019-01-24 16:50:50
VE2HAYSingle Operator, Low PowerQC333Contest Group du Quebec2019-01-23 23:50:32
VE2HEWSingle Operator, FM OnlyQC152019-01-21 04:42:28
VE2IRSingle Operator, 3 BandQC690contest group du Quebec2019-01-21 04:13:58
VE2LPWSingle Operator, 3 BandQC02019-01-24 00:43:28
VE2NCGSingle Operator, 3 BandQC689NorDX Club2019-01-21 13:14:44
VE2UGSingle Operator, Low PowerQC02019-01-24 03:01:55
VE3CRUSingle Operator, Low PowerGTA234Rochester VHF Group2019-01-29 23:53:33
VE3DSSingle Operator, Low PowerGTA24,486Rochester VHF Group2019-01-25 16:07:19
VE3EJSingle Operator, High PowerONS1,272Contest Club Ontario2019-01-21 19:20:51
VE3KPSingle Operator, Low PowerONE12Contest Club Ontario2019-01-23 04:43:00
VE3MGYSingle Operator, Low PowerONS798Contest Club Ontario2019-01-21 10:03:09
VE3OIL/RClassic RoverONS25,920Rochester VHF Group2019-01-31 00:18:56
VE3RXSingle Operator, High PowerONN910Contest Club Ontario2019-01-21 17:22:40
VE3RZSingle Operator, 3 BandGTA243Contest Club Ontario2019-01-28 20:15:49
VE3SMASingle Operator, Low PowerGTA0Contest Club Ontario2019-01-23 21:11:34
VE3SSTSingle Operator, 3 BandGTA1,054Contest Club Ontario2019-01-25 01:32:44
VE3ZVSingle Operator, High PowerONS37,665Contest Club Ontario2019-01-25 03:36:03
VE4VTSingle Operator, Low PowerMB36Radiosport Manitoba2019-01-21 13:08:39
VE5MXSingle Operator, High PowerSK56Saskatchewan Contest Club2019-01-20 20:23:04
VE6AOLimited MultioperatorAB189Calgary ARA2019-01-27 19:24:08
VE6CSOSingle Operator, Low PowerAB02019-01-22 19:14:35
VE6KCSingle Operator, High PowerAB1,5202019-01-21 04:11:05
VE6MB/RClassic RoverAB1,4842019-01-21 04:38:48
VE6SMSingle Operator, Low PowerAB02019-01-22 16:37:43
VE7AFZ/RUnlimited RoverBC0Pacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-29 22:16:16
VE7DAYSingle Operator, High PowerBC1,539Pacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-22 22:43:04
VE7JHSingle Operator, PortableBCPacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-22 02:14:09
VO2AAASingle Operator, FM OnlyNL15Maritime Contest Club2019-01-20 22:39:40
VO2ACSingle Operator, FM OnlyNL15Maritime Contest Club2019-01-20 22:48:59
W0EASingle Operator, 3 BandNTX15DFW Contest Group2019-01-20 14:36:18
W0GHZSingle Operator, High PowerMN10,062Northern Lights Radio Society2019-01-26 03:51:44
W0JTSingle Operator, Low PowerSTX1,240Roadrunners Microwave Group2019-01-22 21:15:37
W0LGQSingle Operator, High PowerIA10,5822019-01-21 20:07:08
W0OHUSingle Operator, Low PowerMN4Northern Lights Radio Society2019-01-21 15:58:30
W0RTSingle Operator, High PowerKS5892019-01-22 21:26:26
W0UCSingle Operator, High PowerWINorthern Lights Radio Society2019-01-27 19:09:34
W0VBLimited MultioperatorMN2,278Northern Lights Radio Society2019-01-24 15:42:00
W0VCSingle Operator, 3 BandMN96Northern Lights Radio Society2019-01-21 21:33:52
W0ZFSingle Operator, High PowerMN168Northern Lights Radio Society2019-01-21 03:04:00
W0ZQSingle Operator, Low PowerMN2,050Northern Lights Radio Society2019-01-21 17:32:43
W1AMSingle Operator, Low PowerGA4292019-01-21 13:53:54
W1CEKSingle Operator, Low PowerME4682019-01-21 19:22:21
W1DYJSingle Operator, 3 BandEMA2,047North East Weak Signal Group2019-01-22 02:15:30
W1ECTSingle Operator, Low PowerNHYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-01-21 16:01:55
W1EQSingle Operator, High PowerCT816Eastern Connecticut ARA2019-01-21 03:29:50
W1FKFSingle Operator, High PowerNH14,268North East Weak Signal Group2019-01-26 00:57:24
W1FVSingle Operator, High PowerEMA152Yankee Clipper Contest Club2019-01-21 18:21:11
W1GHZSingle Operator, High PowerVTNorth East Weak Signal Group2019-01-21 16:14:23
W1IGSingle Operator, Low PowerCT8CTRI Contest Group2019-01-25 14:39:53
W1JRSingle Operator, 3 BandNH800Yankee Clipper Contest Club2019-01-26 04:24:24
W1LVLSingle Operator, Low PowerNFL150Florida Weak Signal Society2019-01-29 22:53:44
W1MKYSingle Operator, Low PowerNH9,048North East Weak Signal Group2019-01-28 20:21:01
W1PTSingle Operator, FM OnlyCT1MCCRT2019-01-26 15:53:36
W1PVSingle Operator, 3 BandEPA5,460Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-23 22:33:41
W1QKSingle Operator, 3 BandCT4,200North East Weak Signal Group2019-01-27 23:10:55
W1RGASingle Operator, Low PowerNH2019-01-27 16:25:25
W1RGA/RLimited RoverNH2019-01-27 15:53:57
W1TRSingle Operator, Low PowerCT516Eastern Connecticut ARA2019-01-28 15:59:19
W1UJSingle Operator, High PowerWMA2,000Eastern Connecticut ARA2019-01-21 13:37:24
W1XMUnlimited MultioperatorEMA13,8002019-01-24 19:13:02
W1ZCSingle Operator, High PowerNH5,412North East Weak Signal Group2019-01-22 12:35:37
W1ZFGSingle Operator, Low PowerCT32019-01-24 22:47:05
W2BSNSingle Operator, FM OnlyWNY0Rochester VHF Group2019-01-21 03:43:52
W2BVHSingle Operator, High PowerNNJ10,647Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-02-01 06:08:47
W2CCCLimited MultioperatorWNY880Rochester VHF Group2019-01-21 18:26:15
W2DPTSingle Operator, 3 BandNNJ1,7162019-01-21 15:55:07
W2EV/RClassic RoverWNY31,008Rochester VHF Group2019-01-28 05:13:22
W2FDJSingle Operator, 3 BandSNJ81South Jersey Radio Assn2019-01-21 05:12:58
W2GPKSingle Operator, 3 BandNFL552019-01-21 16:58:04
W2GPSSingle Operator, High PowerMDC3,596Potomac Valley Radio Club2019-01-21 03:17:48
W2JCSingle Operator, 3 BandNNJ340Bergen ARA2019-01-24 02:33:12
W2JJSingle Operator, High PowerNNJ480Frankford Radio Club2019-01-21 16:09:42
W2JSBSingle Operator, 3 BandWNY0Rochester VHF Group2019-01-25 15:51:38
W2KBF/RLimited RoverNNJ308Bergen ARA2019-01-26 02:50:06
W2KVSingle Operator, High PowerNNJ21,505Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-22 01:04:23
W2LYN/RLimited RoverENY642019-01-29 18:40:16
W2NPTLimited MultioperatorNNJ85FLARC2019-01-21 05:12:46
W2ODHSingle Operator, High PowerAZ8,064NA2019-01-21 21:30:23
W2PSKSingle Operator, 3 BandNNJ21010-10 #751632019-01-21 01:14:04
W2SJSingle Operator, High PowerSNJ21,156Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-30 05:48:21
W2SOLimited MultioperatorWNY216W2SO2019-01-25 17:32:04
W2TTSingle Operator, High PowerSNJ2,349South Jersey DX Association2019-01-27 22:31:37
W2UADSingle Operator, High PowerWNY945Rochester VHF Group2019-01-29 23:04:46
W2UDTSingle Operator, Low PowerNNJ2,500Frankford Radio Club2019-01-21 15:33:07
W2UTHSingle Operator, Low PowerWNY14,628Rochester VHF Group2019-01-23 11:23:16
W2VTVSingle Operator, Low PowerNNJ4902019-01-21 18:25:24
W3AWASingle Operator, Low PowerEPA990Mobile Sixers Radio Club2019-01-28 03:06:42
W3DADSingle Operator, Low PowerMDC192Potomac Valley Radio Club2019-01-21 14:54:47
W3EKTSingle Operator, Low PowerMDC11,739Potomac Valley Radio Club2019-01-21 19:04:22
W3FAYSingle Operator, 3 BandMDC1,6402019-01-27 05:34:12
W3GADSingle Operator, High PowerEPA10,296Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-22 03:21:46
W3GQSingle Operator, High PowerNC1,798Carolina DX Association2019-01-21 04:09:55
W3HMSSingle Operator, High PowerEPA3,105Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-21 21:15:01
W3ICC/RClassic RoverEPA10,920Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-24 15:08:33
W3IPSingle Operator, High PowerVA15,939Potomac Valley Radio Club2019-01-22 15:43:38
W3JGSingle Operator, Low PowerEPA481Mobile Sixers Radio Club2019-01-21 03:04:45
W3KMSingle Operator, Low PowerEPA8,388Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-21 11:22:32
W3OASingle Operator, 3 BandNC1,568Carolina DX Association2019-01-21 13:33:46
W3PAXSingle Operator, Low PowerEPA5722019-01-21 17:36:59
W3RFCUnlimited MultioperatorMDC6,357Potomac Valley Radio Club2019-01-21 05:23:40
W3SZSingle Operator, High PowerEPA79,856Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-22 06:10:39
W3UTDSingle Operator, Low PowerEPA02019-01-20 21:51:12
W3XSSingle Operator, High PowerOR475Pacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-29 01:26:54
W4ATLSingle Operator, High PowerGA2282019-01-21 10:27:04
W4DVESingle Operator, 3 BandWWA455Pacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-27 04:15:38
W4GOSingle Operator, Low PowerVA396Potomac Valley Radio Club2019-01-23 01:45:08
W4GZXLimited MultioperatorTN836Cleveland ARC2019-01-21 16:31:05
W4NHUnlimited MultioperatorGA32,2302019-01-29 19:12:55
W4RAASingle Operator, Low PowerNFL10,028Florida Weak Signal Society2019-01-21 23:54:00
W4TAASingle Operator, High PowerWCF0Florida Contest Group2019-01-30 15:16:22
W4TTMSingle Operator, 3 BandTN105Bristol (TN) ARC2019-01-22 17:32:42
W4WNTSingle Operator, Low PowerNC35Carolina DX Association2019-01-21 04:03:47
W5DMB/RClassic RoverSTX0Roadrunners Microwave Group2019-02-01 00:59:39
W5KISingle Operator, High PowerAR702019-01-21 17:55:34
W5LUASingle Operator, High PowerNTX2,730North Texas Microwave Society2019-01-22 23:26:35
W5NZSingle Operator, 3 BandAL302019-01-21 03:04:44
W5PRSingle Operator, High PowerSTX6,664Texas DX Society2019-01-21 13:08:06
W5ROKLimited MultioperatorNTX6,760Rockwell Collins Amateur Radio Club2019-01-21 04:52:57
W5UHFUnlimited MultioperatorNM11,550New Mexico VHF Society2019-01-25 17:53:10
W5VY/RClassic RoverAR4,5452019-01-21 05:33:34
W6BXQSingle Operator, Low PowerSFL3,9602019-01-24 17:53:38
W6GMTSingle Operator, 3 BandMN4Northern Lights Radio Society2019-01-21 01:17:39
W6IASingle Operator, Low PowerSF6Northern California Contest Club2019-01-22 03:06:48
W6ITSingle Operator, Low PowerORG1,843Southern California Contest Club2019-01-27 22:19:20
W6JKSingle Operator, Low PowerLAX16Southern California Contest Club2019-01-28 21:01:02
W6KKOSingle Operator, 3 BandSJV40Clovis Amateur Radio Pioneers2019-01-21 04:14:29
W6LLPSingle Operator, Low PowerEWA28Pacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-22 17:06:09
W6RDFLimited MultioperatorSDG1,6492019-01-25 13:46:43
W6XKSingle Operator, High PowerSJV02019-01-21 04:37:21
W6ZLSingle Operator, 3 BandORG204Southern California Contest Club2019-01-23 00:13:53
W7AITSingle Operator, FM OnlySJV1762019-01-22 14:39:42
W7AMISingle Operator, Low PowerID8Pacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-30 04:57:19
W7BASingle Operator, High PowerWWA1,577Pacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-21 04:32:08
W7FISingle Operator, 3 BandWWA560Pacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-22 01:32:12
W7IVSingle Operator, High PowerSB25Pacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-25 03:57:08
W7JETSingle Operator, PortableAZ1,1702019-01-25 21:38:18
W7JWSingle Operator, High PowerMI17,391Michigan VHF-UHF Society2019-01-21 19:20:52
W7KKESingle Operator, Low PowerOR3,536Pacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-21 04:08:51
W7KKMSingle Operator, Low PowerAZ802019-01-25 20:16:41
W7OJTSingle Operator, High PowerAZ6,2562019-01-21 19:39:47
W7OTLSingle Operator, 3 BandOR1,4162019-01-21 04:38:09
W7OUUSingle Operator, High PowerID3612019-01-21 17:02:39
W7PTSingle Operator, Low PowerWWA1,863Western Washington DX Club2019-01-22 01:06:22
W7TERSingle Operator, 3 BandOR1602019-01-26 05:11:04
W7TZLimited MultioperatorOR234Pacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-21 21:37:57
W7USASingle Operator, PortableAZ6712019-01-25 03:40:09
W7YAQSingle Operator, High PowerOR200Willamette Valley DX Club2019-01-21 18:59:38
W8AEFSingle Operator, Low PowerAZ630Arizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-01-21 02:57:15
W8EHSingle Operator, Low PowerOH3302019-01-21 01:51:51
W8IJSingle Operator, Low PowerEPA2019-01-22 03:12:50
W8JHSingle Operator, 3 BandAZ5,400Arizona Outlaws Contest Club2019-01-24 16:03:45
W8KHPSingle Operator, Low PowerKY5762019-01-21 15:48:03
W8KNOSingle Operator, Low PowerOH1Portage County Amateur Radio Service2019-01-20 22:07:48
W8LYJSingle Operator, Low PowerMDC480Potomac Valley Radio Club2019-01-21 22:32:53
W8MILSingle Operator, High PowerMI493Michigan VHF-UHF Society2019-01-24 16:22:51
W8MRLSingle Operator, 3 BandOH02019-01-21 16:40:40
W8PENSingle Operator, 3 BandOH2602019-01-21 18:39:55
W8RUSingle Operator, High PowerMI3,080Mad River Radio Club2019-01-24 04:13:48
W9AVSingle Operator, 3 BandWI595Society of Midwest Contesters2019-01-21 04:22:40
W9EWZSingle Operator, High PowerWI300Badger Contesters2019-01-21 03:54:48
W9FFSingle Operator, High PowerIL4,1342019-01-21 17:04:15
W9GASingle Operator, Low PowerWI11,655Badger Contesters2019-01-28 18:48:47
W9IISingle Operator, Low PowerIL2019-01-21 15:02:44
W9ILYSingle Operator, 3 BandIL91Metro DX Club2019-01-22 19:55:58
W9JGHSingle Operator, Low PowerIL290Six Meter Club of Chicago2019-01-23 02:02:28
W9JJSingle Operator, 3 BandCT12North East Weak Signal Group2019-01-21 16:59:34
W9JNSingle Operator, High PowerWI8,250Badger Contesters2019-01-28 04:19:05
W9KXISingle Operator, High PowerWNY5,719Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-21 15:24:53
W9MRHSingle Operator, Low PowerIN152019-01-25 17:38:06
W9NEDSingle Operator, Low PowerIN779Society of Midwest Contesters2019-01-21 21:25:24
W9RMSingle Operator, High PowerCO8,772Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2019-01-21 18:06:12
W9RVGLimited MultioperatorIL9,3982019-01-26 19:41:47
W9SESingle Operator, Low PowerIL48Society of Midwest Contesters2019-01-21 20:09:32
W9VHFSingle Operator, High PowerIN02019-01-21 15:39:33
W9ZBSingle Operator, 3 BandIN5402019-01-21 03:30:31
WA0KXOSingle Operator, FM OnlyCO202019-01-27 22:48:44
WA1PBUSingle Operator, Low PowerEMA4,7432019-01-22 02:29:13
WA1TE/RUnlimited RoverEMA2,916North East Weak Signal Group2019-01-25 02:38:53
WA2BTRSingle Operator, Low PowerEPA2,0002019-01-21 21:08:23
WA2CHVSingle Operator, Low PowerWNY100Rochester VHF Group2019-01-21 20:57:03
WA2CLPSingle Operator, Low PowerNNJ293Bergen ARA2019-01-26 02:04:09
WA2CLXSingle Operator, Low PowerWNY1,1402019-01-30 13:07:53
WA2OMYSingle Operator, High PowerEPA16,992Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-25 02:04:31
WA2TMCSingle Operator, High PowerWNY2,400Rochester VHF Group2019-01-21 18:31:02
WA2ZNCSingle Operator, Low PowerWNY1,748Rochester VHF Group2019-01-28 03:14:39
WA3AANSingle Operator, Low PowerEPA96Frankford Radio Club2019-01-21 15:08:18
WA3AFSSingle Operator, High PowerENY805Hudson Valley Contesters and DXers2019-01-21 03:17:22
WA3DRCSingle Operator, High PowerEPA57,086Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-23 17:58:46
WA3EHDUnlimited MultioperatorEPA19,635Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-26 20:31:44
WA3GFZSingle Operator, Low PowerEPA23,453Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-23 00:16:12
WA3JZNSingle Operator, 3 BandEPA3,200Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-21 21:59:18
WA3MJZSingle Operator, Low PowerMDC430Potomac Valley Radio Club2019-01-22 01:44:12
WA3NUFSingle Operator, Low PowerEPA49,632Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-28 02:56:53
WA3PTVSingle Operator, Low PowerWPA2,5382019-01-21 17:41:15
WA3QPXSingle Operator, High PowerDE13,650Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-22 17:45:38
WA3RGQ/RClassic RoverWCF2,850Florida Weak Signal Society2019-01-26 03:32:05
WA3RLTSingle Operator, Low PowerEPA1,905Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-26 20:38:25
WA3SRUSingle Operator, High PowerEPA2,756Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-26 03:45:29
WA3USingle Operator, Low PowerDE1,080Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-23 03:11:02
WA3WULSingle Operator, PortableEPA8Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-28 18:50:26
WA3YUESingle Operator, High PowerEPA6,960Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-25 13:57:41
WA3ZSCSingle Operator, Low PowerWPA912019-01-21 15:32:28
WA4FHYSingle Operator, 3 BandTN242019-01-23 18:02:33
WA4GPMSingle Operator, High PowerNFL12,610Florida Weak Signal Society2019-01-27 23:34:00
WA4PGISingle Operator, High PowerVA1982019-01-21 16:40:38
WA4UFSingle Operator, 3 BandNFL02019-01-21 04:24:41
WA4YWMSingle Operator, Low PowerEPA39Warminster ARC2019-01-23 00:26:43
WA5CAMSingle Operator, High PowerMS5672019-01-26 02:29:24
WA5LFDSingle Operator, Low PowerSTX160North Texas Contest Club2019-01-21 14:46:19
WA5RRSingle Operator, Low PowerNTX60DFW Contest Group2019-01-21 00:25:47
WA5ZKOSingle Operator, Low PowerSTX2862019-01-21 03:49:09
WA6EJOSingle Operator, Low PowerSB442019-01-21 16:54:23
WA6FXTSingle Operator, 3 BandSB0Ventura County Amateur Radio Society2019-01-21 16:09:49
WA7JTMSingle Operator, PortableAZ7,0002019-01-23 18:13:39
WA7TZYSingle Operator, High PowerWWA406Pacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-29 01:43:40
WA7XXSingle Operator, High PowerAZ11,7602019-02-02 05:37:50
WA7YAZSingle Operator, Low PowerUT6002019-01-21 04:06:16
WA9FIHSingle Operator, Low PowerIL1,710Six Meter Club of Chicago2019-01-26 19:55:48
WA9MSingle Operator, Low PowerIN1982019-01-22 16:08:27
WA9TTSingle Operator, High PowerWI4,935Badger Contesters2019-01-21 04:13:45
WB0HHMSingle Operator, Low PowerSD1,309Northern Lights Radio Society2019-01-22 15:52:28
WB0LJCSingle Operator, 3 BandMN12Northern Lights Radio Society2019-01-22 05:05:30
WB0NRVSingle Operator, Low PowerKS8,1202019-01-26 07:00:15
WB0ULXSingle Operator, Low PowerSD120Northern Lights Radio Society2019-01-30 00:37:55
WB0VGISingle Operator, Low PowerMN682019-01-31 16:19:05
WB1AELSingle Operator, Low PowerWMA602019-01-21 18:58:25
WB1GIESingle Operator, 3 BandCT1MCCRT2019-01-26 14:47:39
WB2AMUSingle Operator, 3 BandNLI962019-01-22 00:28:48
WB2BYPSingle Operator, High PowerWNY6,324Rochester VHF Group2019-01-26 11:59:22
WB2CUTSingle Operator, Low PowerNNJ1,1622019-01-24 03:48:45
WB2EODSingle Operator, 3 BandSNJ1,584South Jersey Radio Assn2019-01-24 23:42:26
WB2GFZChecklogWNY02019-02-01 03:04:01
WB2GFZ/RClassic RoverWNY4,896Rochester VHF Group2019-01-27 23:29:22
WB2JAYSingle Operator, Low PowerNLI8,2952019-01-21 16:21:14
WB2ONASingle Operator, Low PowerNNJ110Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-25 23:27:47
WB2RVXSingle Operator, High PowerSNJ21,935Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-26 01:57:19
WB2RYHSingle Operator, 3 BandWNY02019-01-27 01:20:33
WB2SIH/RLimited RoverENY5,1482019-01-29 18:08:45
WB2TQTSingle Operator, 3 BandNNJ36Bergen ARA2019-02-01 03:05:02
WB2YJHSingle Operator, Low PowerWNY95Rochester VHF Group2019-01-29 18:51:28
WB3IGRSingle Operator, Low PowerEPA3,432Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-21 15:53:38
WB3JKQSingle Operator, 3 BandTN402019-01-27 02:42:29
WB4HXFSingle Operator, 3 BandGA142019-01-22 03:05:31
WB4OMGSingle Operator, High PowerWCF3,026Florida Weak Signal Society2019-01-21 13:51:33
WB4WXELimited MultioperatorAL7602019-01-29 01:31:00
WB5JJJSingle Operator, Low PowerARArkansas River Valley Amateur Radio Foundation2019-01-21 03:40:23
WB6HUM/RLimited RoverEB4922019-01-21 16:44:39
WB6PVUSingle Operator, Low PowerSCV02019-01-21 06:14:52
WB7BSTSingle Operator, High PowerWWA204Pacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-29 01:35:49
WB7ENXSingle Operator, PortableAZ6722019-01-29 14:13:28
WB7FJGSingle Operator, 3 BandWWA1,938Pacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-21 16:19:06
WB8BZKSingle Operator, 3 BandIL680Society of Midwest Contesters2019-01-21 04:00:10
WB8JUISingle Operator, 3 BandOH0Not Quite Workable Contest Club2019-01-21 23:57:39
WB8TGYSingle Operator, Low PowerMI180Michigan VHF-UHF Society2019-01-25 16:03:55
WB8WUASingle Operator, Low PowerOH42019-01-31 00:25:50
WB9AYWSingle Operator, Low PowerIL1142019-01-23 16:46:29
WB9MXXSingle Operator, Low PowerWI108Badger Contesters2019-01-31 02:05:54
WB9TFHSingle Operator, 3 BandWI260Badger Contesters2019-01-24 23:18:32
WB9WSingle Operator, 3 BandIL80Six Meter Club of Chicago2019-01-22 23:05:50
WB9WOZSingle Operator, FM OnlyIL414Dupage ARC2019-01-25 16:33:52
WC0AAALimited MultioperatorMN20Northern Lights Radio Society2019-01-20 01:36:32
WD0BQMSingle Operator, High PowerNE1202019-01-27 21:07:59
WD5BJTSingle Operator, Low PowerMS282019-01-22 23:14:33
WD5DAXSingle Operator, 3 BandTN02019-01-21 19:18:51
WD6DXSingle Operator, Low PowerSCV12019-01-22 23:25:46
WD9GDBSingle Operator, FM OnlyIL16Six Meter Club of Chicago2019-01-22 17:40:36
WD9GJKSingle Operator, Low PowerIL4,872Six Meter Club of Chicago2019-01-22 18:38:43
WD9IGXSingle Operator, FM OnlyMN02019-01-29 22:28:25
WE6CSingle Operator, Low PowerSV170Mother Lode DX/Contest Club2019-01-21 04:02:50
WE7X/RLimited RoverWWA880Pacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-25 05:07:15
WF0TSingle Operator, Low PowerMN84Northern Lights Radio Society2019-01-21 18:55:21
WF3WSingle Operator, Low PowerEPA2462019-01-29 19:08:22
WG0GSingle Operator, Low PowerWI02019-01-21 19:42:49
WK9USingle Operator, PortableWI842019-01-27 22:58:20
WO7VSingle Operator, Low PowerOR49Willamette Valley DX Club2019-01-20 03:25:57
WQ5LSingle Operator, 3 BandMS442Great Southern DX Association2019-01-27 14:34:32
WR0HSingle Operator, Low PowerMO2019-01-20 23:38:10
WR3PSingle Operator, Low PowerEPA1,070Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-30 06:12:24
WS3CSingle Operator, Low PowerEPA3,1252019-01-21 04:22:02
WS3OSingle Operator, Low PowerEPA7,884Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-21 16:50:51
WS5NSingle Operator, Low PowerNM460Cibola County ARC2019-01-21 04:41:39
WS9VLimited MultioperatorIL4,350Society of Midwest Contesters2019-01-22 01:54:10
WT2PSingle Operator, High PowerIL135Society of Midwest Contesters2019-01-21 19:22:37
WU1ITUSingle Operator, High PowerENY3,968Yankee Clipper Contest Club2019-01-31 03:57:25
WV3PSingle Operator, 3 BandEPA3,216Pottstown Area ARC2019-01-24 01:02:18
WV9ESingle Operator, 3 BandWI77Badger Contesters2019-01-27 01:52:23
WW7D/RLimited RoverWWA44,605Pacific Northwest VHF Society2019-01-29 18:12:22
WX3KSingle Operator, Low PowerEPA270Mt Airy VHF Radio Club2019-01-26 03:20:14
WX3PSingle Operator, PortableWNY2,424Rochester VHF Group2019-01-21 23:41:37
WX4GSingle Operator, High PowerWCF3,040Florida Contest Group2019-01-25 19:18:22
WX7MBSingle Operator, PortableAZ5102019-01-29 01:19:40
WZ1VSingle Operator, High PowerCT39,676North East Weak Signal Group2019-01-29 16:14:31
WZ8TSingle Operator, Low PowerWWA10,063Willamette Valley DX Club2019-01-21 16:04:46
XE1HSingle Operator, High PowerDX9,310Club de Radio Experimentadores de Occidente2019-01-21 06:47:32
XE1MEXSingle Operator, Low PowerDX02019-01-21 04:41:35
XE2JSSingle Operator, 3 BandDX3,2402019-01-30 16:56:06
XE2KSLSingle Operator, Low PowerDX135Grupo DX Division del Norte2019-01-21 23:26:46
XE2NUnlimited MultioperatorDX104Grupo DX Division del Norte2019-01-21 03:42:20
XE2PEASingle Operator, Low PowerDX88Grupo DX Division del Norte2019-01-22 13:53:52
XE2YWHSingle Operator, Low PowerDX02019-01-22 12:43:34