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Due: 2018-12-16 23:59:00Z
1901 logs received as of 2018-12-30 01:48:24
Call SignCategorySectionClaimed ScoreClubDate Received
4F3BZSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX4,3122018-12-10 01:26:39
4F3FSKSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerDX0PHILIPPINE AMATEUR RADIO LEAGUE INC.2018-12-14 23:59:49
4F3OMSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerDX5,904DX3H (HAM SOCIETY OF THE PHILIPPINES)2018-12-09 23:45:19
4L6QLSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPDX642018-12-13 06:41:48
4U1WBSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerMDC8,996Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 17:52:49
5Z4/LZ4NMSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX02018-12-12 20:21:51
7N2UQCSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX240RTTY CONTESTERS OF JAPAN2018-12-09 11:48:51
9A/E70TSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerDX1802018-12-19 21:21:22
9A2EYSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPDX168CROATIAN CONTEST CLUB2018-12-11 20:39:27
9A6TTSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerDX3122018-12-09 20:10:36
9G2HOSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX2,1002018-12-09 16:54:52
9H6AMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High PowerDX1,768Team Med2018-12-13 13:29:32
9W2JQDSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX82018-12-09 23:34:42
9W2OPBSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX202018-12-15 02:27:55
9W2VWTSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX8KELAB RADIO AMATUR JLN KLANG LAMA2018-12-09 10:40:45
9W6MULSingle Operator, Phone Only, QRPDX180KRATA2018-12-09 23:49:43
9Z4YSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX50,0482018-12-10 01:38:49
A61BKSingle Operator, Phone Only, QRPDX82018-12-11 13:10:47
AA0ACSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPMN4Minnesota Wireless ASSN2018-12-13 01:31:26
AA1JDMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High PowerWMA167,328Mega System group2018-12-10 16:16:52
AA1KSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerDE5,280Frankford Radio Club2018-12-10 00:44:17
AA1ONSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerEMA26,880YANKEE CLIPPER CONTEST CLUB2018-12-09 21:57:33
AA3BSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerEPA77,172FRANKFORD RADIO CLUB2018-12-09 22:56:55
AA3HSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerEPA2018-12-10 17:02:47
AA3SSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerMDC36,700Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 00:05:28
AA4DDSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerTN3,816Bristol (TN) ARC2018-12-10 00:09:22
AA4NPSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerSFL19,7202018-12-10 02:23:32
AA5AMSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerNTX520DFWCG2018-12-09 20:23:06
AA5AUSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerLA99,134Louisiana Contest Club2018-12-10 02:57:55
AA6PWSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerORG70,656Southern California Contest Club2018-12-09 21:24:48
AA7TVSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMT1,4282018-12-10 14:33:58
AA7VRSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, High PowerID242018-12-16 01:13:10
AA8PSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerOH3,8162018-12-10 00:53:58
AB0RXSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerMO44,042Mississippi Valley DX/Contest Club2018-12-14 23:24:21
AB1JSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerEMA5,4402018-12-10 16:18:40
AB1JVSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerRI28,9802018-12-11 17:41:34
AB3SXSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMDC2,520POTOMAC VALLEY RADIO CLUB2018-12-09 20:14:11
AB4ZSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerNC5,4002018-12-09 17:25:41
AB7YQSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerAZ562018-12-16 04:37:43
AB8OUSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerOH988Mad River Radio Club2018-12-10 04:32:26
AC0WSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMN24,748Minnesota Wireless ASSN2018-12-10 00:06:02
AC1AJSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerEMA02018-12-10 03:01:50
AC2NSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerNFL1,4082018-12-09 23:25:57
AC2RLSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerWNY4,158Rochester (NY) DX Assn2018-12-09 23:13:20
AC3BUSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMDC13,572Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-09 21:57:24
AC4CASingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerSTX23,616Central Texas DX and Contest Club2018-12-10 08:15:25
AC4DPSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerGA182018-12-15 14:21:56
AC4GSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPTN5,6322018-12-09 23:48:02
AC4MGSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerGA2242018-12-10 00:09:33
AC5AASingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerSTX2,618Central Texas DX and Contest Club2018-12-10 00:27:38
AC5KSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerSTX43,804DFW Contest Group2018-12-09 23:44:10
AC6YYSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPSCV1,560Northern California Contest Club2018-12-13 03:47:18
AC7AFSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerWY4802018-12-10 00:04:29
AC7JMSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerAZ4,6202018-12-10 01:03:00
AC8APSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPOH362018-12-12 10:35:00
AC8AZSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMI962018-12-16 23:44:35
AC9SSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerIL36,312Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-10 19:55:21
AD0RWSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerIA2018-12-10 14:47:31
AD4OSSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerIA1,500Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-11 03:08:05
AD4TJSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerVA15,5042018-12-12 12:06:50
AD8JSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerNC48South East Contest Club2018-12-09 21:40:32
AE0EESingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMN3,066Minnesota Wireless Assn2018-12-11 04:07:27
AE1TSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerNH220Yankee Clipper Contest Club2018-12-12 02:40:41
AE4MSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerAL2,4642018-12-12 15:13:49
AE4YSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerGA4,408South East Contest Club2018-12-09 16:40:53
AE5GTSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerSTX78,9602018-12-10 20:13:47
AE6JVSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPSCV16Northern California Contest Club2018-12-10 00:58:21
AE9LLSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerIN1682018-12-10 15:14:44
AF0ESingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerCO2,0402018-12-12 00:50:34
AF0USingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerWI7922018-12-10 17:36:10
AF1TSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerNH31,230Contooc Valley Radio Club2018-12-12 05:43:18
AF3KSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerSFL13,2002018-12-09 21:22:01
AF5CCSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerOK1,4002018-12-15 01:19:29
AF5QSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerOK242018-12-10 02:24:53
AF6FSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerORG1122018-12-16 09:11:47
AF6NSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerORG4Orange County ARC2018-12-10 15:29:19
AF9JSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, QRPWI252Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-14 19:51:34
AG5DBSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerOK02018-12-12 07:29:05
AG6AGSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerSB6Ventura County Amateur Radio Society2018-12-10 00:06:19
AG6JASingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerSCV362018-12-11 07:23:48
AI2NMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High PowerWNY144Rochester (NY) DX Assn2018-12-09 22:37:50
AI4DBSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerTN132Tennessee Contest Group2018-12-11 03:03:09
AI4RJSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerGA2,400Silver Comet Amateur Radio Society2018-12-10 21:56:45
AI6DOSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerLAX2,628SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA CONTEST CLUB2018-12-09 21:25:55
AI6OSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerSDG12,500Southern California Contest Club2018-12-09 22:29:49
AI9TSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerIL46,920Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-10 12:06:19
AJ4FSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerSTX0Texas DX Society2018-12-11 22:29:04
AJ4VESingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerGA1,2962018-12-10 16:52:56
AJ9CSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerIN38,600Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-09 23:10:15
AK0BCSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerCO24Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2018-12-09 23:23:40
AK0MRSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerCO02018-12-09 23:52:48
AL1GSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerAK42018-12-09 22:39:21
BG8SRKSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX4802018-12-09 09:09:27
BH6KWCSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, QRPDX5602018-12-11 04:48:22
BX2AFSSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerDX322018-12-09 23:56:48
CA2AGHSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerDX2802018-12-09 23:52:02
CA3GCASingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerDX4082018-12-10 00:23:56
CA3JBDSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX5,4282018-12-10 00:06:33
CA4PSHSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX9,8802018-12-11 18:19:16
CA4UFCSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX1,2462018-12-09 23:21:53
CA6CGXSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX4,794Discolo Dx Group2018-12-11 02:07:08
CB8ESingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerDX18,1562018-12-10 00:29:38
CD4PPCSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX02018-12-12 14:08:50
CE1OEBSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX6802018-12-10 14:29:38
CE2LRSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerDX183,248LU CONTEST GROUP2018-12-09 23:31:09
CE2MLSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerDX96,256Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-13 00:15:38
CE3CBMSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX1,316Chilean Pacific DX Group2018-12-10 00:27:39
CE3TLSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX2,2682018-12-10 00:05:40
CE4CBKSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX180CPDXG2018-12-14 02:23:31
CE5AUCSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX10,944DISCOLO DX GROUP2018-12-10 01:57:30
CE5JZOSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerDX40,2522018-12-09 23:07:36
CE6UFFSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX34,916discolodx'sgroup2018-12-10 00:40:41
CE7KFSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerDX1,764Chilean Pacific Dx Group2018-12-09 22:47:17
CE7VPQSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX49,1042018-12-10 21:47:47
CN8KDSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerDX6722018-12-13 18:02:45
CO2RQSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX5,6122018-12-10 14:23:19
CO8RHSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX3,0362018-12-13 15:24:40
CO8ZZChecklogDX2522018-12-10 18:09:45
CT1BXTSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerDX162018-12-11 02:47:31
CT1EKUSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX1962018-12-14 07:35:29
CT2ITRSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerDX1,2742018-12-09 18:22:31
CT7ACGSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX70Algarve expat and friends contest team2018-12-09 22:12:22
CT7AIXSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX02018-12-11 14:21:21
CT8/OH2GEKSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerDX56Contest Club Finland2018-12-09 18:20:47
CV7SSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerDX118,0802018-12-11 17:55:17
CX1CANSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX6242018-12-11 13:19:12
CX2AQChecklogDX18,2042018-12-09 20:22:39
CX2BRSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerDX82,5242018-12-12 00:11:00
CX3ATSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX15,0882018-12-18 12:34:59
CX3BZSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerDX362018-12-10 16:48:19
CX5UASingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerDX92,016LU CONTEST GROUP2018-12-10 01:16:41
CX9AUSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerDX156,2402018-12-09 22:54:33
D4CSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerDX6,3802018-12-09 18:52:47
DD5KGChecklogDXBAVARIAN CONTEST CLUB2018-12-09 15:42:00
DF5BMSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX60RHEIN RUHR DX ASSOCIATION2018-12-16 22:39:30
DF5RFSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPDX242018-12-09 15:19:31
DG0KSSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerDX544RHEIN RUHR DX ASSOCIATION2018-12-09 14:56:53
DH1PALSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX302018-12-10 13:26:17
DH8BQASingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerDX12,744Bavarian Contest Club2018-12-09 18:07:05
DJ3GESingle Operator, CW Only, QRPDX602018-12-09 16:49:28
DJ4MHSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX1,410RHEIN RUHR DX ASSOCIATION2018-12-12 18:05:09
DJ7ASingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerDX392Bavarian Contest Club2018-12-10 08:01:39
DJ7IKSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX4Rhein Ruhr DX Association2018-12-09 18:25:05
DJ8OGSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerDX5,450Rhein Ruhr DX Association2018-12-09 08:13:45
DL0BSKSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, QRPDX120RHEIN RUHR DX ASSOCIATION2018-12-10 09:12:39
DL1DTLSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerDX48RHEIN RUHR DX ASSOCIATION2018-12-10 10:04:13
DL2ARDSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerDX75,960RHEIN RUHR DX ASSOCIATION2018-12-12 18:20:41
DL2BQVChecklogDX2402018-12-09 13:35:18
DL2OMSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerDX6,6242018-12-09 16:12:36
DL2SWRSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX1,4082018-12-14 10:27:13
DL4CFSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerDX220GMDX2018-12-09 11:38:30
DL4EAXSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX64JUST FOR FUN CONTEST CLUB2018-12-10 19:33:30
DL4WASingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX1,9042018-12-09 13:39:36
DL4XUSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX4802018-12-10 11:10:08
DL5YMSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerDX560RHEIN RUHR DX ASSOCIATION2018-12-10 16:06:39
DL6KVASingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerDX2,584Bavarian Contest Club2018-12-09 14:00:38
DL7BCSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerDX32RHEIN RUHR DX ASSOCIATION2018-12-13 21:50:39
DL8DSLSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerDX562018-12-10 11:50:50
DL9MFYSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX2018-12-11 10:45:30
DL9ZPSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX2,4962018-12-10 12:57:42
DU1EVSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerDX1,6482018-12-15 04:20:23
DU1WBXChecklogDX72Ham Society of the Philippines DX3H2018-12-10 08:27:50
DU3GKTSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, QRPDX5762018-12-10 00:31:45
DU3LASingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX8,1842018-12-09 05:51:44
DU3SESingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX3,040Ham Society of the Philippines2018-12-11 13:01:15
DU4DXTSingle Operator, Phone Only, QRPDX02018-12-10 09:05:18
DW3TRZSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, QRPDX0PHILIPPINE AMATEUR RADIO LEAGUE INC.2018-12-15 00:11:59
DW9DDYSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX762018-12-12 21:57:57
DW9IGTSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerDX1122018-12-16 02:51:32
DX7EVMSingle Operator, Phone Only, QRPDX2DX7EVM Scan International2018-12-13 15:39:06
DX9EVMMultioperator, Single Transmitter, Low PowerDX0SCAN INTERNATIONAL2018-12-13 13:01:11
E20HHKSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerDX672Thailand DX Association2018-12-10 01:57:09
EA3CVSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerDX802018-12-10 08:01:39
EA3HJOMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High PowerDX2242018-12-13 21:31:16
EA3KTSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX82018-12-10 17:10:32
EA4AASingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerDX120EA CONTEST CLUB2018-12-09 18:57:53
EA6AMMSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerDX2018-12-10 16:13:30
EA7BJSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerDX4802018-12-09 20:00:14
EA8/IK1PMRSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX02018-12-12 09:47:55
EA8AQVSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX2,3682018-12-13 23:46:31
EA8CNSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX1,6242018-12-09 18:24:52
EA8OMSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX3,672URE2018-12-09 21:49:10
EA8PTSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX12018-12-09 17:52:27
EA8TRSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX612DOUBLE T TEAM2018-12-09 19:24:56
EB8ACSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX2702018-12-13 19:44:42
EE5TMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High PowerDX744EA CONTEST CLUB2018-12-09 17:09:05
EF5YSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerDX9,280EA CONTEST CLUB2018-12-09 19:21:39
ES5MGSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerDX2TARTU CONTEST TEAM2018-12-15 23:32:18
EU1AASingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX3522018-12-09 17:00:32
EU6DXSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPDX288Vitebsk Contest Club2018-12-09 12:41:26
EU8USingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerDX1682018-12-09 11:57:49
EW1TOSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX4BELARUS CONTEST CLUB2018-12-11 06:19:45
EW1TZSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerDX48BELARUS CONTEST CLUB2018-12-09 12:50:27
EW3LNSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX1202018-12-11 18:38:41
EW6EWSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX7042018-12-10 06:12:44
F4FTASingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX24Clipperton DX Club2018-12-09 19:08:14
F4GXXSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerDX1,8242018-12-10 17:20:32
F5JUSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX962018-12-09 16:03:19
F5LIWSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerDX260Clipperton DX Club2018-12-09 16:38:55
F5NBXSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerDX484Les Nouvelles DX2018-12-09 21:06:24
F5PHWSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerDX4CLIPPERTON DX CLUB2018-12-09 20:02:54
F5RDSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX802018-12-10 19:50:23
F8CRSSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerDX362018-12-09 19:07:28
FK4QXSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerDX3282018-12-14 18:14:37
FK8IKSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerDX5042018-12-12 06:16:06
FR4QTSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerDX928Clipperton DX club2018-12-10 13:16:35
FY5KESingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX38,4802018-12-11 20:33:41
G0CKPSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerDXWest Kent ARS2018-12-09 21:35:54
G0WCZSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX302018-12-10 08:14:34
G1MSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX16POLDHU2018-12-09 18:12:23
G3UCQSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX2402018-12-09 19:46:27
G4FKASingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerDX3,270Bristol Contest Group2018-12-09 20:08:50
G8AJMSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerDX2802018-12-09 16:03:26
GM2VSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerDX1,4402018-12-09 16:55:19
GM4ZSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerDX480Aberdeen Amateur Radio Society2018-12-12 14:57:30
GW4BVJSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX9002018-12-09 16:08:04
GW4DSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerDX0TALL TREES CONTEST GROUP2018-12-09 16:51:55
GW4WChecklogDX22018-12-15 13:28:06
GW5LSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX170TALL TREES CONTEST GROUP2018-12-10 22:41:13
HA2MNSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX36HAROS RADIO CLUB2018-12-09 17:55:25
HA8CQChecklogDX2162018-12-11 08:24:47
HI3LTSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, High PowerDX29,886loma del toro dx club2018-12-10 16:13:48
HI8ASingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX1442018-12-10 01:50:44
HI8RDSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerDX144RCD2018-12-14 08:55:59
HK3CSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerDX21,0682018-12-09 21:46:47
HL2ASZSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX02018-12-11 11:22:16
HL3/IU1GMKSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX322018-12-10 00:00:25
HP1ACSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX8,8802018-12-10 00:05:14
HP1AFFSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX1702018-12-10 14:54:53
HP1RISSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerDX4,6642018-12-12 21:57:05
HS0ZMESingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX792sk6lk2018-12-10 01:56:23
I2WIJSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerDX16ITALIAN CONTEST CLUB2018-12-15 21:54:07
I4MFASingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX902018-12-09 17:18:31
I5KAPSingle Operator, Phone Only, QRPDX82018-12-18 12:16:20
IK2AOOSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerDX02018-12-10 09:24:05
IK7FMQSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX42018-12-10 17:51:03
IT9ESWSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerDX5042018-12-10 13:55:56
IZ3KIFSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX2802018-12-13 14:49:24
IZ5IMDSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX150ari2018-12-10 10:35:01
J35XSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX1,1162018-12-11 09:52:44
J79WTASingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX3,8162018-12-12 03:24:06
JA0AVSSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerDX2402018-12-10 14:30:11
JA1BFNSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX722018-12-11 22:01:22
JA1CHYSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX642018-12-10 07:25:46
JA1CPKSingle Operator, Phone Only, QRPDX22018-12-10 11:57:19
JA1CRJSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX262018-12-10 12:48:32
JA1MYWSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX1802018-12-10 01:30:46
JA1MZMSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX4002018-12-10 00:23:24
JA1NEZSingle Operator, Phone Only, QRPDX1202018-12-10 01:11:49
JA1SLGSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX22018-12-10 11:46:06
JA1YNESingle Operator, CW Only, QRPDX2,5962018-12-10 12:37:29
JA2GHPSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX3082018-12-09 23:31:58
JA3DAYSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX7042018-12-09 08:29:38
JA3HBFSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerDX2082018-12-12 12:33:41
JA3JMSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX1122018-12-10 04:29:23
JA3QOSSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerDX1,2042018-12-10 03:12:59
JA3RAZSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX42018-12-10 00:22:48
JA3VOVSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerDX3122018-12-09 03:43:14
JA5FNXSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX42018-12-11 12:50:18
JA6FCLSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX5602018-12-13 08:20:03
JA6GCESingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerDX4,9402018-12-09 07:15:12
JA6PTH/6Single Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX02018-12-12 10:48:00
JA6WFMSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX2,4322018-12-09 08:19:05
JA7BEWSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX602018-12-10 00:04:57
JA7OWDSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, High PowerDX3,9002018-12-10 01:30:34
JA9LJSSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerDX7602018-12-10 11:42:55
JA9LNZSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX242018-12-10 13:42:11
JE1GWOSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX4762018-12-09 21:23:34
JE1ILPSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPDX482018-12-09 09:22:26
JE1NVDSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerDX9602018-12-10 05:32:56
JE1RRKSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX2018-12-10 01:07:22
JE1WBASingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX482018-12-08 15:36:30
JE6CMGSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerDX3122018-12-10 07:15:07
JF1KWGSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX2018-12-10 00:26:46
JF1MIASingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerDX3362018-12-10 00:34:13
JF1OPOSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX42018-12-10 03:49:13
JF1OVASingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerDX4202018-12-12 06:22:26
JF1WNTSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX8282018-12-11 01:42:55
JF9JTSSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerDX2018-12-11 11:32:19
JG1GCOSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX22018-12-09 08:10:39
JG1GOYSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPDX2002018-12-09 08:51:36
JG2REJSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerDX482018-12-09 23:15:51
JG3SVPSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX80KEYMEN'S CLUB OF JAPAN2018-12-13 03:31:11
JG3WDNSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerDX1,8002018-12-15 06:19:35
JG6SRLSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX962018-12-09 08:48:23
JH0ILLSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerDX1602018-12-16 13:45:15
JH0MUC/0Single Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX1122018-12-13 04:26:11
JH0OXSSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX162018-12-10 10:37:17
JH0ROS/1Single Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX1,4882018-12-09 09:45:15
JH1BNCChecklogDX02018-12-10 03:44:05
JH1FNUSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX8542018-12-09 08:29:36
JH1SJNSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, High PowerDX722018-12-10 12:03:26
JH1TJHSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX02018-12-09 08:45:02
JH2FXKSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerDX02018-12-11 10:14:58
JH2XQYSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX1042018-12-15 20:39:09
JH3DMQSingle Operator, Phone Only, QRPDX182018-12-11 10:00:40
JH4PUSSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX482018-12-11 11:36:20
JH4UTPSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerDX11,1722018-12-09 12:29:02
JH6QILSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerDX0RTTY CONTESTERS OF JAPAN2018-12-13 02:49:50
JH6WHNSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX5,4002018-12-10 00:05:36
JH7VHZSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerDX6402018-12-10 10:12:48
JH9CENSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX2162018-12-12 12:23:25
JI1FOESingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerDX6442018-12-09 06:15:29
JI1LAISingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX2018-12-08 08:51:58
JJ1LBJSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX2018-12-10 10:26:42
JJ1MBUSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX2018-12-08 12:15:55
JK1BIISingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX182018-12-09 08:39:48
JK1LSESingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX1,4722018-12-09 11:58:37
JK1NSRSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX3802018-12-10 11:32:24
JK1TCVSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, QRPDX6362018-12-10 07:14:40
JK2VOCMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High PowerDX1,0202018-12-11 00:52:58
JK8PBOSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX162018-12-09 08:26:28
JL2OGZ/2Single Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX602018-12-11 06:33:23
JL2XMWSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX2018-12-10 12:22:58
JL3AMKSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX02018-12-09 10:58:16
JL3DQXSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerDX202018-12-10 14:03:21
JM1EKMSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerDX2018-12-09 12:37:09
JM1MTESingle Operator, CW Only, QRPDX3122018-12-09 10:52:40
JN3ONXSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX02018-12-10 07:42:53
JN4MMOSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerDX6402018-12-09 02:49:41
JO1WIZSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX482018-12-10 13:08:31
JO7KMBSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerDX962018-12-09 21:02:05
JP3MFVSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX122018-12-09 11:51:46
JP3QAOSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX362018-12-16 02:37:49
JR1AKD/1Single Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX7922018-12-10 12:08:23
JR1AQISingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX2202018-12-10 05:17:48
JR1MEG/1Single Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX2,4002018-12-10 13:22:31
JR1QBASingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX402018-12-13 05:03:02
JR1UJXSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, QRPDX2018-12-09 11:28:55
JR1USUSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPDX722018-12-10 11:57:42
JR2EKDSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, QRPDX722018-12-09 08:41:47
JR3JRISingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX22018-12-15 12:26:55
JR3RIUSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerDX6602018-12-09 12:10:06
JS1BXHSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX2882018-12-10 01:11:44
JS1NDMSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerDX4482018-12-11 03:23:14
K0ADSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMN48,688Minnesota Wireless Assn2018-12-11 00:46:39
K0BJSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerKS8002018-12-10 01:37:15
K0DISingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMDC10,2062018-12-12 06:45:16
K0EASingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMN19,422minnesota wireless assn2018-12-10 13:41:18
K0EUSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerCO9,7922018-12-10 17:15:07
K0FLYSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerIA40,6002018-12-10 20:29:45
K0HNCSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerKS1442018-12-10 01:41:09
K0JJRSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerMN14,080Minnesota Wireless Assn2018-12-09 22:18:34
K0JMSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, High PowerMN750MINNESOTA WIRELESS ASSN2018-12-10 15:53:04
K0JPSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMN1,7702018-12-10 02:04:56
K0KEXSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMO2,0442018-12-15 16:33:54
K0KXSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerMN47,792Minnesota Wireless Assn2018-12-09 23:10:16
K0LAFSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerMO3362018-12-09 21:02:20
K0LUZSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerNFL74,880Florida Contest Group2018-12-10 15:04:00
K0MCGSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerMN2342018-12-11 14:09:25
K0MDSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerMN29,920Minnesota Wireless Assn2018-12-09 22:29:21
K0NMSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerSTX91,200Texas DX Society2018-12-09 23:06:15
K0NRMultioperator, Single Transmitter, Low PowerCO6,204GRAND MESA CONTESTERS OF COLORADO2018-12-10 03:23:14
K0PCSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerMN1,104MINNESOTA WIRELESS ASSN2018-12-09 20:23:21
K0PGSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerIL9,180SOCIETY OF MIDWEST CONTESTERS2018-12-09 23:44:45
K0PJSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerWI6,844Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-10 00:05:28
K0PKSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerMN15,904Minnesota Wireless Assn2018-12-10 00:16:29
K0RCSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMN10,260Minnesota Wireless Assn2018-12-11 06:27:03
K0RJWSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerMN1,064Minnesota Wireless Assn2018-12-09 21:09:44
K0RVBSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerSTX242018-12-10 00:50:19
K0SIXSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerMN288Minnesota Wireless Assn2018-12-14 22:48:39
K0SRLSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerIA8,1222018-12-10 02:29:00
K0TCSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerMN1,276Minnesota Wireless Assn2018-12-10 17:32:16
K0TGSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerMN392Minnesota Wireless Assn2018-12-11 02:45:50
K0TISingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerMN58,482Minnesota Wireless Assn2018-12-10 01:00:45
K0TLGSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, QRPMN1,032MINNESOTA WIRELESS ASSN2018-12-10 17:09:33
K0TNTSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMN200Minnesota Wireless Assn2018-12-09 23:03:47
K0TRLSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerKS2,7362018-12-10 00:33:50
K0TTSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerMN140,802Minnesota Wireless Assn2018-12-10 00:20:48
K0UKSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerCO1,664Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2018-12-10 03:44:10
K0VGSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerMN40Minnesota Wireless Assn2018-12-10 04:31:30
K0XPSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerORG4,028Southern California Contest Club2018-12-14 04:01:25
K0YRSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerMN120Minnesota Wireless Assn2018-12-11 18:00:43
K0ZRSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerVA21,684Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-15 07:11:44
K1BGSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerWMA18,504YANKEE CLIPPER CONTEST CLUB2018-12-10 03:14:01
K1BVSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerCT12,168Yankee Clipper Contest Club2018-12-12 02:30:19
K1BZSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerMDC21,8702018-12-10 01:13:27
K1EFISingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerMDC1,260Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-11 15:25:31
K1FQLSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerSFL3042018-12-17 03:55:42
K1GGSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerVA1,872POTOMAC VALLEY RADIO CLUB2018-12-11 00:54:08
K1GQSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerNH30,7202018-12-10 00:37:04
K1HCSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerME2882018-12-10 01:14:57
K1KAVSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerVA7202018-12-11 20:33:10
K1KDSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerMN2,624Minnesota Wireless Assn2018-12-10 00:13:57
K1KISingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerCT211,216Yankee Clipper Contest Club2018-12-11 03:10:06
K1LEESingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerCT72Southern Berkshire ARC2018-12-10 02:01:55
K1MCSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerEMA02018-12-09 21:59:04
K1NYSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerNLI10,904Yankee Clipper Contest Club2018-12-10 01:38:43
K1NZSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerWMA6,902Hampden County Radio Association2018-12-10 03:45:39
K1PDYSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPNH2002018-12-12 19:55:30
K1RMSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerCT50,400YANKEE CLIPPER CONTEST CLUB2018-12-10 12:19:01
K1ROSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerNH26,660Yankee Clipper Contest Club2018-12-10 02:22:50
K1RXSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerNH16,000Yankee Clipper Contest Club2018-12-10 20:45:49
K1SMSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerEMA5,8402018-12-10 11:19:26
K1SOSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerVA20Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 13:24:25
K1SXSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPEMA2,720CTRI CONTEST GROUP2018-12-10 00:11:27
K1TRSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerNH13,900Yankee Clipper Contest Club2018-12-10 00:44:10
K1TWSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPEMA1602018-12-16 18:42:01
K1VMTSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerVT22,468Radio amateurs of northern vermont2018-12-09 21:51:39
K1VSJSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerRI9,912YANKEE CLIPPER CONTEST CLUB2018-12-12 16:06:13
K1VUTSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerEMA45,264Yankee Clipper Contest Club2018-12-09 23:27:56
K1VWQSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerWMA1,166POTA*4132018-12-10 00:57:28
K1YWWSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerEMA02018-12-09 22:18:23
K1ZESingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerCT20,856Eastern Connecticut ARA2018-12-10 00:05:08
K1ZKSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerVT4,1402018-12-10 00:05:50
K1ZZSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerCT66,960Yankee Clipper Contest Club2018-12-10 01:35:18
K2AFSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerNNJ2402018-12-10 01:33:03
K2ALSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerNNJ980New Providence ARC2018-12-10 00:47:15
K2ANZSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, High PowerWNY1,0562018-12-14 01:51:28
K2CYESingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerENY49,024Frankford Radio Club2018-12-09 21:46:07
K2DFCSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerNNJ41,768SUSSEX COUNTY ARC2018-12-10 00:16:43
K2DRHSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerIL39,644Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-15 22:05:46
K2GMYSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, QRPEB7,3142018-12-10 04:57:33
K2HTSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMO4802018-12-08 21:44:56
K2LESingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerVT20,160ORDER OF BOILED OWLS OF NEW YORK2018-12-11 17:17:16
K2MKSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerNNY1,0562018-12-10 16:40:52
K2OSSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerWNY23,4082018-12-12 16:46:53
K2PSSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerNFL183,300Florida Contest Group2018-12-10 01:41:03
K2QOSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, QRPWNY480Niagara Frontier Radiosport2018-12-10 00:35:31
K2RETSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerSNJ640Frankford Radio Club2018-12-10 00:43:18
K2SDSSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerSNJ10,5602018-12-10 00:17:11
K2SMSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPWNY4,1042018-12-10 03:44:21
K2SXSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerSC34,4042018-12-10 15:48:29
K2TTMSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerNLI5,3762018-12-10 16:28:44
K2UFSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerENY6,9122018-12-12 05:36:55
K2XASingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerENY23,618Hudson Valley Contesters and DXers2018-12-09 22:17:13
K2YAZSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPMI11,2202018-12-12 21:57:51
K2YGMSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, QRPNLI0YANKEE CLIPPER CONTEST CLUB2018-12-08 15:11:10
K2ZRSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerWNY192Niagara Frontier Radiosport2018-12-10 03:00:38
K3AJSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerMDC49,678Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 00:01:04
K3ATOSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerEPA11,136FRANKFORD RADIO CLUB2018-12-11 19:42:57
K3AUSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerMDC60,016Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 00:19:37
K3CCRMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High PowerMDC60,480Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-11 19:07:16
K3DMGSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerOH6,912Deep Dixie Contest Club2018-12-09 23:05:21
K3EKSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerMDC3,060FARC2018-12-11 14:56:25
K3ESTSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerEB109,200NORTHERN CALIFORNIA CONTEST CLUB2018-12-12 23:27:14
K3HXSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPWPA02018-12-09 23:07:42
K3IESingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerTN14,400Tennessee Contest Group2018-12-09 23:32:00
K3ISHSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerEPA2,5202018-12-09 22:45:41
K3JTSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerWV14,140PVRC2018-12-10 17:02:31
K3JZDSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerWPA1,972Skyview Radio Society2018-12-11 03:14:12
K3KUSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMDC3,432Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 02:53:57
K3LUSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerMDC5,440Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-15 19:49:19
K3MAWSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMDC350Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-09 22:03:31
K3MDSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerEPA888Frankford Radio Club2018-12-09 01:52:24
K3NFSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerVA1,064Vienna Wireless Society2018-12-10 14:03:28
K3NTSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerNTX2,6982018-12-16 23:50:43
K3PASingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerKS64,200Kansas City Contest Club2018-12-10 00:40:29
K3PPSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerEPA28,560Frankford Radio Club2018-12-10 01:34:42
K3SENSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerNFL21,216Florida Contest group2018-12-09 22:10:10
K3SOMSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, High PowerWPA4,7122018-12-10 15:29:19
K3SVSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerWCF840Florida Contest Group2018-12-10 01:12:38
K3TCSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerMDC45,408Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 00:23:38
K3TEFSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerEPA1,064Hilltoppers Transmitting Assn.2018-12-10 01:35:47
K3TNSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerMDC19,320Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 02:56:10
K3TWSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, QRPNFL13,184FLORIDA CONTEST GROUP2018-12-10 00:36:16
K3UASingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerWPA4,408North Coast Contesters2018-12-10 14:08:26
K3WISingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerDE4,332Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 00:23:25
K3WJVSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerEPA34,176Frankford Radio Club2018-12-16 06:35:59
K3WTSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerMN4,992MINNESOTA WIRELESS ASSN2018-12-16 20:49:42
K3WWSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerEPA111,680Frankford Radio Club2018-12-09 22:24:48
K3WWTSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerEPA4,4822018-12-11 05:12:45
K3WYCSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerAZ3122018-12-10 23:14:17
K3YDXSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerNC4,704Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 15:41:46
K3ZASingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerEPA8,800Frankford Radio Club2018-12-10 14:35:19
K3ZGASingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerNFL6,384The Villages Amateur Radio Club2018-12-10 03:16:14
K3ZOSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerMDC149,466Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 14:13:26
K3ZUSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerMDC45,5842018-12-10 04:22:57
K4AFESingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerTN2,352Deep Dixie Contest Club2018-12-10 23:09:57
K4BAISingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerGA64,460South East Contest Club2018-12-10 00:39:14
K4BCSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerVA1,044Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 15:47:44
K4CGASingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerGA460Silver Comet Amateur Radio Society2018-12-11 00:20:14
K4CGYSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerVA8,5882018-12-10 00:27:19
K4DZRSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerTN13,968Tennessee Contest Group2018-12-09 23:19:23
K4EETSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMDC4,032Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 00:27:40
K4EJSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerWCF58,080FLORIDA CONTEST GROUP2018-12-10 22:53:54
K4FJWSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerVA10,152Bristol (TN) ARC2018-12-10 00:23:34
K4FTSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerKY22,240Kentucky Contest Group2018-12-10 20:48:37
K4FTOSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerVA6,210Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 14:35:15
K4FXSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerNC3,050Carolina DX Association2018-12-10 00:45:24
K4GMSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerVA2,580Potomac Valley Radio CLub2018-12-10 01:21:08
K4GMHSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerVA4POTOMAC VALLEY RADIO CLUB2018-12-10 12:25:56
K4HQKSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerVA10,962Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 02:12:25
K4HWSSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerTN1,8242018-12-10 00:10:27
K4JDFSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, High PowerMDC1,656Northeast Maryland Amateur Radio Contest Society2018-12-10 00:03:09
K4JKBSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerVA10,4322018-12-10 22:56:43
K4KKCSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, High PowerSFL5,760Florida Contest Group2018-12-13 00:32:15
K4LDCSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerGA770SILVER COMET AMATEUR RADIO SOCIETY2018-12-10 00:16:39
K4LPQSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerTN280Bristol (TN) ARC2018-12-09 23:21:13
K4LQSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerWCF114,804Florida Contest Group2018-12-14 01:04:33
K4MMSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerSFL145,656Florida Contest Group2018-12-16 18:39:29
K4NAXSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPIN3,6962018-12-10 12:58:22
K4ORDSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerVA10,296Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 01:43:02
K4PISingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerGA55,080Georgia Contest Group2018-12-10 04:23:05
K4QDSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerSFL980Florida Contest Group2018-12-15 15:39:48
K4QESingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerNC6,596Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 00:03:18
K4QSSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerVA46,368Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-09 19:50:49
K4RDUSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerVA3,7442018-12-10 00:59:13
K4RUMSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerNLI13,1242018-12-10 00:00:29
K4SBZSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerNFL108Florida Contest Group2018-12-15 10:22:44
K4SOSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerVA21,320Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-14 04:55:46
K4SQCSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerGA2,470North Fulton Amateur Radio League2018-12-09 23:38:03
K4THLSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerSFL10,0082018-12-13 01:10:00
K4TZSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerTN48Tennessee Contest Group2018-12-10 21:34:54
K4VBMSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerGA378GEORGIA CONTEST GROUP2018-12-15 03:13:21
K4WISingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerAL165,830ALABAMA CONTEST GROUP2018-12-09 23:39:08
K4XLSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerVA33,150Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 00:40:09
K4XUSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerOR15,540Central Oregon DX Club2018-12-09 22:23:19
K4YYLSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerSC18,7002018-12-10 00:20:11
K4ZGBSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerAL21,840Alabama Contest Group2018-12-15 15:34:48
K5BGSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerNTX20,680DFW Contest Group2018-12-09 21:52:59
K5GZRSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerSTX24Texas DX Society2018-12-10 00:50:33
K5IXSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerSTX2,788Central Texas DX and Contest Club2018-12-10 00:31:41
K5KGSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerWCF194,706Florida Contest Group2018-12-10 01:25:37
K5KJSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerNTX65,736North Texas Contest Club2018-12-10 02:02:08
K5LGSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerAR55,9682018-12-09 23:58:11
K5LGXSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerNTX322018-12-10 04:13:00
K5LHSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerNTX9,976Heart of Texas DX Society2018-12-10 23:03:26
K5LYSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerNTX5,3682018-12-09 23:32:21
K5NASingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerSTX241,164Central Texas DX and Contest Club2018-12-10 16:03:05
K5NDSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerNTX300DFW Contest Group2018-12-10 00:26:58
K5NZSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerSTX12,936Central Texas DX and Contest Club2018-12-09 12:49:15
K5OMCSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMS7,6302018-12-10 02:25:03
K5QRSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerNTX8,120DFW CONTEST GROUP2018-12-09 23:16:25
K5RMSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerAR31,552Deep Dixie Contest Club2018-12-11 00:47:07
K5SBRSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerSTX3,840Port Lavaca Amateur Radio Club2018-12-11 12:24:59
K5SMSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerNTX11,4842018-12-09 21:22:45
K5TASingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerNM31,000New Mexico Big River Contesters2018-12-10 03:10:03
K5TMTSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerSTX82018-12-16 14:56:51
K5TQSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerNM540New Mexico Big River Contesters2018-12-10 05:06:38
K5VIPSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerVA20,856Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 02:20:27
K5XUSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerMS11,0162018-12-10 00:48:36
K5YMSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerOK5042018-12-09 21:41:55
K5ZDSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerWMA23,698Yankee Clipper Contest Club2018-12-10 01:08:24
K6CSLSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerSJV20Northern California Contest Club2018-12-13 10:34:52
K6DAJSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, QRPEB100Northern California Contest Club2018-12-09 16:20:36
K6EUSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerSCV7,384Northern California Contest Club2018-12-15 01:21:42
K6IJSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerSV45,752MOTHER LODE DX/CONTEST CLUB2018-12-10 19:10:40
K6JSSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPSF672Redwood Empire DX Assn2018-12-10 05:15:46
K6KHBSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerEB162018-12-12 03:11:31
K6KYSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerSB4,374CONEJO VALLEY ARC2018-12-09 22:19:02
K6LRNSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerSV30,932Mother Lode DX/Contest Club2018-12-11 20:05:38
K6MESingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerSV1,248NORTHERN CALIFORNIA CONTEST CLUB2018-12-11 05:04:48
K6MISingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, QRPSJV448Northern California Contest Club2018-12-10 00:55:21
K6MUGSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerLAX2722018-12-09 23:22:20
K6NRSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerORG62,192Southern California Contest Club2018-12-10 04:35:36
K6OKSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerSV864Mother Lode DX/Contest Club2018-12-10 05:16:34
K6POSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerSDG7,100SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA CONTEST CLUB2018-12-09 23:45:57
K6SRZSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerSF43,000northern california contest club2018-12-12 00:54:49
K6STSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerNV128Northern California Contest Club2018-12-11 20:37:38
K6XTSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerCO4,704Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2018-12-10 02:50:26
K6XXSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerSCV1,848Northern California Contest Club2018-12-14 00:40:07
K6YKSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerSJV15,696MOTHER LODE DX/CONTEST CLUB2018-12-09 22:07:38
K7GASingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerAZ5,360ARIZONA OUTLAWS CONTEST CLUB2018-12-09 23:08:18
K7HPSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerAZ20,088Arizona Outlaws Contest Club2018-12-10 05:25:43
K7JFSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerWWA3,6402018-12-09 20:57:34
K7JNASingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerWWA2242018-12-10 08:07:49
K7JOESingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerIN2,288Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-09 14:29:35
K7MYSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerAZ1,904Arizona Outlaws Contest Club2018-12-09 23:16:56
K7OVMSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerOR1,5362018-12-09 21:19:09
K7QASingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMT2,220Big Sky Contesters2018-12-10 05:37:15
K7RATMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High PowerOR8,448Willamette Valley DX Club2018-12-10 00:03:19
K7SSSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerWWA13,384Western Washington DX Club2018-12-10 04:26:35
K7STOSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, High PowerEWA304SPOKANE DX ASSOCIATION2018-12-09 21:30:07
K7SVSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerVA42,024POTOMAC VALLEY RADIO CLUB2018-12-10 18:00:56
K7ULSSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerUT2002018-12-09 23:13:15
K7VITSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerOR368Willamette Valley DX Club2018-12-10 00:37:43
K7XESingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerSV540NORTHERN CALIFORNIA CONTEST CLUB2018-12-09 22:38:01
K7ZYVSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerMS8362018-12-10 23:17:00
K8ACSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerNC28,350Kielbasa Dragons2018-12-10 13:35:46
K8AJSSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerOH20,128Mad River Radio Club2018-12-12 14:29:16
K8DJRSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerMI5,2082018-12-11 05:04:48
K8GQSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerWV3522018-12-09 21:30:57
K8GTSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerMI264Mad River Radio Club2018-12-10 03:59:51
K8JQSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerWV5,3962018-12-10 03:24:14
K8LBTSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerOH1,4282018-12-12 02:47:01
K8LFSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerVA252Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-09 20:26:58
K8LYSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerOH2,100NORTH COAST CONTESTERS2018-12-11 04:19:23
K8MPSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerOH39,744DELARA Contest Team2018-12-11 16:54:33
K8MRSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerOH67,332Mad River Radio Club2018-12-10 15:32:48
K8NWDSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerMI2,244Mad River Radio Club2018-12-11 19:06:25
K8NZSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerOH1,116North Coast Contesters2018-12-09 16:34:04
K8ZTSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, QRPOH2,208North Coast Contesters2018-12-09 21:43:17
K9BBQSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerIL126Metro Dx Club2018-12-10 06:45:19
K9BGLSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerIL22,344SOCIETY OF MIDWEST CONTESTERS2018-12-10 19:07:04
K9CSSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerIL7,280METRO DX CLUB2018-12-09 23:25:49
K9CTSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerIL8,320Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-09 23:01:03
K9CWSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerIL9,216Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-14 15:24:48
K9DUSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerMN2,880Minnesota Wireless Assn2018-12-09 21:17:40
K9ELFSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerIN18SOCIETY OF MIDWEST CONTESTERS2018-12-09 22:43:19
K9EMFSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerIL02018-12-11 03:42:10
K9FOSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerIL2,924Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-10 17:43:51
K9GSSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerWI1,056Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-11 02:33:21
K9MCKSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerIL4762018-12-11 05:09:29
K9MWMSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerCO336Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2018-12-15 15:42:57
K9NRSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerIL46,488Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-14 21:52:41
K9OMSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerNFL109,836Florida Contest Group2018-12-10 05:00:17
K9OZSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerAR6,6362018-12-10 14:17:55
K9PGSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerIL7,696Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-10 02:01:18
K9PMVSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerIL416Metro DX Club2018-12-12 16:34:18
K9SESingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerIN1,196Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-10 13:17:17
K9UIYSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerIL0Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-14 23:45:16
K9VVSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerSFL9,292Florida Contest Group2018-12-10 17:36:45
K9ZMSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerIL380Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-10 00:27:11
KA0FSPSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMO3082018-12-11 00:56:30
KA0LDGSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerND40Red River Radio Amateurs2018-12-10 01:16:18
KA1ALSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerCT7562018-12-10 00:30:11
KA1SAWSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerWMA1202018-12-10 00:23:03
KA1VMGSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerCT1,312CTRI Contest Group2018-12-11 16:27:21
KA2DSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerNLI11,908ORDER OF BOILED OWLS OF NEW YORK2018-12-10 00:04:45
KA2FIRSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerNNJ5,1362018-12-10 00:05:15
KA2PBTSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerNNJ8322018-12-13 13:45:15
KA3YJMSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerMDC588Northeast Maryland Amateur Radio Contest Society2018-12-10 11:04:48
KA4RRUSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerVA2,652Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 03:08:47
KA4RURSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPMO02018-12-09 20:27:37
KA6BIMSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerOR12,714Northern California Contest Club2018-12-10 00:23:48
KA8GSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerOH1,8902018-12-11 11:50:28
KA9CARSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerIL2,4482018-12-10 02:33:18
KA9FOXSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerWI22,568Minnesota Wireless Assn2018-12-10 11:40:26
KA9FQGSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerIN162018-12-15 21:50:18
KA9JCPSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerWI2,600West Allis Radio AC2018-12-10 17:51:47
KB0LZQSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerKS1082018-12-11 05:19:33
KB2URISingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerWNY588Niagara Frontier Radiosport2018-12-11 03:32:06
KB4OLMSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerVA3,700Shenandoah Valley Wireless2018-12-11 00:46:02
KB5WWWSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerSTX132Texas DX Society2018-12-10 02:50:42
KB6OJESingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerNTX1302018-12-10 13:59:25
KB7AZSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerAZ4,664Arizona Outlaws Contest Club2018-12-09 22:04:41
KB7ISPSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerIL12society of midwest contesters2018-12-10 19:38:35
KB7KYKSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerWWA3122018-12-09 21:05:18
KB7NSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerWWA1,584Radio Club of Redmond2018-12-10 03:38:09
KB7QFESingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerID2722018-12-11 02:04:02
KB8USingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerMI7,8962018-12-10 02:16:51
KB9SSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerWI1,568Minnesota Wireless Assn2018-12-10 00:18:52
KB9ZLWSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerIL32Six Meter Club of Chicago2018-12-10 19:25:30
KC1BBSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, High PowerAZ8,040Arizona Outlaws Contest Club2018-12-10 05:37:38
KC1EWLSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerWMA1002018-12-12 20:58:07
KC1IHSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerWCF3,1382018-12-10 20:22:24
KC2DPFSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerVA5202018-12-10 15:21:14
KC2JRQSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerNLI1762018-12-11 19:49:26
KC2QJBSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerNNJ18Frankford Radio Club2018-12-09 22:50:32
KC2TVJSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerENY3682018-12-09 21:35:06
KC2WUFSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPNNJ480New Providence ARC2018-12-10 02:11:15
KC3INRSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerEPA1302018-12-10 16:35:59
KC3KBESingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, QRPMDC02018-12-10 14:16:13
KC3KOHMultioperator, Single Transmitter, Low PowerMDC4642018-12-10 00:28:02
KC3MLCSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerWPA1102018-12-09 22:25:10
KC4IMSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPVA2,280Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-09 23:18:46
KC4TEOSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerAL6,840Alabama Contest Group2018-12-10 01:15:01
KC4WQSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerKY1,456Kentucky Contest Group2018-12-09 21:16:07
KC5LLSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerNTX82018-12-09 22:58:17
KC5RGQSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerNM96K5LRW2018-12-10 00:08:52
KC5SBSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerOK02018-12-09 22:45:31
KC7VSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerAZ7,488Arizona Outlaws Contest Club2018-12-09 23:45:03
KC7YESingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerWWA68Snohomish County Hams Club2018-12-10 00:06:43
KC8QDQSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerOH2,7282018-12-14 22:43:51
KC9AMMSingle Operator, Phone Only, QRPIL32Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-14 22:36:09
KC9EOQSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerIL210Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-17 00:26:21
KC9KSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerIL6,438Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-09 21:59:00
KC9KLASingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerIL754Six Meter Club of Chicago2018-12-12 17:25:43
KC9ULSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerIL8362018-12-10 00:11:33
KC9UNZSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerWI42018-12-09 22:33:52
KC9YLSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerWI48Northeast Wisconsin DX Assn2018-12-10 00:00:38
KD2IWWSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerENY02018-12-10 03:06:33
KD2JQGSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerENY02018-12-09 02:35:13
KD2OHGSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerWNY02018-12-13 21:12:28
KD5ILASingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerAR1202018-12-16 05:25:06
KD5JSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerAR8,4242018-12-10 00:57:14
KD5QAQSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerSTX8282018-12-10 20:28:51
KD6WKYSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerEB384Northern California Contest Club2018-12-10 00:53:11
KD7HSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerWWA1,818Western Washington DX Club2018-12-10 14:45:43
KD7RFSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerAZ3,952Northern Arizona DX Assn2018-12-10 23:30:19
KD7UOSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerWWA5,206Pacific Northwest VHF Society2018-12-11 19:18:42
KD8TNFSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerOH1,1702018-12-09 23:36:05
KD9GOLSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerIL1762018-12-11 16:27:26
KD9GYSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerIL304Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-10 22:59:09
KD9MSSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerIL36Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-13 05:21:10
KE0ITCSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerIA6002018-12-11 22:17:15
KE0JMKSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerOH402018-12-20 11:14:05
KE0JWQSingle Operator, Phone Only, QRPCO222018-12-10 02:05:38
KE0LSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, QRPIL8Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-10 03:14:24
KE0TTSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPMN1122018-12-11 15:52:35
KE2DXSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerENY28,0122018-12-09 23:28:41
KE2SXSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerNC9,0722018-12-10 02:47:33
KE2VBSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerAZ832Arizona Outlaws Contest Club2018-12-13 16:03:06
KE3GKSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMDC3,740Northeast Maryland Amateur Radio Contest Society2018-12-09 23:15:45
KE3UYSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDE82018-12-12 00:46:40
KE3XSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerMDC15,500Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-09 22:05:43
KE4KYSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerKY16,184Kentucky Contest Group2018-12-09 21:02:37
KE4QCMSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerGA0SOUTH EAST CONTEST CLUB2018-12-10 20:37:30
KE4SSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerVA11,520POTOMAC VALLEY RADIO CLUB2018-12-10 00:38:21
KE5LQSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerSTX5582018-12-10 03:19:55
KE5OGSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerWTX3,1922018-12-09 23:13:09
KE6QRSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerEB40Northern California Contest Club2018-12-09 22:59:45
KE7RWSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerWWA2822018-12-10 00:49:29
KE8EASSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerOH40,492Athens County ARA2018-12-09 23:16:45
KE8YSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerOH5,7202018-12-09 21:42:12
KE9YKSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerIN8322018-12-10 10:14:05
KF0MSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerKS7822018-12-10 03:06:13
KF0URSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerCO5,044Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2018-12-10 15:51:40
KF3GSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerEPA3922018-12-10 17:41:03
KF4AVSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerKY2,256OH-KY-IN ARS2018-12-10 01:17:11
KF6HISingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerAZ10,824Arizona Outlaws Contest Club2018-12-10 02:19:23
KF6ISingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerORG1,320Southern California Contest Club2018-12-11 01:57:25
KF7RSFSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerOR22018-12-09 22:49:27
KF7USingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerAZ192Arizona Outlaws Contest Club2018-12-10 02:45:28
KF9USSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerWI10,2482018-12-10 13:02:14
KG1VSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerNH2,2082018-12-10 10:46:33
KG4IGCSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerSC2,6862018-12-10 22:22:05
KG4QIVSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerWCF7,854PEACE RIVER RADIO ASSN2018-12-11 01:48:51
KG4USNSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMDC476Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 15:15:42
KG4WSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerVA1,728CENTRAL VIRGINIA CONTEST CLUB2018-12-10 16:38:17
KG4WOJSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerVA32Chesapeake Amateur Radio Service2018-12-09 18:35:14
KG5ANOSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerNM418pvarc, w5zu2018-12-10 00:13:14
KG5IQUSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerLA322018-12-10 01:46:19
KG5NPVSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerSTX8502018-12-15 18:37:17
KG6MCSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerSC840SWAMP FOX CONTEST GROUP2018-12-11 23:40:44
KG7DABSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerWWA282018-12-10 03:52:31
KG7WOTSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerWWA402018-12-10 00:50:44
KG8ISingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMI1,4722018-12-10 02:33:07
KG9ILSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerIL1,3682018-12-17 12:47:34
KH6/KU1CWSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerPAC42018-12-12 02:58:20
KH6CJJSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerPAC1,456Maui Amateur Radio Club2018-12-13 21:45:15
KH6KG/5Single Operator Unlimited, CW Only, QRPAR5,1002018-12-09 22:49:05
KH6LCSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerPAC11,0202018-12-10 19:35:56
KH7MSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerPAC51,2642018-12-09 23:16:36
KI0FSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerMN18,240Minnesota Wireless Assn2018-12-11 13:44:28
KI0GSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPSTX1,1442018-12-09 21:32:34
KI0HASingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMO8102018-12-09 20:55:07
KI0ISingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMO8,568Kansas City Contest Club2018-12-09 22:58:33
KI1USingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerCT1,496Yankee Clipper Contest Club2018-12-09 19:57:10
KI4LPSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerWTX1,0802018-12-14 03:22:23
KI4UXSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerAL896Alabama Contest Group2018-12-09 21:34:05
KI5LRSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerSTX1,014Texas DX Society2018-12-10 02:34:42
KI7NSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerOR2902018-12-10 01:09:38
KI9ASingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerIL18,574SOCIETY OF MIDWEST CONTESTERS2018-12-10 00:27:03
KJ4KKDSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerTN402018-12-11 13:45:05
KJ4KPWSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerMDC02018-12-15 19:40:24
KJ4MSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerAL1,1162018-12-10 04:16:59
KJ4RVSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPNC1,9242018-12-11 15:24:07
KJ4VTHSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerVA1682018-12-09 23:39:13
KK4DCXSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerPR2018-12-12 19:51:30
KK4RVSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerNC108North Carolina DX and Contest Club2018-12-16 18:36:35
KK4RWBSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerVA2242018-12-14 00:21:38
KK6MSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerLAX2,9442018-12-09 21:54:12
KK6QHRSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerLAX02018-12-09 22:57:27
KK7LSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerUT240Utah DX Association2018-12-09 22:43:03
KK9VSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPIN16Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-11 00:29:00
KM0OSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerMN20,680Minnesota Wireless Assn2018-12-10 16:47:01
KM1ZSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerTN5,440Maury County ARC2018-12-13 00:38:21
KM2TSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerWCF11,2802018-12-10 00:03:07
KM4ALPChecklogNFL722018-12-10 00:12:33
KM4HISingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerNFL68,796Florida Contest Group2018-12-09 23:37:22
KM4IAJChecklogVA02018-12-12 22:56:22
KM4MKSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerGA02018-12-10 03:23:12
KM4VTESingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerGA170SILVER COMET AMATEUR RADIO SOCIETY2018-12-11 01:04:53
KM5KSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerNTX9,512DFW Contest Group2018-12-14 23:57:00
KM6HBSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerORG1,2902018-12-10 02:34:54
KM6HDYSingle Operator, Phone Only, QRPSJV02018-12-11 03:27:00
KM6JDSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerNV19,2002018-12-09 22:52:13
KM6PHBEB2018-12-10 00:17:49
KM6ZSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerLAX16,128Southern California Contest Club2018-12-14 20:14:16
KN0VSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerMN30,744Minnesota Wireless Assn2018-12-10 00:17:18
KN1HSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPNH1,3202018-12-10 00:12:58
KN4BITSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, High PowerNFL8,208Florida Contest Group2018-12-12 01:24:11
KN4JNSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerSFL1,612INDIAN RIVER ARC2018-12-10 15:33:08
KN4YSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerNFL31,356FLORIDA CONTEST GROUP2018-12-11 19:15:19
KN5SSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerSTX42018-12-12 00:34:57
KN7KSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerOR3,808Willamette Valley DX Club2018-12-15 19:43:10
KN8FSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerSC2018-12-10 19:41:39
KN8KAZSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerSTX8882018-12-10 21:42:26
KO4OLSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerKY180Kentucky Contest Group2018-12-09 04:12:28
KO6LUSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerSCV336Northern California Contest Club2018-12-10 22:49:41
KO7SSSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerAZ5,040ARIZONA OUTLAWS CONTEST CLUB2018-12-09 20:25:05
KP3LRSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerPR7202018-12-09 22:43:10
KP3WSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerPR4482018-12-09 23:45:40
KP4JFRSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerPR5762018-12-15 13:41:18
KP4JJOSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerPR02018-12-11 05:59:52
KP4JRSSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerPR3962018-12-15 13:31:55
KQ4LASingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerVA4,532POTOMAC VALLEY RADIO CLUB2018-12-09 21:50:58
KQ4YSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerNFL672Florida Contest Group2018-12-09 21:29:07
KR2AASingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerNLI40,9842018-12-10 04:56:39
KR2QSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerNNJ28,5602018-12-10 01:04:58
KR4FSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerAL59,400Alabama Contest Group2018-12-10 00:40:53
KR4NOSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerSC2882018-12-09 23:15:51
KS1JSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerRI2,964CTRI Contest Group2018-12-09 21:58:36
KS2GSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerNLI200Order of Boiled Owls of New York2018-12-09 21:58:39
KS4GWSingle Operator, Phone Only, QRPSFL822018-12-13 14:24:31
KS4SSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerNC260Carolina DX Association2018-12-14 03:24:12
KS4XSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerTN2,080Tennessee Contest Group2018-12-09 23:55:48
KS4YXSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPSC2,408Swamp Fox Contest Group2018-12-09 23:09:30
KS7TSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerMT1,968Big Sky Contesters2018-12-16 07:46:58
KT0KSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerNE15,540Lincoln ARC2018-12-13 22:21:48
KT3RRSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerEPA70Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 02:40:46
KT4QSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerNFL10,168Florida Contest Group2018-12-09 23:35:09
KT8YSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerMI3,6722018-12-10 22:04:28
KT9LSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerIN10,476Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-10 00:03:25
KU1NSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerWMA2,100Hampden County Radio Association2018-12-10 17:31:51
KU2CSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerEPA1,664Frankford Radio Club2018-12-15 18:23:45
KU6CWSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerSDG11,556Southern California Contest Club2018-12-10 22:45:47
KU8ESingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerGA75,396South East Contest Club2018-12-10 02:49:40
KV0QSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerCO66,0002018-12-15 17:37:01
KV1JSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerEMA1,734Yankee Clipper Contest Club2018-12-10 04:42:59
KV7JSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerAZ302018-12-09 22:11:36
KW1KSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerNFL4Florida Contest Group2018-12-11 15:01:17
KW7DSPSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerOR56R.O.A.D.S. W7ORE2018-12-10 00:07:50
KX1GSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerEMA16,0562018-12-10 12:47:57
KX1WSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerENY72Yankee Clipper Contest Club2018-12-10 00:55:24
KX6ASingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerORG3,264Southern California Contest Club2018-12-10 00:16:38
KY0QSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerIL2,2882018-12-09 23:54:17
KY3WSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerEPA2,250Frankford Radio Club2018-12-10 13:22:25
KY7MSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerAZ54,720Arizona Outlaws Contest Club2018-12-10 17:08:37
KZ5JSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerSTX9,4082018-12-09 23:27:49
LA5LJASingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerDX900LA CONTEST CLUB2018-12-12 18:19:09
LS2DMultioperator, Single Transmitter, Low PowerDX51,340LU Contest Group2018-12-10 19:15:29
LT7DSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerDX116,9602018-12-10 16:17:18
LU1DXSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, High PowerDX65,0562018-12-10 02:32:23
LU2EESingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerDX32,6342018-12-10 13:59:05
LU3CWSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerDX15,912LU Contest Group2018-12-10 04:22:47
LU3EBGSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX2102018-12-10 11:04:30
LU4HKSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerDX4402018-12-10 00:09:05
LU4VZSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, QRPDX15,6522018-12-11 19:17:59
LU5ABSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerDX18,3362018-12-10 22:31:17
LU5DFSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX141,968Vizcacha Contest Group2018-12-10 19:55:46
LU5HASingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX0LUCG2018-12-15 15:40:02
LU5VVSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, High PowerDX77,308LU CONTEST GROUP2018-12-14 20:04:31
LU6DOTSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX58,7642018-12-10 21:15:19
LU6FLZSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX7,0802018-12-10 17:59:24
LU7DVSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX3202018-12-15 19:05:43
LU7DWSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX80Contest CLub Ontario2018-12-09 19:44:08
LU7HNSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerDX61,488LUCG2018-12-11 22:31:45
LU7VCHSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, QRPDX6,6882018-12-11 19:21:20
LU7YSSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerDX17,1762018-12-09 22:58:29
LU8DYSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerDX4,3202018-12-11 12:47:18
LU8DZJSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerDX25,9702018-12-15 00:36:31
LU8EHRSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX60LU Contest Club2018-12-11 23:05:51
LU8VLESingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerDX2018-12-11 21:14:08
LU9CYVSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX482018-12-13 22:32:17
LU9DAGMultioperator, Single Transmitter, Low PowerDX51,340LU Contest Group2018-12-10 19:21:43
LU9DDJSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerDX1,344lucg contest group2018-12-15 03:24:07
LU9VDSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX24,8402018-12-09 23:17:37
LW1EUDSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX120,3362018-12-10 21:33:57
LW4EFSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerDX28,728LU CONTEST GROUP2018-12-15 11:47:34
LW5DPGSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX23,3702018-12-09 21:56:50
LW5DWMultioperator, Single Transmitter, Low PowerDX8,1322018-12-10 18:20:44
LW7DXMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High PowerDX436,738LU CONTEST GROUP2018-12-13 18:28:09
LW9EKASingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX42,7002018-12-12 00:59:25
LX1NOSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerDX1602018-12-09 16:24:19
LY1RSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, High PowerDX156VYTAUTAS MAGNUS UNIVERSITY RADIO CLUB2018-12-09 11:03:59
LY2NYSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerDX36Vytautas Magnus University Radio Club2018-12-09 15:28:39
LY5YYChecklogDX22018-12-22 08:06:20
LY9YSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerDX5762018-12-16 14:14:46
LZ2AF/PSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, QRPDX0LZ2KIM, LZFF Club2018-12-12 07:38:14
LZ2FMSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX962018-12-12 10:36:50
LZ2HRSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerDX02018-12-16 09:53:20
LZ5QZSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, QRPDX362018-12-09 10:49:13
M0BJLSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerDX648Chiltern DX Club2018-12-13 17:22:17
M0DHPSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX1282018-12-09 15:53:24
M0PNNSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX302018-12-10 16:04:01
M0XLTSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX82018-12-09 16:53:29
M3ISingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerDX9282018-12-09 15:50:39
M3MSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerDX2802018-12-10 12:05:29
M6TSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerDX2,1242018-12-16 11:00:08
MM0TFUSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, High PowerDX2242018-12-10 12:18:04
N0ACSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerIA3,024Iowa DX and Contest Club2018-12-10 00:39:23
N0ATSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerMN59,772Minnesota Wireless Assn2018-12-10 00:18:10
N0AVSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerIA13,392Minnesota Wireless Assn2018-12-10 02:59:48
N0AXChecklogMOSociety of Midwest Contesters2018-12-10 04:29:23
N0EOSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMN39,200Minnesota Wireless Assn2018-12-10 00:18:10
N0GOSSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerCO602018-12-11 03:14:44
N0HJZSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMN1,220Minnesota Wireless Assn2018-12-09 21:38:16
N0IJSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerWI12,240Minnesota Wireless Assn2018-12-12 14:25:39
N0IZESingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerME1122018-12-10 16:35:04
N0JKSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPKS02018-12-15 14:07:13
N0KBDSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMN434Minnesota Wireless Assn2018-12-12 02:16:57
N0KESingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerCO5,772Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2018-12-13 18:05:53
N0MKSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMN128Minnesota Wireless Assn2018-12-10 05:37:26
N0NISingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerIA37,152Iowa DX and Contest Club2018-12-11 01:49:36
N0OKSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerMN3,744Minnesota Wireless Assn2018-12-10 00:43:52
N0SMXSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerNFL3,000THE VILLAGES AMATEUR RADIO CLUB2018-12-09 23:00:54
N0UKSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerMN504Minnesota Wireless Assn2018-12-10 02:47:11
N0URSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, QRPMN1,680Minnesota Wireless Assn2018-12-10 15:08:22
N0UVSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMN1,380MINNESOTA WIRELESS ASSN2018-12-10 14:29:51
N0VRMSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerMN2,208Minnesota Wireless Assn2018-12-10 00:30:04
N1AIASingle Operator, Phone Only, QRPME02018-12-12 02:50:50
N1ALOSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerEMA2,256YANKEE CLIPPER CONTEST CLUB2018-12-09 22:42:13
N1APISingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerCT11,900Meriden ARC2018-12-10 00:11:13
N1AWSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerWMA1,080Hampden County Radio Association2018-12-11 18:34:33
N1CGPSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerME10,4762018-12-10 02:55:07
N1FJSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPWMA448Hampden County Radio Association2018-12-10 20:40:42
N1FTPSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerWMA528Hampden County Radio Association2018-12-10 13:34:09
N1IASingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerNC2,1842018-12-09 17:53:53
N1IMWSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerNH224granite state ara2018-12-10 01:00:19
N1IXSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerNH20,448YCCC2018-12-09 21:57:42
N1JIESingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerWMAHAMPDEN COUNTY RADIO ASSOCIATION2018-12-11 16:37:21
N1MDSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerCT700Yankee Clipper Contest Club2018-12-10 01:05:53
N1NNSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerEMA4802018-12-10 13:55:40
N1NQDSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerWNY2,6882018-12-12 19:07:07
N1RRSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerEMA544YANKEE CLIPPER CONTEST CLUB2018-12-10 02:14:56
N1SOHMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High PowerEMA15,600Yankee Clipper Contest Club2018-12-12 18:42:40
N1SZSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerMDC288Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-11 19:09:12
N1TOSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerSFL36,400Florida Contest Group2018-12-14 00:28:34
N1VHSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerEMA2,016Yankee Clipper Contest Club2018-12-09 21:49:41
N1WQSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerMN2018-12-13 22:25:11
N1WRKSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerEMA1,9502018-12-10 00:03:18
N1XLSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerNC4142018-12-10 01:32:22
N1YLSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerWMA1,352Hampden County Radio Association2018-12-10 17:23:14
N2ANSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerEMA1,568Yankee Clipper Contest Club2018-12-12 16:18:21
N2BEGSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerWNY6,250Rochester (NY) DX Assn2018-12-09 23:06:40
N2BJSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerIL17,490Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-09 23:11:28
N2CGSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerNNJ02018-12-10 01:28:23
N2CJSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerNNJ10,9202018-12-10 00:05:16
N2CUSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerWNY11,124Niagara Frontier Radiosport2018-12-10 21:28:49
N2EDSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerNNJ33,880Frankford Radio Club2018-12-09 16:14:23
N2HMMSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerNNJ264Frankford Radio Club2018-12-16 20:33:57
N2HXSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerVT500Yankee Clipper Contest Club2018-12-10 16:34:44
N2ICSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerNM91,5682018-12-10 20:56:54
N2JJSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerENY3,520Hudson Valley Contesters and DXers2018-12-10 16:50:32
N2MEESingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerENY722018-12-10 21:47:40
N2MMSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerSNJ141,168Frankford Radio Club2018-12-10 17:41:27
N2MTGSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerENY1,122Hudson Valley Contesters and DXers2018-12-10 17:47:26
N2MUNSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerNLI4,884order of boiled owls of new york2018-12-10 13:01:51
N2NCSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerNNJ504Frankford Radio Club2018-12-13 01:23:16
N2NKXMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High PowerWNY1,4882018-12-14 15:19:36
N2OOSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerSNJ1,920Frankford Radio Club2018-12-10 14:09:56
N2RISingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerNLI8,8882018-12-11 03:25:12
N2TUSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerNC117,180Carolina DX Association2018-12-09 23:05:00
N2UUSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerSNJ1,000FRANKFORD RADIO CLUB2018-12-10 01:06:47
N3AMSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerMDC1,872Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-15 12:50:24
N3BBSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerSTX5,336Central Texas DX and Contest Club2018-12-10 14:24:26
N3CWSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, QRPVA52Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 15:20:46
N3DUESingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerMDC2,508Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 00:54:35
N3FJPSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerMDC4,212Northeast Maryland Amateur Radio Contest Society2018-12-10 20:41:13
N3FNESingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerGA122018-12-10 18:51:35
N3GDSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPWCF4,4162018-12-10 21:30:04
N3GWZSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMDC1,2062018-12-11 22:33:11
N3HCNSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerEPA16Northeast Maryland Amateur Radio Contest Society2018-12-13 02:27:16
N3HEESingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerMDC1,892Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 11:12:46
N3MWQSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerDE02018-12-16 21:28:05
N3QESingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerMDC53,922Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 01:38:56
N3RCSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerSF7,248Northern California Contest Club2018-12-10 07:16:58
N3RDSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerEPA42,504Frankford Radio Club2018-12-09 22:39:50
N3RNSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerNFL14,700Palatka ARC2018-12-10 19:55:45
N3RSSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerEPA16,416Frankford Radio Club2018-12-10 14:50:39
N3TESingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerMDC1,1742018-12-12 00:33:05
N3UASingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerVA18,648Central Virginia Contest Club2018-12-10 01:11:15
N3XLSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerMDC380Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 00:05:03
N3YUGSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMDC6,660POTOMAC VALLEY RADIO CLUB2018-12-09 21:58:32
N4AFSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerNC50,456Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 16:51:16
N4AUSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerAL2,7722018-12-10 13:14:02
N4BCDSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerTN3,080Tennessee Contest Group2018-12-11 01:48:56
N4BPSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerSFL255,576Florida Contest Group2018-12-10 03:35:48
N4CFSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerVA14,504Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-09 21:48:16
N4CWSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerNC46,800Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 03:31:53
N4CWPSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerVAAlexandria Radio Club2018-12-12 23:30:00
N4DESingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerNC8642018-12-10 01:21:20
N4DLASingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerEB02018-12-10 20:33:03
N4DWSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerTN2,964Bristol (TN) ARC2018-12-10 02:39:46
N4DXSSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerVA480Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-09 23:27:06
N4EEBSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerNFL437,920Florida Contest Group2018-12-09 23:32:12
N4EKSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerNFL15,748Florida Contest Group2018-12-10 15:28:11
N4ELMSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, QRPLA9,3482018-12-10 00:26:31
N4FPSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerNFL3,040FLORIDA CONTEST GROUP2018-12-14 18:55:24
N4GGSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerGA12,840South East Contest Club2018-12-10 00:56:02
N4GUSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerNC3,268Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 01:24:56
N4JRGSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerKY32Kentucky Contest Group2018-12-10 00:16:57
N4KSSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerNFL75,072FLORIDA CONTEST GROUP2018-12-09 23:55:17
N4LFSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerSFL6,448Florida Contest Group2018-12-10 13:45:50
N4LZSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerNFL3,256Florida Contest Group2018-12-10 00:55:35
N4MUSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerWCF12,1602018-12-09 23:29:31
N4OOSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerGA41,602Georgia Contest Group2018-12-09 23:58:25
N4OXSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerNFL217,800Alabama Contest Group2018-12-12 20:03:46
N4PDSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerVA12,636Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-13 21:56:55
N4PIRSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerNC280Brightleaf ARC2018-12-10 22:05:02
N4PNSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerGA87,856Georgia Contest Group2018-12-09 23:23:57
N4QSSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerKY71,400Kentucky Contest Group2018-12-10 20:41:42
N4RASingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerWV3,762POTOMAC VALLEY RADIO CLUB2018-12-10 14:59:55
N4RSSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMO2,280Deams Unlimited2018-12-10 17:07:26
N4RTSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerAL21,600Baldwin County ARC2018-12-10 00:06:31
N4RVSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerVA149,272Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-11 16:24:33
N4SLSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerMT17,9362018-12-09 22:38:37
N4TBSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerWCF259,840Florida Contest Group2018-12-11 08:40:45
N4TLSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerNC288Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 17:12:10
N4TOLSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerGA304South East Contest Club2018-12-10 03:19:24
N4TZSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerIN3,744Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-10 16:18:19
N4UMSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerSFL57,6642018-12-09 23:33:30
N4WESingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerAL5,040Alabama Contest Group2018-12-10 10:52:30
N4WWSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerNFL186,796florida contest group2018-12-10 02:09:01
N4XDSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerNC97,836Smithchart ARS2018-12-09 19:57:15
N4YDUSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerNC157,708Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 15:10:02
N4YHCSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerKY322018-12-09 22:31:31
N4ZRSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerMDC16,308Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 12:50:33
N5AWSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerSTX8,888CENTRAL TEXAS DX AND CONTEST CLUB2018-12-10 21:22:16
N5DOSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerSTX20,520Port Lavaca Amateur Radio Club2018-12-11 02:36:16
N5DTTSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerSTX4,108Texas DX Society2018-12-10 00:39:01
N5EESingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerAR35,2002018-12-12 03:15:31
N5GISingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerNTX330DFW Contest Group2018-12-10 00:08:49
N5GITSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerSTX2018-12-09 05:13:33
N5KWNSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerSTX10,5562018-12-09 21:19:40
N5NASingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerWTX42,872Midland ARC2018-12-10 03:06:21
N5OESingle Operator, CW Only, QRPNTX32,604DFW Contest Group2018-12-10 00:03:20
N5PTSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerOK02018-12-12 04:02:42
N5RDMSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerNTX182018-12-09 21:41:57
N5RPSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerIL15,416SMC2018-12-14 15:55:09
N5RZSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerSTX23,124Central Texas DX and Contest Club2018-12-10 02:19:32
N5TDLSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerNM1602018-12-15 23:31:02
N5TJSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerNTX14,520DFW Contest Group2018-12-09 23:38:10
N5UMSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerOK6,8122018-12-14 03:00:36
N5XESingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerOK3,240DFW Contest Group2018-12-09 22:25:11
N5XJSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerSTX2,070Central Texas DX and Contest Club2018-12-10 04:49:49
N5YBGSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerSTX5062018-12-09 00:23:13
N6AJSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerSJV2,1602018-12-10 21:07:54
N6ARSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerNFL15,488Florida Contest Group2018-12-14 23:19:10
N6DWSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerVA48Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 16:35:40
N6GPSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerORG12,876Southern California Contest Club2018-12-12 03:59:34
N6KISingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerSDG42,592Southern California Contest Club2018-12-11 08:32:10
N6LLSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerLAX9,920Southern California Contest Club2018-12-10 03:48:48
N6MZSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerWWA1,584WESTERN WASHINGTON DX CLUB2018-12-09 19:48:14
N6NCSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerSDG21,528Southern California Contest Club2018-12-15 19:30:58
N6NFSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerSCV3,3482018-12-10 17:44:21
N6OILSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerORG5802018-12-09 23:43:28
N6ORBSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerEB44NORTHERN CALIFORNIA CONTEST CLUB2018-12-09 23:19:31
N6REKSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerSB802018-12-10 05:20:46
N6RMSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerSDG4,1762018-12-11 10:26:36
N6RVISingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerSDG5,6282018-12-10 01:30:57
N6SSSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerAZ120,416Arizona Outlaws Contest Club2018-12-10 00:19:27
N6TQSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerSF02018-12-12 02:26:21
N6TVSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerSCV644Northern California Contest Club2018-12-15 17:39:00
N6VHSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerSDG940Southern California Contest Club2018-12-10 02:11:42
N6VOHSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerLAX9,7342018-12-10 00:52:50
N6YEUSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerSF4,928Redwood Empire DX Assn2018-12-10 16:32:06
N6ZESingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerSB190VENTURA COUNTY AMATEUR RADIO SOCIETY2018-12-10 15:00:56
N7ATMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High PowerAZ111,958ARIZONA OUTLAWS CONTEST CLUB2018-12-10 18:29:21
N7AUSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerEWA224Spokane DX Association2018-12-10 05:47:00
N7BVSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerWWA1,188Western Washington DX Club2018-12-10 00:41:53
N7CKJSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerEWA4002018-12-13 06:45:26
N7DRWSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerWWA2162018-12-10 03:51:00
N7ELBChecklogOR02018-12-09 21:52:26
N7EPDSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerWWA19,488Pacific Northwest VHF Society2018-12-10 00:39:34
N7FLTSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerMT522Big Sky Contesters2018-12-12 20:00:14
N7GPSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerAZ27,520arizona outlaws contest club2018-12-10 12:26:54
N7JBSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerWWA42Willamette Valley DX Club2018-12-10 01:14:27
N7LOXSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerWWA15,180Western Washington DX Club2018-12-10 17:13:48
N7LRMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High PowerAZ4,646Arizona Outlaws Contest Club2018-12-10 00:41:38
N7MZSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerWWA4062018-12-10 19:40:49
N7MZWSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerWY352Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2018-12-10 21:29:46
N7NEVSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerAZ1442018-12-14 01:51:21
N7NMSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerWWA30,2582018-12-10 00:33:27
N7RCSSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPSFL16,8482018-12-09 21:32:23
N7TCOSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerEWA3362018-12-11 21:21:49
N7TUSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerAZ2,788Arizona Outlaws Contest Club2018-12-14 19:55:40
N7USSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerIL46,800Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-10 00:24:32
N7WLCSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerSB242018-12-10 00:36:15
N7WYSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerMO36,8882018-12-09 18:00:16
N7XCZSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerNV2,8522018-12-10 00:18:01
N7YKSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerNV33,8962018-12-16 01:37:27
N7ZZSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerWI21,3382018-12-10 03:16:06
N8AIDSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerVA1,748Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 00:48:02
N8APSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPMI10,5602018-12-09 23:56:49
N8BISingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerOH7,140Portage County Amateur Radio Service2018-12-10 07:38:04
N8BJQSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerOH19,1522018-12-10 10:50:05
N8DCSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerMI2,0142018-12-10 15:31:09
N8DDSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerOH5402018-12-10 01:37:24
N8EASingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerMI10,496mad river radio club2018-12-10 15:23:59
N8EVSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerOH9,7202018-12-10 01:04:42
N8FYLSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMI156Mad River Radio Club2018-12-10 00:45:06
N8HMSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMDC12Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-14 23:49:31
N8IISingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerWV171,150POTOMAC VALLEY RADIO CLUB2018-12-10 19:51:33
N8LJSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerMI32,5682018-12-10 17:32:51
N8LRSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerMI2,4962018-12-12 03:07:29
N8MRSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMI276Livonia Amateur Radio Club2018-12-09 20:49:06
N8NXSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMI5,568Mad River Radio Club2018-12-12 20:56:53
N8OOSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerLA461,7642018-12-12 16:09:30
N8PCNSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, High PowerOH2,0802018-12-09 22:57:31
N8PRSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerSFL9,720Florida Contest Group2018-12-10 15:51:15
N8RASingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerCT13,200Yankee Clipper Contest Club2018-12-10 14:10:55
N8VVSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerOH18,648Mad River Radio Club2018-12-09 21:30:00
N8VZSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerOH270Athens County ARA2018-12-10 04:04:32
N8WCPSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerOH110PORTAGE COUNTY AMATEUR RADIO SERVICE2018-12-10 01:11:48
N8WSSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerOH1,628WEST PARK RADIOPS2018-12-10 14:40:53
N8XTHSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerOH460Portage County Amateur Radio Service2018-12-10 02:32:22
N8XXSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPMI0MAD RIVER RADIO CLUB2018-12-10 02:59:06
N9ADGSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerWWA6242018-12-10 02:33:33
N9BCSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerWI1402018-12-11 20:21:19
N9BTSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerIL3362018-12-11 22:21:10
N9GHSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerWI13,6802018-12-10 11:19:13
N9LYESingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerIL11,084Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-10 00:05:21
N9NASingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerAZ31,598Arizona Outlaws Contest Club2018-12-09 23:40:08
N9NBCSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerWI24society of midwest contesters2018-12-09 21:06:33
N9OFSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerSTX720Central Texas DX and Contest Club2018-12-11 20:50:38
N9OUSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerWCF2,800FLORIDA CONTEST GROUP2018-12-10 05:34:01
N9RJMSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerIL6,2642018-12-11 21:00:42
N9TFSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerIL22,400Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-12 03:20:12
N9TUQSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerIL96Six Meter Club of Chicago2018-12-12 02:48:37
N9UDOSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerWI1,008Driftless Zone Contesters2018-12-10 00:28:32
N9VPVSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerIL1,728Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-10 01:21:09
N9WEWSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerIL280Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-10 00:01:50
NA2CCSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerEB242018-12-09 23:38:12
NA2USingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerAZ63,128Arizona Outlaws Contest Club2018-12-10 21:09:49
NA4CSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, QRPTN364TENNESSEE CONTEST GROUP2018-12-09 21:06:32
NA5NNSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerMS54,600599 DX Association2018-12-13 02:50:08
NA8VSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerMI53,248Mad River Radio Club2018-12-15 07:13:38
NB1NSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerEMA4,256YANKEE CLIPPER CONTEST CLUB2018-12-16 19:14:03
NC0BSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerCO25,0922018-12-10 00:13:22
NC1CCMultioperator, Single Transmitter, Low PowerRI22,468yankee clipper contest club2018-12-10 00:54:42
NC4RYSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerNC1322018-12-14 03:08:49
NC6VSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerORG122018-12-15 04:17:04
ND0CSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPMN108Minnesota Wireless Assn2018-12-10 22:48:30
ND4GSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerNFL5,7042018-12-10 02:46:52
ND4XSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerKY780Kentucky Contest Group2018-12-09 22:51:13
ND4YSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerKY45,184Kentucky Contest Group2018-12-09 22:30:38
ND9GSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerIL45,030Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-09 23:44:02
ND9ZSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerWI2,176Badger Contesters2018-12-10 01:13:50
NE0USingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerMN30,380Minnesota Wireless Assn2018-12-10 14:16:22
NE3KSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMDC300Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 14:23:17
NE6ISingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerSDG84Southern California Contest Club2018-12-10 00:03:49
NE8PSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerNFL44,800Florida Contest Group2018-12-10 16:51:43
NF1LSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerNH480Yankee Clipper Contest Club2018-12-09 17:28:02
NF7ESingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerAZ4,704Northern Arizona DX Assn2018-12-10 01:01:02
NF8RSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerOH3,5202018-12-10 13:24:27
NG0CSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerMN176MINNESOTA WIRELESS ASSN2018-12-12 22:42:04
NG1ISingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerWMA7442018-12-09 23:50:49
NG2DSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerENY2,240HV Contesters and DXers2018-12-11 18:30:32
NG7MSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerUT34,4962018-12-09 22:03:46
NG7ZSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerAZ3,536Arizona Outlaws Contest Club2018-12-10 16:14:25
NH2DXSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerDX4,8102018-12-13 13:15:14
NH6T/W4Single Operator, CW Only, Low PowerAL3,128NCCC2018-12-09 22:48:34
NI6GSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerSJV4,4642018-12-10 00:11:40
NI7RSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerSC252Swamp Fox Contest Group2018-12-12 01:29:55
NI9HSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerIL902018-12-10 15:33:33
NJ4QSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerVA4,248POTOMAC VALLEY RADIO CLUB2018-12-10 02:16:35
NK6ASingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerLAX28,036Southern California Contest Club2018-12-10 00:56:01
NM2RSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerENY7682018-12-10 01:17:22
NM7WSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerWY82018-12-09 21:42:07
NN4XSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerSFL103,472Florida Contest Group2018-12-10 00:09:09
NN5TSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerNTX2,496North Texas Contest Club2018-12-12 02:57:25
NN7CWSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerNFL257,760Florida Contest Group2018-12-10 01:40:17
NO3USingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerWPA3,2402018-12-13 22:27:17
NO6GSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerSF2018-12-10 16:20:36
NP2PSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX9,1682018-12-09 20:34:29
NP4ETSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerPR9602018-12-09 22:07:22
NP4LWSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerPR3,6962018-12-09 18:00:22
NQ8OSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerOH7702018-12-10 12:09:30
NR3ZSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerEPA924Warminster2018-12-10 14:06:24
NR4MSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerVA74,784Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 19:41:25
NR4OSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerNC19,006Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 01:54:40
NS2NSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerWNY27,840Niagara Frontier Radiosport2018-12-10 02:20:14
NS3TSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMDC17,712Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 01:01:37
NS3XSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerMDC3,3922018-12-12 00:31:14
NS4XSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerTN2,1122018-12-09 22:00:18
NS7BSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerUT2,0802018-12-10 19:15:35
NT7MMSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerAZ4,462Northern Arizona DX Assn2018-12-10 00:10:35
NU0CSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerNE288Lincoln ARC2018-12-15 04:11:32
NU0WSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerMN7,194Minnesota Wireless Assn2018-12-10 01:46:26
NU4YSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerNFL46,4522018-12-10 13:44:30
NV1QSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerEMA53,448Hampden County Radio Association2018-12-12 01:22:31
NV9LMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High PowerIL252,734Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-14 21:29:40
NW0MSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerMO4,672Kansas City Contest Club2018-12-09 23:52:42
NW2KSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerWNY200North Coast Contesters2018-12-11 11:27:01
NW5QSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerNTX56DFW Contest Group2018-12-13 01:29:11
NW8FSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerOH1,3442018-12-10 18:01:18
NW8USingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerWV20,5442018-12-10 19:07:05
NX4NSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerWCF180Florida Contest Group2018-12-10 12:15:17
NX5MMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High PowerSTX296,7042018-12-10 23:24:00
NX9GSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerIL1682018-12-10 02:30:14
NY3CSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerDE11,200Frankford Radio Club2018-12-09 19:23:53
NZ0TSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerMO4,6202018-12-10 00:28:07
OA4SSSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX53,6282018-12-13 04:00:59
OH2BBTSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerDX2,0402018-12-09 18:26:36
OH2GEKSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerDX2,448Contest Club Finland2018-12-09 18:18:16
OH2IDChecklogDX1402018-12-09 13:46:18
OH3WWSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerDX1,440Contest Club Finland2018-12-14 17:22:30
OK1DKRSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX3962018-12-09 20:03:48
OK1OFMMultioperator, Single Transmitter, Low PowerDX0N2018-12-09 18:33:16
OK2ABUSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX362018-12-09 12:43:46
OK4RQSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX204RHEIN RUHR DX ASSOCIATION2018-12-09 18:24:15
OL3ESingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX42018-12-09 17:41:12
OT6MSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerDX680BAVARIAN CONTEST CLUB2018-12-16 08:26:36
OY1CTSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerDX19,6802018-12-09 17:59:00
OZ0BSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerDX224Danish DX Group2018-12-09 21:34:29
OZ1KVMSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerDX22018-12-09 20:17:57
OZ7BQSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX616Danish DX Group2018-12-09 15:28:29
OZ9VSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX502018-12-09 18:55:27
P4/DL6RAISingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerDX173,448Bavarian Contest Club2018-12-10 15:37:04
PA0CMUSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerDX4562018-12-10 18:22:49
PA0MSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerDX3082018-12-13 20:08:41
PA0OSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerDX7,104192018-12-09 17:10:07
PA0VLYChecklogDX1042018-12-09 18:34:52
PA1TSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerDX6,5522018-12-09 19:54:08
PA2REHSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerDX1,148Veron2018-12-09 16:02:51
PA2TMSSingle Operator, Phone Only, QRPDX60RHEIN RUHR DX ASSOCIATION2018-12-09 16:36:43
PA2WSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX322018-12-09 18:17:13
PA3AAVSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerDX190Beemster Contest Club2018-12-09 15:54:59
PA3DATSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerDX1,6322018-12-12 14:24:42
PA3EVYSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerDX2162018-12-10 10:33:09
PA4OSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX2,4602018-12-09 19:07:38
PA5WTSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerDX4,9402018-12-09 16:45:57
PB7ZSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerDX1,508Bavarian Contest Club2018-12-11 12:15:39
PC3TSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX1,008RIO DX GROUP2018-12-15 21:08:00
PD0MESingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX4622018-12-10 09:32:53
PD3OESSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerDX432VERON2018-12-09 17:04:56
PD7RBChecklogDX362018-12-12 08:33:50
PE4BASSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX6842018-12-09 21:23:38
PJ2NDSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerDX42,140Mad River Radio Club2018-12-10 02:15:02
PJ4DXSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerDX13,1042018-12-09 23:32:25
PP1WWSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerDX17,444RIO DX GROUP2018-12-11 21:26:52
PP2CSSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerDX2642018-12-10 14:47:41
PP2RONSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX1,008LABRE2018-12-11 00:35:44
PP5AISingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX276CRAJE-CLUBE DE RADIOAMADORES DE JOINVILLE2018-12-19 15:31:33
PP5AXSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerDX35,616Araucaria DX Group2018-12-10 00:10:13
PP5BSDSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, QRPDX322018-12-10 10:44:01
PP5BZSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, High PowerDX88,740ARAUCARIA DX GROUP2018-12-10 23:23:47
PP5DZSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX7,848LABRE SC2018-12-10 10:01:31
PP5EIMultioperator, Single Transmitter, Low PowerDX30,420UNIAO BRASILEIRA DE RADIO OPERADORES2018-12-15 17:15:09
PP5FESingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX700PP5BLU- CLUDE RADIOAMADORES DE BLUMENAU2018-12-09 23:30:06
PP5JDSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerDX24ARAUCARIA DX GROUP2018-12-10 00:39:56
PP5PGSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerDX2,940ARAUCARIA DX GROUP2018-12-10 16:09:23
PP7DXSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerDX1,000GUARA DX GROUP2018-12-10 23:02:18
PP7LPSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX1,376GUARA DX GROUP2018-12-10 12:30:11
PQ2HXSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerDX32CDR Group2018-12-09 22:38:23
PR2EMultioperator, Single Transmitter, Low PowerDX127,260CABREUVADX2018-12-11 21:37:15
PR4CSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX8,8042018-12-09 22:57:45
PR7AYESingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX102GUARA DX GROUP2018-12-16 23:30:29
PR7RBASingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerDX980GUARA DX GROUP2018-12-11 09:15:31
PR8KWSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX11,376CDR GROUP2018-12-10 00:09:56
PS8MTSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX60CDR GROUP2018-12-13 00:48:35
PT2AWSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerDX720RIO DX GROUP2018-12-10 19:31:03
PT3TMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High PowerDX365,240Araucaria Dx Group2018-12-15 00:31:50
PT7ZTSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerDX960RIO DX GROUP2018-12-12 22:33:06
PT9GDSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX2322018-12-12 02:35:39
PU1JAMSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX3,3602018-12-10 20:58:52
PU1JSVSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX3,888Rio DX Group2018-12-10 20:41:59
PU1KVASingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX4,200RIO DX GROUP2018-12-12 00:46:38
PU1NJSSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX80CABREUVADX2018-12-10 19:22:53
PU1SSHSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX136PIO DX GRUOP2018-12-10 18:13:24
PU1VBRSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerDX330RIO DX GROUP2018-12-09 21:14:39
PU2GTASingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX66LABRE GO2018-12-14 00:12:32
PU2KJJSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerDX22018-12-10 20:43:35
PU2KULSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX558RIO DX GROUP2018-12-14 18:47:16
PU2LFUSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX290CABREUVADX2018-12-13 00:38:43
PU2NAXSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX450CDR GROUP2018-12-10 12:55:44
PU2NBISingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX2,392SOROCABA DX GROUP2018-12-10 20:54:52
PU2NKCSingle Operator, Phone Only, QRPDX230CABREUVADX2018-12-11 15:13:11
PU2OXBSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX1442018-12-09 22:30:40
PU2OXUSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX72599dxGROUP2018-12-10 22:40:28
PU2PEGSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX2502018-12-10 14:56:45
PU2PZESingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX660CABREUVADX2018-12-19 23:49:58
PU2RTOSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX250CDR GROUP2018-12-09 21:52:03
PU2UAFSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerDX19,376CABREUVADX2018-12-11 17:20:34
PU2UAHSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX2302018-12-10 01:08:49
PU2USKSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX1,056CABREUVADX2018-12-10 18:42:49
PU2VJISingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, QRPDX56CDR GROUP2018-12-10 02:38:11
PU2WDXSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX4,588CDR GROUP2018-12-21 20:07:22
PU2XMYSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX1,606BICHO DO MATO / CDR GROUP2018-12-11 21:31:49
PU2XYTSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX812599 DX GROUP2018-12-11 17:13:53
PU3ELHSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, High PowerDX1922018-12-11 15:06:52
PU4ALZSingle Operator, Phone Only, QRPDX1,040599 DX GROUP2018-12-13 14:50:41
PU5BOYSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX4,712CDR GROUP2018-12-10 01:55:27
PU5CTPSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX162018-12-13 11:40:45
PU5IKESingle Operator, Phone Only, QRPAGS152ARAUCARIA DX GROUP2018-12-18 18:10:02
PU5KGBSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX364CDR GROUP2018-12-09 22:11:45
PU7ASPSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX624GUARA DX GROUP2018-12-10 22:52:59
PU7EDRSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerDX610GUARA DX GROUP2018-12-11 00:01:05
PU7EYLSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX4GUARA DX GROUP2018-12-16 23:23:48
PU8MGBSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX768ARPI2018-12-16 16:18:16
PU8UMRSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerDX21,462GUARA DX GROUP2018-12-11 19:52:36
PU9DCBSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX708CDR GROUP2018-12-10 02:18:15
PV8AASSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerDX7202018-12-12 08:20:30
PV8ADISingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX74,496ARAUC?RIA CLUBE2018-12-11 13:57:13
PV8DCSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerDX390Rio DX Group2018-12-10 14:36:12
PV8DXSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerDX4,884GUARA DX GROUP2018-12-11 20:03:21
PX2ASingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerDX107,500Araucaria DX Group2018-12-09 23:24:41
PY1ANSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX2,808RIO DX GROUP2018-12-12 19:48:20
PY1AXSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX7,380RIO DX GROUP2018-12-09 23:11:04
PY1FISingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX3,696RIO DX GROUP2018-12-10 12:27:41
PY1FOGSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX7562018-12-10 12:00:35
PY1GBSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX858RIO DX GROUP2018-12-09 01:18:31
PY1KBSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX4,212RIO DX GROUP2018-12-11 18:39:16
PY1LUSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX224RIO DX GROUP2018-12-13 00:53:57
PY1LVSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX5042018-12-10 00:20:22
PY1NSSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX2,394RIO DX GROUP2018-12-09 21:24:52
PY1XRSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, QRPDX1,012CWJF Group2018-12-09 20:44:55
PY1ZVSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX12,870RIO DX GROUP2018-12-12 21:54:46
PY2ANYSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX22,152CDR GROUP2018-12-11 22:15:55
PY2AXHSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX20,9842018-12-10 15:58:18
PY2BNSingle Operator, Phone Only, QRPDX608Cantareira dx Grup2018-12-11 23:02:59
PY2CPSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerDX12,6722018-12-10 00:50:23
PY2CXSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX22,550RIO DX GROUP2018-12-10 01:07:34
PY2FSGSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerDX1,0142018-12-10 00:16:34
PY2GEUSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX3642018-12-10 23:39:43
PY2GMRMultioperator, Single Transmitter, Low PowerDX276PY2GMR2018-12-09 20:08:55
PY2GZSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, High PowerDX728CDR Group2018-12-10 09:33:14
PY2KBSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX1,8002018-12-11 23:34:26
PY2KSSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerDX10CDR GROUP2018-12-09 22:48:06
PY2LCDSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerDX20CDR GROUP2018-12-11 21:56:35
PY2MAMSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX662018-12-11 00:11:50
PY2MCSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerDX1,064ARAUCARIA DX GROUP2018-12-12 09:19:31
PY2MIASingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX1,716RIO DX GROUP2018-12-09 21:11:18
PY2NYSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, QRPDX15,912Araucaria DX Group2018-12-09 21:43:45
PY2RKGSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerDX6,322RIO DX GROUP2018-12-09 20:11:42
PY2RMYSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX700599 DX GROUP2018-12-11 22:13:59
PY2SRSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerDX340S?o Paulo Contest Group2018-12-10 20:23:51
PY2TDXSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerDX1,0662018-12-09 22:24:50
PY2TMVSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, High PowerDX416CDR GROUP2018-12-10 22:13:17
PY2UDBSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX1,5122018-12-10 13:03:59
PY2VTCSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, QRPDX2,112599 DX GROUP2018-12-10 23:53:02
PY2VZSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX364RIO DX GROUP2018-12-13 21:02:02
PY2WLMSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX1,9882018-12-09 23:19:36
PY2XCSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX14,820CDR GROUP2018-12-10 10:14:11
PY2ZQSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, QRPDX384599 DX Group2018-12-11 02:29:34
PY2ZWSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX420Sorocaba DX Group2018-12-30 01:48:24
PY3APSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX420599 DX GROUP2018-12-13 02:56:42
PY3DXSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerDX2,814Rio DX Group2018-12-10 02:47:54
PY3KVSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX1922018-12-09 20:34:36
PY3PASingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerDX7,2962018-12-09 22:59:06
PY4DKSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerDX256RioDxGroup2018-12-14 21:57:07
PY4HOChecklogDX6,944Araucaria DX Group2018-12-10 01:03:49
PY4LHSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX6,966CDR Group2018-12-10 23:18:49
PY4XXSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerDX25,200RIO DX GROUP2018-12-10 03:34:03
PY5AMFSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerDX70,6262018-12-11 01:35:06
PY5APSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX1,3202018-12-12 03:14:26
PY5BHMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High PowerDX76,032Araucaria DX Group2018-12-18 00:43:09
PY5DCSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerDX8,510Araucaria DX Group2018-12-11 00:55:22
PY5FOSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX7,350ASSOCIACAO DE RADIOAMADORES DO PARANA2018-12-09 23:25:20
PY5QWSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerDX5,766araucaria dx group2018-12-08 22:22:15
PY5ZHPSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerDX73,692Araucaria DX Group2018-12-10 20:55:50
PY6TSSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerDX774Bahia Dx Group2018-12-16 19:33:41
PY7ACSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerDX344GUARA DX GROUP2018-12-12 09:39:24
PY7BCSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX9122018-12-10 20:31:50
PY8RGSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerDX324PARA DX GROUP2018-12-10 09:51:24
R3LBSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX308RadioClub of Smolensk2018-12-10 13:12:45
R3LCSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX2,340Activity Smolensk Group2018-12-09 12:27:08
R6YPSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX4Shakhan Contest Club2018-12-09 10:45:41
RA0LMKSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerDX02018-12-09 04:07:27
RA0LQ/MMSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX16Primorskiy Radioclub2018-12-09 17:20:14
RL3ASingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerDX8,6002018-12-20 12:02:10
RL4ASingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerDX162018-12-09 16:17:30
RL5ASingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerDX1122018-12-09 15:10:18
RM0WSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX64SAYAN DX CLUB2018-12-10 05:55:37
RM4FSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerDX2,0402018-12-13 21:01:26
RN0CTSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerDX6302018-12-13 10:33:16
RT6NChecklogDX42018-12-10 10:46:18
RT9SSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerDX2162018-12-10 16:29:29
RU5TTSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerDX864NNGU Shortwave club2018-12-08 15:12:42
RV3DBKChecklogDX0RU-QRP2018-12-11 17:59:39
RW3AISingle Operator, CW Only, QRPDX48GQRP2018-12-09 20:59:56
RW9QASingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerDX36Ural Contest Group2018-12-09 19:00:21
RZ3ZSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX4482018-12-09 19:54:22
S52TSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, High PowerDX288S53JPQ2018-12-10 11:28:14
S53MSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerDX1,596Slovenia contest club2018-12-16 18:53:49
S57CSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerDX576Belokranjec Contest Club2018-12-11 02:26:35
SA0BXVSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerDX416SK0MM2018-12-09 16:15:46
SM3OMOSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerDX360SK3PH2018-12-10 14:45:19
SM6IQDSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX802018-12-09 16:58:55
SM6LJUSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerDX3602018-12-09 18:03:14
SN2WSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerDX162018-12-10 17:29:35
SN5RSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPDX362018-12-10 18:35:41
SP2FVNSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerDX02018-12-09 17:03:21
SP5AUYSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerDX3962018-12-09 19:49:42
SQ6ELVSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX1442018-12-13 22:56:13
SQ9SSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerDX16SP DX Club2018-12-09 12:07:48
SV2DSJSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerDX200CROWS CONTEST TEAM2018-12-09 20:13:12
TA1NAISingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX42018-12-10 14:58:24
TA4ASingle Operator, CW Only, QRPDX42018-12-10 07:01:17
TG9ADQSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX9,5902018-12-10 21:09:34
TI2CCSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX9,9402018-12-10 23:56:25
TM6MSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX5762018-12-12 17:12:31
TZ4AMSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerDX0CRAM2018-12-14 13:19:20
UA2FLSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX5602018-12-10 07:01:38
UA3DCESingle Operator, CW Only, QRPDX02018-12-13 05:23:47
UA3DLDSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX552RU-QRP2018-12-12 15:56:56
UA3MIFSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerDX1322018-12-14 09:37:24
UA6AKSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerDX912Thracian Rose Club2018-12-09 17:21:34
UA6HFISingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX120Russian CW Club2018-12-10 08:28:16
UA6LCNSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerDX160russian contest club2018-12-09 12:12:16
US5VXSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPDX1,092KIROVOGRAD REGION RADIO CLUB2018-12-10 10:32:47
UT2IVSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX962018-12-09 13:46:55
UT2IYSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerDX960SIGNAL MAKEEVKA2018-12-12 18:17:17
UT3EKSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerDX24URQRP2018-12-09 11:34:41
UT5IASingle Operator, CW Only, QRPDX2018-12-10 08:13:05
UW1MSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerDX4,6202018-12-10 07:11:08
UY7RRSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX242018-12-09 16:57:19
UZ5UASingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX24UARL2018-12-13 19:10:36
V31MASingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX16,268Belize Amateur Radio Club2018-12-09 20:12:55
V51YJSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX35,0322018-12-12 20:24:47
VA1MMSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerMAR56maritime contest club2018-12-09 18:44:34
VA1RSTSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMAR616Maritime Contest Club2018-12-20 21:00:04
VA2BNSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerQC5,9162018-12-10 00:13:15
VA2CZSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerQC22,172Yankee Clipper Contest Club2018-12-09 22:25:49
VA2DGSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerQC242018-12-10 03:26:07
VA2FWSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerQC22018-12-12 13:06:16
VA2LGQSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerQC702018-12-11 17:25:57
VA2WASingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerQC1,100Contest Group du Quebec2018-12-12 01:04:13
VA3AMXSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, QRPONE160Contest Club Ontario2018-12-11 03:55:25
VA3DFSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerONS69,762Contest Club Ontario2018-12-10 00:13:52
VA3ECSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerGTA3,024Contest Club Ontario2018-12-10 00:03:20
VA3EONSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerONS1,378CONTEST CLUB ONTARIO2018-12-09 22:48:38
VA3FFSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerGTA440Contest Club Ontario2018-12-15 02:33:17
VA3FNSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerONS42018-12-13 01:22:38
VA3GUYSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerONE3,344Contest Club Ontario2018-12-10 03:42:13
VA3PCSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, High PowerONS1,944Contest Club Ontario2018-12-09 18:36:19
VA3RKMSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerONE1,248Contest Club Ontario2018-12-11 01:44:12
VA3SYSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerONE6082018-12-10 01:08:32
VA3WWSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerONE1,7222018-12-09 21:17:25
VA7MMSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerBC2,7042018-12-10 01:52:26
VA7STSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerBC3,672Orca DX and Contest Club2018-12-10 01:45:17
VE1ZASingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMAR31,2802018-12-09 23:33:29
VE2AXOChecklogQC4Contest Group du Quebec2018-12-14 22:01:39
VE2EZDSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerQC80Contest Group du Quebec2018-12-09 22:20:37
VE2FKSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerQC17,664Contest Group du Quebec2018-12-09 23:36:57
VE2GTSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerQC168NorDX Club2018-12-12 19:36:15
VE2HAYSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerQC22Contest group du quebec2018-12-09 21:53:53
VE2JFMSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerQC20NorDX2018-12-09 22:20:17
VE2NCGSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerQC72NorDX Club2018-12-10 00:23:45
VE3BKMSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerONN182018-12-10 15:24:18
VE3BRSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerGTA2,128Contest Club Ontario2018-12-10 01:10:33
VE3CBKSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPONE602018-12-10 20:44:38
VE3CNASingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerGTA4082018-12-09 23:59:43
VE3DZSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerONS2,496Contest Club Ontario2018-12-15 03:16:28
VE3EJSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerONS11,440Contest Club Ontario2018-12-10 00:22:24
VE3FJSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerGTA2,296Contest Club Ontario2018-12-10 02:03:36
VE3HEDSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, High PowerONE4762018-12-12 15:29:30
VE3IGJSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerONE242018-12-12 13:58:59
VE3KTBSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerONS272Contest Club Ontario2018-12-11 01:05:31
VE3KZSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerGTA105,020Contest Club Ontario2018-12-13 13:08:39
VE3LONMultioperator, Single Transmitter, Low PowerONS7922018-12-09 18:31:12
VE3MMSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerONS13,080Contest Club Ontario2018-12-11 12:49:23
VE3NNTSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerONE11,152Contest Club Ontario2018-12-14 21:43:38
VE3OTLSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerONN22018-12-10 15:36:17
VE3PNSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerONE11,772CONTEST CLUB ONTARIO2018-12-15 03:41:29
VE3PQSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerONS1122018-12-11 16:33:04
VE3SSTSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerGTA1,680CONTEST CLUB ONTARIO2018-12-10 01:05:27
VE3TMSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerONE2,640Contest Club Ontario2018-12-10 00:20:23
VE3TWSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerGTA2,280CONTEST CLUB ONTARIO2018-12-08 22:39:04
VE3VNSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerONE2,664Contest Club Ontario2018-12-10 01:31:11
VE3VSMChecklogONS242018-12-08 20:46:15
VE3VYSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerONE288Contest Club Ontario2018-12-11 05:11:48
VE4JBBSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerMB1,008RadioSport Manitoba2018-12-10 05:03:59
VE4MADSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerMB722018-12-10 20:59:24
VE4MRSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerMB4802018-12-10 00:13:23
VE4VJRSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerMB642018-12-10 00:46:41
VE5GCSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerSK1,0122018-12-09 22:43:34
VE5MXSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerSK69,204Saskatchewan Contest Club2018-12-09 23:16:22
VE6/KE5JASingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerAB1502018-12-11 04:21:00
VE6BBPSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerAB1,8922018-12-10 12:52:21
VE6EXSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPAB864ALBERTA CLIPPERS2018-12-10 16:50:41
VE6QOSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerAB6482018-12-09 21:10:01
VE6SHSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerAB1,1522018-12-09 21:45:40
VE6TLSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerAB7202018-12-09 23:12:01
VE7AHTSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerBC1602018-12-11 19:42:25
VE7BGPSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerBC32Nanaimo Amateur Radio Association2018-12-10 16:18:44
VE7CASingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerBC1,4402018-12-09 21:54:06
VE7DZOSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerBC322018-12-09 05:28:47
VE7ZRSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerBC1,0562018-12-15 22:45:42
VE9AASingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerMAR2,448Maritime Contest Club2018-12-10 18:55:34
VE9CBMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High PowerMAR1,316Maritime Contest Club2018-12-10 00:27:44
VE9HFSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerMAR20,336Maritime Contest Club2018-12-09 20:59:58
VK2BJSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerDX5,688VK CONTEST CLUB2018-12-10 09:44:08
VK2GRSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerDX2,208VK Contest Club2018-12-09 23:26:05
VK2IGSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX1,7642018-12-10 01:10:24
VK2IOSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerDX0VK CONTEST CLUB2018-12-11 06:59:45
VK2NSSSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerDX1,0202018-12-10 00:50:24
VK2PNSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerDX560VK Contest Club2018-12-09 20:21:33
VK3GKSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerDX270VK Contest Club2018-12-10 00:20:29
VK3TZSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerDX5882018-12-13 09:46:22
VK4BLESingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX7002018-12-12 10:28:47
VK4CZSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerDX1,216VK Contest Club2018-12-10 09:49:32
VK4FJSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerDX756VK CONTEST CLUB2018-12-10 11:04:11
VK4FOMPSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX1682018-12-12 05:18:30
VK4FPBXSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX42018-12-11 06:37:30
VK4HDYSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX1362018-12-10 09:08:37
VK4QHSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, High PowerDX696VK Contest Club2018-12-10 08:46:45
VK4SKSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX1402018-12-14 12:06:53
VK4SNSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerDX2,240VK CONTEST CLUB2018-12-09 02:31:45
VK4TTSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX2562018-12-11 10:39:54
VK5GRSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerAR2522018-12-09 11:45:46
VK5IRSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX02018-12-10 22:19:15
VK6NCMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High PowerDX7,776Northern Corridor Radio Group2018-12-13 23:54:55
VK7CWChecklogDX1282018-12-09 21:58:36
VK7DWSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX2018-12-10 09:13:16
VK7KTSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX282018-12-10 04:45:20
VO1BQSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerNL48Maritime Contest Club2018-12-09 20:13:37
VR2XANSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerDX22,8522018-12-13 13:14:51
VU2CVSSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX1442018-12-10 10:01:23
W0ADSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerMN288Minnesota Wireless Assn2018-12-09 22:34:46
W0AIHSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerWI401,350Minnesota Wireless Assn2018-12-10 21:03:56
W0BHSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerKS9,9322018-12-16 13:13:53
W0ETTSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerCO16,240Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2018-12-10 00:35:53
W0GXASingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerIA240Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-09 20:33:12
W0IWMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High PowerIA35,2802018-12-12 03:25:43
W0MBSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerMO228Kansas City Contest Club2018-12-12 05:44:22
W0MNSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerMN1,148MINNESOTA WIRELESS ASSN2018-12-09 22:38:26
W0ORSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerMN6,760Minnesota Wireless Assn2018-12-10 17:11:11
W0PHXSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMN4602018-12-10 00:35:32
W0PVSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerWCF20,4002018-12-10 12:49:38
W0RICSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerAZ960Arizona Outlaws Contest Club2018-12-10 00:41:28
W0SEISingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMN1,040MINNESOTA WIRELESS ASSN2018-12-10 13:41:28
W0TGSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerNTX840DFW Contest Group2018-12-10 02:17:43
W0UYSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerKS5,1202018-12-10 17:39:33
W0VCSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMN1,452Minnesota Wireless Assn2018-12-09 23:12:29
W0VXSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerNTX4,284DFW Contest Group2018-12-10 02:29:32
W0YJTSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerKS3,5502018-12-10 00:04:10
W0ZASingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerCO24,960GRAND MESA CONTESTERS OF COLORADO2018-12-11 03:09:01
W0ZFSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerMN420Minnesota Wireless Assn2018-12-11 00:39:30
W0ZQSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMN20,700Minnesota Wireless Assn2018-12-10 01:26:30
W1/NP2GGSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerCT2102018-12-09 22:45:35
W1AJTSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerNC50,456Carolina DX Association2018-12-13 19:21:59
W1ARYSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerCT8642018-12-09 15:29:55
W1ASTMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High PowerWMA5,450Hampden County Radio Assoication2018-12-10 12:20:23
W1CTNSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerCT14,022YANKEE CLIPPER CONTEST CLUB2018-12-09 21:56:38
W1DYJSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerEMA4,940Yankee Clipper Contest Club2018-12-09 23:22:50
W1ECTSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerNH56,400Yankee Clipper Contest Club2018-12-10 17:00:26
W1FMMultioperator, Single Transmitter, Low PowerEMA10,816Yankee Clipper Contest Club2018-12-12 19:54:12
W1GDSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerWMA2,544Yankee Clipper Contest Club2018-12-10 15:21:29
W1IESingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerVA3,822Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 20:56:51
W1IGSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPCT336CTRI Contest Group2018-12-09 20:36:53
W1JNSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerCT9122018-12-16 12:24:49
W1KMSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerEMA35,200Yankee Clipper Contest Club2018-12-10 15:49:44
W1LBVSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerNFL4002018-12-10 18:43:01
W1MJSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerEMA240Yankee Clipper Contest Club2018-12-12 03:21:56
W1NNSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerOH16,632Mad River Radio Club2018-12-10 07:55:16
W1OHMSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerCT312Yankee Clipper Contest Club2018-12-09 22:25:12
W1PRSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerSB12,7382018-12-10 00:33:54
W1QKSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerCT30,940Yankee Clipper Contest Club2018-12-12 14:50:25
W1RGASingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerNH2018-12-12 19:19:38
W1SSNSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerCT2018-12-10 01:26:41
W1TEFSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPSC392Dutch Fork Amateur Radio Group2018-12-09 22:22:20
W1TOSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerWMA2,112Yankee Clipper Contest Club2018-12-10 20:45:18
W1UJSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerWMA0YANKEE CLIPPER CONTEST CLUB2018-12-10 02:57:35
W1UKSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerCT3,816YANKEE CLIPPER CONTEST CLUB2018-12-09 21:37:35
W1VEMSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerCT30,044Yankee Clipper Contest Club2018-12-10 00:09:24
W1VIVSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerEMA4,3202018-12-10 14:19:11
W1WEFSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerCT4,352Yankee Clipper Contest Club2018-12-10 22:27:31
W1XXSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerRI19,404CTRI Contest Group2018-12-13 15:19:40
W1ZFGSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerCT662018-12-13 02:50:31
W2AABSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerNNJ5,124FRANKFORD RADIO CLUB2018-12-10 03:23:59
W2CGSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerNNJ5,720Frankford Radio Club2018-12-10 13:40:10
W2DPTSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerNNJ3,0002018-12-16 11:19:37
W2DXESingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerWNY2,068Niagara Frontier Radiosport2018-12-13 20:24:51
W2ECKSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerGA234South East Contest Club2018-12-14 18:37:35
W2EGSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerENY10,192Hudson Valley Contesters and DXers2018-12-09 23:17:50
W2FDJSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerSNJ11,520South Jersey Radio Assn2018-12-10 01:17:16
W2GDSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerEPA61,560Frankford Radio Club2018-12-09 22:18:25
W2GDJSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerENY60,208Hudson Valley Contesters and Dxers2018-12-10 00:30:15
W2GPSSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerMDC17,556Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 00:02:10
W2JJSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerNNJ1,292Frankford Radio Club2018-12-10 19:12:02
W2JTMSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerENY5,3722018-12-15 16:28:39
W2LESingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerNNJ6,200Frankford Radio Club2018-12-13 18:55:33
W2MWHSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerNNJ22018-12-12 03:43:38
W2NKSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerWNY276NIagara Frontier Radiosport2018-12-13 02:05:27
W2NOSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerNNJ3,128FRANKFORD RADIO CLUB2018-12-16 00:50:46
W2OIBSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerNNJ49,392Frankford Radio Club2018-12-11 03:23:38
W2RDSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, High PowerNNJ23,700Frankford Radio Club2018-12-10 15:43:22
W2UDTSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerNNJ1,430FRANKFORD RADIO CLUB2018-12-10 17:05:08
W2XKSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerNNY2,7282018-12-10 01:27:06
W2YESingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerVA12,672Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 23:36:57
W3AKDSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerME1442018-12-09 21:21:48
W3BGNSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerEPA68,016FRANKFORD RADIO CLUB2018-12-11 00:49:52
W3CBSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerMDC14,904Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-11 16:46:31
W3CDWSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerWPA1,2162018-12-09 20:41:31
W3DADSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerMDC4,880Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-09 23:56:01
W3DQSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMDC7,800POTOMAC VALLEY RADIO CLUB2018-12-09 20:06:22
W3EHSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerNLI1,8982018-12-14 22:05:50
W3EPSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerCT202,9202018-12-10 15:49:35
W3FASingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMDC5,764Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 21:33:56
W3FAYSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerMDC3,1722018-12-10 00:11:51
W3FIZSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerEPA26,520FRANKFORD RADIO CLUB2018-12-10 15:16:48
W3GQSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerNC12,214Carolina DX Association2018-12-10 02:53:34
W3GVXSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerMDC5,440Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-09 20:31:11
W3IPSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerVA133,518Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-19 04:07:34
W3IUUSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMDC6,216Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-11 03:13:35
W3JXSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerMDC52,272Northeast Maryland Amateur Radio Contest Society2018-12-10 13:53:54
W3KBSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerEPA16,354Frankford Radio Club2018-12-10 01:15:53
W3MBCSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerMDC2,928Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 00:11:50
W3MMMSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerMDC3,888Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-09 20:42:02
W3OUSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerMDC8,424Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 16:26:41
W3RFCMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High PowerMDC71,148POTOMAC VALLEY RADIO CLUB2018-12-10 01:07:55
W3RGASingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerEPA17,556FRANKFORD RADIO CLUB2018-12-09 23:30:56
W3RZSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerSTX1,666TEXAS DX SOCIETY2018-12-18 12:57:15
W3TBSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerVA992Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 21:39:38
W3ULSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMDC1,794Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-11 19:04:40
W3YRSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerMDC23,236Northeast Maryland Amateur Radio Contest Society2018-12-11 15:48:58
W3YYSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerVA27,040Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 00:14:53
W4AAWMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High PowerVA70,000Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-09 22:17:37
W4AMCMultioperator, Single Transmitter, Low PowerNC10,800BRIGHTLEAF ARC, NC2018-12-10 01:22:03
W4ATLSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerGA7922018-12-10 10:25:24
W4BSFMultioperator, Single Transmitter, Low PowerTN1262018-12-11 14:16:18
W4CUSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerWCF60,100Florida Contest Group2018-12-10 14:14:57
W4DANSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerTN21,2802018-12-16 00:39:44
W4DASSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerSFL630Florida Contest Group2018-12-12 01:20:40
W4DDSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerGA25,536South East Contest Club2018-12-10 00:51:32
W4DRMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High PowerVA118,300Central Virginia Contest Club2018-12-11 15:05:20
W4DTOSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerGA196SILVER COMET AMATEUR RADIO SOCIETY2018-12-10 05:03:42
W4EESingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerSFL44,408Florida Contest Group2018-12-09 21:12:08
W4ERSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPAL96Alabama Contest Group2018-12-15 18:48:25
W4FEBSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerWMA502018-12-15 16:32:36
W4GHVSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerNC1,3122018-12-16 17:54:38
W4HRCSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerTN2,408Tennessee Contest Group2018-12-09 21:31:09
W4JAMSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerVA64Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-13 21:30:18
W4JNCSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerNC4842018-12-09 17:24:09
W4JUUSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerTN32Bradley County DX Association2018-12-14 13:37:02
W4KPGSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerSFL13,172Florida Contest Group2018-12-09 23:43:13
W4KWSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, High PowerTN1,976Tennessee Contest Group2018-12-12 15:37:06
W4MYAMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High PowerVA16,940Central Virginia Contest Club2018-12-11 15:10:30
W4NFSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerVA5,440Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 23:54:37
W4NZSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerTN19,584Tennessee Contest Group2018-12-10 03:09:23
W4PKSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerVA42,400POTOMAC VALLEY RADIO CLUB2018-12-10 17:02:24
W4PMSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerVA3,458Central Virginia Contest Club2018-12-11 14:57:59
W4RTNSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerTN54,060TCG2018-12-10 00:56:55
W4SLTSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerSC2,520Swamp Fox Contest Group2018-12-10 16:14:38
W4TMSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerGA3,2202018-12-09 22:31:35
W4VICSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerVA30,200Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-09 23:09:19
W4WNTSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerNC140Carolina DX Association2018-12-09 22:58:26
W4WWQSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerVA2,100Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 00:35:43
W4XKSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerTN11,040Tennessee Contest Group2018-12-09 23:58:17
W4YESingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerVA15,488POTOMAC VALLEY RADIO CLUB2018-12-09 01:11:03
W4ZAOSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerVA3,8482018-12-11 11:37:07
W4ZGRSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPSFL5,300Florida Contest Group2018-12-10 14:47:09
W5APSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerNTX3,7122018-12-10 02:35:15
W5FNSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerOK14,2802018-12-10 01:37:45
W5GCXSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerSTX12,444Texas DX Society2018-12-10 22:54:00
W5GNSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerNTX10,324DFW Contest Group2018-12-11 02:36:41
W5GZSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPNM4,2842018-12-09 23:58:54
W5KISingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerAR3,6002018-12-10 02:25:31
W5MTSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerNTX460DFW CONTEST GROUP2018-12-10 02:33:29
W5MXSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerKY47,328Kentucky Contest Group2018-12-09 17:54:19
W5NZSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerAL5,5182018-12-09 23:50:56
W5PRSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerSTX78,880Texas DX Society2018-12-10 00:19:01
W5RDLSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerNM7,236PVARC, W5ZU2018-12-09 19:32:28
W5RRRMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High PowerSTX1,260JSCARC2018-12-09 23:42:36
W5RYASingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerNTX27,084North Texas Contest Club2018-12-10 00:43:28
W5TCBSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerAR7562018-12-10 01:32:02
W5WTXSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerWTX25,116DVDXS2018-12-10 01:15:39
W5WZSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerLA2,568Louisiana Contest Club2018-12-08 20:28:16
W6AYCSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerSB12,2402018-12-10 04:38:28
W6BIVSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerLAX2,7522018-12-11 01:25:53
W6CWMSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerSB10,0802018-12-15 17:11:53
W6DRSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerSCV9,612Northern California Contest Club2018-12-10 20:12:49
W6EUSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerSV608Northern California Contest club2018-12-21 21:18:24
W6FASingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerSV4,284Northern Califoria Contest Club2018-12-16 23:21:26
W6GMTSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMN1,248MINNESOTA WIRELESS ASSN2018-12-10 00:00:35
W6JBRSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerSDG2,420Southern California Contest Club2018-12-10 07:03:48
W6JKSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerLAX12Southern California Contest Club2018-12-10 20:54:42
W6LPMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High PowerSV10,032Mother Lode DX/Contest Club2018-12-10 00:27:59
W6MZSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, QRPSDG1,3002018-12-16 23:22:43
W6OATSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerWWA2,560Western Washington DX Club2018-12-09 23:57:52
W6OULSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerSB1,4402018-12-09 22:22:22
W6QUSingle Operator, Phone Only, QRPSDG3,234Southern California Contest Club2018-12-10 01:06:16
W6RKCSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerSV290Mother Lode DX/Contest Club2018-12-11 05:25:19
W6RWSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerAZ38,192ARIZONA OUTLAWS CONTEST CLUB2018-12-10 00:05:44
W6SFISingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerEB4482018-12-10 00:50:24
W6SRSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerSV208Mother lode DX/Contest Club2018-12-10 00:46:07
W6UEMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High PowerLAX67,200SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA CONTEST CLUB2018-12-09 21:28:21
W6YXSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerSCV90,688Northern California Contest Club2018-12-14 09:52:41
W6ZARSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerSDG140Southern California Contest Club2018-12-17 23:42:00
W6ZLSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerORG4,620Southern California Contest Club2018-12-10 00:17:05
W7EBMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High PowerNV11,2862018-12-09 22:29:58
W7FYWSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerAZ2,332Northern Arizona DX Assn2018-12-10 02:04:21
W7GFSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerOR6402018-12-11 20:35:02
W7GKFSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerWWA13,000Radio Club of Redmond2018-12-10 19:37:28
W7GTFSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerEWA2402018-12-10 01:56:04
W7HBPSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerWWA2018-12-09 23:48:07
W7IGCSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMDC1,144Northeast Maryland Amateur Radio Contest Society2018-12-11 02:20:54
W7IVSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerSB33,300Northern California Contest Club2018-12-10 01:22:15
W7KKMSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerAZ1, / tucsonhamradio.org2018-12-08 22:41:34
W7MEMSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerID5,208IDAHO DX ASSOCIATION2018-12-10 00:30:15
W7NTSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerOR1,1702018-12-15 17:05:03
W7OQSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerOR362018-12-10 20:31:28
W7PUMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High PowerWWA4,480ALL AMATEUR RADIO CLUB2018-12-11 17:15:29
W7RNSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerNV65,268MOTHER LODE DX CONTEST CLUB2018-12-10 00:09:32
W7RTCSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerOR42018-12-13 22:41:01
W7RYSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerMO15,312Kansas City Contest Club2018-12-10 04:25:11
W7TVCMultioperator, Single Transmitter, Low PowerOR11,022Tualatin Valley Contesters2018-12-13 02:18:10
W7TXSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerID6722018-12-09 22:20:44
W7UTSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerSD1,9842018-12-09 23:00:25
W7WRSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerWWA1,5842018-12-10 00:20:42
W7YAQSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerOR15,720Willamette Valley DX Club2018-12-09 18:49:41
W7ZRSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerAZ55,022ARIZONA OUTLAWS CONTEST CLUB2018-12-09 23:56:11
W8COSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMI7,0402018-12-10 17:24:57
W8CZNSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerOH42,2002018-12-12 18:31:26
W8EHSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerOH1,6642018-12-10 11:21:20
W8HAPSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerME70,5002018-12-10 19:08:02
W8JJSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerMI1922018-12-17 20:13:20
W8KNOSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerOH2,320portage County Amateur Radio Service2018-12-10 02:32:52
W8LYJSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, High PowerMDC168Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-14 12:30:10
W8PNSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerOH1,920West Park Radiops2018-12-11 02:52:25
W8PRMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High PowerOH89,930Phoneton Station Contesters2018-12-10 00:07:26
W8RPMultioperator, Single Transmitter, Low PowerMI8,448Arrow Communications Assn2018-12-11 02:40:07
W8RUSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerMI1,624Mad River Radio Club2018-12-10 05:21:53
W8TMSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerOH2,220Mad River Radio Club2018-12-10 02:04:26
W8TWASingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerMI16,384Bay Area DXers2018-12-10 01:29:22
W8XALSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerCO482018-12-08 23:18:28
W9ABKSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerIL02018-12-12 03:34:00
W9AVBSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerIL10Six Meter Club of Chicago2018-12-14 01:20:58
W9EBKSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerIL0Sangamon Valley Radio Club2018-12-14 02:32:18
W9ETMultioperator, Single Transmitter, Low PowerWI3,672DRIFTLESS ZONE CONTESTERS2018-12-10 01:54:17
W9EWZSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerWI16,762Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-10 03:48:37
W9FFASingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerIN1,716Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-09 23:44:49
W9IUSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerIN21,336Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-13 01:53:40
W9JASingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, High PowerWI2,5442018-12-09 20:19:16
W9JJSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerCT1962018-12-09 23:51:27
W9KHHSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerWI02018-12-10 15:47:34
W9LSESingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerWI84Driftless Zone Contesters2018-12-10 22:18:29
W9MRHSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerIN7,5402018-12-10 11:50:17
W9MXQSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerWI112Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-10 01:48:04
W9PASingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerIN29,696Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-10 02:39:24
W9RESingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerIN49,196Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-10 01:12:03
W9SESingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerIL19,240society of midwest contesters2018-12-10 19:06:26
W9TCSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerIN5,562Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-10 01:42:14
W9UUMSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerWI4,8062018-12-10 01:31:07
W9XTSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerWI65,880Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-10 03:12:40
WA0LIFSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerMN256Minnesota Wireless Assn2018-12-10 01:46:15
WA0MHJSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerMN116,058Minnesota Wireless Assn2018-12-10 23:55:07
WA0VQYSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerIA3842018-12-11 02:36:16
WA1JSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerWMA78,864HAMPDEN COUNTY RADIO ASSOCIATION2018-12-09 21:22:16
WA1LADSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerRI8,9402018-12-10 00:05:29
WA1SMultioperator, Single Transmitter, Low PowerGA16,946Georgia Contest Group2018-12-09 20:28:48
WA1TESingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerEMA18Yankee Clipper Contest Club2018-12-10 01:04:04
WA2ALYSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerNNJ7,850BERGEN ARA2018-12-09 21:11:35
WA2CPSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerNLI36,698FRANKFORD RADIO CLUB2018-12-08 21:59:51
WA2FHFSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerSCV520Northern California Contest Club2018-12-14 07:36:06
WA2JQKSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerENY20,962HUDSON VALLEY CONTESTERS AND DXERS2018-12-10 00:18:39
WA2QAUSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerWNY2,176Rochester (NY) DX Assn2018-12-09 23:38:30
WA2VQFSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerNNJ8802018-12-09 22:50:43
WA2VYASingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerSTX16,848Central Texas DX and Contest Club2018-12-14 23:34:46
WA3AFSSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerENY156Hudson Valley Contesters and DXers2018-12-10 00:44:06
WA3EKLSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMDC2,044POTOMAC VALLEY RADIO CLUB2018-12-09 22:39:25
WA3MDSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerMDC0Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-13 01:46:59
WA4EMUChecklogSFL2,8082018-12-10 02:09:23
WA4JUKSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerVA31,770Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-09 23:28:28
WA5LFDSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerNTX13,0202018-12-10 20:30:21
WA5PFJMultioperator, Single Transmitter, High PowerWTX12,692Midland ARC2018-12-14 23:06:33
WA5RRSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerNTX1,300DFW CONTEST GROUP2018-12-09 22:40:01
WA5SOGSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerAR1,326Fort Smith Area ARC2018-12-18 02:55:12
WA5ZKOSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerSTX2,1002018-12-09 22:59:53
WA6FGVSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, QRPSB10,792SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA CONTEST CLUB2018-12-13 02:28:12
WA6URYSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerLAX500Southern California Contest Club2018-12-10 02:22:18
WA7ANSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerAZ49,280Arizona Outlaws Contest Club2018-12-11 03:21:19
WA7AXTSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerWWA1,5042018-12-10 00:06:22
WA7BNMSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerLAX2,100Southern California Contest Club2018-12-12 03:45:02
WA7BRLSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerWWA576WESTERN WASHINGTON DX CLUB2018-12-09 03:13:48
WA7CPASingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerWWA520Western Washington DX Club2018-12-09 23:53:55
WA7NBSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerAZ44,144AOCC2018-12-09 23:23:38
WA7NWLSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerAZ14,874Arizona Outlaws Contest Club2018-12-09 22:15:05
WA7YAZSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerUT6962018-12-10 00:13:22
WA7YXYSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerOR96Willamette Valley DX Club2018-12-10 00:37:54
WA8MCDSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerMI14,720Mall City Contest Group2018-12-10 21:14:48
WA8OJRSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerSC3,672South East Contest Club2018-12-10 14:41:24
WA8RCNSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerOH11,8722018-12-10 16:13:20
WA8UEGSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerEPA10,2602018-12-10 13:31:03
WA8USSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerOH4Portage County Amateur Radio Service2018-12-10 23:35:05
WA8ZBTSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerNTX33,440DFW Contest Group2018-12-10 01:02:52
WA9LEYSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerIL1,404Metro DX Club2018-12-11 17:46:49
WB0NSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerMN19,500Minnesota Wireless Assn2018-12-10 00:19:36
WB0PTOSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerWI2402018-12-09 21:16:14
WB0RURSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerAR2,1282018-12-09 22:38:14
WB0USingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMN5,376Minnesota Wireless Assn2018-12-10 14:34:11
WB0ULXSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerSD5722018-12-10 02:11:52
WB2AMUSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, QRPNLI4,5082018-12-12 04:18:02
WB2ARTSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerNFL1,612The Villages Amateur Radio Club2018-12-09 21:58:38
WB2KHESingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerENY3042018-12-10 01:09:24
WB2WPMSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerWNY2802018-12-09 22:58:09
WB2ZABSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerMDCPotomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 17:38:14
WB3DSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerVA16,430Central Virginia Contest Club2018-12-10 17:57:11
WB4HXESingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerGA902018-12-10 22:29:20
WB4JFSSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerNC8,1202018-12-11 01:33:52
WB4MSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerNC6,7502018-12-09 22:55:51
WB4TDHSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerWCF135,926Florida Contest Group2018-12-10 03:17:03
WB5BKLSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPSTX126Central Texas DX and Contest Club2018-12-11 03:08:24
WB5RSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerWTX2702018-12-10 03:35:19
WB5TKISingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerSTX800Texas DX Society2018-12-09 23:27:57
WB5TUFSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerSTX336Texas DX Society2018-12-10 01:30:20
WB6BETSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerEB2,926Mother Lode DX/Contest Club2018-12-10 15:32:02
WB6CZGSingle Operator, Phone Only, QRPSV108northern california contest club2018-12-10 02:38:35
WB6JJJSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerSV288Northern California Contest Club2018-12-14 07:27:26
WB6ZAMSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerSDG562018-12-10 01:56:40
WB7FJGSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerWWA3,2642018-12-11 02:36:40
WB8BZKSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerIL5,428Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-10 00:03:55
WB8RFBSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerIL2,688Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-09 22:50:06
WB8WUASingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerOH4602018-12-13 04:35:23
WB9AYWSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerIL8162018-12-10 15:24:12
WB9HFKSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerIL16,566Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-10 15:02:03
WB9LURSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerNFL1,6202018-12-10 22:04:24
WB9QVRSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerIN6,0482018-12-11 02:27:52
WB9TFHSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerWI1,530SOCIETY OF MIDWEST CONTESTERS2018-12-10 01:19:05
WC3NSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerMDC7,000Northeast Maryland Amateur Radio Contest Society2018-12-11 13:56:17
WC7SSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, QRPWY2Grand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2018-12-10 18:50:58
WD0BMSSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerSD1,6002018-12-10 01:38:04
WD0TSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerSD18,7202018-12-10 06:16:02
WD5ABCSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPNTX4762018-12-12 02:12:11
WD5CAYSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerSTX572TEXAS DX SOCIETY2018-12-10 19:02:47
WD5CSKSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerOK16,1102018-12-12 16:20:14
WD5DJWSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerAR4,6002018-12-13 05:08:58
WD5FSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerWCF82,336North Port Amateur Radio Club2018-12-09 23:34:08
WD6DXSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerSCV1,1442018-12-15 00:47:04
WD8RIFSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPOH900Athens County ARA2018-12-10 14:33:34
WD8SSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerMI7,896Mad River Radio Club2018-12-12 22:28:13
WD9DZVSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerIL6,9002018-12-09 19:36:41
WD9GJKSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerIL12,870Six Meter Club of Chicago2018-12-12 15:47:39
WE6EZSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerSTX9602018-12-09 21:25:37
WG7XSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerWWA2402018-12-16 22:41:40
WK0PSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerCO1,3202018-12-20 02:07:47
WK2GSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerEPA15,624frankford radio club2018-12-11 21:47:21
WK3ASingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerMDC3,600Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-09 23:43:28
WL7YQSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerSV44Mother Lode DX/Contest Club2018-12-12 14:50:37
WM4ISingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerVA6442018-12-10 14:05:16
WN0LSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerNE6802018-12-10 00:12:40
WN4AFPSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerSC4,326Swamp Fox Contest Group2018-12-14 22:44:20
WN6KSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerSDG30,576SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA CONTEST CLUB2018-12-10 18:52:52
WN7SSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerVA29,7482018-12-10 10:01:05
WN8PSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerMI2,960Wexaukee Amateur Radio Club2018-12-10 15:15:31
WO1NSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerEMA612Yankee Clipper Contest Club2018-12-16 19:27:04
WO2NSingle Operator, CW Only, QRPNLI1,0122018-12-10 02:16:56
WO2TSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerNNJ17,632Frankford Radio Club2018-12-10 00:09:47
WO4OSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerNFL119,080FLORIDA CONTEST GROUP2018-12-10 18:10:16
WO7ASingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, QRPKS122018-12-19 23:03:37
WO9BSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerWI1,224West Allis RAC2018-12-10 00:26:41
WO9SSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerIL648Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-12 05:09:58
WQ6XSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerEB5,418Motherlode DX Contest Club2018-12-10 03:03:00
WR0HSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerMO2,2802018-12-09 18:19:31
WR0NSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerWV842018-12-10 16:30:36
WR2GSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerNNJ10,488Frankford Radio Club2018-12-10 00:42:23
WR3RSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerMDC1,210Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 23:06:17
WR4ISingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerVA1,2402018-12-09 22:19:18
WS4WWSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, High PowerVA2,024N/A2018-12-09 16:17:25
WS4YSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerNFL1,1042018-12-12 15:03:55
WT2PSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerIL2,880Society Of Midwest Contesters2018-12-09 23:58:33
WT9QSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerWI50,232Driftless Zone Contesters2018-12-10 13:01:29
WT9USingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerIN15,688Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-09 19:00:08
WU4GSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerVA1,488CENTRAL VIRGINIA CONTEST CLUB2018-12-10 01:31:51
WU5ESingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerTN1,5642018-12-09 21:58:56
WV1MSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerCT1,014Yankee Clipper Contest Club2018-12-09 22:36:41
WV2CSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerNLI7442018-12-10 13:06:24
WV4PSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, High PowerTN9,440Tennessee Contest Group2018-12-10 01:35:45
WV7SSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerWWA40Western Washington DX Club2018-12-10 03:26:42
WW4DDSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerSC806Carolina DX Association2018-12-11 22:06:09
WX3BSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerMDC19,440Potomac Valley Radio Club2018-12-10 17:15:09
WY3ASingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerEPA5,016Frankford Radio Club2018-12-14 22:58:25
WY6KSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerNTX720DFWCG2018-12-10 04:43:32
WZ0WSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerMO4,140Society of Midwest Contesters2018-12-09 22:00:47
WZ1VSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, High PowerCT4,118North East Weak Signal Group2018-12-13 16:27:04
WZ6ZZSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerEB2082018-12-09 21:45:34
XE1AYSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerCOL2,9442018-12-10 02:12:37
XE1CTSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerGTO49,1962018-12-10 04:34:44
XE1DBESingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerGTO9402018-12-12 03:26:23
XE1EESingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerQRO5,796GRUPO DXXE2018-12-10 15:36:34
XE1GZUSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerJAL252Club de Radio Experimentadores de Occidente2018-12-10 01:19:34
XE1HSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerJAL5,046Club de Radio Experimentadores de Occidente2018-12-10 00:21:18
XE1HGSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerJAL2,814CLUB DE RADIO EXPERIMENTADORES DE OCCIDENTE2018-12-29 17:57:32
XE1RFSingle Operator, Phone Only, High PowerMOR2018-12-13 18:31:36
XE1RZLSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerPUE5,4402018-12-10 01:52:17
XE1SVTSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerPUE4,5922018-12-12 04:46:17
XE2BSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, Low PowerAGS23,1042018-12-10 04:44:27
XE2CQSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerBAC20,520XE-DXers* LOCOS GANG2018-12-11 12:23:30
XE2JSSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerCHH8,940XE-DXers*2018-12-12 22:13:29
XE2JTSSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, QRPCHH402018-12-10 00:53:23
XE2KSLSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerNLE12Nuevo Leon2018-12-11 01:57:51
XE2MVYSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerNLE4482018-12-10 16:27:56
XE2NMultioperator, Single Transmitter, Low PowerNLE20Asociacion de Radioxperimentadores de Nuevo Leon2018-12-10 00:40:00
XE2NKSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerNLE3122018-12-13 02:36:42
XE2OKSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerNLE1922018-12-09 22:21:17
XE2PEASingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerNLE5,040Asociacion de Radioexperimentadores de Nuevo Leon2018-12-14 15:50:12
XE2PXNSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerSIN0Club de Radioaficionados del Centro de Sinaloa2018-12-14 14:46:17
XE2SSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerSON1,792XEDXers*2018-12-11 21:27:37
XE2VSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerBCS5,4002018-12-10 15:56:57
XE2XSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerTAM1,3202018-12-17 13:18:13
XE3ASingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerYUC6762018-12-09 23:32:03
XQ3SKSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX3,4202018-12-10 15:10:31
XQ4CWSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX616CE CONTEST GROUP2018-12-10 01:21:47
XR3AChecklogDX480CECG2018-12-10 13:33:41
XV9NPSSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX7042018-12-10 22:56:04
YB0ANNSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, QRPDX1922018-12-09 20:31:34
YB7SKMSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX432YBDXC2018-12-09 10:39:03
YD8UYJSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX122018-12-10 00:06:47
YF7SPNSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX24YB6_DXC2018-12-09 12:34:53
YL2TDChecklogDX642018-12-09 19:36:34
YO2ISSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX308CSM TIMISOARA2018-12-09 15:37:22
YO3GNFSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerDX16CSU PITESTI2018-12-14 17:20:44
YO4SISingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX128CSM Craiova2018-12-09 21:19:39
YO7LYMSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX60CSM Craiova2018-12-13 12:42:35
YO8BSESingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX202018-12-13 18:36:28
YQ6ASingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerDX3,528KSE Sportklub Tg.Secuiesc2018-12-09 15:38:06
YT8ASingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX136Contest Club Serbia2018-12-10 08:19:59
YV1FMSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX1,6642018-12-16 16:44:50
YV4ABRSingle Operator, CW Only, High PowerDX23,7802018-12-16 12:28:52
YV5AJSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX1,5682018-12-10 00:09:06
YV5CDESingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX868RADIO CLUB VENEZOLANO CARACAS2018-12-10 21:36:18
YV5CORSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX1,008Radio Club Venezolano Caracas2018-12-10 14:41:20
YV5EMGSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX7,360Radio Club Venezolano Caracas2018-12-10 08:17:29
YV5JGOSingle Operator, Mixed Mode, Low PowerDX5,980RADIO CLUB VENEZOLANO (RCV)2018-12-09 23:15:19
YV7MAYSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerDX8,9762018-12-14 02:52:24
YY5AEPSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX630Radio Club Venezolano Caracas2018-12-10 00:18:39
ZF2LASingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX02018-12-12 14:58:50
ZL2MMSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, Low PowerDX802018-12-09 05:22:18
ZL2RXSingle Operator Unlimited, Mixed Mode, High PowerDX1,4202018-12-10 00:08:52
ZL3TESingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX112Southern California Contest Club2018-12-13 19:12:47
ZL4CZSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX1602018-12-13 00:29:46
ZL6YOTASingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerDX13,1042018-12-10 08:02:37
ZM2BSingle Operator Unlimited, CW Only, High PowerDX6,1042018-12-16 02:55:10
ZS2NFSingle Operator, CW Only, Low PowerDX168Port Elizabeth Amateur Radio Society2018-12-10 17:00:04
ZV5BSingle Operator, Phone Only, Low PowerDX11,438FALCONS DX GROUP2018-12-10 00:04:17
ZW5TSingle Operator Unlimited, Phone Only, High PowerDX42,768ASSOCIACAO DE RADIOAMADORES DO PARANA2018-12-12 20:41:10