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Due: 2019-12-22 23:59:59Z
17 logs received as of 2019-12-15 02:24:02
Call SignClubDate Received
JA3DAY2019-12-14 08:28:11
JA6WFM2019-12-14 11:57:45
JI1LAI2019-12-14 08:51:57
K0AEGrand Mesa Contesters of Colorado2019-12-15 01:21:14
K1GUTennessee Contest Group2019-12-14 22:10:45
K3MAWPotomac Valley Radio Club2019-12-14 22:00:43
K9JMNorthern California Contest Club2019-12-14 19:39:03
KD8WVXAthens County ARA2019-12-14 17:38:36
NE8SC2019-12-15 00:12:16
RD4F2019-12-14 18:18:48
VK2PNVK Contest Club2019-12-15 00:12:03
W0VTT2019-12-14 22:23:33
W1OHMYankee Clipper Contest Club2019-12-14 20:05:07
W4CDAWilderness Road ARC2019-12-14 21:09:54
WR0HMississippi Valley DX/Contest Club2019-12-14 23:24:39